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“Man, I love this life” Locash

Monday was the last day of school for the kids for 6 weeks, they picked up their packets and whatever else they needed from school. Toni has her neighbor, a Science teacher, who is going to help the kids with their science lessons for the next 6 weeks. He is a high school Science teacher, so we told the kids their lessons might be a little tough, but we know they can do it. And we really appreciate his help. Toni is working for a minimum 2 hours per day with the kids on a home school type program. 3 of the kids are doing great. We will not comment on the other kid. We finished the top pen of the corral with poles, except the one section that the posts are 13.5 feet apart instead of 10. No new foals or calves on Monday, which was good since it was still cold.

Tuesday was still cold in the morning. Anna checked cows since the kids are off. Toni picked them up at 10 to take to her house for their school work. In Jr High they are logging in and learning online. We have most of the poles up at the corral, so we moved the last of the old rail road ties out and moved a little dirt around Tuesday night. Then we went out and checked mares.

Wednesday Kayla came out and brand inspected first thing. Toni called me and asked for an address, and I said that is all on the sheet that is sitting on the laptop that I sent you a pic of this morning. So they got it all taken care off. The three older kids have most of their work done from school already, their packets will be 100% done by mid next week, and they are just working on them a few hours a day. So Toni contacted and they are sending out free subscriptions for the next few weeks, so the kids are starting on that. We are trying to restrict the public in the office I work at, the South Columbia Basin Irrigation District, but, water is flowing and so it has proven to be a trial. However, the more considerate farmers and calling from outside to see if they can do it from their truck and are trying. No one wants to get sick. Social distancing is being practiced here. Wednesday night Toni and the kids had the bottom of the corral tore down when I got there and we made a new pen for Ro and Jean since they had part of that pen. Then we went and checked the mares. Cleo is going to foal ANY DAY.

Thursday was a beautiful day. Cousin Jolene had her baby last night, none of us can go and see her in the hospital and we need to stay away from the baby. Jolene and Nick had a baby girl, Reese Augusta (after great granny), she is a beautiful baby. Toni and the kids got a lot of work done on the corral rebuild, things are going great. We are all concerned that Toni is not going to go back to work, she is having too much fun bossing the kids around and building fence. She is still working from her office.

Friday the kids got a day off from school work, Kade and Jaxsen did 30 min in the morning, and we worked on steers and heifers. Anna, the dogs and I checked everything in the morning, everything is looking great, the weather was awesome. While the kids were washing steers and heifers I got the bulls in and sorted the sold off of the unsold, one bull was leaving Saturday so I got him sorted off. I put everything back, Toni brought he kids and I lunch, tamales from Mr Metzger, they were VERY good. Jaxsen did pretty good washing his heifers, not a lot of complaining for him. Jax has admitted that his heifers are kind and maybe he has bonded with them. A guy has to have a bond with his heifers. Maybe there is progress with him working on his cattle? Dad and David Smith went to the Moxee area and got us long poles to finish the corral work. So the top pen is now done except for the gate we had to order. We worked on the corral Friday night, and got the short side of the bottom pen done. Shasta had been on our heavy list but we really thought some other mares were heavier, we were wrong! Shasta had a colt by Bishop for us Friday evening. He is a big bay colt, now we wait to see if he is roan.

Saturday Ben, the kids and I went to Ontraio to meet Candice, James, Cristy, Kaydence, Lydia and Aeliana to get two puppies, one for Traci’s kids and one for Ashton. We practiced social distancing with strangers, met in a big park were there were not hardly any people, got KFC through the drive through. We had a great time, and Traci’s girls were very happy to have the puppies. They are keeping Ashton’s until she can come and get it. Toni, Kade, Jaxsen and Kicker did a lot of work on the corral while we were gone, they finished tearing out the bottom side and burnt the old wood. Also, THREE foals were born and one calf while we were gone. I guess we should leave more often. Toni and the boys were pretty excited when they called us to tell us there were 2 foals in the desert. Cleo had foaled at the house. Mom and Dad were SURE it was a filly and that they were going to keep it. Toni actually looked and had to be the bearer of bad news that Cleo produced a colt, not a filly. But he is a sweet little thing!

We got LOTS done on Sunday. The farmers grabbed the barbed wire fence with the plow on Saturday and ripped a huge section out. Another farmer grabbed our lake fence and ripped about 400 feet out. Only a few cows got out, but they went up by the yearling bulls and so a couple of them jumped out and went down to breed some cows. So first thing Sunday we were getting cows in and sorting bulls and heifers out. Toni started fixing the stud pen in the middle of circle 4, Ben, the kids and I ran to Othello to get groceries and insulators. The kids caught their heifers and steers. Kicker took out part of the fence in circle 6 so Isidro could farm a little more. Then after lunch Toni and I finished the middle fence, Ben fixed put up a temporary hot fence where the barbed wire fence was and Kicker worked on fence in 6 and 7. Toni and I fixed the riding horse fence too. The kids went up to Kendels and got some used hog panels and worked on their miniature hose fence. Kendel went over and helped them for a while. We put Reba with Sagebug, and got him out in the middle pen we just rebuilt, we put Pepper and Comet in with Gunner. Lola went in with Jackpot, who will go out in circle 6 when we get that finished. Hopefully we get Ellie and Ro out this week with Leroy. That quote that we love this life is totally true.

Sometimes this life is frustrating, especially when we have to rebuild fence that we shouldn’t have to rebuild, but the good outweighs the bad. We are thankful that we have such a good, strong, helpful family that works together to get these things accomplished. Sunday was a long day and we had hoped to get all of the open mares out with studs, but at least we got three out. So the glass is half full. Hopefully this week we can see some real progress on getting those mares out, getting the mares with foals in, and moving all of the breeding programs forward, cattle and horse.

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“Despite the forecast, live like it’s Spring.”- Lilly Pulitzer

I love spring forward, except for losing the hour of sleep. But, I am so excited for it to be light when I get home for more then 30 minutes. Toni checked Monday morning, nothing new, no new foals, no new calves. But, Stina and Spicy did come and give her kisses, they are the two year old miniature horses. Anna started Tennis practice Monday, and rode the activity bus home, so she only had to help with the last half of chores. I saw on my way home that Mocha had foaled, so we hurried up with chores so we could go see it. She has a CUTE grulla filly by Sagebug, we debated on the name for the rest of the day. It was still up in the air Tuesday morning so I just picked one.

No foals or new calves Tuesday morning, but it was a nice and sunny day out. Toni, Kaine and Kade were working on fence, when I got home I made Jaxsen go down with me and help. Anna had tennis practice, and then I took her home to feed her calves. Toni and the boys had three posts planted when I left, they were doing a great job.

Wednesday Toni checked, nothing new. Ben and Kicker had dug some more post holes with the post hole digger, so before checking mares we buried some more posts. Toni, Kaine and Kade had most of them done before Anna, Jaxsen and I got down there, but we helped with the last 1.5 posts. Ben and Kicker went down and dug a few more holes for us after. We still need poles if anyone knows of any poles. Then we went out and checked the mares. Still no foals. But it is fun to drive around, looking for the mares and enjoying nature. We always see birds, sometimes see other wildlife.

Thursday it was a bit chilly when we got up, but we FINALLY had another foal. Ellie had a cute colt by Gunner. Toni had a hard time finding her. Ellie had the colt in the corral next to the chute, so when Toni was looking she couldn’t see Ellie. Finally when she drove by going the other ways, she saw Ellie right next to the chute and a small shadow that ended up being the colt. Ellie is a first time mother. We raised Ellie, who is out of Double and a McBride Hereford Ranch broodmare we had many years ago. Ellie is doing fantastic with the colt, but we moved her over across the road into the old mare pen so she had less horses bothering her. We went out and checked the mares after we all got home and there were not any other new foals.

Friday Ben pulled the CIDRs out of the cows, Toni was supposed to go on Kade’s field trip to Pendleton, but it was canceled. So Toni went and checked. Anna was supposed to have an FFA competition after school, but it was also canceled. Kade’s state archery tournament scheduled for Saturday was canceled, but the competitors got to compete at their home school with their coaches sending in the results. Kade thought he did a good job. This is his first time competing at the state archery competition. Later in the day we heard that school was canceled for the next 6 weeks. So I guess the kids are going to get A LOT of fencing done. They might be hoping to go back to school by the time Toni is done with them.

We woke up Saturday to a spring storm, snow and cold. Saturday morning we gave the cows shots to prepare them for breeding Sunday. Then we went out and checked and one of the cows was starting to act like she was calving, we thought we had a little time so we finished checking, then set the gates to get her in. But, she had already calved, so we brought her and the calf to the barn and then put it in the saddle shed in front of the heater until it warmed up. Toni found a few poles and her, Kicker and the boys went and got them on Saturday. And a new microwave because their microwave decided to burn up. We needed to move the cows off of the corn field so the farmer could start discing, so we got the cows that were still out there in and moved cows around again. Then we went down and did chores and put up one section of fence. It was so cold and miserable that we could only put up one section, but that finished off the north side of that pen. Except for a gate that we need to have made.

It was still cold Sunday, in the morning Anna had to go in for an ultrasound due to some stomach pain. Everything looked good, so then we ran to Winco and got groceries. Poor Lola lost her foal on Sunday, it was very sad, but that happens sometimes. We got home and everything unpacked and then Mark showed up to breed cows. We only had 11 to breed this time. So when we got done Toni, the kids and I went down to continue on our fencing project while Ben and Kicker pulled fence out in the cornfield. We got 7 sections of fence up. We are almost done with the west fence now. The problem is that the poles we got aren’t quite long enough, and there aren’t that many of them. So we are still looking for poles!

With the state of our nation in the light of the Corvid19, we are staying home, we are staying positive, and we are staying proactive. We are going to start breeding outside mares a little later, so if you have a mare you want to bring, just hold off until this thing calms down. We are going to work, but we aren’t going anywhere extra. We are excited for spring and to have people come look at foals, but we can wait on that as well. We will keep posting pictures and keep everyone in the loop on foals as they are born. Stay healthy!

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“It’s a lot like nuts and bolts – if the rider’s nuts, the horse bolts!” Nicholas Evans

Monday was a beautiful day. Toni had warned us that this was going to be a hell week for the whole week with 2 trials and 6 hearings. She had gotten coverage on most of the hearings, but both trials were going to be difficult. So Toni was in Yakima for court early on Monday. Anna checked cows before she went to school, and we are still starting out the week with no new calves or foals. Toni was in Yakima until late, so the kids did chores and then I took them home. They wanted mac and cheese with taco meat for dinner, so that is what we had.

Tuesday was another beautiful day, and still no news on any babies. John texted that we needed to be sterner with the ladies, he wants pics of babies, I said I agree. But, I don’t really know what that means, tell them sternly to have a foal?? Toni was home Tuesday night, she won her first trial, which had run over into Tuesday. She had taken mom with her, so they brought us home pastries, that were REALLY good, and probably the only people that needed them were the kids. But don’t worry, that DID NOT stop us from eating them.

Wednesday’s post was that there were not any foals to report, so again, that results in a text from John, “you weren’t stern enough with the ladies!!! March 9th is the full moon, maybe then.” Lets hope we have something to report by then. Last year we had one on Presidents Day, we are a little behind. None of the mares want to give them up, they all just want to keep them for themselves. Toni was in Ephrata Wednesday for trial number 2. That trial did get over on Wednesday.

FINALLY on Thursday there was a baby, Ro was the first mare to foal again, and again, we had a foal on little Savannah Jean’s birthday. So what did we name our cute little filly? Miss Vanna Jean of course. Thursday was a crazy morning, on my way to work I looked down into the field like normal and see Maggie with a foal, Maggie foaled late last year and it is not bred. I see Ro standing a little ways away and determined that Maggie had stolen it. So I went down to mom and dads, got the 4 wheeler and went out and got them in. Of course Maggie did not want to give Jean up, because she is so cute, so it took me a little while to get them sorted. And of course we are rebuilding the corral, so there are spots were there is no longer a fence, a tractor is in one pen, tools everywhere, so our safe spots are fewer than normal. I put Maggie in with Jackpot so she was not out with the other mares. After the whole morning commotion, the rest of the day went great. Toni was in Richland on a couple of hearings, but got back at a decent hour. Toni and Anna got the three mares in that needed to head for the AI station on Friday. Got Mil and Stinger dewormed and ready to roll.

Friday was a great day, or a busy day, but no new foals. At least Kade’s heifer, Lily, calved on Friday, Kade was pretty excited, she had a heifer, so of course he wants to keep it. I got up, checked the cows, took the gooseneck down to dad and loaded Stinger, Mil and Allie’s mare in the trailer for dad to take to Allie. It turns out that Stinger is pregnant, so she is no longer getting AIed. We are going to AI Mil to NZ Scotch Time, and now Charlie to Midnight Starlight. Then I went down to Pasco to pick up some pork, went to Agri-Services to get parts for the white and then went to Broadmoor to pick up the 5th wheel, but it was not done yet. Got home in time to throw all of the meat in the freezer, and then headed into Connell to get Anna for a sports physical. She needed to get an xray, so we then headed to Othello to get an xray, the x-ray technician was out until 2:15 so we went and got coffee, bread, tomatoes and fuel. We went back, got the xray and then headed home to help Toni hold horses for Chad. Since all of the kids were home by then, so we had lots of help holding horses. I went down and moved the mares from circle 7 into circle 8, let Jackpot and his mares out onto the hill and put Ro down in Jackpots pens. Dad had dropped the mares off with Allie then headed to St. John to get a new mare for us. Dad rolled in while Chad was still trimming, so we got that new mare, which we are referring to as “Eddie” unloaded and turned out. Ben and Kicker put CIDRs in the last group of AI cows, which Toni and I were a week off and thought that was next Friday. Then Kade went home with us and spent the night and we had BLTs for dinner. And I think Toni is depriving Kade from having bacon, he ate as much bacon as he could. Kaine’s cow, Snow Queen, was calving when Ben came in, so after dinner we went back out and checked her and she had a black balie heifer.

Saturday we went around and checked all of the mares and cows. Mom and dad went down to the Tri-Cities for mom to get her hair done, and brought pizza back, and we celebrated Kicker’s birthday, Happy Birthday Kicker (actually March 8). Then, Toni and Kade took one of Kade’s cow over to Kameron’s house to breed to a Charolais bull, he is planning on having a show steer out of her, we will see if it works. Anna, Kaine, Jaxsen and I started chores, because Anna was going to the father daughter dance and Toni needed to do her hair and makeup when she got back. We checked the mares on our way home, nothing new to report. While Toni was doing Anna’s hair and makeup, Kicker and I put out grass hay at mom and dads. Ben and Anna went to the dance and Kaine and I watched Pay per view, his choice to watch movies or go out to eat, he chose movies.

Sunday Dad, Toni, Kicker, Kade, Jaxsen, Ben and Kaine all went to Addy to get some Continuous Fence we bought. They had a great trip besides having one tire fall apart as they went through Spokane. They had a guy from the car behind them run up and knock on the window and let them know. Ben had taken the little generator, so it only took a few minutes to change the tire. They got to Addy and had a great breakfast with Ruth and Gary (continuous fence owners), and our friend Roy that came over the hill for breakfast. Then they went to Ruth and Gary’s to load the fence. It was efficient, but still took over 2 hours. Luckily the weather was good, the boys had room to run, and Ruth and Gary were great. Anna and I checked the cows and horses. Then we stopped and talked to mom and we all decided to go to Othello for lunch, so we ran into Checos. We got a few groceries after and then came home. Then Anna rested and I got the calved heifers in and tagged their calves and turned them out. Next, I got Anna’s Hereford cow in, since she is a half sister of the bull we are using, and locked her up. I let Gunner out on the hill with the one heifer left to calve. After that Anna and I went and did chores and then came back and fed the cattle grain and Anna fed her bottle calves, Bjorn and Duke. Then everyone was back and Kicker and Ben took over the cattle chores.

We are ready for the calving to end and the foaling to begin in earnest. Hopefully that can happen soon. With this great weather, it is time to see some foals on the ground.


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Last Week in Pictures

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Out checking cows yesterday

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Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’

Monday, still tired from Cattlemen’s. I found out I left my necklace there… Toni checked cows Monday morning, no new calves, no foals. So really nothing interesting to report. Ben and Kicker brought the Case down and dug some more holes for Toni and the kids to continue working on the corral. Toni and the kids put up some more poles and we are officially out of poles. I told Octavio at Cattlemens that we needed more poles and he is supposed to find some. He told me to be patient. Let’s face it, Toni is not patient, she wants to keep working on this project, so she is going to find poles, even if we have to drive to Antarctica to get them. Hopefully someone local at 3-4 inch diameter 12 foot poles for sale- so if you know of any, PLEASE let us know. Toni found some longer ones on Craigslist, and don’t worry, she is inquiring about them too. 0053B calved, she had a big dumb bull calf that cannot figure out how to nurse, but he is cute. None of us have seen Coco since Cattlemens, we have heard she is sick at Natasha’s house.

We are on no foals Tuesday. Our NRCS rangeland specialist was out on Tuesday, and Toni took her for a tour of our rangeland. Toni had a law emergency late in the day, so the kids were on their own doing chores, and they also got out of fencing. Toni had gone down earlier in the day to work on the fence and the Case would not start. So Ben and Kicker went down later and fixed it. The calf born Sunday is not nursing, he is big and dumb, so Ben and Kicker got him and his mom in so we can feed him on a bottle, they are not impressed.

Wednesday Sally had a cute bull calf and one of the Hereford heifers calved. Toni worked double time on the fence since they had not worked on it the night before, so I changed my clothes when I got done and went down and helped. We got a lot of the old rail road ties pulled out, two were reusable, and don’t worry, we will reuse them much to Ben and Kicker’s chagrin. Anna was sick, so she got out of building fence and feeding her bottle calf, Byorn.

Thursday was a nice and sunny day, it is definitely feeling like spring. The FFA was cooking breakfast, so dad took Anna and her friend Kassi in. They both say it was great. Toni had a call at 5, so the kids did chores. Then when Toni got there we went down and worked on the fence. The hot fence along the two year old colts pen was also mostly down, so we fixed that as well. We have been pondering how to fix that fence so it is tougher, but we don’t want to use poles because the irrigation circle hits it. We have some irons in the fire on how we want to get that middle pen fixed up. Toni is leaning towards the whole stallion station concept. I think it would be cool to put in some tougher fence and give ourselves some more options on pens. Right now we have quite a few pens, but they are big and mostly electric or barbed wire, which really doesn’t work in the long term for stallions and stallion prospects.

Friday Toni and Ben pulled cidrs on the cows bright and early. I took Anna into the high school to catch the bus headed to her FFA competition in Finley, and they got first place, yeah. Then Anna and her friends Kassi and Grace when to Moses Lake to a FFA team building and Kassi and Anna spent the night with Grace. Kade had a math team competition Friday night, so Toni, Kaine and Jaxsen hurried and did chores and then Toni left to go to that, and she got really dressed up and felt like she should be featured on “what not to wear.” Kade did really good at his competition. Jaxsen went home with me so he could catch a ride home with his dad. Him and Kaine played and I made them pizza.

Saturday Kaine, Ben and I got up early to give the cows shots for AIing and to put their heat tape on them. Then we got the New Valley in and sorted them again to put out with bulls. The Angus that are not heavy and the couple that had calved went down to circle 2 with 811 and 848. The heifers that we are breeding went into the New Valley with the cows that have not calved yet and 846 and M815. The Herefords went out into circle 4, with B6018, who does not have a name and Toni wants to call him French Toast since we have had Waffles and Pancake as Hereford bulls. However, Leslie does not like our names. LOL Then Kaine and I went to Connell and got B6018 from Leslie. Ben went and met Grace at the fire station and got Anna. I got home and picked up Anna and we all went down to mom and dads, Toni and Kade had finished chores, but we put some gates up and cussed the Case for still not starting. We think the men have hexed it so that we can’t use it.

Sunday we were up early again to sort the cows in to bull groups for AIing. Since most of us don’t agree on a bull, we breed to lots of different bulls. After we got the cows in Anna, Kaine and Kade rode the rest of the morning while we sorted cows. Then after lunch Mark got there and we AIed cows until around 3. Then Toni, the kids and I rode our horses moving the cows, and Kicker and Jaxsen rode the 4 wheeler and Ben helped Mark pick everything up. After that we went to do chores. I have wanted to start breeding mares since we are breeding cows. Jackpot was in agreement that he should have a mare or two. Toni went over to the gate and yelled for Cupcake who came running up with Freida, so those two mares got put in with Jackpot. It was really good for him, because the first thing Cupcake did was kick the crap out of him and teach him some manners!

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AIing cows today

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Another fun filled Week

Monday was a fun filled day of working on Spokane steers and fence building. If we can get a little bit of fence built everyday, even just one thing, then we are still making progress. Then, Toni took the kids over to see grandma and then they went to a YQCA class in Connell. Grandma wanted the kids over for lunch, but that would have been a lot of house over there. She did make fresh bread so they could have bread and jam as a snack. After, Toni and Leslie took them out to dinner. I stayed home to do chores and let the steers and heifers loose. Then some of the cows we had moved the day before got out, they were headed back to their old pen because they wanted some hay. So Ben, Kicker, Coco and I got them in and fixed the fence. Still no foals. We are still out sweet talking those mares, they seem to be resistant to our sweet nothings.

Tuesday was a really nice day, a little breezy but not bad. Toni, Coco, Kaine, Kade and Anna finished most of the section of fence where we had posts up, but the battery died on the impact wrench, and the motor on the drill started smoking, so they have one section left. The kids are wishing there was a sport going on right now to get out of fencing. We received a call about getting one of the Blue/Colonel mare back, they were breeding her and are cutting down to one mare. So she is going to be coming home. She is one of the first ones, about 9 years of age. She has had one foal already, so perfect to bring into the herd.

Toni, the kids and Coco have been working on the fence every night, they are doing a great job. Toni went to Moses Lake to go to Court and get some new gates. I am sure it is a sight to have Toni rolling in to Court with her pick-up and flatbed trailer, but it saves a trip if she gets ranch stuff when she is already going to Court. She was super excited because Pearson Farm and Fence is selling Crazy Train clothing at the Moses Lake store. She won’t tell me if she bought anything, so she probably did. Toni also reported that Basin Feed had some half border collie and half aussie puppies, but she resisted bringing one home. None of us know how. Dad went to Palouse on Thursday with Steve and they got more pellets. Once we got the gates unloaded, we realized that Basin Feed sent an 8ft gate not a 10 ft gate, so that gate had to go back. PFF sent the three 12 ft gates and they all worked.

Friday we put CIDRS in the cows for the first round of AI. Dr. Hank Wisse came out and we semen checked all of the bulls. It was a long day. Toni flat failed to show up due to work. Even though she had told people she would not be at work Friday afternoon, no one took her seriously. Luckily Kendel came down and helped for a while, then when the bus got there she went and got Kolton and he helped too. Kolton asked Ben what was going on with the CIDRS, so Kolton got a lesson on the birds and the bees Ben style. Coco and the kids did chores Friday, then us four girls went and checked the mares. Even though we don’t have any foals yet, it is still fun to go out and look at the mares.

Saturday we got the pasture in and sorted out the cows that had calved and put them down in the spring range, and we turned 811 out too. We also cleaned out the heavy heifer pen and put the last of the heifers in it. Kicker took the 8 ft gate back to Basin Feed and got the 10 ft gate. We got that gate hung. We all went home and got ready to go to the Franklin County Cattlemen’s Banquet. Mom and Dad kept the kids, like they generously do every year. Kicker had grabbed papa murphy’s pizza for them and Mom made the kids a pie. We had a great time Saturday night with our friends and family. There are usually around 500 people at FCC, and it felt like there were that many this year. FCC is a great organization that raises money for good purposes.

Sunday we all came home. Anna and Kade had gotten up at 6:30 and run back to our house and did morning chores. Anna has a bottle calf that she needed to get home to feed. Sunday wasn’t the prettiest day, but we still had chores to do and fencing to complete. We got the big drill from Ben and hung another gate. Late Sunday we finally got Reba, the Colonel/Blue 9 year old mare. She is super great, and looks to have all the bells and whistles. She has a partial blue eye, rabicano, and may have the splash gene. John brought his puppy with him when he delivered Reba, she is Lynn’s sister, so all of the kids played with her. Still no foals Sunday night. I guess since the weather isn’t perfect, although it is really nice for this time of year, we shouldn’t be impatient. But we are.

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Last Week in Pictures

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