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Last Week in Pictures

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KT Jackpot City

KT Jackpot City is out of Lenas Abbie N Charge and is by City Smarts. Jackpot is a really cute dun colt that was born 8/21/14. This colt is going to be a performance deluxe. “Abbie” is a daughter of Smart Like Lena with Mr. Charge Bar on the bottom side. Smart Like Lena is a son of Smart Little Lena and has lifetime earnings of over $89,000.00 a ROM in cutting, and has sired offspring earning over $100,000 in NCHA money. Many people think of Mr. Charge Bar, on Abbie’s bottom side, as a racehorse, which he was, but he also was an NCHA money earner, had 33 AQHA performance points, 11 halter points, and an SI of 75. City Smarts is by An Educated Guess, 385 reining points, and the highest point earning son of Smart Chic Olena. City has a full brother that is a reiner and priced at $13,000. This is a pretty moving colt with tons of ability. As on July 2019 Jackpot is 14.3 hands tall. Click here for Jackpot Color Test He is color tested as e/e, A/a, N/Cr, D/N Click here for Jackpot 5 Panel Test, he’s negative on his 5 panel. $10,000

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As always, we made new friends, had a great time, and are completely exhausted now that we are home.

We started out the week with a busy Monday. Dad and the three older kids headed to Soap Lake at 6:20 am to get their heifers going to Jr Nationals worked on. When I headed to work, I texted Toni the cows were invading Gunners pen again. So her and Jaxsen went down and fixed the fence and locked them in if they were not going to stay out. Dad and the kids got home fairly early, and that included stopping on their way home for breakfast in Moses Lake. When they got back Anna and Toni went out to catch the Appaloosa and bring her to the house since she would not stay in with Gunner. They called Mr Yutzy and he said to breed her to something that was in.  We call her the appy, but she is a black driftwood bred mare with one appy parent. She had some cuts and contusions from running through the fence, so we moved her to the corral to doctor her. The kids all went to Toni’s house for Taco Bell for lunch. After that Anna washed her steers and heifer when she got home, Kaine and Kade rested and enjoyed their first real day of no school for the summer for a few hrs. Dad brought Anna down to Pasco so I could take her to a Dr appt. Our friend Roberta came out with a mare to breed to Sagebug. The mare has a stunning little black filly at side that Toni is trying to claim.  Toni and the boys did chores. Anna and I got home in time for her to assist with the steer chores and cleaning the barn. It rained Monday night, we definitely needed it. Ben and I made lunch burritos for the show and the kids packed up the pulled pork and pulled beef and took it out to the camper.

Tuesday was still a little stormy in the morning. Toni was busy working on her case that she was going to trial for on Wednesday. Ruby came down and worked on heifers and steers with the kids. They washed, packed tack, etc. Also, Anna worked on the riding horse fence, the bottom wire was broke. We got our herbicide to spray the broadleaf in the fields finally. It has been interesting to find something affordable, with no withdrawal for the animals. Toni and the kids did chores, and the kids worked on their two year olds. Anna has Jojo, who is huge, Kade has Stormy who is small, and Kaine has Peanut who looks like a 4 year old. After working their horses, the kids went to my house to feed their show animals and clean out the barn. It rained again Tuesday night.

On Wednesday dad and Steve went to NezPerce to get some Cottonseed hulls to feed the show heifers that are going to Jr Nationals. The kids clipped their steers and heifers that we were taking to the Regional and Jackpot show in Ellensburg. Toni had a trial in Benton County and left at around 11:30, we both got home around 5:45, just in time to see Blackie foal and give us a really nice little colt. This will be the last foal out of Double for the year.   When the cattle show starts during the week and doesn’t end until late Sunday, it pretty much screws up our weekend work.

Thursday we were headed to Ellensburg for the Jr Angus Preview. But first, Toni had a phone meeting that was supposed to start at 9 but some people were out of pocket. So they did not start on time, so we were waiting for her. But, we only left a little late, and were still there in plenty of time. We had a convoy, as Kaine and Kade said, Leslie in Mar’s pickup and the Wilson, Toni in the Ragin Cajun and the Titian, Traci in the Yukon and her three horse trailer with tack and feed, I was in Butte with the camper and the twins were in Anna’s pickup with chairs and pop up tents and an extra generator. We got there and got everything set up, got checked in and then went to the meeting and out to Ellensburg Pasta for dinner.  One of our highlights of going to E-burg is to go to Ellensburg Pasta, we just love it. The food is always exceptional. We had a party of 13, then Stacy, Adrian and Emmet showed up, so we had 16 people that went and enjoyed the good quality food. Ben and Kicker did chores at home.

Friday morning we washed all 21 head of cattle. Then Toni, Leslie, Traci and some of the kids went to Old Mill, Whitney, McCall and I, and some of the kids went to the BBQ and auction. McKenna had worked late the night before, before they came, and needed to rest in the camper for a little while. After that the kids had Team Sales and Team Fitting they participated in. The boys had a Jr team with Jaxsen, Kade, Kaine, and their friend Emmett (who is kind of like another cousin).  The boys were 1st in Team Sales, they were all very excited, Jaxsen commented that he pulled the rest of the team, but no one really believes that since it took all of them.  The two team fitting teams did really well too. Following the contests we had showmanship. We started with PeeWees and Savannah and Kayla showed. There was only one class of Seniors, the twins showed really well. Anna was grand champion Intermediate showman. Kaine made it back to the champion round in Jr, Natalie, Jaxsen and Kade all showed really well. We had tacos for dinner, then Leslie and Traci took the kids to the hotel to go swimming. Whitney, Toni and I hung out at the camper.  Ben and Kicker did chores at home.  

Saturday we had confirmation, steers were first, we only had one Angus steer, Jaxsen’s steer, Dagger. He made it back to the champion round. Kaine’s bred and owned heifer won her class and made it back. Natalie heifer made it back to the champion round, Savannah heifer was barely out, in 3rd place. Kade and McCalls April heifers showed great (I was leading heifers up and did not see them place). Kaine’s March heifer was 4th and I think McKenna was 5th. Anna’s heifer was second in her class, so she made it back in. And Kade’s December heifer was a division winner. Dad and mom came up and watched the kids show. We told Dad that Goldie was heavy, so if he saw her in could he move her, so he got home and moved her into the heavy horse pen.  Dad also showed Sammie the grade gelding to some friends of his. Ben and Kicker did chores at home and worked at the ranch all day. Kicker fixed the desert fence that the car had crashed through a few weeks ago. Because nothing was in the desert we decided to wait to see if anyone voluntarily came to fix the fence that they broke- nope, didn’t happen. So thanks Kicker for getting that done.

Sunday, happy Father’s Day. Kicker came up and watch the kids show at the Jackpot. We started with PeeWees, Kasen came up and showed his heifer, in addition to Savannah and Kayla. The twins did really good, they were 3rd and 4th overall for Seniors, this was their heifers first show, and they were making dramatic improvements each time they went in. Anna was 3rd overall in Intermediates. There were two classes of Jrs, Kaine, Kade and Addy were in the first one and Kaine was brought back, Kade was 3rd and Addy was 4th, the judge really worked them and Kade almost made it back. When the judge released the first group of kids out of the ring Addy’s heifer wanted to go with them, so she did really good the first half and then she was acted up for her the second half. But Addy handled her really well and did a great job. Jaxsen, Julian and Natalie were in the second class of Jrs. Natalie made it back and Jaxsen and Julie did not, but they all showed really well.

Next was confirmation, we started with heifers. Natalie little heifer, Anna’s heifer and Kade’s December heifer all made it back to the championship round. Then we showed steers, Natalie won her class with her shorthorn steer, and made it back, Kade’s steer was second and made it back, Anna’s steers both got second and made it back. Kaine’s steer was 3rd, I think Addy and Julian were both 4th and Jaxsen was 5th. Anna won Reserve Champion overall with Pumpkin steer. In the championship steer class, we had 4 of the 8 steers in the round, so that was really fun. Afterwards the Judge really complimented the kids on their showing and talked to Kade and Anna at length. Then we packed up all our stuff and headed home in our convoy, with an extra vehicle of Kicker. Dad texted on our way home that Goldie foaled and that his friends were going to take Sammie the gelding and try him out.  No other info on the foal. Colt? Filly? Red? White? Blue? Anything? Dad likes to keep us in suspense. Toni and I rushed down for the horse chores to discover that Goldie had a super fancy, prancey, grulla filly.  The kids fed their show animals and Ben and Kicker did the cow chores.   

A big thank you to everyone that made the weekend possible.  To have the angus show followed by the jackpot in one location made everything really run smoothly. As always, we made new friends, had a great time, and are completely exhausted now that we are home.

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Last Week in Pictures

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As always, we are loving this foal crop. We would love to show them off if anyone wants to come see them!

Monday was a nice spring day. The boys all had practice after school, Kaine right after and Kade and Jax later. So Kade and Jax still got to help with chores, and then dad ran them into practice. Anna went home to feed the heifers and steers. Also, she found a litter of kittens, and the mama cat keeps taking kittens from other litters, so there are some ones with their eyes open, and then some smaller ones without their eyes open. The smaller ones looks like they were not getting enough milk, so she also has kittens to feed after she gets done feeding the cattle. Toni and I doctored our colt and then went and got Fly Guy and brought him around for Toni to take to Sheena on Tuesday to get a health and brand on him. Mom made a banana cream pie with the bananas the kids did not eat, as punishment she says??, so we had that after, it was the best banana cream pie EVER. 

Tuesday dad and Toni took the colt, Fly Guy and Hottie to Sheenas and dropped them off. Then she had Ken call that is buying Peach, he could not keep the secret to himself any longer he told his wife, and they wanted to come and see her. So Toni had them out Tuesday. John called and Butterfly is finished being bred, so he was bringing her back, and the mini mare and colt the kids bought. Toni was supposed to have court at 8:30, it was rescheduled to 1:30, then continued to next month. John got there and Toni made him go with her to Sheenas to get Hottie, Fly and Shorty. We had a guy come out and look at the two year old Angus bull we had left, Kicker showed him. The three boys had baseball games on Tuesday, Kaine’s was canceled, Kicker took Kade, Toni was not back from the vet yet, so dad took Jaxsen and Toni met him there. Kaine walked down and watched the game for a while and came back with dad. When I got home from work mom and I hauled Emma and Little Foot, the minis, up to my house. I saw that there was a cow locked in the corral, so I asked Anna and she said the cow came back from circle 5, but she could not find her calf down there. So I went out to find 103M, the cows calf. Instead, I find 106M, 303M’s calf, not Kissy’s calf. I finally found Kissy’s calf and 846, the bull that should be in circle 5.  So I got them all into the correct pens. Anna mowed some Russian Olive trees after she got done with her homework. Ben walked the fence like and put the few wires that were down back up.

Wednesday Pot and his foals were in the alfalfa, Toni got them in and fixed the fence. They had gone through the fence in three separate spots, which is exceptionally annoying. Kade did not have practice on Wednesday, so he went up with Anna after chores to take care of the show heifers and steers. We heard Pot’s Pen was back out, so we went down to check on them but they were in, we drove around their fence and it was up. Anna mowed more trees Wednesday night. Ben and Kaine took Rob’s tractor back up to his house, so they were all in late.

Thursday Pot’s pen was still in on my way to work. Toni was talking to Isidro later and he said they are going in and out the circle gate. So I guess they saw the circle go through and figured that one out. Kaine had a baseball came in College Place, Coco went and watched and brought him home. She said he had a really good hit, a double. Kade and Jaxsen had practice, so Anna was on her own with show cattle chores again. Toni and I doctored Nellie’s eye, she injured it a while ago and has been in with the yearling fillies, and we have been doctoring it off and on. It started pouring rain right as we got done so we cleaned up and went into the house. Oh yea, it is raining because our hay is down. Your welcome

Friday Chad and Andrew came out to trim horses, it was just them and Toni for most of the afternoon. The three older kids got home and went up to catch the minis for them to trim. Anna went and helped Ruby, the neighbor, with her steer. Kade and Kaine fed and watched Andrew and Chad with the minis. Marlo helped Toni finish up chores and then went and helped the boys. Toni then went into Jaxsen’s baseball game.  Jax struck out for the first time at bat, but then rallied and hit a double his next time up, getting 2 kids over the home plate. Chad said we are getting too many minis and he is planning an intervention.

Saturday we went to the celebration of life for a food friend, Leslie Alexander, who died in a freak vehicle accident. It was a well-attended event. After I took the three older kids to Connell, to get their steers washed and ready to go to the show the next day. Before we left the fence in Pot’s pen was down again, Toni and Kade started fixing it and I went down and helped, while Kaine, Anna and Ben loaded up the trailer. Toni got Scrat the bull in while I took the kids over. When I got home, Toni had enlisted Jax to help her put up some poles at the lake fence, and it wasn’t going well. They are 17 foot long poles and heavy. He had dropped his end twice, hitting Toni in the shoulder and wrist.  I ran down and we put up the three poles they had taken down, so we have five more to put up to get that section done. Then we did chores.   Hottie had a couple of experimental procedures done at Sheena’s to try to get her sarcoid to fall off. Saturday we were able to unwrap her leg and also had to clean her neck where Sheena had put some implants. All-in-all we are hopeful that this will work. Cousin Kendel wanted to play cards for her bday, so the adults, with Jaxsen as our supervisor, played cards for a couple of hours Saturday night. Kendel likes to pretend she is 29, but she is 6 months younger than Toni. So yeah, like 29.

Sunday Ben went to Ritzville to watch the kids show. Jay and the Twins hauled them up, since it is a “Jay Team” show. We had Traci and Eric come early to look at horses, they ended up buying Star Soldier and Nevada, they are already getting Dually. We had Doug Pearson from Kittitas come and get the two year old bull we had left. Darryl, who has two of Lona’s colts, came and got meat, and then we did a quick horse tour. Tennelle and Kelten came and got Kelten’s show steer. The kids all did great at the show too. In market, Anna won her class, Kade was 4th and Kaine second from last, and Anna was 6th overall. In Fitting and Showing both Anna and Kade went back to the championship round, and he told Kaine he did a great job showing, but him steer was just not working with him. All in all a great show. The kids got home and did their show animal chores.  Toni and I put out big bales in the big tractor, during which the door decided to fall off. That was fun.