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New terminology from Toni: hog (horse/dog), fog (foal/dog), fuppy (foal/puppy)

It is the kids first full week of summer. Toni went to Richland on Monday to visit the gallbladder specialist, so brought the kids, mom and dad back Chinese food for lunch from their favorite Richland spot.  And of course this is not a big surprise if you have been around Toni much, or my dad they both do this, she met random people at the restaurant while she waited for the food. One such guy needed to hire an Engineer so Toni is trying to get McKenna to call him. I was very jealous with my protein shake. After lunch dad and Anna took mini (the miniature horse) to Debbie’s to see Derringer (the mini stud). Then they went to Othello to get the Canyon from Deweys, I may or may not have hit a rock and broke the axle. But in my defense, I did not think there were any rocks along the fence line, I was stringing out wire and watching the wire wheel AND Murtaugh (Mur is a dog, FYI) was supposed to be watching for rocks. I hit the rock hard enough Murtaugh either jumped to the floor, because she was scared, and that is what I am going with, OR, option two that Ben likes, she was thrown to the floor by the impact. Whatever it is, Anna and dad picked up the fixed Canyon on Monday. Toni and dad and then Toni and I tried hand breeding Lucy, she seems to think she is in heat, but Leroy does not think she is in heat and she is a kicker.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. When I went to work Jackpot, Freida and the foals were in the alfalfa field, so I texted Anna and she ran down and got them in. They are walking through the circle gates, so we are looking at different options to change those out. Toni and the kids got circle 6 in Tuesday night. Then Toni and the boys started fixing the fence. I went down there after work, now only Jackpot and the two dry mares are down there, all of the mares and foals went home.  The boys went up and finished the show cattle chores and then went fishing. Anna went to a basketball game in Connell with her friend Brandi. Toni and I moved the water and moved some horses around. Isidro finally got his hay up in circle 6, it finally dried out enough. 

Wednesday was another beautiful day. The circle came back on at mom and dads. The horses like the water running, even when it is not that hot they stand under it. We moved Lucy, the Harder mare, to the corral. She is still kicking, but she seems to like Stetson, so maybe that will work? She is an old virgin mare so has some anxiety. We are really on the tail end of breeding, so there aren’t many mares in the corral for Stetson. Toni is still working on Sam to get her ready for Friday when she gets her first trim. Sam is really coming along. Sometimes foals just need some time to relax and be ready, mentally, to work and want to work. Sam is there. She is engaged and really wanting to be part of the team. Sam is for sale, she is the last yearling that we have marked to sell. She is very fancy, so not a hardship if she doesn’t sell.

Thursday was a busy day. Shadie finally foaled, fancy buckskin roan filly by King, looks a lot like Lendy’s filly. Dad, Anna and Kade took the heifers going to Jr Nationals to Soap Lake to get their feet trimmed. Dad drove up and Anna drove back. Kaine had another football scrimmage, Whitney brought him in for me. They played great. Toni finally had her gallbladder taken out, so she is going to take it easy for a couple of days. The surgery went well and hopefully she can eat good food again. I bought Toni present for finally getting her gallbladder out too.

Friday Chad came out and trimmed horses all day, with the kids. They all had a great time and they got a lot of horses trimmed. They got Sam done so now her hooves look beautiful.  And she did really well so the work that was put into her paid off.  John brought Butterfly back from getting a rebreed to PD.  John is great about helping us to get everything done. When I got home Toni and I hand bred the Harder mare to Stetson, and tried to breed Abs, but she is not in heat. We moved water, etc. The normal stuff. 

Saturday was another beautiful day. Kaine went to Camas’ house and they went to the river. Kade came down and Kade and Anna washed their heifers and steers.  Dick and Ann from north of Pasco came out, and I took them on the tour so they could see all of the horses.  I had forgotten how long the tour takes, it is a solid 2 ½ hours or more. In the afternoon Anna and I went and rolled up wire until chore time. Ben was out working on circles. The little wiper circle in the corn fields was having electrical issues and Eric from Lad had been out, they had been working on it for a few days. Trying to get it on before it got too hot. At chores Toni and I hand bred Lucy, the Harder mare again. Abs is still not in heat. We turned Sam back out with the other yearlings.

                Sunday was hot. Kade and Jaxsen came down. Anna, Kaine and Kade washed their jackpotting steers and heifers. Jaxsen and I got the other ones in and Anna was done about then and helped us catch them. They we led them to the wash rack and Anna and Jaxsen washed theirs and then Kaine and Kade washed theirs. They all did really well for their first time to the wash rack. Ben cooked some food for us to take with us to Missouri, then went back out to work on circles. The three older kids cleaned out the trailer and cleaned out some of the tack to get ready to go to Missouri.  We sent 2 outside mares home and talked about what other mares are done for the year. We are debating about breeding Shadie, so we will see.  We are trying to keep water on in all of the pens so they animals, especially the older ones, can stay cool enough.

                We went from winter to summer with no season in between, but I guess that is typical.  Looking out at the pasture, seeing all of the foals and how much they are changing is really fun. Somehow, we ended up with a funny guy named Rich. Toni has new terminology for Rich every day: hog (horse/dog), fog (foal/dog), fuppy (foal/puppy)?  He is just very entertaining. He has never really cared where his mom is. He will play with any animal or other foal, whether they want to or not. He knows no stranger. His sister, Peanut, was like this too, but not to this extent. Wild, Naughty, Willie and Stormin are also really tame, but Rich is in a category of his own.  And Rich is one of the younger ones so his personality has really started to express itself more and more.  We are just glad he is a colt so we won’t be tempted to keep him.  If anyone wants to come meet him, let us know. 

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Last Week in Pictures

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This has been one of those weeks.

                It rained all of Sunday night, we were very happy all our hay was up. Monday morning we had more rain and cool temps, it is supposed to warm up during the week. Somehow one of the poles in King’s pen got knocked down, but it was an easy fix. One of Toni’s college roommates called Monday morning and was headed through the area, so she stopped and had dinner with the Meachams. We were all happy to hear how Kellie was doing, besides on Facebook. Mom and dad went to town on Monday, so Toni got to feed Molly B lunch, Molly B has been moved to 6 hour feedings and is giving mom her sad face. As an FFA Officer, Anna got to go and talk to the Connell School Board on Monday night to ask about going to FFA National Convention. They were approved to go. They are very excited. The boys finished up the cattle chores and cleaned out the barn.

Tuesday the wind blew, yea, shocking after the rain. Kaine and some of his friends were dressing up as frat boys for their last full day of school. Mike Chubb came out and harvested two more head of cattle on Tuesday, a grass and a grain fed, both were presold. Alli came out and ultradsounded Tuesday night. Toni and the boys caught the horses. Stinger, Butterfly, Abs, Miss Gen and Rosey all open. Good news is Cami and Annie are bred, so they both got moved out to the field.  However, 2/7 being bred is pretty bad. We are hearing across the board that it is a hard breeding year, so we aren’t taking it personally.  This is the first time Cami has bred naturally vs AI, so that is cool. Leroy is pretty good at his job. We moved Lendy, Stinger and Rosie in with King. Mis Gen is going out with Leroy and Butterfly is going back to John’s to get bred to PD. Then we went down and checked Jackpot’s pen and went home.  

Wednesday I left early for work and saw Comet in the fence, she is in the heavy pen, so in the corral I can check on my way to work. I raced down there and she was foaling and had rolled into the fence. I called Toni, dad and Ben, Dad and I had her most of the way out of the fence when Toni got down there,  Comet decided she was good enough to get up. We got a halter on her and dad held her while Toni put her arm in to see what was going on. Foal was backwards with a leg down. So we got it pulled up, Toni and I started pulling it when Ben got there and helped us finish. Comet is fine, foal is not. It was a cute blue roan filly, very disappointing. However, we are happy Comet is OK. Sometimes we just have to focus on the good and Comet being alive and doing well is really good.  Wednesday was turning into a real shit day. On the good glass half full side, Bob at work make me some peal rings, at cost, that are very nice, improved my mood to some degree. And he made a chain for mom, she wanted a shorter chain for some of her necklaces. Also, Wednesday was Kaine’s last spring Football jamboree. Some of the kids were already gone for summer break, so we had a pretty small team, only one extra person. And we played Pasco, so our Varsity and JV teams combined were smaller than their JV team.  But the boys played really well.  Kaine figured out the guy on the line and sacked the QB so many times that they asked him to just hit the guy in the back when he made it through the line versus knocking him down. Mom made a chocolate pie, it was great. Anna friends were over, and they helped Anna with the cattle chores, and then Ben, Anna, Josie and Brandi went to Booths to dr a highlander’s eye. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen did chores, moved water, etc. When I got there after the game we checked horses and waited for John to show up to get Butterfly. Then Toni went home for a call and I went down to give Comet a shot.

Thursday was the first actual day of summer break. Toni had court then her and the kids had their annual lake party. The kids worked on their show animals while Toni was in court. Then Kaine, Kade and Anna’s friends came over and Kendel, Scarlet, Kolton and the rest went down to the lake. They all had a blast. They stayed at the lake until chore time. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. They paddle boated, had the motor boat, kayaks, a tent for some cover, some floaties, and lots of snacks.

Friday Anna and Kaine went and helped sell strawberries with McKenna in Richland. Toni went down and loaded the two Hereford bulls for dad to take to Connell. One to go back to Joe so he can sell it in TX and ours to get his horns cut so he doesn’t look like a goober.  Toni and Kade  tied up steers. All of the steers are really coming along.  When they got back McKenna helped the boys clip their steers to go to Saturday to Hermiston.  Toni had Dad leave the trailer at his house and practiced loading Dagnon in the trailer to get her ready for a person to come look at her on Saturday. She loaded really well. She has been a really great filly overall. Too bad she is grade, but she will make a great horse for someone else. Marlo was also out on Friday and helped Toni with loading and getting Dagnon used to new people.

Saturday Ben, Anna, Kaine, Kade and the BB Crew went to the UCCA Desert Classic in Hermiston. They had a good time. Kade with 5th overall with his steer. Anna and Natalie were reserve champion in showmanship and Kaine was grand champion in showmanship. Everyone did great. Ady and Julian showed well too.

                At home Jaxsen, Toni, Tux (the cat), the shags (dogs) and I tied up the steers and did chores. Then we got in circles 4 and 5, Toni sorted circle 5 with us. Toni went to feed Molly B, since mom and dad went to Hermiston. Then we sorted cows, Toni had to leave for a while to sell Dagnon, so I just had Jaxsen and Tux, but we got it done. We hauled the bull calves down to circle 5 and went to haul the heifer calves back, but they had gotten a gate down and were out. We fixed fence and then did chores. Ben and the kids drove by while we were doing chores.  Because Dagnon was sold, we got Sam in and got her haltered and ready to be the next project. As a yearling, Sam is already 13.2  hands, so pretty good sized. PBJ and Kat also came in with Sam, so Toni caught them and worked on picking up their feet to get them ready for Chad. We are down to the 8 yearling fillies. That sounds like too many but we like them.

                Happy Fathers Day. The kids tied up the steers in the morning, while mom made pie and potato salad, I made burgers, hotdogs, german dogs, green salad, and Toni made apple crisp and Texas sheet cake with Grandma’s maple frosting. We had a great lunch with the fathers. Then Anna went to Toni’s house to pick out dresses to wear to Jr Nationals, as the WA Angus queen. Ben and Kaine went out and fixed the water line. I cleaned up the house and did dishes and laundry until chores. We put Miss Gen and Comet in with Leroy and tried to bred Abs to Stetson again, hopefully it takes this time. We took Lucy the outside mare down to see if Sagebug likes her today, since she was in heat. He still does not like her.

This has been one of those weeks. Good things have happened and bad things have happened that test your faith. We try not to dwell on the bad and instead focus on the good. I think that is one of those life lessons being a rancher teaches you, if you dwell on the bad, you are so wrapped up in what went wrong that you can’t learn and move forward.  At the end of the week, we have 2 mares left to foal, and what seems like too many mares left to breed.

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Absolutely LOVE this filly

KT Smokin Hottie
Sire: KT HotTimein Cowtown, “Tank,”
Dam: Blue Eyed Reflection
Date Born: 5/26/22
Color: Palomino with chrome
Click here for more Pictures and Videos
WOW, love, love, love this cross. Blue and Tank outdid themselves with this filly. Dark, flashy, shiny palomino with chrome. And check out the pedigree. Her dam, Blue Eyed Reflection, has a pedigree that speaks for itself, daughter of Colonels Reflection, a point earning stallion and son of Colonel Freckles. She is out of Reba Lynx, who was a daughter of Docs Lynx with One Gun on the bottom side. Blue’s full brother has his ROM and her sister is a barrel horse. VERSATILE! KT HotTimein Cowtown, “Tank” is by KR Gun Powder, who stands at Heritage Ranch Stallion Station, and is out of KT Cow Cuttin Hottie. KR Gun Powder is by Colonels Smoking Gun and out of A Bueno Poco Dunit. KR Gun Powder is the 2016 APHA Senior Reining World Champion. In only 9 shows, Gun Powder has been titled as the 2016 APHA Senior Reining World Champion and has amassed nearly $13,000 in NRHA earnings. Hottie is by Cow Cuttin Colonel and out KT Copper Comet. Cow Cuttin Colonel is a major contender in the cow horse industry. A few of his accomplishments include: NRCHA Superior Cow horse, AQHA Open and Amateur Performance ROM, 2008 Paul Dice Memorial Non Pro Bridle Champion, 2007 WSQHA Amateur Hi Point Working Horse Champion, 2006 NRCHA World Show Non Pro Hackamore – 3rd!, 2005 AQHA Amateur Performance ROM, 2005 IRCHA Non Pro Derby Reserve Champion, 2005 Paul Dice Memorial Hackamore Classic Reserve Champion, 2005 NRCHA World Show Non Pro Hackamore Finalist, 2004 WRHA Non Pro Derby Reserve Champion, 2004 Circle Y Derby Amateur Champion/4th in the Non Pro, 2003 WRHA Non Pro Reining Futurity Reserve Champion. This filly has a future full of purples.

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Last Week in Pictures

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Willie is a funny colt, and Mom’s favorite.

KT Willie War Doc
Sire: Doll Docsan, “Leroy”
Dam: KT Copper Doc Lona
Date Born: 3/23/22
Click here for more pictures
Color: Palomino
Price: $5,000
Here is another phenomenal colt out of Lona by Leroy. Lona is out of Docs Sizzle Bar and Copper War Chic, “Chicken”. Chicken was a great cow horse and show horse that we had for many years. We did not start breeding Chicken until she was in her 20s, so we only got three foals out of her, one filly and two colts. We broke Lona to ride and have used her as a broodmare. Lona’s grandsire was Willie War Chic, ROM Race ~ SI 95. Loan’s breeding also includes, Sizzlin Hot, Docs Dee Bar, Ed Echols and more. Leroy is a stallion with a performance packed pedigree along with a very good disposition. He was a very smooth ride with tremendous talent, beautiful movement and huge stop. He was quiet and trainable which he passes along to his foals; he consistently produces fantastic foals with looks, color, conformation and brains. Leroy was unshown due to a wire cut injury that took a long time to heal; it happened just before hitting the showpen as a 3 year old and as a result he was turned out to the studpen. Leroy has produced 1 foal that has NRHA earnings. He also has a 3 year old competing in Western Dressage, was 3rd in Canada in July 2016 and has racked up more 1st place finishes since then. He is sired by Dolls Union Jac- ROM, NRHA earnings, and sired foals that have earnings in excess of $310,000.00 in NRHA, as well as earnings in NRCHA, Buckskin Assoc., and the AQHA world show. Leroy’s dam is Docsan Jeany who has produced foals with earnings in excess of $3700.00 and AQHA point earners. Leroy is also double registered with NFQHA at 92%.

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Naughty DOES NOT live up to his name, and is a sweet boy.

FTKs Smart Hook Up, “Naughty”
Sire: KT Jackpot City
Dam: Educated Downndirty
Date Born: 3/22/22
Click here for more pictures
Color: Buckskin
Price: $5,000
Naughty is a swanky dun colt out of Educated Downndirty and by KT Jackpot City. Educated Downndirty is by An Educated Guess and is out Plain Dark Choclet, “Rudy”. An Educated Guess, the highest earning son of Smart Chic Olena; he has 385 reining points, over $20,000 LTE, Highest AQHA Reining Point Earning, Sixth on the list of ALL TIME LEADING AQHA REINING POINT EARNERS, AQHA World Show: 1999 – 4th Senior Reining, 2000 – 11th Amateur Reining, 2002 – 9th Senior Reining and multiple AQHA & NRHA Circuit Champion. Rudy was shown back in her prime. She is a daughter of Just Plain Colonel, Earner of $52,676. He was a money-earner at the Tropicana 4-Year-Old Open Futurity, at five and six, 1989 PCCHA Open Challenge-5th, 1989 Gold & Silver 5/6-Year-Old Open Stakes-7th, 1988 Reno Western Open Classic-4th.1988 Bonanza Open Classic, 1989 PCCHA Open Top Ten He was a finalist at the 1988 PCCHA Open Tournament of Champions. He is the NRCHA #6 All-Time Leading Sire. JUST PLAIN COLONEL has appeared on leading sire lists every year from 1995 – 2007, and those lists have included reined cowhorse, cutting and reining! On the bottom side Rudy as Par three and Doc N Willy. KT Jackpot City is out of Lenas Abbie N Charge and is by City Smarts. “Abbie” is a daughter of Smart Like Lena with Mr. Charge Bar on the bottom side. Smart Like Lena is a son of Smart Little Lena and has lifetime earnings of over $89,000.00 a ROM in cutting, and has sired offspring earning over $100,000 in NCHA money. Mr. Charge Bar was an NCHA money earner, had 33 AQHA performance points, 11 halter points, and an SI of 75. City Smarts is by An Educated Guess, 385 reining points, and the highest point earning son of Smart Chic Olena. City has a full brother that is a reiner and priced at $13,000. This is a pretty moving colt with tons of ability and a performance deluxe pedigree.

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Kade and Stormy

Kade has been having a lot of fun starting Stormy, she is by Captains Double Coy, “Double” and out of Pics Bar Bee, “Blackie.”

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This June still is cold and wet, so it doesn’t feel like summer

Monday Dad took Crystal up to Allie’s to get bred to NZ Scotch Time. Toni went and made Crystal’s old pen into a creep feeder for Molly B, so she could get more grain without Tulip getting it. It has been raining the night before so when Molly B went crazy with her new found freedom she did fall down. Toni also started calling her the Monster which Mom has forbidden Toni from calling her that word. I went to a meeting in Ephrata for work, and then we got to tour some of the small Hydro Power plants. Dad picked out a mare he wanted at Allie’s while he was up there. Chad came Monday night and we trimmed two yearlings and Cad. Toni’s 1 and 2nd best she says on the yearlings, Glo and Fabby.  It was their first trim, one did better than the other. Toni has 4 picked out for herself in the yearling pen, hoping she gets one of that group as the kids continue to take hers or they get hurt. I told Toni that she can’t ride my horse, Cad, because she is 25. Now Toni is trying to find ways to ride my horse.

Toni, Kaine and Kade worked on the two and three year olds when Kaine got home from football practice. Kade’s three year old, Stormy, that he stole form his mom, is doing really good. It is really Toni’s fault he stole her, she let him start her and he has not given her back. Kaine’s 4 year old, Pow, is with Rachel in CA, so Toni gave him Peanut to start, and calls Peanut “his.” Peanut is very sweet and is generally pretty good. And Nelli is cousin Patricias, I think that Kade normally works her, but sometimes Kaine or Toni does. She is pretty good, except, if you work her too much she decides she is just not coming in from out of the pasture for grain, it is not worth it. She is fat, so that motto is clearly not hurting her. It seems like Toni or Kaine normally work Jean, we had too many to start so put Jean on the for sale page. She is doing pretty well. We also have Star, but she isn’t as big, so she is just getting a light start. Dad ran to Lovejoys and got us all strawberries and mom made us strawberry shortcake. Toni, Jaxsen and I went down to build fence on circle 3 and put up half of the rebar posts. Kade roped after his chores were done, he has been working on his roping skills. Anna rode Kady after she got done working on her show animals. Kaine went out and chopped down Russian Olive Trees.

Happy Birthday Mom. On Wednesday Anna took Pistol, Gunner’s dam, to school for her Animal Science class. Pistol did a great job and was a big hit. Toni and I finished putting the posts in circle 3 and got the fence up. We tried to chase Tank’s pen out into that area, but they ran off. Kade went and helped cousin Hayley stack hay after chores. It was his first “real” job where he got a little money. I guess working for the ranch doesn’t count, but he does gain a lot of muscle, so there is payment. Kaine and Ben went and chopped down Russian Olive Trees.  Kaine still has football practice after school. No activity bus, so Dad is running to get him.

Thursday Lendy finally foaled. A fancy buckskin filly by King. Thursday was Joss birthday, so Joss got to name her. Her name is KT Special Edition or “Joss.” This leave four more mares to foal. The final four, the final countdown, whatever you want to call it, but they need to get with it. We also got two outside mares on Thursday. Our buddy Jake has been trying to AI two of his mares and he is sick of shipping semen, so they came out to Sagebug. One of the mares is a Double daughter out of our old Cash mare. She looks like a twin to Money, but since they are full sisters, that makes a little sense. Kade worked on Stormy, Toni got down there and he was using one of her “good” saddles, she got it on a auction for cheap but she has decided it is a good one. But then after the two discussed it, she decided he could use it. Stormy did great, she is a great three-year-old.  It was Stormy’s first time being saddled. Kade normally just rides her bareback but it is time to make her a horse. Yes, he got on after saddling her and rode her around.

Friday mom and I went in and got our hair done with Tennelle, then we needed to kill 30 min to get our Chinese food from Mei-Lings, so we got some groceries, coffee at Kaffrins, some spiced apple stuff for mom to try, and cruised main street.  We went home, I went and checked Tank and Gunners pens, then picked up dad and we headed to Kaine’s football game/jamboree. Toni, Kade, Anna and Jaxsen did chores. Marlo met dad and I at the football jamboree. It was an interesting game, they did 8 plays and then switched. The kids played really well. Dad and I took Kaine to Bob’s burgers after because he was very hungry. This was his first game as an almost high schooler. Where has the time gone?

Saturday morning Anna and Kaine went and got Camas and brought her over. The kids washed their show animals. We caught the steers that had not been jackpotted, some for the first time and some had been caught. Anna’s friend Brandi came over, and we got some pics of Anna with her Nile heifer, then Toni and I went a little crazy, and got Angus Queen pictures and just some pictures in the neighbor’s flowers (we asked permission and were not trespassers). Then Anna and Brandi went to the Lind Combine Derby and hung out. They had a lot of fun. The boys wend down and broke the beaver dam, did chores, worked on their steers, etc. Jaxsen and I went down and fixed some fence and took some pictures. Kade rode Stormy for the second time with a saddle and because she was so good, he rode her in the driveway. We were all like, dude, this is gravel, if she bucks you off it is going to hurt. Kade didn’t care and Stormy didn’t buck.

Sunday Kade and Jaxsen came down and the kids tied up their steers again. We got ready for Mom and Erina birthdays. Ben made bacon wrapped shrimp, Tri Tip and Dutch oven potatoes. Toni brought a dessert buffet and appetizers. We all had a great time. Erina wanted to take one of the puppies home. After the party Toni and the three older kids led the not halter broke steers a bit. It didn’t go great. We will leave it at that. The steers did get let go after that. We went down to do chores and started moving mares around. Shadie went in with Comet to the heavy pen. Are they heavy? Probably not but we are hoping that they are. Rosie, Mil, and BB went out into the big pasture. That resulted in lots of running and craziness.  The weather didn’t help as it was stormy out. It was fun to see the mares and foals all running around and showing their stuff.

It was our second weekend in a row with no cattle show. The kids have a jackpot next weekend, so I guess that is over. Then after that jackpot we get ready to go to Jr. Nationals. We are starting to plan the route and by “we” I mean me because Toni is still in denial that she is going. The kids are almost done with their long school year, and just in time because we were going to Jr. Nationals, school or no school.

It is crazy to think we are almost done foaling, and at the same time this feels like the longest foaling season ever. This June still is cold and wet, so it doesn’t feel like summer, yet it is almost mid-June already. This 2022 foal crop is just amazing. Every single foal out in the pens has got the wow factor and it is really hard to want to sell them.  For anyone looking for a foal, come take a look, you won’t be disappointed.