Miniature Mares


Color: Blue roan pink with blue eyes.
Jesse is a fancy unregistered Miniature mare. She is a blue eyed pinto mare with a great disposition. Jesse is Kade’s mare.

DSM Chocolate Truffle, “Truffles”
Sire: Sweet Medicine Spotz of Glory
Dam:  Lot-A-Dot Snow Flake
Color: Brown Pinto
DSM Chocolate Truffle, “Truffles,” was our next miniature mare is Truffles. Truffles is by Sweet Medicine Spotz of Glory, a black pinto, and out of Lot-A-Dot Snow Flake, a black leopard appaloosa. She is registered as a brown pinto. She is  Kaines.

Lil Wheel Libby, “Misty,”
Buckskin Creek Pancho
PWF Ihi Lani’s Love
Black and White Pinto
Lil Wheel Libby, “Misty,” is Anna’s miniature mare. She is a cute black and white pinto mare by Buckskin Creek Pancho and out of PWF Ihi Lani’s Love. Misty is a very sweet girl, she loves to give hugs and attention. She was shown 4H before we got her.

Color: White
Marshmallow is a cute white mare we bought in 2023.

KT Dream of Christina, “Stina”
Sire: Dream Lover
Dam: Jess
Date Born: 5/26/2018
Color: Blue Roan Pinto
Stina is Kade’s 2018 mare by Dream Lover. Stinia is a pinto, she has a lot of personality.   

KT Spicy Dream

Sire: Dream Lover
Dam: Salt
Date Born: 5/12/2018
Color: Blue Roan
Spicy is a cute mare that Toni claims, she is by Dream Lover and out of Salt.  

Date Born: 6/16/2019
Color: Silver Dapple Pinto
Rainy is Anna’s mare, she is a unique silver dapple pinto, she is a really sweet mare that loves attention and people.

KT Dream of Tuffle
Sire: Dream Lover
Dam: DSM Chocolate Truffle, “Truffles”
Date Born: 5/04/2021
Color: Blue Roan
Fancy blue roan filly out of Truffles and by Dream Lover. She was born May 4th, 2021. She is a fancy little filly, and Kaine is going to keep her.  

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