Hereford bulls for sale

We have some nice Hereford bulls for sale 

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Meet the Stallions: KT Gunners Sage Bug

KT Gunners Sage Bug is out of Continental Lady Bug and is by KT Gunpowder N Lead. Gunner is a roan dunskin son of Cue Bars Laddie, AQHA point earning and producing stallion. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Pistol’s sire, Gold Country Charro is a dunskin stallion that was shown in 1998 and 1999 in halter at local shows. Lady Bug is a big boned Continental Cad daughter going back to Mr Blackburn on the bottom. This is a 81% NFQHA mare that has been a great color producer. She has an outstanding disposition, if she sees you outside she comes running. This colt is going to be the whole package, confirmation, breeding and disposition. He was born 3/31/16. Sage has colored tested as a black body Grulla roan, E/e, a/a, Rn/N. click below for his color test and clean 5 panel. $10,000

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Meet the Mares – Continental Lady Bug

Continental Lady Bug is a big boned Continental Cad daughter going back to Mr Blackburn on the bottom. She is 81% NFQHA and is a mare that has been a great color producer. She has an outstanding disposition, if she sees you outside she comes running. Anna and mom argue about whose horse she is. Mom’s argument is that she is her mare because mom does not ride and Lady Bug is not broke to ride, so they are perfect for each other. This mare is the whole package, confirmation, breeding and disposition. Lady Bug is the mother to our junior stallion, KT Gunners Sage Bug. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/continental+lady+bug

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National Day of the Horse is observed annually on December 13.

National Day of the Horse encourages people of the United States to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history and character of the United States.


The domesticated horse we know today, also known as Equus caballus was introduced into North America by Spanish explorers. Escaped horses eventually spread across the American Great Plains.

Interestingly, there is a debate about the origin of E. caballus. There have been recent mitochondrial studies of an ancient horse called Equus lamei. E. lamei once populated North America and died out more than 11,000 years ago. The studies suggest it is genetically equivalent to what we know as the modern, domesticated horse. This could mean that E. caballus is technically a native species and its evolutionary origin is North America.


Aside from the anthropological debate, the horse has contributed greatly to the advancement of civilization in North America. From clearing forests for farmland and a form of travel bringing pioneers to the west to diversifying Native American’s hunting habits and rounding up livestock on ranches, the horse is embedded in American history and legend.


KT Heza Pana Dude with mares


Use #NationalDayoftheHorse to post on social media.


On November 18, 2004, United States Senate Resolution 452 recognized December 13 as the National Day of the Horse.


KT Gunpowder N Lead with mares

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Black mare bred to Captains Double Coy

Pics Bar Bee, “Blackie” is a black 2002 daughter of Pic Remedy, an own son of Doc’s Remedy, out of a Willie War Chic bred mare. This mare has many greats on her papers including Doc Bar, Teresa Tivio, Sugar Vandy, War Chic, and Deck Oiler to name some. She is bred for performance and run and has that look. Very keen head, square body, and a great personality. Blackie loves attention and is easy to be around. With a pedigree like Blackie‘s it would be hard to go wrong to add her to the herd. Blackie color tested as a true black, a/a, but heterozygous main and tail black, E/e. Blackie is bred to Captains Double Coy for 2018, she is being sold as a two way. $2500


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We are thankful for Long Johns and Insulated Coveralls

Winter has finally made its appearance. Cold weather, freezing fog, and drizzle don’t make things fun, but it does kill all of the bugs! We are just thankful for the long fall weather that allowed for an extended growing season. We are also thankful for long johns and insulated coveralls!

We start calving in December because Ben is off for the month. Having someone around to be on watch makes calving much easier. We have a heifer and two bulls on the ground. The first wave of AI cows should be all calving this week or so. With the timed AI all of the cows get AIed at the same time, making calving easier.

We are still halter breaking but not having to ship. Usually the cold weather means we are done showing horses until the weather gets better. This week we had 2 sets of people brave the cold weather to come look. Both sets of people were great and it is always fun to meet new people and make connections. We have Felix and Dynamite in to get halter broke. Felix has had work prior, just getting him to remember and put the pieces together. He was our first 2017 foal and is very large. He is also very sweet and likes attention. Dynamite is another story. We had her earmarked for Kade as she is out of his Dyna mare and Gunner. She is a bit quick for Kade at this point so we are talking about putting her on the market. She hasn’t done anything wrong; he just needs more of a Double type foal at this point in his life as a 9 year old. Dynamite is more of a big kid or adult type of filly. She is coming along very nicely with the halter breaking though. When we get all of the foals done, Major will come back in as he isn’t where we want him to be with the process.

It is so nice to look into the weaned pen and see a few for sale and the ones we are keeping and that is it. The biggest issue is that we decided to keep too many. We HAD to keep Smoke, as he is our orphan foal. He is a grulla roan and considered a “stallion prospect.” Then we had to keep our AI filly out of Little Cielo, and we had to keep Stunner out of Gunner and Stinger, and Anna has insisted that we keep Little Blackie out of Blackie and Double. That is four foals in the keep section. We are supposed to keep 1.

Speaking of stallion prospects, the joke around KT Ranch is that Toni is going to run a stallion station as she wants to keep all of these stallions (and as everyone knows I want to keep all of the fillies). Check out our website, ktranch.com, then the Stallion page for most of them. We are all insisting that she sell Sagebug if we keep Smoke. So he has a price listed. Then we have Reed, who will hypothetically replace Double at some point (we hope not soon). Jackpot is a late 3 year old in training at Bonina out of City, a son of An Educated Guess and he is a stallion we lost. Then we bought Bishop out of Utah to have a non-creme HZ stallion, we will have foals by of this young stud in 2018. We bought Leroy, the dunalino stallion out of Canada based on his pedigree. He is a great fit for us and we should have foals by of him in 2018. Then our others, Double, Dude, Colonel, and Gunner. It makes it difficult to find places for them all, but we feel that these stallions all bring something to the table.


Also on Saturday our farrier came out to give our two grulla roans pedicures. We would have done more, but, he comes to our house last so we just fit in whatever he has time for.

As a family we had our annual November, December, January birthday party at the bowling alley in Connell. Many people know that as a family we are very close. Bill and Norma Bennett have 12 grandchildren and 10 of us are girls that are close in age. We love our 2 boy cousins too. Big family parties, seeing each other often, and being there for each other is how we were raised and how we continue to live. Our cousin Whitney made Toni and I really neat Merry Christmas signs with our brands on them for our birthdays. We absolutely love the signs. On Sunday, cousins Leslie and Jolene took the kids shopping for Christmas (so they can but their parents presents). This is also an annual tradition that the kids love. Kaine’s birthday is on Tuesday and he will turn 10. Uncle Skip came down for the weekend so we could celebrate Kaine’s birthday separate from the big family party. Kaine and Kade are also in boy scouts and this will mean Kaine moves up to a Webelo. Kaine and Kade both received badges and the last troup meeting on Thursday. Jaxsen can join boy scouts after his next birthday in October.

This week we will switch out to halter break 2 new foals, keep an eye on those heavy cows, and keep water troughs free of ice. We also have our KT Ranch Calendars in stock if anyone wants to come get one for $20.00 or we can ship you one with shipping added on. We take all of the pictures ourselves and it will feature some great ones!

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Sagebug and Smoke got their get trimmed yesterday by Chad Whetzel 

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Felix and Dynamight


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Miss Lil Dash

Miss Lil Dash, “Missy,” is a 2009 running built gray mare out of Scats Dash, an own son of Action Cash. This mare’s bottom side goes back to Blue Try out of Plenty Try. This breeding has been a winning combination running barrels. These are tough horses with speed, agility, and grit. She is open and is not broke to ride.  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/miss+lil+dash $1500

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Our friend John was out on Saturday and took these really cool pictures of the colts in the fog. In the picture with them all in line it is Reed in front, then Nikki (John’s colt), Sagebug and Bish.

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