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We are supposed to see a 100 degree day this week, so I guess summer has officially began

Monday, the first week of June, May just slipped through the cracks. It’s the first week of June and we still have 6 mares to foal. School is almost over, it is time to work hard on the show heifers and steers. Coco was back on Monday, so we had lots of chore people, so Toni worked on her poles while Coco and I did chores, when we got back she had Kaine and Sonny helping her. When I got in I asked where Anna and Kade were, Anna was working on homework and Kade was watching the news with mom. I suspect all the boys will be watching the news on Tuesday. The big news on Monday was that Felix went to his new home. We are going to miss that guy, but it is time for him to be a horse and not a pasture pet.

Tuesday morning Ben took the camper in to Broadmoor, it has some minor repairs that were covered under the warranty. I had an appointment with a neurologist that morning to see if he could figure out why I cannot smell. All the tests came back normal, so I guess that is good??? Ben went and got the kids after school and they went up and washed their steers and got in their heifers for Prineville. Toni and I did chores and then worked on the corral fence, we got three sections up were the rail road ties were still good. Half the battle on rebuilding this corral is having to pull down all the old stuff. It takes twice as long because all the old stuff has to be taken down and hauled out, then we can bring in the new stuff. The good news is that when Chad was out trimming horses, he asked Toni why we don’t have a post hole digger that attaches to the back of a tractor. Why are we digging all of these holes by hand? Toni said because they are too expensive. Chad said, no they aren’t. So Toni decided to look into it and low and behold, they aren’t that expensive! RDO in Othello has a great manager that now has ordered us a post hole digger. This should make digging post holes about 100% easier. Let’s hope anyway.

Wednesday Toni had a lot of calls on her big bankruptcy. Juan and dad showed up to look at horses but she had to kick them out. I teased the kids that they were washing their steers so much so they would not have to help with the fence. And they went and worked on their steers anyway. We had an outside mare come to breed to Bishop, a cute palomino mare by Jumpin Jack Whiz. She is not too sure she wants to stay out with him though and we had to go and put her back in twice Wednesday night, we are started calling her Mino since we didn’t know her name. And part of the time we were dealing with her was in a rain storm. It is a good thing we like her! Of course the fence was down after she got out as well, but that is to be expected. One of our three summer cows also calved, Sweet Apple had a cute Hereford calf.

Thursday dad took two bulls and two cows to Toppenish. Toni went down to check on the palomino mare to see if she was still in, she was. But, she got out later so Toni took her to the house and we put her in the corral there until Friday. Coco was there to help with chores on Thursday, so Coco and I did chores and Toni got more poles ready to put up some more sections of fence.

I do not know what happened Thursday night, but we had some mixing going on Friday morning. The show heifers and riding horses were out with the big group of cows. Eric the Hereford bull was also out with the big group of cows, and some panels were knocked down in the corral in circle #5, there was nothing in the corral but cows were in the pasture around the corral. So I spent most of Friday fixing fence. I took a two hour break for mom and I to run into Connell and get our hair done. Kade was a student of the month so Toni went to the assembly and brought all the kids home and took them to get milk shakes. Then she brought them down to work on their heifers and steers. Toni and I went to take Mino back with Bishop. Pepper was in heat so we hand bred her to Double. Pepper had gotten an injury in her shoulder when we put her out with Gunner (this seems to be the year for injuries) so we had to bring her back in to care for her. Toni wasn’t too happy about breeding Pepper to Double, but I had already said I wanted to breed her to Double to try to get a replacement for Double. The guy is 23 years old, he isn’t going to live forever, even if we are in denial about it. So now Pepper, Pistol, and Shady are all bred to Double for potential replacement stallions. So, they are all having fillies next year.

Saturday was mom’s birthday, happy birthday mom. The kids and I caught all the heifers and steers and the kids washed them. Toni got a bunch of work done. People came out to look at horses, so they got the tour. Then we went down and worked on the fence at the corral for a while, we had Coco on Saturday to help. Luckily for Coco and I Toni ran out of lag bolts so we got to stop at 6:45. Then we went and celebrated mom’s birthday at Toni’s house.

We hauled Mino back to the house Sunday, Toni is going to take her in to see Dr. Sorenson and see where she is at in her heat cycle. We also brought Cole up front so Toni could take him to get him ready to go to CA in a week. Pecos gets to move to CA as well, so he got put in the corral to go the vet Monday too. It will be a full trailer headed to the vet on Monday. 3 heifers, 2 colts, and 2 mares. The kids worked on their heifers and steers, they are getting the steers ready to go to NW Farm Supply show on June 15th and then we are headed to Prineville with 3 of the heifers on June 20th. Toni got some lag bolts from Ben so we finished the sections we could that had good posts. We also moved Whim back down to the corral so he had more room. Jeanne showed up with their 3 ponies, one may be a mini, so we got them all worked and loaded and hauled them over to a friend’s house. He had requested “ponies” to eat down his grass, so the joke was on him when we literally unloaded a passel of ponies. The kids aren’t too happy that their mini herd is all of 10 miles away, but it is nice to take Dreamer somewhere else for a few weeks. A mini stud is still a stud.

We are supposed to see a 100 degree day this week, so I guess summer has officially began in the Columbia Basin. Business as usual here at the ranch. We are getting lots of visitors, so if you have your eye on a particular foal, let us know when you want to come out and take a look.

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If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there with ya.

Monday was a day of remembrance for all of those who have served and paid the ultimate price for that. We take it one step farther and want to thank all of the members of the armed services for their service. We have multiple family members and friends that have made the commitment to serve our country and we cannot thank them enough.

Memorial Day 2019
Kaine and Kade went with mom and dad on Sunday to St John to help decorate graves. They came back with great stories from dad and were excited and happy from their experience. Normally either Toni and her family or me and my family go with mom and dad. But this year it just did not work out that way. Even when we can’t go, it is important for the kids to understand that someone must go because that is our heritage and must not be forgotten. The kids have always gone from a young age and understand that it is our duty to go the gravesides.

Also on Monday, Goldie had a cute chestnut colt by Colonel. Ben had finished some fencing down in circle 6, so we moved Bishop’s pen down there. That was our last stallion pen that we were feeding, so now the corral is empty to allow for the rebuild that is going to take forever. The corral won’t stay empty forever, so it is just going to be a slow rebuild. We worked the rest of Bishop’s pen and got them out to the grass. Kaine, Anna and I caught the steers and the May heifers and tied them up. We ran to town and got groceries and had lunch. When we got back the kids washed their steers. Toni showed Roy around and I showed Juan around. Roy put a deposit down on Beretta and Juan is coming back next Saturday, he is trying to decide which roan he wants. Pepper’s filly, Nellie, did not like being out with Gunner, so we brought them back to the house for a few days to let her get a little older and try again. Some times that happens.

Tuesday Anna and Kaine had orthodontist appoints, Anna a retainer checkup and Kaine to see when he is getting his. Cousin Traci took them back to Connell for me. Toni and mom took Grandma and Grandpa to the Dr for their appointment and took grandma grocery shopping, grandpa did not want to go so waited in the car. They went out to lunch with Tom and Peggy, for mothers and fathers’ day, so they took grandma and grandpa to Red Lobster. They were late getting back so Toni did not get her projects started. Ben came down and got the 4 kids to go and work on steers, well, 3 worked on steers and one went and watched TV. Toni and I took some videos on Whim as well on Tuesday.

As of Wednesday morning we are still waiting on the last mares to foal. Not patiently I might add. Toni went around and got a good check on everything, and then had to get back to work to deal with her clients. The twins brought us strawberries Wednesday night AND stayed and helped us on one of Toni’s MANY fencing projects. Aram and Daisy were also there for a while and helped. While working on the fence we also came across a bull snake. Toni tried shooing it away, but it must have needed to go the way we were, it zipped right between us, and Kade took off for the pickup like a shot. Jaxsen tried to run up the hill to get a good look at the snake. The kids refused to go over by that part of the fence after that, so Toni had to finish that area on her own. We may not be petrified of snakes, but we don’t like them. We did get the fence done in preparation for tall John’s colts to arrive. Another project done!

Still no babies Thursday, and none of the mares even look like they are going to foal. Very disappointing. Kade and Sonny had dentist appointments, so they got to miss part of a day of school. Poor Kade had cavities. Kade and Jaxsen also had a troop meeting for boy scouts Thursday night. But don’t worry, we worked on some of Toni’s fencing projects first.

Woohoo, its Friday. Chad came out on Friday afternoon, so Toni and Chad trimmed the yearlings, two year olds, Whim (first trim ever!), Miss Kyra, and BeeBee. When I got home from work the kids and I did chores, then Anna held Shotgun Sally while she got trimmed. Everyone did great. We ended about 7 pm, Chad went and had a burger with Mom and Dad, then went over to our friend Debbie’s and fit her gelding in as well. Big thanks to him for fitting Debbie in.

Tall John rolled in Saturday morning with his two yearling colts that we are going to keep for him. Bad news for him is that possession is 9/10th of the law! We thought they were going to be way bigger than ours, as they are running bred, but our Holllywood Cad is still taller. John’s colts fit right in with ours, they all act like they have been together forever. Toni brought Kade down and we caught all the steers and the May heifers. Then Chad came to finish up. All of us women wore tank tops on Sat so we are all crustified critters, Anna changed midafternoon to a long sleeved shirt. We had Cody come out to look at the stallions, he wants to breed a few mares, he brought two friends. Then Josh showed up to get BeeBee and take her back to Potlatch with him to start, Jeanne is going to ride BeeBee for a while after Josh gets a good start on her. Toni took Josh out to look at the yearlings and babies while he was here. They saw another snake in the driveway, luckily it was dead. It was little, but still a snake.

Sunday Kade and Toni came down and we caught all the steers and the heifers going to Prineville. We led the non clubbies to the washrack for the first time, it was their third time being caught. They all did really good. Then a family came out to look at steers for the Jr. Show in Spokane next year. Toni had one of her law interns coming out for a little while Sunday, she needed to finish off some hours. So Toni left, and then we took Kade home for lunch and Kaine, Anna and went to Othello for lunch and groceries.

We came back and got the mares in out of circle 5, Goldie, Payton, Maggie, Frieda and Blackie. We took the three left to foal down to mom and dads, put Goldie with Colonel and Payton with Bishop. Our good friends Sonny and Jeannie Riley showed up with a bundle of fence posts and some dog chow for us. The fence posts are for continued fencing projects. We had run out. Sonny Riley is a lover of chocolate chip cookies, so we gave him 4 for the trip home. We got to see Jeannie’s brand new Ford pick-up, it is pretty fancy. All the mares still to foal are now at mom and dad’s out front. This makes it easier to watch them do nothing, as none of them look like they are going to foal anytime soon.

Our first cutting of hay is down and ready for baling, the heat has let off a bit and the wind is a refreshing change. It might be the perfect week to put railroad ties in at the corral and get that project started, or at least that is what Toni is saying!


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May is a very important month, since it is Beef month.

We are frequently asked what type of ranchers are we? Are we horse ranchers with cattle, or cattle ranchers with horses? Most people assume, because we have approximately 80 head of horses, that we are horse people. We are not. We are multi-generational cattle ranchers. If anyone ever wants to read about our history, we have a brief write-up on our website under the history tab- This may seem like an insignificant distinction, but to us, it is important to recognize where we are, how we got here, and what our future holds, which will always be cattle. Our priority will always be the cattle sector of our ranch. But, Toni does tell people that the horses take up 5 times more of our time and expens as the cattle do, however, that is mine and her time, Ben and Kicker spend the majority of their time with the cattle, alfalfa and circle repair. The month of May is such an important month to cattle ranches as it is Beef month. When you are faced with which protein to buy at the store, please remember that cattle ranchers everywhere thank the everyday consumer and appreciate you helping us stay in business! I could go on and on about the benefits of beef to the environment, to diets, to our everyday life, but I won’t this time. Just know that beef is whats for dinner, and we thank you for helping to keep it that way.


Monday was a beautiful day. Kristy came out in the morning to look at Gen, Bell’s colt. She brought a couple of ladies with her and I hear they had a great tour of the ranch. Toni had court, which she was out in record time, 3 minutes. Toni also took mom to get her glasses on Monday. Kaine had baseball pictures on Monday night, and of course he forgot his form and money at our house, luckily Maria had an extra form and paid for him. Mar and Leslie brought Mar’s mare out to breed to Bishop Monday night. He thought she was in heat but Bishop did not agree, so they left her. We had a meeting Monday night for mom and her colt, we all had to come up with a name, and mom picked one, and then mom decided on what to price her colt at. Lona is mom’s horse, so KT Doc Hollywood is moms. Just ask her, she will tell you it is true. Toni had a late meeting Monday night to get some of our farming stuff figured out, which she made progress. Toni is also wanting to starting fencing projects again, but we are ignoring her since there is just NOT enough time in the day.


More rain on Tuesday, we like the rain, it makes our desert grass grow. Again, no new foals. Keshia and Ana from the Fantasy Stables and Fantasy Ranch board games came out to take pictures of the foals for advertising and cards in the games. Gunner is a featured stallion in Fantasy Ranch, and there are a number of his foals in the game. Colonel, Goldy, Shasta and Shiney are all on the back of the cards, as well as on the top of one of the rules pages. Dude is on the top of the one of the cards. And two of our horses are also on the cover that are owned by Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, which is one of the ranches featured in the game. The girls got some good pictures, but the weather wasn’t great. Even with the junky weather, they took about 3000 pictures. We are really excited to see the pictures when they are done editing.


We woke up to a cute buckskin filly on Wednesday out of Pepper and by Gunner. Toni had a conference call first thing then headed out to check. There were not any other foals. Wednesday was the only day Toni didn’t have a set ranch project to complete, so she decided to try and get some of her actual job work done. Kade had boy scouts Wednesday night, he got to cook a meal and set up a tent, so Toni ran him into that. Kaine, Anna, Jaxsen and I finished up chores and went and started digging a post hole. Toni got there when we were ¾ done. After we buried the post Leslie showed up to get Mar’s mare, so Kaine, Anna and I left and left Toni and Sonny to help Les.

No foals Thursday, Toni took Whim into Dr Sorenson at Sagehill Vet Clinic to get cut, she also took an outside mare, Livvy, in who cut her leg and an Angus bull in for a semen recheck. Lucy the puppy needed some more puppy shots, so she got to go which made her happy as she thinks she needs to go everywhere with Toni. Toni had a conference call starting at 10 and made it back from dropping the animals off with 6 minutes to spare. Then she had to go between clients to go pick them back up. This was Whim’s second time being loaded in a trailer and his first ride in the trailer. Again, such an awesome awesome mind on this guy. The bull was in the front compartment and he had to load next to a yearling bull.


Thursday we also got an email from our cousin Jodi, cousin on our dad’s side. Her dad, our uncle Walt, passed away from Prostate cancer, and her mom also was a victim of cancer, our aunt Janet. Jodi is participating in a ZeroProstate Cancer walk/run to bring awareness. Currently our Grandpa has prostate cancer, our great Uncle Don has prostate cancer, our neighbor Bob, and of course our uncle Walt died from it. Click here to view the team page for Pierson Pride

Thursday night we packed the trailer and tackbox for our trip to E-burg and the Angus Preview. Planning ahead this time we actually got everything we needed in the tackbox so no one had to make an emergency run to a feed store for provisions.


Friday we woke up to a cute brown colt by KT Reed Me a Double and out of Piper. The kids went to a half day of school and then we headed to E-burg to the Angus show. We checked in, check into our motel, got the heifers settled in and washed. Then we went and had dinner at Ellensburg Pasta (since Lyyski’s were not there to take us out) and back to the motel. The kids swam a little while in the pool then we had an early night since we were having an early morning.


Saturday we got up at 4:30, got to the barn and got the girls washed and ready to show. It was no fit showmanship, so we did not have to fit until after. Anna and Kade both made it back to the championship round in showmanship, and Anna was the Reserve Champion Junior Showman. Kade’s bred and owned heifer was Reserve Champion in her division. Anna’s May heifer was Reserve Champion in her division. Both of Kaine’s heifers made it back to the championship round, Jaxsen’s heifer made it back to the championship round, and Kade’s second heifer being third in her class, so one spot from making it back. We had a great show, all the kids brought home a check. Jax had significant improvement in his showmanship skills from the first class to his third class. He has decided he wants to beat his brother. That is a big goal!


Sunday Payton had a cute brown colt by Bishop. We got the mares in on Sunday to move Lona and Piper out with Leroy. We hauled Pepper out to Gunners pen. We caught and washed the heifers and caught the steers. Sunday was a long day, but we got what we needed to get done, done. Now the start of a busy week. The countdown has started for the school year to be over. The kids are already working on their steers after school, and I think may have summeritis already. We would like those last mares to foal so we could count spring as over and summer as here! Looking forward to summer weather and lots of new friends coming to look at foals.


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I think the weather is confused, May showers bring June flowers??

We still have a number of mares left to foal, but as of Monday morning they had not foaled. They are looking VERY heavy. Anna had her last tennis match Monday in Hermiston. With having missed so many practices being at state FFA convention the week before, it was not her best match. Dad went to Palouse and got pellets Monday, Toni and dad unloaded them Monday evening, while I went to get Anna from the bus. Kaine, Kade and Jaxsen did front chores, Jaxsen has really been helping out a lot more lately. However, he did think he was being picked on Monday and let everyone know that was how he was feeling. Toni sold Stunner on Monday and found a repro specialist to send Cammie too, the same one that bought Stunner, so that was a win/win.

Tuesday dad took Stunner to her new home and Cammie went with her to get bred. Toni checked, Pistol’s colt seemed a little off, so Toni and mom went down and gave him some immediate response. When Ben got home from work Ben and Toni went down and got the pair and brought them up to the house. We texted Dr. Jennifer King and she had us give him some mineral oil and an enema, he seemed constipated. Wednesday morning he seemed much better, was nursing and had a BM. However, it made for a long day.
Wednesday morning I went out to check on Pistol and her colt and saw Whim was missing, so I had to run him in before I went to work. He was having a good time frolicking through the grass. Whim is now a 2 year old Azteca stud, anyone wants to buy one!? We would like to sell one! Sissy was in heat so I threw her in with Bishop and called Toni and let her know. Toni was going on Jaxsen’s field trip that morning, but she put the kids on the bus and ran out and checked first. Toni spent so much time checking that she missed the bus and drove herself, I think maybe she missed it on purpose?? Toni called Dr. Sorenson and made a date for Whim to go in and get gelded. Kicker is gone on a work trip, Ben was out late working on circles, so Kaine, Anna and I did his chores too when we got home. Ben has some “helpers” while he fixed circles.

Pocket had a cute filly on Thursday that we think is by Sagebug. Also, I think the weather is confused, May showers bring June flowers?? Toni did not have a court or any early meetings, so she did the whole circle and checked everyone. I have a feeling that if anyone wants Bing Bang Boom (BBB) you better speak up soon, Toni has really been taken by her. Kevin came down and sprayed the pasture on Thursday so Toni had to lock all the horses and the three fall calves up at the house. So we have horses stashed everywhere, that is what the text said that I got from Toni. The lactating horses (we are including pregnant in this) have to stay locked up for month. Luckily there are only a handful of those in that pasture, and as they foal they can be moved. It was rainy when we did chores. Whim is now officially living in the round pen until he has a change of attitude. His attitude is actually really good, he is a fun horse, he is just thinking like a 2 year old stud sometimes.

Friday we woke up to more rain and no new foals. Toni had Dave and Lorraine out to look at foals and they decided to buy “Stick.” Stick is a really sweet colt, we are very happy that he is going to a good home. Dad went to the Basin City Hardware store and picked up our mineral, his old truck split a tire while there so he went and got new tires. The counties called at work to say the beavers were flooding out the road again on our side, and I said nope, not us, call the neighbor, WaaHaaHaa.

Saturday dad took the last two sold bulls to their new homes, he left early because it was a long trip, he took his driving partner Steve, and they met some friends in Sandpoint for lunch. Sierra came out and got her blue roan mare from Bishop’s pen, she did not really want to leave. We got all the cows in and we worked them. The kids helped for a few hours and then the Twins came to clip the show heifers so they stopped to help and learn. Ashley and Sandy came out to look at Regis. We had Skip’s birthday party Saturday night. Dad and Steve had stopped and gotten pizza on the way home. Mom made three pies (one Skip took home with him) and rolls. Working all the cows and calves on Saturday went amazingly well. Someone must have been smiling down on us because we got it all done (except for 3 yearlings and a bull) by 7:30 pm! That is a record in efficiency.

Sunday we woke up to a cute colt out of Lona by Leroy. Toni, the kids and I got up early to dye the Angus heifers, this is quite the process, where I am the most covered, with clothes and gloves, and I still get the most dye on me. Ben and Kicker fixed a circle and then went and built some fence in circle 6.

When we got done with the heifers we tied up the clubby steers and then Kaine, Kade and Andee the puppy went and helped Ben and Kicker build fence. Toni, Lucy (the puppy) and I got Gunner’s pen in, we still had a few in there that needed West Nile, we took Ellie out and hauled her home. We ran the riding horses in and wormed and West Niled them. We played with Lona’s new colt, he was a disappointment that he was not a filly, we were hoping for a filly to keep. We let the heifers and steers go. We hauled Blue down to Colonel pen and Dyna out with Sagebug. Then we did chores and the kids had pie. Sunday was also long, but weekends here usually are. With so many of us working, we try to get all of our big jobs done on the weekends. Lots to do this week with a show this next weekend. We are hoping for a few more foals this week, but this foaling business is SLOW. I guess this is a good lesson in patience.

Also, we have a handful of Hereford steers available for sale if anyone is looking. They are fall calves, 1.65/lb and are 500-600 lbs.

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Oh Monday, where did the weekend go??

Toni had two big hearings on Monday, but one knew she was going to beat them so struck the hearing at the last minute, but she still had to go to Court for the one. She still managed to check the horses and cows in the morning, take pictures and send them to me. We are getting down to the end of the month and the start of the Spokane Jr Livestock show. Anna had a tennis match in Pendleton, luckily for her (and me since I would have had to go and get her) her friend’s mom brought her home so they were home by around 6:30. Toni picked up the boys after school and they went up and washed the steers and finished packing to leave. Stacy brought Adrian and her steer over, since Toni is taking Adrian up as well. Jaxsen and I did chores since Toni was up helping the boys, Toni got there right in time to help load hay. Toni worked on Anna’s steer for her and believes that she beat the boys at Showmanship practice. The boys do not agree.

On Tuesday Toni loaded up the four steers on her own, Kicker and mom got there right after Toni loaded the last one. The steers did not load well. Then she went and got the kids from school, Leslie from Connell and they headed to Spokane. I am feeling a little left behind, LOL. Jaxsen and I were in charge of chores. The steers weighed in OK, Kaine’s was a little light, but Kade and Anna’s were really good on weight. The boys’ steers needed a personality transplant on Tuesday. It was also discovered how much tack and necessary items got left at home. Toni and Leslie had to go to North 40 and spend $150.00 on Tuesday so that they had a hose, and a pitchfork, etc, pretty much necessary stuff.

Wednesday I finished up financial statements and headed up. Leslie helped them get going and then headed back down. We passed at around the Tokyo weight station. The kids were working on homework and Toni was working when I got there. Wednesday was a pretty relaxed day, except three out of the four steers still needed a personality transplant. We led the steers around and got them use do their surrounds, took them up to the show ring. The Jr. Show is the biggest show in the Pacific Northwest and had approximately 300 head of cattle.

Thursday was a semi early morning, 4H showed first, but, after 4H prospects, so we thought around 10. Our very dear friend Morgan flew in from Montana to stay with us, Leslie came back and brought Dianne with her, so the kids had quite a cheering crew. The kids and steers did great in market. Kaine was third in his class and Adrian was 4th. Kade and Anna were both second in their class and went back into the championship round. Anna was 4th overall and Kade 17th. There were around 90 market steers, so getting called back is really good. Kade, Kaine and Adrian’s steers could have acted a little better, or a lot better. But the kids handled them well. The judge was really fast, so that was great. No dilly dallying. Thursday we got a text from Ben that a mare foaled. We figured as soon as we left, they would start foaling. They always wait until we are gone. Kaine and Leslie also got a couple of cow dog puppies, ½ border collier, ¼ aussie, ¼ red healer that Les took home with her. Kaine named his Andee.

Friday was Fitting and Showing, the judge told everyone that they did not have to fit, he was judging them on showmanship, so that saved us a little time. The kids had a case of the slows in the morning and really pushed Toni’s buttons. Grandma Sherri, Grandpa Barry, Grandma Pam, and Grandpa Don all came to watch the kids show. The kids all showed really well, the three bad steers were still bad, but Anna, Kade and Kaine all got called back into the championship round. Kade was third overall in his division and Kaine and Anna were both 4th overall in their divisions. We were really proud of them.

Saturday was the sale, and the steers always sell last, so we got to sleep in until 6, woohoo. Since the kids did so well in their classes they were all on the first page of the sale. We would like to thank everyone for all their support, we had a great Jr Show and a lot of fun. We are extremely thankful and proud. Proud of how the kids did and especially proud because even though the boys’ steers didn’t act like they had been worked on to the level that they had, those boys didn’t get frustrated, they just handled it. When the showing was done, without prompting from any adult, the kids climbed the fence and went and shook the Judge’s hand. It was a good moment as a parent. The Spokane Jr. Show has tough competition, good cattle, but most importantly it has learning and growing experiences, which the kids took full advantage of. We tell the kids when they go into the show ring, just do your best and be a good sport. I guess that is sinking in.

Sunday we got up at 5:30 to load out the steers, Kade’s left right away, but we hung around until 8 or so for Kaine and Anna’s to leave. The turn truck was not going to be there until later, so Adrian’s steer was put in a pen with the other turn steers. Then we packed up the camper and headed home.

There were a few foals born while we were gone, Rosey had a fancy palomino colt by Double on Thursday. Lizzie had a stunning buckskin filly by Gunner on Friday. Lendy had a handsome colt by Double on Saturday, and Strawberry had a delightful filly by Gunner on Sunday. John H. came out Sunday afternoon to bring out his Friesian cross mare to breed to Sagebug and see the new babies.

We are still extremely tired from a long week, but the sun is shining and there is a new batch of steers and heifers to get in, to get ready for the next show. No matter how bad, or how good the kids do at a show, there is always another show around the corner.

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Spring calving is a wrap! Done!

Another great Monday, Toni had a phone conference on her big bankruptcy and then court, but she managed to go out and check before her phone call. Nothing is happening, except the three cows that have not calved look like the calf is going to fall out. And Easter Lily got out and Toni had to get her in while in her suit as she was ready to head to Court. Kaine had a baseball game in Mesa after work, so I met him, Maria, Luis and Aram there. It was a great game, very close in scores, they were ahead, we were tied, then they won by one run. There were lots of hits and running to bases, so some action. Also, 912 calved so we are down to two cows left to calve.

Tuesday Toni checked in the AM, no new babies. Toni had people out looking at the foals on Tuesday afternoon, and they took a tour. Toni’s new puppy Lucy was on the tour and may or may not have peed on someone. After chores Toni began making a start on her new fencing projects, we are all super excited. At least Toni keeps us working, we would not want grass growing under our feet.

Wednesday, Toni texted no new babes, cows or foals. But, Peanut did let her pet her today. One of our favorite brand inspector’s called, someone called him about a dead cow in the vicinity of where we have our cows in the early spring, he could read the tag number and it was not one of our tags. So I spent the next half hr texting him numbers of everyone around, and he would text back not them, and I would say try this person. Anna had a tennis match so I got off of work early to go and watch her, her and Kassidy lost their first match and won their second. Anna likes tennis, but she is missing some judging competitions with FFA, and she does not know if she likes it better than judging. Aram went to mom and dads after school and dad took Aram and Kaine into baseball practice and picked them up.

Thursday, Toni texted that Bell is waxed up, but no new babies. Mom had an eye appointment, so dad took her to that and Toni was on call to get the kids off of the bus. But, don’t worry, mom reminded her so she would not forget, every 20 minutes over an hour before the bus was even due to show up . Luis took the boys to Daisy’s softball game, and they just walked to practice from there. Toni and Kade built some fence before chores with the help of Lucy the puppy. She helped to dig. The only problem is that she was putting dirt back in the hole Toni and Kade were trying to dig for a fence post. But whatever, she is cute.

Friday we finally had another foal, a cute filly by Leroy and out of Piper D. They only have a 12.5% chance of a red foal according to the color coat calculator, but that is all those two seem to be having. But she is super fancy, pretty, long legs, really a nice filly. Friday must be a day for babies. The second from last spring cow calved too. John and Raven got here to look at “Chica” and all the babies.

Saturday was a windy windy day. Toni, John and Raven went around and looked at all the babies again. Anna and I loaded out two bulls to go to their new home. Then, Kade, Kaine, Anna and I went to Leslie’s house to get the rest of our tack to take to Spokane, to the Jr Livestock Show. Our wheel barrow, fan and one chute were there since Jay had borrowed them to take to Denver. We also needed to get the stall decorations. Grandpa broke his arm, he fell into a feed bunk, so the kids and I went in to see him, he was in a good mood, we talked to him and Grandma for quite a while, some other friends showed up to see Grandpa too, so we talked to them as well. In the meantime, Ashley showed up and Toni and her loaded up her mare, Whisper, that was in with Double and sent her home. The kids and I got home and “Mal” was calving with a backwards calf, so we got her in and the kids and I pulled her calf. Anna had called Kicker, but we had just gotten done when he got there. So now all the spring cows are done. We have a couple of summer cows that will calve in a few months. The kids and I had lunch then went out to work on the steers. It was still really windy and they were terrible. So then we went and got the Herefords in off of the desert and put them in the middle part of circle 4, and weaned the two falls that were still on their moms. We packed some stuff into the camper until chore time. Toni went down and fixed fence at the lake, so we hauled Colonel, Annie, and Twist down there for fresh green grass. Annie hadn’t been down there before, so she ran through the fence, but it was an easy fix, she wasn’t hurt, and she went back in. It is a pretty pasture, and we are so thankful to finally have grass and get these studs turned out.

Sunday Toni had 2 people coming at 10, Erina and Terry to bring Double a mare and Janice to get “Badger.” Badger loaded great and then Erina, Terry, Toni and Kade went on a tour. Ben and I took the camper up to the Spokane Jr Livestock show to park it. Kaine and Anna were getting stuff ready at the house for us to be gone. At 1 Toni had Ashley coming to get Rich, she loaded her up and sent her on her way. Rob and Sylvia came and got their steer, which was hard to load because their trailer is so tall. Luckily they had a ramp and Kicker and Rob pushed the steer, all 1032 lbs, up the ramp and into the trailer. I guess he unloaded fine when he got home. Next, Toni supervised the three older kids working on the Spokane steers. Ben and I got home around 3. So then Ben, Kicker, Toni and I went and got the mares in from circle 5 so we could take the two mares and foals to their new homes with stallions. Piper D went to Leroy and Dunny went to Dude. We also hauled the three summer calves down to mom and dads, so the heifers would not get bred. Then we wormed and West Niled the two year olds and Bebe. We got done after 7 again, but that is life.

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KT Duallers Top Gun

KT Duallers Top Gun is an impressive bay colt out of Tessas Poco Penny and by KT Gunpowder N lead. Tessa is a dun daughter of The Dualler, winner of over $7,000 NCHA and sire of NCHA Champions and NRCHA Money Earners. On the bottom side Tessa goes back to Sonnys OO Buck, Docs Adonis and Poco Bueno. This is a really lovely dun mare. She has an amazing disposition, great legs and feet and good bone. She is a quick mover and is going to throw some foals that are real contenders. Gunner is a roan dunskin son of Cue Bars Laddie, AQHA point earning and producing stallion. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Pistol’s sire, Gold Country Charro is a dunskin stallion that was shown in 1998 and 1999 in halter at local shows. This colt’s has the breeding to take you places and get it done, he is showy, very correct and agile. Born 4/16/19. $2500

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It’s a Great Day to Be Alive!

Monday was definitely a Monday, Toni was on the phone all day about a big bankruptcy she is doing, she managed to run her cow into Sagehill Vet in-between calls. Kaine had a baseball game in at Connell, Anna had a tennis match in Pasco. Kade and Jaxsen did front chores. I went to Kaine’s game, and Toni did not get off the phone until 7:30 to do back chores. Anna won both of her matches. Kaine’s team played really well for their first game. Luckily we have great friends that will run Kaine in for me, I just met him and Maria, Luis, Aram and Daisy in at the game. Anna got home from her match and met us down there too. A dairy in the area had their parlor house burn down Sunday night, so my parent’s neighbors, Roland and Dalton, helped haul the cows to Quincy to be milked. Rolanda had called and asked to use our gooseneck and Red, so they hauled 890 cows. Luckily we live in a great community and lots of neighbors came together and got all of the cows hauled.

Tuesday, Toni called me in the AM to tell me Tessa foaled, and NO, I could not keep it, it is bay with a strip and she is 90% sure it is a filly. Toni can be such a fun killer! I let John have my blue filly out of Lura, yes, all of Gunner babies are mine. After chores we went out and checked to see what the foal was and it is a colt, such a disappointment. He is pretty cute though. I named him Top Gun. We just LOVE the Tessa foals so I was pretty excited when I thought he was a filly we could keep. Now that we have petted on him, he also looks like he is a roan.

Wednesday Anna had a tennis tournament in Connell, so I got off of work a little early and went and got mom and Kaine and we went and watched. Anna was playing doubles with her friend, Kassidy, we sat by Kassidy’s mom Becky, and cheered and embarrassed the girls the entire time. They won their match. The boys playing doubles next to them thought we were funny though and laughed. Toni had to head to Sunnyside early, but brought home carrot cake from Bon Vinos (best carrot cake around!). Toni was sure Strawberry was going to foal, but we went out and checked and no new foals. Ben and I are dieting, I am dong the optavia diet and Ben is eating low carb, I made philly steak stuffed peppers, and they were so good. It is a good thing I only made one for each of us, I think I would have tried to eat another they were so good. Ben is busy making food for the Spokane Jr Livestock show when he gets in at night, we have three one gallon bags of breakfast burritos as far.

Thursday it was a beautiful day, two bulls left and headed to Oregon. No new babies. Friday, John H. brought Toni out her new puppy, a cute Idaho Shag/Border Collie female named Lucy. Kaine had a baseball game at 6, so I was late getting home. Toni took Anna home so she could feed her bottle calf and do chores. Toni also decided it was time to start building fence again, so Toni, Dad, Kade, and Anna put up a span of wood fence in the yearling colt pen.

Saturday, it is a great day to be alive when you get to ride all day herding cows. Anna had to go and sell plants at the FFA plant sale, so she missed out. But, Toni, Kade, Kaine and I all got to ride and bring the cows in. The horses were not too bad for their first time out all since last fall. We had left Ollie and Riley in to ride during the winter, so we did not have to feed them all, and Toni rode Ollie since Anna was gone, so her horse was definitely fine, but, Slick, Bev, and Cad were all a little fresh. It was a GREAT ride.

We had the cow in by about noon, so the boys’ friend Aram came down after lunch and they took him for a ride, Kaine rode my horse, Cad, Aram rode Bev, Kade rode Slick and Anna was home by then and rode Ollie. After they got done they caught their Spokane steers and worked on them. Ben was working on the fence in the middle pen, so he watched them.

Toni and I went and got Sagebug and hauled him out, after Ben told us the fence was hot. We also hauled the last of the heifers to get bred, and two of the fall heifers down by Leroy so they would not get bred. We also moved stuff around so Bishop’s pen to the hill so they had more room, and Whim down to Bishop’s pen. We moved Gunner’s pen out to the desert, the cows in circle 5 into 6 and the Herefords out with Gunner for now. We moved all of the heavy mares into Circle 5 with some of the cows. We put Red Robin in with Bishop and moved Lura and Tessa in with Gunner. We did two days worth of work in one day, so we were home pretty late.

Happy Easter everyone! The kids had an egg hunt at mom and dads in the AM and then the Meachams with to Kicker’s brother’s house in Moses Lake. Ben, the kids and I went home to make dinner and then mom, dad and Skip came up there. After lunch Ben, Anna and I went out to check horses and found Dunny and Peanut. Peanut is my dream color, my first breyer horse was a dunalino named Peanut, thus the name. Twist was locked in at mom and dads, and mom texted when we were headed down to do chores that she had foaled, both mares had cute fillies.

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Spring Break

The kids had a great start to spring break, they got to work on their steers, check cows and help with chores, check on the sheep, what more could a kid want? A vacation? Well, we get one of those at the end of the week when we go to a steer show in Pomeroy. More of the same happened on Tuesday. No new foals so far this week. Wednesday the kids started packing up their show stuff to leave on Thursday for Pomeroy. Toni’s Hereford cow, Lucinda, had a cute black ballie heifer calf. Toni and the kids have been working hard on the steers all week, and the kids are ready to roll. They have been super excited for the start of the 2019 show season, which this will be our first show.

Thursday Toni hauled Curly down to my house for Willie to pick up on Friday. Curly had to be a turd and run around before he finally saw the light and went into the corral. It also took a bit of persuasion to get him in the trailer, but he finally went. Mud had foaled, I saw her on my way to work. She had a cute buckskin colt by Gunner. Then Toni loaded up the kids and the steers and hauled them to Connell to get them all clipped. Jay helped the kids wash and clip their steers. Jay helping is somewhat humorous. After the kids washed, Jay came in and said they owed him $5 for every mudclod they had failed to get off. I think Kade may owe him $25? Basically they need to do a better job of washing to meet the Jay standards. Kade’s steer hadn’t seen a blower before Thursday, but all of the steers did really well considering the limitations winter placed on everyone and everything. They finished loading up our tack, that Jay had borrowed to go to Denver, and we were ready to set out for Pomeroy. I got off of work a little early and we headed on our way with as many people as we could fit in the Mini-Pete. We got there around 5:30, unloaded all our stuff, fed the steers, and then went to have dinner at Joe and Jessie’s house up the Toucanon. It was a long windy road up to their house (they claim it is only 12 miles, but I don’t think so).

Friday we did not wake up really early since we only have the three steers, we let the kids sleep in until 6. Kaine was in class 3, Kade in class 4, and Anna in class 6. All of the kids showed great, Kaine was 5th in market, Kade 3rd and Anna 2nd (so she made it back to the championship round). All of the kids showed awesome in showmanship and made it back to the championship round. Kaine was the grand champion Jr showman. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen headed to Clarkston with Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Bear, who came to watch the kids show. Leslie and I loaded up the 4 kids, Anna, Kaine, Ady and Julian, and headed home. The kids didn’t make it out of Pomeroy before they were asleep. I don’t think they are as ready for the show season as they thought!

Saturday we loaded up one bull and sent him to his new home, we checked the horses and cows, no new babies. Circle 6 still had about 14 days before they start plowing it, so we moved the cows down there to graze that down before Isidro sprays it. It was windy and cold on Saturday so we decided to let the steers have a day off since they had just been to a show.

Sunday we went out to check, no horse babies, but two calves, both Angus. Our neighbor, Teresa, came down and bred Rus (the cow), we bred her to KT Small Town Kid. Toni, Kick and the boys were back so they came down too. The three older kids unpacked their show stuff, and started packing the bigger show box for Spokane. There was some squabbling going on between the three older kids, so it is probably a good thing that Spring Break was almost over. Toni and I took the trailer down to mom and dads to haul out the two mares that had foaled this week. Tall John showed up on his way home from Moses Lake and helped us get the mares in and haul them out. Then we played with his mini aussie puppies he had in his pickup. They are adorable! If anyone wants one, he has 3 left to sell.

We remembered when we were doing chores that we were supposed to take pics of Duallin, so Toni grabbed him with her handy piece of bailing twine and used that as a halter. These yearling colts are just an amazing group. Duallin is definitely one of our favorites. Ask Toni to tell you her favorites in that pen, she has an excuse of why they are all her favorites. I blame her for not having them sold. When someone calls she gives them a questionnaire and then scares them off. We really only have 5 left to sell, but that is quite a bit for us.

Kaine and I also took Jag and Rich out for a walk. I am not sure if Kaine was leading Jag or if she was leading him. Whichever way works for them I guess. One of us adults is going to have to make sure Jag knows she is supposed to follow not lead at some point.
The kids head back to school tomorrow. We have quite a few shows on the schedule so need to continue to work on these steers and heifers. One more fun thing!

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Our great great Grandpa Sim in his autobiography said it is spring when the killdeer come out. I say it is spring when the sweet weanling colts turn a corner and become wanna be yearling stallions.

Back to school and work, Kicker went to Boise Sunday for a Monday meeting, then headed back on Monday afternoon. Anna had tennis, the boys are starting baseball soon. Sonny was finally feeling better last night after being sick for a few days. Ben got home to one of our recip cows having calved, with twin heifers. The kids are excited to have a bottle calf again. In addition to the twins, both Mavis and her mom calved Sunday night with bb calves. Monday we also put Shiney in with Sagebug. We will see how that goes. We have tried to breed Shiney to a horse other than Colonel before and it has not worked. So far she is acting ok. Spotty loves being near the house so he can have his human slaves pet him daily.

Tuesday was the last full day of school for the week, a half day Wed and then spring break (allegedly 2 days are conferences but no school is spring break in our book). There are still no new foals, at least there are a couple of calves. Wednesday was parent teacher conferences, all of the kids are doing great, conferences were pretty short. Dad, Kicker and Toni took the 4 kids to Michael Jays for lunch. We had three more calves Wednesday, an Angus, a Braford/Angus and a Hereford. Coco is back form CA, I brought her home from work with me. Maybe she will inspire some horses to foal??

Thursday the four kids went with Toni to Farm Fair at the TRAC in Pasco. Jaxsen was so bored he fell asleep under one of the tables. Toni found out one of our favorite steer showing kids, Daniel from Finley, is joining the military after graduation and will not be at the fairs this year. We are sad he will not be there, but very happy and proud of him. Toni took them all out to Sonic after for milk shakes and pepsis. They were all so exhausted they needed some caffeine for chores. Farm Fair is put on by the local Farm Bureau and it is an opportunity for schools to bring their 5th grade classes in to learn about agriculture. The groups rotate every 7 ½ minutes to different stations. There are 2 sessions each day and Farm Fair goes for 2 days. There are approximately 1500 students that come through in those 2 days. It is a great chance for us to teach kids about beef and why it is important to them and their daily life.

Friday Anna went to the Farm Fair with FFA and worked in the alfalfa booth. Dad took her in to Connell and Toni went and picked her up. Luckily we have a lot of help with getting everyone where they need to be. Also on Friday, Twiggy had a cute colt by Dude, I think we should call him Stick. Toni and the boys worked on the three Spokane steers. They wanted to go back to Farm Fair with Leslie, but Toni told them that they needed to work on their steers. Leslie had Daniel in her booth helping her.

Saturday Chad came out in the morning and we got all of the riding horses trimmed or shod, and the two mini yearling fillies trimmed. The kids caught and washed their steers while Chad and I worked on the horses. We had an outside mare come in on Saturday so Toni went and unloaded her and her and Ashley took the tour.

We had 400 head of yearling sheep arrive to eat down a grass seed field which is very new and different for us. I can’t remember a time we have had sheep on the place. We went down and helped unload the sheep which took about an hour and a half. It was interesting. Now we just have to watch their water troughs, the fence, and the dog food for the guardian dogs. We get to check them at least once a day while they are here.

After the sheep, the kids and I caught the show heifers, who are not happy about it. Then we worked on the steers and heifers and took everyone for a walk. Toni and Coco hauled Shasta in with Bishop, Bebe home and one of the fall calves to stay down with Kendel’s bull. We also wormed and West Niled all of the yearlings and moved the colts to their own pen, which they proceeded to run out of. We got the fence fixed and they were in for the night. They did not do too bad for not being caught all winter and having to be led around the house with the kids, dogs, and ranch stuff all over.

Sunday we woke up to a miniature horse filly out of Foxy and by Dreamer, each kid claims a mare and Foxy is Kaine’s. He has not decided on a name yet, but Loxy is the front runner as of now.

Sunday we had another outside mare come in to breed to Bishop. When Toni when down to get ready, she noticed Louie was out and the colt pen fence was broke again. She caught Louie with a piece of string and fixed the fence, again. It usually takes 2 times of them getting shocked before they catch on that they can’t run through the fence. So we expected to fix the fence about twice, that has happened, so now they had better stay in! We had a bull leave, and one leave Saturday. We had to sort the fall calves that we weaned last weekend, the bulls thought the heifers were coming in heat. We went out and checked on Leroy’s pen and got hugs from Trump, he missed us so much. Once we got back we decided to move Whinny over with Double, move Kool with the fillies, and halter and work Jag and Rich. Time for them to get halter broke! Then we went and did chores and checked the desert. The three boys went with Coco for a walk while Toni, Anna, and I finished with work and checking. The desert is simply beautiful in the spring with a calm beauty and fresh grass, if you know where to look there is plenty of wildlife to keep a nice walk interesting.

We are all super hopeful for foals this week and maybe those last few cows could calve! With spring in the air it is time to get those foals on the ground and get this show in the road.

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