Meet Us – Part 2 – Kellie

As the second born, Kellie is part 2:
Kellie, being an overachiever, has two degrees, one in business management and one in accounting. She has a full time job as an accountant with the South Columbia Basin Irrigation District in Pasco, WA. She also handles the website, pictures, advertising, and promotion for the ranch- horses and cattle. Kellie and Ben also have Horseshoe Angus Ranch where they raise reg Angus cattle, added to the KT Ranch cattle of Herefords and Brafords. Kellie has always had an interest in English Mastiff dogs, so began raising and showing Mastiffs under KT Mastiffs a few years ago. Kellie has two children, Anna and Kaine. Both love to show cattle and horses, and Anna is old enough to also begin showing dogs, which she enjoys. To entertain the kids, Kellie also has a small miniature horse herd. Kellie is actively involved in the American Quarter Horse Association, American Angus Association, American Hereford Association, the local 4-H group, Franklin County Cattlemen’s, and the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association. Kellie is the one with the dream to have a horse of every color. She would also like to have some variety in the cattle breeding but has been told no on that front. Kellie is a true advocate for the promotion and research within the Quarter Horse breed, making sure KT Ranch stays on the forefront of the digital age.
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