Another Big Week


We continue to wean, halter break, and work our butts off. Toni, Anna and I had a great time at the Evergreen Exclusive Angus show last weekend. We met quite a few new people that we do not normally see at the Jr Angus Shows, and we also got to see old friends and family. We brought two heifers home, one for Anna and one for Kaine. The heifer and steer we tried to get for Kade both went for too much. This is a great Sale for the industry and allows sellers to see a wide variety of Angus cattle. Steer numbers were down at the sale this year, so the steers sold really high.


Con went to his new home on Saturday after we got back from Moses Lake. He made it to his new home safely and he looks like he really likes his new home in the pictures and videos we have received. Blurose is leaving on Thursday and Chrome is leaving next week for California. Once Blurose leaves, Smokey the bottle baby is going to get halter broke for a few days before the next group comes in. He has already had a halter on multiple times, including today, but isn’t really into people directing him as he thinks he is the boss.

We also weaned Double Pecan, Peeps, Shelby and Latte on Sunday. So far all four foals are doing great and started eating right away. We have a low stress weaning system with their dams right across the fence from them the first week, the foals cannot reach through the fence to nurse. All of these foals have been good sized, but Latte is huge. We have four more foals scheduled to be weaned this weekend. The four weaned last weekend will be haltered and the halter breaking process will start this weekend.

Kade’s game Saturday was postponed to Monday, so only Kaine had a football game Saturday. However, Kade had a game Monday, Kaine had a game Tuesday and Kade has a game on Wednesday. Then both of them have games on Saturday. Saturday beginning at noon is Grandpa’s 90th birthday party in Connell. We also have our little boy, Jaxsen, turning 7 on Saturday.

Tuesday Dr. Jennifer King was out to preg check some heifers, coggins and vet check Chrome, fix some hernias, float an old mares’ teeth, and take a look at some other foals. Another full day!



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2017 Red Dun Filly by Captains Double Coy

KT Teslas Eclipse is a fancy dun filly out of A Tuff Edition and by Captains Double Coy, “Double.” Double is one of our senior stallions, his foals have an outstanding disposition, are easy to break and are really cowy, and are great using horse for any arena. His breeding includes Major Bonanza, Alotta King, Jaguar and more. Tuffy is a very pretty dun mare with lots of chrome. 14.2 hands tall and a combination of cow horse and running horse. Top side is Continental and bottom side is Breeze Bar. She throws chrome and big bone. This filly was born 8/20/17. $2500

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Man Crush Monday, the only three stallions I did not get pictures of this weeked are Gunner, Sagebug and Double.

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Halter Breaking

Kaine and Kade helped us with the foals last night and worked on Blurose.

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2017 Buckskin colt for sale

KT Major on a Mission is a buckskin colt out of Coastal Tourist Trap, “Piper,” and by KT Heza Pana Dude. Piper is a daughter of AQHA point earner Cue Bars Laddie and NRCHA and AQHA cowhorse and cutting mare Cutters Tourist Trap. This is a mare with a superior pedigree, with point earners and working cow horses all over. This is a pretty, feminine, bay filly. NFQHA eligible.Dude is a great stallion that we kept out of Zinks Major Kid. He has some unique white markings, and is a very pretty golden color. Great bone, big hip, pretty head and a winning disposition. Dude was started by Jordan Crabtree in Ferndale, WA and he was a great horse to start, Jordan enjoyed riding Dude. This colt will be outstanding cow, arena and/or ranch horses. He was born 3/8/17. $2,500

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Halter Breaking Day 1

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A Slow Week

No halter breaking this week, we give the foals a week to settle in their first week of weaning. However, Sunday, Con, Blurose and Chrome all got halters put on, and they all did REALLY well. Toni and I also hauled the foals that are going to be weaned next weekend to the house. This week, on top of all of the sports during the week, we have the Evergreen Sale Thursday- Saturday and Toni will be gone Sunday, so Anna and Kaine get to help me. We have four to wean next weekend; Shotgun Shelby, Latte, Peeps and Pecan. Kade and Kaine also rode Jazzy around bareback on Sunday. Pictures hopefully will be posted tomorrow; I could not find the cable to my camera to upload them. Jazzy did great considering she hasn’t been ridden in 2 years. We just pulled her out of the pasture, put an adult on her first, and then let the kids ride her. The kids always get such a kick out of having a a variety of horses to ride. Jazzy’s filly, Pecan, is a Double filly and is super tame. The boys were riding Jazzy and Pecan was right beside them. At one point Kade was leaning off of Jazzy and petting Pecan off of Jazzy’s back. Pecan is one of the 2 foals we have entered into the AQHA Youth program for 2017. We are excited to see who gets this sensational filly.

Kicker hauled the two extra show steers into McCarys to get butchered, so if you are looking for beef, now is the time to get really good, grain fed beef. Your choice of cuts if you order enough. All beef is USDA inspected.

On Sunday Anna and I took the heifer that we are getting ready for the Evergreen Exclusive Sale next weekend, to Connell for Jay to clip her. She is a very nice heifer by Connealy Black Granite if you are looking for an Angus show heifer. This heifer was the Angus Champion at Adams County Fair, lots of body, bone, and substance. She is looking pretty sharp. Ben, Kicker and I worked the feeder calves since Peales are coming on Sunday to get theirs. Ben and Kicker also went and got wheat straw to put in with the calves and bulls as a filler in addition to their alfalfa. Ben and Kaine worked on the corral Sunday morning, while Anna and I were getting the heifer clipped.


On the sports front though it has been a pretty hectic week. Jaxsen had a soccer game Tuesday, Kade had a football game Wednesday, and Jaxsen had a soccer game on Thursday. Then Saturday, Kaine had a football game in Royal and Kade in Connell.

Also, on the dog front, Jewels needed to be AIed Friday, so my favorite cousin Whitney took her to Spokane for me to get AIed. So if you are looking for a mastiff puppy we should have some in 63 days or so!

We are staring into the face of another busy week. Today we had visitors out to look at their colt, then tonight we get to start halter breaking the three. 2 kids have games today, a field trip, another game Thursday, going to see Great-Grandma (same as every week), and then Thursday into the Evergreen Sale in Moses Lake. Wish us luck!



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Meet the Mares: Abbie

Lenas Abbie N Charge is a dunalino own daughter of Smart Like Lena with Mr. Charge Bar on the bottom side. Smart Like Lena is an own son of Smart Little Lena and has lifetime earnings of over $89,000.00 a ROM in cutting, and has sired offspring earning over $100,000 in NCHA money. Many people think of Mr. Charge Bar, on Abbie’s bottom side, as a racehorse, which he was, but he also was an NCHA money earner, had 33 AQHA performance points, 11 halter points, and an SI of 75. This is an older mare that has proven herself with her foals. She is herda n/n and has been ridden in reining. Abbie is 83% NFQHA. Abbie is also the dam of our Jr Stallon, KT Jackpot City.




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Meet the Stallions: Captains Double Coy

Captains Double Coy

Grandson of Major Bonanza, Coys Bonanza and Alotta King

$500 breeding fee, lfg, multiple mare discount.

“Double” is an outstanding stallion that really puts his stamp on his foals. His foals are really easy to break and are really cowy. We were really happy to get the opportunity to buy Double from Vance and Carol Burke from the Soap Lake area. Double was professionally trained and has been used on the ranch. He shows cow ability, but rides like a gelding. He is a fun horse to have around and an easy horse to get along with. We are currently using daughters of Double on the ranch, have shown some of his foals, and have been very impressed with their easy nature, but ability to work cattle. We have also sold foals out of Double for roping and barrel horses. Double tends to throw a huge hipped foal, with lots of instant speed when needed. Perfect for performance and ranch work. Not only is Double an outstanding stallion, but his award willing personality, that he passes down to his foals, makes him a favorite among all that know him. Once you have a Double baby, you will only want more.

Click here for Double’s 5 Panel: double-5-panel

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I saw this on AQHA website

I saw this on AQHA’s website and have used some of them and thought the others sounded great. I added my own commentaries.

16 Household Items You Never Thought to Use In the Barn

You’ll be saying “Why didn’t I think of that?” once you read this list of household items you can use out in the barn.

There are several household products that can be used as tack-box hacks. Journal photo

Have you ever worried about polo or standing wraps coming undone? Or how about your horse getting his tail caught on the hooks of a water bucket? Electrical tape can fix both problems, and much more.

The list below will give you some clever ideas for repurposing household items out in your horse barn.

Baking Soda

It seems like there is nothing horses love more than mud. Return your horse’s glorious white socks, stockings and other markings back to a glistening white with a little water, baking soda and scrubbing. Voila!

Baby Powder

Once those socks are white again, it’s inevitable they’ll end up back in the dirt. Protect your hard work by applying a layer of baby powder to your horse’s legs before turning them out or entering the show ring. The baby powder will deter dirt from ruining your horse’s brilliance.

Dawn Dish Soap – We use dishsoap a lot for the cattle, horses, dogs, etc.

Dawn is another product that can assist in returning your horse’s markings to pearly white, but it also works wonders for you tack. If your saddle is really dirty use a soft damp cloth and a dab of Dawn soap to work out the yuck.Once clean, condition or oil your tack to add back the fat. Your tack will be better than new!

Baby Wipes – Wekeep lots of baby wipes around, in the tack box, pickup, etc.

No time to bathe your horse? Use some moist towelettes to give your horse a quick touch-up. The gentleness of the baby wipes makes them perfectly safe to use on your horse’s ears, muzzle and just about anywhere else. Take a wipe to your boots before the show to give them an extra shine.

Electrical Tape – Again, duck tape and electrical tape are a must have item.

Secure your horse’s leg wraps with a quick wrap of electrical tape, and you can rest easy knowing your wraps will stay secure. Electrical tape can also be used for wrapping bucket handles and other objects to prevent your horse getting his mane, tail or any other body part tangled.

Baby Oil

Frizz be gone! Use some baby oil to tame your horse’s luscious locks. If a spin around the show pen is in your future, apply baby oil around your horse’s face to highlight features, like those big, gorgeous brown eyes or velvety nose.

Hair Spray – hair spray OR cattle fitting adhesives. We have used this for exactly this.

Women already know that good hair spray can solve all the world’s problems, but, guys, it’s time for you to jump on board, as well. Hair spray can be used to secure your cowboy hat to your head, perfect the braids you spent all day on and ensure they last throughout the show, remove static from show shirts, plus countless other uses. The relatively cheap price makes it well worth adding a can to every tack box you own.


Don’t overspend on specialized tack-cleaning brushes. An old toothbrush is quite nifty when it comes to cleaning silver buckles and conchos and isn’t half bad at scouring grime from your tooled leather. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles to prevent scratching your leather.

Nail Polish

Nobody knows true frustration until they lose a tiny Chicago screw out of your headstall or other tack. Coat your screws in some clear nail polish before screwing them into your tack to ensure they stay where you put them.

Disposable Diapers

Much like hair spray, diapers have a number of uses in the barn.

  1. Due to their absorbent properties, diapers make excellent hoof packs for abscess treatment.

  2. For large wounds that require somewhat tacky ointment, use a diaper as a base layer when bandaging. They work especially well on leg injuries.

  3. Throw some diapers in the freezer and, tada, ice packs!

Tube Socks

Tube socks and diapers go together better than peas and carrots for a leg injury. Use a diaper for the base layer and slide a tube sock (toe cut off) up the leg to hold the bandaging in place.

Red Pepper

If your horse enjoys chewing on objects not meant for chewing, coating those objects in red pepper will deter your pesky partner from putting his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Rubber Gloves

From medical practice to tack cleaning, rubber gloves are a fundamental item for any medicine or tack box.

Skin So Soft

Pesky flies bothering your horse and you haven’t had time to order your favorite equine fly repellent? Never fear – you can mixi Avon’s Skin So Soft with an equal part of water, then use it as a rinse to repel bugs. Just as the name implies, it’ll leave your horse’s coat soft, shiny and smelling wonderful.

Head Lamp – A must have, especially in the winter months.

Personally, the dark and I are not friends. A good head lamp illuminates even the darkest of nights while keeping your hands free for other tasks. Never be caught in the darkness again.

Zip Ties – I thought these were tail ties forever (we used to use them when fitting cattle for tying tails) sometimes I still forget they are called zip ties. But, we definitely have these stashed all over.

When in a pinch, zip ties can repair tack, bucket handles, corrals and other equipment. In addition to the repairing capabilities, use  zip ties as an intermediary between halters and lead ropes in foals and horses that sit back when tied. When your horse pulls back, the zip tie will break, leaving your halter and lead rope intact and saving you from having to buy new equipment.

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