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KT Dodge this Caliber

KT Dodge this Caliber is an impressive buckskin (roan?) colt out of KT Tin Lizzie and by KT Gunpowder N Lead. Lizzie is out of Zinks Major Kid and Miss Jug Derby. This mare produces some awesome ranch/cow/working ranch foals with breeding that includes Dandy Derby, Major Bonanza, Skipper W, Hancock and more. Gunner is a fantastic dun roan son of Cue Bars Laddie, AQHA point earning and producing stallion. Gunner is out of two parents that are both homozygous for black mane and tail, so he is the same. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on the NFQHA rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Pistol’s sire, Gold Country Charro is a dunskin stallion that was shown in 1998 and 1999 in halter at local shows. Gunner has great bone, legs, hip, lots of growth, and a “can do” attitude. He was broke to ride in Allison Trimble from Ferndale, WA training program and was ridding by Jordan Crabtree. The cross between these two has been amazing, they have been foals with a lot of color and size. Dodge was born 5/25/18. $3,500

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Burn the midnight oil

Toni and the kids have been busy at work, working on heifers, steers and bulls. Jaxsen was included in the kids that went with Toni, but I don’t know that he did anything. LOL. In addition to hauling the kids around, Toni is also a lawyer, and has been REALLY busy with her law practice, which has been making her burn the midnight oil. Monday Reptile Man was at the Connell library so after the kids got done working on their cattle over with Leslie, they all met in Connell to see some reptiles. Tuesday they loaded 11 head in the trailer and hauled them to Connell, so they would have gone somewhere before we go to our show this weekend. All of the cattle did really well.

Wednesday was the day of rest for the kids. Kaine always asks if we will let him sleep in until noon. We always say yes. He has yet to sleep in past 9. Thursday the kids went back to Connell to keep working on the cattle over there.

Friday Toni hauled some nice ladies out and around to look at the horses, one of them bought Ragnar. She is also into Vikings like I am, so she liked the name. Kade and I started clipping for the upcoming shows. We clipped the 4 big Angus heifers, Kade clipped the heads, and I clipped the bodies. Anna and Kaine got to go swimming with some friends in the afternoon after the kids were done washing the show cattle. Toni was supposed to come help but she failed to show up. Kade and I quit about 3 because we were too hot and covered in hair to keep going. I told Kade, you need to get in the shower or air up the little pool and get in it. So what did he do? He used the cattle blower to air up the pool. Our friend John showed up in the afternoon with Lynne’s papers and to chat a little on his way home.

Saturday we spent the day getting the show cattle ready for this coming weekend. We were VERY fortunate and the twins came out and helped. Since we got done by 2 due to the help from the twins, I took the three older kids to Othello so we could pick up some feed, pitch forks, etc. and we made a surprise stop at Burger King for shakes.

Sunday we had a couple of guys stop by that came here from Chile. They came to look at Reed, Hollywood, and Eagle. Then we had a long overdue photo shoot with Sagebug and Stunner. Both are Gunner foals and have really changed in the last few months. We are excited to send Sagebug out for training this fall. We pulled the camper into the yard and the kids started working on cleaning it and packing it for the next show. We also messed with Bebe a little bit because at some point she needs to be a horse not a pet. She does not agree.

And today is the start of another busy week. The boys have football camp every night, we have a show this coming weekend.

We are beginning to work on our weaning schedule, so if you have a foal under contract let us know what your preference is for a pick-up date.

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Photo Shoot with Sagebug.

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Happy Friday


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Angus/Braford bull calf

T801 is an Angus/Braford bull calf, he is by BK Hoover Dam 507, a son of Hoover Dam. T801’s dam is 101K is a really well marked heifer out of 404K, a Dominator daughter. This is a fancy red heifer with great markings and good eye pigment. He was born 1/13/18 and has a 77 lb actual BW. $2,000

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Sorting cows in the Dust and Heat

We had a great holiday week. Monday and Tuesday the kids worked on show animals. They have three big shows coming up the end of July, the Evergreen Ultrasound Challenge and Summer Sizzle on July 19-21 and the Sagebrush Classic on July 28-29. The great news is that the Sagebrush is in Connell. We take a trailer load of show cattle to each one of these shows. Uncle Joe decided today that he thought the kids should take a couple more steers to the Sagebrush. Clearly we need to keep dishing out the money for entries.

On the 4th normally just Toni, Kicker, Mom, Dad, Ben, Anna, Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I have a little BBQ and go down and paddle boat, and Kicker brings down his boat so the kids can tube. Well, the kids spread the word and so we ended up with a little bigger BBQ this year. But, we only have two paddle boats, so we set up a pop up tent and the camper carpet, so we had shade and a “beach” as well. We all had a great time, and it was pretty cool for the 4th, so we had a nice time peddling on the boats. Nothing better on the 4th than kids and water.

Thursday and Friday the kids were back working on their stock. The kids stayed with Leslie Friday night to go to a Jay Team show in Hermiston on Saturday. Also on Friday dad went up to Potlach to get Mil from Josh, Josh did a great job starting her, we are very happy.

Saturday Anna, Kaine and Kade went to the Desert Classic with Jay, they had a great time. Kaine was Reserve Champion in Market, Anna and Kade both got second in their class. This was Kade’s steer, “Grumpy’s,” first time at a show. Kade was very pleased with how he performed. Toni and I got up and ran into Othello, we got some feed at the feed store and then went out to look at some Hereford heifers. Then, Toni, Kicker, Jax and I went to our cousin Traci’s house for a 4th of July BBQ. It was a lot of fun, like normal. Traci and Manny had a huge water slide, jousting, slip and slides, karaoke, lots of food and more. Ben stayed home and worked (boring).


Sunday we needed to sort some cows that got mixed, so we got the kids started washing their heifers and steers and then Ben and I headed out and got the cows in. The Herefords and Angus bull calves got mixed so we got them straighten out. Then, Ben, Toni and I went down to where the heifers and falls cows were at and sorted some cows to go to beef. The kids were done washing by then, so Kade and Kaine came down and helped, while Anna mowed the yard. Then Toni and I moved Cupcake, a new mare (yes I know we are cutting back, trying to get down to 30 broodmares, haha), down to Sagebug’s pen. Sagebug now has Cupcake and an outside mare named Omen. Toni also rode Mil for the first time. We figured she had enough days off. The problem was that we took all the saddles up to my house for the kids. Luckily our friend Diann had left a nice saddle and bridle, so we got Mil ready and Toni jumped on in her shorts and cowboy boots. Stirrups were too long, but Mil was great. Josh clearly put the miles on her as she rode out just like a broke horse. He only had her 2 months and did a really good job. We are hoping to send more horses to him this fall, or maybe a bit sooner depending on who we send.


Monday, dad hauled the beef cows to Toppenish, Toni hauled the kids to Connell to work on heifers, then to the reptile man at the library. Then Toni went and got one of the heifers we had looked at on Sunday morning. A really cute, fat Catapult bred Hereford. Today, Toni hauled the kids, their steers and heifers to Connell so they can go someplace different so the show will not be quite as new. There were five big fat steers, the Hereford fall heifer, and four little Angus heifers all in the trailer today. The kids get this weekend off from showing, then the next two weekends they will be going hard. We have people coming out this week to look at foals and still have some really nice foals for sale. Come out and take a look if you are in the market for a foal this year.


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KT Sheza Sweet Annie

KT Sheza Sweet Annie is a charming filly by KT Heza Pana Dude, “Dude” and is out of Reed Dunny Doll, “Dunny. Dude is by Zinks Major Kid and out of Panas May Day. Dude is a great stallion with some unique markings, and has great breeding that includes Pana Dude, Major Bonanza, Skipper W, Skipster and more. Dunny is a daughter of point earner Reeds Rangler, with point earners Somethinglovely and Johnny Pine also in her pedigree. She is a granddaughter of Snipper Reed and Pine Doc Smith. Her pedigree is full of performance, cow, show and running horses. This is a big built dun mare that really throws nice foals. She has an awesome disposition and confirmation. This filly is already a sweetheart, she loves attention and to be scratched. She has a ton of personality. She was born 5/2/18. $2,000


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KT Reed Me a Double

KT Reed Me a Double is a phenomenal 2016 Grullo Stallion by Captains Double Coy and out of Reeds Poco Ms Whinny. Double is one of our senior stallions, his foals have an outstanding disposition and are a great using horse for any arena. His breeding includes Major Bonanza, Alotta King and more. Whinny is a dun mare by Reeds Zan Kid out of Reeds Star Magic. Bred by Reed’s Quarter Horses of Rosalia, WA. This mare is 93% NFQHA and goes back to Dustin Command, Zan Parr Bar, Fritz Command, Star Duster, Skippa String, and Page Lee. He is NFQHA eligible and was born 3/31/16. Reed has been color tested as a grulla. This is a colt with a lot of body, a great personality and the breeding to back it up. He has siblings that are barrel horses, roping horses, cutting horses, ranch horses, dude ranch horses, extreme trail horses; they are very versatile. More information at: $3,500

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KT June Tempest

KT June Tempest is a cute palomino filly out of Coastal Tourist Trap, “Piper,” and by KT Heza Pana Dude. Piper is a daughter of AQHA point earner Cue Bars Laddie and NRCHA and AQHA cowhorse and cutting mare Cutters Tourist Trap. This is a mare with a superior pedigree, with point earners and working cow horses all over. This is a pretty, feminine, bay filly. NFQHA eligible. Dude is a great stallion that we kept out of Zinks Major Kid. He has some unique white markings, and is a very pretty golden color. Great bone, big hip, pretty head and a winning disposition. Dude was started by Jordan Crabtree in Ferndale, WA and he was a great horse to start, Jordan enjoyed riding Dude. This filly will be outstanding cow, arena and/or ranch horses. She was born 6/18/18. $2,500

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