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During a heat wave every dude stinks.

Monday started out a lot the same as last week, it flew by because there was a lot to do. Kaine, Kade and Anna worked on their steers and rested. Jaxsen hung out with his mom. Toni was at home having meetings most of the day. Monday night Leslie came out and got the kids and took them to a sheep clinic so they could practice showing sheep in case they get into the round robin at the fair. We had a call on Ty Monday night, so Toni ran out into the desert and got some pictures of him. I am still working on the 1700 pictures from the Evergreen show at night. We also had calendared that Kool could come back in heat, and she did. We weren’t planning on breeding any mares this late in the season, but Jackpot decided that he was going to take that decision out of our hands. We are trying to view that as a positive.


Tuesday Toni had court first thing in the morning, so she dropped the boys off with dad and mom, since dad finished helping with harvest Monday. Tuesday was a really hot day, over 100 degrees, so the kids just tied the steers up in the barn under the fans and did not work on them much. The kids came down and helped do chores on Tuesday. Mom and Jaxsen made brownies for us all and we had brownies alamode after chores. When it is that hot outside, and you feel like you are melting into the ground and sluggish just as you walk around, you know it is best to do as little as possible and keep the water on.

Wednesday was another hot one. The kids just put the steers in the barn under the fans again, they seemed to be getting a little lax in their washing duties. Kaine and Kade fed grain Wednesday night while Ben and Kicker worked on circles. Toni and I did chores, we are keeping water running in each pen so the horses can get under the sprinkler.
Thursday was a little cooler. The kids washed their steers. Our friend Dianne was up from Oregon, so Toni got to catch up and have lunch with her. Then Thursday night, Toni and Jaxsen got chores done so us adults could go to a surprise birthday party for our friend Tennelle. The kids went down to mom and dad’s for pizza and root beer floats. The boys ended up spending the night and Anna went back home. Ben worked late so he did not come with us. But, Toni, Kicker and I had fun.

Friday was one of those, thank goodness it is Friday kind of days. The heat just saps a person’s strength. The news said that we were supposed to get a break in the weather. We are starting to move mares around, get foals moved around, ship mares home, so Friday was just getting everything planned out.

Saturday started with Anna and Kaine tying up the steers. Also, John and Raven came out early that day, along with Tall John, Joe, and one of Joe’s kids. While Toni and Kade were driving them around on the tour, they found a mare that had cut her face. John led her up to the house. Kaine, Anna and I ran her into the Othello vet to get stitched up. Then we all went to a family party at Tom and Peggy’s. It was a lot of fun, the kids swam in the pool, Kaine and Kade were trying to flip off of the diving board, and they were getting pretty good by the time we left. When we got home, Toni and Jaxsen did chores, Kade and Kaine fed steers, and Anna and I ran into the vet to pick up the mare. Ben and Kicker were working on circles. After that Toni and I went out to get one of the outside mares in that we just adore.


Sunday we got all of the heifers and steers tied up. Tim and Laura came out and got Lily, who was out with Bishop. Erina and Terry came out and got Livy, she was in with Dude. Erina is on summer break and brought us homemade pickles made with zucchini. We got the cows in and weaned the December and January calves off of the heifers and got in a load of beef cows to send in. It had been stormy the last several days, so the weather was amazingly nice. It was the perfect weather to work cattle and get work done.


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KT Easter Bunny, “Peanut,”

KT Easter Bunny, “Peanut,” is a delightful dunalino filly by KT Heza Pana Dude, “Dude” and is out of Reed Dunny Doll, “Dunny. Dude is by Zinks Major Kid and out of Panas May Day. Dude is a great stallion with some unique markings, and has great breeding that includes Pana Dude, Major Bonanza, Skipper W, Skipster and more. Dunny is a daughter of point earner Reeds Rangler, with point earners Somethinglovely and Johnny Pine also in her pedigree. She is a granddaughter of Snipper Reed and Pine Doc Smith. Her pedigree is full of performance, cow, show and running horses. This is a big built dun mare that really throws nice foals. She has an awesome disposition and confirmation. She was born 4/21/19. $3,000


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Wasp stings and wet shoes seem to be the indicator that summer is in full swing.

Lots of hot weather hit us last week. Monday flew by, there was a lot to do. Toni was in town all day, she took dad to his dr apt and she had court. The kids unloaded the trailer, since Toni needed it in a couple of days to take to Dusty and get Jackpot. The kids also washed all their steers and heifers. I was really busy at work from being gone Thursday and Friday to go to the Jackpot show and then this Thursday and Friday Anna, Kaine, Leslie and I went to Montana. Leslie told Anna and Kaine that we are going on a real vacation, not a showcation, so if they want to stop, to find some spots. We promised Sonny that if he did a good job at Rizville, we wouldn’t make him show anymore this year, and he has taken that to heart. Anytime anyone asks for help, he says he is done, he doesn’t have to. Well that is not going over very well. The bad news is that on this ranch, we all pitch in and help each other, so little Sonny is going to have to step up.


Tuesday Toni a had mediation all day, I had made a hair appointment after work, so Anna, Kaine and Kade were in charge under the supervision of their grandma. They washed their steers, cleaned out the trailer, sorted the office and did chores. They didn’t put hay on the trailer as we are always worried about bales falling down, but they filled up buckets, checked water, and got everything checked and fed. They are great kids. Since Jaxsen does not have a steer yet, he got to stay with mom and “help” her. I picked Jaxsen up on my way home and he helped Kaine and Kade feed grain. There is debate over which boy started the grain fight, Jaxsen says he kind of threw the grain first, but all three boys needed a shower after chores at my house. Sweat, dirt, and corn dust aren’t really a good combination to sleep on. Ben was out late working on circles, and Toni was out late with settling the mediation. Dad had a busy day on wheat harvest Tuesday, the axle broke on one of the combines and one of the trucks broke down. But don’t worry, his is still running strong.

Wednesday Toni and Kade headed to Dusty to get Jackpot and take Exit’s three ponies back that Dreamer bred. Toni had to be up there by 10 for a conference call with Sonny and ACE. They got back around 3, and then the three older kids washed the steers. Jaxsen stayed to “help” mom all day. Lucy the puppy also went on the trip to Dusty. She enjoys going in the pick-up. Tim Johnson rode Jackpot and we got to see how far along he was in his training. Jackpot is a very handsome, pretty moving, agile stallion. Jackpot is home now and we are looking forward to breeding mares to him in 2020.


Thursday Kaine, Anna, Leslie and I headed to Wilsall, Montana to see Morgan and Joe. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen stayed home to work on the steers, and work. Kicker was getting back from Winipeg on Friday and Ben had to stay home to work too. We left for Wilsall fairly early so we could make stops. We stopped at St. Regis for milkshakes and burgers and we stopped at the Fort Missoula and military museum on the way down. Both were pretty cool, but it was hot when we were there. We got to Wilsall in time to have dinner with Joe, Morgan, the twins, Marlo, Diane, Grandma and Grandpa Morter, Nellie and Rod. Then we set up the camper and went to bed. Toni had a deposition on Thursday afternoon with one of her cases, then hauled butt home so Chad could come out and trim horses. Chad can only do so many in a day, and we have lots to get done.


Friday we helped Morgan set up for their party, moving tables and chairs around. We helped Morgan doctor her horse and hung out with her and her aunts, cousins, Diane and the twins. Jolene, Nick, Kasen and Jay all got there on Friday too. Toni sent us pics of Jaxsen happily working on Kaine’s steers. Jaxsen was pretty much a hard no on helping with the steers, but with 6 steers to get done, he had to step up. The party was a lot of fun and we were glad to get to see how Morgan lives in Montana. We hear a lot about it, but it was really cool to see the life she has made for herself.


Saturday we just spent the day with Morgan, McKenna and Joe, everyone else had left. Toni, Kade, Jaxsen, Ben and Kicker were all busy working at home. They moved some of the horses home from Sagebug’s pen, got two December calves in that we sold as Spokane steers, and weaned them, sorted the bulls out and got them put together, moved a mare out of Colonel’s pen, fixed circles, and all the other normal ranch stuff. Then they went to Tennelle’s birthday party that night. There was a giant water slide and they had a lot of fun.

Sunday we headed home, we stopped at the museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, which was really cool if you ever get a change to stop. Then we stopped in Wheat Montana Farms in Broadwater for lunch, they have a great bakery and deli there. Next, we went to Missoula and stopped and did a little shopping at Murdocks. Lastly we stopped at St Regis for shakes again and did a little more shopping at the gift shop. We got home a little late but had a lot of fun.


Toni, Kade, Jaxsen, Ben and Kicker were busy working at home still. The two Spokane steers left to their new homes. Toni had people coming out and she took a lot of new pics of the foals. They worked on the steers again, and are getting ready for BF Fair which will be here before we are ready. Heat, heat, and more heat is in the forecast. We are doing our best to keep irrigation water on in all of the fields to give the livestock some relief. We are moving the bigger foals back to the main house to get ready to start weaning in a month. It is fun to see the size comparisons. You think a foal is big, then you get it next to some others, and maybe it isn’t as big as you thought. So far we are pretty happy with the foal crop and glad that we are done foaling with this heat.


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Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.

Toni had court first thing Monday morning, so she dropped Kade and Jaxsen off with mom. Kaine and Kade had football camp starting Monday night, so Christine stopped at moms and picked them up, took them in and brought them home. Coco, Addy, Leslie, Ady and Julian went and watched the Lion King in at Connell Monday night, but with football camp and the shows our kids were too tired to go, or as Jaxsen said, he was scared when it was an animation, he did not want to watch it. Toni and Coco did chores before the movie, and I moved dad’s water when I got there, since he is gone harvesting he thinks that it an excuse.

Tuesday Anna and Kaine dyed the two heifer calves going to Ritzville to the Angus show. They did a pretty good job, but now they both have some extra freckles. Ben and Kicker got the camper backed into the yard, so we could start packing it. Kaine and I set the camper up. Toni took grandma and grandpa to Dr appts on Tuesday, and then her and grandma went grocery shopping while Uncle Tom stayed with grandpa at his appointment. Then Tom and Grandpa went and got blizzards while they waited. Kaine and Kade had football camp again, they both had a lot of fun.

Wednesday Kaine and Anna packed their stuff in the camper. I told them to pack some of mine, we will see when I get home if they did as asked. I went and picked up one set of our new pop up panels so we can try them this weekend and see how we like them and if we want changes before we get the other sets done. Toni, Kade and Sonny went down in the afternoon so they could wash everything before we leave tomorrow. Kameron took the boys to football camp, it was our boys’ last time.

Thursday we woke up, finished packing the camper, hooked it up and pulled it out of the yard so it was ready to go. Then we loaded up the cattle in our trailer and Toni got there and we took off for Connell. We transferred the cattle to the big trailer when we got to Connell and we all took off. We took 14 head of cattle and 12 head of kids plus a baby. Uncle Joe drove the mini Pete and had 6 of the kids with him. He didn’t think that was too great. When we got to Ritzville, Traci and Anna went and got us all burgers at Carl’s Jr while we set up. We were the first ones to the fairgrounds, which was good because with the huge trailer and mini-semi, it is much easier to maneuver if we are the only ones around. It also allowed us to get enough spots for our group in one location. Added to our 12 kids, there were 5 other kids from the 4-H group coming to the show. All of the stock came off of the trailer really well. The 2 baby calves just got weaned and hadn’t been anywhere, but they really acted great. We were all pretty tired by the time Thursday was over.

Friday we woke up early and had a great day of showing. Kade had Reserve Champion Reg Angus steer, and won a fancy belt buckle, with a Stingray calf that we raised. Anna was Grand Champion in her division with her Bred and Owned heifer calf and won a nice back pack. Kaine was grand champion in his division with his little heifer calf and also got a backpack. Jaxsen won his first prize, he was Reserve Champion in his division with Black Widow (most patient heifer EVER). McCall made it back into the championship round, she was a class winner, with Wanda, and Kade was second in the class and was on standby. Kade was called back in for showmanship, but the Judge told him right away that the girls were going to be hard to beat. PeeWee showmanship was last which means we had super tired kids and cattle. Black Widow had to go in both PeeWee classes, again, most patient heifer ever.

Saturday was the steer show, the steers all ultrasounded good. In the ultrasound classes, Kaine, Kade and Ady were all second in their classes and were on standby for the championship round. Anna ended up Reserve champion in the Evergreen steer class. It was interesting because the Judge put her Grand and said phenotypically this is how he would chose, but because he had ultrasound info, he made Anna’s steer Reserve. It was still a good payout for Anna. The bad news with taking 14 head of cattle, is then you have 14 head of cattle that you need to clean out bedding for. Uncle Joe came back with the mini-Pete, by the time we were cleaned up and ready to leave, we were one of the lasts ones there. We needed to wait for Joe to have room to back that long trailer in. But we are very efficient when we load. There was no lost time when Joe got there, he backed up, we loaded, and out we went. Toni, Kade, and Anna went with Joe and Merr so that they could unload the cattle when they got back to Connell, load ours in our trailer, and head home. We all got home around 3:30 and it was still a LONG day. I have not gone through the pics from last weekend yet. Many of the ones below are from other shows.


We would like to say we rested on Sunday. We rested in our minds only. We turned out all of the big show heifers, but had to wash a few first. Now left in is Dillon and the babies along with the steers. That takes us down to only 20 head of show cattle in. Wow, still too many. We are also getting ready to start working on the Spokane steers for next May, so I ran out with Kaine and weaned some of the fall calves and brought them to the house. Then the kids and I went and got tack while Toni took a group around to look at foals. When I got back with the kids, Toni and I went out to the desert to get Ladybug and Lacey Bug in and bring them home. Ladybug is starting to really look like crap. Toni managed to get stung 3 times by wasps in the morning, and 1 more time during chores. Dad got stung once trying to kill the ones that got Toni. Sonny says that wasps were put on Earth by the devil, there is no purpose for them. We all agree. After moving Ladybug, we went to Cecil and Debbie’s and got the three Riley ponies for Toni to take them home this week, and dropped off Truffles and her colt along with Misty. It was a good thing we had replacements to put out because Debbie’s grandkids were not happy we were taking “their” ponies. Luckily they were distracted by a new foal to chase.

We are officially done with jackpot shows until after the County fairs. The bad news is that August is literally starting next week, so we need to get planning to start weaning foals, finish rebuilding the corral, get more calves in to work on. The list goes on and on and is exhausting! Still, we wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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There is no time, No time to spare, These are the moments, In which we share

Addy is up visiting from CA, so the kids are having a great time hanging out with her. Monday Coco took the kids over to Connell to work on the Hereford heifers. Kade was feeling ill Monday, and Jaxsen does not have a Hereford heifer, so they both stayed with mom. Dad is busy helping the Roach/Moore clan with wheat harvest, so he has been absent from home. After Anna, Kaine and Addy were done working on heifers Coco took them back to my house to load tack for the upcoming show weekends. When I got home Kade was feeling better, so I took him and Jaxsen home with me so Kade could help the other kids, and Jaxsen hung out in the house. Mom made homemade cinnamon rolls on Monday, and they were really good. Toni had meetings all day so none of us saw her. Kaine, Kade and Addy took the ranger down Monday night and helped Ben and Kicker pick up the left over bales from the field.

Tuesday Toni took Jackpot up to Pomeroy for Tim Johnson to check out and see if he will show him. She noticed a bad tire on the way so the trip took longer than anticipated, but thanks to the great people at the Grange, the tire got fixed quickly, and she was back on the road. Coco took Kaine, Kade and Addy to Connell to work on heifers. Anna had injured her arm some time over the weekend and it is gradually getting sorer. So, she stayed home to rest it on Tuesday and just catch the steers at our house and tie they up until the other kids got back. Toni was late picking up the boys from Connell. Coco and I did chores since Toni was running late. Anna, Kaine, Kade and Addy fed grain and let the cows in on Tuesday. Toni also brought 2 horses home, because that is what we do, and dropped them off to be kids’ horses.

On Wednesday Leslie, Traci and the little kids brought the show heifers and Carmen and Ady’s steers over to get them someplace new before the show this weekend. Anna, Kaine, Kade, Addy, Toni and Coco were also all there. We are referring to Wed as the “Hereford Clinic” since there were 8 Herefords that came for a visit. All of the cattle came off of the trailer great. Skittles’ shorthorn heifer acted like a shorthorn heifer and kept walking off without her. Toni ended up having to help with that one. Leslie and Traci were both weighed down with babies. Somehow Jax ended up evading showing his heifer at the clinic, but everyone else showed at least twice. Everyone had lots of fun playing with the miniatures and working on their animals. After everyone left Anna, Kaine and Kade took a small break and then washed their steers. I went and picked the 5th wheel camper up from Broadmoor, it was finally done. Coco and Toni did chores and then Toni took Colonel back down to his pen.

Thursday morning the kids washed their heifers and steers that are going to Sagebrush. Toni had some friends out with their granddaughter to see the horses and pick-up their mare. Then at 1 Toni took them in to help Leslie and Alan Alexander set up. Our 4H group normally helps them set up for the Sagebrush Classic. They were heavy on kids, low on adults, but it got done. Afterward Toni took our 4 and Addy to get milkshakes before bringing them home to pack up the trailer. After chores Addy, Anna and I finished up packing the trailer. Kaine and Kade were feeding the steers and heifers.


Friday was the showmanship clinic, so Toni took the kids and their steers, and Jaxsen’s heifer, in. Leslie took the heifers from Connell in. The kids all had a blast at the clinic and did an awesome job. The clinic started at 1 and each class was in for 30 min. There were approximately 40 kids that showed up for the clinic so it was a really good turnout. Mom and I were the only ones home Friday night, so I got to do all the chores and move all the water around.


Saturday we needed to be at the Sagebrush Classic at 8, so Kaine, Anna, Addy and I caught the steers and then Toni, Kade and Sonny got there and we headed in. The steers did really well. Kade’s steer won his class and went back into the championship round, Anna’s steer was second in his class and was on standby to go back, and Kaine’s steer acted great. Ben did chores for us so we did not have to get done and hurry back.


Sunday was the heifer show, so we got up extra early and loaded the heifers and went in by 5 am so we could get washing done. Foxy Cleopatra had never been anywhere, so it was her first show. The heifers from Leslie’s had not been anywhere either. But, all of the heifers acted great. In showmanship, for Jrs, Kade won his class and got to go back to the championship round, Kaine and Jaxsen both showed great but did not get to go back. Anna is an intermediate, and she was the Grand Champion Intermediate Showman.
The heifer classes were in the afternoon. The clubby heifer was in the first class, Kaine was showing her and got to go back to the championship round. Kade and Kaine’s Hereford heifers did great but did not get go back. Anna’s Hereford heifer won her class and got to go back, and Jaxsen and Black Widow just did a great job (although Jax almost didn’t get to show the second time as he was MIA). The clubby heifer is also a Charolais influence heifer so she got to show in that class, she had a long day for her first time out and let everyone know by refusing to set-up perfect and wallering around. Kaine handled her like a pro.


The Kniveton and Swayze’s stayed and helped us clean out the barn, thank you. Then we packed up and headed home. A big group helped Leslie and Alan take everything down so that they weren’t left to do it all. We had a great time and it was a great show. That was Zsa Zsa’s last show, so she went directly out into the pasture. Foxy was happy to be home with her mom. And Black Widow wished that she got to go out with Zsa Zsa and be done, but she has one more show. Toni and I let the kids rest and did chores on our own. We were all so exhausted that we got our work done and headed home for an early night.

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Even we don’t know how we get it all done sometimes!

We had a pretty normal Monday here, you know, Reptile Man at the library, washing steers and heifers, Jaxsen playing in the dog pool with the dogs. The steers are all doing great. The calves are getting tired of being washed, so they were a little rowdy Monday. But besides that a pretty normal day here. Toni did not end up having to go to Yakima for the week for her big bankruptcy case so the kids were actually able to work on their show cattle which made Anna happy.


Tuesday started normal, then Debbie texted that Truffles had foaled and the palomino mini mare had stolen it. I was already at work so I texted Anna and she called Dad, my dad not hers, and they went over to rescue Truffles and the new baby. Ben met them there and helped they get them loaded. Then dad and Anna fed the new little colt some colostrum, just to make sure he got it. Kaine and Kade went with Leslie and the 4H group to the water park in Moses Lake. Anna did not go since she stayed home to take care of Truffles and the foal. Anna is very diligent about getting work done and doesn’t seem to care if she misses some of the fun stuff. The boys on the other hand, are all about the party! After work, Toni hauled Colonel to the house, we are hand breeding Kool to him, and since she is so old we don’t want to turn her out. Colonel is not super impressed with being locked in, but he is being pretty good. We also hauled Red Robin and Stinger to the house to get an ultrasound on them on Thursday. We still have Cammie, Bayless’ black mare and Abs to get to the house, the rest of the 12 mares are already there.

Wednesday we woke up to some rain. Toni had a lot of work to do, so Kaine and Anna caught the steers, washed them and tied them up. Kade, Jaxsen and grandma (or mom to me) picked raspberries so mom could make raspberry pie, one of our favorites from Grandma Ruth’s recipe. Kade and Toni were waiting for me with the trailer when I got there, they had brought Abs and Bayless’ black mare down. So we went out and caught Cammie and brought her back to ultrasound too. It is SUPER fun to try to take mares out of Sagebug’s pen. Sagebug is a pain in the butt, and so are all of the foals out there. I had to sacrifice myself and pet all of the foals while Toni caught Cammie. Sagebug and Money had loaded themselves in the trailer, so we locked them in while we went and took pictures and got Cammie moved. Sagebug is still a really young stud (he is 3), but so good minded. But he does not like it when we take mares out, he likes addition not subtraction.


Thursday Toni went and got the kids bright and early to help with ultrasounding. Anna and Kaine had the steers tied in the barn when she got there. We were ecstatic to find out that Cammie is FINALLY pregnant. Red Robin is also pregnant, great news. Stinger is open again this year, we are going to try something different with her next year. Abbey is no longer cycling, she is 26, we were not surprised. Pistol and Pepper both have twins, but Pistol’s looks like it is resolving itself. Pepper, we need to watch. Overall a super good day. Toni took the kids up afterwards to work on their steers and heifers. Then the kids cleaned out the gooseneck for Toni to take them to a steer clinic with their 4H group Friday. Also, Colonel bred Kools on Thursday, then we gave him a bite of grain. We think he might actually like this hand breeding business! Thursday was also Shannon Miller Case’s bday, but we missed it trying to get everything done.


Friday morning everyone was up early to go to their steer clinic. Toni took the kids over and they did great with their steers. This was these three steer’s first outing. McCall did the clinic while some of the 4-H group did other things, lots of people and steers were there. Everyone was hungry afterwards, so they went to the Burger Factory on the way home. Then they packed up the show box to get it ready for the show next weekend. Also on Friday, Coco stopped and got Jackpot and is bringing him back from CA. They had a layover in Oregon Friday night. The California contingent is headed North. Coco has been bringing Addy up to go show with us for a few years now and the kids always enjoy their time with her.


Saturday morning we had a horse clinic put on by Dusti Kissler. We invited the 4H kids over so that they were ready for when they made it to the round robin. After showmanship Dusti, Anna, Kaine, Kade and Toni had a riding clinic. Toni rode Friday, Anna rode Ollie, Kaine rode Cad and Kade rode Slick. Everyone had a great time, but it was a long hot day. The horses and humans all did great. Friday has come back as an amazing horse that we could not be happier with. She was the only filly out of Colonel and Peppy . We have always loved her and she has met our expectations. We can’t thank Rachael Hamby enough for the training that has gone into this horse.


After the clinic it was lunch time and then the kids started washing steers and heifers for the upcoming shows. I helped Jaxsen and the rest of the kids did their own. Next, Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen, Anna, Ben, Kicker and I moved the Hereford cows down to the pen Bishop was in. We got the bull calves in to check for bad eyes, there is a lot of tall grass in that pen and they get grass seeds and cheat grass in their eyes that has to be pulled out or they will get a blue spot. While we were looking through the bull calves Coco and Addy drove by with Jackpot. So the boys and Anna went back to the house to see Jackpot. Toni had left to get work done, but she showed back up when Jackpot did, coincidence? Kicker, Ben and I came back when we were done. Jackpot looks and acts great. We are all happy he is home for the short time he will be here. Also, the hay was ready to bale Saturday night, so we skipped the birthday party we were going to go too for our friend Caleb and Kicker and Ben were out late with the hay. The dew came in too heavy and they had to finish Sunday. I am sure everyone is noticing a pattern here, we are too busy to do anything with our friends! Luckily everyone pretty much knows how we roll, so no one is surprised when we send a so sorry text.


Sunday we woke up and caught the steers. Hay was still being baled and Kristi was out with Toni looking at Genuine (Colonel Belle colt that she bought). Kristi, Lynn, and Matt all went on an abbreviated tour. Matt wanted to pet Rocky and they wanted to see the tiny babies as well as Genuine. They then headed down to the Merc for some local food. The twins were coming at 2 to help the kids clip everything, so we ran to town for groceries before they got there. However, the twins got there early so Anna called Toni, Kade, Coco and Addy and had them go down and get started. The heifers and calves still had to be caught. When we got there they had everything caught and set up and were getting started. So the kids and twins clipped all day on Sunday.


I went out and checked the cows, I made sure everything was paired up from the move the day before. One cow and calf had come back, however, there was still a fence separating them, so I got them paired up. Everything else looked good. I went back to the house and helped the kids for a bit. Then, Toni, Coco and I did chores. Colonel and Kool are still having their abbreviated fun, and we think Colonel is really getting the hang of it. He does his business then walks back to his pen and nickers at us for his bite of grain. He is not a stupid horse!


We are excited to have all of our owned horses out of California and back in Washington. We got good quality training from both trainers, but it was time to get Friday home and take Jackpot to the next phase of his life, whatever that is going to be. It is truly a great feeling to have these horses live up to the expectations that we have for them and know that as our breeding program moves forward, it just keeps getting better.


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KT Shining Blue King

KT Shining Blue King is a fancy colt is out of KT Copper Queen Isabelle, “Izzy,” and by Shining Blue DR, “Bish.” Bish is a very good looking son of Autumnator, who is sired by SMART LITTLE LENA. Smart Little Lena is earner of $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown Op Ch. Autumnator’s dam is AUTUMN BOON is an earner of $244,470 NCHA. Dam of 26 foals, 17 perfs earning $1,003,985 NCHA/WS. Bish’s dam is Plum Sparkling who is by Shining Sparkler, a gorgeous palomino son of Reining and Reined Cowhorse Leading Sire Shining Spark . Izzy is out of Captains Double Coy and KT Copper Queen Cleo. This is a filly that was our first 4th generation foal. We were able to show her prior to her injury, and now we use her on the ranch. She really goes after the cows. Izzy’s pedigree includes many greats like Major Bonanza, Sizzlin Hot, Major King, Docs Dee Bar and more. This colt was born 5/10/19. $5,000



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Oh Monday, where did the weekend go? The weekend went by in such a blur.

Oh Monday, where did the weekend go? The weekend went by in such a blur I don’t even know what we did. Whim and yearling colts are getting along great, he is like their big brother. We are still waiting on the last three mares to foal, Comet, Frieda and Kool. Two of those, and maybe all three, will get bred when they foal because they are old, so it does not really matter when they foal, we are just happy that they do. Monday when I got home from chores the calves were still tied, Ben and Kicker were out fixing circles, so the kids and I let them go. The calves did really well, Jaxsen even led his little May heifer.

Woke up Tuesday to three of the clubby steers in the yard, if anyone wonders why I don’t have flowers, that is why. The three older kids washed their steers early to go over to Connell and work on Hereford heifers, and then they went to a Science program in at the library. Dad had to get some parts in Connell to he swung out and picked them up. Kaine, Anna, Kicker, Ben and I let the calves go, with the storm coming they were not as good as they had been.

FINALLY anther foal Wednesday, Kool had a cute filly by High Shootin Gun. Toni, Kicker and the boys went to Seattle for a mini vacation to watch the Mariners game. Anna and Kaine tied up and washed the steers. Wednesday was basically my Friday since I didn’t have to go back to work, so it was the best Wednesday ever.

Happy 4th Everyone! Out cousins came over, and Skip, Erina and Terry, and we went paddle boating and rode the inflatable bull, or attempted to. Toni, Kicker and the boys drove back from Seattle on the 4th and stopped at a few places and then went and pulled the flags for boy scouts.

The kids had a Jay Team show at Desert Classic on the 6th, so on the 5th we packed up the trailer and then I took them over to Connell and they spent the night with Leslie. Leslie took them out for pizza and Italian Sodas, then the twins came and they worked on heifers. Toni and I decided it was time to start working on the 2 year olds, Charlie and Yo. Friday we just caught them, worked on them giving, and Toni laid across their backs. Charlie is a little bit more stubborn, but they are both really really good so far. The biggest drama is the four yearlings that want to be part of the action. You can’t put a blanket or anything on the fence or they take it down. They are like vultures waiting outside the fence for their “turn.”

The kids were up and at it early on the 6th to get to Hermiston. They had a great time and Kade was the Grand champion Jr Showman, good job Kade. Anna also made it back to the champion round in showmanship. Kade and Anna also won their market class and made it back to the championship round in market as well. Kaine’s steer, Dodge, just isn’t acting very good right now. Kaine is going to switch to his other steer for the rest of the jackpots and give Dodge a break.

Also on Saturday, Ben, mom, dad and I went to cousin Traci’s house for a big 4th of July BBQ. We had a lot of fun. Ben had to fix two circles before we left and we left early because him and Kicker had another circle to work on. Toni and Kicker stayed home and worked, Toni has a big court case coming up. Also on the 7th Frieda had a nice palomino colt by Dude. Now we only have one mare left to foal, Comet. While I went and got the kids picked up after their show, Toni decided to sit on Yo and Charlie and put a blanket on them. Again, they both did really great. Jitterbug also had the blanket put on her because she wanted to be included.

Sunday the kids washed all of the steers, heifers and calves, it took most of the day. The also worked on their steers. After getting done with the 24 head of show cattle, we let them stay home while we went to do chores. We wormed and West Niled the four mares that had foaled and turned them out. We are getting ready to go get Colonel to try to breed Kool to him. Instead of working on the 2 year olds, we had a family meeting to get a plan together for what we are going to farm in 2020. We did pack a saddle in for them to smell and mess with, but Jitter started biting on it, so we turned them out. Toni also got a portion of her big case settled on Saturday, so she is back in a fence building mode. Lucky us?

We have another full week starting up. The kids have showing clinics this weekend and then 2 shows in a row the following 2 weekends, then we get a break. Slave driver Anna is going to make everyone work on that show string to get it ready for these July shows, which everyone is fine with except Sonny, that kid does not want to work on the show string.

Dad is also starting wheat harvest this week so we are all pretty busy. With the majority of the foals on the ground, now is a great time to come look at them if anyone needs a baby fix.

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KT Gunners La Di Da

KT Gunners La Di Da is a showy dun roan filly by KT Gunpowder N Lead and is out of Skips Cad Bar, “Big Mama.” Gunner is a fantastic dun roan son of Cue Bars Laddie. Cue Bars Laddie is a roan stallion that has been shown as a reiner, cowhorse and rope horse. He was the recipient of the Open AQHA All Around Trophy and is a CCHA Hall of Fame Horse. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on the NFQHA rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Skips Cad Bar, “Big Mama, is by Continental Cad. She is a dun roan mare that has thrown lots of color. She is a really big mare that throws really big, well made, colored foals. This is an awesome mare that is pushing 16 hands. We always love the foals out of Big Mama, they have a lot of personality, size and a great confirmation. She was born 4/9/19. $3,500

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Independence Day is around the corner, and we are all excited to have a day to celebrate the birth of this great nation and the pioneers and libertarians that took it upon themselves to give us the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Monday the calves were much better to tie up than on Sunday, is what I hear anyway from Ben and Kicker. Toni went and brought Whim back from Sagehill Vet, he is doing much better. The kids worked on their heifers and steers, their next show is the Desert Classic the first part of July with their steers. Jaxsen told Toni he had a head ache so he could not help her with Whim and went in the house with mom and ate cookies and watched TV. Big news on Monday, we received the results for the carcass competition at the Spokane Jr Livestock Show, Anna won big money, she got first, and Kaine got 9th. Kade was not able to participate because his steer went to a different butcher.

Kaine stayed at Toni’s house Monday night, so he was there most of Tuesday. They got down to my house in the afternoon to tie up steers and heifers. Toni and Kaine also rode Friday, who we got back at 1 in the morning on Sunday. Leslie invited us to go to the movies with her, but the kids were still working on heifers and steers. Meno ran through the hot fence down in Bishops’ pen, so Toni and I had to go and fix that Tuesday night. We had help from Jaxsen and Lucy. Also, Whim seems like he is having an allergic reaction to something, Sheena sent in a sample and we are waiting to get the results back.

Results are back from Whim, and nothing conclusive, except he does not have anything contagious. So we moved him to a different pen to see if he is allergic to something in there. However, he has been in that pen for a while, so it would have to be something blooming or something new that is growing. Today was stormy, so the kids just washed their clubbies and heifers, not the Angus steers. We had thunder and lightning Wednesday night so the power was going on and off and shutting the circles off. Ben and Kicker were out late restarting them. Lots of hay is down in the area, which always seems to encourage rain!

Whim was much better Thursday, so he must be allergic to something in that pen, but we have also changed his feed, so it could also be that, or a combination of everything. It was still stormy Thursday morning. The kids started working on their animals early and then headed to Connell to work on Hereford heifers, except Jax didn’t go. He just didn’t feel up to it (surprising!). They had a 4H meeting that evening and Tennelle brought them home for us already fed.

Friday morning we finally had another foal, Cupcake had a Sagebug filly. Toni and the kids went down and checked on her, and then Toni had court so she left the kids down there to watch them. It was Cupcake’s first foal and she seemed a little stressed out at first, but she settled right in. We are very happy with this first foal out of Cupcake. We have decided not to breed back some of these late mares, but there were quite a few factors that we are considering. So Cupcake will be at the house with Salbia. We named the filly Salbia in honor of our friend Jose, which is the basque version of Sage. Ben came down and got the kids when he got home from work to work on their heifers and steers. Jaxsen went too, even though he tried to be annoying enough they would not take him.

Saturday we went to Bronty’s 2nd birthday for lunch, the kids had a great time playing. En route, both Dad and Kicker saw that someone had a single car accident in our desert fence and took about about 80 feet of it. Luckily Gunner’s pen wasn’t over by it at the time or it could have been a real disaster. It is always really frustrating to have someone go through a fence, destroy our property, and not be notified in a timely manner. Kicker got the fence fixed before any of the animals figured out there was an issue. Again, luck was on our side.

We left early to meet Jill, Bobette, Payton and Parker to go and look at Jesse’s mini foal. Jill is buying him. They had a great time playing with him. The kids took the day off from working on their steers and heifers.

Sunday we washed everything, it was the calves’ first day to the wash rack, so Kicker and Ben helped us wash all of them. We have a couple of extras in, and one got herself sifted out that way.

Dusti came and picked up her mare that had been in with Double. Megan and Patrick came out and bought Spotty and Salbia (Cupcake’s filly). Also on Sunday, Maggie foaled and had a cute dun filly by Reed. The people mom and dad got their German Shepard from came out on Saturday and mom and dad took them on the tour, including over to see the miniatures. We got another mare in to breed to Leroy that came in out of Idaho.

Toni and I put Whim in with the yearling colts Sunday night and we moved Pistol, Whinny and Rosie out of Double’s pen. We moved Blackie over into Double’s pen. We decided that we were going to wait and breed Maggie and Cupcake next year, and move them up since they foaled so late.

Also, we got an update from Cody, Felix has been started and is doing great.


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