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Thanks to Daylight Saving, the darkness at the end of the work day isn’t just metaphorical.

Monday was a beautiful day, despite how early it got late that night due to the end of Daylight Savings. Yes, I am going to continue to beat that dead horse. If you did not read it the first time, it is my least favorite day of the year. Also on Monday, we had the steer of merit program to see how the steers did at the fair. Most of the steers we raised made Steer of Merit, the only one that did not was Kade’s, but we knew he probably wouldn’t, he was big at weigh in and did not have a high enough daily weight of gain since he was on a diet a lot of the time. Anna’s clubby steer, Hudson, was the champion for Benton Franklin, which he was the actual live champion there too so that was awesome. He was the trifecta as Anna won Showmanship, Market, and now Steer of Merit, as well as various jackpots. He was a pretty good buy! Kade is really excited that he got a steer from the same breeder for this next year. Then we stuck with our annual tradition, from when we were kids, and went to Dairy Queen after. Toni and Anna worked on the colts Monday while the boys did front chores and Toni and Coco did the back chores. The hay stack has been pretty wobbly and had fallen down and hit Toni the week before, and fell and hit Coco on Monday. We are now just knocking down bales and picking them off the ground.

Tuesday was another beautiful day. Toni and Anna worked on the foals and the boys helped with chores. It is really hard to get my steps in this time of year without doing chores, I actually need to do Just Dance or something similar in the house at night. Dad let us know that he is having shoulder surgery on December 3rd. I am trying to catch up on paperwork, so I got most of the foals we have not sold registered. Tuesday was also election day, making the news very interesting. The car tab bill in Washington passed (again) so we are supposed to have $30 car tabs. We have passed that bill multiple times now.

Wednesday was another beautiful day. Shawn came out and helped Toni with chores, well, she was late, so kind of helped with chores. Shawn lives in Utah now and was just up to visit her parents. Anna and Toni worked on the colts, Anna has taken over Double Down, he is typical Double baby, very sweet and easy. Mom says anything that is “normal” to halter break we complain are hard since we have been spoiled by the Double, Zink, Dude, Gunner and Leroy babies. This will be our first year with Sagebug babies, we have not halter broke any yet, but they so far have been very willing too. The boys did the front chores, Jaxsen fed Double. Ben and Kicker were in before 8, so the cattle chores and filling duck ponds went well for a change. Today I got the stallion reports done on Double, Leroy, Gunner, Sagebug and Dude. We still have a few outside mares that we are trying to get sent home. But really, breeding season is over.

Thursday was a little foggy in the morning and chillier than it has been, kind of a damp feeling in the air, I guess one could say that it feels like fall. I continued working on paperwork, today I got Colonel’s stallion report done, and with help from Betsy at AQHA, got some registrations that were pending cleared up. The gym where the boys have basketball practice has been getting a new floor, so the boys have not had practice all week. Which means they get to help with chores.


Friday there was a Veterans Day Program at school that Jaxsen and Kade were both in, Jaxsen was in with cub scouts and Kade was singing, Toni, mom, dad and grandma all went. I went out to see grandma in the morning and then got my hair done. Then I came home to fix the fence around the weanling pen, a weak spot developed over the night. That took pretty much the rest of the afternoon. Toni brought the boys home from school, but they stopped to get milk shakes first. Jaxsen swept out the shed, Sammie the German Shepard had made a mess out of the grain, and Kaine helped me on the fence. Then, Jaxsen fed Double and Kaine and I worked on the foals until Toni got there. Kade was not feeling well after school so he stayed home to rest. Ben and Kicker worked on fence around the cornfield so we could turn the cows out after we wean their calves.

Saturday the boys had basketball games in Moses Lake, but Kade was still sick. Mom and Dad took Kaine so we could wean calves, I sent them with lunch money so they could go someplace good, but, they did not have enough time so they just went to Arbys. Ben, Kicker, Anna and I weaned the calves and turned the cows out on a different cornfield. We also sorted off the sold bred heifers and the beef cows.

Anna and I also got Sagebug and his mares in on Saturday and we put Sagebug in a pen at my house and hauled the mares and the foal down to Mom’s. All of the mares out there, except Dyna, are outside mares that have not left yet. Toni got down there in time to help us worm Dyna and she took Sagebug to his pen. He was not happy to be pulled from his mares, but, was still super to work with and remembered his manner. He is really a fun horse to have around.

Sunday Kaine was sick. Ben and Anna went and got straw in the morning for the barn. I put the weaning weights into AIMS and submitted them to the Angus Association. Then, Whitney came over and got the three non-sick kids and took them over to Ady’s birthday party. Toni and I got the Colonel pen in, the last stallion out, and took him up to Toni’s house and Blue and Goldie to mom and dad’s house and weaned Ruthless. We also weaned Spot, so now all of the foals are weaned except the summer foals, and Dolly’s foal since she is not outs. We hauled 7 more mares out to winter pasture. So we turned Whim out in the big pasture with the horses left at the house, so he can get used to being in a herd. We took new pics of him before we turned him out.

Overall it has been a fun week, with everyone getting back to normal. We are looking forward to having family out mid-November, our CA cousins, and a new uncle! Also, we have a report back about Beebee, Sonnys says she is doing awesome, goes anywhere he asks. Now we are debating who gets her when she comes back.


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The End of Daylight Savings is my LEAST favorite day of the year.

Monday was a hard day for us all. We laid grandpa to rest at the Connell Cemetery on Monday. Grandma wanted all of the great grandkids to say something about grandpa, just a sentence of a memory or something that makes them think about him. They all did really good. Grandma kept them all to read later. It was also grandma’s birthday on Monday, so we went out to grandma’s house after and had cake and some deli platters with her. Monday was windy, but the wind died down for the funeral, and they started back up again after. Anna, Toni and I worked on Summer Sky, Chica and Double Scotch afterwards. Kaine and Kade did the front chores, and since Jaxsen had been so great over the weekend helping out, Toni gave him the day off from doing chores.

Monday night the wind really whipped, so we woke up Tuesday to the roof being blown off one of the old sheds at my house and it laying in the driveway. Luckily it did not damage anything. Our neighbors were not as lucky and a tree blew on their new car. But, since Roxanne is a glass half full type of a gal, she said if it had been the other way it would have been on their house. Basketball practice was canceled on Tuesday, so guess what, that means more help for chores. I feel like they play sports to get out of chores. Coco was down for chores on Tuesday, so Toni, Anna, Coco and I worked on the foals. Jaxsen fed Double and Kaine and Kade did front chores. Double Scotch got his head stuck in a panel at some point during the day Tuesday, he had some marks on his head and his lip was bleeding. We gave him some banamine and he really needed some love and attention.

Lily left on Wednesday, her new owner brought her father out for a tour before they left. While Toni was showing them around again she noticed the shed was blown over in the yearling colt pen. I am pretty sure we would have noticed that Tuesday night if the wind had done it then… But I guess it was getting dark by the time we did chores and it is over behind the cottonwood trees… Anyway, it was still cold on Wednesday. The gate was left open on Wednesday from getting Lily in, so a lot of the mares got in with the weanlings, and one weanling escaped, Cutter. Toni went down and got the mares out of the weanling pen, but wasn’t able to get the escapee back without running stuff around, so didn’t.

Happy Halloween. Toni took the 4 kids Trick or Treating. I brought pizza home from town for us to have for dinner. I worked on Chica and Summer Sky. Dad fed Double and helped me get through the gate to do chores. The kids got TONS of candy, and Toni caught up with all the neighbors and friends that they go visit. Toni also got some treats- apples, pickled asparagus, candy, apple butter, dried fruit, a bag of walnuts, more candy. It is not really a mystery why she volunteers to take the kids around.

Early Friday Dad drove up to Moses Lake to help our friends set up for the Western Showcase cattle show on Saturday. I guess they didn’t have very many volunteers, so it was a good thing he went. Friday we brought the four foals out of the corral and led them around the yard. They all did really good. Kaine and Kade worked on Double Scotch, Anna on Posie, Toni on Chica and I worked on Summer Sky. They all did great and we got pics of us. Kicker, Ben, and Dad went and got big straw bales Friday late afternoon, so that we are in ready mode when the bad weather hits.

Saturday was grandpa’s Celebration of Life. We left at 7:30 am to head in and set up. A bunch of the cousins got in there early, so getting everything ready went very smoothly. It was supposed to start at noon, but people started getting there at 10, so it was a good thing we were ready! It was great and well attended. There were approximately 500 people there, but we had plenty of food, great memories to discuss, and it was an awesome tribute to an amazing grandpa and person.


But we still had ranch work too, Kaine went with Ben to get straw so he did not help set up. They got the straw unloaded and in the barn. So now we have both big bales and little bales ready to go. After the Celebration of Life, Ben and Kicker headed home and did all of the chores, while, the kids, Toni and I stayed to clean up. We got home about 7 pm. Luckily there was some food leftover, so we didn’t have to contemplate what to make for dinner.

Sunday John came first thing to get Summer Sky, Chica, Double Scotch and his mini filly, Shine. We loaded them, which was easy thanks to Ben coming and pushing them in, and then got the whole herd in to wean foals and haul mares out. Toni, Anna, Coco and I got a lot done. Jill, Ainslee and Ellie showed up to get their two mini foals, Willy and Wonka, and played with some of the big foals for a minute while we finished up with the group we were on. They also took Bev the paint home to try to see if she and Ainslee get along. Since Kaine has taken Cad over we have not ridden Bev much this year. We got all of the mares wormed at the house. Ben and Kaine were down fixing the desert fence so we could get mares turned out, luckily it was just one shorter piece left to fix. Then Ben and I brought down grass hay. Toni and Ben put it out while I took the gooseneck back to get it out of the way. Anna and Coco finished up chores. Toni and I haltered Cutter, Cue and Double Down. Then, Anna, Kaine and I went out into the corn field and took pics of some show steers to send people. All in all, we got a lot done for a short Sunday with daylight savings (which we do not like). We were able to turn out 17 dry mares and get them out of the house pasture. With daylight savings, Toni and the kids are on their own for weekday chores as I won’t get home until 5:30 or o’dark thirty as Toni calls it.


We are hopeful that with the Celebration of Life over, we can start trying to figure out our new normal without Grandpa. We are just very thankful that we got to have him as part of our lives for as long as we did and that we have a treasure trove of memories stored up for the hard days. Again, thank you to everyone that came in body or in spirit, we know he was loved by many and will be missed.

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“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ― Thomas Campbell

This has been an especially difficult week for us all. We lost Grandpa Bill Bennet on Monday late morning. I realize since he was almost 92 we maybe should have been prepared, but, since we just lost Great Grandma last year, we thought we had at least 10 more years with him. We all love grandpa very much, and he is going to be missed. He loved going to cattle shows and watching the kids show, this is the first year he missed watching them at the Spokane Jr Livestock Show. He may have loved us grandkids, but he adored his great-grandkids and never missed a chance to watch them show. He loved cattle, buying cattle, checking cattle and really everything about cattle, and he encouraged us to be the same- love livestock. Monday was a long and stressful day for us all, but Grandma and Cousin Kendel were really hit the worst. The positive thing about it is that Grandpa went quickly, there was no long and lingering illness, and he was at home until the end, which is what he would have wanted. The other great thing is that we all saw him on Saturday for the family party and he was himself. He wanted the kids to get over there and help him halter break steers, he wanted a facebook page to sell steers, and he wanted us all to promote his steers. It was irrelevant to him that we have our own steers to halter break and sell. So although this has been a tough week, we are really focused on the positive and moving forward with plans to Celebrate his life.

Tuesday Toni took mom to her Dr apt to look at her broken wrist. It is healing nicely and now she needs to start physical therapy. Then they went and visited Merilee. After that Mom and Toni went to the funeral home to help with the plans. Lots of time has been spent at Grandmas or with the family. Anna and I worked on Stick and BBB, both are doing really good. We are trying to get Piper D in to wean Summer Sky, but we don’t really want to run the whole herd in, so we have been trying to trick her. So far no luck. Kaine and Kade did the front chores and Jaxsen fed Double, sine mom broke her arm feeding Double has been primarily Jaxsen’s job. There is lots of yelling (from Jaxsen) about feeding. Even though he knows we are going to ask him, and he is going to do it, he never hesitates to tell us that he doesn’t want to feed Double and that it isn’t fair. We never hesitate to remind him that the other three kids are doing ALL of the chores, not just feeding one old horse by the house that takes under 3 minutes. Jaxsen is still not getting that concept. Toni got home and Anna, Toni and I finished chores.

The wind finally stopped Wednesday. The kids had a half day of school and Kade and Jaxsen had parent teacher conferences right after lunch, so the Meachams took lunch out to Grandma’s before the conference so they could spend time with her. My dad picked Anna and Kaine up after school and took them to the Burger factory for lunch. Anna also walked down to the burger factory during school for milk shakes as part of the ASB. We ALSO ate at the burger factory after our parent teacher conferences that night. So lots of burger factory. The kids and Toni did chores before they met me in there. Toni decided that BBB and Stick were going to walk through muddy water on Wednesday so chores took a bit longer than normal, but the foals finally walked in the water. All 4 kids had great conferences, I know, shocking. Then, Anna, Kaine and I went out to grandmas to see her before we went to Idaho. We borrowed Holts trailer to take with us to pick up Mil, since it is smaller and easier to maneuver around with only one horse. So Ben went and picked it up on his way home from conferences.

Thursday we headed down to Preston, Idaho for the weekend to see the Geddes family. We stopped in Boise on our way down at ate at Fresh off the Hook, it was really good. At home, Toni shipped out one of the last outside mares, she was a palomino mare that was in with Sagebug. Toni and Kade worked on the foals. Jaxsen helped do chores.

On Friday down in Idaho we played Phase 10 and then went to the corn maze that night. Friday Snip left to his new home with Josh and Crystal. John Gray brought out a lame paint pare from his neighbors that Toni had found a home for to be a recipe mare. Then John dropped his trailer at Toni’s and headed to Montana for a week of hunting. Toni had texted that the cows were out in the corn stalks and buckwheat stubble. Of course when half the work force is gone, everything goes to heck.

Saturday was the 509 Show Circuit Leadership Conference in Kennewick that Toni had been helping Alyx Cory plan. They had 43 kids and approximately 20 adults come out for the conference followed by the ag tour. It was a great turn-out and the kids had fun. The tour included Garden Gate Nursery and Beus Feedlot. It was a windy, but fun tour, and included fresh cookies at Garden Gate Nursery. Matt, from Nampa, also showed up with his trailer for the foals leaving Sunday, so Toni and Kade loaded BBB and Stick a couple of times Saturday night. In Idaho we played more Phase 10 in the morning and then all of the family got here and we had a little party and told stories. Jake and Jaynee came down and joined in the festivities. (One of the group pics below is the Geddes family, the rest of the group pics are from the 509 Conference)

Sunday morning we headed back to WA with Mil in the trailer, we had a great drive and ate at the Willowcreek Grill, it was really good. Back at the house, Toni and Kade loaded out Stick and BBB first thing, sending Matt and Kristy on their way back to Boise. Then Toni, Kicker, Kade, Jaxsen and dad got really busy. They put out a few grass bales, chopped own Russian olive trees, fixed fence, moved horses, weaned foals, halter foals and more. Also, Toni took mom over to Connell to see grandma and have a meeting with the pastor before grandpa’s graveside on Monday. We got mom and dads from Idaho about 5:30, we dropped Mil off and then went and took the trailer back to Holts. It was about 7 when we finally got home. Now, once again the whole family is home.

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“Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.” ― Chad Sugg

Kade started basketball practice Monday, and Toni has had an issue lately of writing the wrong time down. So he started out his basketball season being 30 min late to practice. He was not happy. Kaine and Jaxsen did front chores and Anna helped Toni and I work on Snip, Berreta and Lily. It is definitely getting dark earlier.

Tuesday Toni and Jaxsen went to Wanapum Dam on a field trip. We also had the Football Banquet Tuesday night, so the kids did chores and Anna and Toni worked on the three foals. Anna took Snip over, he is a lot like Jac Jac. 2020 will be our last year with Bishop foals, so if you want one, you had better get them while they are hot. The banquet was great, the 6th graders got trophies since it is their last year in Grid Kids.

Wednesday Toni took Lily and Jac Jac to see Dr. Sheena Campbell-Sorenson in Othello to get checked out, shots, etc to go to their new homes. Both were rock stars. Stick got a shot too for his trip. Sonny had cub scouts, the other kids were home to help with chores and halter breaking. Jade took Sonny to and from Scouts, thanks Jade. When I got home Anna and Toni were loading all of the halter broke foals and the foals getting halter broke. Most did really well. Three of them had only had halters on since Sunday, but they are all really willing, giving foals that want to please. So far the halter breaking has been going great- knock on wood!

On Thursday Toni had a meeting in Union Gap with DOE. Ben took Kaine and Kade to basketball practice, but Toni was home in time to stop and get them. Anna and I did chores, and worked on the foals. Jaxsen helped by feeding Double. Ben and Kicker have been out late this week. Getting the last few rounds on the circle before water is off on the 22nd has not been easy. Our irrigation circles are old and want to be done for the year.

First thing Friday, Baretta went to her new home with Roy and Christy. Baretta is a big, pretty, smart filly, and has been really fun to work with. Roy and Christy are new friends to us, but they are good friends with many of our friends, so it has been fun to get to know them. Chad Whetzel came out to get a few trims and a shoe in since he was in the area. Ben and Kicker got Cad in for me on Thursday and put her at the house. She is getting old and needs shoes to stay riding sound. If I am not riding her Kaine is. I guess that is what happens when you have a good horse, your kids steal them. Anna steals Jeanie Riley’s horses, and Kade has Slick, who was at the WP Guest Ranch for a few years. When I got home from work, Anna and Chad were down at the corral trimming Kool, and Toni and the boys were starting chores.

We woke up Saturday to rain. Mindy was coming to pick up Riley to use for the weekend, but she postponed until Sunday. Ben, Anna and I went around and checked the bull calves and the cows and heifer calves that were out on corn stalks. At noon we had a big September/October Birthday/Halloween party. So we got ready for that, packed up some chairs and headed to my grandparent’s house in Connell. It was rainy so we had the party in the show barn. Whitney and Shelby did a great job decorating it, it looked AWESOME. Leslie and the yomigas had lots of games set up. It was a great party. We went in and saw Grandpa and Grandma and Grandpa wants the kids to halter break his shorthorn steers and for me to set up a Facebook page to sell the steers on. That guy has always got a plan. And if you saw our post this morning you will he passed away Monday morning. So we are so happy to have gone in and heard all about his plans.

When we got back on Saturday Jac Jac (the horse, not the boy) was headed to his new home. He loaded in the rain like a super champ and was great. Anna and Kade went and got him and brought him to the trailer, he has been such a great boy, they were sad to see him go. We are really excited to see what Shady and Double have, even though Toni tells me to quit saying that, that I am jinxing them. We got Bing Bang Boom in also on Saturday and put a halter on her and put her in with Stick, they are leaving next weekend, along with two of the miniature foals.

Sunday was a beautiful day, well at least most of it. Kade came down and Ben and Kicker helped the kids catch all of the steers and heifers. Then Anna, Kaine and Kade washed Foxy, Kissy and Sylvia. I caught Cad, Riley and Bev, Mindy came, and I told her she could pick between Riley and Bev to borrow, she took Riley. Then I saddled up Cad and went down and started getting the bull calves in, with the help of the dogs. Kicker and Ben stayed and helped the kids for a few minutes get set up to clip. Then they came down and helped me get the bull calves in. The three kids clipped their heifers while Ben, Kicker and I worked the bull calves. Then we broke for lunch.

After lunch, Toni, Anna, Kaine, Kade and I cleaned out the trailer. Then we worked the last few big bulls and the show heifers. Kaine, Kade and I chased the bulls back down, Kaine stole my horse since he thinks she is his horse now. Kade and I rode the 4 wheeler. Toni, Jaxsen and I then went down to circle 5 and hauled the 4 mares and foals that were out there home. We dewormed the open mares in circle 5, and took 5 more open mares back from the house to circle 5. We also weaned Chica, Cue, and Scotch. We still need to wean Posie, Summer Sky, Double Down, and Cutter, but we were running out of time! Anna, Kaine and Kade stayed at the house to sort through their tack. Then we had Sonny’s 9th birthday party. After that, Ben, the kids and I all went to Warden to get Kaine’s steer that caught a ride with some friends to get here from Montana. Kaine has named him Smithers (James Bond theme this year). It was a late night Sunday, but for the most part we got everything done that had to be done. Isn’t that the name of the game? Get the necessary stuff done and hope for enough time to get some of the other stuff done too?

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“Why is summer mist romantic and autumn mist just sad?” — Dodie Smith

Monday started out as a beautiful October day. There was no football practice, so the kids were home to help with chores. But then, Kade got sick, Toni went and got him from school. A fire started in Mesa, and almost burnt up Connell. We are all thankful to all of the volunteer firefighters out there saving all of the houses and the town. They worked all night, and when I went to work on Tuesday I could still see flames and fire engines. Connell has such a great community, the restaurants in Connell were getting food ready to send out to the fire fighters and feeding the people that had been evacuated. We are thankful to live in such a great community. Pictures are from Emma Mauseth facebook page. Thanks for the use of your pictures Emma.

Tuesday was still such a beautiful day, but it was definitely getting colder. And starting to feel late when it is only 7:30, but so dark already. I hate it. Kaine and Kade had a football game Tuesday night in Connell. Toni and the kids did chores and then she ran Anna home to do the cattle chores. She and the three boys met me in at the school. The boys had a great game, lots of tackles, Kaine even got to pack the ball, since the other team was in a different league and there was not a weight restriction on who got to pack the ball. The wind howled and it was a really cold game, Toni and I had to switch off and on who took pictures to warm up our hands. We went to Papa Rays after the game and had dinner.

Wednesday was a sunny brisk morning. Ben was working late, and Kicker was still gone on his work meeting, so we hustled through chores to go and do the cattle chores at my house. Jac Jac and Gangsta were doing really good. Anna has taken over Jac Jac. Sonny had boy scouts so he got to miss out on chores. Toni had a couple of hearings on Wednesday but got home in plenty of time to work.

Thursday Kaine and Kade had pictures for football, so Anna and I started chores and Toni ran the boys in. I have not seen the official pictures yet, but some of the preliminary ones on Facebook have been cool. Jac Jac and Gangsta have been pretty good to work on, not as good as the last two groups, but better than expected.


Friday Toni and I got heifers in to preg check. Dr Hank Wisse came out and Kameron came out too to help since he is looking at the ones we have for sale and he wanted to ask Dr Wisse questions. We only have a few open ones, two we did not breed, so we were hoping they were open and just double checking. They were show heifers and who knows if someone’s bull got loose at a show at night and was tied back up by morning. Not likely, but possible, but we did not want any surprises. They were summer heifers so we are just waiting to breed them in 2020. One heifer we were completely surprised she was open, she has not been in heat, so we are guessing she has something else going on. One heifer we found out was a twin to a bull, her mom calved down at the bottom of the circle and sometimes the coyotes get the calves down there. But normally they leave the carcass where you can see it. They must have drug it off, because there were no signs of a second calf. Toni rode Friday and I rode Ollie to get them in, they were the only two horses we could catch out in the 100 acre pasture, Cad and Shimmer were big NOs on getting caught. We actually could have caught Riley or Bev but neither Toni nor I wanted to ride them. Friday did awesome sorting cattle for her first time. She got right up and would push them and caught on to the sort really well. We are always really happy with Friday.

Then we had lunch, moved everything around, Toni switched to Ollie and I switched to the pickup so I could run ahead and open gates. After that Toni had to run into an assembly at school and I stayed home and wrapped some things up. Next, we started getting ready to go to Evergreen Sale and Jackpot. Kade and Kaine were both recognized at the assembly for their ROAR (Responsible, Orderly, Always Safe, and Respectful), Kade was student of the month for his class and Kaine was recognized for his playground demeanor.

Saturday morning we headed to the Evergreen sale in Moses Lake. We got there early so the kids could participate in the knowledge bowl. They had a lot of fun and it was a new experience. The kids picked out a few heifers they wanted to bid on, and Kade picked out a few steers. At the awards presentation before the sale, Anna had the third place high point heifer, so she won a little money from showing Dillion. We ended up buying three heifers and one steer. We helped Gayle Sukdorf and Steve Jachetta pack their stuff out, and then Gayle helped us set ours up. We put our new animals and the four steers we in the tie outs and then headed to dinner. We had a great dinner at Incas.


Sunday we got up and washed the heifers and steers for the Evergreen Jackpot. It was dark so it was hard to see how clean we got them on the wash rack, but the water was warm. Our clubby steers we raised did really great. They all acted like they had been to a show before.

We started out the show with the heifers we bought, Anna’s is a May heifer, and she was the only one, so in a class with Aprils. The heifer showed great. Kaine and Kade’s heifers are both Marchs, and Kaine was third in his class. Anna and Kade didn’t fare quite as well, but these heifers are new to them and need to be in “show shape” (obesely fat) to compete against the heifers that are already being hauled around. Then we showed our two Dakota Gold steers in AOB. Anna’s was Reserve Champion and Kade’s was second in his class. Both steers did great. Kaine showed Austin and Kade showed Gogol in cross bred steers. Both steers showed wonderfully. Ben, Kicker, Sonny, mom and dad all showed up to watch the kids. As well as Steve and Juanita Jachetta and Allison and Austin Porterfield. So they had a lot of help and a huge cheering squad.

After we got back from the show, the kids washed their heifers and steers while Toni, Sonny and I cleaned out the camper. Ben and Kicker headed to get some hay. Next, Anna, Toni, Kade and I went down to mom and dads and haltered Baretta, Lily and Snip. They all did fine. We are hopeful that Anna can take one over so we each have one to work on this coming week. We also got our 4th cutting of hay up and got the bull calves turned out down in the alfalfa field. We are still waiting on the corn to be harvested so we can get the cows out on corn stalks. Harvest is still underway so we are a touch understaffed, but we are making do.

If you still want a 2019 foal we still have a few left for sale, and two 2018 foals.

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“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall…” – Oscar Wilde

I hear people say how they love fall, it is their favorite season. It is not mine, spring is, when cows are calving, mares are foaling, grass is growing, we spring forward. Spring is closely followed by summer, lots of light, growth, kids are out of school and cattle shows. Fall leads to darkness, feeding, snow, no grass and cold. So fall arrived on Monday, Monday was cold. The solar fencer must not have been working due to the lack of daylight, the fence was down along the buckwheat. We were out fixing it in the dark, due to the days being shorter because it was not that late. Kaine and Kade were at football practice, and Anna and Jaxen got to help. Kameron was our football taxi, but dad did go and meet him to pick them up. Thanks dad. Lorraine and Dave were up from Boise to see their colt Stick on Sunday and Monday, then they took the scenic route back to Boise.

Tuesday the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Toni and the kids did chores early, the boys had a Connell vs Connell game in Connell. It was a great game, both teams played really well. It is always hard to play against your friends. Then afterwards we went down to Michael Jays for dinner, which they were about to close but stayed open for us. Cousin Jay came in and had dinner with us. We finally had to leave because the boys were falling asleep. Kicker, Anna, and Ben missed the game to stay home and take care of the home front.

Wednesday was another beautiful sunny day. The coaches canceled football practice for the rest of the week. Kaine, Kade and Jaxen fed down the driveway while Anna, Toni and I worked on the foals. Then Toni and I finished chores. This is the Trump, Top Gun, and Gen group. The group that is going to ruin halter breaking for the rest of the foals. On day one Trump and Gen were pretty much halter broke. Top Gun came out of the desert, so he wasn’t quite as far along, but what a smart smart colt. These three have not been a challenge. Anna took Trump over right away.


Thursday was another nice day. We got a load of grain in the morning. I had a work meeting in Richland and had a great lunch at Frost Me Sweet. Toni had a conference call at 6:30, so her and the kids started chores early and were half done when I got there. Kicker stopped in Moses Lake and got a tarp for the grain. After chores Kicker, Kaine and I put the tarp on. Ben is still getting home late from harvest, but he actually got home when we were all still awake so we saw him on Thursday.


Friday I picked up the clocks that we ordered to donate as prizes to the Angus Show on October 13th in Moses Lake from Knights Welding. The clocks look great. The kids are excited for the upcoming show. We worked on the three colts and did chores after work. We went ahead and weaned Snip because he was in and we could literally push him into the weaning pen. With the Evergreen show Oct 12 weekend, we had to wean 2 groups of foals at once. The three older kids took the three foals and led them around out in the driveway, through gates, around the dogs, and just got them ready for new people.


Saturday was gone in a blur. Kaine and Kade had a game in Quincy, so that took most of the day. It was a great game, we won. Kannon Jenks, he is 4, was sitting behind us, and he kept us amused most of the game. He talks nonstop. We didn’t get back home until 3.

We got home and the three older kids and I caught the steers and two heifers we are working on and we washed them. Then we got Baretta and BBB in and weaned them. The kids stayed at our house and did the cattle chores. Kicker went to Boise for a big work meeting. Ben got home at around 5 and helped the kids. Toni and I loaded Trump, Top Gun, and Gen 3 times each to get them ready to leave Sunday morning. Again, these colts are ruining us. They all three jumped in the trailer like it was nothing.

Sunday morning Kade came down and we caught the steers and heifers. Then we got the big herd of cows in to sort out the bred heifers to preg check. Next, the kids washed their steers and started clipping while I sorted the heifers off. The kids got two clipped before lunch. While we were washing and clipping, Toni was down at the house loading out the colts. Top Gun, Genuine and Trump all left Sunday morning. While she was down there Toni also got Jac Jac and Gangsta in to start halter breaking, weaned Nellie, and moved foals around.

After lunch Chico and Cindy came to get their cow that we had been breeding. She did not want to leave with them and was not very good to load. We finally got one of the old show heifers, Libby, and used her to help get “Samantha” into the trailer. Toni got there about the time that Samantha got into the trailer. So we helped the kids finish clipping the steers, and by that I mean Toni took over.

Afterward, Toni, Kaine and I went down and got Colonel and his group in to wean Lily. Anna, Kade and Sonny started packing the tack box for next weekend. Once we got the Colonel pen in and Twist and Lily loaded Kaine took the Ranger home, so the kids could do the cattle chores, and Toni and I went down and haltered the two colts and weaned the fillies. Gangster did better than we expected when we got him in the ally and were able to touch him all over. Toni was able to lead Jac Jac once he was haltered, so he is going to be great. Currently Snip, Nellie, BBB, Beretta and Lily are being weaned, so all of our buckskin fillies are in the weaning pen.

Ben finally got home Sunday night, so we had a small birthday party for him at Toni’s house. She made meatballs, potatoes, rolls and salad, and I got a cake for him at Costco. Somehow we got everything done efficiently and had dinner at 7:30. I am not sure how that happened.

There are a number of broke and green broke horses on our for sale page. We do not own them, but we raised them. Be sure to check them out as they are all really nice and priced right.

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Conflict follows wrongdoing as surely as flies follow the herd. – Doc Holiday

The days are growing shorter, but I don’t feel like there is less work to do, just less light to do it in. Toni had a busy day Monday with court and law issues. She actually has a busy week, but I guess that is not different from normal. Monday was Kade’s birthday, we celebrated Sunday because Kaine and Kade had football Monday night and did not get home until late. And none of us wanted to wait that long to eat dinner. Dad was home from work early so he took the boys to practice. Ben was home late from work again, so Kicker did all of the cattle and circle chores.

Tuesday was a nice sunny day with a lot of morning dew. Cousin Jill came out to see her miniature horse foal and Bev, to see if she wanted to take Bev home for a while to use. Toni and Jill toured around and looked at horses in the afternoon. All were well and were they were supposed to be. Stina, one of the yearling minis, decided that she wasn’t getting petted enough and nipped Toni in the arm. Just so everyone knows, Toni is not a fan of miniature horses. The boys had a great football practice. Dad did not go to work Tuesday, he took mom into the dr, so he was the football taxi, that it what he calls himself. Mom’s arm is now out of the sling and she has a different cast on. Anna helped us do chores. Kicker and Ben were both home late, but, Kicker was home a little earlier, so he did the cattle chores. Fall is a busy season, with weaning, harvesting, football, cattle shows. Tuesday was also Papa Barry, Kicker’s dad’s bday. The Meacham family has Merritt and Kade on the 23, Barry the 24, and Barry’s grandpa was the 22. Lots of September bdays.

Wednesday Toni had a big mediation, she did not know when she would be back. I was in charge of taking Kaine and Kade to their game in Royal City. Toni’s mediation got over in time, she met us at Royal City. The kids did chores, they were done when I got there to get them. I took Anna home and she started the cattle chores. The game was great, however, Kaine injured his hand/wrist area in the last few minutes of the game, so he was out. Toni has a competition going between the boys, whoever has the most sacks gets a milkshake. Kaine was at 10 when he was came out, Kade got 11. The first week of October is the boys last week of football.

Thursday was a big day, Dr. King came out to fix hernias, ultrasound, float teeth, coggins tests and more. Tall John came out to assist. Toni texted him, said will you come help me on Thursday, he said yes. About an hour later, he asked her what they were doing. It is always good to have a friend that will just come help, even when they don’t know what is going on. For all he knew, they could have been burying someone! They were a very proficient team and were done by 4. Cousin Leslie, Mar, and little KK came out at 9 with Mar’s horse to get his teeth done. Another acquaintance from Warden came out to get inoculations on her gelding. Added to that we had 15 horses that Dr. King worked on and she looked at 2 heifers of ours. Super busy day! Then Tall John and Toni went around and took pictures and did chores. I went to a coworker’s retirement party after work. So I was literally no help. The kids got home in time to see Dr. King and Tall John. The three older kids had wanted to stay home from school to help, but they have missed enough school already.

Friday Kaine and Anna had Dr appts in the morning. Then we went and got our flu shots and I took them to school. After school Anna, Kaine, Kade and I tied up the heifers we are working on and the steers. Next we went and did chores. Kaine and Kade stayed at the house to help Kicker do chores. Toni played catch-up in her office until chore time as she was only in the office 2 days that whole week.

Saturday Kaine and Kade had a football game in Connell vs Ephrata. We won, woohoo, it was a great game. But it was cold, rainy, and windy, a forecast for the entire weekend. Mom, dad, Skip, Leslie and Whitney all came and watched. Kaine had a sack that forced a turnover and he recovered the ball, so he was the milkshake winner. Whitney, Leslie, Kaine and I went down town Connell and got coco and coffees after. I was unsure if Toni gave him an automatic win, or two points or something. But, Saturday was a rainy miserable day. The pictures below are from a different game, I have not downloaded those pictures yet.

After that, Anna, Kaine and I tied up the heifers and steers. Then we moved the Herefords into circle 5. After that we got the three weaned calves that had escaped back in and weaned them again. Toni and Kade ran down to mom and dad’s and got a black outside mare in, that due to the weather, was not as easy to catch as she normally was. After running the entire herd in and sorting her off, the mare went home to Idaho. We just have a handful of outside mares left. Then we had a little break and then went down to do chores. It was still rainy and cold. We had another birthday party for Kade and dad on Saturday night with Skip with enchiladas.


Sunday Kade came down and we tied up the steers and heifers. Then the three kids and I went and put mineral out and picked what steers calves they wanted to show next year. Kaine got a cute clubby steer at Brandan Annalee sale in Montana. Kaine and Kade stayed at the house to help Kicker with chores. Anna and I went down and Toni, Anna and I put halters on three of the foals that we weaned, Top Gun, Trump and Gen. They all did really good. It was rainy and cold still, or again, however you want to put it. So we did not do a lot of extra outside work. At one point it was raining so hard we had to go into the house and take a break. But if the rain is followed by sun and some warmer weather, we get fall grass. There isn’t much better than fall grass to extend the grazing season.

The last full week of September is over, with fall weather upon us in full force. We are in weaning mode, which means sold foals get weaned first followed by for sale foals, followed by keepers. We still have approximately 10 really nice foals left to sell, so if you want to come look, please let us know.

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Be happy  –  it drives people crazy.

Monday and the start of a new work week. Toni had court in Tri Cities all day, she had a pretty busy schedule last week. I forgot to drop Kaine’s football gear off at mom and dads, luckily Kicker was in Pasco and picked it up for me. Thanks Kicker. The boys had football practice, their good friends Max and Luke came home with them on the bus, and Max and Luke’s mom, Jade, took the boys to football practice. Jade let Jaxsen go too. The fence was broke around Sagebug’s pen when Kicker got home, but they were all in and looked fine, no scratches or cuts. So Toni, Kicker and Coco fixed fence. I got home and Anna and I did chores, when Toni and Coco were on their way down she only saw Anna out doing chores, so she walked down and helped us load hay. Boys had a great time at football practice and riding home with Jade.

We had rain on Tuesday, which was nice. The boys did not have football practice, but not because of the rain, because their coaches had other commitments that day (Viva Las Vegas). So we had lots of help at chores. Anna, Toni and I worked on the foals we are halter breaking. The boys helped feed. Toni was supposed to have a meeting on Tuesday, but it was canceled due to the rain.


Rain showers off and on and Wednesday, it was a cool day. Jade took the boys to and from practice. Toni had court again on Wednesday, then spent most of the day in Othello meeting on another big case that had a hearing coming up. Anna, Toni and I worked on the foals, they were doing really great, I led Tank and Posey together. Dad worked most of the day Wednesday, so we did not see him after chores. Ben was also home late on Wednesday, so Kicker did all of the cattle and circle chores on his own.


It was bright and sunny on Thursday. Toni headed north to her meeting that was postponed due to the rain. Anna and Jaxsen helped do chores, we did the short version and did not work on the foals, but, Toni got home earlier then we had expected and caught us. The boys had a great football practice and were excited for their game on Saturday.

We had more sprinkles on Friday. There was not any football practice Friday, so Anna and Kade both helped with the foals, so we took them on a long walk around the field. All of the foals are doing great, but, Twiggy gets jealous of all of the attention the foals are getting and is a pain. She will walk right between the leader and Stick because he is getting too much of her attention.

Saturday Kaine and Kade had a football game in Royal, so Kicker, Toni, Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I all piled in and headed to Royal. The game was really good, the weather was awesome, the game ended in a score of 0 to 0. We all went and had lunch at a great little pizza and BBQ place in Royal. Then we headed home and the Mechams got ready and went to a wedding.

Kaine, Anna and I caught the show steers and the two heifers we are halter breaking and worked on them. Then we went to Ochoas and got kittens, 4, three calicos and an orange one. Next, we went to Debbie and Cecil’s house and got the miniatures and brought them home. I think Debbie and the miniatures are both sad. Then, Anna, Kaine and I did chores. Kicker got home in time to help Ben do chores.

We had a busy day Sunday, Ben, Anna, Kaine and I got up and weaned the bull calves. Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen got up and cleaned house and made lasagna for us to come over for Kade and dad’s birthday. Dad had to be at work by 2 so we had a lunch celebration.

After lunch Anna, Kaine, Kade and I tied up the steers and heifers. Then, Toni, Kaine, Kade and I got some of the horses in so we could wean foals. Anna was helping Ben at the house. Next, we went and got the trailer and hauled Tessa, Top Gun, Mud and Gangsta to the house. We weaned Top Gun, Gangsta, Trump, Gen and Jac Jac. Jac Jac wasn’t on the schedule to wean, but he is older and he voluntarily walked into the weaning pen, so we left him in there. Gangsta and Top Gun came out of a field away from the house and are having the hardest time with the weaning process. Trump is doing the best, but is the oldest. It is pretty exciting to get weaning underway!


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Random Pictures from this month


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“When I hear somebody sigh, “Life is hard”, I am always tempted to ask, “Compared to what?”” – Sydney Harris

Monday, the start of another busy week. Toni told me on Monday that she is so busy she won’t be able to sleep Monday night. She had Mrs Haws and her son out to look at foals for her sister, they were facetiming. The sister called Toni a “girl” which Toni felt was an awesome compliment and proceeded to tell everyone all day that someone thought she was a girl. I guess when you get her age, if anyone thinks you are young, it is exciting. Kids had school and then Kaine and Kade had football practice. They caught some praying mantises for Kaine to take to school on Tuesday. We have 3 foals to halter break that have hernias, so Dr King will be out to fix them in a few weeks. Anna came out to help us, she claimed Posey right off, since Posey is the youngest and smallest. Tank is also in, because HE got a gnat to the eye and we are putting cream in it. Boys had fun at practice and are ready for their game on Tuesday.


Toni said she did manage to get a few hours of sleep Monday, which is better than none I guess. Mom had an apt with the orthopedic surgeon on her wrist. She had to have surgery on Wednesday. The boys had a football game Tuesday night, Toni was there to get them when they got off of the bus. So they did chores and then Toni took them all home. Anna and Kaine then mixed up grain to take into the show and started chores, since Ben and Kicker were both still at work. Ben and Kicker got home and Kaine came in to get ready for the game, Anna continued to help with chores. Toni, Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I went in for warm up. They were the third game of the night, so they did not end up starting until around 8:30. Kicker made it in after chores before the game started. The kids played a really good game. Both Kaine and Kade had a lot of good tackles and broke through the line.

Wednesday was weigh in day for Connell after school. Toni said her and the kids had it handled so I did not head home to help. Coco went with them to help, but that really meant that she was in charge of Sonny. Mom had surgery on her wrist at 6 AM, I guess they did not get the memo that she is not a morning person. The surgery went well, weigh in went well, so I guess Wednesday was a success. EXCEPT the fact that the horses got out in the buckwheat field, just on the edge, not actually in the buckwheat, and Ben, Kicker and I spent a few hours fixing fence. Yes, I called in reinforcements.


Thursday was our board meeting, so I had to go to work. So Toni was in charge of the kids again. The kids did great, Kade won his class, Kaine got second in his class and Anna got third in hers. Bella Holt was also showing a steer she got from us, and he showed very well too. Thursday was a long day because Anna is now referred to as Little “M”, meaning Little McCall. She wanted everyone there extra early due to the washrack size and whatever other reasons she came up with. Toni is really into letting the kids make their own decisions, except if that decision is really dumb, so she let them get to the fairgrounds earlier than necessary. But it allowed there to be plenty of time to get ready for the show. After the showing was over, the kids went up to watch the pigs show. A wasp had gotten into Kade’s soda, so when he want to take a drink, it stung him in the tongue. His tongue proceeded to swell up, but luckily with ice and Benadryl, the swelling and pain was kept under control. Once the showing was over, there were bouncy houses in at the Connell Fair, so the kids and Toni were late getting home. The fence was still up and hot.


Friday was fitting and showing, I FINALLY got to go. The kids did AWESOME. Kade was Grand Champion Junior, Anna was Reserve Champion Intermediate and Kaine was Reserve Champion Junior. Bella and her steer from us also made in into the championship round.


PeeWees got to show too, so Jaxsen showed Kaine’s steer, Chevy and Julian showed Kade’s steer, Silver, Savannah showed Silver and Kaxsen showed Ady’s steer, Little Black. The kids all had a great time. Sonny was being very honest with the Judge and when asked what he liked about showing, he responded, “The money.” Well, we can’t fault him for that, everyone knows by now that he does not love the show ring.


The kids ran around and Kade got ready for the Round Robin. Kaine and Kade’s good friend Kutter won in the hog division, making it really fun for both of them. Neither boy won Round Robin, but both showed really well and had a great time. The girl that won is an excellent showperson and did fantastic.

Saturday was a busy, fun filled day. We started in the morning with Livestock judging. Toni was a group leader, which thrilled her to no end, and she got a group of adults together for some competition. Coco beat her this year, but Toni still beat the kids. Then Leslie and took some of the kids down to the parade, whoever wanted to go. Kaine and Kade stayed at the camper and practiced football and Anna and Bella stayed to do homework. Martha made us posoto for lunch, it was really good. Then we had the livestock auction. Thanks to everyone that supported the fair, especially thanks to our buyers. Dale Bayley bought Anna and Kade’s steers and Ed Poe Insurance in Connell bought Kaine’s. CBJLS had fantastic support this year, probably better for the steers than they have had in a long time. With Benton Franklin being so soft, this really made the difference for many of the steer kids. After the successful auction, we hung out, had dinner and went to the awards ceremony and dance that night. On a side note, we were supposed to have brisket for dinner, made by Chef Jay, but somehow the dogs got the refrigerator open and ate the brisket during the night. We had to settle for tri-tip. Life is just really hard sometimes. After dinner, there was live music and everyone had a lot of fun. The kids were really tired (and maybe the adults too) so we went home about 10.


Sunday morning we got back up to go in and clean up at the fair. Once we got home, we needed to clean-up the camper as that was our last fair for the year. The kids had homework to do after that, which may or may not have gotten done. We had a mare come out to breed to Sagebug. We sold our last two fat steers and they left Sunday. But, Colton that bought a steer from us did not make weight, so if you are looking for a steer he has one for sale. Then, Ben, Kicker, Anna, Kaine and Kade tied up the steers we have in for next year. Our next jackpot is in October and we need to get them halter broke if we are going to go. Toni felt that the kids should take a break Sunday, but those little workers wanted to get their steers ready. Toni, Jaxsen and I moved the two mares and foals that were with Dude back down to the house and started halter breaking Stick, he did really good. The kids said the steers did really good too. Life continues to move at a fast pace, and it never ceases to amaze us how responsible and hardworking these kids are.


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