Part 3 – Meet Us – Don

Next we go to the eldest. Don aka Dad. Don grew up in St. John Wa on the Palouse. Don started working with horses and training early on. His family ran a small herd of commercial cattle and had riding horses on their mostly wheat ranch. At about 17 he started working with Ed Hays Jr and got the rodeo bug. Don competed in calf roping, team roping, and bull dogging. Don was extremely competitive in sports, playing on a state champion basketball team, then going to play baseball in college.  Don even played minor league baseball for the Spokane Indians. After a brief stint with the Indians, Don went back to rodeo, team roping for the next few years. Wanting to settle down, Don moved to Pasco to work at VA Quarter Horse Ranch, owner of some great stallions such as Old Tom Cat, Ricky Taylor, Jet Landing, and Pistol Bar. Don met Pam on a blind date in 1973. Courting for three months, the two got married beginning a partnership that has lasted 43 years and counting.
Don is very civic minded, being a volunteer firefighter for many years as well as holding the position of Fire Commissioner. Don has helped out at any and all shows when asked, helping to get the Columbia Basin Livestock Show started in Connell. Don is a friend to many. Now that he is retired (although he still works as many hours as he did while employed full time), Don loves delivering bulls, picking up horses, and helping where he can, as well as keeping up with his ranch responsibilities. Don is a self taught guitarist and spends time on the weekends playing guitar for Pam’s grandmother who is 103.
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