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Last Week in Pictures

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KT Golden Starlight

KT Golden Starlight is a very attractive palomino colt by Just Plain Starlight, “Colonel,” and out of KT Ruths Golden Girl. Colonel is a son of Tamalight, winner of $21,492.10 in NCHA dollars and COA. Colonel’s dam is Wright on Sugarnic, winner of the Cascade Cutters Futurity. KT Ruths Golden Girl, Goldy, is a really nice mare by Zinks Major Kid and out PDQ Rikki Tikki Lee, “Sissy” that we have kept to use on the ranch. She is Ben’s pick to ride. She is a really nice mare that Toni took to the Othello fair and she was shown halter and western equitation and Ben uses her to rope and general ranch work. This colt has a fantastic pedigree, an unbeatable confirmation, and a fantastic disposition. He was born 5/16/20. $3,500

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The two year olds are doing great.

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The weekend brought on the fall weather. We have to be happy to have the rain, but that Indian summer was just the best.

The first full week in October has been a beautiful week. The weather has been wonderful. Monday all 4 kids had school, they are still reporting it is boring. But Kade likes it in 6th grade, you don’t have the same teacher all day, and the teachers rotate. Kaine likes Jr high and sees a mixture of friends throughout the day, and not the same ones. Toni and the kids did chores, the three older kids and Toni worked on the foals that we are halter breaking. This week we will be working on six, yes six, foals. The good news is that Howa just needs extra time, Splinter and Hero are the same. So three out of the six are just continuation, and the other three are awesome. Normally we keep the halter breaking foals in the round pen, but these we are leaving out in the weanling pen and bringing in everyday, except Howa. Howa is a companion to Crossfire since we put Lizzie down. Jag and Jitterbug came in Monday, so Anna sat on Jag and Kade sat on Jitterbug. Sally did not come in, so Kaine was just Toni’s assistant. We were waiting for Brett to come through Ritzville with Kaine’s steer from Montana, but Brett was late so we decided to go to Ephrata and pick him up on Tuesday. Gunner got out with the weaned calves Monday night, he had great fun chasing them around and cornering them up on the hill, they did not think it was quite as much fun. The kids called Toni so she came down and attempted to call him back in. He was a firm no. After Toni walked out there, he knew he was caught so he walked back to him pen. But he waited until Toni went all the way to the far side of the pen before he decided to be good.

Tuesday Kade and Jaxsen had school.  Toni had court early, but was home early since they still aren’t scheduling trials and going to court is a waste of time. I got off of work at noon and Anna, Kaine and I headed to Ephrata to get the steer. We got lost, our Google Map did not work with the pin that Brett sent, so we ended up 20 miles north and had to back track, but we finally got to his house. Kaine loves his steer. We looked at Cora’s steer, the couple extra Brett got, the heifers he is taking to Evergreen, the bull he got from Krebs, then we headed home. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen worked on the two year olds and foals, I think mainly Toni and Kade, but I was not there, Jaxsen might have helped. Kicker was doing chores at my house when we got home, Toni said she was almost done, so we stayed and helped there. We put Anna’s bottle calf, Mattie, in with the steer, and they were happy. Tuesday night Buckely texted and Brad might be bringing the show heifers up on Thursday, so the kids are really excited.

  Wednesday Toni had hearings in Kennewick , which were civil, so she actually made some progress on some cases, and meetings all over, so she was running around. The kids and Toni are making great progress on the foals that are getting halter broke. The foals all come in really well, get haltered well, and lead exceptionally well. Howa is still a bit difficult to catch, but once caught, is a rock. Crossfire is still the boss of the pen, even though he is half her size.  Kade and Anna have been working on Jitterbug and Jag every night and really making progress.  These are great 2 year olds for the kids to have as their first 2 year olds to start. Jitter and Jag are very calm, smart, and non-reactive.  Dad always made us start 2 year olds bareback with a halter. He said that way you can’t get hung up in the saddle if you get bucked off, and if you need a bridle in the roundpen to get them to flex, then get off and do more ground work.  Jag just turned 2 in Sept, so this is just a slow and easy process for both the 2 year olds and the kids.  Both of these kids are just loving the process. Kaine could work on Sally, but she is so big none of us want to put him up there. Kaine’s other 2 year old, Pow, is getting professionally trained with our good friend Rachael in So. Cal. But Kaine is being a good sport about helping.

Thursday Brad brought the heifers and cow while the kids were in school, Toni went up and unloaded them and had a good chat with Brad. Brad also brought a Sim bull for a guy in Ephrata so the bull got unloaded and reloaded at our corral. Toni accidentally put a cat in the trailer with the bull, but the bull was getting tired of being hauled, so no one wanted to unload the bull to get the cat.  Getting cattle from Brad and Buckley brought that small world connection around, as Brad roomed with Grandpa in 1983 at the Hereford Convention.  Buckley was kind enough to send the three older kids bags from the fitting clinic that Traynham’s had before their sale.  Anna, Kaine and Kade were really excited the heifers were here and they all changed which ones they wanted, before they had picked from the videos. They were still doing chores when I got home, because they had been up looking at the heifers, but they were almost done. 

Friday Kaine, Anna and I ran down to Musser Bros and got the dog kennel I won in the auction. We went to Chinese Gardens and brought Chinese home. We stopped at Basin City Hardware on our way home and picked up some RubberMaid water troughs. We stopped at Toni’s house for lunch and then went home and tied up the heifers and steers. Whitney stopped on her way home and helped us tie up, it was good for the Spokane steers to see someone new. I ran down and got Kade and Jaxsen off of the bus at 3:30. We had a couple out to look at three of the colts at 3:30, and our friend John stopped by for a visit on his way through. The three older kids, Whitney and I took the three new heifers, Kaine’s new steer and Byron around the driveway for a walk about. They all did great. The kids, Whitney, and I showed up in time to chat with Toni and John before chores. Whitney had not met John before and during their discussion they realized that John graduated high school the same year Whitney was born. Probably why they don’t know each other. Since Whitney was there and we had 6 foals we were halter breaking, we had Whitney take a picture of us lined up with the 6. Crossfire ran out the gate, so he was in a few of them as well.  It was starting to get cool out, so the two year olds were full of themselves, but still did good. Ben wanted the tractor home, so we sent the kids home in Toni’s pick-up and Toni drove the tractor back to my house after chores. Luckily the lights on the tractor kind of worked.

Saturday Toni, Kade and I ran into Othello to the Cow Path Pop up bakery and got some bakery items, then we stopped at Cecil’s house on the way home and picked up Ivy, Stinia and Spicy and brought them home.  Cecil always has an obstacle course of vehicles and equipment for us to back the trailer into to load out. Toni sees it as a challenge.  All loaded well and unloaded well. Poor Ivy is now with the old horses and is no longer able to mother the minis. Of course the minis are two, so they don’t need a mother. Anna, Kaine and Ben were moving calves around at the house. Next we went down and tied up the heifers and steers, and then it was lunch time. 2 of the club calf steers aren’t progressing very well, so there is talk that we may need to get 2 more steers in and start fresh. We were going to start working some of the calves but it was really rainy.  When it was time for chores I decided to put a halter on Crossfire and get him started with the halter breaking process. As he is a spoiled baby, he did not like it, but after his fit, he was good. So that was number 7 foal for the week getting halter broke.

Sunday morning Toni, Kade and I went down and loaded up Shiny Bug and Java to their new homes. They loaded great. Next, we brought Howa and Crossfire across the road, Howa was leaving too, she also loaded great. I am not sure who was leading who when we took Crossfire and put him with the other weanlings, but progress is being made on getting him halter broke. Now he is with the other weanling foals and Double has his bigger pen back and his protein tub. Ben, Anna and Kaine tied up the steers and heifers. They also got the cows in and sorted off the registered bred Angus heifers, we had someone coming out to look at them. After lunch Toni, Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I went down and got the horses in out of circle 6, Ben and Anna showed the heifers and sold our reg bred heifers.  We hauled the pairs back to mom and dads, we are out of wormer until Tuesday, so we did not haul any out. Marlo came down and helped, she had made some cookies for us. We weaned Cue Tee, one of the twins, Blue Bug, Fast and Mayday. We got Easter and Sugar in and haltered them as they are our victims this week. We put Peyton and Dime in the lame/old horse pen. We put Hottie in Peyton’s pen, wormed Pepper and turned her out with the other dry mares, then went home to let steers and heifers go. Lastly, we made Ben for a birthday dinner and Marlo stayed and ate with us.

The weekend brought on the fall weather. We have to be happy to have the rain, but that Indian summer was just the best. It feels like 2020 had a long, over drawn-out winter, then this slow summer that never really felt quite like summer. Having summer weather in October is just par for the course at this point. 

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Last Week in Pictures

Videos of the two year olds last week:

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Halter Breaking, working on 2 year olds, picking up a steer (thanks Jill and Brett for bringing him home) all in a days work.

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We are marching into fall with purpose.

Monday morning at work was really hectic, everyone was out and we were scrambling to cover the offices. Toni’s video froze on her zoom mediation, so she could really do anything because she could hear but her pic did not change. I told her she needed to figure out how to do that all the time. Dad’s birthday was Monday, mom made him meatballs, she would not let us hang out and eat them with them. She also made a homemade apple pie, it was really good. We started working on halter breaking Howa and Firepower, they are not the easiest two we have done, and they are giants.

Tuesday the weather was beautiful. Toni had mediations and meetings most of the day, but her camera did not freeze up so she had to keep smiling. Rosie from TLC called and they could come and get Dale’s steer at 11, so Anna and Kaine ran out and got him in before school started. Mom made us apple crisp, it was really good, the apples are from Kameron and Christine Jenks, they are wonderful. Toni and I worked on Howa and Firepower some more, day 2 was not much better then day 1, just saying. I mentioned to Toni we should consider breeding Lura and CC to Sagebug and see if the babies are calmer. Really these two aren’t bad, it is just that they run out on the desert, don’t see as many people, and they are both huge. Lura generally has our biggest foals. Howa is the size of a small 2-year-old and she is a weanling.

Wednesday the weather was holding out. Toni’s day was packed with briefs she needed to get in and more meetings.  They walked down to get the mail and Jaxsen packed the puppy Marley, apparently, she cannot walk. I conversed with Brett Tonne, he is bring Kaine’s steer home from Montana, and we are planning on meeting him on Monday in Ritzville. I spoke with Buckly Cox about their heifers in their upcoming sale. Firepower and Howa were still a handful, so we separated them and they were already much better.  Howa went across the driveway in with Crossfire, and he was not sure he wanted a friend, especially one a lot bigger than him, Howa is huge. Crossfire being Crossfire took the initiative to put Howa in her place right away to show her who the boss horse is.  He may be half her size, but he is mighty. We all laugh because Crossfire is actually really a pretty big colt and he is ½ of Howa.

Thursday the kids started back at school in person. It will be a big adjustment for all of us, we are kind of used to them being there, especially the dogs. Anna asked Kendel to feed the bottle kittens. Anna and Kaine are only in person two days a week, and online the other three, but Kade and Jaxsen and back every day. The kids said school was school, nothing exciting to report. Mom made us apple blondies as an afterschool snack. They were GOOD. Toni and the boys did chores, Anna went home to feed the bottle kittens. The two foals were a lot better on Thursday I hear.  Because of covid, Mom is staying away from the kids, and us because we are exposed to the kids. So she brings out treats outside and stands back and watches us eat them. Dad keeps forgetting he is supposed to stay back. He may not be the best at social distancing.  We also have to remind Jax about 40 times- no you can’t go in the house. No you can’t hug grandma. No you can’t go get a snack she brought it outside. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we can get back to normal.

Friday the weather was still beautiful. Kade and Jaxsen went to school, Anna and Kaine had virtual school. Dr Wisse came out to vet check Firepower before he goes to Idaho, and look at Lizzy’s leg, her leg had gotten a lot worse, she reinjured it.  He recommended we put her down. It is sad but we had been expecting that was going to be the verdict. I got Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner, they have a new Hog Pizza that Toni and I have been dying to try.

Saturday morning Anna, Kaine and I ran into the Cow Path Pop Up Bakery at the Pizza Station and got dessert for us all. Hannah Lingo came and picked up Firepower, so we ran down to mom and dads when we got back and helped Toni and Kade load Firepower. Kade went home with us and we tied up the steers and heifers. Then we got the LT (Little Trojan Loader) and picked up panels and made a new pen for Sagebug. Last year he wintered with the bulls, but he is a year older now and wants to terrorize the bulls. Then we had left over pizza and bakery items for lunch. Toni and Jaxsen got down there after lunch and we got circle 5 in and weaned the last of the calves. Then we went down and did chores, lead the next group that we need to halter break and went home and let the steers and heifers go.  We tried to buy some show heifers at the Colyer sale, but they sold outside of our budget.

Sunday Ben and the kids went out and pulled weeds in the weaning pen in the morning. Next, we tied up the steers and heifers. At lunch I logged on and got ready to bid on heifers at the Traynham Ranches Production Sale. The kids are ecstatic, we got three show heifers and a cow and the cow is bred to Primo. Toni watched the sale from her house. After the sale Toni fixed some fence at her house. I went and checked all the livestock. We had moved the cows we weaned calves off of into the same pen as the other cows so my kids and I drove around and checked to make sure they were all getting along. Then we went down and worked the foals and weaned a few more. We allowed volunteer foals to come in and get weaned, so instead of weaning 2, we weaned 6. Once we shut the gate, those foals wanted out, but it was too late! We are halter breaking 6 foals right now. Three are just refresher foals, Splinter, Hero, and still working on Howa. The other three, Walt, Java, and New Bug are so easy. Anna and Kade took over Java and New Bug the very first day. We aren’t leaving any of them in, we just bring them in and catch them everyday because they are so easy.

We are marching into fall with purpose.  Calves are weaned. Foals are being weaned. We are getting the foals and show cattle halter broke and ready for the next part of their life. We got our last cutting of hay up this last week so we are officially done with 2020 hay. The days are growing short, but the work continues.

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Halter Breaking Continues

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Tuesday was the first day of fall

Monday was a beautiful day. It was the only day that Toni had court. The kids had virtual school, and it was a typical Monday, Anna and Kaine were running behind and did not make it to Toni’s by 8, so they did school at our house. But, by the time they sent Toni a message she was about to head out looking for them, she was literally walking out the door. We did more clean up Monday night after chores, picking up the panels from our fence building, putting out the gates we need Ben to weld up, put a new more pieces of metal in the scrap bin, etc. We may be done with our building of fence (for a while at least), but we still have odds and ends to get done.  Also, on Monday, some exciting news, the article came out of Toni being the Inland Northwest Woman of the year. Here is a link to the article As most of our already know her, Thomas Clouse misquoted her a lot on the ranch, and she also talked about a lot more cases than were bought up in the article, she has taken cases to the supreme court, fought DOE, the Corp, Dept of Fish and Wildlife, and more. But it is his article, and we are proud of Toni none the less.

                Tuesday was the first day of fall, I know lots of people love fall, and there are lots of things to love about fall, but I don’t love fall, I love spring and summer. But, fall is better than winter. Fall marks the start of feeding, less daylight hours and weaning. Toni went to the Franklin County Cattlemen’s meeting Tuesday night, where they voted to get some much-needed hay for the victims of the countless fires around the area. The kids were done with chores by the time I got there, I had brought Red Lobster home for mom and dad since it was their anniversary. Mom made us peach pie, so we all had that, and then the three older kids headed home to feed their steers and heifers and I waited for Jaxsen to get done. The metal bin went back on Tuesday, and a new one was brought out to my house.

Wednesday it really felt like fall. Wednesday was Kade’s birthday, so Toni let him invite some friends out, Kutter, Max and Kaine went up. They hung out, Kutter rode a horse, mom made them red velvet cake, and they had a general good time. They had chores done when I got home, Toni and Kaine were taking Max home and then they took Kutter. Toni made Kade steak fingers for dinner, and none of the rest of us were invited. Kicker went and picked up our pork at Knutsens on Wednesday as well.

Thursday was back to normal, virtual school, harvest, etc. We have found out that the kids are supposed to go back on Oct 1st, they are all excited to see their friends, but they are going to be quarantined from mom and dad. They are used to seeing them everyday, so this will be hard on them.

Friday I went in and got my hair done, Kaine went with me to get his cut. He took his laptop and did his classes while he was getting it cut. Isidro called Toni and said there was a sick cow in the bottom of circle 4 by the bean field, so Anna ran down to check, since she was done with school, and of course it was her cow Shenanigan. Toni came down and her and Anna got Shenanigan in the trailer and Toni ran her into see Dr.  Wisse, she called Sheena too at Sagehill, but she as out of the office. Shenanigan had eaten a piece of wire, Dr Wisse gave her antibiotics and lots of pain meds. She died Saturday afternoon. Kaine and I brought lunch home from Mei Lings for everyone, it was great. All 4 kids stayed with me while Toni went home and did some work. Jax and Kade had school, I did some office work while they were in school. Then we went out to check circle 5 and saw the bull calves were out, so we got them in and hauled the bull calves that were out home and weaned them. There was one bad eye. Then it was chore time. 

Saturday Toni, Kade and Jaxsen came down and us 6 got the bull calves in and we weaned them. Pocket has allergies and was swollen due to the smoke still, even though she is better, so Kaine rode my horse. Then Anna started to not feel good, so I rode her horse. After lunch we tied up the show steers and heifers. Stacy came and got Adrian’s Angus steer for Spokane, hopefully there is a Spokane. We also got Sagebug’s pen in and weaned Java, Shiny Bug, and Walt.  Our cousin Jodi and her family came over in the morning and got Sam the gelding and took him back to the other side of the state. Jodi’s son Hudson needed a nice, gentle gelding, so Sam is a perfect fit for them. Karen and John also came out to look at Aught as they were in the area. After we got all the work done and went to do chores. After chores we went to Kicker and Toni’s house for cake and enchiladas for Dad and Kade’s birthdays. We watched the Gohr sale while we were there and were the beginning bid on some heifers, but we didn’t get one bought. We also had some mares picked out at the Legacy sale, but that sale went high too. All for the best!  The third cutting of our hay was swathed on Saturday. 

Sunday we tied up the steers and heifers again. I went over to Connell and took pics of Kasen and Reese. Ben, Anna and Kaine ran into Othello to get a few groceries and brought Checos home. Sunday was the only day Ben was home due to harvest. There were a few eyes to Dr in the weaned calf pen. We got some pics of the weaned calves. Then we put halters on Howa and Firepower.  Time to start halter breaking again! Luckily we only have two this week.

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Last Week in Pictures