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Last Week in Pictures

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November: the last month of autumn, but the beginning of new adventures.

Monday morning bright and early Rog headed to TX, the shipper called Sunday and wanted to pick her up, but we asked her to wait because we were still at the show on Sunday. Rog loaded up a ramp into side load trailer like a pro and headed to TX. The shipper was on time which a lot of them are not. Rog has been a mini me of Leroy, and game for just about anything. We are really going to miss her. Her not brother that had been living with her, since he is headed to Oklahoma any day, was also sad to see her go. Poor Gen again aka Fat Buddy. We brought Ram, one of Fat Buddy’s other “brothers” in to get halter broke and be Fatty’s friend for a week. Kaine and Anna cleaned all of the tack out of the trailer Monday night and cleaned out the barn. Kade had basketball after school. Jaxsen had basketball practice, Toni took him.  Dad went to Lewiston to get some oats. Ben and Toni unloaded them then did chores. Ben and Kicker fed the cows and checked duck ponds.

Tuesday, what happened Tuesday?  Well Dad still had my pick-up from taking it to Lewiston for oats. So he decided to drive it around while he had it. Toni thought that was pretty funny so took a picture and sent it to me, so she ratted him out.  Lightning Bug somehow got super lame on her back leg, could be in her hip, unclear. There is nothing we can see. So she is in the roundpen getting care, and under close watch. Ram and Fatty are still getting worked on. Ram got tied up for the first time and did great. Ram is out of Sagebug and Reba, a Colonel daughter. We were very upset when he was born because he is a colt not a filly. We would have kept him too if he had been a filly. He is amazing minded and has a really cool dun roan color. Toni was feeling a bit ill, so she hasn’t been making us build fence, so that is nice.

Wednesday Coco rolled in from CA. She is going to take her mare, Money, and her foal, Penny, back to CA. Coco is pregnant with a little girl, so Toni spent most of Tuesday trying to convince Coco to name her guardian if her and Jake both die.  Toni would also like the baby to be born with red hair.  Ram and Fat Buddy got some exposure to Coco to help with any stranger danger they might have. Fatty has none, but it is still good for him to be exposed to new people.   Anna and Kaine got home and set up the giant dog crate to haul the mini down to Andee. We got packed to go and packed up the pickup.

Thursday was Veterans Day. We live in the greatest country in the world. Thank you, Veterans, for all you’re doing to help keep it that way!  Ben, Anna, Kaine and I drove to SE Idaho to spend the weekend with the Geddes family. We had a great time hanging out and playing card games. It was great seeing everyone.  Katie and Alvina came out to pick out Alvina’s new project foal. They were between Blue Starlight and Memphis. Memphis really took to Alvina so she made the choice easy. We are really excited for Alvina to have a Leroy foal out of a Double daughter, under Katie’s supervision.  We were all hoping Alvina would love Memphis. Toni showed Memphis’ granddam, Porche, for many years doing anything and everything with her, so we are hopeful that this will be a good fit. Marlo came out to house sit and help with chores. We are in one of our busier times because all of the livestock needs to be fed as we are out of pasture, so it takes all of us to get chores done each night. Marlo helped Toni, so Fat Buddy and Ram got more exposure to strangers. Marlo helped lead them and work on them. Fat Buddy has to wear a fly mask when he goes with his shipper, so that came in the mail and they worked on getting him used to the mask. It wasn’t big enough, but luckily mom could add some velcro to make it fit, so all was not lost.  Toni and Kicker fed the cows in the dark, in the mud, so I am sure that was fun. 

Toni is filling in the rest since I have no idea what happened. Yea, I have a great post going here. Toni, Leslie, and Dad went to the WCA convention early Friday morning. Toni was speaking at the Washington Cattlewomen’s annual meeting and had to host her meeting with co-committee chair, Nancy Belsby, for Water and Ecology.  There was a really good turnout and lots of good discussion on issues with DOE, water, Wotus, and various other subjects.  Mom called when they were at the convention and said the horses were out, so they headed home. Marlo and Coco helped get the horses in and fix the fence. This is the same fence we are working on replacing, so that just made Toni want to get back to fencing. Chores were the same, work on horses, feed horses, check everything, feed cattle, check water, look for anything sick, injured, lame (cows and horses). Kicker had to check duck ponds for the hunters.

Saturday Kicker and Kade went bird hunting, after feeding in the morning that is. They got home in time to go with Toni and Jaxsen to Jax’s basketball tournament. Kick and Kade stayed for one game then went out passed Moses Lake to get some equipment Kicker had bought in an auction. Jax had a great couple of games and his team finally had their first win. To celebrate Toni and Jax went to DQ and got blizzards on their way home.  Once home, everyone went separate ways to get chores done in an effort to try to beat the darkness.  Toni and Kade fed the mares in the corral in hopes that they could get them in easier on Sunday.  Then off to regular chores.

Sunday Kick and Kade went hunting again. Toni and Jax went down to load Ram out for his move to Klamath Falls. The wind started howling about 3 am Sunday morning. Ram was perfect. The buyers had trouble with their normal trailer so brought a 2 horse with a small door to get into, but Ram took his time, and eventually loaded allowing his new owners to hit the road.  Toni went and pushed Frank in, haltered him, dewormed him, worked on him for 10 seconds, then led him across the drive-way so he could live with Fat Buddy and get halter broke.  Frank is out of Rosie and Double and just a wonderful colt.  He is going to move to California in December with his new owner.  Then she caught Abs, and her and dad moved Abs into the old mare pen, and moved Rosie and Blackie back out into the big pasture. After lunch, Toni, Coco, Kade, and Jaxsen went and got the whole broodmare herd in, sorted, dewormed those that were staying down there, sorted out the pairs that were down there, hauled all the pairs home, hauled Jag home, weaned 2 foals, moved Money and Penny, dewormed the stuff that came home, turned mares out, moved 2 mares back out to the broodmare band, then started chores.  Toni was headed home to start dinner about the time we got home from Idaho. It was dark. It gets dark so early it is hard to get enough done during the day. We came back to massive winds that will dry out the mud and make life a bit easier. But man the wind is bad when it is howling. Gusts up to 50 mph the weatherman said.  Luckily our drive home from Idaho went well.

We are always busy on the ranch, but making time for family is a priority. I am glad we got to go see Ben’s family. The kids all are growing like weeds so they are really changing between visits.  Just like the calves and the horses, you don’t see them for a week or a few days and they really change.  We are down to our last couple of colts for sale, Blue Starlight, the last Colonel colt, and Ima Freckled Son- this colt is unregistered and will not be able to be registered with the AQHA. Both are nice colts and ready to go if anyone is looking for a foal. We also have a couple of fillies with prices on them that we don’t really want to sell. But they have a price if you have to have them. Also, we have our annual calendars for 2022 for $25.

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Life on a ranch is never dull!

The kids still did not have school Monday, teacher in-service day. The three older kids finished up clipping and started to pack the trailer for the show this coming weekend. No school, not 100 degrees, Toni is back in fencing mode. So before chores Toni and the kids put up some fence. I know, we are only all shocked it took her this long. The kids worked on Fortune, so he had some kid interaction before he left on Tuesday with his Youth. He is who we donated for the Youth Development Program. Mom made carrot cake on Monday, it was REALLY good. She used fresh carrots that Toni had chopped up on Friday. Then the three older kids went and finished their chores with their show animals. Now that irrigation is off, Ben and Kicker are feeding cows at night, until we can move them to the corn field, feeding bulls and fat steers, and running water on the duck ponds for the hunters.

Tuesday Toni took the two foals we are shipping to Oklahoma and Texas to the vet first thing. She loaded them both on her own. Fat Buddy had to have a grain bucket shook in front of his face to load, but Rog jumped right in. They are two really special foals. Kids are back at school. Our Youth foal left, we are excited to see how Ava and Fortune do. Kade and Jaxsen started basketball practice on Tuesday, Kaine is not playing since they have to be COVID tested twice a week, or before each game, I am unsure which, and he did not want to be tested. The activity bus and I got home at the same time, so I gave Kade a ride down the driveway. The Mormon missionaries were at the house when I got there. I think they find Toni and I amusing. They say they are coming back next Tuesday to build fence….

Wednesday Mike was coming out to butcher two steers, I realized when I got in the pickup that I did not leave a check. I went back in the house, gave Anna a check and collided with a spider on my way back to the pickup. It bit me in the ear, I twisted my ankle getting it off, I hate to break it to the spider, I am fine with spiders, and if it had not bitten me, I would not have smashed it. But the whole way into work I felt like my ear was hot and swelling, I think it is all psychological.  However, my ankle swelling is not. I really hate being lame before a big show. I will just keep it moving and hopefully it does not stiffen up. Toni, Anna and Kaine put in a post on Wednesday, for the new section of fence. Kade had basketball practice. Then the three older kids went up and worked on their steers and heifers and continued to pack for the show. It is kind of junky how dark it gets, but it will be worse next week.

Thursday we got some more rain. Mom and dad went to Wenatchee for the day for Mom’s doctor appointment. They had a good time but got back late. We had to let the dogs in and out for them while they were gone. All the dogs are good so not a big deal. We were in a rush mode Thursday because we needed to leave Friday for our big show. The kids continued to pack, tried to get their clothes picked out, and work on their cattle one last time before we were planning to leave. Jaxsen had no show animals, but had a basketball tournament, so everyone was gearing up for a big weekend.

Friday I went and got the kids out of school a little early, at lunch time, and then we ran downtown and got burger factory for lunch. We got home and washed the heifers and steers that are going to Moses Lake. Toni went down to get chores done but we had a mare down and a 2 year old that was lame. She got stuff in, moved around, and didn’t get chores all the way done. Luckily Jaxsen had Marlo coming to help him finish when he got home from school.  Dad was already up in Moses Lake helping set up for the Western Showcase.  We finished packing and headed to Moses Lake for the show. Traci, Natalie, Ady and Julian beat us there, but we got set up and then Toni and dad headed home. The rest of us went to dinner at Rock Top and then checked into our hotels.

Saturday we got up and washed the steers, heifers did not show until Sunday. It was dark, but the temp was decent for a November show. Ryan Rash was the judge, we were all looking for to watching him judge, and he was fast. 5 min classes, not the normal at least 15 min. And there were lots of steers there. All of the steers showed well, and the kids all placed decent, so a good day overall, we were all happy. This was the first show for all of the steers and most of the heifers.

Toni missed the show as the mare that wasn’t doing well took a turn for the worse. Luckily our good friend Rowdy Barry brought  a bottle of Zesterra over, they gave the mare a drench, and she bounced back. has more info on this all natural product.  Toni came up to the show after the showing was over, but after the mare was acting normal and mom and dad got home.  Jax had a basketball tournament in Moses Lake at the same time, so Kicker took him to the first game then came over to the show. He also missed the show because of how fast the judging went. Toni took Jax to the second game, then some friends took Jax home where Dad picked him up. Kicker and Ben went home and did chores.

We had the 509 banquet Saturday night, and had a good time. Anna is a 509 ambassador for 2022, so she is really excited. She also won the Leslie Alexander award, we all tried to not tear up when Jana gave it. She had heifer of the year with 006 and won second in photography. The boys did not apply for the any of the awards, that is why they did not get any.  Toni lectured them the entire way home about it. Natalie, Ady and Julian did not sign up in 2021, or I am sure they would have gotten some too. Julian has really been shooting a lot of pics, he might have gotten a photography one, the pictures of Kade and Savannah below are ones Julian took.  We got back to the hotel at a decent time. Even after a huge dinner, followed by cake, the boys were hungry so raided our purses for money and went and spent all of our spare dollars on candy from the vending machine.  No such thing as a sugar high, they both still went to sleep by 9.

Sunday was showmanship and heifers and fall back. So we got up half an hr earlier, or did we get to sleep in a half hr?? Everyone showed great on Sunday as well. Anna had second in her class with her Traynham heifer, and everyone else placed well. Natalie and Kaine both were called back to the championship round in showmanship, but everyone really showed great. We were all happy with how well everyone did. The Seldom Rest heifers did really well for not having them long and already going to a show. It was just a great experience overall, thank you to everyone that put it on.  Having a high quality judge like Ryan Rash made the show that much better. Ryan is such a positive judge with a positive message.  We really hope they get him back next year. 

Also on Sunday, Ben sold Bjorne the Hereford bull and some meat, he came to the show in the morning and had to run home. Kicker and dad stayed up and helped us pack up and head home.  Even with 299 head entered, we were headed home by 2:30. It was amazing! The show was so well run and organized. We got home, got unpacked, the kids had to wash their show cattle. Toni and I headed down for chores.  Our 2 year old was still lame so we got her in and put her in the round pen. Hopefully we start to see some improvement. We also got Ram in to start halter breaking so he can go to his new home.  We got the halter on him out in the corral because he is super chill and friendly and didn’t know what was happening. After we got him haltered Toni messed with him while I started chores. She got him leading after a few minutes and was able to lead him over to his pen. These Sagebug foals in general are really easy to work with. We were pretty tired and it got dark early so we got chores done and headed home.

Even though we are still in 2021, the Western Showcase is our first 2022 show because these calves are the 2022 show string. Now we get a break while we get ready to start calving. Life is never dull! Also, don’t forget to jump over to our facebook page and vote on your favorite pictures for our annual calendar, which will be fore sale.

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I can’t believe it is already November

Our Seldom Rest heifers got to SITZ Sunday night, Ben and Anna loaded them up, plus her Nile Merit heifer, and they headed home from Montana bright and early Monday morning. Ben and Anna got home from Montana with the three heifers at around 1:30, Toni met them at the house so she could see the heifers.  The neighbor called Toni to see if we could help him sell his mare, she is unreg, hasn’t been ridden in years, but is pretty. She would make a good recip mare if anyone is looking. He is asking $750 for her. Toni did most of chores, and Anna and Jaxsen finished them up. Toni worked on Smokey Joe and Fortune. Then we went to Kade and Kaine’s last football games. Both boys played great, Kaine got injured the end of the first half, but walked it off and continued to play the second half.

Kaine was a little sore Tuesday morning form his injury, good thing it was the last game. The boys were home Tuesday night to help with their show steers and heifers and to help with halter breaking foals and chores.  Anna brought back presents for everyone from Montana and she handed them out on Tuesday night since it was the night we were all in one spot. She got Jax a neck pillow that is a dinosaur and is now part of his nightly tv watching routine.

This is a short week for the kids, half day Wednesday and parent teacher conferences. No shocker, all of the kids are doing great in school. Toni had court right after conferences, so Kicker brought them home and Toni went to Pasco. Dad picked up Anna and Kaine and brought them home. All of the kids were home for chores. I picked up Anna and Kaine at mom and dads and we went in for their conferences in the evening.  It isn’t a hardship to go to parent teacher conferences when all you hear are good things, you wonder, whose kids are they talking about? Where is all the sass we hear at home?

Thursday the three older kids worked on their steers and heifers, washed, blown and started clipping.  Thursday was a big day as Grandma Norma turned 91. Toni, all 4 kids, Dad, and Mom went over and had lunch with Grandma. Traci and Leslie were both there with Traci’s kids. Leslie made a fantastic brisket with all the sides, with Mom’s special peach trifle for dessert. Everyone was stuffed when they came back home.  There isn’t much you can get grandma for a gift, but she does love people to come visit, so she got that and some paper flowers that were pretty neat.

Friday mom, Kaine and I went to Connell for hair appointments. Toni had court again, so she dropped Jaxsen off with dad. Anna and Kade washed and continued clipping. Mom, Kaine and I brought lunch home for everyone. Toni got to mom and dads about the same time Katie did, she was bringing Queenie home. Joe and John also showed up and brought home Derringer. Joe, John, Katie, and Toni all walked down to look at Stetson, the black stud.  After lunch Marlo came and helped the kids, I went down and fixed the fence in circle 6 until chore time, so we could put the weaned calves down there.  Kicker brought home some giant carrots so Toni spent Friday night chopping up carrots. 

Saturday morning Ben and Anna went down and finished the fence in circle 6. Kaine and I ran in the weanling calves and sorted out the three small ones, no tagged ones to retag and a few that had bad eyes. Kicker and Kade went hunting. Toni worked on a deposition. Logan came and picked up his steer from Janas. Next we tagged and doctored eyes. Then we went to Connell for the Halloween party. We came back and ran the heifers and steers down to circle 6. Then we went and did chores. Anna and Logan went to the straw maze.

Sunday morning Anna and I took 4 of the minis to my coworker Bob’s house, his wife wanted them to visit and eat down their grass. Lorenzo came and looked at Slugger, Toni and Jaxsen went down to meet them. Kade and Kicker went hunting. Kaine and Ben got the bulls in and sorted off the ones that are sold and put them in a different pen. Then we had a bull buyer come out and pick out 108 for her 2022 bull. We all had a good chat with her. Toni, Ben, and Kaine fixed a pole that was down in the corral, When we got back the kids continued washing and clipping. I put out mineral and Ben and I took some hay down to the weaned calves.  Toni finally got a hole dug through some cleachy where we are building some wood fence and put the post in, then she went and got the tractor started.   Ben and Toni put straw out with the horses.  After we got straw out everywhere, we turned Smokey Joe back out in the big pasture, where he proceeded to buck and kick and be merry, moved Fortune over with Rog and Gen Again, and got the next two victims in. Slugger and Blue Starlight get to be halter broke now. Slugger has already had a week of work, so this is just a refresher for him. They both did great being haltered and being separated for the group. 

                Anna went with friends back to the straw maze on Sunday night, because no school Monday. Kaine had his “friend” Camas (yes Camas is a girl) out to hang out at the house. Her dad and brother came too as we have been friends with her dad forever. I looked out the window and there was a bonfire going down at the barn, so that is what the older kids did for Halloween entertainment. Toni took Jax trick-or-treating to a few houses. She wasn’t feeling great so she only took him to places were we have already been around the people. Jax got lots and lots of candy and had a great time. Happy Halloween to all!

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I am not going to jinx it by saying how well it is going, so I didn’t say it.

Monday was a beautiful October day. Toni loaded out Dual Again and Nevada first thing, and they headed to Olympia. Mom and dad went to Ellensburg in Toni’s Tahoe to get a recliner that Toni bought in a benefit auction for horse therapy. Marly was missing, Marly is Jaxsen’s dog, and Toni found her still in her pickup. Poor Marley. Toni got Quinn in and moved PBJ over with her, so Rog and Gen Again are together. Ryan Cotton found a ride for our Seldom Rest heifers to Montana. So Toni called and talked to the transporter. We had the grid kids BBQ Monday night, Toni, the three boys and I went. We donated the patties, and maybe they ran out?? They were almost out when we went through the line, but there were not that many people left.  They thought there would be 310 people, which is plenty! At least the coached didn’t talk about every single kid this year. Toni waited until the last minute to get the burgers so she had to run to Othello, then Connell, then into the school, then back home for chores, then back in with Jax to the BBQ.

Tuesday Toni called and talked to the destination place for our Seldom Rest heifers. We hopefully have it all set up. A big thank you to Sitz ranch for letting us ship the heifers to their ranch so Ben and Anna can pick them up there on their Montana tour. Also, Kaine and Kade had a football game in Benton City. Kade was injured during his game, ankle stepped on. Kaine’s team won and both boys played great.

Wednesday there was no practice, so everyone came home on the normal bus, and helped with chores, heifers and steers. Toni was still working on foals when I got home, so I just watched her.  We had some fence to fix, weaned some foals, started feeding hay to the big pasture. That means it is officially fall. So maybe not the best day of the week, but we knew it was coming.

Thursday Ben and Anna headed to Billings to participate in the Nile Show.  They did not take anything, but Anna won a Nile Merit Heifer that we will take next year, and she wanted to watch it. She is also helped Brett and Jill Tonne with the heifers they were taking. Kayla came out and brand inspected the steers that are going to get butchered this weekend, and two heifers that we sold. Kendel came down and helped since Toni needed to leave at 11:30 for hair appt. Ben and Anna made it to Montana, and went and checked out the show.  We weaned a few more foals, fixed some more fence, moved some horses, and did normal chores which includes halter breaking. We have 2 we are working on this week plus Rog and Gen that we are shipping out soon so we just continue to work on them.  It was also Jax’s 11th birthday, so mom made brownies and we drank rootbeer.

                Friday was dress up day at school, Kaine and his friends had a group costume and Kaine was the rodeo clown. Anna got to show Brett and Jill Tonne’s heifers at the Nile, she was pretty excited. Angela from NRSC came and Toni showed her around to check things out. Marlo came out and helped with chores. Brandy and Chase bought a bred heifer and came and picked her up. Chad came and we got Tulip, Quinn, and Rog trimmed up. They wanted to get more done but ran out of time. Some of the horses escaped into the alfalfa field, Toni, Marlo and I put them in with the turned out horses. It was dark by the time we got done. Marlo and I got back up to the house and a few of the heifers were out, so we ran them in and Kicker started checking why the fence was not hot. He found where the jump wire was down and got it hot.

                Saturday Kaine got up and did all of the morning chores. Kade and Kicker went hunting. Anna and Ben watched the Nile heifer show. Keven and Stefanie came out and got their 5 fat steers and looked at the bull calves. They want to pay the kids to halter break whatever bull they get. They are leaning toward Jack Frost but want to talk to their son first. Next, Kaine and I turned everything back out and took a lunch break. Dad called Toni Saturday morning and the fence along the alfalfa field was down again, so Dad and Toni worked on it until lunch time, and then Toni needed to work on a motion. Luke came out to spend the morning with Jax as his birthday party.  So Jax got out of fixing fence. Kade came down after lunch to work on his steers. I was catching the TX steers and Kaine had just gotten done washing his steer and heifer and was blowing them. Then Kaine, Kade and I got the cows in and sorted the 3 bulls calves out that had escaped and but them back in their pen. Next we met Toni down at the house to do chores. Saturday was the last day for Quinn and PBJ, time to move on to the next victims.

Sunday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen went to get Meacham family pics. Kaine got up and did chores early. Then we put wheat straw out with the cows, since the corn stalks have not been harvested yet. We put out mineral and protein blocks as well. It rained off and on Sunday, which we need the rain. We took a lunch break and then caught the TX steers again and cleaned up some stuff outside. We went to do chores, and Marlo met us down to help us. Kaine started feeding, Marlo and I got in Fortune and Smokey Joe and turned Quinn and PBJ out. Marlo went to help Kaine and I haltered the two. Then we went down and fed the cattle grain. Kicker, Toni, Kade and Jaxsen got back around then and Kicker finished up the cow chores feeding hay. Marlo, Kaine and I cleaned out the barn and put out more straw.  Ben and Anna picked up Anna’s NILE merit heifer at 3C Cattle. Thanks Lacey and Chad for your awesome donation to the NILE merit program. Anna is really excited to work through this program and get back to the NILE in 2022. Then Anna and Ben headed to Dillon Montana to get the Seldom Rest heifers which got delivered to Sitz late Sunday night.

Another super busy week. We are really working to get all of the foals weaned and moved to their new homes. So if you haven’t picked yours up, contact us so we can get that arranged. There are quite a few in the weaning pen, but they are all getting along pretty well and we are slowly getting them halter broke. I am not going to jinx it by saying how well it is going, so I didn’t say it. (The foals below are just some pictures of foal, if you see your foal below and have you date set up, we have you down).

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Time just flies with so much to get done

                Monday morning was brisk, but at least the sun was out. The boys all had football practice. Anna and Jaxsen did most of chores, before he went to practice, and then Toni and I worked on the foals. We hooked Nevada to Tulip, this is her second day on her.  I led Dual Again around while Tulip led Nevada. Toni worked on Rog and Spark. Anna went home to feed the new show animals and lead them and let them go. Ben and Kicker were out fixing circles, we only have water for another week or so, so you need to get the last soaks in. and FYI, Ben and Kicker work on circles and chase water basically every night when water is on, I just don’t always mention it.

Tuesday morning was a little colder and a little darker, definitely fall weather. I am glad we are not in the weather stream for all of your areas that got snow. I had lots of snow snaps on Tuesday morning. Brad Cox delivered our cow, calf and heifer from Traynhams Ranches, Brett met him there to pick up his two pair and Stacy also came around the same time to pick up Adrian and Emmett’s heifers from the Evergreen sale. Toni took Jaxsen into get team football pics and pick the other two boys up after football pictures were done. That took until around 7, which was dark so I don’t know if they had the stadium lights on for pictures? Toni and Anna had done most of chores, but I still had to move dad’s water, since he was harvesting until late, worked on Nevada and Dual, Nevada did great and did not have to be tied to Tulip. Fed Stinger and Annie, moved Regan around and fed her. So I was busy until Toni got home with the boys.

Wednesday Toni loaded Spark and Regan and sent them on their way to CA. They loaded great and left at first light.  Spark went to a new customer that hasn’t been here before, hasn’t met us, and had never seen Spark before she got here. That is always nerve wracking, but she absolutely loved Spark. Spark is our first foal out of King to be shipped. We had 2 this year, one sold to CA and one to OK. Both are excellent babies.  Wednesday afternoon, the two big boys had football games in Connell, so Toni did chores early so she could go watch Kade. It was Kade’s first jr high game with the 7th grade team. When she was done with chores and about to head home, Hayley called to tell her that there were horses out at Hayley’s house. Toni didn’t think the horses could possibly be ours because Hayley lives a couple of miles away. Toni went anyway and much to her dismay found Gunner and Sagebug in Hayley’s yard. Toni got in touch with Ben and they finally got them home. On the way home, Gayle and Ken’s longhorn steer jumped out (Ben says he just stepped over the fence) of his single wire, low hot fence to join the party and was also out. Kendel came out to help them get him in. So after the studs got put back, then the steer, who has a huge rack of horns, also had to be got in and put back. Kendel went up and tightened her parent’s fence so that it might possibly keep him in for the future.  Gunner had destroyed the wood fence so all of the studs had to be moved around. Leroy got moved up to Toni’s house, Gunner went in Sagebug’s pen, Sagebug went into Gunner’s pen. Toni did not make it to Kade’s game. They finished moving, sorting, and fixing when the game was over. Kade made a touchdown and an extra point for his team along with multiple sacks. Kaine also had a good game, which I got to see, with lots of great blocking and sacks. And Toni added most of this about the studs and Longhorn, I was not there, I was at the football game.

Thursday morning Toni had to go to in person court again. After work was done we worked on foals.  Jaxsen had a game in Mattawa, so Toni, Marlo and Jaxsen went to Mattawa at 4. Kaine and Kade had practice, so came home on the activity bus. I dropped Kade off at his house, Anna was finishing up the steer and heifer chores, I dropped Kaine off to help her finish cleaning the barn.  We also had our friend John deliver a black stallion for us to try. He is a son of Smart Lil Highbrow, who won $97k. We don’t know if we will be standing him in 2022, but we are seeing how he adjusts to our ranch.

Friday there was not any practice, so Kaine and Kade helped with chores and their steers after school. They got to lead foals, it helps having new people for stranger danger. We also had Marlo on Friday to work on stranger danger. And Toni got some good pics of Marlo for a social media deal at Lovejoy Farms, Marlo’s family farm.

Saturday everyone went different directions, or almost everyone. Ben, Kicker, Kade and Kaine went hunting with cousin Manny, this was the first time Kaine and Kade had been deer hunting. They were pretty excited. They did not see anything they could shoot, but did see lots of deer. Toni took Jaxsen to Royal for a football game, poor Jaxsen injured his ankle, luckily it was the last game of the season. Anna, Logan and I went to Pomeroy to get some more show steers from Jana Koller. Anna, Logan and I got home and unloaded the seers, then I rolled up wire at the bottom of the corn field and put out mineral. Toni got home and we went down and haltered foals. We have Nevada and Dual leaving Monday so getting them ready along with the other foals we need to get to their new homes. Then a poodle male came to breed Lynn, so Anna, Logan and I left and left Toni there on her own. Ben, Kicker, Kaine and Kade got home to do the cow chores.  Mom wanted a gate in the old mare pen to walk through when the weather gets bad, so Toni put that in.

Sunday Ben, Kicker, Kaine and Kade went hunting again in the morning, they went to different places this time. Again, nothing they could shoot. Anna tied up the steers and heifers and then washed hers an started clipping them. We had meat buyers come out on Sunday, and actually on Friday as well. Then we went to Jaxsen’s house for his birthday party. We had tacos and banana cream pie. After that we tied up the Texas steers, Anna kept clipping and the boys worked on theirs. Toni and I loaded Nevada and Dual Again since they were leaving on Monday. We also went ahead and loaded Rog, just so we can get her really used to loading. She  is the spitting image of Leroy and acts just like him too. She pretty much stands there and lets us do whatever, but has perfected the horse eye roll if you hug on her neck too long. Then we tied PBJ to Tulip. I took Tulip back to my house to tie steers too.  Toni and Mom aren’t too happy about Tulip leaving, so I kept having to reassure them that I will bring her back.