Miniature Mares


Color: Blue roan pink with blue eyes.
Jesse is a fancy unregistered Miniature mare. She is a blue eyed pinto mare with a great disposition. Jesse is Kade’s mare.

DSM Chocolate Truffle, “Truffles”
Sire: Sweet Medicine Spotz of Glory
Dam:  Lot-A-Dot Snow Flake
Color: Brown Pinto
DSM Chocolate Truffle, “Truffles,” was our next miniature mare is Truffles. Truffles is by Sweet Medicine Spotz of Glory, a black pinto, and out of Lot-A-Dot Snow Flake, a black leopard appaloosa. She is registered as a brown pinto. She is  Kaines.

Lil Wheel Libby, “Misty,”
Buckskin Creek Pancho
PWF Ihi Lani’s Love
Black and White Pinto
Lil Wheel Libby, “Misty,” is Anna’s miniature mare. She is a cute black and white pinto mare by Buckskin Creek Pancho and out of PWF Ihi Lani’s Love. Misty is a very sweet girl, she loves to give hugs and attention. She was shown 4H before we got her.

Color: Pinto
Emma is a bigger mini mare with unusual face markings. She has foals that are very personable with a lot of personality. Emma belongs to all of the kids.

KT Dream of Christina, “Stina”
Sire: Dream Lover
Dam: Jess
Date Born: 5/26/2018
Color: Blue Roan Pinto
Stina is Kade’s 2018 mare by Dream Lover. Stinia is a pinto, she has a lot of personality.   

KT Spicy Dream

Sire: Dream Lover
Dam: Salt
Date Born: 5/12/2018
Color: Blue Roan
Spicy is a cute mare that Toni claims, she is by Dream Lover and out of Salt.  

Color: Appaloosa
Apache is an appaloosa pony cross that was given to the kids. She was used in pony rides at the fair and is very broke. They are hoping to get some mini/pony crosses.

Date Born: 6/16/2019
Color: Silver Dapple Pinto
Rainy is Anna’s mare, she is a unique silver dapple pinto, she is a really sweet mare that loves attention and people.

KT Dream of Tuffle
Sire: Dream Lover
Dam: DSM Chocolate Truffle, “Truffles”
Date Born: 5/04/2021
Color: Blue Roan
Fancy blue roan filly out of Truffles and by Dream Lover. She was born May 4th, 2021. She is a fancy little filly, and Kaine is going to keep her.  

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