Working Ranch Pictures

AIing cows, spring 2021.

Kade and Anna working on the two year olds, spring 2021.

Checking Circles Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Working cows

Lots of fence building summer 2020

Having fun summer 2020

Spring 2020 working cows

Spring 2020, working on three year olds

Spring 2020, working on the two year olds.

Spring 2020, building fence.

Spring 2020, bring the cows in.

Spring 2020, AIing Cows & Taking them out to spring range.

December 2019, Checking cows

Vaccinating heifers December 2019

Sorting cows Dec 2019

Working cows, November 2019

Working heifers 2019

Moving bulls Oct 2019

Gathering and moving cows Fall 2018. In most of the pictures, Toni is on Shimmer, Anna is on Ollie, Kaine is on Riley and Kade is on Slick. If I was riding, I am Kellie, then we did not have pictures.

Working cows Spring 2018. Day 1, Toni on Simmer, Ben on Riley, Kellie on Cad, Jaxsen and Kicker on Scout (the 4 wheeler). Day 2, Toni on Shimmer, Kellie on Cad, Ben on Fancy, Kicker on Riley, Kaine on Bev, Kade on Slick and Toby and Scarlett on their 6 wheeler.

Moving pastures Spring 2017. Kellie is riding Cad and Toni is riding Shimmer.


AIing cows spring 2017. Kellie is riding Cad, Kaine is riding Fancy and Toni is riding Shimmer.


Out checking cows 2016. Kaine and Bev, Kade on Smoke, and I (Kellie) was on Cad.


Weaning spring calves October 4, 2015. Toni is riding Shimmer, Anna is riding Montana Can Can, Kaine is riding Jazzy, Kade is riding Smoke and Ben is riding Pistol. Jaxsen, the dogs and Kicker were in the pickup to wing and I was on the 4 wheeler taking pictures. Coco showed up later to help sort.


Breeding Season Spring 2015


Weaning spring calves September 20, 2014. Toni is riding Shimmer, Nikki, Coco, is riding Ivy, Anna is riding Montana Can Can, Kaine is riding Bev and Kade is riding Smoke. Jaxsen, the dogs and I (Kellie) were in the pickup to wing and take pictures. 


There is always work to be done on the irrigation.


 Weaning fall calves June 1, 2014. Ben is riding Pistol and Toni is riding Shimmer. The kids and I are in the Polaris Ranger helping with gates, winging, taking pictures and trying to stay out of the way.



Dad and Thunder mowing down the driveway.


Gathering cows Spring 2014 off of the winter ground.


Sorting heifers to breed, April 2014. Toni and Ben were riding, like normal, Kicker was riding is Honda, “Scout” and the kids and I were in the ranger.


 Toni and Ben gathering cows fall 2013 to wean calves.


Weaning the fall calves spring 2013, Toni is riding Shimmer, Ben is riding Goldie and Nikki is riding Chico.


 Moving the Herefords off of the alfalfa field, January, 2013. Toni is riding Chico, Ben is riding Shimmer, Kade is riding his bike, Kicker and Jaxen are in the Ford and Kaine, Anna and I are in the Chevy taking pictures.


Headed out to get cows in March 2012, from left to right, Toni on Pinky, Nikki on Beaver and Ben on Shimmer.  We were moving the cows off of the corn stalks.



The kid are always a big help doing chores.



Kicker normally prefers his metal horse, “Scout.”



 Hayley on Buster and Pepper and Anna on Billy out checking cows.



Toni on Shimmer and Ben on Goldie moving cows on 5/31/09




Toni on Shimmer, Kellie and Anna on Billy getting ready to work cows



Ben on Pistol, Kicker on Billy, Kellie on Cad.



Nicole Jansen on Goldie (Ben’s horse), Ben on Shimmer, and Kellie on Billy. Echo is at the front of the picture. 

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