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Last Week in Pictures

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I can’t believe we are done with the fairs. In many ways they drug by and in other ways we were done in the blink of an eye.  Now we get on with ranching. If anyone wants to come look at foals, we have some really nice ones left. And we are now home for a bit!

Monday was back to the grind for a few days before Othello Fair, and fairlag xs 3. Kaine’s Monday game was canceled due to the smoke in Wenatchee. Kade’s team watched film for their practice, so they did not have to go outside. Dad did not work on Monday so he went and picked Kade up from practice. We were all dragging Monday, so the lack of game and practice Monday was probably for the best. The kids did some last-minute packing and working on their steers. Except Jaxsen, because he is done.  And he continues to tell us that when we mention helping.

Tuesday was weigh in after school, so the boys missed practice to weigh in their steers. Jay had to come over and touch-up on Roarke before everyone could leave. Jaxsen does not go to Othello, but mom thinks he should. This is Toni’s quote for the fairs, I do not agree, I think I ALWAYS looks good, so if you do not agree, I am not asking for your opinion. LOL. “We start the fairs out pretty good. You pack some cute clothes, go through Benton Franklin looking decent. All the moms turn up looking fresh. When we go to Connell we have a few days when we look decent. When we get to Othello we all look like we are sleeping at the train station. Comfortable clothes and shoes are the only requirement. Comments may be like the following- hey where did you get those shoes? Oh cool, your kid outgrew them so now you are wearing them, they look comfy! Fair 3/3 the only requirement is to survive.” And just FYI on Toni’s shoes, they are from Kaine, so her nephew out grew them. AND she ALWAYS wears them. She only tried to wear some cute shoes one day at Benton Franklin, which were new, and STILL has blisters from them. Toni took the kids to weigh in and I met them there. McCall brought us pizza for dinner, and Traci brough taco salad for her and Anna. The soft serve ice-cream booth was open on Tuesday so Leslie bought everyone that was there cones before dinner. Forever the cones have been $1.00 but due to inflation they charged $2.00 this year. The flies were so bad on Tuesday night the horses were just in a big group.

Wednesday was market and breeding classes. Anna was Grand Champion 4H champion. Kade had Grand Champion Angus heifer. All of the kids showed great and their steers did well. We got done early after and went back to the camper for lunch. Josie took the boys to school for practice and back. The men did chores for us.  On Wednesday we all realized that 75% of the people that had gone to CBJLS were sick at Othello. Not just steer kids and parents but everyone. Not covid because people tested and it was negative, but Wednesday there were lots of people that didn’t feel good. On a positive note the food at Othello is so much cheaper than BF Fair that we got icecream and pig ears pretty much everyday. We still had a crew to feed at the camper, some of the same kids as the last 2 fairs, but a few new ones too. Anna’s boyfriend Lane was at Othello so we requested that he eat with us at every meal. A 16 year old boy with very little supervision probably doesn’t make the best food choices without an adult stepping in. Mom outdid herself again and we had cookies, lemon bars, muffins, corn bread muffins, and some other goodies. We don’t eat healthy at the fairs.

Thursday was fitting and showing. Again everyone did a great job. Anna was grand champion Sr showman and Kade was grand champion intermediate. Both got to show in the round robin on Friday. Kaine’s best friend Max was reserve champion intermediate, we were very proud of him. This is only his second year showing steers. Max is one of those kids that we grew up with his parents and consider him one of our extended kids. Aunt Jill Pierson came over from Hay to watch the kids show, which was super nice of her.  The kids started going around to learn the round robin animals Thursday afternoon.  Josie took the kids to sports again.

Friday was the round robin at noon and judging in the morning. I went to work for a few hours and then started to feel sick and went home. I was sick and in bed the rest of the week. I heard the kids all showed well in the round robin.  Because Othello is during the school year a bunch of kids we knew were running around on Friday for livestock judging. Some of our Jr. Angus kids were there, so Toni saw them. Ady was Grand Champion in judging. Kelton was reserve. The kids FFA team was 1st. Kaine had a game in the late afternoon, Toni cooked the taco meat that I was supposed to take for the team dinner. Josie took all the kids in, Vicki Buss helped Kaine get the crock pot with the meat set up. I went to the game but I didn’t feel great. I dropped Kaine and his friend Kutter back at the fair after and went back home. Our friend Nicole gave the kids rodeo tickets for her box at Othello so Toni and Traci took Skittles, Julian, Ady, Kade, Adrian, and Aram to the rodeo. The three older kids did not sit in the box, I guess they don’t want to be seen with the adults. Julian loves JJ Harrison (rodeo clown) so the three younger kids had a great time.

Saturday was the sale and everyone sold well. Thank you to all of our Othello Fair buyers, Edith Spencer bought Anna’s, Simplot bought Kades and Steve Jachetta bought Kaines. Natalie, Ady and Julian did well as well. The steers sold first and then after everyone hung out at the fair. Toni tried to buy us a couple of pigs like she did last year, but the pigs sold really well. The support at all of the fairs this year has been tremendous. After chores, most of the kids went back to my camper and hung out. They played cards, watched a movie, and the younger kids played football outside of the camper. The men went in after chores and went to the rodeo. Except for the rodeo goers, everyone else went to sleep early due to fair exhaustion.

Sunday morning everyone got up to load out steers and load all of the tack and heifers out. The men stayed and helped load out. Then everyone came home and unloaded. The 2023 steers that we have and a couple of the heifers got tied in the barn, yes we have already started working on them. After everyone went home to get schoolwork and regular work done, Toni and I started weaning foals. It is that time! We also had a couple of poles down to put up. I think when we leave the studs like to really get rowdy. Since Jax has no steers, he had to help fix fence. Yes, there was complaining.

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All of our kids did great at CBJLS. The biological kids and the kids of our hearts. They didn’t all win the purple but they left everything they had in the ring.

Happy Labor Day everyone. We had a good Labor Day. The kids finished clipping their show animals for CBJLS and Othello. In the morning I did some computer work and Toni did some law work. Ben went to Othello and got some parts to fix the power in the barn, so he worked on that. After lunch Toni and I went out and got Gunners pen in. We pulled Gunner and hauled him to my house, Jackpot was there in the next pen so we pulled him as well. We hauled the mares and foals to mom and dads, wormed the dry mares and turned them back out. This sounds pretty simple but it took some time. Gunner and Jackpot are great to handle, so that helps the situation. We actually caught Gunner out on the 500 acres, tied him to the back of the pick-up and had the mares follow him in. Jackpot just ran in because the corral is where we put the mares from Gunner’s pen. It was dusty and hot work, but needed to be done before the next set of fairs which are back-to-back.  Hunter came to see Call, so Toni rode the new mare, Minnie, around while she waited for him.

Tuesday Sonny and Jeanie came up and brought some pork. They have some bulk pork sausage for sale for $5/lb if you need pork sausage. It is processed at WSU in the meats lab so is USDA inspected. They were supposed to bring our 3rd donkey up from Pete, but he was unable to get in touch with Sonny to let him know. Kaine had a JV game in Othello after school. So Ben, mom, dad and I went to that. Toni, Jaxsen and Anna did chores, and Kade assisted after football practice. The football game was good, Kaine had a lot of play time.

Wednesday was steer weigh in for CBJLS after school, it was from 5-7, so Kaine and Kade got to go to practice as well. Toni had a Teams meeting Wednesday morning, and she soaked her feet that were still blistered from wearing new shoes at Benton Franklin Fair. Once Anna and Jax were home from school, those two and Toni got the steers loaded and hauled in. Our steers all weighed in well. Dad, mom and I did the horse chores and the men did the cow chores.  I didn’t go in to the fair. Everyone participated in the spaghetti 4-H feed and meeting where they divvied up responsibilities for the week. For us this should be our best fair week. All of the jackpot steers are at this one fair. Why we didn’t split them up is beyond me, but it makes things easy. I can say with certainty that our steers should be rock solid in the show ring, meaning they aren’t going to be wild. There were 2 steers that came off their trailers hot that belonged to other people. That always makes for an interesting time.

Thursday was market, the kids all showed very well. In weight order, Kade won his class, Jaxsen, Ady and Julian were all in the middle of their classes, Kaine won his class, Natalie got second, they were in the same class, and Anna won her class. So Kade, Anna, Kaine and Natalie all came back to the championship round. Anna was grand champion and Kaine was Reserve. They all showed great. I was at work, so I missed it all, we are saying it might be lucky if I am not there?? Mom, dad and I did horse chores again and the men did cow chores and worked on circles. The event at CBJLS for Thursday was a movie, Minions, Toni, Anna, Kade and Jaxsen were all too tired to go, so Kaine went and spent the night at Leslie’s house.

Friday was showmanship, and all of our kids did wonderful. They start with oldest at CBJLS, Anna was Grand Champion Sr, Ady was Grand Champion Intermediate, and Emmett was Reserve. And Jaxsen who had a “burning desire for a buckle” was Grand Champion Jr and Natalie was Reserve.  Jax was our only kid without a buckle and he had been feeling the pressure. At one point he was trying to borrow one from Whitney but they have dates on them and he didn’t want a buckle that predated his birth. Then there was peewee showmanship followed by adult showmanship. Of interest to me is that the peewees showed specific steers then the adults all fought over those same steers to show in the adult class. So, I guess the adults needed to see the peewees show before they could pick a steer? All of our good steers got shown in both classes. None of us showed adult, but Toni, Leslie, and Traci had to show during the junior championship round. The judge had the kids pick a parent to come in and show their steer, then they critiqued their parent. Don’t worry, Toni is certain she won. We think Jax had fun using the mike and saying what he thought Toni was doing wrong. Savannah and Kayla showed peewee steers, sheep and pigs. The round robin in Friday night, so Anna, Ady and Jaxsen went around and learned how to show everything. Toni, Marlo, Whitney and I went home and did chores. The round robin was great, Ady and Jaxsen had never gotten to participate in one before. Anna was grand champion overall Sr showman and RDO donated some really nice boxel boxes. That evening we had axe throwing, so the kids all went axe throwing and had a great time.

Saturday was livestock judging in the morning and then the sale. Kade was grand champion in Intermediate division judging, Natalie in Jr and Anna in FFA. Kaine was reserve in FFA. The sale was great, prices were really good. Thank you CBHA, Christensen Oil, Ed and Liz Schneider and 3 Rivers Potato for buying the kids’ steers. After the sale we loaded the steers, the men did all of the chores for us. Then we had a BBQ, awards ceremony and then a 4H dance. The 4-H dance was really well attended and the music was hopping. Some of the parents went out and showed their moves too. We did decide (adults that is) that we need a 4-H meeting where we teach the kids to dance. Savannah tried to dance as many dances as she could with her chosen boys, mostly Emmett. Poor guy. When the older kids wanted to dance with her, she would just say no and go grab Emmett. Emmett finally left.

Sunday we woke up and went into CBJLS to pack up, and Stacy and Emmett had most of the bed cleaned out already and the decorations down. So we loaded up the trailer and it was not that long before we were in Othello. We unloaded the trailer and made our beds up for Othello. Our last terminal show for the season. We are still suffering from Fairlag, now times 2.  We all went to Checos for lunch when we were done setting up,  it was good. Then we went home and did ranch work. We had livestock to check, fence to fix, water to move, so the normal.

CBJLS was an amazing experience. All of our kids did great. The biological kids and the kids of our hearts. They didn’t all win the purple but they left everything they had in the ring. To say that the competition was deep is an understatement. Jaxsen had told the Judge he was going to bring it, and I felt like they all brought it.  Then the support from the community only enhanced the experience. CBJLS might be a little show, but it is mighty. And everyone has a good time. No drama, no parking passes, no payment to go watch the show. Everyone is there to support each other and do their best for our community. There isn’t anything as great as a community livestock show to renew your faith in your neighbors and your commitment to the community in which you live.

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Toni came up with a new word, fairlag, it is like jetlag but it is caused by going to the fair.

Monday was the first day of school for half of the kids, Jaxsen and Kaine, and not the other two, Anna and Kade. I do not think I was fully awake on Monday, still recovering from the fair. Mid morning when Kade went out to practice roping, Slick looked like he was choking, so Toni texted Sheena, who was in Moses working on a colic horse. So Toni and Kade worked on Slick and got him over the worst of it. Now we have to wait and see. Both Jaxsen and Kaine had football practice, Kaine right after school and Jaxsen later, so dad took Jaxsen in and picked in Kaine. Dad and Kaine went to the pizza station after and dad got Kaine a sandwich and dad got a pizza.  The road along circle 7 was getting dry and soft, so Kade got his pickup stuck.  Ben took the tractor down and did some road rehab. When Kaine got home from football he went down and cleared out the beaver dam.  We went out during chores and Absolute had hit herself in the face on something including her eye, so now we have her in to doctor.

Tuesday all 4 kids were in school. No one took Toni up on home schooling. Slick was still doing badly, so Toni ended up taking Slick in to see Sheena and get the blockage cleared. Bryans meats texted to let me know the grass-fed Angus heifer was done. I texted dad to see if he was coming to down, and he was in town. So he stopped and picked it up. The two big boys had football after school and Jaxsen had practice at 5. So Dad took Jaxsen in and picked the other two up. Anna was working on her steers for the next few shows and helping out with chores. Kade and Kaine helped finish up horse chores when they got home from football and then went up to help Anna finish. There was also a bull steer calf that needed antibiotic, so Anna and Ben got it in and treated it. Toni brought Storm down to get an ultrasound Wednesday, and then the boys helped us get Rosey in from King’s pen. We also brought Tank’s pen in so Rita could get ultrasounded. The men went down and caught Tank and then we went down and got him from them and brought them up. Tank is such a great stud. We loaded them up and hauled them home. 

Toni had court early, then came home quickly for all of the Wednesday projects.  Holly brought her mares out and Allie came out to do ultrasounds. So Toni and Holly assisted Allie in ultrasounding mares. They ultrasounded 17 mares and 1 heifer. Luckily Holly was there to help. Allie was running early and Toni wasn’t. But Toni and Holly had everything ready when Allie got there.   Also, Holly has Colonel’s son Whitty, who is Friday and Nugget’s full brother. Holly’s daughter Josie got her senior pictures done with him and they turned out AMAZING. Whitty is standing at Holly’s house and is a mind-blowing stallion with a dazzling pedigree. If you are interested in breeding to him we can get you Holly’s number. We bred Twist to him for a 2023 foal. We were mostly ultasounding iffy mares for us, so we had a lot of opens and Anna’s Nile Heifer. We had good news and bad. Nile heifer is preg, that was great. Crystal we have been having trouble with her staying in foal and she was still bred. Cleo and Rosie were bred. Tuffy was past menopause, no more babies for her. Dunny, Kool, Comet, Abs and Miss Gen were all open. Only Kade and Kaine had practice, so Jaxsen was around to water.

                Thursday Jana Koller brought Kade’s steer that he bought in her sale, he is a cute smokey steer. She also brought a fancy orange heifer for one of the boys to show. The Hereford bull got back out with the cows, Toni saw him when she was down with Jana, so she let everyone know. The men and Anna got the cows in when they got home and since all the cows were in decided to finish weaning the calves. Dad went and picked the boys up from football practice and took Jaxsen in. After chores they took my Yukon up to help with the cows and steers. Toni took me home when we got done and then wen to get Jaxsen from his football practice. I helped sort with Anna while the men and boys got the bunks set up for the bull calves, they were already weaned, so they moved them over into the riding horse pen and we turned the horses out. And then put the weaned calves over.

Friday was Costco delivery day at work, so I took all my coolers in. The two big boys had football practice. We had some repeat buyers coming to look at Mean Jean. It was fun to hear how their Big Mama daughter is doing. Mean Jean wouldn’t do much, but they liked her anyway and took her to their daughter for her to start. So other than Cappy, who Toni doesn’t want to sell, we are out of 2 year olds. We are sending Cappy to Jason Hicks to get started. We haven’t used Jason before, but are excited to see how he does with Cappy. Men pulled circle 8 out again, we did chores, etc. We did not have Marlo for chores because she  was in Kansas visiting McKenna and friends.

Saturday I feel like we were really busy, but it just from being gone and getting caught up. We had weaned the calves and 5 were missing tags, so we turned them back out and paired them up and got them back in and tagged. The kids washed their steers and heifers. Then the kids helped us weigh and tattoo all of the bull calves. Anna went to Ritzville at noon to see Lane and Macy at the show. This is Macy’s first year, so Anna stopped to see if they needed help and helped her with some blowing techniques. Ben, the boys and I finished up the calves. Chico showed up with 811 back. So we made room for him and put the rest of the bulls in with the bull calves. Kaine got to suit up for the varsity football game, which is cool since he is a freshman, but don’t worry, he is back up. So I ran him in while Toni finished chores. Then I got ready and Ben and I went in to the game. The Meachams went to the neighbors quinceanear.      

Sunday the kids finished packing up the trailer to take into CBJLS. They caught and started clipping steers before we left. We went into CBJLS around 12:30 to set up. We got that done and went home and worked around the place. Dad went to the thrashing b, or something like that, at Colfax on Sunday.

Toni came up with a new word, fairlag, it is like jetlag but it is caused by going to the fair. We are all suffering from fairlag. It seems like the BF Fair really takes the energy out of a person. Luckily this week we had the opportunity to be home and catch-up on everything, if that is possible. Now we are gearing up for the next two fairs which are back-to-back. So just another reminder- anyone that wants to support the local kids, I know where there are four hard working ones with 4 steers at CBJLS with Anna, Kaine, and Kade taking steers to Othello as well. We appreciate any and all support for these kids! Natalie, Ady and Julian will also have steers at the two fairs. So lots of steers and good beef to go around.

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Bringing Gunner Group in

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RH Apache Crystal has also been confirmed to Leroy

RH Apache Crystal, one of our two Apache Blue Boy daughters, is also confirmed bred to Leroy for a late 2023 foal

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Fair Week Blog: “Best Week of Summer”

Monday we hauled into the fair. It was the normal zoo. But we got in and got out and it worked out fine. Kids got set up while we went and unloaded the food and clothes at the camper.  The steers were weighed in. Steer numbers were down, as were the other animals across the board. Some of that had to do with Tyson increasing the minimum weight requirement, but super lightweight steers probably shouldn’t be at the fair anyway. Our total for the 4H group was 12 steers, 8 open heifers and NO bulls this year. There were great sighs of relief when we found out that there wouldn’t be bulls. Bulls are fine. We love them, but one of them is going to put his horn into some body part at some point during the week. That is just the way it goes. We ate the taco feed 4h meeting on Monday and prepared for the week. 

Tuesday was market day, they moved cattle showing back to 10, so we got to sleep in an hr, to 5:30, it was great.  We found a pair of men’s boxers outside of our barn, so the partying got started early. The kids got them all the cattle washed. FFA showed first, Anna was 3rd overall FFA steer with her home-grown steer. This is literally out of Anna’s cow and Fur Trader, so if they had a bred-and-owned steer class, Anna could have rocked it. In addition he was a twin and she bottle fed him. The rest of the kids were 3rd and 4th in their market classes. Kade showed Bob, his back-up steer out of his cow and a char bull. Bob was great considering we figured out a month ago he needed to get ready for the fair. Jaxsen had Rockin, also a steer out of his own cow, who we all think is extremely patient and kind considering how Jaxsen handles him. Kaine showed a steer out of Anna’s cow. So all of our steers were home-grown. Everyone did great. In the afternoon Leslie, Deb, Traci and Jolene took the kids on rides. The big kids went on their own, so I did not go, Anna also did not go and we had McCall helping Tuesday. Jaxsen was back after about 45 minutes sick, so he fell asleep on the grain bags. We washed all of the open heifers without the kids.  One of Toni’s clients was in the rodeo grand entry in the stagecoach and invited Toni to ride along. So Toni took Natalie, Ady, and Delilah in the stagecoach which was super cool. 

Wednesday we had fitting and showing, showing was still at 10, so we still got to sleep in to 5:30. Anna was reserve champion in FFA, FFA was first. In intermediates, Kade, Kaine and Ady all made it back to the champion round. In Jrs Natalie was grand champion, Julian and Jaxsen did make it back. Jaxsen once again wasn’t the kindest to his steer, but old Rockin persevered and got through it. We showed PeeWee and then open after that. Kade’s fall heifer was supreme champion overall heifer and Kaine’s bred heifer was reserve champion Angus heifer. Anna’s baby heifer won her division. Kaine had to leave to football practice and did not get to show his heifer, but Anna and Savannah showed her well.  Toni made a rookie mistake and took “cute” shoes that caused blisters on both of her feet on Wednesday. No sympathy from any of us. We all know the rules.  We are sponsors this year so got VIP food every night under the VIP tent and got to watch the rodeo if you could find a seat. Wednesday night was taco night from Fiesta restaurant and it was great. The kids were able to sit with our friends the Moores in their reserved area so got to watch the rodeo. We are a rodeo loving family so it was hard to pull the kids away each night before the end of the rodeo, but we had to. We get up way too early to sit up watching rodeo all night. Julian and Jaxsen are huge JJ Harrison fans so seeing him nightly was a huge highlight.

Thursday there was not any showing going on. Toni and I took a nap in the afternoon after we got everything washed. Kaine went with Mrs Shattuck to football practice.  Our good friend Maria made a target run, remember Toni and I don’t leave the fairgrounds, it is an island and we aren’t getting off until the fair is over, and got Jaxsen a reading light that hooks to his book so he can read at night and not disturb the other kids. Thursday was also the round-robin and our steer kids did great. ALL of the steer kids were from Connell. I am not to the round robin pictures on my camera, but Julian took them and took almost 400.

Friday was the livestock sale, the steers were last. We would like to thank our 2022 Benton Franklin Fair Steer Buyers, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Irrigation Specialists, Watts Construction and Brashear Electric. Thank you for all of your support. The sale was great and prices were good.  The steer barn average was $4.00 per lb or close to it. Having support like that is very gratifying

Friday we had livestock judging. All of our kids are required to participate in livestock judging if they are there, Kaine as a football practice so he was not there. Kaine is actually good at livestock judging, as are our other kids, but him being good screwed Anna and Kade’s FFA judging team, since they were left with a kid that has never livestock judged before. But, I think the kids actually like it, they compete with Toni. Kade had a 247/250 so won the FFA and Intermediate division. Natalie and Julian also place in the Jr division. The kids all did a great job. Also on Saturday the men came down and we went rodeo and loaded out steers like normal. Except Whitney and I went to bed and did not help load out steers. And except a car hit one of the semis so they loaded out way later than normal. I hear it was pretty uneventful considering many of the participants had been drinking.  The big boys and their amazing friends, so Kade, Kaine, Aram, and Keegan all stayed up and helped load. We also had Kelton and Flako, so there were some really great kids helping load steers. Manny waiting in line for 3 hrs to get us good seats at the rodeo. They were really good, thanks Manny.

                Sunday we woke up, packed up and headed home.  Toni and Anna headed home with the cattle first, so got the steers caught and the morning chores done. Once everyone was home, we all agreed that a rest was in order. We got up later and went out and checked everything. We had a partially down gate, a pole down, and the Hereford cattle at mom and dad’s had gotten out. BUT everything was alive and well. So straight back to work for us! Now we get to send the kids to school and get ready for the next fair.

Here are all of the pictures I have edited so far if you want to see them all: Benton Franklin County Fair 2022 – Google Photos

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Blog from two weeks ago: Benton Franklin Fair here we come. Toted as the “Best Week of Summer.” Pretty much sure that most parents consider it the longest week of summer! We are excited to see friends and let the kids have some fun.

On Monday the 3 older kids had an FFA tour in the morning, they said it was fun. Jaxsen had swim lessons, he went home with Leslie and Traci and Anna, Kaine and Kade picked him up on their way home. They worked their steers and heifers when they got home. They did chores and then Toni took them to a 4H meeting with their steers, so they could have a showmanship clinic. Because Kade’s steer died about a month ago and he is on his back-up steer, Monday night was the test to see if Bob could go to BF Fair. Bob actually did well, other than he doesn’t load so Toni picks up his front feet like a horse to get him in the trailer.  The turn-out was good at the mini-show during the 4-H meeting. All the cattle did really well, so it was a relief. Big relief.  The men worked on circles. I moved water when I got home and worked on Ninja. The new mare, Minnie, is at Sonny and Jeannie house, Jeannie went and picked her up with theirs.

Tuesday the kids started clipping their steers and heifers. The men fixed the valve at mom and dads, since the boys had not been able to move the big gun since last week. Toni look Ninja and Tulip in to see Sheena so Ninja could get his hernia fixed. The hernia was wider than expected so Sheena did surgery and Tulip and Ninja spent the night. Molly was fine without them for a night. Molly really isn’t attached to Tulip at all. Anna took Jaxsen to swimming lessons and Toni picked him up. Anna went and had lunch with her friend Josie. Since Toni had the big trailer hooked up she practiced loading Sam, Sam did not do as well in the big trailer, she likes the little, old white trailer better. I helped Toni for a bit and then went and moved the water in Kings pen. Mom has cut Molly Brown back to getting fed twice a day, she is not happy. However, Molly does like going out into Leroy pen and grazing and stretching her legs. Mom says I need to put Molly in the post more.

Wednesday morning Anna took her pickup in for an oil change and then went and picked up beef from Bryans. Toni took Jaxsen to and from swimming lessons and then went and picked Ninja and Tulip up from the vet. The kids clipped and packed tack to take to the Benton Franklin Fair. Kaine started football practice Wednesday night. Anna took him and I picked him up. Men worked on circles, keeping them running is a full-time job. Kaine is trying to raise money to paint the 1982 GMC he bought from dad, so he is selling his mini bike and his 4 wheeler, and he had me put them on marketplace. Lots of stupid responses from people.

Thursday Jaxsen had swimming lessons and a birthday party. That Jaxsen likes birthday parties. The rest of the kids continued to clip and pack the trailer. We did chores like normal. Ninja had to get his meds and lots of fly spray to make sure flies don’t bother his incision. 

Friday morning Chad came to trim some horses. Dan showed up to get Sam, the black yearling filly, and Chad and Toni loaded Sam in a 2 horse straight load. Sam did super great. Sam is a big yearling, but really smart. She didn’t want to go in the narrow trailer, but with patience and trust, she loaded . As Toni and Chad were standing there, they decided to trim the fronts on Wild. Wild is a foal that has not been haltered and never been trimmed. Of course they got it done. They also got Cash done for the first time, but she is a yearling.  The yearlings we have left are all ones we plan to keep at this point. Now we just have the 2 two year olds and foals to sell. Then Chad and Toni did a few more and Chad went up and did the riding horses at my house with the kids. Toni headed to Pomeroy to meet with clients and then pick up our new mare that we bought at Eugene, Minnie. The kids continued to clip and get ready for the fair. Ben, Leslie and Traci brought the campers down to the fairgrounds, I met them over there and we parked the campers.

Saturday we went back down to the fair grounds to set up the steer and heifer beds.  We had a good turnout and lots of good help. Saturday is set-up day, so there were people parked all over. Many of them in the way, but we were able to finally get around so we could unload our trailer.  Anna being in FFA had set-up later, so her and I stayed down there. Kaine was invited to the demo derby by Camas so he also stayed and got to have a fun night. We stopped at Burger Ranch on the way home and got milk shakes. When we got back Toni saddled up the new mare, she did great, so Kade jumped on her and rode her around. Minnie seems to fit right in. We turned her out in the big pasture. We may ride her a bit, but she is confirmed in foal, so don’t want to put too much stress on her. Then we did chores and went home to continue to pack.

                Sunday we did our last minute clipping, packing and getting ready for the fair.  We had some visitors Sunday morning. We had some people out to get the two bottle calves first think. Then people t get meat. Next Bill and Amy with their daughter and Marty came to look at the foals and see Marty’s colt. A guy form Othello came and bought Kaine’s 4 wheeler. Then we had Todd come to get Stetson. The weather was really good for visitors and loading out horses. We gave Ninja his last set of meds and took his halter off. Now he just needs to heal up. We placed our sprinklers where they could water all week if they don’t get moved again. Took a good look at all of the livestock.  Fair week is long, so getting ready, minimizing chores as much as possible and trying to streamline what we can is necessary.

                Benton Franklin Fair here we come. Toted as the “Best Week of Summer.” Pretty much sure that most parents consider it the longest week of summer! We are excited to see friends and let the kids have some fun.

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Last Two weeks in Pictures