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Last Week in Pictures

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Last Week of January

Monday was a teacher in service day, so the kids did not have school. The dogs like it when the kids are at home. We woke up to some snow on Monday, and it was still snowing. Anna and the dogs checked the cows, no new calves. We had left over desserts from Friday and Sunday, so no new desserts until Tuesday. Toni had a really busy day, since she was off the week before. Anna was supposed to have a drive, but it was canceled due to the snow. The snow was basically all melted by Monday night.

Tuesday morning the weather was nice, but the weatherwoman was calling for snow in the later part of the day. Toni has been driving her pick-up for a while now with the coolant going out way too fast, so she took it to the shop on Tuesday.  Anna checked cows, nothing new.  Steve texted Toni that he had replaced the fuel filter, thermostat, a belt, and put more coolant in, so her pu was good to go. He also pulled off some wire that was wrapped on the undercarriage. Steve is always amused by the condition of Toni’s vehicles. Last time he swept up the cheatgrass and showed her the pile. As this is a work pu, according to Toni it really is in pretty good shape. Mom made a chocolate peppermint cake, it was SO GOOD I made myself sick eating it. Ben texted that when him and Kicker fed there was a tagged calf in the feedline, and they could not find its mom, so they took it to the barn. Anna I went out looked and 804M was looking for a calf. So, we went back and got her and took her to her mom. 804M was not impressed that “we” as in humans, took her baby. Kaine is moving into the office we can replace the flooring in his room, he is currently working on demolishing the entertainment center he was using as a what? I don’t know, he is a hoarder. He had SO MUCH stuff.

Wednesday morning it was raining/snowing when I went to work, it was 35 degrees by the time I got to highway 17, so it was raining the rest of the way. By 9 the sun was out and shining. Anna and the dogs checked cows.  Luckily nothing new. We like it when the cows hold the calves in when the weather is crappy. Toni and the boys did chores, the two big boys are still doing roping practice if they have extra light when they are done feeding. It is getting lighter at night, so they have been getting some good practice in. We were running low on Senior feed so Toni ordered that from Basin Home and Hardware in Basin City. Anna still has drivers ed at night.

Thursday was a beautiful sunny day, but Ben’s work had a two-hour delay, so he got to check.  We had another calf on Thursday, one of Toni’s Angus cows had a heifer. All the kids had school, the dogs are not happy when the kids go to school, they have gotten used to them being at home. Chuck brought out our new grullo mare, Voo Doo, on Thursday and took his gelding, Sonny, home.  Mom wanted a grulla mare she could breed to Sagebug. Voo Doo is kind of one of those super tame pushy type horses, but she will adjust.

                Friday Anna, Kaine and I went and checked cows, one of the heavy heifers, “Zora” Jaxsen’s show heifer, was at the gate, so we put a horse halter on her and lead her into heavy pen. Then, we went and picked up one of the beeves at Bryans, we have lots of beef in the freezer if anyone wants some, both grain and grass fed. We barely got it all unpacked an, in the freezer, before we had to run to mom and dads because Chad and Andrew came out in the afternoon to trim more horses. We finished up doing most of the 2020 foals and did a few of the older mares as well. All of our young stuff did pretty well considering it was most of their first time. A couple of them didn’t get done, but they are on the list for next time. Because Ray is for sale, Toni and Whitney took some new pictures of him. But they basically look the same as the last pictures. Toni got down around 3 and Whitney came to get some stuff from mom. Then we hurried home to check the cows. 

Saturday Kaine went to Cyson’s birthday party at 11. Kade came down and Kade and Anna washed their steers. The weather was so nice it was hard to not. I caught the clubby heifers of Kameron’s for the first time, that we knew about. They seemed like they had been tied up before. They did not do bad at all. Then I worked on taking the carpet out of Kaine’s room. Kameron and Kutter came as we were turning the heifers loose, so Kutter could practice, he led Jaxsen’s heifer and put her away. He tried to lead her like a normal person would lead a heifer, so we had to explain that Jax leads the heifer at the end of the rope and lets her meander all over. She was much better after Kutter was told the “right” way to lead her.  Then we went and checked cows and then went down to do chores. Ben worked on cleaning out the area where we were going to put the walk in freezer, and Kicker cut down and sprayed Russian Olive trees.

Sunday the Meachams went to Kennewick to help Shammy and Jordie pull out flooring in their new house. Anna, Ben and I checked cows and then tagged the few calves we have had this week. Next, Kaine and Anna washed cattle, Anna her heifers and Kaine a steer and a heifer. Ben and I hauled the calved two-year-olds up to the corn field.  Then, I tied up the new heifers and Kutter’s steer and tied M010 (one of Jaxsen’s steers) to Tulip the donkey. Ben helped me tie him to her. Ben continued to work on the freezer area. Tulip drug M010 around for a few hrs, and then Anna and I untied them and Anna was able to lead the steer to the barn, second day with a halter, we were impressed. Tulip not so much. Then we went down and did chores, Marlo came to help on Sunday since she missed helping on Friday since she was working.  We took some new pictures of Shi just for fun. She is a Bishop filly that we have on the keep list. She is out of a really nice mare named Red Robin that we got from our friend John. Shi is a really big bodied bay roan. She is like a fine wine, she is getting better with age. Anna loves Shi, Toni is on the fence, and I think we need to keep a Bishop filly. Dad continues to call Shi a “colt” so we are unclear where he stands on keeping or selling her.

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#Friday Funday doing chores

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Last Week in Pictures

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What the heck happened to January? It is almost over. The excitement of 2021 is almost 1/12 down.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  Monday was a pretty nice day for it being January, it was a little slick in spots in the morning, but, I feel like for it being January it was not bad at all. Anna and Kaine checked cow, then dad took Anna in for her Drive and mom and dad picked her up. The kids did some work around the house and then went and did chores. Mom and Anna made some pumpkin muffins. I had more coconut lemon cake.  It is still my birthday month, so Mom is still baking.

Tuesday was a little colder than Monday, but still not bad at all for January. Anna and the dogs checked cows. Lucy was waiting for her in the back of the pickup. Dad took Anna in for her drive again, they got to drive to Pasco.  Anna wasn’t too nervous, more nervous about the other driver in the car. Anna and Kaine did chores, Marlo came over for dinner. The Mechams went and visited the Mayan ruins on Tuesday at Tulum.

Wednesday Toni texted from Mexico that they were going to go and visit a different beach, the pics looked nice but Toni said the waves were big.  We are still sitting here waiting for something to calve, no new calves on Wednesday. I called and got our rooms reserved for Angus Jr Nationals in Nebraska in July. The kids did chores, mom made us lemon lasagna for a dessert, it has a white Oreo crust, a cream cheese mixture middle, then a lemon layer and then cookies sprinkled on top.  It was awesome. Ben hauled Slider up to our house to load out to go to Canada Wednesday night. The shipper was supposed to be there at 10, he texted around 4 and said it would be more like 10:30, then he texted at 10 and said more like 11. He was there at 11. Slider loaded great, the shipper did a great job, nice trailer, if you have a horse going to Canada we have a number.  Ben also made a quick trip to Irrigon OR to get my surprise birthday present, but I didn’t know that on Wed. Because I go to work and come home in the dark, it wasn’t hard for them to hide her from me.

Thursday it spit snow a little bit, so it was good that the shipper came Wednesday night and not Thursday morning, as was the plan on Monday. Slider made it to Anna in Canada by morning, they said he did great. Dad took the Colorado and checked cows Thursday since Toni was still in Mexico and the kids were at school.  He said something calved, maybe, but wasn’t too particular about what. Marlo came and helped with chores on Thursday, her last day house sitting, Toni, Kicker and the boys will be back on Friday. Leslie noticed on the room reservation that it only had one queen, so I called to see if we could make it two queen beds per room. First the guy argued with me that I had gotten them on Priceline, no, I called. Then he said he could not help me. So I hung up and called again, and that person said they can just submit an email to the hotel and request doubles. So we did that. We will see what happens. Tomorrow I guess I will rebook the rooms and then cancel the others?? Marlo came down and helped the kids do chores. Ben made finger steaks for dinner, they were really good. Thursday night Kade’s heifer, Kissy, calved.  Kade now thinks that they should be home so he could see his dog and new calf.  He has a terrible pair of parents that made him go on vacation.

Friday the Meachams were on their way back from Mexico. 539 had a cute bull calf on Friday. Mom, dad, Skip, Marlo, Anna, Kaine, Ben and I had birthday dinner #1. Ben made meatballs and bacon wrapped shrimp. Mom made coconut rum pie and apple pie.  The coconut rum pie is her version of the one that they make at Bonefish. Hers might be better. She makes amazing desserts. It was great. I also got the Belted Galloway heifer I always wanted name Oreo, in addition to a lot of other great things. This was the surprise Ben went down and got for me on Wed and hid from me in the barn.  I got a Hoey sweatshirt, a light for the roof of my work pickup, tools from Uncle Skip, Budweiser mugs and more.  I was really sad to read there will not be any Budweiser commercials during the Superbowl.

Saturday Anna, Kaine, Kade, Toni, Ben and I got the yearlings in to get yearling weights. We had someone coming to look at feeder calves Sunday morning, so we kept the 5 and 6 weight calves in. We had 8 of them. We hauled the rest back up, since the corn fields are all just hot fences and the gates are in the middle. We were worried about first calf heifers being first calf heifers and not getting them back in. But, they came down fine. Toni, the kids and I did chores after. We had two new calves, a Hereford and Dillion, Anna’s Angus show heifer, calved.  Toni calls the heifer Dilly so told Anna the calf needs to be named Pickle. Anna just looked at her, so not sure where that is going.

Sunday we sold the 8 calves and then tagged the 3 calves in the corn field. Then Toni, Jaxsen and Kade came down and we got yearling weights on the bulls and show heifers and steers. Most of them had to be led through, and that always puts Ben in a cheerful mood. Jolene thinks he should take a break when we are on the show animals, that way he does not upset the kids.  By that I mean Anna, so he doesn’t upset Anna. The boys are just like, whatever.  Then, Toni, Anna and I went and moved the broodmares off of the alfalfa filed and got Pepper in and took her to the house.  Luckily we have a great lead mare out there- Mocha. We tried to catch Pepper, she is wise to the game, but Mocha just loves people. So we caught Mocha. Then we let Mocha go because we decided to try to catch Pepper again. I mean Pepper is over 20, she should just stand there. No, she didn’t. So then we caught Mocha again.  Our precious Mocha gets led out the pick-up window and leads the other horses to where they need to go like the good girl she is.  Then we took Queenie, Shorty, Charlie, and Rosie B down and turned them out with the other mares in Circle 5.  Now all of the broodmares that don’t need special attention are in one pasture. All of the specials are still at the house.  Kaine and Kade were busy doing something, we are unsure what. We just know that they wanted to try to start Ben’s old blue pick-up, totally suspect, we said no.  Then we all went down to do chores.  Once Kaine and Kade are done with chores, they now practice roping. They currently each stand on opposite sides of a barrel, both rope the barrel, then play tug of war. Boys are interesting. They are becoming decent ropers.  After that we had birthday party #2, enchiladas and Toni made a Texas Sheet cake with Grandma’s maple frosting recipe. Toni also made a apple dump cake, because 1 dessert for 8 people is never enough, and Kade made a vanilla mouse. All were great. Toni, Kicker and the boys got me some clothes and two pairs of Ariat booties. They also brought some alcohol, shirts, jewelry and more for us from Mexico.

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Throw Back Thursday – Montana Can Can

Montana Can Can was a one of a kind mare, she was a retired barrel horse from Jeannie Riley, and will always be Anna’s favorite horse. We got her because she had arthirtis in her knee, so Jeannie thought we should breed her, but we could never get her to breed, so she became a kids horse. And Toni or I would jump on her every once in a while to get some cows in because she was fun to ride.

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Last Week in Pictures

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“Shootin’ from ambush is a bad habit. You may not live long enough to outgrow it.” – Hopalong Cassidy, Hopalong Cassidy: Lawless Legacy

The kids were all back to school on Monday, so Toni and the dogs checked the cows. No new babies, but the fog was pretty thick and it was hard to see them. The new puppy, Coco, like checking cows, but Marley did not think she needed to help. Ben took the afternoon off to take 922 down to Hank to get semen and trich tested to send up to Jeff in Colville. Ben got home around 2 and let the Hereford cow and calf out and Doctored Cutie Pie. The twins came to tell everyone goodbye, since they went back to college Tuesday. We sure miss them when they are gone.

Tuesday was another rainy and foggy day. Anna got to go out and check the cows, she was concerned because her heifer calf Willa is limping. Hopefully she gets over it soon so we don’t have to get her in this weekend. A bull buyer showed up Tuesday afternoon, he called me and said he was at our house. So I called Toni and she ran down until Ben got home from work. Toni and the boys did chores, Anna had driving on Tuesday, dad took her in, and then class in the evening.

Tuesday night the wind howled. It was still blowing Wednesday morning. Luckily we did not have anything blow over. We finally had another calf on Wednesday, 403M had a heifer calf. Anna checked cows. Toni and the boys did chores, Anna had divers ed. Mom made date coconut bars, and they were awesome.

On Thursday dad and Steve hauled a bull to Jeff in Colville. Thanks Jeff for being a great repeat buyer. The weather Thursday morning was great for mid-January. My computer kept freezing up, so it took me forever to post on Thursday morning. Toni checked cows, this week has been very slow on the baby front. Ton and the kids did chores.

Friday Marlo came to house sit for the Meachams, they headed to Mexico for vacation. Friday morning Kaine and I went into see Tennelle for haircuts. I called the dump when I left to see if we could run some stuff in, but they were closed on Friday, but open on Saturday.  So we went home and worked about the house for few hours. Then Chad and Andrew came at 1 to trim horses, so Anna, Kaine and I were down there the rest of the day. We did the three studs at the corral, Tank, Leroy and Colonel, a few old horses and some babies. Marlo showed up for chores about the time Chad and Andrew left. Then we played phase 10.