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Time just flies with so much to get done

                Monday morning was brisk, but at least the sun was out. The boys all had football practice. Anna and Jaxsen did most of chores, before he went to practice, and then Toni and I worked on the foals. We hooked Nevada to Tulip, this is her second day on her.  I led Dual Again around while Tulip led Nevada. Toni worked on Rog and Spark. Anna went home to feed the new show animals and lead them and let them go. Ben and Kicker were out fixing circles, we only have water for another week or so, so you need to get the last soaks in. and FYI, Ben and Kicker work on circles and chase water basically every night when water is on, I just don’t always mention it.

Tuesday morning was a little colder and a little darker, definitely fall weather. I am glad we are not in the weather stream for all of your areas that got snow. I had lots of snow snaps on Tuesday morning. Brad Cox delivered our cow, calf and heifer from Traynhams Ranches, Brett met him there to pick up his two pair and Stacy also came around the same time to pick up Adrian and Emmett’s heifers from the Evergreen sale. Toni took Jaxsen into get team football pics and pick the other two boys up after football pictures were done. That took until around 7, which was dark so I don’t know if they had the stadium lights on for pictures? Toni and Anna had done most of chores, but I still had to move dad’s water, since he was harvesting until late, worked on Nevada and Dual, Nevada did great and did not have to be tied to Tulip. Fed Stinger and Annie, moved Regan around and fed her. So I was busy until Toni got home with the boys.

Wednesday Toni loaded Spark and Regan and sent them on their way to CA. They loaded great and left at first light.  Spark went to a new customer that hasn’t been here before, hasn’t met us, and had never seen Spark before she got here. That is always nerve wracking, but she absolutely loved Spark. Spark is our first foal out of King to be shipped. We had 2 this year, one sold to CA and one to OK. Both are excellent babies.  Wednesday afternoon, the two big boys had football games in Connell, so Toni did chores early so she could go watch Kade. It was Kade’s first jr high game with the 7th grade team. When she was done with chores and about to head home, Hayley called to tell her that there were horses out at Hayley’s house. Toni didn’t think the horses could possibly be ours because Hayley lives a couple of miles away. Toni went anyway and much to her dismay found Gunner and Sagebug in Hayley’s yard. Toni got in touch with Ben and they finally got them home. On the way home, Gayle and Ken’s longhorn steer jumped out (Ben says he just stepped over the fence) of his single wire, low hot fence to join the party and was also out. Kendel came out to help them get him in. So after the studs got put back, then the steer, who has a huge rack of horns, also had to be got in and put back. Kendel went up and tightened her parent’s fence so that it might possibly keep him in for the future.  Gunner had destroyed the wood fence so all of the studs had to be moved around. Leroy got moved up to Toni’s house, Gunner went in Sagebug’s pen, Sagebug went into Gunner’s pen. Toni did not make it to Kade’s game. They finished moving, sorting, and fixing when the game was over. Kade made a touchdown and an extra point for his team along with multiple sacks. Kaine also had a good game, which I got to see, with lots of great blocking and sacks. And Toni added most of this about the studs and Longhorn, I was not there, I was at the football game.

Thursday morning Toni had to go to in person court again. After work was done we worked on foals.  Jaxsen had a game in Mattawa, so Toni, Marlo and Jaxsen went to Mattawa at 4. Kaine and Kade had practice, so came home on the activity bus. I dropped Kade off at his house, Anna was finishing up the steer and heifer chores, I dropped Kaine off to help her finish cleaning the barn.  We also had our friend John deliver a black stallion for us to try. He is a son of Smart Lil Highbrow, who won $97k. We don’t know if we will be standing him in 2022, but we are seeing how he adjusts to our ranch.

Friday there was not any practice, so Kaine and Kade helped with chores and their steers after school. They got to lead foals, it helps having new people for stranger danger. We also had Marlo on Friday to work on stranger danger. And Toni got some good pics of Marlo for a social media deal at Lovejoy Farms, Marlo’s family farm.

Saturday everyone went different directions, or almost everyone. Ben, Kicker, Kade and Kaine went hunting with cousin Manny, this was the first time Kaine and Kade had been deer hunting. They were pretty excited. They did not see anything they could shoot, but did see lots of deer. Toni took Jaxsen to Royal for a football game, poor Jaxsen injured his ankle, luckily it was the last game of the season. Anna, Logan and I went to Pomeroy to get some more show steers from Jana Koller. Anna, Logan and I got home and unloaded the seers, then I rolled up wire at the bottom of the corn field and put out mineral. Toni got home and we went down and haltered foals. We have Nevada and Dual leaving Monday so getting them ready along with the other foals we need to get to their new homes. Then a poodle male came to breed Lynn, so Anna, Logan and I left and left Toni there on her own. Ben, Kicker, Kaine and Kade got home to do the cow chores.  Mom wanted a gate in the old mare pen to walk through when the weather gets bad, so Toni put that in.

Sunday Ben, Kicker, Kaine and Kade went hunting again in the morning, they went to different places this time. Again, nothing they could shoot. Anna tied up the steers and heifers and then washed hers an started clipping them. We had meat buyers come out on Sunday, and actually on Friday as well. Then we went to Jaxsen’s house for his birthday party. We had tacos and banana cream pie. After that we tied up the Texas steers, Anna kept clipping and the boys worked on theirs. Toni and I loaded Nevada and Dual Again since they were leaving on Monday. We also went ahead and loaded Rog, just so we can get her really used to loading. She  is the spitting image of Leroy and acts just like him too. She pretty much stands there and lets us do whatever, but has perfected the horse eye roll if you hug on her neck too long. Then we tied PBJ to Tulip. I took Tulip back to my house to tie steers too.  Toni and Mom aren’t too happy about Tulip leaving, so I kept having to reassure them that I will bring her back.

Wow, we have been busy this week. Time just flies with so much to get done.  We have a full plate of things to accomplish before winter, but we are getting through the list.  One of the questions we have been asked this week a few times, is why do we have Jackpot and King for sale? Jackpot and King are studs we have raised and really reallly like. They are great horses with tons of potential. We really don’t want to sell them, but we have quite a few studs hanging around. We would like to get a black based stud that isn’t related to ½ of our mares. King is super cool, hz black, one copy of the roan gene, and fancy, but he is related to quite a few of our mares. And he is related to Double and Tank, two of our other studs. Jackpot isn’t as related to our herd, but he is a crème based stud and we have way too many of those.  It is a hard decision to put studs up for sale. You put a lot of thought into a breeding program along with the emotional investment. We have the two for sale priced at what we think they are worth, so we will see.  It won’t break anyone’s heart if they don’t sell. And mom does not want to sell King at all, he is her favorite, so the price literally gets added and taken off all of the time. It is back off now I think.

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Halter Breaking and Loading practice continues

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Last Week in Pictures

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Monday we finally had some rain

Monday we finally had some rain, however, we had 4th cutting of hay down, so it could have waited a few days, or been a few days earlier. But who is going to complain about rain? Kaine had Jr High practice, however, Grid kids practice was canceled due to the rain. Toni, Anna and Kade tied No Foolin and Gunz to Tulip for halter breaking, and they worked on Sage and Chic. When I got there Tulip was pulling Gunz around and we worked on loading Pine and Peach in the rain.  Monday was one of those days that we had a bunch to get done, and rain, wind, or shine, we had to just power through. Night is coming earlier as fall makes its appearance, and that doesn’t help, but it is what it is. That is why we have headlamps that we can hook to our hats.

Tuesday Dad turned the big 76. Happy Birthday Dad. Toni and Kade took Pine into see Sheena to get his Coggins, brand, and health papers to travel, he did great. Toni let Kade practice driving the trailer at the house. At 1 Peach’s new owners came and took her home, she is the first foal to go. Toni and Kade moved Chic across the driveway to keep Piney company. Kade really likes Chic and would like to keep her, but we can’t keep them all, especially the ones we have already sold. Kaine had a Jr High football game Tuesday night, dad came to that for his birthday.

Wednesday halter breaking continues, Anna and Kade are down to their last few days of quarantine so they are really working on getting their steers halter broke for our Nov 6th show. They are also working on homework. Toni keeps putting Tulip on the foals, but this group is pretty awesome so Tulip isn’t really doing much with them. We are considering getting a second halter breaking donkey because of how great it has been.

                Thursday on their last day of quarantine, Toni, Anna and Kade ultrasounded mares with Allie. The news of the day was we having at least one Double baby next year, out of Yo, we were all ecstatic. He is getting pretty old. Also, our AI mares are on track and have good looking foals. Mom’s two project horses are also still on track, so she gets to keep babying them. We had a couple of open mares, but they weren’t shockers, disappointing, but not shocking.  Then Toni and the kids weaned Rog and Fortune, so two more in the weaning pen. The kids had lots of homework to do after to get done before school the next day. I redid the foal page on our website Thursday, take a look and let me know what you think if you have not yet.

Friday the kids were back in school, Anna missed most of homecoming week, but she did make it to purple and gold day, and she went all out in typical Anna fashion and wore a purple T shirt under a grey hoodie. Yep, we were all impressed. I took some videos of Pistol Pete and Benjaminia to put on the website. Then I rolled up wire and Marlo got there about half way through and helped me. The weeds were so tall around the corn field she got my Colorado high centered on a rock, so I walked back to the house and got Red and pulled it off. Then we went and did chores. The boys did not have football practice, but forgot to tell mom, so she did not pizza pockets done for them. So they had to wait for theirs. Then they rode their three year olds, and Kaine rode Friday, around the house.

Saturday was a busy day. We had Pine leave at around 7, then we moved the other three in the halter breaking pen across the road with Chic. Next we got our next victims in, Ivy, Peter Pan (again), Roger and Spark. We went home for a little bit, I uploaded the pics from Friday and Toni got Jaxsen going. Kicker and Kade went bird hunting on Saturday and then helped hunter Steve around the place. Kaine and Anna tied up the steers and heifers. Toni and I went back down to moms and got the mares in and started hauling mars out. We hauled 13 out on Saturday, Uncle Skip showed up and helped us for a good few hrs. At noon I took Anna up to Tennelle’s house so she could do her hair for homecoming. Then I went and picked her up at 1:30 and took her to Edie’s house where all of the girls were getting ready. Kaine went down and helped Toni finish up as I ran Anna around and did chores. Toni and Kaine weaned another couple of foals. Then we all went home and got ready. Toni took the boys into the football game, I went back to Edie’s house to get pics of the kids going to Homecoming. Then I went to Connell to meet with Toni, mom, dad, Ben, Kicker, Jaxse, Julian, Ady, Leslie and Whitney to watch the boys play. We got stomped.

Sunday Toni, Kade and I loaded out three foals in the morning. Then we moved Ivy over to be with Gunz so she wasn’t alone. Kaine and Anna caught the steers while we were gone and then Ben and Kaine went to Moses Lake to get Kaine’s hunting license. I took Kade home and then him and Anna worked with the steers for a bit and then he went with his dad to Moses to go shooting. I moved the horses from 4 into 5 with the other 13 we brought down. And then I moved the cows into 4. Anna went and helped me for 30 min or so, I made her chase the heifers that were out through the alfalfa field.  Then the people that bought Linda the mini filly showed up and got her and we sent then with a cat too. Toni was down showing people the foals we have left. Next we met Toni at mom and dads to start haltering foals. Ben and Kaine got home and they doctored a few bad eyed bulls.  We got halters on the new foals we have in and got all of the horses moved around for the coming week.

                We still have a few foals left for sale. It is always interesting to see which foals sell quickly and which don’t. We would say that all of our foals are really nice, so just because they are left doesn’t mean they lack for quality or have something wrong with them.  Their person just hasn’t come along yet. What really gets hard is when we start halter breaking the ones that haven’t sold, then we decide we need to keep those. We have quite a few this year marked to keep, so if anyone wants to come see what we have, please do.

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Last Week in Pictures

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Fall means shipping foals, cattle sales, football and much much more.

Monday, back to work and school, and Toni has a LOT of work to do, since on her answering machine she left a message saying not to call her until Monday, I am SURE her phone was ringing off of the hook. I got almost all the way done with CBJLS pics last night, and they are uploading now. Now on to the Othello pictures. Kaine and Kade had Jr High practice and Grid Kids practice, I told them I did not know if professional football players had that many hrs of practice a day. Jaxsen just had Grid Kids practice. Toni, Anna and Kade worked on halter breaking Peach, Pine and Peter Pan.  We are gearing up to start shipping foals to their new homes. We have been updating our foals dos and don’ts and it has its own tab on the website so people can access it whenever they want.

Tuesday was a regular day, normal practice, normal chores, nothing too exciting. Then in the afternoon Anna called and said that the school notified her she had been exposed to covid so she needed a ride home. Toni went in and got her. On their way out of town, the school called Toni’s phone and Kade was also kicked out of school due to a covid exposure. So Toni gets two of the kids home for 10 days. I am sure by the end of it they will want to go back to school. Toni, Anna and Kade worked on halter breaking Peach, Pine and Peter Pan. Peach and Peter Pan are out of Jackpot. This is our first foal crop with Jackpot, so we are getting a good feel for his foals. We had quite a few out of him. So far they have been level headed and very pressure sensitive.

Wednesday was mom and dad’s anniversary, happy anniversary mom and dad. Mom had a Dr appt in Spokane, so that was a fun anniversary. Kaine had a football game in Othello, so I went to that. They got stomped by Othello. However, half of our team is out on quarantine, so we had 7/8 grade team playing an 8th grade and had 2 kids for subs, so most of the kids played the entire game. But we had fun. Kaine and I stopped at the Pizza Factory and brought pizza home. Toni, Anna and Kade had begun working on some fence upgrades. Toni doesn’t count that as “new” fence, it is just upgrading fence that is already in. They put in enough work that they ran out of lagbolts. Then after the fencing project they worked on halter breaking Peach, Pine and Peter Pan. Kade and Anna had also started halter breaking the steers we have in for 2022 since they are home.

Thursday Kade became a teenager, Happy birthday Kade.  Toni, Kade, Anna, Mom, Whitney, and Marlo went to lunch at the Brunswick because Kade wanted a burger for his birthday. Whitney also brought him balloons and candy, two of his favorite things. Anna got to drive around Othello for more driving practice.  Then in the afternoon Kade and Anna saddled up their project horses and messed around with them. The other two boys had an extra-long practice again with both Grid Kids and Jr High. They were exhausted after. Kade and Anna have been busy all week halter breaking the steers for the November 6th show in Moses Lake. Ryan Rash will be the judge and we are very excited. Toni, Anna and Kade worked on halter breaking Peach, Pine and Peter Pan.

Friday there was not any practice, the boys were all exhausted. Marlo came to help with chores, so Toni made her come in and help with the foals so they could get used to someone else.  Peter Pan has a little bit of stranger danger so we are working to get him over that. Peach has no danger. Nothing upsets her or spooks her, unless you want her to do something she doesn’t want to do. She is kind of spoiled. Pine is in between. The other 4 kids did chores.  Then Anna went out on her first “real” date. Everyone was at my house to meet poor Logan when he came to pick her up. But he was a good sport.

                Saturday Anna and Kaine worked on the heifers and steers. Toni, Kade, Jaxsen and I went down and let Peter Pan back out. We let Hottie out with the old horses, she is still eating the experimental meds for her sarcoids. We fixed the gate on the pen Hottie was in so that it swings both ways again. We put Peach and Pine in her pen and got the next 4 in to halter break, No Foolin, Gunz, Chic and Sage. We haltered them and then Toni, Kade and Jaxsen went into Jaxsen’s game. I went home and the kids and I had lunch. Then I went out and checked the cows while they continued working. Kaine and I went into his game and I picked up mom and Skip on the way. Leslie, Whitney, Traci, Marlo, Savannah and Kayla all came in and watched him. Kayla and Savannah cheered Kaino on.  Toni, Kade, and Anna did chores and worked on the foals.

Sunday we tattooed and branded the heifers. We sorted out the keep heifers and the feeder heifers, which is hard. The heifers all look really really good. At lunch we had Kade and dad’s birthday party, and had papa murphy’s pizza and apple cobbler (thanks Mom). Then we had someone out to look at Shi and the foals we have left. Next we caught a couple of mares and hauled them out and brought Tulip the donkey down to help with halter breaking.  Tulip was scary to some of the foals, but the Gunner foals (except Dual) all wanted to chase her. The sign of a great cow horse is the need to chase things.  Gen also wanted to chase Tulip. We are hopeful that Tulip is going to be helpful with the halter breaking. We have already been using her on the calves and she is pretty cool to watch.

Fall time means cattle sales. We have quite a few cattle sales that we are going to in order to try and get the three older kids some really competitive show heifers and jackpot steers.  So between weaning, halter breaking, football, training, and regular ranch work we are also trying to make sure we don’t let a good buy slip by us. The kids are also showing heifers and steers that we have raised, so there are lots of cattle in the show pen.

                If anyone needs a replacement heifer, we have a few for sale, and some bred heifers.