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Meet the Mares: Red Robin

Smoken Docs Robin, “Red Robin,” is a 2002 daughter of Docs Gunsmoke, Reserve World Champion in Cutting amateur and in Cutting Open – 130 APHA points earner – world champion producer LTE $51.402. Docs Gunsmoke is by Mr Gunsmoke and out of a Docs Cowboy daughter.  Red Robin’s dam, Regarding Robin, is by Whiskey River Run, AQHA Race SI-87 AA, 14-3-1-1 $1066. Red Robin has been used as a ranch and trail horse and is a great mare. She is flashy and has a great disposition.

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Meet the Mares: Butterfly

RH Apache Butterfly is a 2001 gray mare by Apache Blue Boy and out of RR Sonoita Melissa. Apache Blue Boy has 1,119.5 AQHA performance points, Superior Heading, Superior Heeling, Superior Tiedown Roping, 2007 AQHA World – Res Champ Sr Heading, 3rd Sr Heeling, 5th Am Heading, 9th Am Heeling, 9th Sr Tie-Down Roping, 2008 World Champion Amateur Heading Horse, 2011 Res. World Champ. Amateur Dally Team Roping Heading, 2011 World Champ. Amateure Dally Team Roping Heeling, He is by Blue Boy Doc, NCHA money earner ($405.93) and producer of NCHA & NRHA winners.

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Chestnut colt by Captains Double Coy

KT Double the Bar is a cute chestnut colt is out of Pics Bar Bee, “Blackie,” and by Captains Double Coy, “Double.” Blackie is a black daughter of Pic Remedy, a son of Doc’s Remedy, out of a Willie War Chic bred mare. This mare has many greats on her papers including Doc Bar, Teresa Tivio, Sugar Vandy, War Chic, and Deck Oiler to name some. She is bred for performance and to run and has that look. Very keen head, square body, and a great personality. Blackie loves attention and is easy to be around. Double is one of our senior stallions, his foals have an outstanding disposition, are easy to break and are really cowy, and are great using horse for any arena. His breeding includes Major Bonanza, Alotta King, Jaguar and more. With a pedigree like this colt’s it would be hard to go wrong to add him to the herd. He was born 6/02/20. $2,500

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Bucksin colt by Just Plain Starlight

KT Dual by Starlight is a handsome buckskin colt by Just Plain Starlight and out of Charros Dandy Miss, “Pistol.” Pistol is a mare that has been shown all over since we purchased her as a weanling. She has been shown NFQHA, both in hand trail as a yearling and two year old and in regular classes. She has been pictured on the NFQHA rule book and in the NFQHA journal. We have had some really nice foals out of this mare. She is a good cow horse and rope horse. See additional pictures of Pisol on the Working Ranch. 80% NFQHA. Pistol is by Gold Country Charro who was shown halter in 1998 and 1999. He is a grandson of Imperial One, Docs Jack Frost and more. On the bottom side Pistol is a granddaughter of Dandy Derby. This colt’s sire is Just Plain Starlight, “Colonel,” who is a son of Tamalight; winner of $21,492.10 in NCHA dollars and COA. Colonel’s dam is Wright on Sugarnic, winner of the Cascade Cutters Futurity. Wright on Sugarnic is by Lenas Wright On, World Champion Jr. Working Cow Horse, Reserve World Champion Jr. Reining, ROM, AQHA point earner. Wright on Sugarnic’s dam, Just Plain Sugari, has NCHA earnings of $111.31 and is an AQHA point earner. She is a granddaughter of Smart Little Mesa, Slide Me Again and Just Plain Colonel, who are all money and pt earners. Dual was born on 4/28/20. $3,500

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KT Star Solider

KT Star Solider is a bay colt out of Sugars Badger Doll, “Camie,” and by Favorite Solider. Camie is a daughter of Star Chex Badger who was a son of Peppy San Badger and earner of $6,450.39 in NCHA earnings and a COA. This mare is a fancy bay roan with Doc Bar on her papers twice as well as Doc’s Malbec, Win or Lose, King Fritz, and is a granddaughter of NCHA cutting  mare Docs Star Chex who earned over $64,000.00 and a ROM. Camie has good bone and muscle as well as a kind eye. Favorite Soldier is a son of Favorite Cartel, Race Record: SI 105, 24-9(3)-2-4(2), $598,069; California Hi-Point Distance Horse, 1st-AQHA Challenge Championship G1, 1st-Los Alamitos Championship Challenge G2, 1st-Paul B Ford Memorial Handicap, 3rd-Rainbow Futurity G1, 3rd-Slm Big Daddy Stakes, 4th All American Futurity G1, Finalist in All American Derby G1, Finalist in Los Alamitos Super Derby G1, Finalist in Rainbow Quarter Horse Derby G1, Finalist in Champion of Champions G1, Finalist in Remington Park Invitational Championship G1, Finalist in Robert L Boniface LA Invitational Championship G1. Favorite Soldier’s dam is Yak Ity Yak Go who has 6 wins to 5, $64,583, 2nd Bellflower S., 3rd Far West Futurity [R] [G3], San Diego S., Lake Forest S., finalist in the Miss Princess H. This colt was born on 5/25. $5,000

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KT Ray of Gunpower, “Ray”

KT Ray of Gunpower, “Ray,” is an enchanting colt out of Plain Dark Choclet, “Rudy,” and by KT Gunpowder N Lead. Rudy was shown back in her prime. She is a daughter of Just Plain Colonel, Earner of $52,676. He was a money-earner at the Tropicana 4-Year-Old Open Futurity, at five and six, 1989 PCCHA Open Challenge-5th, 1989 Gold & Silver 5/6-Year-Old Open Stakes-7th, 1988 Reno Western Open Classic-4th.1988 Bonanza Open Classic, 1989 PCCHA Open Top Ten He was a finalist at the 1988 PCCHA Open Tournament of Champions. He is the NRCHA #6 All-Time Leading Sire. JUST PLAIN COLONEL has appeared on leading sire lists every year from 1995 – 2007, and those lists have included reined cowhorse, cutting and reining! On the bottom side Rudy as Par three and Doc N Willy. Gunner is a roan dunskin son of Cue Bars Laddie, AQHA point earning and producing stallion. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Pistol’s sire, Gold Country Charro is a dunskin stallion that was shown in 1998 and 1999 in halter at local shows. This is going to be a colt with a great deal of natural skill and swiftness. He will make an exceptional arena prospect. Born 4/21/20. $3500

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The weanling pen is full to capacity and it is cold and time to get chores paired down to a minimum. Cold winter weather is on the horizon.

Fall is definitely in the air, or winter, Monday was a little on the chilly side, but at least the sun was shining.  Kayla came out to brand inspect in the morning, so Toni ran down there to show her the cattle. All 4 kids had school. The bus called and said it was going to be late because it was stuck behind a train, but Anna got home and said one of the kids on the bus got sick so they sat at the potato shed for like 10 min, then turned around, drove around Connell and then switched buses. So it was a cluster to say the least. Toni almost went to get them. Mom had them stay out of the house since we do not know what is wrong with the kid on the bus. Toni came down and they did chores, wormed the yearling fillies and worked on Whammy and Slider, who both did awesome.

Tuesday Toni had a mediation at 10 and mom and dad went to town for Dr Appts. Toni texted me at one point and asked what day of the week it was, people were having Monday issues. Anna and Kade rode their two year olds out of the corral and into the driveway.  Jitterbug walked slowly around, her normal rate of speed, and Jag was nervous at first and did not want to go, but warmed up to the idea and did great. Anna and Kaine went home after to do chores at home. Ben has confiscated “The White,” the pickup I bought at Musser Bros auction to replace the blazer. He always has some excuse on why he needed it instead of his own. Things like, well his doesn’t run, or it needs to be fixed, or that there are no shocks left so it doesn’t ride very nice. All sound like whining. Dad went to get pellets on Wednesday, so on Tuesday Ben and Kicker made sure that Red and the flatbed were ready to go.

Wednesday the sun was shining. Dad said up north when he went to get pellets that there was snow but it was sunny. Anna went to her friend Josie’s house. Toni, Mom, and Kaine went and picked Kade and Jaxsen up at school and then went to lunch at Michael Jays. After lunch they went out to see grandma, it was her 90th birthday. And she does not want anyone making a big deal out of it.  She is the opposite of Grandpa. Maybe that is why they worked so well together. So it was low key at Grandma’s house, just Toni, Mom, the kids, and the Joe Bennett cousins and their kids. When I got to moms Ben was there with the tractor and Toni, Ben and Kaine were unloading pellets, so I helped Kade and Anna ride their horses.  Jitterbug still walks so slow, but at least she has stopped pawing when she gets annoyed. Jag is just good. She is annoyed, she wants to be a pasture pet, but she does what Anna asks her to do.

Thursday we were back to looking for somewhere to process our meat, expanding our search a little wider. Kaine had a parent teacher conference after school, he was the only one with one, his is getting all As, so I don’t know why he needed one. It only lasted maybe 5 minutes. Toni rode Shadie and ponied Anna and Kade around on their two year olds while we were at the conference. Kendel and Toby brought Scrat back down to mom and dads, Scrat is the Hereford bull. 

Friday was windy and cold. Toni and Kicker took Kade and Jaxsen to the Freeman Pumpkin Patch. Tennelle came and got Anna, and took her to carve pumpkins, then she came and got Kaine and took them all to the straw maze. Dad went and looked at a Percheron mare for Morgan and Joe. Marlo came to help do chores, so Toni, Marlo, Kade and Jaxsen did chores.  They had to get Scrat in because Ben and Kicker moved the weanling calves down to the alfalfa fiend since it has had a good freeze. For some reason we don’t trust the big huge Hereford bull to stay on his side of the fence and not try to breed our precious little baby weaned heifers.  Scrat came in really well and got put out with the weanling foals. The foals were not scared of him at all and everyone in the pen just went about their business.

Saturday the kids washed and started clipping their animals to go to the show next weekend. Ben worked on the corn field fence. I helped the kids for a while. Then Ben and I got the cows in, Kicker came and we sorted out Kameron’s heifers and the beef cows. The kids that were not clipping put show halters on their animals and set them up with their show halters on. I also took some new pictures of the bulls in between clipping and moving cows. Then we went down and did chores.  Toni rode Shadie again and ponied Jitter and Jag around a bit further. Anna rode Jag up the driveway. It was really exciting because the 2 big Hereford bulls stand at the fence and beller at each other so they had to ride between them up the driveway then back. The weanling foals ran around like crazy the entire time, but Jag only spooked once and just a tiny bit. Anna is still riding her bareback with a sidepull. Kade has Jitter in a hackamore. 

Happy Halloween

Sunday we finished up clipping. We hauled 917 down with the weanlings, 917 is a old cow that needs a little more than corn stalks, and there were 3 coyotes surrounding the weanling calves. Toni and I spooked them off. We went down and caught Friday, Ollie and Pocket, we took Friday and Pocket to mom and dads and put Ollie in with Pistol to go back to Jeannie. Anna is going to start riding Pistol. Anna rode Pistol around for while when Kade was clipping. We weaned the rest of the foals, except Fly Guy since he is so young and Dime since she is in a different pen.  We had to run the mares in to get Golden, so we wormed anything that came in that had not been wormed. Anna and Kade rode Jitter and Jag for a little while before it got dark.  This isn’t a long list, but it was pretty time consuming. We got Aught and Dual in to be the next halter breaking projects. Toni already worked on them in the roundpen even though we normally give them a day to get accustomed to the halter and lead rope. These two are just pretty easy going.  Really, it isn’t good to just halter break easy stuff. You have to keep your muscles and mind strong for the challenges of a challenging foal.  So maybe next weekend we will get something in with some attitude. Not sure which one that will be though.

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Last Week in Pictures

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Yearling Grullo filly

KT Lightening Bug is an attractive captivating grullo filly out of Continental Lady Bug, “Lady Bug,” and by KT Reed Me a Double, “Reed.” Lady Bug is a big boned Continental Cad daughter going back to Mr Blackburn on the bottom. This is a 81% NFQHA mare that has been a great color producer. She has an outstanding disposition, if she sees you outside she comes running. This mare is the whole package, confirmation, breeding and disposition. Reed is a phenomenal grullo son of Captains Double Coy and out of Reeds Poco Ms Whinny. Double is one of our senior stallions, his foals have an outstanding disposition and are a great using horse for any arena. This is going to be a filly with a lot of body, a great personality and the breeding to back it up. She was born 6/15/19. $3,500

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