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KT Shining Cue Tee

KT Shining Cue Tee is a stunning blue roan out of Cue Bars Cue Tee, “Payton,” and by Shining Blue DR, “Bishop.” Payton is an NRCHA and NRHA money earner raised, shown and owned by Allison Trimble of the Coastal Equine breeding program. Payton is still owned by Coastal Equine and this mare comes with the history and strength of the Allison Trimble, Coastal Equine, and Willfully Guided names. Payton is by Cue Bars Laddie and is out of Mickeys Royal. Mickeys Royal is an NRCHA, NRHA producing mare. Cue Bars Laddie has been shown as a reiner, cowhorse and rope horse. He was the recipient of the Open AQHA All Around Trophy and is a CCHA Hall of Fame Horse. Bishop is a very good looking son of Autumnator, who is sired by SMART LITTLE LENA. Smart Little Lena is earner of $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown Op Ch. Autumnator’s dam is AUTUMN BOON is an earner of $244,470 NCHA. Dam of 26 foals, 17 perfs earning $1,003,985 NCHA/WS. Bishop’s dam is Plum Sparkling who is by Shining Sparkler, a gorgeous palomino son of Reining and Reined Cowhorse Leading Sire Shining Spark. It was born 5/15/20. This is a very agile foal with a lot of flex and would make a fantastic performance horse. $3,500

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  Long days with late sunsets allow for too many hours of work, but when you love the life you live, there really isn’t much to complain about.

We had four steers butchered and go to TLC Monday morning.  We will have more in August or September if anyone needs one. With all of the fairs canceling we have a lot of shows steers that need to be sold to benefit the kids. Anna had a Dr apt Monday afternoon, so dad brought her down and met me at work and I took her over. Toni had taken Kade and Jaxsen in for dental appointments earlier in the day, so we clearly didn’t coordinate that very well.  Anna and I  were at the doctor  until late, so Toni, Kaine, Kade and Jaxsen chopped thistles, went and got Dee to bring up to the house to take to the vet, and then did chores. We had some gentlemen show up as they drove by the house Monday night and buy Blackie’s colt. I got home to our AC not working and the house was 80 degrees, Ben said that means the filter needs changed, which we had discussed on Sunday since it seemed like the house was a few degrees warmer.   I changed the filter and that did not help. So Ben worked on it for a while, after I called him, and the fan was not kicking on. We still have the AC window in, we have not taken it out yet, so we tuned it on, and opened the windows since Monday night was cool. However, Chester sat outside our window all night barking. Oh the joys of a border collie.

On Tuesday Toni, Anna, Kaine, Kade and Lucy took Dee to Sagehill Vet to get an ultrasound and the three steers and heifer to get health and brand to go to New Plymouth. When they got home the yearling colts were out in the haystack.  Mostly it was just Tank and Cue playing with King over the fence. Yearlings letting the two year old stud know that they weren’t afraid of him. They had gone over a fence, but were easy to put back in. We are working on their fence, putting in continuous fence, so they have panels on one side, and Shiner can get the chains unhooked on the panels. So as he is opening them we are rechaining them and tying with twine.  After chores Toni and I put in more posts for the continuous fence and the kids went and fed their steers and cleaned out the barn.  Knowing Cupcake and Double Shot were leaving on Wednesday after Toni got done with Court, we locked Cupcake in and moved Double Shot to the house. He is such a good yearling that it was no big deal.

Wednesday, July 1st, where has the year gone?? Toni had court in the morning, then headed down to load out Cupcake and Double Shot. But first everyone wanted to go see the colt they are buying so they went down to Sagebug’s pen.  Cupcake and Double Shot loaded like champs. Double Shot has never had an issue loading and seems to like it. Maybe a little like Gunner?   Dad went up and watched the kids clip their steers, and then checked them out. After chores the three older kids went to work on their steers and Toni, Jaxsen and I went down to build fence at the lake to move the bulls down there. We finished and then put the solar fencer on it. There are A LOT of weeds. Really tall weeds, which means too many bugs. Hopefully the bulls can get them knocked down. We normally put Colonel’s pen down there but this year a bunch of the fence needed to be replaced and this was a low priority. Dad has sprayed it once, but that had little impact.

Thursday the kids loaded the trailer and worked on their steers and heifer. Toni and the kids headed down and helped load the bulls to go to the lake pen, then went and chopped thistles in Circle 6. Toni was able to touch all of the foals in that pen and Blue Bug was a pain in the butt because he needs attention all of the time. But that just makes him cute.  Thursday was also my Friday because Friday is the celebrated 4th of July.   After chores Toni and I put in some more posts in at the corral.  Our goal was to have the posts in so that we could put the first leg of continuous fence up over the weekend (when I am gone).

Friday we had a lot of projects going on, fencing, moving animals around to more grass, etc. In the afternoon Ben, Kaine and I went over to Connell to get cousin Jay’s mini Peterbuilt, he let us borrow it to go to New Plymouth so the kids had more room.  After chores Toni and I put the last of the posts into our first section of continuous fence. Uncle Skip came down Friday and we went to Toni’s after chores and had a small BBQ since the three older kids, Ben and I would be in New Plymouth on the 4th.  Basically Toni and I kind of forgot about the BBQ, so it was a thrown together kind of a deal. Mom had made potato salad and the rest of the food was what we found in the refrigerator. For dessert we had cheesecake that had been previously opened, but we put enough stuff on it, you couldn’t tell that it was freezer burnt!

Saturday was the 4th of July, Happy 4th everyone. Friday morning Ben, the kids, Toni and I finished loading the trailer and then we headed to pick up McKenna on our way to new Plymouth to a livestock show. We arrived there around 4, we got unpacked, washed the steers and heifer, weighed them in and then went to our hotel in Ontario. I don’t know if we will go to a jackpot on the 4th anymore that we have to spend the night, it was a long sleepless night with fireworks going off until 2 in the morning and we were getting up and 4:30.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Toni, Kicker and Jaxsen were working on the continuous fence. Easier said than done! Even though we had put a bunch of posts in, some of those had to come out and be re-set. The tractor didn’t want to cooperate. We still had to drill holes in the brackets we were using. Basically there was just a small learning curve that was dealt with. They got about 100 feet of fence put up, in the heat, before they called it a day. Then they went down to the lake for 2 hours with the cousins for some relaxation on the 4th.  Then they had to do all of the chores. Luckily Marlo was there to house sit for me again so she helped with the calves.

Sunday was show day, we got up early and got our animals washed. The show was supposed to start at 9, but a lot of late entries arrived Sunday morning so it did not get started until around 10:30. However, everyone was still in good spirits. They started with showmanship, oldest to youngest, so McKenna and Foxy were first, they did great, it was a really hard class. Then Intermediates, Kaine and Austin and Anna and Freddy were both in the same class and made it back to the championship round. Lastly Kade was a Jr in Idaho, him and Goldmember were awesome and were the champion Jr showman.

Next was Market, Anna and Kaine were both third in their class and Kade was fourth, they all showed really good. Kaine was asked to show someone else’s steer too, since there were two in the same class, and he did a great job showing that steer as well. McKenna and Foxy were 4th in their breeding class, but we had a lot of complements outside the ring about Foxy, and she was recognized from her Sasquatch Showdown win video. Ben, Anna, Kaine and Kade had washed the steers and packed up all of the stuff while McKenna and I waited for Foxy to go in. So we washed her, ate our lunch burritos and headed home. There were a couple of WA kids there, and 4 in the 509 show circuit, and all of them made it at least back to the championship round, and two won their divisions, we are happy and proud of all of the kids.

Toni, Kicker and Jaxen started early. Toni and Marlo had to feed the 7 bottle calves first thing. Then Toni saw that the bulls had gotten out and so had Pony. So she headed down and fixed that fence. After that, her and Kicker got 811 in to go to our friends Chico and Cindy who are borrowing him to breed their cows. He was pretty easy to get in. Then Toni and Jax went to chop thistles, fix a gate, check the horses, and get the yearling bulls in before lunch. After lunch, they got some more bulls in and moved, fixed more fence, then went to work on the continuous fence again. Toni pretty much hates it at this point, but it looks really good. They got a gate post cemented in and some panels blocking areas that they took fence down to build this fence. Jax had called his grandma earlier in the day and told her he needed some pie, and maybe she could make some pie because he was being so helpful with the other kids gone. Of course she agreed!  Jax and Toni finished chores at mom and dad’s, turned out Pistol, fed and watered, put more brackets on the fence, got the big solar fencer up and really hot, got another fencer on another fence, then we all showed up to eat pie. We might have been tired when we got home, but we weren’t so tired we couldn’t go have pie. It was rhubarb strawberry with a perfectly flaky crust.

After the pie we all went back to my house for more chores, doctoring, monitoring, checking, fixing a little more fence. The kids had pretty much unpacked everything. Ben and Kicker took the mini- Pete back to Jay. At this point, we are hunting for more shows to go to, but haven’t found any. The kids still have their main show animals on show rations, but we may have to put an end to that if there aren’t going to be anymore shows.


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One of the joys of ranching is that between fence building and fence maintenance, the work is never done!

Monday Lona finally foaled, but, it was big drama, mom wanted to go out and see her colt, Lona does not feel like that is acceptable so she took the colt and ran off. Dad kept texting Toni to come down because Lona hadn’t cleaned and he was sure the colt hadn’t nursed. Toni finally went down and gave the colt colostrum and tried to deal with it. The kids needed to wash their heifers and steers again, they still had adhesive in their hair. I feel like Toni feels like our work is behind since we were gone for 5 days. I was so exhausted Monday, I told her I could not pound fence posts, so she took the boys,  and Anna and I went to my house to do the horse doctoring and steer and heifer feeding on our own, so it was not any faster, it was still 8 by the time we got in. Toni does not accept I am tired, just FYI if you ever want to use that excuse on her.

Tuesday morning dad texts that he cannot find Lona, so on my way to work I had to pop through the fence and looks in the forest of little trees on top of the hill. Sure enough, she was so deep in there I could not even see her without going in, but the colt whinnied so I went in.  She was not happy to be found and took off. Lona likes to foal out in the pasture where we cannot catch her, she is not happy about being locked in. Mom wanted Toni to come down and check Lona again, on her way Toni came across a dead momma raccoon with live babies laying with her. So her, Kade and Jaxsen called Kendel for a live animal trap and they caught them. The neighbor saw them catching them and went down, she had been trying to catch them and she wanted them, so she took them to raise up. Toni was happy they found a home, the boys were not, Whitney was not happy either. Toni had court at 11. Mom kept an eye on Lona and kept us updated that Lona had not cleaned (she actually did clean on Monday but then Tuesday she has more placenta).  I feel like mom is annoyed she had a colt again. Toni did not take being tired as an excuse anymore, we went down and put T Posts in after chores in Gunner’s new pen. And she had the kids go out and chop thistles in the heat, mom said it was just like grandpa, chopping thistles on the hottest day.

Wednesday morning our summer mineral came.  Kendel took her two kids and the three boys swimming down in Scootney on Wednesday, they said the water was still really cold, even though the temp was hot. Toni then took all four kids out to chop thistles about 4. I hear that Jaxsen is not a fast thistle chopper. He may not be dedicated to the cause.  At chore time we put a sheet on the POA that is in getting bred to King, they were worried about her sun burning with the heat. After chores the kids went and fed all of their animals and Toni and I put more posts in Gunners new pen.  We are trying to do two sections per night so we can get the pen done and Gunner’s pasture moved over the weekend. I think we are being very generous to not make the kids come pound posts in.

Thursday was  another hot one. Lona still hasn’t cleaned after some oxytocin, so Toni ran Lona and Fly Guy into Sagehill Vet to get the retained placenta removed. We got the mare Elsie back to breed to Leroy because she didn’t’ take the first time around. We are hoping that this time the job gets done. The two bottle calves form Montana think it is too hot out. I dropped a T Post on my foot, but don’t worry, Toni does not think that is an excuse to get out of chores. Poison Ivy was butchered on Thursday, so we will have more beef soon. Let us know if you need any. The POA left, hopefully King got it done, he bred her enough times. Toni and the kids chopped more thistles (that is a never ending job). There are rumors that the boys were looking at turtles and frogs and not chopping thistles while Toni and Anna did the majority of the work.

Friday was hot. Toni and Kendel took the kids down to the lake in the afternoon, they brought Leroy back and put him in with Elsie to breed. If Leroy knows people are at the lake, he comes down to join the party, so that makes him really easy to catch. Anna led him home off the back of the pick-up. He is “her” stud, so the boys didn’t get the opportunity to even try to lead him. He was not happy about being locked in. Toni and the kids went and got Lona from Sagehill vet, Toni got instructions on how to continue with her care and came how with Fly Guy. More thistles got chopped, but the reality is that we can’t even tell! By the time we got done with chores and moving everyone around on Friday it was 7:30, so we got out of pounding posts for a night.

Saturday the 4 kids and I went to Grandma’s house to take Jolene and Nicks’ family pictures. The kids were great help getting Kasen and Reece to look at the camera and smile.  I think the pictures turned out good.

Toni, Ben and Kicker built fence while we were gone. Toni is still going down to doctor Lona twice per day, so she did that first, then went and got tposts. And on her way to put fence in, locked Jackpot’s pen in the alley and opened up the corral so we could move some of those mares too. After getting the pictures done, I needed to get home so I could help with the fence. The three boys stayed over for Kasen’s party. Anna went to Kendel’s house to babysit, they went to get some bees. They got back and then Anna came down and helped finish the fence. She went back up at 4 to babysit so they could go out for their anniversary. Toni, Ben, Kicker and I got the fence done. Toni, Anna, and I also did some work on the fence at the lake, which is our next project. It took a long time, but hopefully we have built a good fence that will last. With so many circle gates, it does take a long time. Toni and I went and got Jackpot’s pen in and sorted the four dry mares off and Mud, who has an older colt. Then  Toni and I went out and caught Gunner and let him in with the mares following. Dad went over to Connell and got the boys and brought them home so they could help with chores.

On Sunday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen went to Moses Lake to Travis and Stephanie, Kicker’s brother’s house. They went boating and had lunch. Anna and Kaine caught the steers and cleaned out the camper from Filer, I did laundry. Then Ben and Kaine went down and cut down Russian Olive trees in Gunner’s new pen. Anna washed her steer and heifer that are going to New Plymouth, Foxy and Freddy. The Meachams got back and then we went down and did chores.  Mom had made apricot pie, which is really awesome for those that love apricots. She made enough that we took some home for the men and didn’t hog it all like we normally do.

One fencing project done, now we can swap out the one we were working on, and get back to either the lake fence or the continuous fence.  Either way, both have to be done. One of the joys of ranching is that between fence building and fence maintenance, the work is never done!

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Last Week in Pictures – No Jr Angus Show pictures, I don’t have them uploaded yet.

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Sunday was Flag Day, and with everything going on in our Country right now, honoring the American flag was a fitting end to the week.

Monday was technically the kids’ first days of summer break. But don’t worry, everyone told Jaxsen he still has to read, write, and do math. Nic was bloated again Monday, so Ben had to come home from work and debloat him. The wind came up Monday, so Toni and the kids end of school lunch BBQ was moved into the house. The kids gave Toni a teacher necklace, a lawn dart kit and a trump troll doll as a teacher present. Monday was also Mom’s birthday, so it was also a birthday BBQ so mom and dad came up. We also had one of our grass fed meat buyers come out on Monday and get her meat. Monday was not a BeeBee change day, so I took the kids home to feed their steers and Jaxsen and Toni went and looked for some small posts to use for the circle track gates in circle 5.  They found them, chopped them with the saw to be the right length, then took them down to the “staging” area  for the latest fence building project.

Tuesday was stormy. Mom was really disappointed Lona has not foaled and did not foal on her birthday. She decided that whatever day Lona foals she is changing to her birthday, so Lona is foaling on her birthday. Toni had an appt on Tuesday, so Anna and Kaine stayed home and Kade and Jaxsen went to mom and dads. Anna drove through the field down to mom and dads for chores. We went through our short pole pile to find some that would work for posts for circle gates, we are making Gunner a pen in circle 5 so they are up on irrigated grass. The three older kids are also laying bricks where the old shrub used to be behind the shed at mom and dads, they said they are building grandma a patio.

Still no foal Wednesday morning, mom is starting to think that Lona is not going to foal and she has a tumor. Dr. Hank came out in the morning to do health certificates for the kids’ show cattle to go to Filer. He also looked at Bebe’s leg and wanted us to wrap it differently and put the splint back on. Wednesday night Toni and the kids practiced loading Lala, she did really good. She is a really smart filly. I got home and Anna had a Zoom meeting about going into high school, so we went in and got on the Zoom meeting. We went home after that and doctored BeBe and Lizzie.

Thursday dad took the Polaris to Moses Lake, it is not running very well and will just shut off. He also picked up T Posts for the Gunner pen while there. One of the outside mares, the POA, left in the morning so that she could go get ultrasounded. Toni then had court in the afternoon.  I took Kaine in after work to do a 6th grade drive through, he handed in his stuff out the window and his teachers handed him a packet and a snow cone back in. I also took Kade and Jaxsen in with me to hand in their stuff and get their packets. Anna and Toni finished up chores and went to my house.

Friday I went and got Kade in the morning and the three older kids washed their heifers and steers and spot dyed places that they had missed. I moved the 5th wheel into the yard so we could start packing to go to Filer.

Around noon Toni showed Lala, and then took people for a tour. At one I went down and got Jacque and Malcom and took them for a tour.

The kids started fitting their steers and Foxy at noon and I went down and recorded them when I got done for the Coastal Connection Cyber show. Toni got Lala sold, loaded, and sent. After that we did chores and called it a day.

Saturday it was really raining hard, so we did not really do our outside plans. First thing in the morning Kaine and I ran over to Ochoas to get a couple of kittens. Anna was with us and on our way by we saw Solider had managed to crawl through a pole fence and get into the corral, so Anna walked down the hill to put Cammie with him, she said she would just walk to grandma and grandpas after. Dad took her home because Ben was cooking food for our trip so dad went up to get breakfast. After we got back Anna and Kaine went out and packed the tack in the trailer to take over to Connell Sunday morning. I packed some stuff and took it out to the camper.  Luckily there was  a break in the weather in the afternoon, so Toni showed another group of people the foals. They had a hard time deciding between the foals we have for sale, but finally decided that they needed to have Coy.  We then got chores done and headed home.

Sunday morning we took our tack to Connell to see if we could get it all in the nose of the trailer. Now the trick will be to get it all back out of the nose. Jay and Mar helped us get it in and they will not be there to help get it out. We did get to see baby Reece, we were more excited to see her then she was to see us since she slept through it. KK was excited to see everyone and wants to go with us, but since he is 2 his mom said no. She can be a real fun killer. We stopped at the leprechaun to get Ben a few groceries for all his cooking and we picked some lunch up. This was good because we got stuck behind some pea harvesters on the way home so it was a long drive home. We dropped Toni off at home and Kade came down to our house and the kids worked on their heifers and steers. Then Kaine and Kade helped Ben pick up some circle tires out of circle 4, they got to drive the Little Trojan Loader. We then went down and did chores and doctored BeeBee and Lizzie. Marlo showed up with three more flats of strawberries for mom. We got her hooked up to the little white trailer, figured out why the breaklights weren’t working, and got her back on the road. We actually got in before 8 so the kids and I watched a movie.  Toni had work to do so she just went back to work.

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KT Double Aught

KT Double Aught is a brown colt by KT Gunpowder N Lead and out of KT EllyDoubleMelody. Gunner is a fantastic dun roan son of Cue Bars Laddie. Cue Bars Laddie is a roan stallion that has been shown as a reiner, cowhorse and rope horse. He was the recipient of the Open AQHA All Around Trophy and is a CCHA Hall of Fame Horse. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on the NFQHA rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. KT EllyDoubleMelody, “Elly,” is a cute mare by Captains Double Coy and is out of Sonitas Melody. Ellie was used as a trail horse and has been to lots of clinics and ridden by children. She is a very sweet mare that loves attention and looks a lot like Double. Aught was born 3/12/20. $3,000

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KT Slide N Shine

KT Slide N Shine is a showy bay colt out of Slide Me A Baileys and by Shining Blue Dr, “Bishop.” Bishop is a very good looking son of Autumnator, from the Davis Ranch in Utah. He has a big hip, low hocks, pretty neck and is very balanced. The Autumnator is sired by SMART LITTLE LENA, earner of $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown Champion. Autumnator’s dam is AUTUMN BOON Earner of $244,470 NCHA. Dam of 26 foals, 17 perfs earning $1,003,985 NCHA. Bishop’s dam is Plum Sparkling who is by Shining Sparkler, a gorgeous palomino son of Reining and Reined Cowhorse Leading Sire Shining Spark . He has as pretty of a head and neck as any horse. He has a lot of bone and a big hip. He was trained by Brett Losekeand Joe Hayes but his show career was very limited due to an injury. His colts are very pretty and have a lot of ability. Bailey is out of Slide On Bartender. Bailey is a very pretty, feminine mare that has a strong performance top side, crossed with a great foundation bottom. Bailey was ranch ridden and used in the roping pen before becoming a broodmare. Bailey’s sire, Slide on Bartender was a buckskin stallion with both AQHA points in reining and some championships under his belt. Slide on Bartender was an own son of Shining Spark out of a Two Id Bartender daughter. Bailey’s bottom side includes rope horses deluxe, featuring some of the greats like Jimeny Jumpup, Maverick Coke, Grey Badger II, Waggoner, and many others. Bailey is a favorite as she is always by the gate and loves attention. This colt was born 4/7/20. $3,000

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The kids are officially done with school so bring on summer vacation! For us that means cattle shows, cattle shows, and more cattle shows. If there are any.

Monday the weather was looking much better. Anna texted first thing that 848 got in with the show heifers, her and Kaine got him in and put him back in his pen. Dad and mom went to town and brought lunch home for Toni and the kids. The Oregon Junior Livestock Expo, Les Bois Show and the Stateline Showcase  placings were announced Monday night. The kids did good, Foxy won her classes and the steers all placed well, winning their classes in some or at least being in the top half. Toni and the three older kids replaced a pole behind mom’s shed. We put in a T post to mark one of the spots where we are putting continuous fence. We Doctored BeeBee and Lizzie. The kids fed their steers and heifers and walked them and the bottle calves. Then we called it a day.

Tuesday Blackie foaled, but it was not black this year. Toni says I had jinxed it and said, you know Blackie is going to have a red colt this year, and she did, so Toni blames me.  But he is so cute and pretty, so no one really cares that he is red.  King’s pen got the gate open and was grazing in the hay stack area, Anna and Kaine put them back when they went down to look at the not black foal. BeeBee’s leg wrap had come off during the night, so Anna fixed that as best she could as well. We hurried and did chores Tuesday night so we could hurry to my house since we needed to redo BeeBee’s leg.

Wednesday dad took Anna into Connell to get her year book and anything she had left at the school. Kaine had a Zoom meeting to talk about going into 7th grade at the Jr High. We also had a call that night that included parents to talk about it, which we did not remember about until 7, so we missed it. He was not too thrilled with me at that point. Ben turned Anna’s bottle calves out into a bigger pen, so she is not thrilled with him. BeeBee’s bandage slid  down again, so Toni and Kaine rewrapped it, while Kade, Kicker and I cleaned up the heifer and steer pens and turned them loose. So, Toni was not thrilled with the bandage on BeeBee. However, mom made strawberry shortcake for us, with fresh strawberries from Lovejoys, so we were ALL thrilled with her.


Thursday was a bright sunny day. It was the kids last day of home school, because Toni had court on Friday, so she made them get it all done and she sent it in to the teachers Thursday late afternoon.  Thursday our good friend Allison Trimble Paparoa and her realty partner Blake Westhoff showed up for a fun visit on their way through to list some properties on Thursday. So Toni and the kids made them lunch and they had a good visit.  We used to see Allison frequently, but once kids started coming, we haven’t seen her in about 5 years.  We still have some partnership horses with her, including Payton.  Toni had a meeting at 7, so after she got the troughs full, she took off and was only 4 minutes late (yes, chores really do take until 7 if we are fast and 7:30-8 on regular nights).  Anna fed her bottle calves with  Kade and Kaine feeding the steers and heifers.

Friday Toni went to court and the kids went to mom and dads. Dad and the three older kids went into TLC to pick of half of a grass fed cow we had in there. If anyone wants to see what meat we have our website for meat at Toni brought home Subway for the home people, then ran up to change was we had a group coming from west side to look at horses. I had Costco delivered at work, so we all have groceries again. Janice and her crew showed up at 2:30 and Toni and Anna took them around. Janice had already bought Java, but due to Covid had never gotten a chance to see her. So they went around and had a good visit. Janice also decided she needed a yearling, so purchased Double Shot. He is still here until he can get gelded then will ship to the west side in July. We are excited to see Double Shot go to Janice as she has had multiple foals from us and really likes them. BeeBee needed a bandage change on Friday, so I took the three older kids home, Toni brought her grain and some hay, and we all did our chores at my house.  Due to the stress of the injury, Beebee came home from the vet a touch thin, so we got her a  a protein block  and she really likes it. She looks like she is starting to put weight back on.

Saturday I went and got Kade and the three older kids finished clipping and dyed their Angus and Black based animals. Kade, Toni, Kicker and Jaxsen had a small graduation social gathering for their niece to go too, so they left around 1:30, Anna and Kaine finished up the heifers. Luis, Maria and Aram showed up to borrow a bull, we got 922 in for them to use, and Aram named him Jeff, Just Jeff. Nic, Kade’s bull calf, was bloated on Saturday, so I caught Nic’s mom, Dark Night, an ex show heifer, and led her in. He kind of followed. He is a December, so he is old enough to not want to leave his friends. Ben finally had to come down and follow him. Anna, Kaine and I did chores, mom had made pumpkin pie so we ate that after. I also went out and got the appy outside mare and her owner came and got her. One of the outside mares with Leroy also went home. So we are starting to ship outside mares back to their owners. We got home and moved BeeBee and Ben cleaned the barn out with the tractor and put a big straw bale in, so everything has lots of straw now.

Sunday Anna and I went down and checked on Nic and he was bloated again, we got him in and hauled him to the house. We got stuck getting him in, the blazer does not have 4 wheel drive and it was too wet out. Ben was making bacon wrapped shrimp for mom’s birthday, so he had to stop and come down, so it pushed lunch back to 12:30. Everyone came down to our house for mom’s birthday lunch, we got her a new kichenaid mixer, per her request, and some clothes. Skip got her a JoAnns giftcard and some tools. We also had carrot cake, that mom made, chocolate came and cheese cake.

We had people coming at 2:00 too look at the colt they already bought, so Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen left around then.

Anna went out and washed her heifers. John showed up with Anna’s new miniature, Rain, she is a silver dapple pinto (or so they say). Anna and I took John around and showed him the foals. Then John went down and helped us with chores. There was a rain storm with about 5 seconds of  hail.  John wore one of Kaine’s hoodies, we should have taken a pic of that. And then mom gave us more pie so it was all ok. John left, we headed to my house to finish chores there. We are loving this extra rain that we are not supposed to get and makes our grass grow.

If anyone hears of someone going down to Riverside, CA, we have our 2 year old, Pow, that needs to go to Riverside and a gelding, Pecos, that needs to come up here. We are planning for that transition to occur around the first week of July. So if anyone hears of any rides, PLEASE let us know. Also, we have 2 mares with foals that need to come into the US from Rapid City, Manitoba somewhere around the end of July if anyone hears of anyone making that trip. Please help us get the word out.


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Toni took these really fun pictures of KT Dark Dais over the weekend

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KT Shine on a Dime

KT Shine on a Dime is a darling bay roan filly out of PDQ Rikki Tikki Lee, “Sissy”, and by Shining Blue DR, “Bishop.” Sissy is a distinguished mare with a very contemporary build that carries on to her foals. We have a couple of her daughters that we use on the ranch, Goldy and Pocket. Sissy is a great mare to work with; she was ridden in her younger years as a trail horse. Sissy’s pedigree includes a lot of the greats like Docs Richashay, Lucky Lynx, Docs Dee Bar, Birthday Bar, Bartender, Catechu and more. Bishop is a very good looking son of Autumnator, from the Davis Ranch in Utah. He has a big hip, low hocks, pretty neck and is very balanced. The Autumnator is sired by SMART LITTLE LENA, earner of $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown Champion. Autumnator’s dam is AUTUMN BOON Earner of $244,470 NCHA. Dam of 26 foals, 17 perfs earning $1,003,985 NCHA. Bishop’s dam is Plum Sparkling who is by Shining Sparkler, a gorgeous palomino son of Reining and Reined Cowhorse Leading Sire Shining Spark . He has as pretty of a head and neck as any horse. He has a lot of bone and a big hip. He was trained by Brett Losekeand Joe Hayes but his show career was very limited due to an injury. His colts are very pretty and have a lot of ability. Bailey is out of Slide On Bartender. Bailey is a very pretty, feminine mare that has a strong performance top side, crossed with a great foundation bottom. This filly was born 5/4/20. $3,000

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