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Wouldn’t Trade it for the world.

All in a days work, calves in the goose pit, new babies, bulls need scratched, broken axle on the flatbed trailer, headlight on the mini bike.

And a very special unicorn princess happy birthday to Aeliana James.

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There is nothing better to make you appreciate a working furnace, insulated coveralls, and good muck boots like terrible cold weather. 

The weather improved greatly, everyone was at school/work, no snow days this week. Toni checked the cows in the morning, the heavy ones are still by the house, but she went out and checked the calved cows too. One calf seemed a little lethargic, so Toni got him on the straw and gave him some antibiotics. Afterwards he went over and nursed his mom. He seemed better Monday night when Toni went back down to check on him. Kade and Jaxsen started basketball again. Jaxsen’s coach was late Monday, so dad coached the team for a bit. Toni and Kaine did horse chores and Anna and Ben did cow chores.  Stetson has managed to get a pole broke in his pen at the corral, but he isn’t really pushing it, so for now with the weather, it is going to be fine.

Tuesday was more of the same, cow checking, chores, basketball. We had 4 cows calve on Tuesday. The moon and stars must have been lined up. Ben and Anna got 954 and her calf in, shew was the only heifer that calved and they were worried she would get confused with which calf was hers. They all calved in the same area. Even with the weather being not great, the calves are all doing pretty good

Wednesday and Thursday were more of the same. It is too icy to start halter breaking again, even though Toni likes to talk to us about it. The ground is frozen, so we keep telling her we can’t start fencing again yet. Thursday mom made a coconut dream cake, it was very good.  We continue to break ice, feed everything, check everything, and keep our eyes and ears open for anything that isn’t quite right. Sometimes a cattlemen doesn’t have a really specific reason something is off, they just know the animal isn’t acting right. Always trust your instincts on that. Early detection can be a life saver. Literally.

Friday Toni checked the cows and saw that some of the horses from mom and dads house, or circle 8 as we refer to it, were in circle 6, next to the other group of mares. Since the Tonis were headed to Cle Elum for a class reunion, she just had time to make sure everyone was ok, that the solar fencer was not working, due to the lack of sunlight and the battery must have gone bad, before she headed off. Jaxsen stayed with mom and dad and Kade stayed with us. Marlo came down and helped do chores. Toni was there when she arrived because Toni still had to work on Hottie, so Marlo took over her chores.  Anna went and stayed with her friend Josie Friday night. Kaine helped Ben feed and Marlo, Kade and Jaxsen did horse chores. Then Marlo, Kaine, Kade and I played a domino game called Mexican train. Ben was up at the hunters house visiting them, so it was just us 4.

Saturday we cleaned out the heavy pen again, tagged the calved cows and turned them out. Since it is not supposed to be that cold we did not get any new cows in. Then we cleaned out the barn and put new straw in it, for the next group of cows that need to go in, or for the kids to tie up the show animals. Anna helped Ben with chores and Kade, Kaine and I went down to do the horse chores. We went out and started rolling up the fence in 8 as well. It has been needing to come out and be replaced by something very sturdy, not electric, and can withstand Russian olive trees growing up in it. We already had planned to pull it out, but then the weather hit. Toni and the kids had started putting in H braces on the one end, but the digging was tough so it didn’t quite get done. We are probably going to put up some type of a woven fence, but we haven’t decided for sure yet. But the first step is taking the current fence down completely so we are forced to get the new fence up and going. Mom had made us a coconut rum pie, it was really good.

Sunday two of Anna’s cows had calved in the heavy pen, Dillon and Gary. Dillon had a bull and Gary had a heifer. The kids caught most of their show animals and worked on them. Also, Ben and the kids got in the pens around the house and got yearling weights. I made tags, since we were out. Then Ben and I went out and got the heavy heifer in, Emerald, and doctored two calves that were sick. Then we went down and moved the horses that had gotten out into 6 into 5 with the others. Then we went and did chores and finished the pie.  

                We continue to work hard even when going outside in the cold takes effort. There is nothing better to make you appreciate a working furnace, insulated coveralls, and good muck boots like terrible cold weather.  Just remember, spring is around the corner, so it is time to start planning 2022 breeding. We do have our tremendous stud line-up for those that are interested in pasture breeding. No, we don’t ship semen. We can do limited hand breeding with some of the studs, but most of our studs are out in large pastures. That means any outside mares have to be wire broke, easy to catch, and able to be in a herd setting. We do put a cap on outside mares as we only have so much time in the day to deal with mares not our own. Please see the website for the studs we have at then the stallions tab. For anyone interested in a 2022 breeding that mentions that they read the blog- you get a free KT Ranch baseball cap when you bring your mare. Just remind us! Lots of colors and styles to chose from. Mom does a great job getting a variety built up. If anyone wants to buy a baseball cap, let us know, we do have about 20 in stock.

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Meet the Mares: Zoey

Franks Uptown Zoey
Sire: Frankly Majestic
Dam: Reo Annie Get Yo Gun
Date Born: 5/07/02

Color: Gray

Franks Uptown Zoey is by Frankly Majestic and out of Reo Annie Get Yo Gun. Frankly Majestic is by Too Bee Frank and is a Okie Leo grandson. Reo Annie Get Yo Gun is a Major Bonanza granddaughter. Zoey is a sweet grey mare and is a half sister to Rosie.  Franks Uptown Zoey Quarter Horse (

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2022 came in with an explosion of snow.

Monday January 3, 2022, back to work and school in the middle of a wintery mix, rain, snow, rain, snow. Kaine told me I should do a calendar of just our stallions, that is something to think about?? I am putting it in the middle here to see who reads this. LOL Ben is home one more day before going back to work, so he checked the cows and sent us lots of snow babies pics. I realize we were in a drought and need the moisture, that does not make doing chores in the snow any easier.  I guess the cows decided they could not hold the calves in any longer. One of Kaine’s Angus heifers calved, we saw she was calving and got her in the barn, and one of the Hereford cows calved. Murtaugh, Andee and Chester (all dogs) all went out with me on my checks, at 10 and Midnight. I gave the Hereford calf a half bottle of colostrum at 10, I could not tell if it had nursed, it was up, and it was better to be safe than sorry.

Anna got up and did the 3AM check, she left Ben a message that Jacky was calving so to wake her if he needed help. At Ben’s check she had calved, so he went and got her a bale of straw, since she did not have it on the straw, but she is a heifer.  Jaxsen’s heifer in fact which is why she has such a creative name. The kids had a 2 hr delay, so since Ben went back to work after his month-long Christmas break, Anna got to check while it was still light out.  Toni went down and checked a little later in the day. 636 and 339 both calved on Tuesday. Anna put some straw bales in the Colorado when she got home and parked it back in the heavy pen, in case we needed it during the night. Murtaugh, Andee, Chester and I did the 10 check and Anna did the midnight check, Ben did the early morning. It was snowing when I checked, blowing when Anna checked, and clear when Ben checked. Ben and Anna said the dogs do not go with them, so I guess I am the only one they love. LOL

Wednesday the roads were not much different than Tuesday, but school was canceled, so the kids got to stay home. We had a winter weather advisory, so it was good anyway that way we did not have to worry about them getting home. It snowed off and on in Pasco all day, but did not start up at our house until late afternoon. No new babies on Wednesday. It was our baby cousin Whitney’s birthday. She is the youngest Bennett cousin. Every year that she ages really makes us feel our age. We can all remember when she was born. We didn’t do anything with her on Wednesday because of the weather.

Thursday more snow and rain, kids and Ben were off from school.  Getting out of our house I just had to make a run through the snow drifts, but as I got towards Pasco there had been rain, so the highway was slick. The weather warmed up during the day, so the roads were fine going home. Kade went to my house, and the three older kids went sledding. The kids and Toni got chores done and got home before dark.  It is still way to icy for them to build fence or return to halter breaking foals. We still have 5 or 6 that aren’t halter broke, so that is going go be fun the bigger they get.

The kids had another snow day on Friday, so they checked cows, broke water and fed grain. The weather was really warming up, but out on the rural roads where it melted over the snow it was really slick still. We will have a few cows calving, we had three Friday night. Marlo came down and helped with chores on Friday and brought us some really good cupcakes for dessert.

Saturday we tagged all of the calves in the heavy pen and turned them out in the corn field. Then we got a new batch of heavy cows in and the bred heifers that were for sale. Kaine only fell on the ice 6 or 7 times getting the calved cows in. Ben had to literally pull him off of the ice by his hood at one point. Don’t worry, at 14 that does not stop you from running on the ice and jumping on it again the next time you see a frozen puddle. I told him we could have made a Tick Tok video. Since the weather was much warmer the cows did not follow the hay as well as normal, so we had to push a few in.  Some neighbors found some old horse blankets in their basement they were no longer using and a garbage bag of regular horse halters, so we put a blanket on Abs, replaced Double’s blanket that he destroyed, and put the others away. Mom made us éclair cake for dessert on Saturday, she used chocolate pudding instead of vanilla, it was still REALLY good.  Toni still wants to call it a salad so we can eat it all the time.

Sunday Camas came over to help, Anna went and picked her up. We got yearling weights on the bulls and show heifers. Kaine fell down a few more times. It was slick on Sunday, since it was so warm on Saturday, we had a lot more snow melt and refreeze. Kam came and got the bred heifers on Sunday, so they went to their new home. We had 5 in the heavy pen, so it was not too soon for me. One actually calved Sunday night. We have 34 head left to calve now with the heifers gone.  We went and checked all of the cattle.  Did chores.

Kade and Jaxsen start playing basketball again next week, so we are going to be short handed. But we always make it work. If anyone is looking for any broodmares, Dal Dagnon passed away and his family is selling the majority of his broodmare herd. They are asking $800 per mare, they may or may not be bred for 2022. Dal had a good, strong breeding program for many years. There are some older mares in the group, but really well bred. I know at least one has Poco Bueno on her papers, and that is hard to find. We can get you Ray’s number if you want to go look at the mares, they are in Tonasket. If we get any pictures of the mares we will post them, but that probably will not happen.

                2022 came in with an explosion of snow. If you are a pessimist, I guess you wouldn’t see this as a good start to the year, but as a realist, this is a great start. Hopefully all of the bad weather is just getting out of the way right off the get go and we can settle in for a nice mild rest of winter. And we really needed the moisture.  Snow now means grass later, I have to keep telling myself that.

Also, dad has a friend, we all have a friend but they were dads friends first, with some longhorns for sale. If you want a longhorn hit up dad and he will get you their number. Those are the actual longhorns in the pictures.

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Kaine thinks I should do a Stallion Calendar.

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Anna has been out getting lots of fun snow shots on her snow days.

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Snow, Snow and more Snow

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I love seeing all those memes about how if you like winter/snow you probably don’t have livestock. TRUE! We don’t love winter or snow.

Monday was bitterly cold. When Ben did the 3 AM heifer check 926 was calving so he got her in the barn. Him and Anna ended up pulling it. Lots of calves Monday, I guess because they all want to calve in the cold? Gloria, Baby Arcee, Pinda, 931, 926 and Autumn all calved. Ben, Anna and Kaine worked on thawing water, feeding, putting out straw and trying to keep everyone warm on Monday. Sometimes that is all a person can do in a day, and it is the priority, keep the livestock healthy. Meachams came home from Clarkston and were home in time for chores, and for Mike to come and look at their furnace, which he wasn’t able to fix. When mom has time to sit down, she is sitting in her chair with her heated vest on (in the house) under her heated blanket. But she likes to stay really warm. Sometimes when we go in the house after chores we start sweating. Maybe that is why Dad got himself a new tv and now watches tv in the other room?

Tuesday the cold and snow continued.  Ben tells me it is not as cold. Toni tells me her house is very cold, except upstairs. She has a big trial on Wednesday, so is trying to stay warm in her office working. A few more cold babies born on Tuesday. Ben and the kids just worked on keeping water in front of the animals, keeping the calves in straw, and anything calving going into the barn. The Meacham’s furnace got fixed Tuesday night. We are so thankful that we Mike Niles of Ringold Refrigeration to use for these types of repairs. We went up to Nists Tuesday night and had our annual Christmas dinner. We got dessert to take up with us from Cowpath Bakery in Othello. It was a huge hit.  Kenzie and Daniel are having a baby girl so we are all excited about that.

Wednesday, guess what, big surprise for winter, still cold and snowy. Toni had to drive to court, but the roads were not too bad. The baby born at 3 am Wednesday morning got to come in the house and warm up. He was a cold little fella. Toni was done by noon and came back home earlier than expected. She won her case, yeah.  None of us feel great. I think we are all just tired and cold. It is hard to be energetic and in good spirits when the weather is dark and cold. Anna worked on her show heifers on Wednesday, since we had some sun. The good news was that Wednesday was my last day of work until 2022.

                Thursday we checked in the AM, and then ran to Othello to get my pickup that was done at Deweys. It was nice having my Colorado back and having working 4 wheel drive in the snow. After that we got the cows in and sorted off the heavy ones and locked them up by the house, so when we get up all night to check them it is a lot closer and we do not have to drive all over.  We still have to check the cows during the day, but when we are checking all night now we just go out to the run. Todd, Garrett and Camas came over and played games.

Friday was New Year’s Eve, Happy new Year everyone. We were supposed to go to grandmas and hang out with everyone in the show barn, but due to the cold and checking all night we did not go. We are checking every two hrs so we could not have stayed long. We spent the day putting out straw, feeding and thawing ice. Normally Ben gets some good fence built when he is home from work but this year it seems like it got really cold really fast and we spend time just keeping everything going. So we were boring on Friday night. Someone let off fireworks about 7:00 pm ish and Toni’s dog ran off, but she ran to Mom’s so Toni went and got her. Lucy does not like big bangs. She has a tendency to run off when there is shooting. During hunting season Toni kept her in the garage quite a bit. For anyone that doesn’t know Lucy, she is Toni’s Idaho Shag with all the hair

Saturday Kaine’s friend Camas came over and helped. After checking we went down to mom and dads and got some of the smaller calves in to sell to a repeat buyer. We get them in to the corral that holds Jackpot and Stetson. Jackpot tries to bite the calves over the fence. Stetson isn’t quite as aggressive. A calf got in with Jackpot and Ben had to run over and save it. Jackpot will get them. That is a sign of a good cowhorse.  Then Kaine, Camas and Ben went and picked the 5 up and Anna and I put straw in with the show steers and let the cows and calves out of the barn. Then we did chores and played card games until late. Even with how cold it is, the weanling foals are doing pretty good, as are the weanling calves. The calves are all really gaining well.

Sunday the cold continued.  No new babies, just trying to keep everyone warm. The old Hereford bull Scrat died. Scrat, Betty White and Shining Spark, we lost a lot of greats at the end of the month. For those of you that know Rocky the Hereford bull, he is older than Scrat, but still doing ok. We are going to miss Scrat.  Otherwise everything is doing pretty good. One of the weanling colts, Starlight, seems to be impacted by the cold and acts a little colicy, but we have hit him now twice with that Zestera product and he has gotten better right away. Also on Sunday the men put out more straw to all of the horses. In memory of Scrat below.

                I love seeing all those memes about how if you like winter/snow you probably don’t have livestock. TRUE! We don’t love winter or snow. Yes, it can be pretty. Yes, we can get some neat pictures, but it is hard on animals, humans, everything. On a positive note Jaxsen loves breaking ice with an ax. No joke. Toni went down to help him one day thinking that he would be having a hard time, nope. He told her to be useful and go do something else. 1) He has an ax, which we don’t really let him have sharp things in general because we are afraid of what he is going to do to the other kids; and 2) He gets to break things and it is a positive thing. So we have finally found something on the ranch he likes to do.

The end of 2021! No crystal ball here, but we hope that prices will stay up. If you made a New Years resolution to get back into horses, let us help you. We have a few for sale and they are all great. We have 2 weanling colts, some fillies with prices, and we can do 2022 in vitro contracts if you have a favorite mare that must have the foal out of. Let us know! 

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Last Week in Pictures