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KT Gunners La Di Da

KT Gunners La Di Da is a showy filly by KT Gunpowder N Lead and is out of Skips Cad Bar, “Big Mama.” Gunner is a fantastic dun roan son of Cue Bars Laddie. Cue Bars Laddie is a roan stallion that has been shown as a reiner, cowhorse and rope horse. He was the recipient of the Open AQHA All Around Trophy and is a CCHA Hall of Fame Horse. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on the NFQHA rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Skips Cad Bar, “Big Mama, is by Continental Cad. She is a dun roan mare that has thrown lots of color. She is a really big mare that throws really big, well made, colored foals. This is an awesome mare that is pushing 16 hands. We always love the foals out of Big Mama, they have a lot of personality, size and a great confirmation. She was born 4/9/19. $3,500

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KT Just Plain Spot On

KT Just Plain Spot On is by Just Plain Starlight, “Colonel,” and out of KT Major Sunshine. Colonel is a son of Tamalight and is out of Wright on Sugarnic, winner of the Cascade Cutter’s Futurity. Colonel has a pedigree that speaks for itself with Lenas Wright on, Grays Starlight, Docs Tamarak, Just Plain Colonel and more. KT Major Sunshine is a really nice mare out of a Sonny Dee Bar Too mare and by Zinks Major Kid. We have shown her in-hand trail at the NFQHA show in Ellensburg. This is a great mare that the kids all love, she has a great disposition. This is a great cross that has the pedigree to perform, but the size to also work a ranch. He was born 3/19/19. This is a colt with some fun white markings and body sports, he is a really cool colt. $2,500

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April showers bring May flowers, or may grass we hope.

April showers bring May flowers, or may grass we hope. Monday was a rainy day. Kaine was supposed to start baseball practice Monday, but was rained out. Toni checked Monday morning, nothing new as of Monday AM. Anna still had tennis practice, but it was inside in the gym. Toni was in a meeting when I got off of work, so Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I did chores and checked the sheep. Anna, Toni and I went out to check Monday night, still nothing.

FINALLY on Tuesday we have a new foal, a cute big filly out of Big Mama and by Gunner, they always have such stunning foals. She is a beauty, she is a pretty dun, and we will see if she is roan. We named her Gunners La Di Da in memory of Grandma Ruth, and to go with the High class theme, since La Di Da came up as a synonym for High class. Ben and Kicker got the heifers in for Jen to come out and bangs vaccinate on Thursday and the handful of beef cows for dad to take to Toppenish.

Kaine had baseball practice and Anna had a tennis match after school, so Kade and Jaxsen were on their own for front chores. It was Anna’s first match and her and her double partner, Emily, won. The engine on dad’s lawn mower blew up, so he bought a new one, if anyone needs a Craftsman for parts, let dad know. It ran great last year. Toni got Cammie in so we can have Dr King do a breeding exam on her on Thursday. Normally Cammie is sweet and easy to catch, but, she did not want to go to the house, so it took longer then normal to catch her. We moved Duallin to the front of the house when I got home so he can get gelded on Thursday.

Thursday dad took a load of cattle to Toppenish, mostly ours but three of a friends. Also, Dr King came and she and Toni had a full day. With Toni’s hurt arm and Jenny’s bad back, I am sure it was fun. They gelded a colt, did coggins and brand checks on two, preg checked three mares, floated some teeth, did multiple tests on Little Blackie (who looks no better), bangs vaccinated heifers, and I am sure I am forgetting something. We had a bull buyer pick up a bull as well, 824 went to his new home. Thursday was a crazy late day by the time we got everything moved back around, but lots of good stuff got accomplished. The bad news is that Cammie, Stinger, and Miss Kyra are all open. Stinger may have some breeding soundness issues, but time will tell on that. Thursday went as good as it possibly could have gone, and as efficiently. It rained a bit, but no one melted, so all good!

Friday, we had a heifer in heat so I got her in and bred her to 748. I ran into Tennelle’s to get my hair done. Toni called me when I was there that I needed to hurry home and help load sheep. So I stopped on my way home and helped Julie and Dave load the sheep out. It was quite the experience, you would not think they are that different from loading cows into a semi, but they are. Got home, and sorted the bull back out of the heifers so when Ben got home we could move them out to with the bull, 826 down with the late calvers. Then I got Jaxsen’s cow in because his calf was not nursing. Ben got home as I was trying to get the calf to nurse, so he helped me do that. Then he and I ran the heifers down. Next, I went down to mom and dads and Anna and I did chores because Toni’s 1 o’clock meeting was still going on.

Saturday, the kids caught their steers and worked on them a little, it was raining pretty hard so they did what they could in the barn. Then Ben and I went out and checked the cows that are out on the range in the ranger, so that was fun and wet. We went and cut across were the Herefords were on our way home and came across Lura and her new foal. Toni texted me that Shadie foaled, two blue foals on Saturday. Ashley came out and worked on her filly, Rich. Kicker and Isidro worked on picking up rocks in circle 6 so Isidro could farm it. Toni and Anna went out and caught Shadie to move her in because it was pouring rain and the two year olds decided they needed to help Shadie. Then we did chores and went home.

Sunday, Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to Moses Lake to get groceries for Easter and the Jr Show, Dave called to see if the kids could help roll up sheep fence, since we had left Toni, Jaxsen and Kade went and helped. Kicker had been back down picking up rocks since around 6 that morning. When we got back we picked up Kade and we backed the camper into the yard and the kids and I cleaned it for a little while. Then the kids caught their steers and took them for a walk about. Toni had texted that Hottie had foaled, so I met Toni at her house and we hooked up the little trailer, and picked up mom, and we went out and got her and brought her to the house. We put Shadie out with Double and put Hottie in that pen. We (really me) decided Shadie would be the PERFECT mare to have Double’s heir. So I am planning on keeping it, whatever it is. LOL. I also unilaterally decided to keep Hottie’s foal and sell Louie. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I might be making all of the decisions on my own now.

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Finally had some foals this weekend!

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We are anxiously awaiting our foal (hoping for a filly) out of our Bell. We are actually anxiously awaiting ANY foal.

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Big Mama/Gunner Filly

We finally had a foal, this showy filly is by KT Gunpowder N Lead and is out of Skips Cad Bar, “Big Mama.” Gunner is a fantastic dun roan son of Cue Bars Laddie. Cue Bars Lassie is a roan stallion that has been shown as a reiner, cowhorse and rope horse. He was the recipient of the Open AQHA All Around Trophy and is a CCHA Hall of Fame Horse. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on the NFQHA rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Skips Cad Bar, “Big Mama, is by Continental Cad. She is a dun roan mare that has thrown lots of color. She is a really big mare that throws really big, well made, colored foals. This is an awesome mare that is pushing 16 hands. She was born 4/9/19.

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Spring Break

The kids had a great start to spring break, they got to work on their steers, check cows and help with chores, check on the sheep, what more could a kid want? A vacation? Well, we get one of those at the end of the week when we go to a steer show in Pomeroy. More of the same happened on Tuesday. No new foals so far this week. Wednesday the kids started packing up their show stuff to leave on Thursday for Pomeroy. Toni’s Hereford cow, Lucinda, had a cute black ballie heifer calf. Toni and the kids have been working hard on the steers all week, and the kids are ready to roll. They have been super excited for the start of the 2019 show season, which this will be our first show.

Thursday Toni hauled Curly down to my house for Willie to pick up on Friday. Curly had to be a turd and run around before he finally saw the light and went into the corral. It also took a bit of persuasion to get him in the trailer, but he finally went. Mud had foaled, I saw her on my way to work. She had a cute buckskin colt by Gunner. Then Toni loaded up the kids and the steers and hauled them to Connell to get them all clipped. Jay helped the kids wash and clip their steers. Jay helping is somewhat humorous. After the kids washed, Jay came in and said they owed him $5 for every mudclod they had failed to get off. I think Kade may owe him $25? Basically they need to do a better job of washing to meet the Jay standards. Kade’s steer hadn’t seen a blower before Thursday, but all of the steers did really well considering the limitations winter placed on everyone and everything. They finished loading up our tack, that Jay had borrowed to go to Denver, and we were ready to set out for Pomeroy. I got off of work a little early and we headed on our way with as many people as we could fit in the Mini-Pete. We got there around 5:30, unloaded all our stuff, fed the steers, and then went to have dinner at Joe and Jessie’s house up the Toucanon. It was a long windy road up to their house (they claim it is only 12 miles, but I don’t think so).

Friday we did not wake up really early since we only have the three steers, we let the kids sleep in until 6. Kaine was in class 3, Kade in class 4, and Anna in class 6. All of the kids showed great, Kaine was 5th in market, Kade 3rd and Anna 2nd (so she made it back to the championship round). All of the kids showed awesome in showmanship and made it back to the championship round. Kaine was the grand champion Jr showman. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen headed to Clarkston with Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Bear, who came to watch the kids show. Leslie and I loaded up the 4 kids, Anna, Kaine, Ady and Julian, and headed home. The kids didn’t make it out of Pomeroy before they were asleep. I don’t think they are as ready for the show season as they thought!

Saturday we loaded up one bull and sent him to his new home, we checked the horses and cows, no new babies. Circle 6 still had about 14 days before they start plowing it, so we moved the cows down there to graze that down before Isidro sprays it. It was windy and cold on Saturday so we decided to let the steers have a day off since they had just been to a show.

Sunday we went out to check, no horse babies, but two calves, both Angus. Our neighbor, Teresa, came down and bred Rus (the cow), we bred her to KT Small Town Kid. Toni, Kick and the boys were back so they came down too. The three older kids unpacked their show stuff, and started packing the bigger show box for Spokane. There was some squabbling going on between the three older kids, so it is probably a good thing that Spring Break was almost over. Toni and I took the trailer down to mom and dads to haul out the two mares that had foaled this week. Tall John showed up on his way home from Moses Lake and helped us get the mares in and haul them out. Then we played with his mini aussie puppies he had in his pickup. They are adorable! If anyone wants one, he has 3 left to sell.

We remembered when we were doing chores that we were supposed to take pics of Duallin, so Toni grabbed him with her handy piece of bailing twine and used that as a halter. These yearling colts are just an amazing group. Duallin is definitely one of our favorites. Ask Toni to tell you her favorites in that pen, she has an excuse of why they are all her favorites. I blame her for not having them sold. When someone calls she gives them a questionnaire and then scares them off. We really only have 5 left to sell, but that is quite a bit for us.

Kaine and I also took Jag and Rich out for a walk. I am not sure if Kaine was leading Jag or if she was leading him. Whichever way works for them I guess. One of us adults is going to have to make sure Jag knows she is supposed to follow not lead at some point.
The kids head back to school tomorrow. We have quite a few shows on the schedule so need to continue to work on these steers and heifers. One more fun thing!

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KT Major King Regis

KT Major King Regis is an adorable grullo colt out of KT Copper Queen Cleo, “Cleo,” and is by KT Reed Me a Double, “Reed.” Cleo is one of our favorite mares, she is out of our first foal crop by Docs Sizzle Bar. Her dam was an awesome all-around horse, Copper Queen Robin. Dad roped off of Robin, she was used as a ranch horse, Toni barrel raced off of her and shoed her 4H. She was not used as a brood mare until she was in her 20s. Robin was one of our all-time favorite mares. Cleo has really produced some cow eating foals. Reed is a phenomenal Grullo son of Captains Double Coy and out of Reeds Poco Ms Whinny. Double is one of our senior stallions, his foals have an outstanding disposition and are a great using horse for any arena. This colt’s breeding includes a lot of the greats, Docs Dee Bar, Sizzlin Hot, Gusdusted, Ed Echols, Major Bonanza, Alotta King, Dustin Command, Zan Parr Bar, Fritz Command, Star Duster, Skippa String, and Page Lee. This is going to be a colt with a lot of body, a great personality and the breeding to back it up. He has aunts and uncles that are barrel horses, roping horses, cutting horses, ranch horses, dude ranch horses, extreme trail horses; they are very versatile. He was born 3/8/19. $4,500

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KT Ty Down Your Gun

KT Ty Down Your Gun is a big bay roan colt out FQHR City Star, “CeeCee,” and is by KT Gunpowder N Lead. CeeCee is a fancy black mare from the Froelich Ranch in North Dakota. Froelich’s base their breeding program on foundation quarter horses, so CeeCee has a very foundation pedigree and is out of Blue Stars Fire and Charlies City Girl on the bottom side. Gunner is a roan dunskin son of Cue Bars Laddie, AQHA point earning and producing stallion. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Pistol’s sire, Gold Country Charro is a dunskin stallion that was shown in 1998 and 1999 in halter at local shows. This is going to be a big, ranch type colt with a lot of bone and natural thickness. He was born 3/9/19. $2,500

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KT Shining Rich Snip

KT Shining Rich Snip is a loveable bay colt by Shining Blue Dr, “Bishop,” and out of Taris Smart Fortune, “Lola.” Lola is a daughter of Tari Smart, who has won over $12,000 NCHA. Her dam is by Brigaboy, LTE $92,000+, 1992 NCHA Semi Finalist NCHA Futurity, 1993 Super STKS SEMI Finalist, 1993 Bonanza Cutting Res. Champion, 1993 NCHA Derby Res Champion. Her pedigree also includes Smart Little Lena, Peppy San, Freckles Playboy, and Smokin Jose are on her papers. Lola has been used as a ranch horse and has had some cutting training. Bishop is a very good looking son of Autumnator, who is sired by SMART LITTLE LENA. Smart Little Lena is earner of $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown Op Ch. Autumnator’s dam is AUTUMN BOON is an earner of $244,470 NCHA. Dam of 26 foals, 17 perfs earning $1,003,985 NCHA/WS. Bish’s dam is Plum Sparkling who is by Shining Sparkler, a gorgeous palomino son of Reining and Reined Cowhorse Leading Sire Shining Spark. This should be an athletic colt that will excel in many arenas. He was born 2/20/19. $2,500

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