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Another fun filled Week

Monday was a fun filled day of working on Spokane steers and fence building. If we can get a little bit of fence built everyday, even just one thing, then we are still making progress. Then, Toni took the kids over to see grandma and then they went to a YQCA class in Connell. Grandma wanted the kids over for lunch, but that would have been a lot of house over there. She did make fresh bread so they could have bread and jam as a snack. After, Toni and Leslie took them out to dinner. I stayed home to do chores and let the steers and heifers loose. Then some of the cows we had moved the day before got out, they were headed back to their old pen because they wanted some hay. So Ben, Kicker, Coco and I got them in and fixed the fence. Still no foals. We are still out sweet talking those mares, they seem to be resistant to our sweet nothings.

Tuesday was a really nice day, a little breezy but not bad. Toni, Coco, Kaine, Kade and Anna finished most of the section of fence where we had posts up, but the battery died on the impact wrench, and the motor on the drill started smoking, so they have one section left. The kids are wishing there was a sport going on right now to get out of fencing. We received a call about getting one of the Blue/Colonel mare back, they were breeding her and are cutting down to one mare. So she is going to be coming home. She is one of the first ones, about 9 years of age. She has had one foal already, so perfect to bring into the herd.

Toni, the kids and Coco have been working on the fence every night, they are doing a great job. Toni went to Moses Lake to go to Court and get some new gates. I am sure it is a sight to have Toni rolling in to Court with her pick-up and flatbed trailer, but it saves a trip if she gets ranch stuff when she is already going to Court. She was super excited because Pearson Farm and Fence is selling Crazy Train clothing at the Moses Lake store. She won’t tell me if she bought anything, so she probably did. Toni also reported that Basin Feed had some half border collie and half aussie puppies, but she resisted bringing one home. None of us know how. Dad went to Palouse on Thursday with Steve and they got more pellets. Once we got the gates unloaded, we realized that Basin Feed sent an 8ft gate not a 10 ft gate, so that gate had to go back. PFF sent the three 12 ft gates and they all worked.

Friday we put CIDRS in the cows for the first round of AI. Dr. Hank Wisse came out and we semen checked all of the bulls. It was a long day. Toni flat failed to show up due to work. Even though she had told people she would not be at work Friday afternoon, no one took her seriously. Luckily Kendel came down and helped for a while, then when the bus got there she went and got Kolton and he helped too. Kolton asked Ben what was going on with the CIDRS, so Kolton got a lesson on the birds and the bees Ben style. Coco and the kids did chores Friday, then us four girls went and checked the mares. Even though we don’t have any foals yet, it is still fun to go out and look at the mares.

Saturday we got the pasture in and sorted out the cows that had calved and put them down in the spring range, and we turned 811 out too. We also cleaned out the heavy heifer pen and put the last of the heifers in it. Kicker took the 8 ft gate back to Basin Feed and got the 10 ft gate. We got that gate hung. We all went home and got ready to go to the Franklin County Cattlemen’s Banquet. Mom and Dad kept the kids, like they generously do every year. Kicker had grabbed papa murphy’s pizza for them and Mom made the kids a pie. We had a great time Saturday night with our friends and family. There are usually around 500 people at FCC, and it felt like there were that many this year. FCC is a great organization that raises money for good purposes.

Sunday we all came home. Anna and Kade had gotten up at 6:30 and run back to our house and did morning chores. Anna has a bottle calf that she needed to get home to feed. Sunday wasn’t the prettiest day, but we still had chores to do and fencing to complete. We got the big drill from Ben and hung another gate. Late Sunday we finally got Reba, the Colonel/Blue 9 year old mare. She is super great, and looks to have all the bells and whistles. She has a partial blue eye, rabicano, and may have the splash gene. John brought his puppy with him when he delivered Reba, she is Lynn’s sister, so all of the kids played with her. Still no foals Sunday night. I guess since the weather isn’t perfect, although it is really nice for this time of year, we shouldn’t be impatient. But we are.

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Last Week in Pictures

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Today is National Love your Pet Day

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Last Week in Pictures

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Monday is our family holiday, the annual BB Cattle co bull sale

Monday is our family holiday, the annual BB Cattle co bull sale where we all go and help. Kaine and Kade helped Nick bring bulls down, Toni was in the barn, trying to buy a bull for us and helping out inside. Anna and I were helping run gates out back, with Traci, Marlo, Morgan, Bree, Eli, Luke, Garrett and Todd, and Jaxsen, well he was Jaxsen. Before the sale he said he was watching KK, and he did that for a while, but he went off to play after the sale started, and don’t worry, Kaine and Kade brought that up on the way home. Morgan came back to our house, and her, Anna, Kaine and Kade all went and looked at steers with her. Jaxsen and I did chores, and Toni had a meeting about Jaxsen with his teacher because he is not doing well in school. Coco got there in time to help fill up buckets, Coco had been helping clean up the sale barn. Kaine, Kade and Anna all also helped Ben feed since Kicker has gone on another business trip.

Tuesday was back to school and work, but we were all still exhausted from Monday. Coco is still here and helped do chores. Kicker is still gone on business so Anna helped Ben feed. Kade’s Angus heifer out of Dark Knight calved and so did a Hereford heifer. Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day.

Toni is full swing back on fence building. Her, Coco, Kaine and Kade built fence after chores on Wednesday. Anna went to help Ben since Kicker is still gone on his business trip.

Thursday Kicker was back, so Anna joined the fence building crew. Skip came down on Thursday to bring the boys tool boxes full of his excess tools. He did not bring one for Anna, because she had already made her own with her dad’s excess tools, and has it in her room. Sonny also came down with some dog food and a puppy for a neighbor and to get cookies and Peps. That guy will drive 30 minutes out of his way to get fresh cookies from Mom. Ben and Kicker were out really late on Thursday, there was a heifer calving, so they went and took inventory of circles while they were waiting.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Grandma and Grandpa would have been married for 71 years today. Also, Lucy the dog is 1 today. Toni had buyers out looking at horses, which means the weather is nice and people are ready to be outside. Coco went and got Kade from archery since dad was working. Kade made it to the State competition for archery. I asked if the competition was hard to make it, and he said no, there are only four 5th graders, and there are four spots to fill. But he is still excited. The rest of the kids helped do chores and worked on fence. Just so I am clear here, we are not really building fence, we are tearing down and rebuilding the corral. This has been something Toni and I have wanted to do for a long time, so we are doing it. It is not an easy project and it isn’t going to be done in a few days. With the plans we have, it will probably take quite a bit of time to make it what we want, but a person has to start somewhere!

Saturday was a cold and windy day. Thank you Mother Nature for the free microderm abrasion on our faces. We all still have windburn and look like dried out prunes. We caught all 20 steers and heifers that we currently have in. We have three Spokane steers, and one extra. After Kaine’s heifer breaking a leg last year, we have an extra show heifer, but we also have 6 more steers that are still out in the pasture that we are going to have to halter break. Anna assures me that everything will fit. I feel like the barn is FULL. We did not wash because it was so cold. However, we worked on everything. I worked on the extra Spokane steer. Then we got the New Valley in and sorted them, we are getting ready to start breeding cows. We cleaned out the heavy heifer pen and put new ones in. Ben and Kicker worked on the fence down in circle 2 and Toni was busy on law work. Jax did not show up to help, but the three older kids said he had no choice on Sunday. He has to work on his heifer!

Sunday we caught all of the steers and heifers again and then finished sorting the cows. Jaxsen did lead his heifer twice on Sunday. She only “tongued” his sweatshirt so he didn’t freak out too bad. That took all morning, plus some. We got one group in to sort and it was time for lunch. If you are ever with Toni, do yourself a HUGE favor and eat lunch at noon. Not 12:01, not 12:20, noon. We were also letting Lucy start to work the cows and helping her be a chute dog. The problem is that she is very aggressive, so still has to be on a leash. She got herself into such a working mood that when we were out pushing cows, she ran out into the middle of the herd and almost scattered our entire herd across the field. Luckily she remembered her name and remembered to use her brain so ran back to Toni before we lost the cows and had to start over. That is the fun-problem with a young dog, especially one that loves to chase. In the afternoon we went down and dug post holes around the corral and put in railroad ties. The sun was shining, but it was still cold on Sunday. We used the new tractor and post-hole digger and it was awesome. We could actually dig holes and plant posts at an efficient rate. Now we are putting up the poles. We kicked King back out so just Jackpot is in the corral, but he doesn’t seem to bother the areas we are working on too bad. There are rumors that maybe we might go look at another stud before breeding season this year, so we want at least one of these corral projects done before we do that.

All week we continued to check the mares, but no foals yet. We started about a year ago for the 2019 foal crop, so we are hoping next week to see a little four legged critter out by one of the mares. I think we are probably checking the mares too frequently and not letting them relax and have the foal. Hopefully we can get this foal crop started very soon!

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Monday was a cold, but sunny morning. All

Monday was a cold, but sunny morning. All of the kids were home after school for a change, and Toni cannot stand not building fence out in this nice weather, so guess what the three older kids were doing after school and chores? I got home and Jaxsen said he felt bad for the older kids, I said, “bud, your day is soon, very soon.” So then he felt bad for himself. His friend Luke just got back from Hawaii and brought him a present, Kaine’s best friend is Luke’s older brother, Max. Max did not bring Kaine back a present, so Jaxsen decided that he has the better friend. Arcee, Kaine’s cow, had a cute Hereford bull calf on Monday.

It snowed Tuesday. I am NOT a fan. Maybe the kids prayed for snow to get out of fence building? The White tractor went to get fixed on Tuesday and Ben ran home to load out. While he was home the bulls got the gate open and he was getting them in in his work pickup when Toni came down to check the cows. Luckily he jumped out of his pickup to herd some as she was getting her phone out to call 911 and report a rustler, so the call did not get made. Due to the snow Toni let the kids out of fence building on Tuesday. 402T had a cute black ballie heifer calf on Tuesday.

Wednesday it was in the high 30s, however all of the snow did not melt. But, Toni still made the kids build fence. But again, Jaxsen got out of fence building. Toni is fond of telling the kids that they aren’t going to melt. Luckily so far they haven’t.

Thursday dad and Steve took two open older Hereford cows and two bulls for Uncle Joe to Toppenish. Toni picked Morgan up at the airport, she was here to help Leslie get ready for the sale. I had a meeting in Burbank after work, so I went and hung out at Traci’s house until it was time to go to the meeting. Savannah and I played hide and seek and tag.

Friday I checked cows, got the riding horses in. I rode Cad and got 826 in to load out that afternoon. I ran a steer in that needed to be halter broke and tied him up, he actually did not do too bad for his first time, considering he is not very tame. Then Chad came and he trimmed the riding horses, and shod Cad. I loaded the bull while he did the horses. Then we went down to mom and dads and did Dyna, Pocket, Kool and Double, then it was getting dark. Kade had archery and one of Toni’s cases blew up, so Kaine and Anna did chores and then helped with Chad. Toni got down there while we were on the last two, and Anna and Toni went and finished the fence they had been working on. The fence project wasn’t a huge one, but it is a pretty symbolic fence. The fence that they were working on is one of the first fences that Toni and I built together when we were about 12 or 13. That is about the age that we really wanted to expand our show cattle herd and we needed to make a bigger pasture. We told Dad that we needed to build some fence, so he said, go do it. Dad never said we weren’t tough enough, not smart enough, or that we were girls so we couldn’t do it. When we were growing up we were never told we couldn’t do something, we were just told to go get it done. Looking back now, that is the type of attitude that shaped us into who we are today. People talk about a glass ceiling or a male dominated agriculture world, but we were never treated that way in our family. Of the Bennett cousins , 12 of us are girls and every one of us is competent and able, and for the most part has been pretty successful in our chosen path.

Saturday Anna, Kaine and Kade went to work getting the mud clogs off of their show animals. They washed their Spokane steers, each washed one Angus heifer, and their clubbies that we raised. Toni worked most of Saturday. Ben and I helped the kids, then we went out and tagged calves. Then, Toni and I got Louie and King in and brushed them and put Louie out in the pen with the new fence. We got some new pictures of them, but they still have long winter hair. We pretty excited about them both. They are both really nice colts in very different ways.

Sunday Kade and Jaxsen came down and the kids washed their other Angus heifers. Heifers were first so Toni could be there to keep Jax moving forward with the process. Again, it is a very good thing that Jax has a patient and kind heifer. She probably isn’t going to take the show world by storm, but she puts up with him and that is all we ask. Then the three older kids washed their Spokane steers and their other clubby steers. They worked on all of them and took them for a walk. Toni, Kade, Jaxsen, Anna, Kaine and I went to Checos for lunch. Dad, Ben and Kicker went to Colfax and got a Case tractor for us. The Trojan loader had been broke down for a while. Then we did chores and went to the BB Cattle Co sale dinner. This is the first sale without Grandpa, but we know he is with us in spirit.

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The week in pictures

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Meet the Ranch Horses – Ollie

“Ollie” is a grey AQHA gelding owned by Jeanie Riley, he is a great ranch gelding and Jeanie lets the kids use him.

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“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” ∼Dolly Parton

Monday the kids had no school (it is a good think we like the little buggers), Anna and Kaine checked cows and then Toni went up and got Kaine and took him to her house to play with Kade and Jaxsen. They had a great day playing with Nerf guns, jumping on the trampoline, eating spaghetti, etc. Toni worked and was threatening to kick them outside due to the noise. Anna was happy to have a boyless day. Toni and the three boys did chores, and she was so busy she got them down to do chores late so they were not happy with her due to that, BUT she had planned on starting her fencing projects on Monday that that didn’t happen either, so they were happy that they didn’t have to build fence.

Tuesday was back to school. Dad and mom went and had lunch at mei lings, since they were jealous of Toni and I the week before. Kaine had a basketball game in Connell, so dad went in and watched him. It was their last game and they won, dad said all of the kids played really well. Kaine made a couple of baskets. Ben took 826 in to see Dr Campbell-Sorenson to get semen checked so he can go to his new home on Feb 8th. 826 is an Angus bull.

Wednesday Kade had a math team competition, so Toni and Kaine did chores With all of the boys’ events, Kaine or Kade were missing from chore action every day. Kade really likes math team and band, Toni says she is going to make Jaxsen join band next year too, we shall see who wins that round. Kade did awesome and his team was 4th overall for his grade. Good job buddy. Kicker took off for another week of meetings, so added to the Kaine and Kade business, we were also shorthanded on the other side of the ranch. Anna went with Ben to help him feed. It was rainy all day, so everything was a muddy mess. Also I said to Jaxsen that we needed to get his steers in and start halter breaking them, he was behind. He said no thanks. Mom said how are you going to show them if they are not halter broke, that he would look funny getting swung around like a rag doll. He said he is not showing. Kaine said to him, you already bought your steers, what are you going to do with them? He said, I am going to return them. I said sorry bud, no returns or exchanges.

Thursday Kaine played his last basketball game for the season, the other Connell team was short some players so Kaine and Jayden played on their team. They went to Papa Rays beforehand and still got to attend their team party (then played on a full stomach, which only 12 year old boys can do). Thanks Maria for setting the party up and thanks Randi for letting Kaine play again, he had a lot of fun. Dad said that he played really well. And dad and Kaine brought pizza home for all of us. Toni checked cows Thursday morning, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday, no new calves. Then Toni had court, she had another great Federal court case and won. Good job! I actually don’t know if her case was great, but she won, so she did great. LOL Kade and Jaxsen did chores, and I think Kade was going to find a mudpuddle out there somewhere to bury Jaxsen in by the time they got done.

We had another devastating loss Friday, Great Uncle Manny passed away. We have all grown close to “Unc” the past few years when he came and spent weeks down with Great Grandma, “Granny,” in the assisted living home. He would stay with Uncle Tom and Aunt Peggy and the kids would all hang out with him when they had swimming lessons, he would bring Granny over to watch them. We would take turns coming down and taking him out to lunch so he had a little change. Tom and Pegs drove to Alaska in their motor home to spend some time with him. Toni, Leslie and I, and maybe other cousins too, kept texting him after Granny passed so he could keep seeing how the kids were doing and what they were up too. He would text down pics of wildlife for the kids and ask when we were going to go up and see him. Mom and the rest of her siblings were close to Unc from when they were kids and he worked for Grandpa. Unc was a great man and we will miss him dearly.

Also on Friday, Kade had archery practice, his first one, and he was really excited about it. Kaine and Kade have both passed the written part of their hunter safety and need to do the shooting test. Anna and Jaxsen still need to take theirs, even if they don’t want to hunt, it is good to take it and learn about gun safety. Kaine, Jaxsen and Toni did chores, Kicker was still gone on his trip so Anna went and helped Ben.

Saturday was a windy day with burst of rain showers. Don’t worry, Anna still washed her favorite steer, Sir Freddy G. Kaine caught his favorite steer, Smithers and they both caught their heifers. Anna had left Kade a snap, but he did not see it, and was disappointed he did not make it down. Ben and I tagged the one calf that was born last week. Ben and Kicker put hay out down at mom and dads, with the horses. We did chores and went home. And we talked about how it was Uncle Tommy’s birthday coming up on Sunday, he passed away when Anna was a baby. Uncle Tommy’s was dad’s youngest brother. There were five kids in that family, and just Uncle Skip and dad were left until we all found out about Uncle Jack.

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day. Anna, Kaine and Kade washed their 3 favorite steers all morning, it takes a long time to get all of the mud out. They did not have a lot of time after lunch, so they did not get much mud out of their heifers in the afternoon. They practiced showing them and took them for walks. Jaxsen even came down and took Zora for a walk right before the super bowl. She “tongued” him, meaning she licked him, so he was not too impressed with his heifer. We are all impressed with her because she is a super gentle and kind heifer. That is all we ask for Jaxsen. We all have DISH, so Ben and Kicker both put antennas up, and got Fox, but we ended up watching the Super Bowl at my house. We had TONS of food, and it was all good. We were all rooting for the Chiefs, except Kaine.

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Having Fun in 2020

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