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Last Week in Pictures

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Spring break is just around the corner. Toni is hoping to get a couple of fencing projects done with the kids while they are home.

Well, it is Monday again, the weekend was so busy I don’t even know where it went. The dogs are all depressed that all the kids are in school today. Toni checked and Shiny foaled, Anna claims Shiny, since both were babies, and this is Shiny’s first filly. Anna has been waiting for Shiny to foal for a month now, yes, for the last month every day when she goes out she says she is heavy. Ann had her first day of tennis practice after school and then a FFA Creed competition on Zoom, so she did not get to see her foal on Monday. LOL, I feel like that LOL might have been slightly evil. Toni started Kade and Jaxsen fence building again after school, they are hoping sports at the elementary school start soon, so Toni can do it on her own. Kade at least has basketball Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30. So she can only keep him so long those days.

Tuesday Kade and Jaxsen went to school. Mom, Dad and Anna took Susie into Othello to get clipped, Susie is mom’s little dog, and they went to lunch. Mom and Anna had planned it when dad was working, but he is off for a few days, so he tagged along.  They didn’t take Kaine, so I guess it was a girls trip with Dad? When they got back from Othello there was a guy at the house wanting to look at horses, so dad called Toni and Toni took him around to see all of the foals. He really liked Fancy’s colt. Dad took Anna and Kaine to tennis practice, and Kaine’s game, and then went back to get mom for the game. Marlo and I met them there. Dad, Luis and Kelten were recruited to run chains. The game was really good and Connell beat Royal. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen did chores and worked on more fence. Toni took Kade to basketball, and continued to build fence until it was time to pick him up. Ben was home late from work, because they got their crop plan. Kicker did the cattle chores, and then went out to pick up more posts that were still out in the corn field, there were still some around the ponds. Ben got home and got the bulls in to go in to get semen tested on Wednesday. Also, Kicker went and got the suction pipe from Othello welding on Wednesday. This one is way heavier than the old one. After Kicker was done picking up posts, he went to put on the suction pipe, since it was so heavy, Toni and Kade stopped to help him. They ended up hooking Toni’s tow strap to it and pulling it with her pick-up. Then for the last 4-5 inches, Kade, Kicker, and Toni used all the muscle they had to push it into place. Toni wanted to tap out, but they got it done. Yes, Jaxsen was there, but he was busy reading his book in the pickup.

Wednesday was another busy day. Ben took 7 bulls in to get semen tested with Sheena at Sagehill vet, and Scrat, the big Hereford bull, to get trich tested, because a random cow from down the road jumped in with him. Billy from TLC came out and butchered Disappointment 1 & 2, two steers that were supposed to go to Spokane but would not tame down enough to go to a show.  Disappointment 1 & 2 are the reason we got Tulip the donkey. They were so bad that even Ben and Kicker called it quits with them. One of the bad things about club calves is they can be weird and wild. And a weird wild combo is no good. Dad took Anna to practice, and then went and picked them up, Kaine did not have practice since they won on Tuesday.

Thursday Twiggy had a cute chestnut filly by Dude. The twins, McCall and McKenna, named her Quinn. Dad and Toni fixed some fence on Thursday. Anna started having stomach pain on Thursday, so dad went and got her from school. Dad took Kade, Totie and Abril to their last basketball practice.

Friday Anna and I checked the cows and horses, then Anna, Kaine and I caught the steers and heifers. Chad and Andrew came at noon to trim horses, or they were supposed to be there at noon, but it was 1 before they got there. Sara Ryan brought us lunch about 1 and told us about her new job. Dad ran Kaine and Aram into football practice. Then the bus almost forgot to stop and let Kaine out, so he had to talk back down the hill.  We trimmed up a big batch of the horses getting them ready to go out to the breeding pastures. Chad had an appointment after us, so we actually got him done and out almost on time.

Saturday we had steer weigh in in the morning. Then we tied them up after. Toni needed a picture for the cover of Irrigation Leader, so she went and caught Friday and we went and got new pics of her and Friday. After lunch we got the mares in and put them out with stallions. Kendel and Scarlet helped us get the horses in. Scarlet wanted to ride so we caught Reba and let her ride around on Reba for a minute.  Anna was still having stomach issues and Kaine and Kade were with Ben and Kicker, they went shooting for a bit and then burned the ponds so they were ready for water. After Toni and I got done hauling mares around we caught Zsa Zsa (the cow) out in the field, she was limping, and brought her up to the house and doctored her. We took Bebe over to Sagebug and put Voodoo in with Tanky. We are putting all of our eggs in the same basket. All of the pali daughters of Zink are in with Sagebug and all of the Double daughters are in with Leroy. I guess we like those two crosses. Then the boys went down and helped us do chores.

Sunday we had people our first thing to looks at horses. Ben, Anna and I went down and checked cows and horses, Money had a bay roan filly by Gunner. Also, 711 had a string wrapped around her foot, so we ran, like literally Ben and I ran and Anna drove the pickup (since she was still having stomach issues) to try to cut the string off of the cow, luckily with all the moving around it came off.  Toni texted me the fence was not hot, so I ran down and put the fence back up, and then grabbed Kade, and Kaine, Kade and I tied up the steers and heifers. While I was fixing fence and getting Kade, Kaine ran Ben down to get the tractor and harrow, and Ben started harrowing circle 5. Around 11 the wind picked up, Kaine, Kade and I had tied a steer to the halter breaking donkey, Tulip, so we turned them loose and then went in for lunch and listened to the wind. After lunch we discovered we were missing one of Jaxsen’s steers, obviously Kaine, Kade and I are not concerned enough with Jaxsen’s steers. The steer had gotten out and was running around in circle 4 with the heifers, we saw A LOT of sandhill cranes that had landed and were waiting out the wind. It was pretty cool.  The wind really started to blow around 2, I guess the wind before that was just a preview of coming attractions. So, we got Jaxsen’s steer in, let everything go, cleaned out the barn, and then went down to do chores in the wind.  While doing chores we realized that one of our loafing sheds was coming off the ground, and the t-posts had come out of the ground, so we put more in, tied it to some wood posts as well, and hoped for the best.

Spring break is just around the corner. Toni is hoping to get a couple of fencing projects done with the kids while they are home. And we get to go to our first cattle show. Easter is also coming up, will we get another Easter foal this year? Below are some Easter babies from the past, Easter Doll, Peanut and Lily.

Below is Tulip halter breaking a steer.

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We had a fun filled, active weekend. We got our hands on all of our foals and are just so pleased

                Monday was a hectic day, Toni had a lot going on, so Anna offered to check cows before school, but I reminded her with spring forward that was not an option, however, we have more daylight at night, so it was great. So Toni checked after she got Kade and Jaxsen on the bus, which was late again.  No new foals.  Next Toni had to go to mom’s and get the horses caught for Dr. Davies to come.  Then Toni had to get ready for a hearing on a bankruptcy which started at 11, she had multiple clients.  Dr Davies was coming to do teeth work on horses and look at Pocket at 12. Dr. Davies got there and started work before Toni got back, but she had her assistant Katie with her so they were fine. Emma showed up to help Toni, they pulled Jag’s wolf teeth, floated Lona, Katie and Leroy. It was determined that Pocket had cancer, so we had to put her down. It was a very sad day for everyone, Pocket had been a great horse. We had a meat buyer come and cousin Kendel got the meat for them, then Kendel called because a white gooseneck came down our driveway, none of us knew who it was. So Kendel ran them down and it was someone with cows on DNR ground and 15 cows were at large.  Kaine had football practice Monday night, Toni, Anna, Kade and Jaxsen did chores.

                Tuesday Anna checked. The bus was late again, it was under discussion if the bus was missing again, no sub showed up?? Ben tied up the Spokane steers.  Anna, Kade, Jaxsen and Toni did chores. Then Toni and Anna went out and checked mares and put-up Leroy’s pen, the bulls had knocked the fence down over the winter. Kaine had football practice. Kade had basketball practice.  Kade was getting pretty antsy about going to practice by the time Toni rolled back in to take him.  Anna let the Spokane steers go.

Wednesday the bus was late again. Anna and Toni both checked, there was nothing new. Anna went into school to practice for the Creed competition in FFA, Anna is 15 and is done with driver’s ed, so Anna drives and mom rides with her. Kaine went into school for an ASB meeting. Kade and Jaxsen actually have to go to school every day, much to Jaxsen’s chagrin.  Toni went over to Bonina for lunch at the bull sale for an hour so she could socialize and eat. Lot of people were there and she said she ate at the Crave Food Truck and had a chai tea from 509 Coffee (our good friend owns it).  Then Toni came home for court. Kaine had a football game Wednesday night, so Ben, dad and I went and watched, they played great, Kaine played the entire game. Toni, Anna, Kade and Jaxsen worked on the riding horse pen Wednesday night.  Jax cut down weeds and trees with a hedge trimmer instead of actually helping to fix fence. He hates Russian Olive trees so he feels that is a good use of his time. At least he is being productive.

Thursday everyone was a school, so mom and Toni checked, mom must be good luck, Tessa and Ceecee both foaled and 102 and 719 both had calved. 719 calved in the cattails and although I assured Toni that 719 would not get her, Toni would not go pull the calf out of the cattails. Toni went back down at noon to make sure everyone was still doing great.  By that time the calf had come out on his own so all was well. Toni and Anna worked on Sagebug’s pen some more on Thursday night. Kaine had football practice and Kade had basketball practice.

Anna checked Friday morning, no new babies. Marlo came and helped do chores, and she brought us Blueberry Creme cheese muffins, that were very good. Kade and Anna went and fixed fence in Sagebugs pen after chores, Toni and Marlo went and checked the horses, they could not fine 2 of the horses in the desert, they could only find 30, and there are 32. They searched and searched and finally gave up for the night. Toni, Marlo and the kids also put Fancy in with Tank, Lona in with Leroy, moved the old mares out of Double’s pen, in with the yearling fillies, and put Comet in the heavy pen.

                Saturday morning we went out to see if the two missing mares were back, and they were, all 32 horses were there and accounted for. Since we were moving mares on Saturday, they all headed towards circle 5, so we opened the gate and locked them in.  Toni showed the horses to a couple from Burns that ended up taking Black Eye home after extensive review of all the colts. After checking Kade came down and we caught heifers and steers. Then we moved everything around, got circle 4 in, sorted out show steers and feeder steers. It was windy so the kids did not wash, but they worked on showing skills. We worked on the fence in circle 5, so we could move the Herefords down there. Then we got the mares into the corral and started sorting them and putting them into pens. The yomigas, Whitney, Shelby and Shanice, were bored so they came over and helped the kids with their show animals, turning them loose and getting them used to strangers. Toni and I continued to sort, work, and move mares and mares with foals. We got all of the studs turned out except Jackpot and Sagebug. We moved Gang and Colonel down a pen each. We got done pretty late Saturday, but decided to be done. The yomigas had helped  the kids with chores. Then Whitney complained that “her” mare, Charlie, is not with “her” stud, Leroy. LOL. Charlie (yes, the horse) likes to follow Whitney around and sip at the beer can, so Whitney now claims her. Charlie is kind of weird.

Sunday morning Kade came down and the kids caught their steers and heifers. Ben and I fixed a little bit of fence that the mares had gone through. Toni and Jaxsen fixed a little bit of other fence that colts had torn up.  When we were done getting all the horse re-situated, we loaded up the 3 Spokane steers and the three jackpot clubbies and took them to a birthday party in Connell with us so they could get used to kids. They actually did pretty good. Ben and Kicker stayed home and moved the Herefords and rolled up fence. We got home and continued moving the horses around, Kade and Kaine moved the Herefords the rest of the day, Kicker and Ben had them locked in the corral, and Anna checked on the show animals.  Jackpot and Sagebug got put out with mares.  So all of the main studs now have mares. We don’t consider Colonel a main stud anymore because of his poor breeding mentality. 

We had a fun filled, active weekend. We got our hands on all of our foals and are just so pleased. We are still debating which ones are the best, but that is because we can’t choose! We are also trying to decide on which ones to keep. Lots of negotiation, discussion, in-depth examination, and overthinking are occurring regarding what to keep and what to sell out of the fillies we have so far. Every time that we get a new filly, just ads to the quagmire of great options.  So hard!

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Last Week in Pictures

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#FridayFunday Looking for Babies