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Well we definitely started out last week right with Twist having a cute buckskin colt last Monday. And Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we finished our buffer fence out in the desert to keep stallions and mares separated. So now there is a lake AND a fence between Colonel and Gunner. Also on Tuesday, Tessa had a charming dun colt. Thursday Toni and I went to the front side of the lake to make sure that fence was up and hot. It was not hot so we went through the cow pasture and found were a jump wire was knocked off. Once we got it back up the fence was scary HOT. But that one fencer energizes miles of fence, so it needs to be hot. With this 1350 feet of fence done, we are taking a small break on the big fencing projects. We have two or three smaller projects that we hope to get done this week.

Friday I got up to load dad and send him up to see Dr. Jennifer King. He took Cleo and Hottie up to get ultra-sounded and pick Pistol up from getting AIed to Playdox. Cleo was confirmed bred to Reed, we are very excited about that combination. However, Hottie was open, so we left her up there to get AIed back to KR Gunpowder. Toni was in Ellensburg at court. So I also got to meet Craig and Christina who came up from Utah and bought Vann, Daze, and Dancin Dan.

Saturday we needed to get one of our recept cows in from Leroy’s pen to get ready to receive an embryo. Ben, Anna and I went and got her and the heifers in. Toni and Kade went down and finished up Colonel’s pen and let Gunner and his mares out into the desert. Then our farrier Chad Whetzel came and we spend the rest of the day trimming horses (and a mini mule named Bunny). We started with Chad at 10:30 and ended at 8:00 pm. I think he is ready to quit on us.

The kids worded on their show string, they are getting their Spokane steers ready, their Angus heifers ready for the Angus field day, and then steers ready for Wheatland after that. May is going to be a busy show month. I also got to take a little spin on my mare, Cad, while I waited for Chad to make it to my house, Toni took him to her house to do Colonel and I went to catch Cad and move some bulls around while I waited for him. Kicker spent a few hours mowing weeds and Russian olive trees on Saturday. Also, now that it is irrigation season, Ben and Kicker also spent part of the weekend starting water. While we were grabbing horses to trim, we also got serious about deworming and giving the West Nile shot as the weather is actually warming up. Any horse that we caught to trim or that would stand still, we got done.

Sunday we got to move some cows around bright and early. Then, we saw that Mud and Lura had both foaled. Two really nice roan foals by Gunner. Then Toni and I spent pretty much the rest of the day moving horses around and trying to get as many horses as possible out on grass. We moved Colonel down to the lake, put Tessa, Mud and Lura out with Gunner. And took Sagebug, Cammie and Shadie over to a neighbors to eat down his pasture. Again deworming and giving WN as we went. Ben worked on getting the camper ready for the Spokane Jr Livestock show, and he made some food for us to take. As well as help the kids with their livestock and change a flat tire for us. Kicker continued with his mowing project. By the end of the weekend we had over 50 head of horses dewormed and given their WN shot. There was a brief argument about where the half-way mark is and how many horses we actually have, but no one wants to get bogged down on numbers. Toni thinks we need fewer horses and I would be happy with a minimum of one of each color and as many as we could run!

Once the weekend was done, we were all “White-Eyed” – Exhausted.


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Moving Colonel’s Pen

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By Hook or Crook

Toni is back to cracking the whip and getting fencing done. We are going to get it done by hook or crook. By Hook or Crook means: To do any way possible. And that is my finger, not Tonis’.

Monday Toni and I broke apart poles, we bought a pile of 12 foot poles from an orchard and they are attached together with metal in an S curve. So Toni saws them apart while I get the rebar the rest of the way out. However, we only did 20 of them, enough for along Hendricks Rd. So we only have about 110 left to do. It is not fun. Then Tuesday we put up 4 of the poles along our Hendricks Rd fencing project. I am taking a picture every day, normally with Toni it in, so I can remember what we do each day. I didn’t tell Toni I was taking pictures with her in them until Thursday when I wanted her to redo something stupid that she had done so I could get a picture. She was not happy to find out I have been taking pictures on the sly. Haha.

Also on Tuesday, Lendy foaled and had Mario. Wednesday Toni and I started a new fencing project, we are building a fence along one of the lakes in the desert, in case the horses, which are on the front side of the lake, comes across to the back, with the new fence horses will not mix, hypothetically. Toni and I continued with putting in posts for that 1350 feet of fence for Thursday and Friday. We had hoped to get that fence in over the weekend. It did not happen. Also on Friday, Big Mama foaled and had a FANCY grulla filly. There was talk of keeping her, however, one of our good friends and customers has expressed interest in her, so we will see.

Saturday we got fence building reinforcement. Kicker came out with the automatic post pounder and we got 90% of the posts in. Dad even brought out some supplies and stayed and helped for a little while. We also checked the cows out on the desert Saturday morning, all are doing well. And Ben stayed at the house with the kids while we were building fence to help them with their steers and heifers. The kids had 17 head of show critters tied up on Saturday.

Sunday Toni and Kicker celebrated their anniversary and went out for brunch. Ben the kids and I went to Moses to get a gate, more barbless twisted wire for the fence, some precon to take to Spokane with us for the steers, and some other stuff, from Basin Feed. When Toni and Kicker got back they went and finished putting posts in and got some of the wire up. Ben and I got Lendy in and moved her in with Double. And got the Hereford cows in that had calved and moved them down with 102W (pancake) and Eric (our 10Y son). Gunner is also down there and was VERY disappointed there were not any mares in the trailer.

Yesterday I went into town after work and got my hair done. But, Toni, Coco and the kids got more wire up and one of the sections is now completely done. Also, Twist foaled yesterday and had a showy buckskin colt. The weather has been kind of junky, but we always need rain so we are remaining positive.

And I have had a great day so far today. A coworker got back from Hawaii and brought us back wood bookmarks that are REALLY cool. Then Tessa foaled and had a dun colt (dun with black points is one of my favorite colors). Anna had a field trip today, and I could not go, and one of my favorite cousins Whitney went with her. I know Whitney had a lot of fun, and one of our friends’ kid called her and told her she did not have to come because Whitney was coming. LOL. Whitney is 10 years younger than I am, so it is like having an older sibling get to come with you. The kids love Whitney, so Anna probably had more fun with Whitney than if I had gone. Thanks Whitney. Since my day has been so good, I asked Toni if I should get a lotto ticket and she said yes. Big money here we come!

Also, the three older bottle calves tried to escaped today.


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A Mother’s Love

This Braford  Angus cross must have been a dirty boy, his mom had a lot of cleaning to do.

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Spring break

Well we had a very eventful week of spring break. Monday and Tuesday Anna went on two class trips. On day one they went to Tollgate fishing and on day two they went to Saddle Mt panning for rocks. She said she had a great trip, and a special thanks to Mr. Lernard for taking her. Toni, Kaine and Kade worked on steers those days to get ready to go to Pomeroy. Toni also worked at her law biz.

Wednesday and Thursday Toni and the kids continued working on the steers to get ready for the show. Thursday they also packed the tack and the trailer to head out on Friday. Toni had court on Thursday so they did not get to work on them until later in the afternoon. We also got a couple of foals during the week. We are up to 8 foals now.

Friday Anna, Kaine, Kade and I loaded the steers and we headed to Connell for our cousin Leslie to clip the steers for us. Leslie and one of our twins (not really ours we just claim them) McCall clipped our three steers and McKenna’s steer, McCall had her steer pretty much clipped. Grandma served us a great lunch of roast, potatoes, carrots, salad and fresh strawberries. Now we will get to listen to the kids tell us how great her cooking is for the next 2 months. If only we could cook as well as she does! Seriously though, she is a great cook and the kids absolutely love to eat with their great grandparents. Then we packed up the trailer and Leslie, Whitney, the twins, Anna, Kaine, Kade, Colt (the Corgi) and I headed to P Town (or Pomeroy for Kris who did not know what P Town was). We got to P Town, weighed the steers in and bedded them down for the night. Our friend Kayla (from P Town and one of the people who put on the show) lent us her camper for the night and hauled it in to town for us. She also cooked us dinner. Toni, Kicker and Jaxsen showed up at the fairgrounds with food for the following day and then headed to Clarkston to stay with Kicker’s parents (Sherri and Barry).

Saturday came and we were up before the sun to start washing steers. Midwashing the rain started, so Leslie and I got the tents up over the chutes. While the kids were getting the steers ready to show a gust of wind came and tried to take our tents away. One tent didn’t make it. While Leslie, Whitney, Kaine, McKenna, Kade, Kaine and I held the tents down, Anna and McCall got the steers out of the chutes. Whitney and I were in the middle, so holding a leg on both tents, and we could not figure out how to get them closed without losing one. Finally, someone in the barn saw our dilemma and came running out to help us and we got them closed. Well, that was all of excitement for the day. The kids all showed great. McCall had Reserve champion market steer. McCall, McKenna, Kaine and Kade all went back into the championship round for showmanship. We all got drenched in the monsoon. Some sports postpone, in our sport, the judge allowed the kids to wear their coats. After about the third class of steers, the show organizers found a little barn and the kids got to show inside and just had to stand outside waiting for classes. It was worse last year when it snowed, so this year was really a positive experience! The best part was that when we got back to Connell, Cousin Jay was home with his mini-semi! Seats 8, three rows of leather seats, dvd player, and it is an automatic, so all of us girls can drive it. Awesome!

Sunday, we caught up on other ranch chores. We moved Shiney out with Colonel, Toni and dad put big bales of hay out, the kids and I finished the miniature horse fence. We checked cows, tagged calves, etc.

Today, the kids’ last day of spring break, Hunter Steve took them out on the town. They are having lunch at Red Robin then going to the trampoline park. They had to feed calves this morning and go check to make sure all was good on the ranch before they got to head to town. We can’t have these kids thinking that life is all fun and games. Work comes first!

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KT Dancin N The Dust

KT Dancin N The Dust is a big, swanky colt out of Kt Pocketfullofposey, “Pocket,” and by Doll Docsan, “Leroy.” Pocket is a really enjoyable mare by Zinks Major Kid and out of PDQ Rikki Tikki Lee, “Sissy.” “Pocket” is Anna’s new ranch horse, she is a talented mare with a impressive pedigree. She is a great granddaughter of AQHA Pt earners: Docs Rickasay, John Zink, and Sheza Major Star. Pocket is also a great granddaughter of Spear Lee Bar, AQHA Race SI-105/AAAT/ROM, 55-24-10-9, $22,853. Pocket’s pedigree also includes other greats like Docs Dee Bar, Lucky Lynx, Birthday Bar and Catechu and Pana Dude. We love the agility and cowyness of these foals, they are great riding, ranch and arena horses. She is a really nice mare that Diann Schuler took to the Othello fair and she was shown halter. Anna is planning on using her for ranch work and showing her at the fair. Leroy is a stallion with a performance packed pedigree along with a very good disposition. He was a very smooth ride with tremendous talent, beautiful movement and huge stop. He was quiet and trainable which he passes along to his foals; he consistently produces fantastic foals with looks, color, conformation and brains. Leroy was unshown due to a wire cut injury that took a long time to heal; it happened just before hitting the showpen as a 3 year old and as a result he was turned out to the studpen. Leroy has produced 1 foal that has NRHA earnings. He also has a 3 year old competing in Western Dressage, was 3rd in Canada in July 2016 and has racked up more 1st place finishes since then. He is sired by Dolls Union Jac- ROM, NRHA earnings, and sired foals that have earnings in excess of $310,000.00 in NRHA, as well as earnings in NRCHA, Buckskin Assoc., and the AQHA world show. Leroy’s dam is Docsan Jeany who has produced foals with earnings in excess of $3700.00 and AQHA point earners. Leroy is also double registered with NFQHA at 92%. This colt was born 3/26/18. $2,500

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Due to High Winds….

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but due to the high winds, the power going out and then no interest, it is getting posted a day late.

Toni is a slave driver, and pretty much all week we have been working on the fence along Hendricks Rd after school and work. We are getting close to having all of the fence posts in. Toni and Anna have also been working on Eclipse and Little Blackie too to get them ready for Eclipse to make a trip to the vet today. In addition, the boys had a troop meeting, Toni and Leslie had a Cattlemen’s Meeting Tuesday all day, and bull sale to go too, and they both taught at Farm Fair.

Friday morning Toni and Cousin Whitney pulled CIDRS from the cows so we could breed on Sunday. Then Saturday morning Toni, Kicker and I ran the cows through and gave them shots. Then we started getting all of the cattle and horses off of the corn field. Toni and I also took the kids and their steers to steer weigh in and Kicker brought us all lunch from Taco Bell. We also had to pull fence out of the corn field, sort horses, and move horses. We were tired by Saturday night so we finished putting up our sign at the end of the driveway instead of pounding posts in. The sign look great! We used old boards from a loading chute that used to be down at the old corral, so we used a piece of our ranch history in our sign.

Sunday we continued with sorting the cows and horses into fields and pastures and getting them off of the corn fields. Then at noon Mark Ellis showed up for us to AI cows. But, while we were waiting for Mark, we had to pull a huge calf out of Toni’s poor Hereford heifer. The kids got to go to a birthday party on Sunday, so they had Sunday Funday, mom and dad took them and they had a big Nerf gun war. We identified more open mares, so moved them in with studs. As of now, all stallions have at least one mare with them. Mark Ellis and Toni also preg checked three cows. Toni learned to preg check and AI cows back at WSU, but she doesn’t get a lot of practice. Having Mark there to give her some tips and confirm what she is doing made it fun for her.

We got a new big colt out of Leroy and Pocket. Pocket is a Zink daughter that is a great riding mare. Anna wants to start riding her again, so we are not going to rebreed her this year. Anna named the colt Dancin N The Dust.

Monday we got the horses ready for dad to take to the vet today. Then we got up early Tuesday morning and sent dad merrily on his way to see Dr. Jennifer King. Dad hit a deer about 4 miles down the road, but we just switched pick-ups and away he went. We are going to AI Pistol this year to Playdox.

Today the Fantasy Stables ladies will be out for a fun Easter photo shoot. We are excited to see and play their new game that they will be releasing this summer. Stay tuned!

This week’s old west saying is “Hair in the Butter” which is a delicate situation. Sometimes when you are out checking horses, you find yourself with some hair in the butter.


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Spring is Officially Here.

To stud animals spring means it’s time to breed, not just horses, but dogs as well. Mom and dad texted me the other night and said Thunder is missing and he is dragging a chain, Thunder likes to come up to my house this time of year to check and make sure Jewels and Trinity are not in heat. So he gets to go outside supervised, or out on the chain in the front yard, or he can stay in the house, he gets to pick. Thunder showed up without his chain. It is a wonder he got out of the mess he got himself into, let alone how did he get himself into that mess??


Spring forward means we kick it into high gear, lots of daylight hours to get work done. We are continuing to build fence along Hendricks rd. We have all the T posts in on the top part and are finishing up with the wood posts. Some of the wood posts are going to require a backhoe to dig the holes. This is our last big fencing project of the year. We still have hot wire fence to put up to move livestock around, but usually takes a day at most, not weeks. In addition to fencing the kids still have steers to wash, we have our normal chores, mares to move, cows to move, etc.

We had Scott the welder out to repair the mainline to the circle in the horse pasture. He was efficient and good, with water coming on soon, we are ready. Dad got his old trusty tractor out and harrowed the fields, so we really are ready. Dad also has the old welder for sale shown below, it ran when it was parked. $100

We FINALLY started really foaling. We have had six mares foal now. Our first AI foal out of KR Gun Powder was born, and she is a bay filly. We couldn’t be happier. It was pretty cool that Hottie and Comet foaled the same day, Comet is Hottie’s mother. Then Cleo, Comet’s full sister, foaled yesterday. It has been a family affair. Lona is a 3/4 sister to Comet and Cleo, with izzy being Cleo’s daughter. These are our cornerstone mares. Mom got Sheba, who all of these mares descend from, for her 16th birthday. Cleo and Comet both had buckskin colts. We are still keeping a close watch on the mares. We should have lots more foals soon.

We had a group out to look at the foals we have on the ground on Sunday. Brian and his friends came down from Ephrata. They really liked both Van and Big Iron. Of course Toni told them to buy them both.

We started another round of AI on Friday. Shaun was home for the weekend from college so she came out and got the cows in with Toni and sorted. It was a long day, but we got the cows through, and will pull CIDRS on Friday, AI Sunday.

Anna and Kade sold the heck out of Krispy Crème donuts for their school fundraiser. Toni took them in on Thursday and got their donuts, and then they started making deliveries on their ride home. She said it was fun because it is a chance to visit with all the neighbors. Cecily had a birthday Thursday so got donuts delivered on her birthday.
This week Toni and Leslie have a Washington Cattlemen’s meeting, the WCA bull sale, farm fair for two days, and we have a Cub Scout pack meeting.

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Spring Forward, Best day of the year.

Sun is out, steers are getting washed. The kids were busy washing steers this weekend. I told them next weekend we are going to add the heifers to the mix now that the steers are cleanish, to get ready for the Angus Field Day in May.

On Monday Dad had another eye surgery, so Toni took him down. Kicker took him to post-op on Tuesday. Wednesday we had some people come out from Moses Lake to take a look at the horses for fun. They got to see our new filly out of Mocha, Van, and Darryl, as well as the calves. Toni also went and gave a speech Wednesday evening on water law in Ag.

Friday cousin Whitney and I pulled CIDRS out of cows to get ready to AI on Sunday. Toni and Kicker took a short vacation to celebrate Kicker’s 40th birthday, so I was lucky that Whitney could come over and help. We got them done pretty quickly, and then I had to take Jewels, the mastiff, to the vet to see if she was ready to breed or not. Then a repeat bull buyer came down from Oroville and bought two bulls, thanks LeRoy, he took our little Duke to breed to heifers, and nice big Acclaim bull for the cows. Then I worked on fence down in Leroy (the horse) pen and turned him and Ro back out. Then Toni was home, so we did chores, put Eclipse’s halter on, and a few other things, like build more fence along Hendricks.

Saturday Ben, Anna and I gave cows shorts first thing, and then we went out and checked. Still no few foals. Next, we got the pen of two year old first calf heifers in and yearling heifers to sort and get a bull in with the first calf heifers. We put the bull that Toni claims, “Jr,” in with them. Toni took Waffles back to Connell and brought back 102W, who is now referred to as Pancake (cousin Whitney thinks she is funny). Toni had Kade with her and he got to go look at the show heifer pen Leslie has, so he got first peak at the heifers for the 2018 show season that are over there. Saturday evening we went to Toni and Kicker’s house to celebrate Kickers birthday. Uncle Skip came over from St. John so we got a good visit in. Lots of food, drink, and laughs to finish off Saturday.
Sunday Toni, Kicker, Ben, Kade, Anna and I got the main herd of cows in and sorted them into groups to put out with the three bulls. Then Mark Ellis came and we AIEd cows. Toni and the kids washed steers while we were AIing, since we did not need that many people to AI. We have one more AI group, that we are AIing in two weeks.
I always say that Toni is terrible with time management, she wants to do too many things in a day. So added to Aiing, sorting all of our cows, tagging a few calves, putting bulls out, fixing a few fences, we also got the two Hereford cows and calves that were in with Rocky and moved them, built more fence, worked on Eclipse, moved Bishop’s pen, and put an outside mare in with Dude. We LOVE daylight savings! It adds more daylight hours to get more work done.

This week we are continuing to put posts in along Hendricks Rd for that new fence. It is a rocky SOB so some days are better than others. We borrowed a gas powered post pounder from some good friends. It is super heavy, but it vibrates the t-posts in, so when we can’t pound them in, we use that. All four kids are helping. The good news is that we put 10 t-posts in today. The bad news is that the t-posts are the easy part, the wood posts are going to be terrible!


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Weekend Pictures

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