Believe you can and you are halfway there.

So, we got back from Benton Franklin Sunday, and the kids started school on Monday. They all seem pretty happy with their teachers and classes. I don’t know that they are happy to be in school, but they are happy to see their friends. Kaine and Kade also started football practice Monday, which they love, but it makes the week hectic with coordinating pickups, luckily we are carpooling with the Jenks, and Kameron is one of the coaches. Also, Toni and I have been working with BeeBee every night, I guess 3 is a good time to get her started. LOL. She is herself. Basically she is a lazy, smart horse that will try to get out of work. We think she is going to be a kids horse in the future. So far she has been really good to work with. We like to start them bareback with a halter. We have saddled her a few times, but haven’t ridden her with a saddle.

We are always saying we want to get DOWN in broodmare numbers. I know it is shocking, but we aren’t. Last week we had some friends contact us about a really nice broodmare they had, a buckskin daughter of Slide on Bartender. Then we had an opportunity to get an older Smokin 45 daughter, so we got her too. Clearly we are doing a great job getting less mares! But these are both super nice mares that really fit well with our program.

Gunner and mares Sept 2018

I don’t have pictures of the mares yet, here is a random picture of Gunner.

Toni had to go to Yakima on Thursday for her big dairy case. She didn’t get back until late, so we just did minimal chores on Thursday. Then on Friday Toni went and picked the kids up after school and they went and got milkshakes, kind of a reward for making it through the first week. When asked why they deserved milkshakes, Sonny replied that he is hysterical and an angel, so deserves a milkshake, and then wrapped that up with because he is King. They all got milkshakes.

Saturday Anna, Kaine Kade and I took the 6 seers and two of the heifers to Connell to get clipped for CBJLS and the Adams Community Fair. Leslie is already set up to clip and she helped the kids, and I kind of helped too. Leslie is great with the kids, she is our 4H leader and the kids (and the rest of us too) love her. Toni, Ben and Kicker got in and moved the fall cows and turned the Hereford cows out with the rest of the cows. They banded most of the spring Hereford bull calves and worked them in preparation for weaning. They also pulled the rest of the bulls. Toni and Ben also got up early Saturday morning to load out Reed. We did sell Reed. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right decision. We are excited to see the foals out of him next spring. Pistol and Shiney also got hauled back to mom and dad’s. We are starting foal weaning next weekend, so needed to get Shiney and Daze home to get acclimated and ready for weaning. We will wean the three colts being shipped to Utah this Sunday after we get back from CBJLS.

Sunday I pretty much worked on the Benton Franklin pictures all day, I am trying to get them done before we got to CBJLS. I don’t think that is going to happen. Toni worked on her law work most of Sunday and the kids rested and got ready for CBJLS.

Monday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Sonny went and got 150+ lbs of peaches for mom and grandma. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to Moses Lake to get fair groceries. Monday afternoon we headed into the fair grounds to get everything set-up. Again, this is a really good group of kids, so it is easy to dedicate time to help them. Now, a few days at work and school and then we are off to CBJLS, hauling in on Wed.


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