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Last Week in Pictures

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Last Week in Pictures

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We found a good way to keep motivated during the cold winter.

Monday the kids did not have school, teacher in service day. Kaine had drivers ed around noon, so dad took him in to that and then picked him up. He wasn’t really sure he had drivers ed, so we had to text a bunch of people to figure it out. Anna worked on her steers and then went out and got pictures of the bulls and calves when she checked. Toni had Kaine and Kade work on the two summer foals with her Monday night so they got used to other people. Dad found a ride home from South California for Pow, so Toni got that arranged and I venmoed a deposit. Kaine is excited to get her back, and told Toni he is going to beat her in the virtual trail course we are doing. We shall see. Kaine also told mom, that he would be straight with her, and she did not need to add fruit to the trifle she was making and he told her she did not need to make the peppermint cheesecake, peppermint is over rated. He is really helpful.

Tuesday back to school for the kids and back to checking for Toni. I think she was happy Anna checked Monday because she had a lot of work to catch up on. However, Tuesday she took her time checking and tried to pet some calves. They did not appreciate it. A couple of cows had knocked the hot fence down around the hay stack, so she threatened to haul them off if they did not go back in. Kaine had Drivers Ed after chores, so dad took him and picked him up. Jaxsen’s basketball is over, so he is sad about that. Toni sacked our her “pets,” the two summer foals.

Wednesday morning was a bit chilly. The cold is coming back, hopefully we do not have a rash of sick calves again. We saw some pics of Jason riding Cappy on Facebook, they looked great. We got the heifer’s tag in the mail Wednesday, now maybe everyone will call them their names?? Toni is working on sacking out Summer and Holly with a stuffed animal, Summer chases it. Maybe it smells like grain??  Summer is pretty funny. She isn’t a big fan of moving her rib cage over in the sidepass, but she will do it. Holly is better about moving her body but doesn’t like the stuffed animal. Between the two of them they would be the perfect foal. But they are so great. They have been really fun to work with

Thursday was more of the same but the weather was pretty good. Cow checking, chores, sacking out the fillies. Toni and I are going to beat the kids in the virtual trail class. Since the sun was shining, and the fencer somehow got unplugged, the cows went on a walk about to look for green grass, and Ton spent a bit getting them back in since she had not gone and got the dogs. Some of them are on her bad list. Kendel called Toni Thursday night and Gloria had been calving for a while. Ben was almost home at that point, so she met him at the driveway. Calf was backwards and was decent sized. Since she is a tame show heifer Ben pulled it out in the run with bailing  twine. Thursday was Toby’s birthday, so Scarlett named the calf Toby. Toby wanted to know if it was because he was backwards or something.

I was home on Friday, so I got to check. I loaded Jewels up in the back of the Colorado and took her with me. We double checked all of the fence to make sure it was still hot. We checked on Gloria calf, and Gloria had Blizzard’s calf with her as well. So I made sure they each moved away with the correct calf. Toni and I worked on the fillies Friday night, and Toni yelled at me for not knowing the pattern and just walking them before she got there and feeding them.  So the fillies were not good for the pattern. Marlo helped Kade feed, Kaine went to his friend’s house for a birthday party. They went to an escape room and DID NOT escape.

Saturday Ben cleaned pens in the morning, and Anna worked on her steers. Then Anna took a half clubby steer to her boyfriend, Lane. Robby and Cheyenne came out and got one of the half clubby steers and looked at bulls. Kade was at shooting practice and Kaine was hunting. Toni and Jaxsen came down and we checked cows while Ben strung out wire so we could give the cows more corn field room.  Anna got back and Toni, Jaxsen, Anna and I started to put out fence posts. When the men and boys got back they came out and helped. Ben went to prepare the birthday feast, of coconut shrimp, tri tip and Dutch oven potatoes. Mom made rolls and 4 pies. We finished the fence and turned the cows out on the other side, or they were waiting at the fence line for when we took down the cross fence to let them over and they took off. Then we did chores and worked on our foals.  Then we partied hard. Marlo got me a funny adult card game that was pretty racey. It was one of those meme games. Everyone was really laughing hard. I got lots of great gifts and had a great birthday party with my family.

Sunday the kids caught their steers and cleaned up some around the barn. Then Ben, Anna, Kaine and I got in heavy cows and Toni and Kade worked on Stormy and went for a ride out to check the heifers.  Stormy will be 4 this summer, so it was time to move her to a snaffle. Kade had the opportunity to learn how to work with a young horse bitting up and working on the ground with the bit. Stormy is really good so he actually got to ride her in the snaffle. We weaned Baby Girl, the fall calf, while we had them in. Her mom is a heifer and was getting a little thin.  We also got Hayley’s heifer in that was out with our cows. We had tried to catch her out in the field and move her to the house, but she was anti. We filmed out virtual trail class, and I feel like Summer and I were the winners. Did chores and called it a day. Sunday was quite cold.  But the sun was out.

It is so much fun to work on the young horses and have them respond the way we want. Summer, Holly, and Gunny have met every expectation we have had. The in-hand virtual class for novice is for all age of horses and handlers, so they are competing with solid broke horses. I think it says a lot about their minds that they can compete at that level. Toni is really enjoying getting the patterns and working on the foals.  A good way to keep motivated during the cold winter. Get that competitive spirit revved up and keep it there. We have Summer going to a friend because she is so awesome, so Mom wants us to get Willie in and start working on him and using him for the virtual classes.  We did work on him a bit already but he is so good minded he would be an easy one to get going. Maybe we get two new fresh ones in? Any suggestions?

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Last Week in Pictures