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 KT Gunnin For King

 KT Gunnin For King
Sire: KT King of Blue, “King”
Dam: KT Gun in a Million, “Mil”
Date Born: 4/23/22
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Color: Blue Roan (Color test pending, possibly homozygous roan and black)
Price: $8,000
Here is a skookum blue colt with a pedigree to match. His dam, Mil is a fancy brindle roan mare by KT Gunpowder N Lead and out of Wright on Sugarnic, “Stinger.”‘ Mil has been color tested by UC Davis as a smoky black and her brindle coloring cannot be explained by chimerism. On top of the crazy color, she is bred to the hilt. Mil’s dam, Wright On Sugarinic (Stinger) Won Pro division of the Cascade Cutters Futurity and is an own daughter of Lenas Wright On. Her dam, Just Plain Sugari has NCHA earnings of $111.31 and is an AQHA point earner. She is a granddaughter of Smart Little Mesa, Slide Me Again and Just Plain Colonel, who are all money and pt earners. She is also the dam of our Stallion, Just Plain Starlight. Top side, Mil is by KT Gunpowder N Lead (Gunner), a son of Cue Bars Laddie. Cue Bars Laddie is a roan stallion that has been shown as a reiner, cowhorse and rope horse. He was the recipient of the Open AQHA All Around Trophy and is a CCHA Hall of Fame Horse. Gunner is out of Charros Dandy Miss (Pistol) who was shown NFQHA and local shows. Great cow horse/ranch horse/rope horse. Gunner has greats on his papers like Peppy San, Doc O’Lena, Dandy Derby, Docs Jack Frost, and Imperial One. King is out of KT Copper Queen Isabelle, “Izzy,” and by Shining Blue DR, “Bish.” Bish is a very good looking son of Autumnator, who is sired by SMART LITTLE LENA. Smart Little Lena is earner of $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown Op Ch. Autumnator’s dam is AUTUMN BOON is an earner of $244,470 NCHA. Dam of 26 foals, 17 perfs earning $1,003,985 NCHA/WS. Bish’s dam is Plum Sparkling who is by Shining Sparkler, a gorgeous palomino son of Reining and Reined Cowhorse Leading Sire Shining Spark.
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Last Week in Pictures

I am not done with the Pomeroy pictures, so still missing Ady, Natalie, Julian, Vanna and Kayla.

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We are all impatient for our foals to be born.

Monday was President’s Day so the kids didn’t have school. Toni and Kade went out early to try and shoot coyotes. They saw a couple but the coyotes saw them from a long way off and ran. They ended up walking all over but didn’t get another glimpse. Then they went and checked the cows when it started snowing on them.  Monday was an interesting weather day with snow, sun, snow, rain, and all around February weirdness. Luckily there were no new babies of bovine or equine. Toni worked on Cash as the next halter breaking project.   I hear Toni put some posts in the fence line but Kade and Jaxsen refused to help. They said it was snowing so they should have to build fence.

Tuesday we flew back from Oklahoma and dad picked us up at the airport. We got home in time to start a load of laundry and then go down and do chores. The kids went up and worked on their show animals after chores, and clean out the barn. Toni and I went and took some posts out in the next jag of fence. We got Pistol Pete in so he could go to the vet on Wed to get his coggins, health, and brand so he could move to his new home. He is a great colt. We put him in with Cash and Hottie for the night. Cash is doing great. I am really happy we have her priced so high so we can keep her. With her awesome pedigree we were a little worried someone would pony up the money and buy her, but so far no one has wanted to pay what we want.

                Wednesday Toni took Pistol Pete to see Sheena with her new Pistol Pete Posse hoodie from OSU. Pete and Tulip did great at the vet. This was Pete’s first “big” horse ride in the trailer. Toni was running way late but Sheena was kind enough to wait for her. Pete got turned back out in the big pen when they got back. He unloaded as well as he loaded.  Petunia’s calf died, so I texted our friend Kam, since he has lots of bottle calves, and we got Petunia a new calf. Dad went and picked him up. Petunia was very happy.  Toni and the boys worked on fence after chores and then the boys went up to help Anna finish with the show cattle and clean out the barn.  Cash is getting worked on still but she is already halter broke after just a few days. She gets sticky when you want to walk past a feed pan or anything that could have feed in it. Toni almost got her to walk in the shed because there was feed in there for sure.

Thursday we woke up to more snow. This is kind of overkill on the snow. Anna had to be to school early for an FFA breakfast. So dad took the boys in and they all went to breakfast. When Toni got down to check the three mini horses that are in with the cows were out. After school Toni, Kade and Jaxsen did the horse chores, then all the Meachams fed the cows, grain and hay. When I got home Ben, Anna and Kaine were sorting the cows off that get CIDRS, so I helped them finish sorting. We got everything situated with feed and then Toni, the kids and I hooked Butte up to the gooseneck and I ran it down for dad to take to St John on Friday to go and get Eddie. The men went up to the Old Valley to check on the heifers, Toni and Kade thought they saw some out. The fence was down, but really hot, so they did not know what had happened. They were all in when they got up there.

                Friday morning was still very cold, but the weather person says it is supposed to warm up. Anna and Kade went to Finley for an FFA event. Kaine did not feel like going, so Toni had a stern talk with him as she ran Kaine and Jax into school.  The kids did really well, Kade’s team placed 2nd, Anna’s team placed 2nd, Anna placed 2nd individually. Chad came around noon to trim a few horses, mom went out and helped. They did Tulip, some mares and some weanlings. Dad went to St John to pick up Eddie the mare to foal at our house. Marlo came down and helped with chores, at 4 they all went up to help put CIDRS in, Toni,  Marlo, and Jax fed and the others put in the CIDRS. We are doing one big group of cows this time instead of 2 smaller groups. So we are only having to do this once, but it is double the work as normal. Luckily the kids are big enough that they are really a great help.

Saturday I ran over first thing to Connell to get a straw of semen for Oreo, my Galloway and get Bullwinkle (yes that is his name) our new Hereford bull. He was a bit wilder than Toni thought he would be. Then we got in cows and moved them around to turn out bulls. Chad came again and trimmed some more horses.  Kade jumped on Apache the pony to make sure she remembered she was broke to ride before we take her down to Traci’s house for the little kids. We turned Cash out as she is done.  Anna and Brandi went to Traci’s house to baby sit on Saturday for Cattlemens. Kade had his last 2 basketball games, so he got run down to his games where he played great and made some points. We all got dressed up and went and had a great time.  The majority of the family was there along with literally hundreds of our friends. They sold 525 tickets to the event, had more people show up, ran out of food and ran out of vodka. It was a great time for a great cause.

                Sunday we came home and finished sorting the cows and moving stuff around so they were all in pens and had lots of room with the bulls. Bullwinkle was already breeding cows as he was moved out. We got Glo in to halterbreak next. We have just a few to get done from the 2021 foal crop. Of course, the 2022 foal crop should be here any minute. We are thankful they are waiting for better weather.

                We are also excited to welcome Coco and Jake’s new baby girl into the family. She was born on Sunday with bright red hair. We can’t wait to meet her.

We are all impatient for our foals to be born. Based upon early 2022 sales, it looks like this is going to be another hot horse market.  We promise to get foal pics up as quickly as we can once they are born and price them as soon as possible. We also welcome visitors to come and meet the horses. If anyone wants to look at the foal contract it is on the website under the foal contract tab at the top.  We have received some questions from people asking which mares we are most excited to foal. All of them. No joke. Every year we are so excited about our breeding program, this year is no different. We breed horses that we think are the right kind- meaning they have the look, disposition, breeding, ability, and structure to do it all. And we breed for ourselves. We don’t trend breed. The horses we are raising are horses that we are proud to own. We have to make tough decisions on which ones to sell, but that doesn’t mean they are less, it just means that we can’t keep them all, because believe me, we would if we could! So if one strikes your fancy, let us know. We love having people out to the ranch and showing off our program. So if you are reading this, you are invited to come and visit, we would love to see you.

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Monday was a hectic day, so a typical Monday I suppose.

Monday was a hectic day, so a typical Monday I suppose. I took George, the beta, and his 8 shrimp friends to work on Monday, he had lots of visitors, since he is the first office pet. Toni went to check and the hot fence gate into the corn field had been knocked down, so two mini mares and a mini mule were out grazing on a little patch of grass they found. They were not too interested in going back in, and trotted around in circles. Cousin in law, which someone told cousin Jolene there was no such thing, how is there no such thing as a cousin in law?? Anyway, back to the story, cousin in law Toby came out and helped bend them in the right direction. When Toni finally got out to check 201 had calved, we are down to the last few stragglers. It was a great day to calve, the sun was shining and the little guy was running around bucking already. Toni got home to 112 emails and her client waiting. Monday was out last day of mom making desserts for my birthday month, so we had cream puffs, and she made vanilla cream or lemon cream to put in them. She said she screwed them up, but they were AMAZING, so none of us knew how she screwed them up. Jaxsen had basketball practice and then Toni and dad went into the emergency school board meeting about the masks and kids walking out. It was a circus of a meeting and they left before it was over. 

Tuesday morning was very brisk, but the sun was out. Dad took the boys into school. George was still alive when I got to work on Tuesday, he only had 5 people make sure he made it through the night. The heifer in the heavy pen, 952, finally calved. Tuesday Jax had a basketball game in Basin City where the hot topic of conversation was the school board meeting the night before. They played well. Jax took a shot. We watched the kids on Washington Grown on Tuesday night, it was posted on their YouTube channel on Tuesday. It was pretty cool. Everyone did a great job and it was fun to watch. If you look really hard, pretty much all of “our” kids that showed at Spokane were in the video as they were in the background if they didn’t get an interview. 

Wednesday morning dad went to Central Ferry to get two mares from Sonny and Jeannie and a pallet of dog food. He was supposed to be there at 9, but in typical dad fashion he was there at 8. Toni took the boys to school. Then she came home to the mini mare being in heat and out trying to lure Sagebug over the fence. So back in that mini had to go which resulted in Toni fixing the fence and texting me and John for about 15 minutes about how much she doesn’t like minis. Unless they are her minis, then she likes them. George is still doing good, swimming around his bowl. I did not see the shrimp on Wednesday, maybe he ate them. I am unsure. He only had 3 visitors on Wednesday. Toni, Kaine and Kade put up a pole in Stetson’s pen, he had eaten through it in his nervousness of being in a new area. Toni has been chomping at the bit to get some fencing done. She has had dad calling around getting prices and rounding up fencing. 711 had a nice bull calf.

Thursday it wanted to kind of snow a little. A few flakes. Loud, Jaxsen’s cow out of Noisy, had a nice bull calf on Thursday. Loud is the sweetest cow, Toni got out and gave him some pets. Jaxsen had a basketball game on Thursday but because he was so tired, he stayed home and rested.  Thursday Toni started rolling up wire from the fence between 7 and 8, which is the fence we are going to replace once the ground thaws up enough to dig posts.  There was still snow along the fence line, but some of the wire got rolled up into a ball and taken out.  Kaine has been driving his High Sierra GMC “cool” pick-up around with his dog. It is pretty funny that we have been embarrassed for years by that pick-up and now it is back in style. It has been an excellent ranch pick-up but it is poop brown. I don’t know anyone can get passed that. 

Friday Anna, Kaine and I had dentist appts first thing in the morning, so Toni checked. She gave me a stern talking too about leaving the dogs in the house so they could not check with her. Mur likes to be the extra dog that goes along for the ride. We stopped and picked up the 5th wheel from Broadmoor on our way home, it was finished.  They did an excellent job like always. We have nothing but good to say about Broadmore RV in Pasco. They do great work and really support the youth of our community through donations and livestock purchases at the fair. Anna went to school when we got back. Kaine and I unhooked the camper, took the hitch out, he went out and worked on his pick up after.  I went out and did the afternoon cow check, took pictures and then updated some cattle records.  We met Toni down at Mom’s and got the foals in, sorted the ones that we haven’t halter broke yet, dewormed them, and started to work on them. Sam, the one Ben is keeping, is massive, and not that tame. She is out of Mocha and Sagebug so she should be dog tame. Maybe this is one of those deals where she is so beautiful and exactly the color we have dreamed of owning, so she can be a spaz? She is black with a blazed face. We have owned many black horses, but none with a blaze. We just think she is the most beautiful horse. Her attitude may change our opinions, but she is a Mocha/Sagebug so probably once we get a halter on her and actually put some effort in, she will be our dream horse. Let’s hope. 

Saturday morning the Meacham’s, minus Jaxsen, went to basketball tournaments in Kennewick. Ben, Kaine, Camas and Todd went on the youth duck hunt, the Meacham men went before the tournament and Kade got one duck before he had to go. Anna and I ran through the cows, and then went to mom and dads to load Quinn up, so she could head to her new home. We picked up Jaxsen and went back to my house. The three of us ran meat over to Debbie and then went to Othello for lunch. We came back and Anna washed her steers. Jaxsen and I took one of the mini mares back to circle 5. Checked the mares for heavy ones. I walked through them and Jaxsen drove. We went back to the house and Jaxsen drove the Colorado down the hill, and parked it, he was pretty proud of that. I walked through the steer and show heifer pen to make sure everyone looked alright. I went and helped Anna lead her steers down and then went and finished up on some paperwork. Then we went down to do chores. Toni had Cash in, haltered, and hooked to Tulip when I got there. Cash is our other black filly out of our Apache Blue Boy daughter that we got from Canada. Cash has been wonderful and is out of Brays Eye Full “Dillion” standing at Bridgeman Land and Livestock- they have some great horses.  After Cash we caught Pistol Pete, got him hooked up to Tulip and moved him to the halter breaking pen with Hottie. He has been really reallly good for just getting a halter on. After chores we went through the mares list to put with stallions.  Lots of good discussion. Everyone has a favorite stud and it shows in the voting of where to put mares.

                Sunday we went out and tagged in the morning. At lunch we went through the cow AI list and picked who we are AIing to who. After lunch we tagged the calves in the heavy pen, turned them out. Put one of the last two heifers to calve in the heavy pen, and a heavy cow to keep her company. I think we are down to the last 10 to calve. Anna and Kaine washed their steers. Ben and I went out and finished tagging the last few calves we had to make tags for. Then chores.  Pistol Pete did great on his first day of actual halter breaking. We are always so pleased with our Gunner foals. Even when they are monster big, they are super smart and good to work with.

We are super excited that Jordan Pace Horsemanship has gotten 30 rides on both Tank and King. The progress these young studs are making is tremendous.  We are excited to see the foals out of Tank this year, and of course, he will be standing for 2022 for a few outside mares. If everyone that has said they want to breed to King comes through, then he is booked for 2022, so if anyone wants to breed to him, let us know asap. We may be able to fit one more mare in with him.

We are also really excited about a new stud that is joining our neighborhood. His name starts with KT and we are stoked that he will be open to the public for 2022 at a crazy good introductory fee. We have already booked one of our mares to him.  The minute we have the go ahead from the new owner, we will put the word out. But we are excited!!!!!!! Pictures and more info coming soon.

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Last Week in Pictures and some videos at the bottom.