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It is never a matter of if, but a matter of when something will go wrong.

Monday we were all lagging from the long show weekend and the excessive heat for May. Added to all of the other normal stress. Callie Welding showed up first thing to get the main line welded. It looked really good. We were thankful they could fit us in. Having a break in the mainline is a pretty big deal when it is hot out and we need to irrigate. The kids washed their heifers and turned Emma Frost out, she had her last show, which she tried to kick McCall and the judge on Sunday, so I think she was done. However, she did great for Savannah in the PeeWee class. I think she felt like the judge and McCall were asking too much of her. She also did really well for Jax, and again, Division Champion, so Jax was really happy. Toni and I went down and put a new/different circle gate up in Tank’s pen, since they are walking out the circle gate.

Tuesday dad delivered a bull to Athena. He said he it was a little tight turning around but he is an expert driver. We also had an FFA Banquet after school. Ben cooked the tri tip, Toni, Kaine and Jaxsen did horse chores, Anna and Kade stayed to help set up for the banquet. Toni got to meet Kade’s girlfriend’s parents. The kids are all growing up. Kaine, Jaxsen and Kicker stayed home and did chores, the rest of us went in. Anna is the president so resided over the meeting. Kaine (who was not present), Kade and Anna all got awards, and Anna was elected Vice President for next school year. Toni, Ben and I went home to finish up chores after and Anna and Kade stayed to clean up. Our FFA program is top notch with the number of kids that participate proof of that. We couldn’t be happier with the 3 ag teachers our kids have, they are the best. Also, Irrigation Specialist came out worked on the mainline.

On Wednesday dad’s friends came out and mom and dad took them around on a tour and to the Brunswick in Othello for lunch. Debbie texted and needed miniature horses at her house for her grandson’s birthday, so Anna and Kaine ran them over. Then Toni, Kaine and Kade went to the school for a football meeting. I went and worked on Tank’s pen again. Anna and Jaxsen did chores. Wednesday Dugx brought concrete out for the mainline, so that project just keeps moving forward. For some reason we have gotten really lucky and everyone that we have requested help from has been there for us.

On Thursday Toni met with our NRCS Rangeland specialist Angela to go over new fun projects. They really do think they are fun, like can we grow this type of grass without irrigation? Can we encourage bees? Butterflies? Birds? All kinds of projects. Then Toni and Mom got in a fight about whether I hate birds, all birds. I said I don’t hate them if they are away from me and not flying over my head. Toni thought I hated them less.  Then Toni went to court in her leopard print blazer that LeAnne and I picked out in Fort Worth. It looked good. The men fished up the mainline fixes, we had a group of good teams out of and work on it. Callie’s welding, Dugx, and Irrigation Specialist. Thank you everyone for getting out so fast. Dad got mom’s strawberry apparatus up and ratchet strapped to the ground. And guess what, we worked on Tank’s pen again.

On Friday I got groceries. Mom and Toni went down to see grandma. Marlo came out to do chores with us. Kaine stayed the night with his friend Maxx, so they could go fishing the next day with another friend, Cruz. Finch Ranch from Pullman came down and picked up their Angus bull and Ben ran Lar’s bull over the hill.  Friday night the water got put through the mainline- no holes! So we have water once again. Everyone is very happy. Mom made a comment about how great her sons-in-laws are and how she was thankful we didn’t marry worthless men. We are also thankful for that. Haha.

On Saturday Kade started trap shooting practice again. Kaine was with his friends (and he had asked Kade to do his chores for him). Anna worked on her steers, and Kade did when he got home, and Jaxsen helped Toni and I since he did not go down to work on his steer. I feel like he made a very bad choice.  Jaxsen’s level of help and our understanding of the children helping do not mesh. There may have been some words. Pete brought our third halter breaking donkey out, so now we have Rosie to join the crew. Rosie, Tulip and Basil. Yvonne Stampfly came out and got her bull. Dad and Steve (his friend) took a heifer to E-burg to meet a guy and picked up our tie bar for the Wilson trailer.  Then we moved stallions around, since Tank’s pen keeps getting out and we lost Leroy. We moved Dude to mom and dads, and Tank into Kings pen, King into Tanks pen, and Jackpot to Tonis house.  We did chores, then put big bales out. Right at the end of that project the storm came through and there was thunder all around, a bit of wind, but mostly it just went around us. All in all it was a LONG day but everyone was very productive.

On Sunday McKenzie came and picked up Honey Bug, who loaded like a pro. McKenzie had a ramp, Honey bug is a yearling filly, and she walked right up the ramp, looked around the trailer and was great. McKenzie said she was great when she got home too. We are so happy McKenzie was finally able to take her home. Honey Bug is going to be a mounted shooting horse, and we cannot wait to see her perform. Then Toni and I sorted mares out of Tank’s pen that we hope are bred. With the alley off of Tank’s pen, it is actually not terrible to sort out of that pen. We kicked a couple of mares out to the pasture and put Miss Gen in with Tank. Miss Gen is older and we really need to get her bred. Lorenzo, Donna and the girls came out to look at horses. They like a couple of them. We sold Coffee online. John and Maddie also came out to see babies. The kids worked on their heifers and steers. Kade and Kaine both rode their horses and Kade, per the norm, had catching issues with his. Since the corral is now open, he moved her down there. Kaine took his horse, Pow, home and Anna took Jojo home. We moved Crystal and Blue into the heavy pen. They aren’t particularly heavy, but we are down to 4 to foal and those are 2 of them. Having them all in the same pen makes life easier. The 2 other mares, Eddie and Lendy are heavy, very heavy.  Eddie is bred to Sagebug and Lendy is bred to King. We moved horses here, there, and everywhere. Debbie had called back and wanted 2 big horses for her grandson. He is in Strides (horse therapy) and is supposed to lead a big horse around, so I took Angel the TB and Benelli over for him to lead around with the minis.

It is never a matter of if, but a matter of when something will go wrong. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Manny Mulrony who was injured riding rough stock. Manny is a great kid with tons of talent. No matter what the future holds, we know he will do great things. Hoping for a full recovery for Manny.

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Lots going on, like normal.

Sunday night Toni’s Idaho Shag Abby was missing and Monday morning she was in her dog house, and someone had shaved her. And not very well. The kids worked on clipping their steers and heifers for the upcoming show on Saturday. We had an email from someone traveling through that wanted a buckskin, they stopped and Toni showed them around. Their favorite was Bailley Bug, and they called back Tuesday morning to confirm they wanted him. Ben planted his last corn field for the year on Monday. After I got home we messed around with all of our foals. Minnie and Mouse are still in the dog run. Mouse is not a very friendly little girl considering how much time she had humans handling her. She is kind of ornery.

Tuesday Mom texted Toni in the morning one of the yearlings colts was out, which he was not out when I went by so he had not been out long. He must have been reaching grass under the fence, then he could not figure out how to get back in. And since he is a teenage boy he just could not figure it out. Toni helped him back in and fixed the fence. Then she went down to cut down trees bigger than her saw manual told her she should. Just to prove to the manual the chain saw can cut down bigger trees than they think. Tuesday Toni and I hauled Irish and Gracie back other to Holly’s to breed to Witty again. The kids worked on clipping their animals for the upcoming show after school.  We put up flags in the circle track crossing to try to keep Tank from walking through them. There are wire gates, but he just walks on through. Jordan Pace did a great job desensitizing Tank to things, maybe too good? We also caught The Judge and measured him. As a yearling he stands 14 hands, so not small.

On Wednesday Anna helped with some FFA functions after school, so dad went and picked up the boys. Aram brought his steer over after school to get clipped and Kade and Anna helped him. Kaine dyed his heifers. Jaxsen was there, I am not 100% sure what he was doing. Toni and I went down and fixed Tank’s pen again. The question becomes, how do you keep a stud from walking through a circle gate when the circle needs to be able to walk through the gate?

On Thursday Ben took the red pickup and trailer to work to get shavings for the show and fuel Red up. Anna and Jaxsen dyed their heifers, I am unsure what day Kade dyed his, but they were dyed at some point. Kaine and Kade loaded feed and the chutes into the trailer to be ready to go on Friday.

On Friday we packed up to head to another show with our caravan. Kade and Jaxsen went to school and Kaine and Anna stayed home and packed. Toni called me in the morning to tell me Voodoo foaled and there was a flood at the corral. I told her to take care of voodoo and I will check out the flood situation. So Toni, mom and dad got Voodoo and the colt into the back yard, Voodoo is Molly’s mom, so did not take her foal last year. Mom wanted to give her a second chance. She likes the guy so that is good. The main line had broke, so I called Ben and Kicker, Ben put in an emergency off and Kicker told me what all to shut off at the pumping station. It has been a few years since I shut off or started the pumps. The alley road is lower than the corrals, so the water did not flood the corrals at all, it went down the alley. Then I helped Toni for a bit and went back to finish packing. Terry showed up with Livvy, actually early enough to help Toni with Voodoo, so Toni and Terry took Livy down to put with Tank. We got that done and did chores, Toni picked up the boys and we took off. Toni and Jaxsen took her pickup and the Wilson, Anna and Kade had Red and the Red Trailer and Kaine and I followed in Butte and the camper. Leslie in the Mini Pete and and Eby and Traci in the Escalade joined the caravan at Connell. About 10 miles from Ritzville the transmission overheated in the old red pickup, it was close to 100 degrees and we were headed up a steepish grade. So we pulled over, threw another steer from red into the Wilson, switched vehicles around, so Kaine and I were in Old Red and we moved to the back of the line with Traci following in case we needed to slow down. But it was downhill the rest of the way, so we made it fine. We unhooked and Nick and I set up the campers while everyone else set up the cattle. We had Ben’s meat balls for dinner.

We had the Wheatland jackpot on Saturday. Uncle Joe brought Grandma down to watch all of the kids show, she had a great time. All of the kids did great. Ady and Kade were first in their classes so made it back in for first call and everyone else was second so on standby for the championship round. The show was great. Everyone showed great. At the conclusion of the show, we had dinner with the Angus Association and ice breakers (or a water fight whatever you want to call it) and a Jr Angus meeting. 

                On Sunday we had the Jr Angus show. Again everyone did great. Natalee, Anna and Kaine had Grands and a Reserve champion in their divisions in Bred and Owned. Jaxsen had a champion in his division with Emma Frost (aka Fatniss Eversteen). Kade and Natalee made it back to the championship round with their owned heifers. Kade’s fitting team won so he got a gift card to the Sullivans table and got a nice fitting comb. Natalee and Kade’s owned heifers made it back in to the championship round. We had McCall both days to keep us all in line. Whitney came and took pictures both days, with my camera so I did not have to worry about it, so that was great. We got home without a hitch but had lots of stuff to get home too.

While we were gone the men, mom and dad had a lot of their plate. We lost Leroy, here is the post for anyone that missed it. Losing Leroy was a blow. Even at 22, we still had hope for many more years with him. The men were fixing the main line and lining up welders (Juan who bought Mercedes the weekend before works for Callie’s Welding and hooked us up, really great guy). Tank’s pen continuously got out, Toni and I worked on the fence when we got home. And of course there was the normal work load of chores, checking, water, etc.

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Last Week in Picture

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I have not posted last week in pictures because the WiFi is out at my house and the mobile hot spot on my phone is not strong enough to upload pictures. So here is what I have without those pictures.

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I am not sure that we have recovered from the Spokane show yet, but we keep plugging away at work. You can’t build a legacy if you aren’t willing to build.

Monday was a nice and sunny day. Mil foaled and one of the three show heifers left to calve calved, a blue roan colt and an Angus bull calf. Toni had court prep for court on Tuesday. We also had some gals out to look at the colts. Kade and Anna had FFA practice after school and dad and Toni went in for the dinner and to be judges for the practice. Toni said there is a BBQ team, and that is who did dinner, and it was amazing.

Tuesday Toni had court, so was gone all day. I had work too so was also gone all day. After work and court we worked on getting more water on to the little pastures, we had to pull the hoses out of the weeds, etc. One of them sprung a big leak over the winter so we pulled it into the yard for dad to fix. We moved mares into the corral for dad and Toni to take up to Allies on Wednesday, and West Niled Sally so she was ready to go to Johns and get bred to PD. Jaxsen went with the older kids after chores to dye/ assist Anna in clipping his heifer. Jaxsen assures us that he is ready to show this year. We aren’t clear if his animals are ready. His heifer is ready because he is taking the big fat fall heifer that anyone can show. He is getting a free heifer pass this year, which he really likes.

Wednesday dad and Toni left first thing to Allies with Annie, Reba, Miss Gen and Cinder. Reba to get bred and the other three to check if they were in foal. None were, so Annie stayed to get AIed to a Shiner Named Sioux again. Dennis brought Butterscotch back so that we could breed her, so she went in with King to get bred. He was reseeding his pasture and had nowhere to put her. She is a nice big mare and will have a nice foal with King. She is by Colonel and out of Buttercup (An Azure Te bred mare). Dad and I fixed the sprinkler hose while Toni got Irish in. We put Irish and Gracie in with the yearling fillies to tease to take to breed to Witty, the Colonel son that Holly Miller has. Lendy was close, so we got her in and put her in the heavy mare pen. Sally and her spawn Saul were jerks and chased her around in unison.  They are pretty much two pees in a pod.

                Thursday morning Anna and Kade left early to go to FFA State Convention, so dad took Jaxsen and Kaine to school.  Kaine felt he got to mom and dads in plenty of time. Dad felt Kaine was a little late. But they made it to school in plenty of time. Tank’s pen was out in the alfalfa field. Butterscotch was out behind the house, which she is in a pole pen, but has been trained as a jumping horse. She has no scratches and the fence is up, so we are going with that she jumped out. Dad and Toni put Butterscotch back. Toni checked the three mares in circle 5 and then chopped some trees. Kaine and Jaxsen did chores. Toni and I moved water and then went down and fixed Tank’s fence. Kicker was working on circles and doing cattle chores with Kaine and Jaxsen. Ben got home and fed the bottle calf. Anna and Kade did not get home as late as expected. They both had a great first day at FFA State Convention. The Convention is in the tri-cities again this year, so it isn’t as fun as when we went, but it will be in Pullman again next year.

Friday Anna and Kade left early for FFA state again. We had a few calls on people wanting to come out and look at foals. One repeat buyer came on out and another one scheduled for Saturday, an FFA group scheduled for Saturday at 12:30 and someone coming out to look at minis at some point on Saturday. Mom and dad went up to neighbor Kyra’s plant sale on Friday. Toni sold Lil Fooler and did chores with Kaine and Jaxsen. They move about ½ of Leroy’s pen out to the pasture, so hopefully those mares are all bred. Jesse the miniature had a filly on Friday.  Kade and Anna got back decently early again on Friday. Kade’s CCM team came in 8th at State, so we are pretty proud of him.

Saturday Toni and dad went to Tri Cities to judge FFA competitions, with cousin Bobette and lots of other people they knew. At 8 I had Juan out to look at foals, he bought Mercedes. Next I had a group out looking at the miniature horses. Then Tekoa FFA came out and got a tour in between sessions at State Convention. Kaine and Kade were working on their heifers and steers and clipping. Camas came over and helped. Jaxsen went to his friend Luke’s birthday party. Ben was at work. Kicker was working on circles. Mom was working on hats. Rainy the miniature had a colt on Saturday.  Dad and Toni got back really late. Anna got back even later, but her Ag Sales team took 8th at State so that was awesome! Super proud of her. She had the highest score on her team.

                Sunday was Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day. Mom pulled Minnie’s filly on Sunday. We then put her in the dog run and Kade packed the filly into the pen. Minnie is a first time mother and the filly needed some extra time to adjust to life. Minnie was herself and not bothered by the fact that she had a foal and it wasn’t nursing or getting up. Minnie is pretty chill. Spicy the miniature also foaled on Sunday and had a filly. Minnie’s filly mom and Kade named Mouse (like Minnie Mouse). Ben and Kicker cooked lunch and mom made rolls. We also celebrated Skip’s birthday since we will be in Ritzville at the Wheatland Jackpot and the Angus Show. After lunch the kids went out to work on their heifers and steers and Toni and I started hauling mares out with stallions. And we hauled Irish and Gracie to Holly’s to breed to Witty. We had 6 mares to haul all over on Sunday. The men got water running and did cow chores.  We heard that Jaxsen hadn’t been working on his steer because he didn’t realize, even though he had been told, that the steer is going to the show this weekend. Really don’t know what to say about that.

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Last Week in Pictures