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KT Miss Hetty

KT Miss Hetty
Sire KT Heza Pana Dude
Dam:  Watch Miss ID, “Twiggy”
Date Born: 5/01/23
Click here for more pictures
Color: Buckskin
Price: $5,000
Watch Miss ID, “Twiggy” had another charming foal by KT Heza Pana Dude, “Dude.” Dude is a great stallion that we kept by Zinks Major Kid. Dude was started by Jordan Crabtree in Ferndale, WA and he was a great horse to start, Jordan enjoyed riding him. He produces foals have a lot of size, great personalities and are very trainable. He is great to be around and is really a trifecta for us, pedigree, personality and confirmation. His pedigree includes Pana Dude, Major Bonanza, Skipper W and more. Twiggy is a daughter of ID Watch, a red roan AQHA stallion that has earned his ROM. Twiggy’s breeding also includes Two Eyed Jack on her papers, Watch Joe Jack, Mr. Baron Red, and Do Jack. She is a very friendly, moderate framed mare that produces some great performance prospects. She is a favorite to visitors coming out, she loves attention and have very personable foals that are fancy. This filly is going to be fancy with her marking, and have the pedigree to really perform.

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I am not sure that we have recovered from the Spokane show yet, but we keep plugging away at work. You can’t build a legacy if you aren’t willing to build.

Monday was a nice and sunny day. Mil foaled and one of the three show heifers left to calve calved, a blue roan colt and an Angus bull calf. Toni had court prep for court on Tuesday. We also had some gals out to look at the colts. Kade and Anna had FFA practice after school and dad and Toni went in for the dinner and to be judges for the practice. Toni said there is a BBQ team, and that is who did dinner, and it was amazing.

Tuesday Toni had court, so was gone all day. I had work too so was also gone all day. After work and court we worked on getting more water on to the little pastures, we had to pull the hoses out of the weeds, etc. One of them sprung a big leak over the winter so we pulled it into the yard for dad to fix. We moved mares into the corral for dad and Toni to take up to Allies on Wednesday, and West Niled Sally so she was ready to go to Johns and get bred to PD. Jaxsen went with the older kids after chores to dye/ assist Anna in clipping his heifer. Jaxsen assures us that he is ready to show this year. We aren’t clear if his animals are ready. His heifer is ready because he is taking the big fat fall heifer that anyone can show. He is getting a free heifer pass this year, which he really likes.

Wednesday dad and Toni left first thing to Allies with Annie, Reba, Miss Gen and Cinder. Reba to get bred and the other three to check if they were in foal. None were, so Annie stayed to get AIed to a Shiner Named Sioux again. Dennis brought Butterscotch back so that we could breed her, so she went in with King to get bred. He was reseeding his pasture and had nowhere to put her. She is a nice big mare and will have a nice foal with King. She is by Colonel and out of Buttercup (An Azure Te bred mare). Dad and I fixed the sprinkler hose while Toni got Irish in. We put Irish and Gracie in with the yearling fillies to tease to take to breed to Witty, the Colonel son that Holly Miller has. Lendy was close, so we got her in and put her in the heavy mare pen. Sally and her spawn Saul were jerks and chased her around in unison.  They are pretty much two pees in a pod.

                Thursday morning Anna and Kade left early to go to FFA State Convention, so dad took Jaxsen and Kaine to school.  Kaine felt he got to mom and dads in plenty of time. Dad felt Kaine was a little late. But they made it to school in plenty of time. Tank’s pen was out in the alfalfa field. Butterscotch was out behind the house, which she is in a pole pen, but has been trained as a jumping horse. She has no scratches and the fence is up, so we are going with that she jumped out. Dad and Toni put Butterscotch back. Toni checked the three mares in circle 5 and then chopped some trees. Kaine and Jaxsen did chores. Toni and I moved water and then went down and fixed Tank’s fence. Kicker was working on circles and doing cattle chores with Kaine and Jaxsen. Ben got home and fed the bottle calf. Anna and Kade did not get home as late as expected. They both had a great first day at FFA State Convention. The Convention is in the tri-cities again this year, so it isn’t as fun as when we went, but it will be in Pullman again next year.

Friday Anna and Kade left early for FFA state again. We had a few calls on people wanting to come out and look at foals. One repeat buyer came on out and another one scheduled for Saturday, an FFA group scheduled for Saturday at 12:30 and someone coming out to look at minis at some point on Saturday. Mom and dad went up to neighbor Kyra’s plant sale on Friday. Toni sold Lil Fooler and did chores with Kaine and Jaxsen. They move about ½ of Leroy’s pen out to the pasture, so hopefully those mares are all bred. Jesse the miniature had a filly on Friday.  Kade and Anna got back decently early again on Friday. Kade’s CCM team came in 8th at State, so we are pretty proud of him.

Saturday Toni and dad went to Tri Cities to judge FFA competitions, with cousin Bobette and lots of other people they knew. At 8 I had Juan out to look at foals, he bought Mercedes. Next I had a group out looking at the miniature horses. Then Tekoa FFA came out and got a tour in between sessions at State Convention. Kaine and Kade were working on their heifers and steers and clipping. Camas came over and helped. Jaxsen went to his friend Luke’s birthday party. Ben was at work. Kicker was working on circles. Mom was working on hats. Rainy the miniature had a colt on Saturday.  Dad and Toni got back really late. Anna got back even later, but her Ag Sales team took 8th at State so that was awesome! Super proud of her. She had the highest score on her team.

                Sunday was Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day. Mom pulled Minnie’s filly on Sunday. We then put her in the dog run and Kade packed the filly into the pen. Minnie is a first time mother and the filly needed some extra time to adjust to life. Minnie was herself and not bothered by the fact that she had a foal and it wasn’t nursing or getting up. Minnie is pretty chill. Spicy the miniature also foaled on Sunday and had a filly. Minnie’s filly mom and Kade named Mouse (like Minnie Mouse). Ben and Kicker cooked lunch and mom made rolls. We also celebrated Skip’s birthday since we will be in Ritzville at the Wheatland Jackpot and the Angus Show. After lunch the kids went out to work on their heifers and steers and Toni and I started hauling mares out with stallions. And we hauled Irish and Gracie to Holly’s to breed to Witty. We had 6 mares to haul all over on Sunday. The men got water running and did cow chores.  We heard that Jaxsen hadn’t been working on his steer because he didn’t realize, even though he had been told, that the steer is going to the show this weekend. Really don’t know what to say about that.

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KT FoReal Sage Shines

KT FoReal Sage Shines
Sire: KT Gunners Sage Bug
Dam:  KT Major Sunshine
Date Born: 3/15/23
Click here for more pictures
Color: Red Dun (possibly red roan)
Price: $5,000
Foreal is a big fancy red dun colt out of KT Major Sunshine and by KT Gunners Sage Bug. Shiney is a fancy palomino mare out of Kathys Sonny Dee to, a Sonny Dee Bar Too mare, and by Zinks Major Kid. Anna picked Shiny to keep when she was just a toddler, since we still had her we must have wanted to keep her too. Shiny was featured on the cover of the AQHA Journal. We have shown her in-hand trail at the NFQHA show in Ellensburg. This is a great mare that the kids all love, she has a great disposition. KT Gunners Sage Bug is out of Continental Lady Bug and is by KT Gunpowder N Lead. Gunner is a roan dunskin son of Cue Bars Laddie, AQHA point earning and producing stallion. Gunner’s dam, Pistol, has been shown NFQHA, has been featured on rule book and in the NFQHA magazine. She is a great working ranch horse, rope horse, and the kids can ride her as well. Pistol’s sire, Gold Country Charro is a dunskin stallion that was shown in 1998 and 1999 in halter at local shows. Lady Bug is a big boned Continental Cad daughter going back to Mr Blackburn on the bottom. This is a colt that is already showing a lot of personality and is very sweet.

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What an amazing week.

Monday was a day for the books. We woke up to snow and it was snowing hard, I guess a late April Fools Day joke?? Toni went and checked and Lura had a beautiful blue roan colt. Lura is a range mare, Toni attempted to get her into the barn, but she was anti. Luckily the colt was big, healthy, and was sucking, so at some point you have to weigh the stress of trying to get them in with leaving them alone. In this case, where Lura really didn’t want to come in, it made sense to leave her. The cows decided that they did not want to be out in the sagebrush anymore, and we do not want to have to feed them, so they continued to come home all day, they just have to cross a plowed field to come home. Toni and the kids fought with them most of the day before taking them home. Lane came to see Anna and got the spend the day running behind the cows. It had stopped snowing at that point, but they got to sort and document which cows and calves they had in the hail. Toni had Lane and Anna stand in the covered part of the barn while they sorted as Lane was a guest. Bull 134, who is in with the show heifers, somehow got out of the corral and went up to Gayles house in the middle of the night. Gayle thought it was Hayley’s bull, Hayley called Ben because it was not her bull, so Anna and Hayley got him in. Anna was leaving Wednesday morning to Reno, so trying to get packed. They finally got done and came down and we did chores. Throughout the day they had rain, snow, hail, lightening. We got chores done and went out to check. We went to hook up Butte to the red trailer, since dad was going to Inchelium and Daisy on Tuesday and the battery was dead. So we jump started Butte, unhooked the camper and hooked up the trailer. Here is hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Tuesday we just had frost in the morning, a big improvement. Dad headed North first thing after Anna loaded the bulls. A straggler cow, 813, was waiting at the house to be let into the pasture. Toni and Jaxsen went out to check and found Running Sparkles and her new blue roan colt by Gunner. I called to change our reservation to Reno to Wednesday instead of Tuesday as check in date and the guy I talked to changed it to be one day. So then I had to call back and they said they did not have any rooms. I said my reservation was literally just changed, so that room should still be available. What do they said about April, in like a lion and out like a lamb?? Toni, Kade and Kaine fixed a pole on Jackpot’s pen and a pole on King pen Tuesday night. And brought in enough poles to put up some hill fence. Toni wanted to get the hillside between the old mares and King replaced over spring break. That is her goal. Her and I have been putting in posts for awhile, slowly, so now it is just getting the poles up, some panels at the top, and packing the wire out. It doesn’t sound hard but it is time consuming. Anna packed to leave on Wednesday. She went and got a wool suit jacket from Toni as Reno is not known to be warm in April.

Wednesday morning bright and early Kat and Kady showed up to pick up Anna and head to Reno. Ben had a pot of coffee on and breakfast sandwiches made. On my way to work I saw that Shasta had foaled, so I texted. When Toni got down there she say Shasta and Zoie had both foaled. Zoie had a stunning filly with a big blaze and two blue eyes, so Toni got more pictures of that one than of Shasta’s. Both were really nice foals. After the kids worked on steers, Toni and the boys put up a couple more sections of wood fence on the hill and got the panels up. The boys actually thought it would be a good plan to wench the panels to the top of the hill and wasted quite a bit of time trying to make that work. The wench cable just wasn’t long enough, so everyone ended packing panels and wood poles up the hill anyway. They got all but the brace at the top done and taking down the old fence. Chores were still normal, doctoring the heifer, doctoring baby Blackie, and Double. Then feeding and checking.

Thursday I left bring and early for Reno, Anna and Kady started showing in the afternoon, so I had to get on the one flight out of Pasco in the AM. Toni and the boys planned to leave for the Pomeroy jackpot on Friday. So Toni called the boys to see when she should go down and watch them practice showing their steers. They were up working on their boat. She wanted to know which steer was named boat, but it was an actual boat. The boys went back to the barn and got their steers in show halters and did a mock round of showing. Toni said she wasn’t super happy, but they boys are big enough and tough enough that she wasn’t going to worry about it.  Toni and Jaxsen finished the fence, putting up the brace on the end; chopping and picking up all the barbed wire and getting it out. Then chores.

Friday was a busy day all around. In Reno we had the Jr Angus show and the PG&S. Anna and Electra were 4th in thier PG&S class and Kady had a division reserve champion with Spike. Toni, Kaine, Kade and the BB crew headed to Pomeroy for the Garfield County show.  They had a late start because Leslie had a tire issue. So the boys loaded their steers, then unloaded their steers. They did everything pretty much on their own. Took the pick-up and hooked it up, loaded everything, including the steers, then went and picked up Toni. Mom sent them with a bunch of baked goods and so did one of the neighbors. They got to Connell right when the BB crew was loading. So after a brief chat with grandma they were on their way. They had a good, uneventful trip and got to Pomeroy in good weather. All the steers unloaded great and acted like pros. Lots and lots of friends and some family were there. 75 steers were entered in the show, with many coming Saturday morning. Still lots of people on Friday. The crew visited and had dinner, then got ready for Saturday. At home Marlo and Jaxsen were in charge of horse chores. So a big thanks to Marlo for taking care of all of that.

Saturday was another busy day. In Reno we had the Open Angus show and we had a good time. Back in Pomeroy, for once the weather was actually good. No snow, no hail, no real rain. Most of the exhibitors showed up and the steers did great. Kaine and Kade, along with their cousins, all showed great. With 75 head entered, there were lots of spectators and people everywhere. The boys handled their steers really well and placed well.  While at the show, Toni received a text from Jaxsen with pictures of a pole down at the corral, her heifer out, and the caption, “We have a problem.” Luckily Mom and Jax got all the gates shut, so the heifer was locked in and Ben was able to come put everything back to what it should be. The show was done about 3, so after cleaning out and loading, they hit the road for home. Both boys napped while Toni drove. They planned for Toni to do chores while they washed their steers, but chores were done by Kick and Ben, so the boys went and washed steers and Toni went and doctored baby blackie and Double, grabbed Jax, and headed home. 

Happy Easter. We headed back from Reno. Mom and Dad had easter eggs hid in the backyard for the boys. The boys told Toni she couldn’t see the eggs so she couldn’t easter egg hunt so of course she did. She took Anna’s spot. She tied with Kade for the most eggs. After that Ben went and made dinner for the people staying home. No Easter foals. So that was disappointing. But a great Easter for everyone. Great food, good people. Uncle Skip showed up later in the day and spent the night. I got home around chore time and went down to help. Anna unloaded her heifer and started her chores. Ben had gotten the rim and tire fixed on my Colorado so I had that to drive again.

What an amazing week. Anna had a great trip to Reno. It was her first time there. We are so proud of all that she is doing and participating in. Anna has gone from being pretty introverted to pushing her boundaries to become the best version of her. The three boys really stepped up this week as well and took on extra responsibility to help keep things going on the ranch. All of these kids are hard working and dependable. Jaxsen may not love the ranch work, but he understands that we have a responsibility to take care of our livestock and be good stewards of our land. So all-in-all we had a great and productive spring break week!

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Last Week in Pictures

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Last Week in Pictures

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Another crazy week has gone by.

Monday Toni was supposed to go to court in Yakima, but found out she could call in. Which was good, since she was in court for 30 min. So she was able to check in the morning and make a list of sick calves. Ben took two bulls into Sheena to get semen checked in the morning, he dropped them off on his way to work and picked them up on his way home. Thank you Sheena. My hair appt was changed to Monday after work, Tennelle’s daughter Grace has a competition in Reno on Friday they are trying to go and watch that. So I picked Kaine up from driver’s ed. Second from last day, final test is Tuesday. Then final drive. Because Kaine was gone Jax had to help with chores and was “forced” to lead one of the weanlings, Summer. Summer is pretty much a pet so was fine for Jaxsen and just followed him along. Now that we have Summer and Joker in Toni can’t lead them together because the Joker bites Summer and isn’t nice to her. He is a great colt, just wants to be the boss.

On Tuesday Jaxsen helped Toni with the foals, she tells me Summer is 100% halter broke, Jaxsen was working on her again. Jaxsen doesn’t know why we are still catching the foals because clearly they are halter broke. Kaine had his written test for drivers ed on Tuesday, he passed. He is ready to roll like firestone tires now. We were hoping on Tuesday to start chopping trees, but our guy hasn’t gotten over to start the project yet. We want to get it done before we start foaling, which is soon.

Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day and Toni send pictures of the calves basking in the sun. The weather was so great that everyone was in a good mood and ready for spring. Our little bull calves are ready to be big bull calves and are starting to ride cows at 2 months old. After we AI the cows then we will end up splitting the bulls off from the heifers to try to minimize injuries. But for now we are still calving and aren’t quite ready to split everything up. Bulls will be bulls, no matter what the age.

                On Thursday Anna had an FFA practice after school, so Toni went and got the boys and had appts for them to go down and get their hair cuts from Tennelle. Well, Jaxsen is the only one willing to cut his hair. Kade at least got his cleaned up. Kaine still looks like a fur ball. Or Toni tells him he looks like he is wearing a clown wig that isn’t died red. Then she had to take them to the quick mart to get food because they were starting. So picking them up from school was expensive. When they got back Toni made the two long haired kids work on the foals. They just wanted to take them for a walk, but Toni showed them that we are working picking up their feet, working getting them to move away from pressure, actually doing things with the other than admiring how pretty they are. The boys still took them for a walk around the ranch after.

I was home on Friday, so I checked the calves in the morning. Then I ran into the school and took pics of the FFA officers for the year book. I edited the pictures at lunch time and sent the album to Heidi. After lunch the dogs and I went out and got pictures of the bull and pulled up wire, so the Russian Olive trees could be mowed out of circle 4. That night Toni and I worked on The Joker and Summer. Kaine went snowmobiling with his friends for the weekend so he was MIA again. Kade did not have Jaxsen help him with chores because he said even with Kaine gone he is faster at doing them alone than with Jaxsen helping him. I am not sure that is teaching Jaxsen anything. Normally Marlo would have been out but she took a trip to Kansas to see her sister, her friend Mary, and go to a Ian Munsick concert. Hopefully she had a great time.

Kade had shooting practice Saturday morning. Anna went to Richland for FFA. The rest of us worked on fencing the rest of the corn filed. Kade got back and came out and helped. We got done fencing and went down to do chores. Kade rode Stormy around, Toni and I worked on Summer, The Joker and T.  T got selected because she was by the gate. That is our selection process. We have quite a few coming yearlings that we want to keep, so we are just going to continue working on them and whichever one is handy gets worked on. Kade had some problems with Stormy. Normal stuff when a kid is a young buckaroo and needs to be reminded that his mom and aunt actually DO know what they are talking about. We got Kade and Stormy back working together so that was good. Grandma talked Kade into leaving her in the roundpen so get the water trough flipped over and filled. Sometimes when a person is breaking a horse it is good to remind them that fundamentals are key and you don’t stop working on them. Ever.

On Sunday morning we went out and checked the cows, after Kade and Anna tied up their steers, and then we got the cows in. We sorted off a handful to go to Topp, and a couple heavy cows. We turned the rest out on the newly fenced stalks. Kaine was back, and him and Kade rode. Kaine finally got Pow caught and got her rode. Thanks to Rachael for such a wonderful job getting her broke. Toni went out and caught Wild because she was next to the gate and worked on her for a bit. Then we went to the Sale Dinner and BB Cattle and watched the super bowl, saw family, saw friends, and met some new people. None of us really cared who won the Superbowl, but I did prefer the Chiefs, but it was fun to watch.

                We found a new stud we want to try to buy. The problem is that we haven’t done a good job selling the studs we want to sell. We have Jackpot and King that we need to sell but Toni has a real problem selling them. So far she hasn’t found the “right” person but I have told her she needs to be less selective on the deal. We can’t get a new stud until we move at least one of these. So if you know of anyone that wants a stud, they are for sale. They are great studs but we have way too many related horses and we need a non-creme stud that isn’t related. Until now we hadn’t found the right stud to bring in, so it wasn’t a huge deal. These studs are both broke to ride and good to pasture breed. Let us know if you want to talk about them. We all want them to go to a good home as we raised them both and are emotionally and financially invested in them, but it is time to see them off to their new adventures. I told Toni a guy at work told me that when people want to go on vacation they just post their venmo handle and that they want to go on vacation and people just send them money, I thought we should try that. King and Jackpot are below.

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We may not wish for a white Christmas, and we may not want one, but it does make for some pretty pictures.

Monday was cold, but looking at the weather forecast, NOT the coldest day of the week. Or even close. Ben checked cows, broke ice, tagged calves, etc. Toni went down to get the trailer to take Cross in to Sagehill Vet and helped Ben pull a calf. Mom helped Toni go down to the corral and get Cross. They took Tank in with them too, Cross loves Tank, they are across the fence from each other. Cross is a very sensitive soul, so it was quite an experience for him. They got the new vet at Sagehill that is the large animal vet. Cross did very well considering. Mom made the boys hot coco after chores, so they had some hot coco with their whipped cream. Xia (one of Kaine’s cows) looked like she was calving, so Ben and Anna locked her in the barn, since the wind was so bitterly cold. When I went out to check at 9 she had just calved, and of course has it on the edge of the barn. So I brought in some fresh straw and moved it over onto the straw. Andee, Murtaugh and I went back out to check it at 9:45 to make sure it had nursed. Andee and Murtaugh go out to make sure the coyotes don’t eat me, since they are dogs they are concerned with coyotes. When Anna, Riggs and Lynn went out at midnight Gary, one of mom’s cows, had just calved. So she woke Ben up and they took it into the saddle shed to warm it up and put Gary in the barn.

We woke up to fresh snow on Tuesday. It was a dry snow, because on the highway it was swirling around like dust and made it very hard to see. Ben put Gary and her calf back together. Marlo brought a coffee into me Tuesday morning, she must have heard I was tired. Toni and Ben went to the dairy and got another jersey/char heifer for Dark Knight, one of Kade’s cows, Ben and Anna pulled a dead calf during the night. Victor did not think Toni looked very lawyer like when she picked up the heifer. I am slightly worried we are going to end up with two nurse cows. But you know, if you have one you might as well have two. Ben got Chocolate Oreo in, who is actually an Angus but she was always with Oreo so mom changed her name to Chocolate Oreo, because Chocolate Oreo’s calf did not want to be out in the alfalfa field so she came back to the barn, without her mom. Everyone has been doing their normal chores. When the dogs and I went out to check at 9 Sparkles was calving, so we got her in into the barn and turned Chocolate Oreo and her calf out next to the barn. When Anna checked at midnight, she had not calved yet so she woke Ben up and they pulled it. Ada and 947 both had calved, so they got them into the barn as well.

It was still bitterly cold on Wednesday. The weatherman said the temps are 30 degrees below average. Anna had a dentist appointment, so Ben, Anna and Anna’s friend Brandy went. They brought a coffee to me on their way home. I am doing pretty good on the coffee front. Kaine stayed home to check the cows. The boys and Toni did chores. When Ben and Anna got home they build a new pen for the jersey/char heifers (Ivy and Goldy) since the barn was full.

Thursday was another cold one. Basically, it takes all day on the cold ones just to get ice broke, cattle and horses fed, anything that calves into the barn, cycling out the others, etc.

I had Friday off for the holiday. Toni took the four kids to Connell to help decorate the show barn for Christmas Eve. Ben and I checked cows and took pictures of calves. Two cows had “hid” their calves by the water trough on the ice, so we got the cows to come back to their calves and got them pushed over onto the straw. McCall and McKenna came around to visit everyone, on one of the two days that McKenna was home, and she had gotten in at 3 that morning. I took them out to see the clubby calves,  took pics while we drove around. The girls took pictures too. We passed the camera around. McCall likes my new lens too. The two big boys went sledding after chores, Kade was way more iced up then Kaine when they got back, maybe the sled bucked him of more?? The men came down and put hay out.  Toni rode around on the sled a bit too while the boys were doing chores. I guess it was the sledding day.

Merry Christmas Eve. During the day we did the normal stuff, fed, moved calves out of the barn, moved calves into the barn. Did chores. Then we went to Connell to the show barn for the white elephant gift exchange. We all had a lot of fun. But we missed Traci, Manny and the girls.

We got up Christmas day to see what Santa had brought, which was a very special calf for Anna out of her cow, then went to mom and dads to open presents and eat breakfast. Then the Meachams headed up to Clarkston, or over. We went home and checked cows and got Christmas lunch ready. Joe and grandma came over, Terry and Erinia came down and mom, dad and Skip came over. We had a great lunch of brisket, mashed potatoes, rolls and lots of desserts. Then we played a new Tik Tok came that Kaine got at white elephant and grandma whipped us all. Then we did chores.

We may not wish for a white Christmas, and we may not want one, but it does make for some pretty pictures. We all had a very Merry Christmas full of family, fun, and way too much food. Hopefully your family had a very Merry Christmas as well. There is nothing better than spending time with the ones we love, especially if those ones we love come with 4 legs.

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With 290 entries for the Western Showcase, it was a long weekend. The individuals that organize the show, Ruth, Gerry, Scott, and everyone else, do an amazing job.

We are definitely back to season temps on Monday. We are supposed to have a La Nina I hear, and it is rainy and cold. Not that we don’t need the rain, the rain is good. It just does not feel the best when you are working on the foals. Monday the kids did not have school, so they clipped and got ready for the upcoming show. Kaine had football practice, so dad ran him in and brought him home. Toni and the kids did chores early, Toni worked on Duke and Naughty and tied Groot since he was the biggest to Tulip. She quickly discovered that Groot was the easiest, so traded Duke and Groot. When I got there, we only had to get Rita in for dad and mom to take her home on Tuesday. I guess she does not want to leave because that took 30 min and we had to run the whole pen across the driveway. Then of course they couldn’t go back into their pen, all the horses wanted to run around the driveway and see what they could see.

Tuesday morning Toni loaded Cappy and Rita into the trailer. Mom and dad took Cappy to Jason Hicks to start and Rita went to Marcy’s so she could go home.  Jaxsen and Kade did horse chores and Anna did the show cattle chores. Kade and Jaxsen went up to help her finish. Kaine had a game in Royal City, it was moved up to 4, luckily Heidi texted a bunch of us so we made it in time. Toni worked on the colts; they worked on tying in the rain. Rain makes it hard to work on foals because you really can’t get a good grip on the lead rope and have no traction.  The three weren’t trouble for Tulip so Toni just had to work through it. It rained all day Tuesday, but not in Royal, it was dry there. Which was good for the game. The game was good, the boys played hard. Molly report from WSU was not as good as it has been. She had some fluid buildup at her incision area, so they put a sleeve on her. And she still has fluid in her lungs so they are still monitoring that.