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Last Week in Pictures

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Cousin Leslie says she doesn’t like to get her long johns out until it is really cold because once you start putting them on, you put them on until winter is over. Well it is officially long john wearing season. It isn’t just winter, it is a cold winter.

Sunday night Anna, Ben and I switched off and on getting up all night checking the cows. We had 3 cows calve and two didn’t get up and nurse right away, the cold wind will just suck the spirit right out of them, so we gave them colostrum. Ben is off until January, he has to use up his vacation days, so he gets to check them all day. It snowed through the night, so the kids had a two-hour delay. Anna used that time to check cows with Ben, Kade to practice roping, Kaine to sleep and Jaxsen to catch up on his shows. The main roads were not bad, so I came to work on time. The kids got home and did their chores, Toni worked on The Joker and T, and Joss is getting an additional week to wean her and her sister, and she was mad her sister went out and she did not. I got up and checked Monday night, Anna checked around midnight and Ben checked in the early morning, due to the cold we are checking the calving cows at night.  The weather is actually pretty good for calving, there have just been a few days that have been less than ideal.

Tuesday I did not go to work, we were going to a funeral. In the morning Ben and Anna went and checked early, after all night of checking cows due to the cold. We had a number of new calves Monday night/Tuesday morning. Anna went to school and Ben and I ran 338 in the chute and helped her graft calf, he is a char/jersey and could not figure out how to nurse. Then we ran the cows in the smaller calving pen in and tagged the ones that had calved and turned them out. 241 had lost her calf and 541 had twins, so 241 got a new calf on Tuesday. Then it was time for me to get ready, Toni stopped by and picked me up around 11:30, she had picked Kendel up on the way. Kendel and Leslie made a bunch of jello for us to take at the request of the deceased’s family. Glad those two stepped up. We picked up Grandma and Diane at Grandma’s house. Then we all caravaned over. The funeral was really well attended and a lot of great memories were shared. On our way home we stopped and chatted with grandma for about an hr then came home to do chores. I worked on The Joker and Joss and Toni worked on T. Joss was not mad at me, so she must think Toni turned out her sister.  Jaxsen started basketball practice. He is the only one playing bb.

Wednesday morning, we had a few more calves during the night. When Ben went out and 3:30 there was a big coyote in with the cows. And the cows are literally right next to our house, we walk out and checked them. We have lots of calves being born, but luckily he spooked the coyote off. Toni worked on the foals, she has to tie Absolute up or she “helps” her with T.  That means Absolute nips at Toni, nips at T, and gets in the way. Absolute can be an absolute pain in the butt. She was in getting her eye doctored for months so she has no concept of personal space. And for some reason most of our grulla fillies have had lots of personality. Both Joker and T are doing awesome.  Joss is pretty much at a standstill. She is very brainy, but she isn’t ready to realize that she isn’t the boss. Turning her sister out didn’t help.  We will win her over, it is just going to take a bit. Sometimes that best thing you can do for foals like this is to turn them out and let them mature. The basics are there- she leads, ties, catches, etc. She just needs to accept that she is not the alpha. Time can work wonders.

It snowed on Thursday, and with weather change new babies seem to be born. Dad hauled the youngest Hereford bull to Connell, Uncle Joe is going to take him, we are unsure about the terms right now, trade for a heifer, money, we take him back, etc. He just needs to be out of here. For those that don’t know, Kicker and Ben do not appreciate the Herefords. As in they don’t like them. They want Angus. This bull happened to also be younger than our other bulls so he was already on their list. We are waiting to see how he looks in the spring. He is a pretty dark red bull. Really a perfect specimen, but we kept a bunch of sisters to him, so we could only use him for one year.   Toni, Kaine and Kade wormed the yearling fillies, except for Doll who got by the boys, and the old horses. We had a water leak under a cement pad in the heavy cow pen, so Ben went to Othello and rented a jack hammer and fixed the pipe. It is always interesting to realize that we see Kade and Kaine as kids, but the horses don’t. The yearling fillies did not like the boys trying to help catch them.

Friday the kids had no school, due to all of the snow. So both Toni and I got lots of new pics with our new lens. Ben and Anna went to the Medonca dairy to get a jersey/char heifer for Anna and mom, mom is paying but Anna is doing the labor from what I hear?? While Ben and Anna were gone Kaine and I got the couple  of calves in from the heavy pen and tagged the calves and tuned them out. Then we moved all of the heavy cows together, so we could lock the new group in a separate pen. Marlo came to do chores, and Marlo, Kade, Toni and I got pics of T and Absolute. Kaine went to spend the night with his friend Cyson, who was taking him hunting the next day.  We got Doll in and got the wormer down her. So we are done at Mom’s getting everything done. We also got some new pictures of the studs at the corral. Hey, they had halters on, might as well get pictures.

                Saturday we got the cows in the sorted the new heavy group out. Then they all really started calving, I think we had 15 calves on Saturday. Ben and Anna had to pull one during the night, I  seen her on my night check, so when Anna went out at midnight the feet were out and they could see it was backwards. We got some more tagged and turned out. Basically, most of Saturday was making sure the cows were with their own calves. When the red clubby bull was born everyone wanted him, I guess because he was different, so MC01 and her calf got moved. He is a very pretty little red clubby bull. Kaine always gets the first shot at claiming the red clubbies so we will see. We had bought this red cow to breed to a clubby bull so we are excited to see how this goes. We actually have 3 red composite cows to breed to the clubby bull. 710 took her calf up the hill into the snow, that was where she was born in 2017 in a snow drift and I guess she wanted her calf in the same spot. A heifer calved in a mud hole. You know, normally calving stuff. At chores on Saturday Toni, Kade, Kaine and I got new pics of The Joker and Joss. Then we turned them out. We are done halter breaking for a while. Foxxy had a bull calf Saturday night, so Anna was pretty excited about that. Really there are a bunch of exciting calves and these cows are doing a great job

Sunday we had Kaine’s birthday party, Uncle Skip could not come down due to the roads, and he did not have his snow tires on yet. Marlo came out to party with us. MC02 was calving during the party and had a big ol club calf, so we had to go and pull him mid party. We brought Foxxy and her calf in to hang out with her so she was not in by herself.  Another big red clubby bull calf, so now Kaine has 2 to chose from. Anna, Kaine, Kade and Camas went out and checked the cows, Kade wanted to see Vixen’s calf. He is a cute one too. Also a clubby, but more Angus than clubby. We did the Christmas pictures Sunday, Camas got to be in them since she was out.

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Last Week in Pictures

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We always try to plan for the unexpected, be ready, be prepared, but even with all the planning in the world, you can’t outsmart mother nature.

Toni was mad on Sunday we did not get any Easter babies, especially after seeing all of the ones everyone got on Facebook. Still no babies on Monday. I do not know what they are waiting for. The weather was all clear, but cold, on Monday, so dad was finally able to take the load of cows and the bull to Toppenish.  We had two mares down Monday that just weren’t acting right, so lots of texts with Sheena regarding what to do. The problem with horses is that they are hard. We kept them both going and kept bugging poor Sheena. We are very thankful for her as our vet.  Toni and Kade did the horse chores, and then Toni took Jaxsen to his baseball game and Kade went to help Anna with the cattle chores. Dad went and picked Kaine up from baseball practice and then took him up to help with chores. The heifers and 050 were finally going to leave on Tuesday, so Anna and the men got them in and in the corral, since Arlen was going to be there at 6 Tuesday morning. The three bulls we have left to semen check were also moved to the house for Ben to haul in on his way to work on Tuesday. The lawn mower broke down at our house, which is fairly new, so I had cousin Kendel come and mow my yard, so I did not have to rake and bale it by the time ours gets fixed.

                Tuesday morning Ben and Anna loaded up the three bulls and then Arlen showed up, so they loaded the heifers and bull. Still no new foals Tuesday AM. Both mares were still off, so Toni spend another day running back and forth consulting with Sheena.  Luis texted me that the Hereford cows were out, so when Anna got home she started to get them in. Ben helped when he got there, after picking up the bulls. So Bullwinkle got pulled and the Hereford cows went out with the rest of the cows. Dad went to St John to take someone and their quilt to the historical museum, and maybe not actually to St John?? Then they went with Skip out to get Skip’s tool box that Ben bought from him. 

Wednesday Reba had a dead filly by King.  Barb was still bad off as well. Still consulting with Sheena on Barb. Toni and Anna got Reba in to see if Molly B, mom’s bottle baby, would be a horse, and not a pet. Dad and mom had appts on Wednesday, so Toni, Kendel and Scarlett came down and took care of Molly B at lunch time. The biggest issue with this whole scenario is that Molly B does not thinks she is a horse, she has never nursed a horse, and she is scared of Reba. Grafting Molly B is a fail. But we were able to milk Reba and get some mare colostrum for the freezer. The men worked on the pump in circle 5, and got it set up for Isidro to weld. Next it needs to be cemented I hear.

Thursday we had some nice moisture in the form of rain. Now we just need some heat units and the grass will grow. Cousin Traci called me, Apache is at her house since we have never been able to get her bred, for the kids to ride since she had started beating up the mini stud. I told Traci, Apache has been in with the mini stud so she might foal. She never has before, but she is at your house I feel like the chances are greater. Well, she foaled, and had cute colt by Derringer. Kayla has not named him yet. Dad was taking a bull to Nespleem on Friday and a bull to Wilbur, and bringing and bull and two horses back from Wilbur, so Anna and the shags got the bulls in and sorted. Ben got home and they got the tool box out of the back of Butte, the camper moved into the yard, to get cleaned for Spokane, and the red gooseneck hooked up to go. Kaine and Kade got here, after helping Toni and I put up some fence, and helped Anna get the tack out of the trailer. Jaxsen had a baseball game Thursday night.

Friday morning Dad and Steve headed north with the bulls and brought back a bull and two horses. Toni checked the cows and mares, no new foals. We lost Barb early Friday morning to what looks like a ruptured stomach.  In hindsight, we probably should have tried to c-section the foal, but we were hoping for a good ending.  Marlo came down to do chores, and one of the horses that dad brought back was for Traci to try, so Toni, Marlo and Anna all rode her. She is a retired cutting mare, so very very broke, and very fun. Marlo, Kade, and Toni put in another section of wood fence in Stinger’s pen.

                Saturday Jaxsen went with Kolton to his birthday party in Tri-Cities, so Scarlett, Kolton’s sister, came down to hang out with Anna. Anna and Kaine caught their steers and heifers and washed them. Toni checked the horses on her way to my house, and we finally had a live foal, Mil had a fancy blue roan colt by King. Toni, Ben and I got the cows in and sorted them. Then a guy from Connell showed up with his two horse trailer. So we sorted off the sale heifers and he picked one and we loaded it up in his trailer. His wife owns the Brick Store in Connell, which is a cool store that had a lot of antique items and also is kind of like a second hand store. Next we had meat buyers show up, so we loaded their car, now we are out of meat until the next two go in to get butchered. Chad showed up to trim some horses, so Anna Kaine and Scarlett took him up to trim the miniatures, Ruby (the horse Traci is trying) and Katie (Anna’s horse). Ben, Toni and I broke for lunch and them came back down to work cows after. At around 3 Toni, Chad and Kade went down to mom and dads to trim Miss Gen, our new mare from Rusanne and Dan, and went ahead and trimmed Reba since she was there. Anna, Kaine and Scarlett came down to help finish the cows. Kendel got home so Jaxsen got to help as well. After we got done, Toni and Kade had already finished chores, so I hauled two Hereford cows up to put with the bull that dad and Steve brought back from R