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Weekends here are not for resting.

Monday morning everyone looked like they were still where they were supposed to be when I left. Dad took Kaine and Kade to school early for weight lifting with the Football Team. The water went in the ditches at our house on Monday, the sand hill cranes are out and the water is in the ditch, happy first day of spring. Twist foaled Monday, finally another foal. Monday was Julian’s birthday so we named the colt, who is by Witty, KT Witty Twisted Jule, Julian’s nickname is Juju, so we have Juju. We also had some nice rain on Monday and things are starting to green up.

Tuesday I spotted the heifer on my way to work. So I took a pic and sent it out.  It was proof of life since she is still holed up on the cattails and we haven’t been able to locate her hidyhole. Dad took Gin to Jordan’s on Tuesday to meet John Gray. Gin is headed to the other side of the mountains to get bred to “Sonny,” KT Son of a Gun.  He is a really cool stud we raised out of Gunner and our old mare Big Mama. John has done a great job with him and is standing him over on the West side of WA. John’s ranch is The kids went to school at regular time on Tuesday.  We took lots of pics of Juju when we were doing chores Tuesday, he is a super cute colt. We are really happy that Holly Miller (she is on FB Rafter HR Quarter Horses) is standing Witty- a son of our Colonel stud out of our super awesome Peppy mare, Witty is Friday’s full brother.

Wednesday was a crazy day. Toni got a call Wednesday morning that the helicopter could come in and spray the Russian Olive Trees as long as they could do it that day. We were not ready since earlier they said we needed to wait until it warmed up. She called McCall, who works at Wilbur Ellis ( if you need a good agronomist or suggestions on chemical call her). Got McCall and the helicopter guy group chatting about getting the chemicals. Next, she called Kendel and Kendel, Toni and Scarlett went to work. They got the horses out of circle 5, moved panels down to block the hole in the fence. Got the riding horses in, who then got out in the drive way and the mares tried to get Gunner to bred them and the geldings tried to herd them away. They got them back in, in the meantime Noisy, Jaxsen cow, was calving so they were watching her. Then they went down and got Libby in, who has been at the bottom of circle 7 trying to get the heifer in. We were trying to use Libby to bait the injured heifer out of the cattails. When you are an old show cow you do not even get a real halter, Scarlett lead Libby out of the back of the pickup with a bailing twine halter. They got everything in just as the helicopter showed up and started spraying. We are really happy to get the trees sprayed while we have the cows somewhere else. The timing was really good for us. It just came together really quickly.

Thursday Truffles the mini mare foaled and had a cute silver black colt, he was the only foal on Thursday. Dad loaded up a Hereford bull and took it over to Central Ferry. He was tasked with going out with Sonny and picking out two longhorn heifers for Ben after he dropped the bull off.  The heifers were a touch wild, so they got in the ones they could. Dad wasn’t very impressed with them.  They are very fun colored, so that is good. The heifers need some work if Ben wants to keep them as pets. Dad wants to name them after his twin aunts, Jeffra and Zephra, but we aren’t sure that is a good idea. I want to name them Wilma and Betty. We fed, did chores, etc. We are still putting fence in up the hill, so trying to put at least one post in per night. We are pulling out another barbed wire fence that has been in use as long as we have had the ranch. We are replacing it with a wood fence to keep King on one side and the old mare pen on the other. So not a high-pressure fence, but we want it to look good.

Friday I went around and checked everything and saw that Fancy had a pretty new filly. Lots and lots of chrome, beautiful Tank baby. Fancy likes to have mini-mes. Last year she had a mini tank, this year she has a mini her.  I went to work on the riding horse fence after checking. Toni had a meeting in Othello and brought lunch home for us. I got quite a bit of the fence in.  I also sorted all the heifers, bulls, and steers at my house to get ready for steer weigh-in. Any of the steers that the kids want to take to BF Fair or CBJLS have to be weighed in. One of our friends was short a couple so he came over and bought the last two ½ clubs that we had. We also needed to select one more for Jax. So after chores Toni, Anna, Kade, Kaine, and I went out and looked at the steers. Very interesting that Jaxsen wasn’t there to select his own steer, but whatever. We got him a steer out of his old show heifer Zora.

                Saturday had steer weigh in in the morning. We hauled 12 steers in, 3 for each kid.  Kaine and dad went to Camas’s game after, the rest of the kids worked on their steers and heifers. We worked on fence on Saturday and moved horses around. We also put the bulls through the chute to work them. The heifer had finally come out of the cattails and the men got her to the haystack area, so we got her into the corral to get her on feed and try and take care of any infection she may have in her leg. I took the trailer with 8 poles in it down to Mom’s and we put some poles up on the new fence. The worst part about putting a wood fence in is walking the heavy poles up the hill. Kade suggested that we hook a wench to the top of the hill and wench them up. It is a thought. Kade and Kaine left to untie their show cattle leaving Jax to help us put up the last few poles. Jax either needs to get good at using the power tools or get some muscle to hold the poles up. One or the other.

Sunday the kids worked on their steers and heifers again. We haltered the three that weren’t halter broke. Again, another long day fixing/building fence. Mom and Dad headed up to Allie’s with Abs who is going to be bred to Hired Gun (very exciting!).  We also had some friends out to look at Twists’ colt, Juju. They have 2 mares that are his ¾ sisters, they are out of Twist and Colonel. They come out to visit quite a bit. While Toni was driving them around she saw that Ellie had a dunalino colt by Jackpot and Pinky had a bay filly by Gunner. A bay with a blaze, our kryptonite. After we got all of our Sunday projects done, we needed to get Twist out of the desert because she was the only one that foaled out there that could be rebred. We decided to see if we could go catch her on the 500 acres and lead her to the trailer, then trailer her and the colt out in the middle of it all. Luckily it worked out fine. We hauled her to the corral to watch her for signs of heat to do a re-breed. We got the bull in to haul to my house to put out with the cows and Strawberry was in heat so she was brought in to go to Gunner. Anna and McCall clipped Anna’s heifer to go to Reno. They did a great job and she looked fantastic after. I am sure we did some other stuff but I can’t remember. Every weekend day is just stacked with stuff to get done. Weekends here are not for resting.

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KT Queenie Bellini

KT Queenie Bellini
Doll Docsan “Leroy”
KT Copper Queen Cleo
Date Born: 3/9/23
Click here for more Picture
There are so many things to say about this black pointed dun filly I do not even know where to start. She is out of one of our favorite mares, Cleo, she is out of one of our favorite studs, Leroy. Mom and Toni are already fighting of who gets her. Not only is Leroy a big loveable marshmallow, he is a stallion with a performance packed pedigree. He was a very smooth ride with tremendous talent, beautiful movement and huge stop. He was quiet and trainable which he passes along to his foals; he consistently produces fantastic foals with looks, color, conformation and brains. Leroy was unshown due to a wire cut injury that took a long time to. Leroy has produced 1 foal that has NRHA earnings. He also has a 3 year old competing in Western Dressage, was 3rd in Canada in July 2016 and has racked up more 1st place finishes since then. He is sired by Dolls Union Jac- ROM, NRHA earnings, and sired foals that have earnings in excess of $310,000.00 in NRHA, as well as earnings in NRCHA, Buckskin Assoc., and the AQHA world show. Leroy’s dam is Docsan Jeany who has produced foals with earnings in excess of $3700.00 and AQHA point earners. Cleo is by Docs Sizzle Bar and her dam was an awesome all-around horse, Copper Queen Robin. Dad roped off of Robin, she was used as a ranch horse, Toni barrel raced off of her and showed her 4H. She was not used as a brood mare until she was in her 20s. Robin was one of our all-time favorite mares. Cleo bowed her tendon as a weanling, but we were able to put some rides on her as a 2-year-old. She has been a super horse to have around, and has really produced some cow eating foals. Her breeding includes Docs Dee Bar, Sizzlin Hot, Gusdusted, Ed Echols, and more.

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Blue Star had a good time running around.

KT Goldies Blue Star

Sire: KT King of Blue
Dam:  KT Roths Golden Girl
Date Born: 3/9/23
Click here for more pictures
Color: Black (possible blue roan)
Price: $5,000
Our 2nd colt of the year is another impressive blue/black colt. His sire, KT King of Blue, is out of KT Copper Queen Isabelle, “Izzy,” and by Shining Blue DR, “Bish.” Bish is a very good looking son of Autumnator, who is sired by SMART LITTLE LENA. Smart Little Lena is earner of $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown Op Ch. Autumnator’s dam is AUTUMN BOON is an earner of $244,470 NCHA. Dam of 26 foals, 17 perfs earning $1,003,985 NCHA/WS. Bish’s dam is Plum Sparkling who is by Shining Sparkler, a gorgeous palomino son of Reining and Reined Cowhorse Leading Sire Shining Spark . Izzy is out of Captains Double Coy and KT Copper Queen Cleo. Izzy’s pedigree includes many greats like Major Bonanza, Sizzlin Hot, Major King, Docs Dee Bar and more. Goldy is very versatile mare, she was Ben’s pick to ride for many years and Toni took her to the Othello fair, where she was shown halter and western equitation. She is a big pretty mare that now she is a broodmare produces outstanding foals with a lot of eye appeal. Her pedigree includes Major Bonanza, Docs Rickashay, Docs Dee Bar, Lucky Lynx, Catechu and more.
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Last week in Pictures

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Last Week in Pictures

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Spring is in the Air

Monday was a nice day, a little breezy, but according to Toni that is just AC for when you are building fence. Jaxsen, who was our only fence building helper Monday, said it was AC for running. I guess running away from the fencing?? Let’s rewind to Monday morning, no foals, huge disappointment. Toni got out and scratched the newest Hereford calf when she checked, he is a cute little guy. Anna and Kade had a FFA competition after school (hence why we only had Jaxsen to build fence). Interesting side story, when Toni asked Kade and Kaine Sunday night if we should skip building fence Sunday because we were all so tired, and double our fence building Monday, Kade was like yeah we should. When they got home, then he was like, hey I have an FFA competition tomorrow so I won’t be there to  help you build fence. Hmmmmmm. Anna was going to bring Kaine and Jaxsen home before they left, however, there was road construction on the way to Connell, so she did not think she would make it. So Toni gathered Anna’s and Kade’s items, and took them in. During chores dad needed Kaine to help with work on the old AC tractor, so it was mainly Toni and Jaxsen doing chores. Toni worked on Sam, who is our newest halter breaking victim. Kaine went up to do the cattle chores, I got home, and Toni, Jaxsen and I went out to plant a few posts. Fast-forward to the AC comment, I said to Jaxsen, I am glad you finally made it out here to help, he said HEY. I said, what is this your 4th time? Toni said he has been out lots, and Jaxsen said YEA, like FIVE times. Yes, I had to pick myself up off the ground from laughing. Anna and Kade did great at the FFA competition. Kade’s CDE team placed 6th, because they ran out of time. Anna placed 1st in overall presentation in Ag Sales, and 6th individually overall, and her team placed 1st in Ag Sales. Both made it to State. Good job Anna and Kade, we are proud of you.

Tuesday we woke up to a little rain, we really need the rain so I am not complaining. However, no new foals. Toni gave the bull calf some more pets. She thinks Noisy, one of Jaxsen’s cows, might be calving. Noisy did calve on Tuesday, she had a cute heifer calf by 811. Toni and the boys built fence and then Kaine and Kade went and helped Anna finish up the show cattle chores. Work continued on Sam who is pretty hot for a Mocha foal. She will be fine for someone that has lots of time to devote to her, but she may go on the for sale page.

Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day. Toni, Ben and Marlo semen checked bulls with Hank. Hank got out of the pick-up with a limp, he had hurt his knee. During the semen checking process, Ben turned around, his knee made a popping sound, and he also hurt his knee. He says it was not out of sympathy for Hank. The bulls all acted pretty good except for the black braford bull. After he tried to run over Toni six times he got banded and is no longer a bull. She is calling him Wreck It Ralph because he was a butthead.  When semen checking was done, Toni went to head to Mom and Dad’s and saw that Mocha had foaled. A huge bay with three white socks. That was our first Sagebug colt. We just love Mocha and this colt came out friendly, correct, just right.  Ben, Toni, and Anna all went down and saw him and petted on him. Then off to chores, same as everyday.

Thursday Toni had a big hearing to get ready for, so after checking and finding no new babies, she dealt with her real job. Thursday the fencing continued. The digging wasn’t going so well, so they made some decisions on how deep some of the posts were going in based upon how much arm strength they had to get through the Caliche. Sam continues to improve, but is still pretty hot. She is a really stunning filly, so it is disappointing that she isn’t a typical Mocha foal.

Friday Shasta had an awesome dun colt. I was sad he was a colt. He is the color that I love, a black pointed dun. Also a Sagebug foal. So Sagebug is winning on getting his mares bred back the quickest so far. We were 2 people short for chores so Toni had Marlo and Jaxsen, Ben had Anna and Kaine. Marlo got to pet Sam and ride while Jaxsen drove the Polaris to allow her to throw hay off the back. There was lots of yelling. Marlo and Jaxsen bicker, a lot. Toni, Jaxsen, and Marlo got 5 wood posts put in. That left only 2 to go. Wood posts that is. Jaxsen had to pack the wood posts and was really proud of himself.

                Saturday was really busy. We shipped out Pistol Pete to his new home. Thanks Ella and Joseph for selecting such a wonderful colt. Next we went and got the cows in, sorted the 2 off that haven’t calved and put them in circle 4. Got some bulls moved around. Got some cows moved around. Tagged a calf. Pulled a calf off of an old cow, so now Anna has a project. Anna and Dad took Apache down to one very happy little girl who needed a pony, Kayla is pretty stoked. The rest of us built fence in the corn field so we could move the big bunch of cows. Then we went and put the last 2 wood posts in. A long day of doing ranch stuff.

                Sunday we got our first, and maybe only, Double foal. And our first foal out of Yo. She had a super cute sorrel filly. Dad said it was a keeper as soon as he heard it was a filly. Sunday was crazy busy. We have been working on the fence between 7 and 8 for quite a while, through snow, bad weather, etc. Sunday we got the first two sections of wire up. Putting up the no-climb horse fence is pretty labor intense. We also put up four wood posts per brace section.  While we were working, Mom and Dad were heating lunch and their power went out, so we had lukewarm food. Uncle Skip was there so we could have a big family lunch, which included four types of pies. Yes four. All Mom made. Lunch was good then back to work. We got the second section almost done but the post was about a foot too far, so we had to move the one post. Once the second section was up, we all called the fence building done for the weekend.  The 2 older kids went with Ben, Jax helped us with horse chores. He was very tired so wasn’t much help. He meandered back in the house. We got some good pictures of Sam, turned her out, then got in the next victim in. Our last raised foal to be halter broke is Fabby. We got her hooked to Tulip and they made it across the driveway great. I was actually able to lead Fabby on day one. She is a pretty cool filly.

With the great weather I am anxious to start breeding. Toni isn’t quite as ready. We are hoping to maybe get a mare or two out this next weekend, but not too many right now.

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Strawberry finally foaled, colt by Gunner

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Rudy/Gunner Filly

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We are on the bottom end of foaling and couldn’t be happier with the foals we have on the ground.

                Monday was a really nice day. Except all of the kids were in school full time, and we (including the dogs) liked them at home part of the time. Anna is done with tennis, so she was home after school to help build fence, Mondays are fencing days.  We had the PHD (post hole digger) but it would only go in the ground about 6 inches before it hit caliche, so it was a hand dig, rock breaker kind of day. Instead of getting 5 posts in, we only got 3. Kade and Jaxsen’s baseball has not started yet, so they were also home, but for some reason Jaxsen was not out building fence. Kaine had baseball practice, so he came down after he got off of the bus, so him and I got there the same time. The three old mares are not happy about having the three mares in with them to go to King, but we have to put those pairs somewhere. Good thing we built an extra pen. The three older kids went home to feed their show animals, and Toni and I continued with the fence for another 30 minutes or so.