Meet Us – Part 1 – Toni

In 1995 Pam and Don split from the family ranch and with their two girls, Toni and Kellie, they started KT Ranch. There has been lots of changes since 1995, Toni and Kellie have both grown up and have gotten married, to Kicker (Toni) and Ben (Kellie) and have kids. So here is a little bit more about us, we will start with Toni:

Toni graduated from the University of Idaho, were she earned her J.D. She now owns her own law office in Connell, for more information on her practice go to  Toni is also the executive director of the Washington Agriculture Legal Foundation, were she strives to help the ranchers and farmers protect their land and livelihoods. She is a member of the Washington Bar Association, Benton-Franklin Bar, Benton-Franklin Young Lawyers Bar,  American Quarter Horse Association, American Angus Association, American Hereford Association, United Braford Breeders, Washington Cattlemen’s Association, Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association and the Nation Foundation Quarter Horse association. She served as a director for the United Braford Breeders and is a sponsor of the Franklin County Cattlemen’s and the Cattle Producers of Washington.

In addition to being an attorney, Toni also is a mother of two boys, Kade and Jaxsen. Both boys are active showpeople of both horses and cattle. Toni is the main person is sales and customer relations, she spearheads our part of the Youth Development Program and she makes sure the kids all practice with their horses and cattle all summer.

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