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Stunning day here today.

Monday was the start to a hectic week. We found out midday Monday that Kaine had basketball practice, so I made a few calls, and found a ride home and Ben ran some clothes into him. So, he was not home to help with chores, but Coco was back for a week or two. So it was Toni, Anna, Coco and Kade. Monday also started out with a 2 hour school delay, so Dad ran the kids in. Tuesday was more of the same, with really icy conditions, but then it warmed up. Toni ran the kids to school on Tuesday. Tuesday basketball practice and carolers at Toni’s house. So Toni and Ben made hors d’oeuvres and we all went up there. Toni and Anna say that Dualin and Chips are doing awesome, Toni works on Dualin and Anna works on Chips. Wednesday was Kaine’s birthday, him and Anna got to start the day with dentist appts then Ben took them to iHop. Toni took Chips to the vet so she could get ready to go to her new home. Chips had never loaded before, or had her feet picked up, but Toni picked her feet up to get her in the trailer. She actually loaded really well and was great at the vet. Toni took Mom with her so that Mom could get Sam the puppy his puppy shots. Sam took the shots a lot worse than Chips. Wimpy German Shepard. Toni also went and got a couple of kittens that she felt she needed. They are big.

Thursday we had a troop meeting with Boy Scouts, it was Kaine’s last meeting, so he got a stocking hat and frosting beard. All our boys (including Aram) got badges. Then, as we left the church we saw a house so lighted up we were wondering if it was a house or a church. So we ran over and got pictures in front of it.

Friday, Toni’s little heifer had a backwards calf on her own. Those Stingray calves are little and vigorous. It seems like we are having about one calf a day, all of the AI calves from the first round are due today, so hopefully we have a whole bunch soon. We got all of the calves tagged and are ready for a new week. Then Toni and I worked on Chips and Dualin.

Saturday we worked outside most of the day. A coworker came and got some meat, we had to pull a calf, graft a calf, put Chips and Dualin back out, get Justified and Hollywood in. Toni and Anna both rode Buck. Lots of things to do in the mud. Also, we left Ollie and Riley in since they are easy to catch in an emergency, and they are out with the cows. So I just had Ben drive over and threw a halter on Ollie to get the cow in. He might rethink being easier to catch! But the sun was out, so no complaining.

Sunday morning the kids went with Leslie and Jolene Christmas shopping for us. Leslie started this tradition when the kids were young and they have loved it. The twins just got back from college and met them for lunch and went to a store or two with them. Toni got Chips back in and got her ready to load out. Toni and Kicker put out hay, it was so muddy that Toni got stuck a couple of times and had to be pushed out with the tractor. We got a delivery of hay so Ben unloaded hay. I ran to town and picked up a last minute Christmas present that Toni had ordered for me and got groceries, I would not recommend gong to Winco on Sunday afternoon, it was PACKED.

We also had Day 1 with Hollywood and Justified, they both did awesome. The Leroy foals have been great so far, very willing and smart and Justified is such a sweet boy. Then Toni and Jaxsen went to the Franklin County Cattlemen’s Christmas Party after chores. Kaine, Kade and I watched a movie and had hot coco (after feeding the calves of course). Stunning day here today. The sun is out, the wind is moderate. It looks and feels more like spring than a week before Christmas!

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Then today we woke to snow.

Since I do not have personal halter breaking knowledge of the three foals that are in right now, Pow, Cole, and Hollywood Cad, I can only post about what I hear. Since Anna is helping Toni, they all must be doing very well. Pow has always been a pet, her mom was AIed, so she was never turned out very far, she spend a month or so up at Dr. King’s vet clinic, possibly having a halter on there, so she is doing great. Her main issue is she thinks she is a pet and is unsure why she is being haltered and treated like a horse. And she is amazingly lazy. She is out of KR Gun Powder and Hottie, so we cannot figure out what she is so lazy. Anna started working with her on Tuesday. But don’t be confused, she is still Kaine’s filly. He just isn’t doing the work on her for some reason. He says it is because Toni doesn’t yell at him to go out and help. Toni says she shouldn’t have to yell at him to go out and help. Anna wants to help, so Anna goes out and helps. It is funny how that works out. Cole is Cole, once he smells you he does pretty well. Cole is super solid built, lots of bulk and muscle that he knows how to use. Luckily he doesn’t want to bolt that hard, he just likes to test people. Hollywood Cad wants to be a people pleaser, he just does not accept it all the way yet. This is a colt that absolutely loves attention, super soft, lots of give, really smart, Toni and Anna both think he is the greatest colt. Pow and Hollywood Cad will get turned back out today. They catch, lead, and tie, so they are done for now. This week Toni and Anna are working on Chips and Dualin Pistols. Both are in and ready to go. They actually got started a couple of days ago. If we have easy ones, we have 2 pens we can use for halter breaking, but Toni prefers to just do one pen at a time.

The calves like the house the kids and the unnamed person and I made them. Especially with all of this cold, frozen fog, rain, and now icy snow that we have on the ground. That calf house with some straw in it really works.

I was in Spokane Wednesday through Friday last week at a work conference, it was fun. But, it is always great to be back home.

We started calving on Friday, Anna’s show heifer Amora had a nice heifer calf by Stingray. Then on Sunday we had a heifer calf by Musgraves Stunner. And there are lots more that look heavy. Hopefully they wait until Wed when it is supposed to warm up a little. Ben is home checking everything now, so if one of them does start to calve, they can get brought in the barn.

Saturday Chad Whetzel came out and trimmed a few horses (9). Then, we had to get ready for our November, December, January family birthday party. Since the bowling alley is closed we had a game night in the show barn. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday we had Kaine’s birthday party since Skip was already up for the other party. Then we hauled the last load of mares out to the desert. We also only kept two riding horses in, Ollie and Riley since pretty much anyone will ride those two, and took the other 5 out too.


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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Monday it rained all day, but it was 37-40 degrees all day. Toni has been very busy with legal work, she has a big case coming up with two other attorneys that is very time consuming. Toni is NOT a procrastinator, and it seems like these other attorneys are, so it has caused a lot of stress. Some important things were due Monday AND she had court in the afternoon, so the kids did most of chores. It was almost dark when she got there so just worked with the foals.

Tuesday Big Iron went to his new home with Michelle and John and Magnum came home. Magnum was happy to see his sister Shotgun Sally. Toni moved Ruby across the driveway to be with Cattle Kate since that pen is slightly less muddy. It is a good thing that Cattle Kate is already sold, we would definitely be tempted to keep her, she is just so easy. Dad went to Basin City and got mineral Equine Sr for Double and Kool from Basin City Farm and Home. It is pretty sad when you have so many old horses that you buy Sr. feed by the pallet and not the bag. Jag was bored so she harassed Curly, Curly was not amused.

Wednesday only Kaine had scouts, Kade and Jaxsen got to go to the dentist instead. Their friend Aram transferred from the Othello scout group to the Connell one, so that was fun for them. They have the best scout leader, she gave them knives (she of course contacted all parent’s first and cleared it with them), and they learned how to whittle. Toni and Dad also found some time to haul six more mares out to winter pasture. We just have four left to haul out, but we have to get the whole herd in to sort them. They are the four that don’t want to leave very badly. Chips came in to investigate what Toni and Dad were doing, so they weaned her as she needed to be weaned anyway.

Thursday we went to a surprise birthday for our good friend’s daughter Grace, Grace is like another niece to us (as is her brother Kelten). Grace was the BIG 1 6 on Thursday. And, on the way to her house, one of her friends that was in front of her, hit a deer on Hendricks Rd, so Grace found out about the party when all of her friends were stopped behind the first car and she asked why they were all headed towards her house (none of the rest of them live out that way). Everyone was ok.

Friday I worked on the website and did some paperwork. Then, Anna’s friend Bella came out to ride, they rode Ollie and Slick after school, so I picked the kids up from school so they would have more time to ride since it gets dark so early. Then Bella and Anna cooked oatmeal bars and brownies and watched movies until Bella’s mom got done and was ready for her. The boys went up to Toni’s wand watched Dog Days, they say it is very good.

Saturday we moved the cows from pasture to the corn stalks. Toni and the kids rode, I was the ground crew, taking down fences, getting gates, etc. Ben and Kicker put hay and straw out with heavy heifers and put up a gate. Anna and I moved some steers around to make a heavy heifer pen, and put her heifer Amora in it. Dad and I put out the last two big bales that were at their house. Then we worked with the foals.

Sunday Ruby left with her youth, Sierra, and Cattle Kate when to her new home. We put up Christmas Decorations, moved new foals into the halter breaking pen, tied up the steers, put out big bales, repurposed pallets and tarps to make a calf house (Kade came up with the “repurposing”, I had other works for it and the other adult involved does not want to be mentioned, LOL), and lots of other fun stuff. With our heifers scheduled to start calving soon, we are now on heavy heifer watch.

Don’t forget to go onto our Facebook page and vote for your favorite pictures for the calendar. 

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I hate turkeys. If you stand in the meat section at the grocery store long enough, you start to get mad at turkeys. There’s turkey ham, turkey bologna, turkey pastrami. Some one needs to tell the turkey, ‘man, just be yourself.

I like to schedule my Dr visits first thing in the morning, so the Dr. is not behind yet. So first thing on Tuesday I had my skin Dr apt, I have already had one cancerous spot taken off, so I go in every 6 months for skin checks. So, I just want to remind everyone, to go in and have your spots checked out! We also have multiple cousins that have had to have spots removed. If you are out in the sun, wear a hat (we will give you one), and sunscreen, but also be preventative, go to the Dr. Also on Tuesday, Toni loaded out Freckles and Eagle, and both went merrily to their new homes. Christina (owner of even brought Toni a late bday present from her store, a beautiful pair of sterling silver earrings. Normal Tuesday evening, Toni and the kids did chores, Toni is working on the three new foals in the halter breaking pen. She slipped when she was working on Mario, but he is such a great colt he just stood there. Princess Peach was already halter broke, or never halter broke, depending on how you look at it. She just follows a person around, so one never knows for sure if they are really halter broke. All three of the foals have very different personalities, but we enjoy working with all types. The kids (minus Jaxsen) have their bottle calves to feed at night, since they never think they have enough projects and want to bring more animals home.

Wednesday the kids only had a half day of school so Toni went and picked them up and took them to lunch. Since I forgot to call the school, Kaine was put on the bus, so milkshakes were on me. My favorite twiners were on a SHORT break home from college so they brought a coffee to me. I think they like to come by and see how many pictures of them I have in my office. The answer is probably too many, I have been asked if I have two older kids (plus the 4 so a total of 6). I answer no, I only have two. Now with Savannah always hugging on Kaine I have pics of her all over too, so I was asking if she was my grandchild, NO, DO I LOOK OLD ENOUGH? The person just stared at me. I am taking that as a NO! But, back to the twins, we consider all of those girls family, even the older two. Haha. With a family like ours, loaded down with girls, what are 4 more? Wednesday Princess Peach went to her new home as Madison was home from college for Thanksgiving break. As they were loading her, they realized she had never been loaded before. The good news is that she is a pig, so the feed buck and some assistance got her in the trailer.

Thursday of course was Thanksgiving, dad invited Terry and Erina down so that was a lot of fun. We of course had prime rib, and a smoked turkey as a side. We don’t spend much time on dinner. Basically we eat it, watch the dog show, then get back out to do chores. We were all surprised the Whiskey the Whippet won Best in Show, not that Whiskey didn’t deserve to win, he was a cute dog. We did decide we could use them for coyote dogs if we had a pack?? Then, on to chores, chores wait for no one.

Friday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen headed to Clarkston, for dinner, black Friday shopping and tree cutting. Anna, Kaine and I tied up the Spokane steers and the steers we have in for next year. We also went shed shopping to get a shed for all of our show tack (since Ben is tired of it being in his shed). Hopefully it gets delivered in the next couple of weeks. We also worked on Ruby and Mario. Then we met the twins, Marlo, Morgan, Joe, Leslie and Whitney for dinner and a movie in Connell. We went to the Pizza Station and went to see the Grinch. It was pretty good, and it is always great getting together with everyone. I do not know if Joe has ever watched the Grinch before, but he seemed to think it was pretty funny.

Saturday Mario went to live with his youth, Angelina. We felt they were a great fit and are very excited to see what their future holds. We tied the steers up again on Saturday, checked the cows and heifers, put Cole and Dualin in with Ruby, and worked on Ruby.

Sunday, we tied up the steers, moved the bulls down to the alfalfa field. Toni got home, so we got Strawberry in and weaned our last big foal, Sally, she is one of the ones we plan to keep. We still have the three little ones on their moms. We haltered Cole and worked on him and Ruby. We actually saw a bit of sunshine, but the rain is back today. The positive is that the temperature is in the 40s, meaning it is bearable. Toni and the kids plan to try and get more mares hauled out this week, but it might be a challenge. December is around the corner which is HUGE for us. We start calving in December and we could not be more excited to see our next crop of calves hit the ground.

Also on Sunday, Rachel Hamby, who is riding Friday down in Cali, sent us a picture and videos of her in a trail class. Kade seemed to think that he was going to get her now, but don’t worry, I filled him in that Friday has been mine since birth. I reminded him that he has Slick AND he claimed Charlie, our black yearling filly by Little Cielo. Toni and I are also fighting over who gets Shotgun Sally. Toni claimed Yo and Beebee, so I feel like it is my turn??


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Toni says I am not being funny anymore and I need to amuse her. I will try harder.

                So far it has been a fairly average week. Tuesday we did have freezing fog in the morning, I want to remind everyone to drive safe. There was a semi rollover on my way to work going into Mesa, we were detoured back up Glade, or like me, up Langford. There was also a rollover on 395 just south of Mesa. Just because it is 32 degrees, it does not mean you can set your cruise control. Tuesday night Toni and dad went to the Franklin County Cattlemen’s meeting. The kids are helping Toni with chores due to fall back. Toni took them to my house on her way home so they could feed their bottle calves and she could doctor Big Iron and Cattle Kate’s heads. Escoe the Jersey had gotten out and was in with Dream Lover.  Since the kids went home with me we had a Dance Party on the Wii.

                It isalso that time of year to get your stallion reports in, cow inventory done and to the appropriate Association, etc. So while Kaine and I watch movies at night Iwork on our inventories and stallion reports. We bred 10 cows to clubby bulls and Anna keeps talking about how she cannot wait to see what her cow has. So, she probably did not take to the AI, which is OK, then she will just have an Angus calf by BK Hoover Dam 507, who had a the Reserve Champion Steer of Merit steer at CBJLS and a steer that we sold that graded Prime.  So it definitely could be worse. WordPress has “updated” and so far I am not a fan. From what I copied has pasted a lot of the spaces are missing and he words are now one. 

                Wednesday Toni had to be in Prosser all day for meetings, but got back in time to work onthe foals. She said Freckles and Eagle are doing awesome halter breaking, shecould already lead them out in the round pen on the first day. Toni had court in Kennewick Wednesday so she dropped in on Aunt Peggy.  Anna did most of chores on her own since the boys had boy scouts, I was at work and Toni was in court. Good thing we have Anna to do chores. Thursday the 4 wheeler and mule came down to the tri citiesto get fixed. I brought them to work and then Kicker ran them over from here. Imade sure everyone at work knew my pickup was leaving so they didn’t call thecops on him since I was in a board meeting. Thursday John showed up and didchores with Anna, so Toni just had to work on the foals, and made John help her do that too.

                Friday I got to be the math team coach for the 5th graders, I thought the competition was really great. Kade got an award, I think he was third overall in the third grade, for comprehensive math, and his team was third overall. Great job kids!

                Saturdaywas a normal busy day, we tied the steers up, went to Connell and got two ofthe Spokane steers and took the tack back. Hauled mares out to the desert,weaned the majority of the foals, worked on foals, and wormed some mares.Sunday and Monday were Anna and Toni’s birthdays, so we also had the birthday party on Saturday night so Skip could go home on Sunday.

                Sunday was Anna’s birthday, so Ben made French toast and hash browns for breakfast.  Some outside mares left so we ran and got them in really quick. Then Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to Moses Lake to take Anna out to lunch. Toni fixed fence, got Colonel’s pen in,  got Cole weaned, and started hauling mares. We got back and Anna got to skip chores for her birthday. So Toni and I hauled more mares out and worked on Eagle and Freckles. We got three more foals in to start halter breaking, Ruby, Mario, and Princess Peach. We moved the yearling fillies out with the herd (and Pecos) and moved the three grandmas (two have foals) in where the yearlings were.

                Since yesterday was Toni’s birthday Kicker and I took her out to lunch, she wanted togo to her favorite Chinese place, but it is closed until November 26th,so we went to Bone Fish. And they gave her TWO Crème brulees, a pumpkin and aregular since she could not make up her mind.x

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Cold weather, who cares! Toni does, we just can’t let it slow her down.

As everyone knows by now, daylight savings officially ended on Sunday, November 4. Super sad day. That means that I no longer get home in the light, Toni and the kids, and whoever else she can find to help, start chores at 4 to try to get done before we lose the ability to see. Monday Toni, the kids and Coco worked on the foals and did chores. They started chores a bit late, as the adjustment to the time had not quite kicked in. So it was decided that 4 pm start times was the absolute latest chores could start. Especially because we are still halter breaking, and doctoring 2 heads and 1 eye.

Tuesday we were on pins and needles due to a family member having a surgery that ended up going well. Tuesday Toni also had some people come by to look at the bull calves we have for sale. Coco took off for CA, so Toni and the kids did chores.
Wednesday Toni went down to Court in the morning, came back and worked on the foals, then went to the WCA conference in Tri-Cities and was gone through Friday. The kids, Anna, Kaine and Kade (not Jaxsen) did a great job of doing chores all week. Jaxsen got to start cub scouts this week, he was VERY EXCITED to get to join. His best friend Luke is also in cub scouts, so they have a great time. AND someone there let Sonny use a knife. He got to carve a piece of soap. Kaine, Kade and the rest of the boy scouts (not Jaxsen since he does not have his shirt yet) got to carry the flag at the Veterans Day assembly at school. Uncle Skip came down from St. John for the school Veterans Day assembly which we really appreciate. The kids have wanted him to come for years. They were very proud to honor the Veterans. Kade and Jaxsen also got to go home with me at night this week so we have been having a Just Dance Party every night. That Jaxsen is quite the dancer.

Saturday Ben, Kicker, Anna, Kaine, Kade and I started working the cows, we worked most of them on Saturday. Kade helped Ben, he filled up syringes and went and got medicine for him, Kaine helped me doing the same, and Anna helped Kicker bring cows up and wrote down numbers. Jaxsen helped Toni, they sent Bubbles, Dodge and Coco bean to their new homes and weaned Mario and Princess Peach.

Sunday Ben, Kicker, Anna, Kaine, Kade and I finished working the cows, then Whitney came over and took Anna, Kaine, Kade and Jaxsen over for Ady’s birthday party. Ben and Kicker also helped me get the horses in from circle 4 and I hauled them down to the house. Dad helped me wean Ruby and King of Blue. Toni had some documents that she needed to work on, but didn’t get much done because she ended up showing 2 groups of people some horses we had for sale. Then, Toni went and got the kids and we got a load of mares in to take out to the desert. Dad and I hauled them out while Toni and the kids did chores. Saturday and Sunday were pretty cold days. It may be time to pull the longjohns out.

Monday was a holiday, so no school. Anna, Kaine, Kade and I haltered the steers we have at the house. Then, we built a calf shelter for the 4 bottle calves. Next, I took the boys to Toni’s and Anna and I went down and had lunch with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Tom and got groceries. Toni loaded out June, who loaded like a champ. Monday afternoon we got Freckles and Eagle in to start halter breaking this week. Double wanted his blanket on, so we put his winter blanket on him to keep him warmer. Today is still cold, but the outlook is good for no one getting a break here on this ranch!

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Anna’s Pictures from today


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I found all of these pictures hidden on my computer


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We finally had our last show of the year, the kids are sad our show season is over, and we don’t get to see our show family over the winter. We will miss you all.

We finally had our last show of the year, the kids are sad our show season is over, and we don’t get to see our show family over the winter. We will miss you all.

Monday we had Steer of Merit, all of our kids ended up with a check, Kaine had Reserve Champion with his CBJLS steer, his BF Steer barely missed, he was a little low on DWG. Kade got a check with his BF steer, his CBJLS had a little too small of a rib eye. And Anna got one with her CBJLS steer.

Tuesday Toni spent with Dr. King getting the animals winterized. We preg checked Kool, who is in foal, Stinger, who is not in foal, Hottie who is in foal, Pistol who is in foal, and Money who is not in foal. We also pulled blood and stool samples on Kool as she is older and not in the best of body condition to see how we could improve that. We just got Kool a few months ago, and she is really doing well. We are so excited to have a Smokin 45 daughter. We also gelded a colt, fixed a hernia, looked at the two head injuries, and did more stuff that I can’t remember. Dr. King had to be at her next place at 3, and she left us at 10 to 3. Then we proceeded to deworm and haul six more mares out to winter pasture. Tuesday was a long day.

Wednesday was Halloween so Toni went to the school to help in Jax’s classroom then grabbed the kids from school and took them trick-or-treating. First stop was with our grandma and grandpa to scare them. Toni drives the kids around and got home with the kids around 7. We get pizza every year on Halloween and eat candy. Cousin Kendel and her family came and ate with us.

Thursday and Friday were actually normal days. Toni turned Eagle out to recover from his hernia surgery. Felix got moved back with the other colts. We continued to work on the ones that needed to be halter broke and doctor our three that need doctoring. Per the norm, the foals are coming along really well.

Saturday we woke up early and Ben, Anna, Kaine, Kade, Adrian and I headed into the Western Showcase in Moses Lake, we took 5 head and left Toni at home to work. The kids did great, Anna and Kaine went back into the championship round for showmanship, Kade BARELY missed going, he got nervous when the judge was staring at him and made a small mistake. But, him and I talked it through afterward, he just need to breath and relax even if the judge is staring at him. Adrian did really well too, it was her steer’s first show and he performed great. Toni was really busy, she had to get the bred heifers in and send them to their new home with KC Cattle, along with getting a couple of foals in to start halter breaking.

Sunday Toni, Ben, Kicker and I went to a celebration of life for a tragic death in a car accident. Coco stayed home with the kids, our 4, plus Adrian and Kendel’s two, so she had a house full. When we got back we started working on Bubbles and Juney. The wind was really whipping Sunday and we all got microdermabrasion on our faces compliments of the wind. Toni hates fall back because it gets dark so early. She ends up having to do a lot of the halter breaking during the week on her own.

Chores now start at 4 to beat the darkness. We have foals leaving this weekend, Toni will be at the WCA Convention this week, and we have gotten to meet our 2 AQHA Youth that get foals from us this year. Fall back may have occurred, but we continue to move forward with our work.

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When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. Its a necessity.

With the three foals getting hurt last week, we were a day behind on getting the next two foals haltered and getting halter broke. Luckily we only had one to get ready to ship. Monday afternoon the three older kids helped Toni halter Coco Bean and Sweet Annie. They were both little dolls. The kids petted on them and really loved on them for quite a while. So on top of normal chores, we are keeping the three injured foals in the barn at my house, so then we go there to work on those three. The two head wounds really don’t take much, but Lassie’s leg requires quite a bit of work every night. On Monday Barb came and got Golden. Golden loaded like a champ up a ramp into a 2 horse straight load. He has always had an old soul, so acted like a big horse. Monday was also Sonny’s last soccer match in Basin City. Per the norm he ran around a bunch and had way too much fun.

Tuesday and Wednesday were just normal days, if there is any such thing. The days were stunning so it was no hardship to get outside and enjoy this wonderful fall weather. Thursday was our Football Banquet, so Toni and the kids did chores and worked on the foals and I met them in there. Both Kade and Kaine were recognized along with their teams for a great season.

Thursday Toni and Coco went and got Jitterbug and Ladybug out of their pasture and brought them back to wean Jitter. Jitter had a small poke in her eye, so one more added to the doctoring pen.

Friday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Sonny went to Clarkston to visit the Meachams after school, for the weekend. Anna and Kaine went with the Borbas and Holts to the Middleton Pumpkin Patch, so I was left alone to do chores.

Saturday Anna and Ben went to load hay. Kaine and I went to our neighbor Dalton’s and got a couple of steers that will hopefully work as show steers next year. Then, we had Sandy and Ashley out to look and Rich, Jag and Mario. Ashley decided she wanted to buy Rich. Next, we went to a different neighbor Jacob’s to get another show steer for next year. Then, when we came back, Ben and Anna had unloaded all the hay so we moved the steers, bulls, show heifers and feeder calves all around so everything had enough bunk space. The kids and I then went to go and do chores. We also have a buyer looking at the colts that are left.

Sunday was baby Jax’s 8th bday. We started the morning with Jenifer coming to get Sweet Annie and she left to her new home. Then we got the calves in and sorted the show heifers off that had gotten in with them. We all went to a Halloween birthday party and came home to halter and start halter breaking Double the Fancy, Katana, Mocha, and Lassie. Jitterbug is also in the haltering pen, so lots of work to do!

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