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Another week has flown by.

Monday, Sonny had a soccer game so I worked on Golden and Flatliner on my own. Golden was golden, easiest colt. Flatliner was a normal Sissy, very smart and quick. Tuesday Toni worked on the foals on her own, the boys had their last football game, Kade played Royal and Kaine was Connell vs Connell. Also on Tuesday Anna got her braces off, very exciting. Wednesday we were both there to work on the foals and they did awesome. Thursday I went to Ranch and Home after work to get shavings for the Evergreen show, so Toni worked on them by herself. Toni always loves the Sissy foals, and she has always loved Golden. Both of them have met or exceeded expectations.

Big day Friday, we hauled into the Evergreen sale in the morning, we took one heifer, Lily. We got all set up and Toni came home to do chores and get the boys. Coco came to help her so Coco could do chores and work on the foals on Saturday. Kaine, Anna and I stayed there for the exhibitor meeting. Toni, Kade and Sonny made it back just in time to go to the banquet. Sonny likes to put his hand up during auctions. The good news is that the auctioneer has been friends of the family for years, so he did goad Sonny on, but didn’t accept the bid. We are considering leaving Sonny home for future auctions. Then in big news, our cousin Traci had her daughter, Kayla Marie, we can’t wait to meet her.

Saturday morning the kids had livestock judging, Jaxsen was second and Anna was third in the Jr Division. That means that they get gift cards for the sale. Then the sale started at 12:30. Our friend Meghan came and hung out with us there. She is not a good sale influence, we may have overspent a touch. But, we have some great show heifers for next year. Kade bought Lily back, so he gets to show her in the Evergreen shows; Kaine bought a really nice Insight daughter from Steve Jachetta at Castle Ride Cattle Company. We got Jaxsen a really nice May show heifer from Rusher’s 4R Ranch, Anna got their other May heifer. Both of them are by PF Counsel 643T 3514. Then Anna bought a January heifer by Musgrave Big Sky from Gayle Suksdorf of Willow Creek Angus and we also got a heifer for a 4H member from Gayle as well. Anna got a Daddy’s Money son from Aldersyde Farms for a show steer. That is a long list and we were only supposed to buy 3 heifers and a steer max. We also met a great family from E-burg that stalled with us on Saturday and Sunday. Keely is a great little helper and we look forward to having her with us at future shows.

Sunday was the big show. Ben hauled 7 more head in for the show that we had already entered. We also had invited the 4H kids to come, so we had Aram, Adrian, Bella and Nadia there helping and showing. The kids all did great. Anna’s new steer won his class, Kade’s heifer Lily was second in her class, and we had a lot of heifers in Lily’s class, so I don’t remember how they placed after Lily. Kaine was third with his new heifer, the two May heifers were third and fourth in their class. Anna was second and Aram was third in their class with the big heifers. Kaine was in the top 4 in the Jr Championship round. All of the kids showed awesome. It was really fun to have the four extra kids come and get extra showing time for next fair season.

Toni left at 1 on Sunday to go back and load up Flatliner. She came back to a catastrophe. For some reason some of the foals had gone over our no climb horse fence (that is 5 feet tall). We specifically had purchased and installed this type of fence as it was supposed to be safe for horses and foals. Let me assure you, it is not. We are pretty upset about what happened and that this fence completely failed. She had to rush three into the vet and Dr. Jacobs was nice enough to meet her in at at the Sagehill Vet Clinic in Othello. She got home at almost 9 that night.

Monday was Sonny’s last soccer match, so now all the boys are done with fall sports. No news yet if any of the four kids want to play winter sports. Golden left and the kids and Toni haltered the next two foals to get halter broke, Coco Bean and Sweet Annie. Hopefully they are as good to halter break as they were to halter. We will find out tonight!

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KT Cash on Justify

KT Cash on Justify is a lovable charming colt out of Miss Kyra and by Just Plain Starlight, “Colonel.” Miss Kyra is a big elegant mare by Remember Smash out of Cashs Juno. Remember Smash is a AAA money earner that was raced very little, several of his foals went to CA to be money earners in barrel racing. His sire is Easily Smashed who was an AQHA race Champion; he had 14 wins and had earnings in excess of $320,000. He had an S.I. of 99 and his foals have earnings of over $9 million. Her dam, Cashs Juno, is by Juno Dat Cash, a AAA and AAAT sire by Dash for Cash, and her dam is by Pasamonte Paul (AAAT and AQHA Champion). Miss Kyra’s pedigree also includes the Old Man, Jet Smooth, Easy Jet, Rocket Wrangler and much much more. Colonel is a son of Tamalight, winner of $21,492.10 in NCHA dollars and COA. Colonel’s dam is Wright on Sugarnic, winner of the Cascade Cutters Futurity. This colt has an incredible pedigree, an unbeatable confirmation, and an incredible disposition. He is bred to have a lot of agility and endurance. He was born 6/9/18 $3,000

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The fall weather has set in and fall is definitely here.

I feel like we have gotten more done this week then I thought was possible. Monday I had to stay in town and run some errands after work, so Toni worked on Magnum and Big Iron on her own. Then had soccer with Sonny. Tuesday Kaine had a game in Mattawa so again, Toni worked on Big Iron and Magnum on her own. But, she does have Anna to help her with chores, and Kade if he does not have a game or practice. Wednesday Kaine had a game in Royal, so Toni was on her own with Anna, after she got back from her meeting in Union Gap. Thursday Kade had a game in Othello, so I was on my own working on Big Iron and Magnum, which was really good for Magnum to have someone new. Big Iron could care less who works on him, he is very goal oriented. The goal is to be petted and be fed. Thursday Jaxsen also had a soccer match, so Toni and Kicker had to run both boys around. Friday we were BOTH home to do chores and work on the colts, which was great, we could compare notes on how they had been. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of everything we are doing and make sure we are on the same page.

Saturday Kaine had a game in Connell and Kade was in Othello. We had one of our calf buyers coming out after and she got a load of calves. Then we got the cows in, sorted off what we needed to work, and moved them to a different pasture. Weaned the last couple of calves, let the weaned heifers out in the pen with the cows had been in, and put the sold bred heifers out with them. Then, we weaned 3 of the 4 foals we needed to wean this weekend, Coco Bean, Double the Fancy, and Lassie. We ended Saturday when the sun went down.

Sunday was Ben’s big 42nd birthday. So, we started out the day with clipping the heifers for the Evergreen sale and jackpot next weekend. The kids are getting old enough to be a lot of help. Toni clipped bodies while Anna clipped heads, and Kade, Kaine and I got the next one ready. Sonny ran around and played (we are really trying to get him to help). Then we had Magnum leaving at 10. So we left the kids clipping, with Anna doing bodies and Kaine heads, and Kade doing prep, with Ben supervising, and we went and loaded Magnum. He jumped in a like a super champ after a little negotiation. Then, Rachel showed up to see Pecos, he is her colt that is staying at our house while she rides Friday. I left Toni to go help the kids finish, Kade and Kaine had switched jobs, so I took over bodies and Anna went back to heads. We got done at lunch time, and had Ben’s birthday lunch.

After lunch we weaned the last four foals, Katana, Hot Shot, Cattle Kate, and Sweet Annie. They are all such a good group. Hot Shot jumped in the trailer out on the 500 acres with just the trailer gate open and her dam in the trailer. Then we went and got Sagebug, Cupcake and Omen from the neighbors, they just right in the trailer and were ready to head home. Omen was an outside mare, so her owner, our cousin, came and got her. We put Sagebug down in the “stallion station” AKA the corral. So Bishop, Sagebug, and Double are all next to each other down there. But they get along as long as they are not in the same pen together, which we do not allow. We haltered Flatliner and Golden, and then finished chores. Toni and I had left the kids with Ben to work the rest of the calves, Ben and the kids had worked the first group of calves the weekend before. Mom says she is not feeding the bottle calves on weekends or at nights, but with no kids, she was stuck doing the job. Now I am ready for a nap, but no time.

Monday Toni and Chad are trimming a bunch of horses. We are trying to get the mares trimmed up before we turn them out in the winter pasture. This week we need to get ready for the Evergreen Sale, have football and soccer, and have bulls to haul to Connell for testing, as well as heifers to get to the vet. Lots to do, but we will get it done. The fall weather has set in and fall is definitely here.

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7 foals weaned this weekend

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It is starting to feel like Fall

Normally I try to start this blog and continue through the week so I don’t forget what we did. But, this last week has been so hectic I forgot, and I JUST remembered we haven’t done it yet.

Monday Toni and I worked on Sherriff and Ragnar to get them ready to leave Saturday and Sunday. Kaine had practice Monday but Kade did not, so we had to shuffle Kaine around to get him there. Tuesday we had Dr. Hank Wisse come out and preg check some heifers and semen test a bull. Kaine’s show heifer from last year was open, so that sucked. The majority of the heifers were bred, so we called our prospective buyers for the replacement heifers to get them scheduled to come out. Then Kaine had Football game and Kade had practice. Kaine’s team finally won one, Yea. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday just working on the colts, football practice. Jaxsen had a soccer match. Our Aunt Peggy had surgery on Monday (she has posted about it on FB so not a violation of her privacy to put it here). Mom and Toni went to see her and took her flowers. Peggy is fighting cancer, but we know that she will win.

Jeanne came down on Wednesday and grabbed up a couple of horses for her and Sonny to ride. They seem to be short on horses this year, so we volunteered to send them a couple! Jeanne also brought a kitten for Anna. That was clearly not fair, so I went and found a kitten for Kaine. Ben hasn’t been getting home very early because of harvest, and was really surprised when he came home that night to two new kittens in the house. It was really funny. Mittens was not impressed with the kittens either.

Friday was Dad’s birthday. Toni and Mom had picked up a cake in town, along with some salad. We all ate at Toni’s house that night to celebrate Dad’s 73rd birthday. We had a big meal, followed by a cake that could feed 20, but only fed 10. We all like cake.

Kade had a game Saturday, they won, yea, and Kaine’s was canceled. So mom and Toni went into the football game and I stayed home, I had a person coming out to look at bulls at 9, a horse person at 10:30, a heifer person at 1:30 and a horse person at 2:30. DynaMight did great at 10:30, thanks Biz for buying Dynamight, it looks like she found a great home. Two bred heifers left to a repeat buyer, thanks John and Lisa, we always appreciate your business. And then Ragnar loaded like a rock star at 2:30. I also sold one of Toni’s favorite bulls at 9. While I was doing all of this Ben, Anna and Kaine were working the feeder calves and the heifers.

Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen headed to a Mariners game after Kade’s big win, it was Kade’s birthday weekend and that was what he wanted to do for his birthday. They had a great time and Kade was happy. Sonny wanted to know on the third batter in when the game was going to be over. But he did enjoy the food.

On Sunday Tina, Leslie and Brian came and got Sheriff, he also loaded like a champ. Now we have two colts gone and we get to start halter breaking the next two, Magnum and Big Iron. This is our first noncolor themed group. We had three palominos, two buckskins, now a buckskin and a bay roan BUT both are out of Gunner, so maybe that is the theme? Next week we are back to two palominos. Sunday Toni was back and she weaned Golden and Flatliner. Also on Sunday, 25 year old Abbie surprised us with a little filly. She winters with Double so they both can have lots of grain hay all winter. Any baby Abbie gives us now is just a blessing.

We have soccer, football, colts leaving, calves leaving, and more weaning scheduled for this week. The weather has really turned, so we now in getting ready for winter mode. We have had our Bluegrass brought in and working on getting the rest of the hay home. Still lots of work to do, but no rest of the wicked.

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Happy Wednesday

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Wow the week just really flew by. They say the older you get the faster time goes, and it really is.

On Monday, our good friends John and Raven came out to see John’s 2 foals. We started actually working on Ragner and Sheriff on Monday as well. It is super nice to have just 2 foals in to work on, that is our ideal number so we each have one. Less wear and tear on these bodies that aren’t as young as they used to be.

Busy Tuesday, you know how we keep saying, we are trying to cut back, we are trying to cut back, well , we are up to 5 new mares this year, and two came last week. Monday, Barb came in the morning, she is a bay mare by Chics Magic Potion and out of Lizzys Fancy Rose, a Bueno Check daughter. Chics Magic Potion has won NRHA $34,570, NRCHA $246,705, AQHA $12,137, NSHA $, 2003 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Champion, 2003 NRHA Futurity Open-10th, 2004 AQHA World Jr Reining Res. Champion, 2005 AQHA World Jr Working Cowhorse Rs. Champion, 2007 AQHA World Sr WCH Finalist, 2007 AQHA Hi Point Working Cowhorse Champion, 2007 AQHA Hi Point Sr Working Cowhorse Champion, NRCHA Stakes Champion, NRCHA Hackamore Classic Champion, Magnificent 7 Competition Champion, Worlds Greatest Horseman Res. Champion. Lizzys Fancy Rose had NRHA earnings and AQHA points herself. Then Tuesday we got Annie, she is a daughter of the old bay mare we had for a while, Docs Peppy Anna, so she is a half-sister to Friday and Nugget. Annie is by Sonita Oakolena, he has won NCHA $7,362 C0A . Annie herself has been a cutter, roper, barrel horse, etc. Annie is a big bay mare, a bit bigger than we expected, but that works. Toni also showed horses Monday and Tuesday and got a few more foals spoken for.

Also on Tuesday Sonny had a soccer game. He assures me that he played well. Wednesday Kade had a Football game in Mattawa. Also Wednesday Toni and mom took the 3 palomino colts into the vet to get vet checked, brand inspected and coggins for their trip to Utah. Thursday another soccer match, and then Friday is a rest day for sports. The big boys also had football practice too. Luck for us Anna didn’t want to play fall sports, so she can help with chores and getting those calves fed.

Saturday Kade had a game in Royal, and they won, yeah. Kaine had a game in Connell, against the other Royal team, and they lost. We also got two clubby steers for shows next fall. Then we weaned Magnum and hauled Big Mama home too. We also have started to slowly pull the studs home, so we moved Bishop home so that we could wean calves on Sunday without a stallion in the middle of it all. Bishop is easy to handle as long as you don’t want to touch him. He will let Toni pet him out in the field sometimes, but he can be a pain to catch. Once caught, he is pretty good. So Double and Bishop are now in the corral at Mom and Dad’s. One of our other new mares, Cool, is down with Double due to her age and needs.

Sunday we weaned calves, haltered the cubbies, worked on the heifers going to the Evergreen jackpot. Sunday was also Kade’s birthday, and believe it or not, these are all some of his favorite things to do, so he was happy to do them on his birthday. He got to ride his trusty stead, Slick, to get the cows in and he got to work on his Smokey steer. And he has always wanted a smokey, so he is a happy boy. We also had buyers out to look at the colts, and they decided to take Smokey. That is a pretty bitter sweet sale for us. Smokey is our bottle baby, but he is a colt and we can’t keep them all (seriously). We had a busy weekend, but I feel like we got quite a bit accomplished.

Monday, Jaxsen had a soccer game and Kaine had football practice, to get ready for their game today. Luckily for me Kaine has some great moms on his team to help me get him to practice and back. This weekend we have football, shipping colts, weaning foals, normal stuff.  Yesterday we preg checked some heifers, semen tested bulls, and did general ranch work. And then Kaine had a game last night against Ephrata, and they won, yeah, and Kade had practice. Luckily the weather is holding out, it is a stunning day and it will be nice to be outside.

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I made a huge to do list for this week, I just can’t figure out who’s going to do it since we will be at the Adams County fair.

Tuesday Toni and I got some much needed pictures of Smokey. He is such a pretty boy with very unique coloring. He is our special baby as he was raised on a bucket until he was 6 months old. He still makes nursing noises when he sees our Mom. She got up every few hours to feed him for the full 6 months. We finally had to wean the two off of each other. Wednesday was haul in day to the Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show, CBJLS. The steers all weighed in really well and acted great.

Thursday was market, and our kids did great. Kade got first in his class with Happy and made it back to the championship round, Anna was second in her class with Snowy and made it back to the championship round and Kaine was third in his class with Angus. Angus and Happy are both Angus steers that we raised and we were very happy with how they did. We are excited to see how their carcass data comes back.

Friday was fitting and showing. Kade did AWESOME, he was Grand Champion in Fitting and Showing, now each kid has won a buckle this summer. Anna was third in showmanship and Kaine was in the middle of his class. Anna’s steer did not act the best, as the summer has progressed he has gradually gone downhill with his attitude in the showring. When he is home, he is super great. In the showring, he is a complete jerk. Anna handled it really well and has become a better showperson because of it. Early this summer she was grand champion in showmanship at NW Farm Supply, and I guess Snowy was not happy with that. Kaine showed great but ended up in a bad spot in the show ring, and sometimes that is just the luck of the draw. Friday night Kade got to show in the round robin, which was very exciting. He did really good for his first time, he was second in the Junior division.

For livestock judging, the deal is that all of the kids have to participate, or they are Jolene’s slave for a day. No one wants that. Toni has sweetened the pot by giving our kid with the top score a milkshake. The problem with CBJLS is we had LOTS of winners. Lane was the grandchampion overall with a really high score, Kade won the Jr. Division, Bella was reserve in the intermediate. Toni has agreed that lots of milkshakes need to be bought this week.

Saturday was the sale, and all of the kids got great prices. We would like to thank all of the buyers, Three Rivers Potato Storage bought Kade’s steer, Davina and Mike Pink bought Anna’s steer , and KC Cattle bought Kaine’s steer. We felt that the sale was great overall. Then the kids helped Jen in the kitchen and serving at the sale dinner and us adults helped load the steers onto the semi. Then we had the awards ceremony, Footloose 4H won herdsmanship for the second year in a row.

Sunday we packed up at CBJLS and headed to the Adams Community Fair in Othello and unpacked our stuff there. On our way to CBJLS we passed a porcupine on the road and we stopped and got out and looked at it. Then we went to Chinese for lunch after set up and headed home to start weaning colts. The first three have been weaned, Vann, Dancin Dan and Daze.

Monday we all went back to work, school and football practice for a couple of days. Today is weigh in for Adams Community Fair, Toni and Leslie are taking the kids in. Wish us luck for our last show, and we have three great steers selling here if you have not gotten your beef yet.

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Believe you can and you are halfway there.

So, we got back from Benton Franklin Sunday, and the kids started school on Monday. They all seem pretty happy with their teachers and classes. I don’t know that they are happy to be in school, but they are happy to see their friends. Kaine and Kade also started football practice Monday, which they love, but it makes the week hectic with coordinating pickups, luckily we are carpooling with the Jenks, and Kameron is one of the coaches. Also, Toni and I have been working with BeeBee every night, I guess 3 is a good time to get her started. LOL. She is herself. Basically she is a lazy, smart horse that will try to get out of work. We think she is going to be a kids horse in the future. So far she has been really good to work with. We like to start them bareback with a halter. We have saddled her a few times, but haven’t ridden her with a saddle.

We are always saying we want to get DOWN in broodmare numbers. I know it is shocking, but we aren’t. Last week we had some friends contact us about a really nice broodmare they had, a buckskin daughter of Slide on Bartender. Then we had an opportunity to get an older Smokin 45 daughter, so we got her too. Clearly we are doing a great job getting less mares! But these are both super nice mares that really fit well with our program.

Gunner and mares Sept 2018

I don’t have pictures of the mares yet, here is a random picture of Gunner.

Toni had to go to Yakima on Thursday for her big dairy case. She didn’t get back until late, so we just did minimal chores on Thursday. Then on Friday Toni went and picked the kids up after school and they went and got milkshakes, kind of a reward for making it through the first week. When asked why they deserved milkshakes, Sonny replied that he is hysterical and an angel, so deserves a milkshake, and then wrapped that up with because he is King. They all got milkshakes.

Saturday Anna, Kaine Kade and I took the 6 seers and two of the heifers to Connell to get clipped for CBJLS and the Adams Community Fair. Leslie is already set up to clip and she helped the kids, and I kind of helped too. Leslie is great with the kids, she is our 4H leader and the kids (and the rest of us too) love her. Toni, Ben and Kicker got in and moved the fall cows and turned the Hereford cows out with the rest of the cows. They banded most of the spring Hereford bull calves and worked them in preparation for weaning. They also pulled the rest of the bulls. Toni and Ben also got up early Saturday morning to load out Reed. We did sell Reed. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right decision. We are excited to see the foals out of him next spring. Pistol and Shiney also got hauled back to mom and dad’s. We are starting foal weaning next weekend, so needed to get Shiney and Daze home to get acclimated and ready for weaning. We will wean the three colts being shipped to Utah this Sunday after we get back from CBJLS.

Sunday I pretty much worked on the Benton Franklin pictures all day, I am trying to get them done before we got to CBJLS. I don’t think that is going to happen. Toni worked on her law work most of Sunday and the kids rested and got ready for CBJLS.

Monday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Sonny went and got 150+ lbs of peaches for mom and grandma. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to Moses Lake to get fair groceries. Monday afternoon we headed into the fair grounds to get everything set-up. Again, this is a really good group of kids, so it is easy to dedicate time to help them. Now, a few days at work and school and then we are off to CBJLS, hauling in on Wed.


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KT Docs Desert Eagle

KT Docs Desert Eagle is a showy bay roan colt out of A Pepper Girl and by KT Gunpowder N Lead. Pepper is a Dry Spec a Pepper daughter, who was the 1986 Eastern Idaho QH Assn. Senior Cutting Champion. She is a granddaughter of Dry Doc; who is in the National Cutting Horse Association – Horse Hall of Fame. He was an NCHA Futurity Champion, NCHA Earnings: $85,149, AQHA Reserve W.CH. CUTTING. Pepper also goes back to King Fritz, Miss N Cash and Sugar Vandy. She is a mare with a solid build and a great disposition. She is app. 15.1 hands and is built like a tank. Gunner is a son of Cue Bars Laddie and is out of Charros Dandy Miss, “Pistol”. Cue Bars Laddie is a roan stallion that has been shown as a reiner, cowhorse and rope horse. He was the recipient of the Open AQHA All Around Trophy and is a CCHA Hall of Fame Horse. Pistol was shown NFQHA and local shows. Great cow horse/ranch horse/rope horse. Homozygous for black mane and tail, and a dunskin. Gunner has greats on his papers like Peppy San, Doc O’Lena, Dandy Derby, Docs Jack Frost, and Imperial One. Gunner took the best of both and is a dunskin roan. Gunner was broke to ride in the Allison Trimble program and a very nice stallion. This is going to be a big, impressive, striking colt, with a pedigree that is bred to perform. He was born 5/13/18. $2,500

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