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Anna, the boys and I got these peaches in again in the wind some some bull calves decided to go down and visit.

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Women of the Year: Attorney Toni Meacham blends love of the law with love of ranch life

On Monday we had some exciting news, the article came out of Toni being the Inland Northwest Woman of the year. Here is a link to the article As most of our already know her, Thomas Clouse misquoted her a lot on the ranch, and in her interview with him she also talked about a lot more cases then were bought up in the article. She has taken cases to the supreme court, fought DOE, the Corp, Dept of Fish and Wildlife, and more. We are extremely proud of Toni, all of her accomplishments, and all that she had done for the agricultural community.

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The Last Full Week of Summer was full of smoke and haze.

Monday was a smoky hazy day. Harvest was canceled for the day for both Ben and Dad due to the poor air quality. So Dad went to Basin City and got more equine senior for Double, Kool and Smoke.  We buy that stuff by the pallet. Jaxsen’s only chore is to feed the old horses their Senior. Dad also got us more lag bolts for the never-ending fence building. Bruce from Old Mill dropped off our protein tubs for the trio too on Monday. Due to the smoke, there has been little water evaporation, so the South end of section of Continuous fence we were on was flooded Monday, but don’t worry, Toni pushed us through so we got three panels up and finished that end on Monday. We were all muddy, wet and cold, but we moved up to the other half to start on Tuesday. We found out on Monday that our friends at J Spear Ranch have a big fire there, we have them in our thoughts and hope that everyone stays safe and they are able to get their cows and horses out. We also have many friends in WA that have been affected by the fires, Washington Cattlemen’s is one of the many organizations collecting donations and getting them out to the people in need, so if you are in need, contact the WCA, if you have a donation, also contact the WCA. Toni is on the board, so you can contact her and she can get you more info. Dad took some dog food, livestock mineral, and equine senior into Jamie Utech in Connell that arranges for donated items to head north to fire areas.  Everyone here is trying to do what we can to help.

Tuesday and the smoke and haze continues.  The kids have virtual school, then fencing. We got three panels up Tuesday. Toni and Anna worked on the colts, the boys did chores. My back was hurting on Tuesday so Kaine did my tamping for me. I bought a new work pickup on Tuesday to replace the Blazer, Kaine says he is taking over the Blazer until it dies. Then Ben said he is taking over the work pickup because his pickup is about to die. 

Wednesday was still smoky. Toni took the boys to Jade Anderson’s house to socialize, they took their laptops to log on to school when it was their turn. Jade was kind enough to bring them home when she was done with them. She got to experience Jaxsen’s deal making when he wanted her to text Toni and request a longer visit.  They did get to stay longer, but had to be home in time to build fence. We put 4 more posts in Wednesday night and put panels next to them, we were out of clips. Ben and Kicker went and got the new work pickup at Musser Bros. I found an ad for a metal recycling place in Othello, so Toni called and ordered a container.  These people will bring out a container for free and pay for the metal, so we are all excited to finally get some of these metal piles gone that we have been stockpiling.

The news said Thursday morning that the air quality was better, so I guess that means there is less smoke, but you cannot really tell.  Toni and Anna shipped out our precious Burnin Vernon to his new home. Jen is a friend and repeat buyer so Anna allowed us to sell her colt to Jen. Of course, Burnin loaded like the perfect guy he is and went off to live with his new owner. We went out to build fence on Thursday afternoon and saw Easter limping so went out to check it out. She had a fight with a porcupine, I guess you could say she lost, because the kids walked around the field and did not see a dead one. So Toni and I got her back to the house and talked to both Dr Sorensen and Dr Wisse on treatment. We got her in the crowding alley and pulled out the quills, she did pretty good, only had one meltdown. Mom got the meds for us and then came out and helped. Kaine got Toni’s pickup stuck when they were looking for the porcupine, so he ran back to the house, because he felt we were too busy to help him, so we pulled it out when we got done.  Lucy also went in and got spayed on Thursday. Thursday was just a very busy day.

Friday Chad was scheduled to come out and trim horses, and then Toni had meetings scheduled, and the other lawyers did not feel like the farrier coming was a legitimate excuse. So, the three older kids were in charge, Anna and Kaine until Kade was out of school. Anna and Kaine have their virtual school in the morning and Kade’s is at 1. Chuck brought out a broke grey gelding on Friday as well, we have a list of people looking. He is going to go and live with cousin Jodi. Katie brought Butterscotch bank to us as she is not needed at their house anymore. Chad and the kids got the horses on our list done.  It is really nice to have kids old enough to get stuff done. Dad had a short day, so he was also out supervising. In the kids’ free time, they were instructed to put metal in the metal bin, and did a pretty good job of it. We are actually giving them all the money (whatever that small amount will be) on this first bin because they have helped collect the metal from all around the ranch. There has been some disagreement about whether Jax gets a full 25%. That is still being negotiated. He maybe didn’t do as much as the other three kids. Maybe. Toni and I both rolled into the house about the same time as our friend John Gray. John has been buying horses from us for a long time and wanted to come see his fillies, Sugar and Easter. Easter was much recovered from her fight with the porcupine so John was happy. John also brought Jordan Pace out with him. Jordan grew up in Sunnyside, moved to the coast, and is not back and working as a trainer in the Sunnyside area. Jordan has started approximately 14 horses out of our breeding program. He does have some openings if anyone is looking to get a young horse started.

                Saturday Kade came down and Anna, Kaine, Kade and I got 925 in, and he went to his new home in Pullman. Then we got the steers in for Kevin and put the scales in. Then we took a lunch break. Keven got there and we weighed the steers and loaded them up for him and sent 4 steers to Maple Valley. Then we checked cows, and after that we tied up the show steers for Spokane. Whitney and Shelby came over and were helping Toni and Kicker work on fence and load up metal into the metal bin. That took all day for some reason. Ben was at work. After the kids and I got done we went down and helped Toni, Kicker, Whitney and Shelby work on the fence.  Our goal is to have the fence done asap. Toni and I feel that our bodies can’t take much more fencing. We only have a tiny bit more to go.  We actually got all of the continuous fence panels up on Saturday, and the railroad ties for gates. So we could actually claim to be done.  After that we all jumped on Sam, the gelding we got for our cousin, and rode him around bareback with a halter to see how he rides. He is a super nice horse to have around. We put him out with the weanling foals and he is just one of those nice, kind, easy horses.

Sunday morning Toni took Michael out to visit Howa. Kicker went down and worked on cleaning up the metal. Anna, Kaine and I tied up the steers and then haltered the heifers.

After lunch we let the steers go and Toni, Kade and Jaxsen came down and we took the new white pickup, the little trailer, Red, the gooseneck, the blazer and Toni PU out and caught Gunner, led him to the corral, the mares followed. Then we got an in-heat heifer and the bull calves in. We had to fix the interior fence a bit as the cows like the horse grass better than their grass. We hauled Gunner to his winter pen.  Hauled the mares to the house, John showed up and stated helping. We weaned Howa, Firepower and Walt. Then we hauled 7 mares back out to Gunner pen, after we wormed them.  That pen is now going to be the dry mare pen. We are hoping for moisture/rain to allow the desert grass to grow. Luckily Gunner’s pen still has a lot of grass so we can take the majority of the mares out there and get them out of the pen at the house.  We put Piper D and Easter back out in the big pasture, Easter’s legs don’t show any signs of the quills and she is moving really well.  This is the first, and hopefully last, time we have pulled porcupine quills out of a foal.  We continued to fill the metal bin and did chores.

Life continues to plug away. Dad, Ben, and Kicker are all in harvest. We hear the kids will go back to real school Oct 1. Toni is going to miss having them home. And Pow is with Rachel in CA and it turning into a horse, and not a pasture pet. However, she did feel the need to try to convince Rachel that she had not been saddled. LOL

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Last Week in Pictures

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The Fencing projects never end.

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From an agricultural standpoint, this has been a very sad, frustrating, hard week.

If it wasn’t tied down, it blew away. Monday was a miserable Labor Day, the wind blew so hard, there was so much dust and smoke you could not see past the cars in front of our house. Ben, Anna and Kaine went out and worked on some fence, to move the Spokane steers up on the hill, I told them we could plant a garden on their face when they came back in. Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen went to Spokane to look at a Tahoe, and got stuck up there due to the wind and road closures. Dad and mom went to Pasco and got more lag bolts. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I then weighed the Spokane steers and put the halters back on the ones that got them off and then we moved them up to the hill. We put a halter on the bull, “Clark,” too, since he was in there he might as well get halter broke. Then we cleaned up in the house until chore time. And we could actually see the corn by then, so it was a little better. We were hearing reports of friends and neighbors all around us with fires and cattle being caught in them. It was a really sad day. Sally ate some hay was and choking when we were down doing chores, I got it worked out of her and left her locked in for the night. Sheena was nice enough to text us back on her day off with instructions. Marley and Lucy spent the night with us since Toni, Kicker and the boys were stuck in Spokane. Lucy and Chester barked at coyotes all night and Marley slept with Anna and Lynn.

If anyone has extra pasture, feed, fencing materials, or anything else for those impacted by the fires, the Washington Cattlemen’s Association is putting together resources for the impacted ranchers. We can’t fix the heartbreak that they are going through, but we can help them move forward.  If people would rather let us know, Toni is also keeping a list of impacted farmers and ranchers and their needs. Pasture and places to take livestock is a big one.

Tuesday morning Toni, Kicker and the boys headed home. Dad went into Pioneer for his first day of corn harvest. Ben left at 3 in the morning for his first day of corn harvest. The first responders got a lot of the fires out, there are a lot of fires still burning. Kaine and Anna had a good first day of school, they got logged on all right and saw their instructors. Kade and Jaxsen, in elementary school, it did not go as smoothly, it took most of the day to get logged on. Toni and the kids had started working on the weanling colts when I got there, then kids went to do chores then and Toni and I finished. Splinter, Burning and Hero will probably be the easiest three to halter break and wean. Burning put his head in the halter, on a volunteer basis. Hero was a touch harder, but we caught him out in the big pen and had him going well quickly. Splinter was just born halter broke. It is so nice to have such easy colts.  Sally was still on the watch list, Lizzie is still being doctored, Nellie’s puncture is still being worked on. Our injured list seems to be growing.

Wednesday morning Splinter and Hero had an appt to go in and see Sheena at Sagehill Vet. Toni and Kade took them in, and they both loaded great, haltered great, and acted like pros.  Toni and Kade decided that they would have an empty trailer coming home, so they got more wood posts to try to encourage us to get back to building fence. Sheena put hernia clamps on both colts and then Toni went and picked them up later. We started building continuous fence again Wednesday night. We are in the yearling pen, and they are very helpful.  The injured are still being doctored on top of all the normal chores. The kids were also getting ready to haul their steers into CBJLS for the livestock sale. Also, Wed was Samee birthday.

Thursday we continued building fence, working on our injured horses, and checking on the two hernias. The fencing didn’t go well. It is very frustrating when we are at a really rocky spot and have a lot of hand digging. It makes fencing go slowly. Another reason for slow fencing is all the extra “help.” The yearlings are a pain in the butt. If there is a bucket of lag bolts, then they want to knock them over. If there is a tool out, they need to see if they can pick it up in their mouth. We are building an alley in their pen, so even though we are feeding them away from where we are building, they are so not hungry, that they just meander over to see what is going on. Kendel brought her heifers down Thursday night to preg check on Friday.

Friday Dr. Hank Wisse came out and preg checked the heifers in the morning. Anna, Kaine, Kade and I got the heifers in, Toni got there around 8, Anna had to go in the house for online school at 8. We found out Honey Buns, Anna’s bottle calf was a free martin, Anna’s May show heifer was also open, she was not out with the bull for a long time since she is young so we were not completely shocked by it, but overall, the heifers were all pretty far along. Kaine went in the house at 10 and Anna came out, so he did his online school. Kendel’s shorthorn heifer turned around in the chute and broke the outgate, so we were all impressed with her.  We are not lovers of shorthorns overall, so this did not improve our opinion of them.  We also had to count our retained heifers and we kept way more than we planned. It is hard to sell when you think they are all great. We had about a 90% conception rate, so we now get to market bred heifers if anyone is in the market. There are some really fancy ones. Toni went back to work in the afternoon and the kids and I got the bull calves in and switched pastures.

Saturday was the CBJLS surplus livestock auction. We took the steers in in the morning then went home and changed and were back in by 11:30. Anna’s steer was Grand Champion and Kaine’s was reserve so they were 1st and 3rd in the sale. Kade’s was third in his class so he was pretty high up too. We had great buyers, Broadmoor RV bought Annas, KC Cattle Co bought Kaines, Range View Contractors bought Kades and Jackass Mountain Ranch bought Jaxsens. They we loaded the steers and went home to continue building fence in the smoke.  On a lighter note, Jaxsen got $3.00 per lb, which is really pretty good, and is quite impressed with himself. He told some people that he did the least amount of work and made the most money. This is a true statement because he had raised his steer out of his calf, so didn’t have an initial cost to buy his steer. Not a good life lesson for him, but humorous. (Toni added this part about Jaxsen)

                Sunday Toni, Kade and Kicker went down to mom and dads early to build fence, and dad went out to help them. Ben and Kaine worked on the bigger run and we turned the weaned calves out there. We sorted off the show heifers and heifer bottle calves and put them in where the show steers were. Ben and Kaine hauled some more continuous fence panels down to mom and dads. Then Anna, Kaine and I went down to help with the fence. We all cemented in another gate post and then continued with the fence.  We were so hopeful that we would get the south piece of the alley done on Sunday, but with the rocky ground, it just didn’t happen. At one spot the auger only went in 4 inches, we had to hand dig the rest. It was pretty much miserable.  And because we were down there all day, the yearlings thought it was “their” time and would not leave us alone. We finally brought panels around and locked them out. The reality is that it is really nice to have such calm, gentle yearling fillies, but seriously, sometimes they just need to back off. On that note, we probably don’t need to keep them all, so if someone wants Lightening Bug (the grulla) we are going to market her.  We probably need to market a few more, but that is in negotiations among the family members.

From an agricultural standpoint, this has been a very sad, frustrating, hard week. We have talked to friends that have lost their entire pasture, calves, cattle, fencing, their livelihood, their ambition to go on. All we can do is be there for each other. The great thing about our industry as a whole is the fact that we support each other. We are very thankful for all the calls, emails, texts, and outpouring from our friends, family, and clients that have checked on us. Luckily the impact has been our air quality, and we have not been hit worse, like our friends have. The picture below is from the WCA newsletter.

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Last Week in Pictures

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Thank you 2020 CBJLS Steer Buyers, Broadmoor RV, KC Cattle Company, Range View Labor Contractor and Jackass Mountain Ranch

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Last Week in Pictures Volume 2

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High wind warnings were in effect for Labor Day. The weather is definitely starting to feel like fall.

                Virtual school started Monday, Toni did not feel like the kids did enough on Day 1, so she added 2 hrs of IXL on (that is math for everyone that doesn’t know these new programs). The kids love when Toni is their teacher. Dad had a dr appointment Monday, so mom and dad went to town. In the afternoon Toni got two additional charges for her fence building school, Aram and Daisy, so she took all 6 kids down to work on fence. Mom made donut holes for the kids, but guess what? Sammy, the German Shepard, thought he needed donut holes, so he ate them all, except one. I got there, and saw only one donut hole, and I ate it and asked mom if the kids and just saved me one. Nope, Sammy did. We got a lot of fence done on Monday, we are to where the digging is bad and we ran out of lag bolts. So the kids stapled the mesh fence on the back side to the wood posts, to make the weaning fence that much stronger. Toni and I continued to dig post holes for a while. Then we went and worked on the three weaned colts, Uni, Dais and Ammo. Anna can lead Uni around, I worked on Ammo and Toni messed with Dais. Dais does not make us sad that we sold Bishop. He is a good colt, but just not as good as our others. Then 5 of the kids (all except Jaxsen) went to feed steers and Toni I and continued to work on the colts. Oh yea, did I mention I forgot my shoes and was wearing Jaxsen’s? So he was running around outside barefoot, which was his excuse of why he couldn’t help that day. No shoes, can’t do any work. 

Tuesday virtual school continued. Toni showed Angie from NRCS around in the morning. They had to go take field samples, so drove around and looked at stuff. Dad had an eye appt. In the afternoon, Pam and James came out to look at Coy. They come out once per month to see him. He seems to like her pretty well. Toni took them down to look at the “twins” too because everyone likes to see them and watch them run around synchronized. Toni and the kids worked on fence. Kaine and Anna had teacher conferences, it was one on one with the student, parent and teacher on what to expect at the virtual school, so dad met me in the school with the kids. Anna, Kaine and I ran out to see Grandma after and got pizza on our way home.

Wednesday morning Kayla came out to brand inspect some fat steers that we sold. Anna met her at the house. Toni had a meeting in the morning, or she would have met with her too.  The got three fat steers brand inspected for McCann Farms, they are leaving Saturday. We had a call on a bull and Jesus Jimenz came out and bought 915 Wednesday night. We had people out looking at horses Wednesday and Toni sold them May Lady, so she also left Wednesday. When I got home Toni and the kids were almost done on the fence for the day, they ran out of battery power on the tools and the generator has not running right. Toni and I worked on the weanlings while the kids did chores, Anna came over and helped after she doctored Hottie. Then the kids went and fed their steers.

Also, on Wednesday I went to enter the kids in Othello Fair, and found out I had to have that done by Tuesday, huge fail on my part. So, we have the Othello Steers for sale if anyone is looking. We have sold Anna’s and a quarter of Jaxsens.

Thursday Kade and Jaxsen had parent teacher conferences, so Toni took them in to that, then they went and had lunch with Grandma Norma. That made the boys pretty happy. No one cooks like Grandma! Toni had meetings until late into the day, so we didn’t get as much done as normal. We worked on the weaning pen Thursday night.

Friday was a beautiful day. Toni took Kade and Jaxsen to get their new puppy, they are really excited, her name is Marley. We have officially used all of our poles, so the weanling fence is made up of left-over poles from all our pole piles of leftover and not quite good enough poles. We are now out of those as well.  We have about 50 feet left to go, so we put panels on the last little bit. Uncle Skip came over from St John to see us.

                Saturday Ruby came down and her and Anna washed Freddy for the last time. Chris and Kristine Moe came out and bought M902, we are down to two 2019 Angus bulls left, 918 and M901. We put halters on the Spokane steers again. Toni worked most of the day. J Cruz Herrera showed up with Pecos and to get Pow, to haul to Rachel, and get his three colts, Dais, Ammo and Uni. They all loaded great and we sent him on his way. We checked the cows to see if there were any bad eyes, and the kids decided it was time to get their show heifers in.

Sunday we got the cows in and sorted off the show heifers and weaned the calves off of the two year olds. We had people come out to get some meat, they showed up a little after 11. In the afternoon we had people come to look at foals. They decided on Monday to take Cue Tee. The colts in circle 6, so Crossfire and Black Eye, went through the fence when Toni was down there showing horses, everyone is fine, no injuries. So the kids went down to fix the fence. Ben and I winterized and put the camper away. Lizzie had reinjured her back leg AGAIN, so we got her and Crossfire into the trailer. He is a great loader. We had the big trailer, so decided to take Dyna and Katie with their foals back to the house as well. That will allow us to get them back on their trimming schedule. Those two foals didn’t load as well, but they loaded fine considering we were out in a pasture with no panels and a human fence to drive them into a metal, loud trailer. Luckily Fast and Blue Bug are both really really tame, so we just gave them time and they got in. Nelly, one of the yearlings, also had a puncture on her front leg, so we had to get her in and get her doctored. She is now moved to the weanling pen for ease of care. Because we had nothing else to do, we also weaned some foals. Three to be exact! We were supposed to start the alley project, which is a continuous fence alley from mom and dad’s down to the corral, but after all of that, we decided that project could wait.

And here are the videos of the “twins.”

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