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Some of the show pics from Saturday

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Spring Break

The kids had a great start to spring break, they got to work on their steers, check cows and help with chores, check on the sheep, what more could a kid want? A vacation? Well, we get one of those at the end of the week when we go to a steer show in Pomeroy. More of the same happened on Tuesday. No new foals so far this week. Wednesday the kids started packing up their show stuff to leave on Thursday for Pomeroy. Toni’s Hereford cow, Lucinda, had a cute black ballie heifer calf. Toni and the kids have been working hard on the steers all week, and the kids are ready to roll. They have been super excited for the start of the 2019 show season, which this will be our first show.

Thursday Toni hauled Curly down to my house for Willie to pick up on Friday. Curly had to be a turd and run around before he finally saw the light and went into the corral. It also took a bit of persuasion to get him in the trailer, but he finally went. Mud had foaled, I saw her on my way to work. She had a cute buckskin colt by Gunner. Then Toni loaded up the kids and the steers and hauled them to Connell to get them all clipped. Jay helped the kids wash and clip their steers. Jay helping is somewhat humorous. After the kids washed, Jay came in and said they owed him $5 for every mudclod they had failed to get off. I think Kade may owe him $25? Basically they need to do a better job of washing to meet the Jay standards. Kade’s steer hadn’t seen a blower before Thursday, but all of the steers did really well considering the limitations winter placed on everyone and everything. They finished loading up our tack, that Jay had borrowed to go to Denver, and we were ready to set out for Pomeroy. I got off of work a little early and we headed on our way with as many people as we could fit in the Mini-Pete. We got there around 5:30, unloaded all our stuff, fed the steers, and then went to have dinner at Joe and Jessie’s house up the Toucanon. It was a long windy road up to their house (they claim it is only 12 miles, but I don’t think so).

Friday we did not wake up really early since we only have the three steers, we let the kids sleep in until 6. Kaine was in class 3, Kade in class 4, and Anna in class 6. All of the kids showed great, Kaine was 5th in market, Kade 3rd and Anna 2nd (so she made it back to the championship round). All of the kids showed awesome in showmanship and made it back to the championship round. Kaine was the grand champion Jr showman. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen headed to Clarkston with Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Bear, who came to watch the kids show. Leslie and I loaded up the 4 kids, Anna, Kaine, Ady and Julian, and headed home. The kids didn’t make it out of Pomeroy before they were asleep. I don’t think they are as ready for the show season as they thought!

Saturday we loaded up one bull and sent him to his new home, we checked the horses and cows, no new babies. Circle 6 still had about 14 days before they start plowing it, so we moved the cows down there to graze that down before Isidro sprays it. It was windy and cold on Saturday so we decided to let the steers have a day off since they had just been to a show.

Sunday we went out to check, no horse babies, but two calves, both Angus. Our neighbor, Teresa, came down and bred Rus (the cow), we bred her to KT Small Town Kid. Toni, Kick and the boys were back so they came down too. The three older kids unpacked their show stuff, and started packing the bigger show box for Spokane. There was some squabbling going on between the three older kids, so it is probably a good thing that Spring Break was almost over. Toni and I took the trailer down to mom and dads to haul out the two mares that had foaled this week. Tall John showed up on his way home from Moses Lake and helped us get the mares in and haul them out. Then we played with his mini aussie puppies he had in his pickup. They are adorable! If anyone wants one, he has 3 left to sell.

We remembered when we were doing chores that we were supposed to take pics of Duallin, so Toni grabbed him with her handy piece of bailing twine and used that as a halter. These yearling colts are just an amazing group. Duallin is definitely one of our favorites. Ask Toni to tell you her favorites in that pen, she has an excuse of why they are all her favorites. I blame her for not having them sold. When someone calls she gives them a questionnaire and then scares them off. We really only have 5 left to sell, but that is quite a bit for us.

Kaine and I also took Jag and Rich out for a walk. I am not sure if Kaine was leading Jag or if she was leading him. Whichever way works for them I guess. One of us adults is going to have to make sure Jag knows she is supposed to follow not lead at some point.
The kids head back to school tomorrow. We have quite a few shows on the schedule so need to continue to work on these steers and heifers. One more fun thing!

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I made a huge to do list for this week, I just can’t figure out who’s going to do it since we will be at the Adams County fair.

Tuesday Toni and I got some much needed pictures of Smokey. He is such a pretty boy with very unique coloring. He is our special baby as he was raised on a bucket until he was 6 months old. He still makes nursing noises when he sees our Mom. She got up every few hours to feed him for the full 6 months. We finally had to wean the two off of each other. Wednesday was haul in day to the Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show, CBJLS. The steers all weighed in really well and acted great.

Thursday was market, and our kids did great. Kade got first in his class with Happy and made it back to the championship round, Anna was second in her class with Snowy and made it back to the championship round and Kaine was third in his class with Angus. Angus and Happy are both Angus steers that we raised and we were very happy with how they did. We are excited to see how their carcass data comes back.

Friday was fitting and showing. Kade did AWESOME, he was Grand Champion in Fitting and Showing, now each kid has won a buckle this summer. Anna was third in showmanship and Kaine was in the middle of his class. Anna’s steer did not act the best, as the summer has progressed he has gradually gone downhill with his attitude in the showring. When he is home, he is super great. In the showring, he is a complete jerk. Anna handled it really well and has become a better showperson because of it. Early this summer she was grand champion in showmanship at NW Farm Supply, and I guess Snowy was not happy with that. Kaine showed great but ended up in a bad spot in the show ring, and sometimes that is just the luck of the draw. Friday night Kade got to show in the round robin, which was very exciting. He did really good for his first time, he was second in the Junior division.

For livestock judging, the deal is that all of the kids have to participate, or they are Jolene’s slave for a day. No one wants that. Toni has sweetened the pot by giving our kid with the top score a milkshake. The problem with CBJLS is we had LOTS of winners. Lane was the grandchampion overall with a really high score, Kade won the Jr. Division, Bella was reserve in the intermediate. Toni has agreed that lots of milkshakes need to be bought this week.

Saturday was the sale, and all of the kids got great prices. We would like to thank all of the buyers, Three Rivers Potato Storage bought Kade’s steer, Davina and Mike Pink bought Anna’s steer , and KC Cattle bought Kaine’s steer. We felt that the sale was great overall. Then the kids helped Jen in the kitchen and serving at the sale dinner and us adults helped load the steers onto the semi. Then we had the awards ceremony, Footloose 4H won herdsmanship for the second year in a row.

Sunday we packed up at CBJLS and headed to the Adams Community Fair in Othello and unpacked our stuff there. On our way to CBJLS we passed a porcupine on the road and we stopped and got out and looked at it. Then we went to Chinese for lunch after set up and headed home to start weaning colts. The first three have been weaned, Vann, Dancin Dan and Daze.

Monday we all went back to work, school and football practice for a couple of days. Today is weigh in for Adams Community Fair, Toni and Leslie are taking the kids in. Wish us luck for our last show, and we have three great steers selling here if you have not gotten your beef yet.

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Believe you can and you are halfway there.

So, we got back from Benton Franklin Sunday, and the kids started school on Monday. They all seem pretty happy with their teachers and classes. I don’t know that they are happy to be in school, but they are happy to see their friends. Kaine and Kade also started football practice Monday, which they love, but it makes the week hectic with coordinating pickups, luckily we are carpooling with the Jenks, and Kameron is one of the coaches. Also, Toni and I have been working with BeeBee every night, I guess 3 is a good time to get her started. LOL. She is herself. Basically she is a lazy, smart horse that will try to get out of work. We think she is going to be a kids horse in the future. So far she has been really good to work with. We like to start them bareback with a halter. We have saddled her a few times, but haven’t ridden her with a saddle.

We are always saying we want to get DOWN in broodmare numbers. I know it is shocking, but we aren’t. Last week we had some friends contact us about a really nice broodmare they had, a buckskin daughter of Slide on Bartender. Then we had an opportunity to get an older Smokin 45 daughter, so we got her too. Clearly we are doing a great job getting less mares! But these are both super nice mares that really fit well with our program.

Gunner and mares Sept 2018

I don’t have pictures of the mares yet, here is a random picture of Gunner.

Toni had to go to Yakima on Thursday for her big dairy case. She didn’t get back until late, so we just did minimal chores on Thursday. Then on Friday Toni went and picked the kids up after school and they went and got milkshakes, kind of a reward for making it through the first week. When asked why they deserved milkshakes, Sonny replied that he is hysterical and an angel, so deserves a milkshake, and then wrapped that up with because he is King. They all got milkshakes.

Saturday Anna, Kaine Kade and I took the 6 seers and two of the heifers to Connell to get clipped for CBJLS and the Adams Community Fair. Leslie is already set up to clip and she helped the kids, and I kind of helped too. Leslie is great with the kids, she is our 4H leader and the kids (and the rest of us too) love her. Toni, Ben and Kicker got in and moved the fall cows and turned the Hereford cows out with the rest of the cows. They banded most of the spring Hereford bull calves and worked them in preparation for weaning. They also pulled the rest of the bulls. Toni and Ben also got up early Saturday morning to load out Reed. We did sell Reed. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right decision. We are excited to see the foals out of him next spring. Pistol and Shiney also got hauled back to mom and dad’s. We are starting foal weaning next weekend, so needed to get Shiney and Daze home to get acclimated and ready for weaning. We will wean the three colts being shipped to Utah this Sunday after we get back from CBJLS.

Sunday I pretty much worked on the Benton Franklin pictures all day, I am trying to get them done before we got to CBJLS. I don’t think that is going to happen. Toni worked on her law work most of Sunday and the kids rested and got ready for CBJLS.

Monday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Sonny went and got 150+ lbs of peaches for mom and grandma. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to Moses Lake to get fair groceries. Monday afternoon we headed into the fair grounds to get everything set-up. Again, this is a really good group of kids, so it is easy to dedicate time to help them. Now, a few days at work and school and then we are off to CBJLS, hauling in on Wed.


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Spring break

Well we had a very eventful week of spring break. Monday and Tuesday Anna went on two class trips. On day one they went to Tollgate fishing and on day two they went to Saddle Mt panning for rocks. She said she had a great trip, and a special thanks to Mr. Lernard for taking her. Toni, Kaine and Kade worked on steers those days to get ready to go to Pomeroy. Toni also worked at her law biz.

Wednesday and Thursday Toni and the kids continued working on the steers to get ready for the show. Thursday they also packed the tack and the trailer to head out on Friday. Toni had court on Thursday so they did not get to work on them until later in the afternoon. We also got a couple of foals during the week. We are up to 8 foals now.

Friday Anna, Kaine, Kade and I loaded the steers and we headed to Connell for our cousin Leslie to clip the steers for us. Leslie and one of our twins (not really ours we just claim them) McCall clipped our three steers and McKenna’s steer, McCall had her steer pretty much clipped. Grandma served us a great lunch of roast, potatoes, carrots, salad and fresh strawberries. Now we will get to listen to the kids tell us how great her cooking is for the next 2 months. If only we could cook as well as she does! Seriously though, she is a great cook and the kids absolutely love to eat with their great grandparents. Then we packed up the trailer and Leslie, Whitney, the twins, Anna, Kaine, Kade, Colt (the Corgi) and I headed to P Town (or Pomeroy for Kris who did not know what P Town was). We got to P Town, weighed the steers in and bedded them down for the night. Our friend Kayla (from P Town and one of the people who put on the show) lent us her camper for the night and hauled it in to town for us. She also cooked us dinner. Toni, Kicker and Jaxsen showed up at the fairgrounds with food for the following day and then headed to Clarkston to stay with Kicker’s parents (Sherri and Barry).

Saturday came and we were up before the sun to start washing steers. Midwashing the rain started, so Leslie and I got the tents up over the chutes. While the kids were getting the steers ready to show a gust of wind came and tried to take our tents away. One tent didn’t make it. While Leslie, Whitney, Kaine, McKenna, Kade, Kaine and I held the tents down, Anna and McCall got the steers out of the chutes. Whitney and I were in the middle, so holding a leg on both tents, and we could not figure out how to get them closed without losing one. Finally, someone in the barn saw our dilemma and came running out to help us and we got them closed. Well, that was all of excitement for the day. The kids all showed great. McCall had Reserve champion market steer. McCall, McKenna, Kaine and Kade all went back into the championship round for showmanship. We all got drenched in the monsoon. Some sports postpone, in our sport, the judge allowed the kids to wear their coats. After about the third class of steers, the show organizers found a little barn and the kids got to show inside and just had to stand outside waiting for classes. It was worse last year when it snowed, so this year was really a positive experience! The best part was that when we got back to Connell, Cousin Jay was home with his mini-semi! Seats 8, three rows of leather seats, dvd player, and it is an automatic, so all of us girls can drive it. Awesome!

Sunday, we caught up on other ranch chores. We moved Shiney out with Colonel, Toni and dad put big bales of hay out, the kids and I finished the miniature horse fence. We checked cows, tagged calves, etc.

Today, the kids’ last day of spring break, Hunter Steve took them out on the town. They are having lunch at Red Robin then going to the trampoline park. They had to feed calves this morning and go check to make sure all was good on the ranch before they got to head to town. We can’t have these kids thinking that life is all fun and games. Work comes first!

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I finally got through all of the pictures for the Benton Franklin Fair 2015, here is the link to the album. Kendra had Grand Champion Hereford bull and Grand Champion overall bull with Ryder, Kaine had Reserve Champion Hereford bull with Bob. McCall had Grand Champion Hereford heifer and Champion overall heifer with Ruby and Anna had Reserve Champion Hereford heifer with Sally.

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Summer Sizzle Heifer class

We are really proud of Anna and Kade, show our two fall heifers Sally and Rus at the Summer Sizzle show August 2015. The link to the photo album is

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Summer Sizzle Pee Wee Class

I was too tired last night to work on more pictures, so here are some of our kids showing in the PeeWee class at the Summer Sizzle. These are all heifers from BB Cattle Co, go to to look at what they have for sale. Kade and Natalie are both showing Velma 2 and Addy is showing a fall heifer named Ruby.

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PeeWee Class Summer Sizzle

Here are the pictures from the PeeWee class at the Summer Sizzle.


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Summer Sizzle Day 1

Here is the link to the album of Day 1 of the Summer Sizzle

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