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Spring break

Well we had a very eventful week of spring break. Monday and Tuesday Anna went on two class trips. On day one they went to Tollgate fishing and on day two they went to Saddle Mt panning for rocks. She said she had a great trip, and a special thanks to Mr. Lernard for taking her. Toni, Kaine and Kade worked on steers those days to get ready to go to Pomeroy. Toni also worked at her law biz.

Wednesday and Thursday Toni and the kids continued working on the steers to get ready for the show. Thursday they also packed the tack and the trailer to head out on Friday. Toni had court on Thursday so they did not get to work on them until later in the afternoon. We also got a couple of foals during the week. We are up to 8 foals now.

Friday Anna, Kaine, Kade and I loaded the steers and we headed to Connell for our cousin Leslie to clip the steers for us. Leslie and one of our twins (not really ours we just claim them) McCall clipped our three steers and McKenna’s steer, McCall had her steer pretty much clipped. Grandma served us a great lunch of roast, potatoes, carrots, salad and fresh strawberries. Now we will get to listen to the kids tell us how great her cooking is for the next 2 months. If only we could cook as well as she does! Seriously though, she is a great cook and the kids absolutely love to eat with their great grandparents. Then we packed up the trailer and Leslie, Whitney, the twins, Anna, Kaine, Kade, Colt (the Corgi) and I headed to P Town (or Pomeroy for Kris who did not know what P Town was). We got to P Town, weighed the steers in and bedded them down for the night. Our friend Kayla (from P Town and one of the people who put on the show) lent us her camper for the night and hauled it in to town for us. She also cooked us dinner. Toni, Kicker and Jaxsen showed up at the fairgrounds with food for the following day and then headed to Clarkston to stay with Kicker’s parents (Sherri and Barry).

Saturday came and we were up before the sun to start washing steers. Midwashing the rain started, so Leslie and I got the tents up over the chutes. While the kids were getting the steers ready to show a gust of wind came and tried to take our tents away. One tent didn’t make it. While Leslie, Whitney, Kaine, McKenna, Kade, Kaine and I held the tents down, Anna and McCall got the steers out of the chutes. Whitney and I were in the middle, so holding a leg on both tents, and we could not figure out how to get them closed without losing one. Finally, someone in the barn saw our dilemma and came running out to help us and we got them closed. Well, that was all of excitement for the day. The kids all showed great. McCall had Reserve champion market steer. McCall, McKenna, Kaine and Kade all went back into the championship round for showmanship. We all got drenched in the monsoon. Some sports postpone, in our sport, the judge allowed the kids to wear their coats. After about the third class of steers, the show organizers found a little barn and the kids got to show inside and just had to stand outside waiting for classes. It was worse last year when it snowed, so this year was really a positive experience! The best part was that when we got back to Connell, Cousin Jay was home with his mini-semi! Seats 8, three rows of leather seats, dvd player, and it is an automatic, so all of us girls can drive it. Awesome!

Sunday, we caught up on other ranch chores. We moved Shiney out with Colonel, Toni and dad put big bales of hay out, the kids and I finished the miniature horse fence. We checked cows, tagged calves, etc.

Today, the kids’ last day of spring break, Hunter Steve took them out on the town. They are having lunch at Red Robin then going to the trampoline park. They had to feed calves this morning and go check to make sure all was good on the ranch before they got to head to town. We can’t have these kids thinking that life is all fun and games. Work comes first!

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