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There are some great prospects and broke horses on our sale page.

Many of the horses on our sale page are not ours or located at our ranch in Connell. Please call the owners of the horses, they are bred by us or out of one of our stallions, which is why they are our for sale page. There is a really nice broke mare, a green broke mare, a 4 year old with limited ground work, two year old colts, a two year old filly, two stallions and some yearlings.

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Last Week in Pictures

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We are excited for another great foaling season and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

The weather was nice in the morning, we had a little rain and some much-needed moisture. The Sand hill cranes are around, which to us means it is spring. Toni checked the cows in the morning, no new calves when she checked. Mom made the kids chocolate bread pudding for their after-school snack, I am saying she made it for the kids because Toni and I basically got a mouth full. They said they were helping us with our diets by eating it all. Anna went home to start the show cow chores and check the cows our last heifer calved, 025, Toni’s heifer. The boys and Toni did the horse chores and then everyone except Jaxsen went out to build fence, I got there in time to put one T post in the ground, my timing was impeccable. The men fed the cows, we have more pens to feed right now, with an AI pen, the Angus pen and the Hereford pen. We have three bulls out with the Angus cows and Bullwinkle out with the Hereford cows.  Bullwinkle has been a bit wilder than we expected, so no one should plan to walk out and pet him in the field. He isn’t mean, but he will run off. Luckily we still have Rocky for anyone that needs to pet a bull.

A little more rain Tuesday morning. I went to the Cowpath Bakery on my way to work to get dessert for a retirement lunch party. We had a great lunch. Chores got done, fence got built. We have Glo, our NZ Scotch Time filly out of Mil in to get halter broke right now. We LOVE her. She is calm, but shows some cattiness. She chases the donkey, so we can see the cow in her. She is pretty much what we like. Calm, smart, but the spark is there.  And we really liked working with Codi when we went to breed to NZ Scotch Time (Rip). They have been great to work with and have remained in contact. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen had a YQCOA class Tuesday night. Anna and Kaine wend and took care of the show animals. The men fed the cows.

Wednesday we were a little shorthanded so it was divide and conquer. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen worked on the fence a little after chores, and then went up and helped do cow chores. Anna and Kaine worked on the show cattle chores until Kade got there to help. We still have Glo in, and just keep working on her everyday. She was already ready for outside walks to see stuff by her second day with a halter on. Mom made orange rolls, and they were really good. And when I say she made them, she makes everything, the orange curd, the dough, the whole deal.  They are great.

Thursday we FINALLY had a foal, a fancy colt out of Fancy and by Tank. We are VERY excited about this cross. We are trying to decide on a fancy name for him, I like KT Fancy Like. Dad thinks that is too girly.  Toni is just calling him Mini Tank. He pretty much has Fancy’s markings and Tank’s personality. He was a friendly little guy from the beginning. Lots of chrome, so really exciting for our first foal for 2022 and our first Tank foal ever. Thursday night we had to get cows ready to sort on Friday morning. We brought the cows into the big run. This year we are doing one big AI, not 2 smaller ones. We have about 90 head of cows in to get done. The cows have to be at least 45 days after calving to be ready to breed, meaning just the early calving cows are in this group. All of the later calving cows go out with a bull and we don’t AI them.  In the long run, doing this one time vs 2 times is better, but it is a lot of work to handle this many cows at once.

Friday Marlo, Toni and I pulled CIDRS in the morning and gave the cows their out shots. We then moved stuff around so the cows were not next to any bulls. Everyone went back to work after. Everyone did their normal chores, Toni, Marlo and the boys continued to build fence.

Saturday morning Lola had a cute filly, so Savannah got to name her since she was born on her birthday. Savannah turned 5, so the names have been interesting.  We haven’t selected one of the gems yet, but lets just say we aren’t too excited about the name selection for this little filly. Ben, Toni, Anna and Kaine gave the cows the next day shot. The cows went better the second day for the most part except for about three of them. Then there was more moving of cattle because we wanted to separate the old and skinny cows, the heifers, and everything else. Or that is how it was supposed to be. Then the bulls, Gunner, and a couple of steers had to be moved into smaller pens to make room for all of the breeding females. Ben, Anna and Kaine went over to Corrales to get a new red commercial heifer for the kids to raise club claves. I went out and got some new pics of the bulls, Toni, Kade, and Jaxsen went down and worked on the fence. Then we did chores. Glo has been so wonderful that we decided we had better turn her out and get the next victim in. Sam isn’t getting any smaller, so we decided she should be next. We got her in, got a halter on her, and moved her in with Hottie. We didn’t hook her to Tulip because Sam is more reactive than the normal Mocha filly.

You know that saying, a family that works cows together, stays together? Well it is true. Sunday everyone was down to get all of the cows ready for Mark to come AI. We are thankful to have Mark Ellis come and AI for us as he has been doing for years. He keeps threatening to retire, but hopefully he can hold out for a bit longer. All four adults, all four kids had tasks. The AI day is always long, but it is pretty fun. Especially when the weather is great. There was some trash talk between us about which bulls we have all selected to breed to, or why the heck are we even breeding this cow or that cow, or what a crap head this or that cow was to get into the chute. The biggest reality check was when we started looking at the ages of some of the cows. We have some really good looking 10 year old cows. 8-12 years of age is pretty much the high end on a beef cow, so having as many older cows as we do that look as good as they do, says something about our genetics and our program as a whole.  We AIed for most of the day. No new foals. We turned the cows out with bulls when we got done AIing.  Now all of the cows are out with the bulls they should be bred to if they didn’t take to AI. We have 3 cows left to calve. Mom made some really good orange rolls for us on Sunday.  It was such a long day that we didn’t put any fence posts in. We did work on Sam and hooked her to Tulip.  She is a really smart filly. It will be interesting to see if she can meet our expectations with some effort.

With the big group of cows Aied and the bulls turned out, the kids can get serious about getting their show cattle ready for the year. Most of them are ready. Jaxsen is the only one that doesn’t have a calf halter broke. He didn’t think that was a big deal when it was mentioned. He may think it is a big deal when we go to a show and he gets run over. As most know, this isn’t his favorite sport.

We are already showing visitors the foals. So anyone that wants to come out and look at them, please let us know. Studs will go out at the end of this month, so anyone looking to get their mare booked, also please let us know. We are excited for another great foaling season and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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We are all impatient for our foals to be born.

Monday was President’s Day so the kids didn’t have school. Toni and Kade went out early to try and shoot coyotes. They saw a couple but the coyotes saw them from a long way off and ran. They ended up walking all over but didn’t get another glimpse. Then they went and checked the cows when it started snowing on them.  Monday was an interesting weather day with snow, sun, snow, rain, and all around February weirdness. Luckily there were no new babies of bovine or equine. Toni worked on Cash as the next halter breaking project.   I hear Toni put some posts in the fence line but Kade and Jaxsen refused to help. They said it was snowing so they should have to build fence.

Tuesday we flew back from Oklahoma and dad picked us up at the airport. We got home in time to start a load of laundry and then go down and do chores. The kids went up and worked on their show animals after chores, and clean out the barn. Toni and I went and took some posts out in the next jag of fence. We got Pistol Pete in so he could go to the vet on Wed to get his coggins, health, and brand so he could move to his new home. He is a great colt. We put him in with Cash and Hottie for the night. Cash is doing great. I am really happy we have her priced so high so we can keep her. With her awesome pedigree we were a little worried someone would pony up the money and buy her, but so far no one has wanted to pay what we want.

                Wednesday Toni took Pistol Pete to see Sheena with her new Pistol Pete Posse hoodie from OSU. Pete and Tulip did great at the vet. This was Pete’s first “big” horse ride in the trailer. Toni was running way late but Sheena was kind enough to wait for her. Pete got turned back out in the big pen when they got back. He unloaded as well as he loaded.  Petunia’s calf died, so I texted our friend Kam, since he has lots of bottle calves, and we got Petunia a new calf. Dad went and picked him up. Petunia was very happy.  Toni and the boys worked on fence after chores and then the boys went up to help Anna finish with the show cattle and clean out the barn.  Cash is getting worked on still but she is already halter broke after just a few days. She gets sticky when you want to walk past a feed pan or anything that could have feed in it. Toni almost got her to walk in the shed because there was feed in there for sure.

Thursday we woke up to more snow. This is kind of overkill on the snow. Anna had to be to school early for an FFA breakfast. So dad took the boys in and they all went to breakfast. When Toni got down to check the three mini horses that are in with the cows were out. After school Toni, Kade and Jaxsen did the horse chores, then all the Meachams fed the cows, grain and hay. When I got home Ben, Anna and Kaine were sorting the cows off that get CIDRS, so I helped them finish sorting. We got everything situated with feed and then Toni, the kids and I hooked Butte up to the gooseneck and I ran it down for dad to take to St John on Friday to go and get Eddie. The men went up to the Old Valley to check on the heifers, Toni and Kade thought they saw some out. The fence was down, but really hot, so they did not know what had happened. They were all in when they got up there.

                Friday morning was still very cold, but the weather person says it is supposed to warm up. Anna and Kade went to Finley for an FFA event. Kaine did not feel like going, so Toni had a stern talk with him as she ran Kaine and Jax into school.  The kids did really well, Kade’s team placed 2nd, Anna’s team placed 2nd, Anna placed 2nd individually. Chad came around noon to trim a few horses, mom went out and helped. They did Tulip, some mares and some weanlings. Dad went to St John to pick up Eddie the mare to foal at our house. Marlo came down and helped with chores, at 4 they all went up to help put CIDRS in, Toni,  Marlo, and Jax fed and the others put in the CIDRS. We are doing one big group of cows this time instead of 2 smaller groups. So we are only having to do this once, but it is double the work as normal. Luckily the kids are big enough that they are really a great help.

Saturday I ran over first thing to Connell to get a straw of semen for Oreo, my Galloway and get Bullwinkle (yes that is his name) our new Hereford bull. He was a bit wilder than Toni thought he would be. Then we got in cows and moved them around to turn out bulls. Chad came again and trimmed some more horses.  Kade jumped on Apache the pony to make sure she remembered she was broke to ride before we take her down to Traci’s house for the little kids. We turned Cash out as she is done.  Anna and Brandi went to Traci’s house to baby sit on Saturday for Cattlemens. Kade had his last 2 basketball games, so he got run down to his games where he played great and made some points. We all got dressed up and went and had a great time.  The majority of the family was there along with literally hundreds of our friends. They sold 525 tickets to the event, had more people show up, ran out of food and ran out of vodka. It was a great time for a great cause.

                Sunday we came home and finished sorting the cows and moving stuff around so they were all in pens and had lots of room with the bulls. Bullwinkle was already breeding cows as he was moved out. We got Glo in to halterbreak next. We have just a few to get done from the 2021 foal crop. Of course, the 2022 foal crop should be here any minute. We are thankful they are waiting for better weather.

                We are also excited to welcome Coco and Jake’s new baby girl into the family. She was born on Sunday with bright red hair. We can’t wait to meet her.

We are all impatient for our foals to be born. Based upon early 2022 sales, it looks like this is going to be another hot horse market.  We promise to get foal pics up as quickly as we can once they are born and price them as soon as possible. We also welcome visitors to come and meet the horses. If anyone wants to look at the foal contract it is on the website under the foal contract tab at the top.  We have received some questions from people asking which mares we are most excited to foal. All of them. No joke. Every year we are so excited about our breeding program, this year is no different. We breed horses that we think are the right kind- meaning they have the look, disposition, breeding, ability, and structure to do it all. And we breed for ourselves. We don’t trend breed. The horses we are raising are horses that we are proud to own. We have to make tough decisions on which ones to sell, but that doesn’t mean they are less, it just means that we can’t keep them all, because believe me, we would if we could! So if one strikes your fancy, let us know. We love having people out to the ranch and showing off our program. So if you are reading this, you are invited to come and visit, we would love to see you.

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Last Week in Pictures and some videos at the bottom.

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The weather has been cold, foggy, dreary, hard to anticipate spring.

Happy Martin Luther King Day. Ben and the kids checked cows and worked at the ranch. I went to work. The Tonis came back from the class reunion. Our meat was done at Bryans, so Anna and dad ran down and got it, they brought me a coffee at work, it was very nice of them. Anna helped the men do chores, the boys helped Toni. Toni called me at work that Whiskey had a puncture on her knee and it is very swollen. Whiskey is an accident waiting to happen, if something can get injured in any way she does. We do not know what she was injured on, possibly a Russian Olive Tree? Kicked? Fell down? Toni and the boys doctored her. They let Lighting Bug out of the round pen, she has been locked in for a few months, she injured her right hind and was not supposed to move around a lot.  She has been in for months now, so is much improved. She didn’t get to go out with the big horses, but did get to go out with the weanlings- almost yearlings. Whiskey got put in her pen. Mom made us lemon bars, all of us, except Anna, love her lemon bars. Toni brought donuts back for us from the Cle Elum Bakery, they were SO good. Cousin Julie used to bring bear claws from the Cle Elum Bakery when she would come to visit, so it brought back some good memories.  We were not light on desserts Monday.

Tuesday morning we had thick fog, but it cleared out later in the day. Jaxsen and Kade had basketball practice, Isidro ran Jaxsen in and Dad ran Kade in. Toni ran Kaine home after chores, Anna was up helping do cow chores. We had some left-over lemon bars and mom made apricot cobbler on Tuesday. We were discussing Wednesday options and I told her I would like peppermint. Toni went and got Jaxsen and Toti from practice, then Kade, and they told her the rumor was the substitute bus driver ran over a stop sign.

Good thing Toni was out early to check the cows, they had knocked the fence down around the goosepit and there were calves in the goosepit. She said she was smart and strong enough to get them out on her own, but just barely. Murtaugh checked cows with her and sat on her lap when she got done to tell her what a good job she did. To continue with a great Wednesday, Whiskey’s leg did not look as good Wednesday as it did Monday. Toni gave her another exceed shot. The axle on the little flatbed trailer broke when the men were feeding, so they had to switch everything over to the big flat bed and Red. Wednesday was not the best day of the week.

Thursday was rainy. Emerald had a cute bull calf. The swelling in Whiskey’s knee had gone down and we could see that it was broken. Whiskey has been a great filly, so it was a pretty hard day overall.   Toni had been looking forward to riding her in the spring. Thursday was an emotional roller coaster, with birth and death.