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Burn the midnight oil

Toni and the kids have been busy at work, working on heifers, steers and bulls. Jaxsen was included in the kids that went with Toni, but I don’t know that he did anything. LOL. In addition to hauling the kids around, Toni is also a lawyer, and has been REALLY busy with her law practice, which has been making her burn the midnight oil. Monday Reptile Man was at the Connell library so after the kids got done working on their cattle over with Leslie, they all met in Connell to see some reptiles. Tuesday they loaded 11 head in the trailer and hauled them to Connell, so they would have gone somewhere before we go to our show this weekend. All of the cattle did really well.

Wednesday was the day of rest for the kids. Kaine always asks if we will let him sleep in until noon. We always say yes. He has yet to sleep in past 9. Thursday the kids went back to Connell to keep working on the cattle over there.

Friday Toni hauled some nice ladies out and around to look at the horses, one of them bought Ragnar. She is also into Vikings like I am, so she liked the name. Kade and I started clipping for the upcoming shows. We clipped the 4 big Angus heifers, Kade clipped the heads, and I clipped the bodies. Anna and Kaine got to go swimming with some friends in the afternoon after the kids were done washing the show cattle. Toni was supposed to come help but she failed to show up. Kade and I quit about 3 because we were too hot and covered in hair to keep going. I told Kade, you need to get in the shower or air up the little pool and get in it. So what did he do? He used the cattle blower to air up the pool. Our friend John showed up in the afternoon with Lynne’s papers and to chat a little on his way home.

Saturday we spent the day getting the show cattle ready for this coming weekend. We were VERY fortunate and the twins came out and helped. Since we got done by 2 due to the help from the twins, I took the three older kids to Othello so we could pick up some feed, pitch forks, etc. and we made a surprise stop at Burger King for shakes.

Sunday we had a couple of guys stop by that came here from Chile. They came to look at Reed, Hollywood, and Eagle. Then we had a long overdue photo shoot with Sagebug and Stunner. Both are Gunner foals and have really changed in the last few months. We are excited to send Sagebug out for training this fall. We pulled the camper into the yard and the kids started working on cleaning it and packing it for the next show. We also messed with Bebe a little bit because at some point she needs to be a horse not a pet. She does not agree.

And today is the start of another busy week. The boys have football camp every night, we have a show this coming weekend.

We are beginning to work on our weaning schedule, so if you have a foal under contract let us know what your preference is for a pick-up date.

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It Can’t get any better then this.

I feel like the kids have had a great summer vacation, but maybe I feel like that because they spend the week doing what we did as kids? Working on show cattle and riding horses. We used to work on the cattle in the morning while it was cool, then spend the rest of the day on horseback. When we got too hot, we would just ride under the irrigation circle. Lots of cousins, any neighbor kids that wanted to come, it was the life. Monday the kids tied everything up and cleaned out the barn, even Jaxsen helped. They also went to Connell to work on the Hereford heifers Monday. Whitney comes over to get them so they don’t have to go over early on my way to work. Tuesday, they stayed home and tied up everything just at our house. Kaine was exhausted and fell asleep early, so Anna and Kade took a ride out checking the cows while Kaine slept.

Wednesday they were supposed to go to Tri Cities with Toni and mom, but Toni has been EXTREMELY busy with a big case, so she just took them into Connell for lunch at Mei-Lings. We make an effort to do something fun with the kids at least once per week. Life shouldn’t be 100% about work. Sometimes it is just lunch in town, but they deserve it with how hard they work. The three older kids took a ride Wednesday night and went and checked cows. Thursday I got home from work and Toni had the boys out chopping thistles in the pasture by mom and dads. She was out there too to show them proper thistle chopping form. Jaxsen was mad because she did not give him a proper shovel so he was watching from the fence. For some reason no one wants to give Jax a sharp object. Anna had gone home with Coco to make a 4thof July wreath that turned out pretty cool.

I was home Friday, so we caught everything at our house, including the big heifers and washed them. By “we” I mean the kids (minus Jaxsen), I watched and helped lead a couple. Ben and Kicker found a swarm of bees in the saddle shed on Thursday, so cousin Toby came down to get them with Pepper on Friday. Toby and Kendel have bees and seem to enjoy being apiarists, which is the official word for beekeepers. We actually got some honey from them and used on a horse wound as Katie and Chad have told us that non-processed honey is great on wounds. It kept the flesh very soft and supple and allowed for the skin to reattach, so we may use honey again in the future. Toby and Pepper got there while we were washing, so Pepper helped wash the last group. She washed “Lily” the heifer we are going to take to the Angus Evergreen sale. She is a nice Connealy Stingray 9618 daughter. After we got all done with the show animals, the kids and I took a nice long ride, we went and checked some cows, rode out and checked the corn circles, and saw lots of deer tracks, then rode up and checked the pumps and called Ben because one was not running correctly. When we were growing up, we didn’t have deer around. We probably saw three in 25 years or so. Now we see them frequently, a couple of times per week or more. Deer get hit along Hendricks road frequently as well.

Saturday we went to a little family BBQ for cousin Jolene’s little boy Kasen’s first birthday and had a great time. We had tied up the steers before we left, so the kids worked on them while Toni and I did chores.

Sunday we rode most of the day after tying up the steers. We switched pastures with the bulls and heifers, the kids did great riding. We had a couple of tricky areas where we had to go through other fields and didn’t want the cattle to mix. The kids did exactly what they were supposed to do, kept the cattle bunched and moving so that the adults could work the sides and keep the cattle separate. The three older kids are really riding well, keeping good control of their horses, getting to know cattle. Jaxsen knows which tv channel he wants to watch.

We are thankful for the right to raise cattle and have the land to do it. Land of the free, home of the brave. Happy Independence Day.


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We had another fun filled, action packed week at “The Ranch.”

We had another fun filled, action packed week at “The Ranch.” As some of you have heard, Toni made Jaxsen mad, so he took the T out of KT Ranch. Then, he told me to do something, and I said, when you are the boss I will let you know. So he told me he was taking the K out too. I said, I am glad you don’t have that authority. So, some are now calling us “The Ranch” since Jaxsen is so amusing.

While Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen were gone Anna and Kaine spent some time at BB Cattle Co helping Leslie, Whitney, Jay and Mar halter break bulls and work on the show heifers. This continued for a couple of days last week, and will continue on through the summer. But, Kade and Jaxsen, and sometimes Toni will haul over the show steers and heifers, and ours will all go over too. So Friday all four kids were over and Leslie took them all to dinner and to see Incredibles 2 in Connell in 3D that night. Our good friends the Hills came up from Texas for a visit and were over with Leslie as well.

Toni got back from Alaska on Tuesday, was home a ½ day Tuesday, Wednesday, and a ½ day Thursday and then was gone again for 2 days with work. So she has not been helpful for the last 2 weeks. She got back late Friday and we have tried to get as much work done as possible since then.

Thursday Anna babysat the neighbor kids for a few hours, sealing the deal that she is NOT going to be a teacher. She was exhausted after a few hours. But, if Cecily has her back this week she is going to take squirt guns or bubbles for entertainment. The boys had their friend Ty over, who is moving soon, and got to spend a last day with him. They had a lot of fun.

Of course over the weekend we worked on the show animals at our house. We had customers over Saturday morning, and Toni sold Black Tornado and Big Iron, two of my favorites, however, if you have been out of the tour you know I have a lot of favorites. We had some friends out Saturday afternoon, so they played with the minis and petted some foals and rode Pocket. Also, I needed to get some fall heifers in and Toni did not show up to help, so I used her new bridle, and sent her a picture.

Saturday night we went to a college graduation party that had a giant water slide. The boys are sore from going down too much, I think Kade even has a blister. I am sure glad it was not in my yard from the muddy mess it made. Yes, my yard is that great, LOL.

We are done foaling, so now it is just having buyers over, managing our grass, dealing with day-to-day. We still have a few horses left to get worked, but we are almost done. There are three old mares that could foal, but that is just extra. Like every year, we just love our foal crop. We always think we have the best foal crop, which is good because it is a ton of work to deal with all of the foals.

Sunday we worked on show animals again, went and got groceries and then put Blackie in with Double, Piper in with Reed and Omen (an outside mare) in with Sagebug. Rileys showed up with Ollie for Anna to ride. She seems to think this gelding is the only horse that she wants to ride. It is a good thing Sonny and Jeanne are so good to the kids and brought him over. Anna rode him around in the alley bareback for awhile and seemed really happy to have him back. We then went to another backyard BBQ for our friends that were up. More pool time for the kids, and squirt guns and water fights.


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The Great Alaskan Cruise

This has been a fun week for Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen, they spent it on a 7 day cruise to Alaska and just got back. They also got to see some of British Columbia and the Yukon territories on their trip. And now they have a TON or work to catch up. The boys have lots of stories about whale watching, seeing bears, traveling around, riding in a float plane, etc to tell if you want to listen. The trip to Alaska was very exciting, but they are glad to be home. Jaxsen says his favorite part was the whale watching and seeing the whales jump out of the water. Kade says his favorite part was seeing all of the bears, the honey bear in particular. Also, Jaxsen got to see the skull of a short snout bear, which him and Patricia had just been discussing, so he was very excited about that.

Tuesday mom and I took Anna and Kaine down for their dentist and orthodontist appts. Since we had time to kill in-between we bought a bunch of books at the book worm and had a great lunch at Bonefish. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the kids went to Connell to help cousin Leslie halter break heifers. They also helped work the fall calves, move cows, etc. Friday night they stayed at Leslie’s house to wake up early for their steer show on Saturday.

So Friday I put out mineral, checked cows, and did chores, with just the dogs (including the Meacham dogs) since Anna and Kaine had left me.

Saturday Chad came and trimmed horses and mini horses. Then John H. came with his brother Joe and Joe’s kids to get their mares from Gunner’s pen. John also brought Anna a new puppy, a mini Aussie. Also, we sent Baby T home with John. So far everyone is having lots of fun with the puppy, she has ridden in buckets, been packed (since she clearly has no legs), and tried to play with the cats, since they are the only thing her size. Thunder has also been playing with her, but his head is bigger than her entire body, so they don’t do much.

The kids also had a great day Saturday with Jay and McCall. Kaine had grand champion market steer and Anna had reserve. And Anna had Grand champion fitting and showing and Kaine had Reserve. It was a great day for a show. Everyone got to ride in style in Jay’s Peterbuilt, so that adds to the enjoyment of going to these jackpots.

Sunday we took dad and Ben to the Texas Road House and had steaks (since we don’t have those at home). The poor puppy had to stay home all alone. Also on Sunday, Piper had a fancy palomino filly by Dude. When we got home Ben mowed thistles and Russian Olive trees out in the pastures. Kaine, Anna had I hauled Miss Kyra out with Bishop and did chores. And dad took a nap.

Monday Anna and Kaine tied up steers in the morning and then went down to mom and dads. Kaine helped dad work on the suburban for a while, and Anna helped me do chores.


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“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

For the most part we have had a pretty uneventful week. Wednesday we turned Katana and Dyna out into the pasture, she has been in with Reed. Dyna does not like Katana to have all that room, Katana has started hanging out with her brother, Dancin in the Dust, and her nonbrother, Ragnar, so Dyna cannot find her.

The kids have been busy catching their steers in the morning and tying them in the barn since they don’t have school. The steers have been doing great. Their next show is Saturday with the Jay Team. We also caught all of the little heifers for the first time, and tied up Zsa Zsa for the second time. The little heifers were little heifers. Some were good, some were bad, but mostly they acted like the babies that they are. Nothing was so bad that we turned it back out, but one was close! Ben didn’t find it amusing that one heifer could stand and jump up and down almost as high as he is tall.

Friday Anna has a summer kickoff party at her friend Daisy’s house. Her and her friends, Bella, Daisy, Brandy, Lily, Mackenzie, and Kassy are pretty excited to be in Jr High next year. Lily and McKenzie came to our house after for their parents to pick them up and they got to pet the bull.

Kade and Sonny got to go to their grandma Sherri and Papa Barry’s house for the weekend. They were pretty excited and had a great time. Like normal. Kade got to work on his welding skills with Papa, and Sonny got to watch TV, which IS his goal for the summer. I am sure they did lots more, but that is what I was told.

We also continued with our fence building projects. We were building fence for Reed’s pen up on a neighbor’s “back 20.” We worked on it Saturday and Sunday, and finally got it done. The weather was perfect as it was stormy, so not too hot. We were lucky and had Anna and Kaine to help us Saturday, so they drove as we walked behind putting in fence posts. But Sunday it was just Toni, Sonny and I, and Sonny is not quite old enough to drive. And he doesn’t like to help. He is more interested in running off to look at stuff. Half the time we build fence, half the time we are tracking that guy down. So there was more fence post packing and walking. Luckily we only had one side left.

There is also a doe living in there, hopefully she does not spook the horses through the fence. We did not spook her enough for her to leave. She just laid in the Russian Olive trees and watched us. So we got done and hauled Reed, Maggie, Lady bug and Pistol up there. They were happy to be out of the corral and have some grass.

And we let Sagebug have his pen and their pen. We now just have two horses in the corral to feed at night. Sagebug and Felix. This is about the least amount of chores we could have. That means it is time to add something else on. Like maybe get Bebe ridden, or halter break some foals, or something. I am sure we can figure out what to do with all of this “free” time.

The three older kids had a 4H meeting yesterday, so our friend Tennelle took them so we could finish the fence and get Reed moved up, or at least that is what we told her! No really, that is what we actually did. Thanks Tennelle.


I heard on the radio this morning some of the things that stop people from attaining their dreams. Fear is in the top 5. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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I am a little behind getting this written.

I am a little behind getting this written. Wednesday one of Kade’s cows, “Sweet Apple,” had a cute Hereford bull calf by Rocky. I would like to say we are not disappointed that it is not a heifer. But we are. She has had two black white faced heifer calves in a row, so I guess it was too much to ask for another heifer. Also, we got the yearling colts in and West Niled them and wormed them. We also took new pictures of Major and Whim, both are still for sale if you are looking for a summer project. They are also huge. The good news is that they both remembered that they are halter broke. Smokey was perfect, but that isn’t new. He is considerably smaller than the other two, but even when you feed an orphan the way mom did, they still take forever to catch up.

Friday was my Friday off, so I took mineral out to most of the horses and cows. I may or may have not gotten temporarily stalled in Gunners pen, due to some run off last year that made a small ditch that I had forgotten about. Also, cousins Linda and Patricia showed up Friday night on their way home (to California) from visiting Yellowstone, Glacier and the Tetons National Parks. It is on Patricia’s bucket list to visit ALL of the National parks in the US, so they go to a few every year. Patricia and Jaxsen also got into a would you rather contest, on who can come up with the most extreme, would you rather have a short faced bear or a grizzly bear in your back yard. That type of thing. Dinosaurs also played a big part in the hypotheticals. Patricia never seems to get tired of Sonny’s far reaching imagination.

Believe it or not, Patricia wanted to build fence while she was here, so we decided to FINALLY finish the fence on Hendricks Rd. So Saturday we had a LONG day of fencing and sunburns. Luckily Chad showed up to shoe my horse so I got to adios vaminoos at about 2. The rest of the family and the kids kept at it until the fence was up enough that the pasture could be turned back out. We used that 5 foot no crawl horse fence. It is expensive, but it is good for a perimeter fence. I was nice and also put fronts on Fancy, to take more time so I did not have to get back to fencing.

Then we had “The Twins” graduation party Saturday night, and for course we had a good time there. We are going to miss our Twinners as they head to Oklahoma for college. People ask what we are going to do without them. We really don’t know. Literally, no idea.

Sunday, Ben, Kaine, Anna, Patricia and I built a horse fence for the riding horses so we could get them out on grass and stop feeding them. Then we took Patricia to Othello for lunch and Checos so we could get some more fencing supplies. Next, Toni and I took Patricia to move horses and finish the fence along Hendricks. We still had some areas that we needed to attach the fence to the posts in a more firm manner. That fence is so tight in a couple of spots it would take one person to hold it correctly while the other got the clips on. Kicker took the kids out on the lake in the boat for a Sunday Funday. The kids were happy to have a break from fencing. Sunday night we had a farewell dinner for Linda and Patricia. We love having them come up from California to visit us. Patricia always keeps us laughing. This year she was amazed by seed potatoes. Patricia never complains about the ranch work and always seems to enjoy herself. By the end of their visit, that Patricia could put a fence clip on with the best of them.

Tuesday morning the kids had their last assembly. All four kids got student of the month awards, so that was really cool. Sonny didn’t think he was getting one, but he did. It was really fun to have all four get awards at the same assembly. Tuesday afternoon Anna had her 6th grade promotion, I guess it is not graduation anymore. We officially have a Jr Higher on our hands. I don’t know if we are ready. I made dinner for everyone that night and Anna wanted tuna casserole. That isn’t everyone’s favorite, but the pie mom made for dessert sure was. Also on Tueday, dad’s cousin Jill came out with her sister, Lisa, to look at the horses. Today the kids got out of school at 10:10 so we are officially on summer break. Toni took them to Michael Jay’s for brunch before she went to court. Summertime here we come!

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It is important to remember, we are home of the free because of the brave.

Monday and Tuesday started out like a normal week last week, Toni had fencing projects for us to work on. The kids went and washed their steers both days to get ready for the jackpot show. Wednesday Toni, mom and I went down and watched Blaine work Jackpot before Blaine and Jackpot headed off to CA. This is a great move for Blaine, and we are excited for him, and are looking forward to seeing Jackpot shown. However, we are sad that Jackpot is not going to be as close as he was. Thursday the kids packed up the trailer to head to their show on Saturday. We got our dream colt out of Izzy and Bishop, a blue roan colt, which will be our only Bishop foal this year. The other mares he bred belonged to other people from last year. We have only received pics of one of the foals and it is a black colt.

We had visitors on Thursday afternoon to look at the foals. We like to tell people that the ranch tour takes 2 hours, but with all of the stallions spread out, the tour took 3 hours on Thursday. Karen fell in love with Rudy’s filly, so that was a done deal. Lizzie also foaled on Thursday with a buckskin colt out of Gunner. This is the first colt we have had out of her.

Friday Toni took three of the steers and tack to our cousins’ house on the other side of Connell. Jay was taking part of the “Jay Team” to Wheatland on Saturday, so the kids spent the night with Leslie, so they don’t have to get up as early (they get to sleep in like 10 min, but I don’t have to get up at 3, let’s get real about this). Toni moved all of the tack over to Jolene’s trailer and left the steers there for the kids to wash when they got home from school. Also, Friday morning Toni was visited by Tina who was out checking on her mare, Mud, and her foal, Bubbles. Toni and Tina took the time to drive around and check the horses. Tina had a great time looking at the calves.

Saturday while the kids were in Ritzville showing with Jay, Toni, Ben and I saddled up and Kicker and Jaxsen jumped on the 4 wheeler, Scout, and we headed out to round up cows. Toni rode Shimmer, a daughter of Zink’s Major Kid and out of dad’s old ranch mare, Star. Ben rode Riley, a bay roan mare we got from Sonny and Jeannie Riley, and I rode my trusty old mare Cad, a daughter of Continental Cad. It took us most of the morning to get that part of the herd gathered and then we worked them. Then we headed down and got the Hereford cows in and worked them. Next, we pushed the bull calves down to where the Hereford cows had been. By this time it was late afternoon and Toby and Scarlet joined in on the six wheeler. Jay brought the kids back and picked up 102W. We weaned our fall calves and left them in the corral. We put the Herefords out with Bishop (who got out) and left the heifer calves locked in for the night. We had people out on Saturday to look at the buckskin colts, and they fell in love with the Colonel/Twist colt. Remington went home with them.

Sunday, we gathered the rest of the cows, with a big team. Kaine rode Bev, Kade rode Slick, Kicker rode Riley, Toni rode Shimmer, Ben rode Fancy, and I rode Cad. Anna we sent with mom and dad to St John and Winona to decorate graves for Memorial Day. We finished working the rest of the cows, the steers, the bulls, and the show heifers. Then, we pushed the rest of the bull calves down with the others. After the cows had all been worked, Toni and I put Izzy out with Bishop and Lizzy out with Gunner. I would say we had a pretty productive day.

Monday, we remember our veterans and other loved ones that we lost, and talked with the kids about all who had served in our family. It is important to remember, we are home of the free because of the brave.

Monday afternoon, Toni took our receip cow over to get an embryo and I went over to Cecil’s house and got Sagebug, Cammy and Shadie and brought them home. The kids washed their steers and cleaned out the camper. Ben and Kicker were until late that night fixing the circle where our hay is. The hay got bailed, the circle got fixed, and we got ready for another week. This morning Payton foaled and had a fancy bay filly that may be roan. We are down to just a handful of mares left to foal. Also, Mil is with trainer Josh Hoelscher and she is doing AWESOME. And Friday is with trainer Rachel Hamby and is also doing awesome. We are very excited with how both of these fillies are doing.

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KT Gunners Jitter Bug is out of Continental Lady Bug  and is by KT Gunpowder N Lead. Gunner is a roan dunskin son of Cue Bars Laddie, AQHA point earning and producing stallion. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Pistol’s sire, Gold Country Charro is a dunskin stallion that was shown in 1998 and 1999 in halter at local shows. Lady Bug is a big boned Continental Cad daughter going back to Mr Blackburn on the bottom. This is a 81% NFQHA mare that has been a great color producer. She has an outstanding disposition, if she sees you outside she comes running. This filly is going to be the whole package, confirmation, breeding and disposition.  She was born 4/27/18. $4,500

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Well we definitely started out last week right with Twist having a cute buckskin colt last Monday. And Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we finished our buffer fence out in the desert to keep stallions and mares separated. So now there is a lake AND a fence between Colonel and Gunner. Also on Tuesday, Tessa had a charming dun colt. Thursday Toni and I went to the front side of the lake to make sure that fence was up and hot. It was not hot so we went through the cow pasture and found were a jump wire was knocked off. Once we got it back up the fence was scary HOT. But that one fencer energizes miles of fence, so it needs to be hot. With this 1350 feet of fence done, we are taking a small break on the big fencing projects. We have two or three smaller projects that we hope to get done this week.

Friday I got up to load dad and send him up to see Dr. Jennifer King. He took Cleo and Hottie up to get ultra-sounded and pick Pistol up from getting AIed to Playdox. Cleo was confirmed bred to Reed, we are very excited about that combination. However, Hottie was open, so we left her up there to get AIed back to KR Gunpowder. Toni was in Ellensburg at court. So I also got to meet Craig and Christina who came up from Utah and bought Vann, Daze, and Dancin Dan.

Saturday we needed to get one of our recept cows in from Leroy’s pen to get ready to receive an embryo. Ben, Anna and I went and got her and the heifers in. Toni and Kade went down and finished up Colonel’s pen and let Gunner and his mares out into the desert. Then our farrier Chad Whetzel came and we spend the rest of the day trimming horses (and a mini mule named Bunny). We started with Chad at 10:30 and ended at 8:00 pm. I think he is ready to quit on us.

The kids worded on their show string, they are getting their Spokane steers ready, their Angus heifers ready for the Angus field day, and then steers ready for Wheatland after that. May is going to be a busy show month. I also got to take a little spin on my mare, Cad, while I waited for Chad to make it to my house, Toni took him to her house to do Colonel and I went to catch Cad and move some bulls around while I waited for him. Kicker spent a few hours mowing weeds and Russian olive trees on Saturday. Also, now that it is irrigation season, Ben and Kicker also spent part of the weekend starting water. While we were grabbing horses to trim, we also got serious about deworming and giving the West Nile shot as the weather is actually warming up. Any horse that we caught to trim or that would stand still, we got done.

Sunday we got to move some cows around bright and early. Then, we saw that Mud and Lura had both foaled. Two really nice roan foals by Gunner. Then Toni and I spent pretty much the rest of the day moving horses around and trying to get as many horses as possible out on grass. We moved Colonel down to the lake, put Tessa, Mud and Lura out with Gunner. And took Sagebug, Cammie and Shadie over to a neighbors to eat down his pasture. Again deworming and giving WN as we went. Ben worked on getting the camper ready for the Spokane Jr Livestock show, and he made some food for us to take. As well as help the kids with their livestock and change a flat tire for us. Kicker continued with his mowing project. By the end of the weekend we had over 50 head of horses dewormed and given their WN shot. There was a brief argument about where the half-way mark is and how many horses we actually have, but no one wants to get bogged down on numbers. Toni thinks we need fewer horses and I would be happy with a minimum of one of each color and as many as we could run!

Once the weekend was done, we were all “White-Eyed” – Exhausted.


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By Hook or Crook

Toni is back to cracking the whip and getting fencing done. We are going to get it done by hook or crook. By Hook or Crook means: To do any way possible. And that is my finger, not Tonis’.

Monday Toni and I broke apart poles, we bought a pile of 12 foot poles from an orchard and they are attached together with metal in an S curve. So Toni saws them apart while I get the rebar the rest of the way out. However, we only did 20 of them, enough for along Hendricks Rd. So we only have about 110 left to do. It is not fun. Then Tuesday we put up 4 of the poles along our Hendricks Rd fencing project. I am taking a picture every day, normally with Toni it in, so I can remember what we do each day. I didn’t tell Toni I was taking pictures with her in them until Thursday when I wanted her to redo something stupid that she had done so I could get a picture. She was not happy to find out I have been taking pictures on the sly. Haha.

Also on Tuesday, Lendy foaled and had Mario. Wednesday Toni and I started a new fencing project, we are building a fence along one of the lakes in the desert, in case the horses, which are on the front side of the lake, comes across to the back, with the new fence horses will not mix, hypothetically. Toni and I continued with putting in posts for that 1350 feet of fence for Thursday and Friday. We had hoped to get that fence in over the weekend. It did not happen. Also on Friday, Big Mama foaled and had a FANCY grulla filly. There was talk of keeping her, however, one of our good friends and customers has expressed interest in her, so we will see.

Saturday we got fence building reinforcement. Kicker came out with the automatic post pounder and we got 90% of the posts in. Dad even brought out some supplies and stayed and helped for a little while. We also checked the cows out on the desert Saturday morning, all are doing well. And Ben stayed at the house with the kids while we were building fence to help them with their steers and heifers. The kids had 17 head of show critters tied up on Saturday.

Sunday Toni and Kicker celebrated their anniversary and went out for brunch. Ben the kids and I went to Moses to get a gate, more barbless twisted wire for the fence, some precon to take to Spokane with us for the steers, and some other stuff, from Basin Feed. When Toni and Kicker got back they went and finished putting posts in and got some of the wire up. Ben and I got Lendy in and moved her in with Double. And got the Hereford cows in that had calved and moved them down with 102W (pancake) and Eric (our 10Y son). Gunner is also down there and was VERY disappointed there were not any mares in the trailer.

Yesterday I went into town after work and got my hair done. But, Toni, Coco and the kids got more wire up and one of the sections is now completely done. Also, Twist foaled yesterday and had a showy buckskin colt. The weather has been kind of junky, but we always need rain so we are remaining positive.

And I have had a great day so far today. A coworker got back from Hawaii and brought us back wood bookmarks that are REALLY cool. Then Tessa foaled and had a dun colt (dun with black points is one of my favorite colors). Anna had a field trip today, and I could not go, and one of my favorite cousins Whitney went with her. I know Whitney had a lot of fun, and one of our friends’ kid called her and told her she did not have to come because Whitney was coming. LOL. Whitney is 10 years younger than I am, so it is like having an older sibling get to come with you. The kids love Whitney, so Anna probably had more fun with Whitney than if I had gone. Thanks Whitney. Since my day has been so good, I asked Toni if I should get a lotto ticket and she said yes. Big money here we come!

Also, the three older bottle calves tried to escaped today.


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