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What the heck happened to January? It is almost over. The excitement of 2021 is almost 1/12 down.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  Monday was a pretty nice day for it being January, it was a little slick in spots in the morning, but, I feel like for it being January it was not bad at all. Anna and Kaine checked cow, then dad took Anna in for her Drive and mom and dad picked her up. The kids did some work around the house and then went and did chores. Mom and Anna made some pumpkin muffins. I had more coconut lemon cake.  It is still my birthday month, so Mom is still baking.

Tuesday was a little colder than Monday, but still not bad at all for January. Anna and the dogs checked cows. Lucy was waiting for her in the back of the pickup. Dad took Anna in for her drive again, they got to drive to Pasco.  Anna wasn’t too nervous, more nervous about the other driver in the car. Anna and Kaine did chores, Marlo came over for dinner. The Mechams went and visited the Mayan ruins on Tuesday at Tulum.

Wednesday Toni texted from Mexico that they were going to go and visit a different beach, the pics looked nice but Toni said the waves were big.  We are still sitting here waiting for something to calve, no new calves on Wednesday. I called and got our rooms reserved for Angus Jr Nationals in Nebraska in July. The kids did chores, mom made us lemon lasagna for a dessert, it has a white Oreo crust, a cream cheese mixture middle, then a lemon layer and then cookies sprinkled on top.  It was awesome. Ben hauled Slider up to our house to load out to go to Canada Wednesday night. The shipper was supposed to be there at 10, he texted around 4 and said it would be more like 10:30, then he texted at 10 and said more like 11. He was there at 11. Slider loaded great, the shipper did a great job, nice trailer, if you have a horse going to Canada we have a number.  Ben also made a quick trip to Irrigon OR to get my surprise birthday present, but I didn’t know that on Wed. Because I go to work and come home in the dark, it wasn’t hard for them to hide her from me.

Thursday it spit snow a little bit, so it was good that the shipper came Wednesday night and not Thursday morning, as was the plan on Monday. Slider made it to Anna in Canada by morning, they said he did great. Dad took the Colorado and checked cows Thursday since Toni was still in Mexico and the kids were at school.  He said something calved, maybe, but wasn’t too particular about what. Marlo came and helped with chores on Thursday, her last day house sitting, Toni, Kicker and the boys will be back on Friday. Leslie noticed on the room reservation that it only had one queen, so I called to see if we could make it two queen beds per room. First the guy argued with me that I had gotten them on Priceline, no, I called. Then he said he could not help me. So I hung up and called again, and that person said they can just submit an email to the hotel and request doubles. So we did that. We will see what happens. Tomorrow I guess I will rebook the rooms and then cancel the others?? Marlo came down and helped the kids do chores. Ben made finger steaks for dinner, they were really good. Thursday night Kade’s heifer, Kissy, calved.  Kade now thinks that they should be home so he could see his dog and new calf.  He has a terrible pair of parents that made him go on vacation.

Friday the Meachams were on their way back from Mexico. 539 had a cute bull calf on Friday. Mom, dad, Skip, Marlo, Anna, Kaine, Ben and I had birthday dinner #1. Ben made meatballs and bacon wrapped shrimp. Mom made coconut rum pie and apple pie.  The coconut rum pie is her version of the one that they make at Bonefish. Hers might be better. She makes amazing desserts. It was great. I also got the Belted Galloway heifer I always wanted name Oreo, in addition to a lot of other great things. This was the surprise Ben went down and got for me on Wed and hid from me in the barn.  I got a Hoey sweatshirt, a light for the roof of my work pickup, tools from Uncle Skip, Budweiser mugs and more.  I was really sad to read there will not be any Budweiser commercials during the Superbowl.

Saturday Anna, Kaine, Kade, Toni, Ben and I got the yearlings in to get yearling weights. We had someone coming to look at feeder calves Sunday morning, so we kept the 5 and 6 weight calves in. We had 8 of them. We hauled the rest back up, since the corn fields are all just hot fences and the gates are in the middle. We were worried about first calf heifers being first calf heifers and not getting them back in. But, they came down fine. Toni, the kids and I did chores after. We had two new calves, a Hereford and Dillion, Anna’s Angus show heifer, calved.  Toni calls the heifer Dilly so told Anna the calf needs to be named Pickle. Anna just looked at her, so not sure where that is going.

Sunday we sold the 8 calves and then tagged the 3 calves in the corn field. Then Toni, Jaxsen and Kade came down and we got yearling weights on the bulls and show heifers and steers. Most of them had to be led through, and that always puts Ben in a cheerful mood. Jolene thinks he should take a break when we are on the show animals, that way he does not upset the kids.  By that I mean Anna, so he doesn’t upset Anna. The boys are just like, whatever.  Then, Toni, Anna and I went and moved the broodmares off of the alfalfa filed and got Pepper in and took her to the house.  Luckily we have a great lead mare out there- Mocha. We tried to catch Pepper, she is wise to the game, but Mocha just loves people. So we caught Mocha. Then we let Mocha go because we decided to try to catch Pepper again. I mean Pepper is over 20, she should just stand there. No, she didn’t. So then we caught Mocha again.  Our precious Mocha gets led out the pick-up window and leads the other horses to where they need to go like the good girl she is.  Then we took Queenie, Shorty, Charlie, and Rosie B down and turned them out with the other mares in Circle 5.  Now all of the broodmares that don’t need special attention are in one pasture. All of the specials are still at the house.  Kaine and Kade were busy doing something, we are unsure what. We just know that they wanted to try to start Ben’s old blue pick-up, totally suspect, we said no.  Then we all went down to do chores.  Once Kaine and Kade are done with chores, they now practice roping. They currently each stand on opposite sides of a barrel, both rope the barrel, then play tug of war. Boys are interesting. They are becoming decent ropers.  After that we had birthday party #2, enchiladas and Toni made a Texas Sheet cake with Grandma’s maple frosting recipe. Toni also made a apple dump cake, because 1 dessert for 8 people is never enough, and Kade made a vanilla mouse. All were great. Toni, Kicker and the boys got me some clothes and two pairs of Ariat booties. They also brought some alcohol, shirts, jewelry and more for us from Mexico.

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Last Week in Pictures

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Waiting to get fed

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Another week in the books.

                Monday some of the kids went back to school, and Ben had to go back to work after his long break. But, it is never long enough. We had a very reasonable list of things we thought Ben could get done while he was off of work and even though he worked his butt off, the list is not done. Mike Chubb came out and butchered the last of our fat steers, Toni and Channie went down to point out the right ones. Then they went out and checked cows. No new calves in the AM. Anna started Drivers Ed Monday, so after school she had to run home and get on her zoom meeting. Toni and the boys did chores. Anna was still on her zoom class when I got home. Ben and Kicker texted that Kade’s cow he had bred to the Char bull calved, he had a cute bull calf, soon to be a steer. Kade was really hoping for a heifer, but we weren’t going to let him keep it, so not sure what his plan was if it was a heifer. 803T also calved, she had a fancy Hereford heifer. Ben said when he got in one more Hereford cow was calving, so Anna, Kaine and I went and checked her after dinner. Another cute heifer calf. I was hoping one would have twins, 806T lost her calf Sunday night and she would really like one. But, no twins. Toni is still really busy with court cases. AND, she is on the cover of the Ruralite this month, and there is a really nice article about her in it.

Tuesday morning Anna and Channie went and checked, 802M had an Angus heifer calf. Anna had her first drive on Tuesday, so after she logged onto school Channie rode with her in for her drive. Mary brought her home, or Anna drove Mary’s car to our house, for part of her drive. Toni, Channie and the boys did chores, Anna had Drivers Ed Tuesday night again. Toni and Channie tried getting anything salvageable out of the old saddle shed at mom and dads, the roof started leaking and some of the saddles got wet, and a lot of the stuff in it.  It is pretty nasty so not sure we are going to get much out of it. The other big decision is the commercial freezer. We decided we need more freezer space so trying to decide what to get and where to put it. We are looking at all options available.

Wednesday Anna spent a few hours checking the cows and talking to the calves. No new ones. Anna had Drivers Ed again in the evening. Toni, Channie and the boys did chores. Kaine and Kade had to climb to the top of the stack to get hay off. Toni asked them if they did not plan appropriately and knock some off earlier. They said they use this as exercise to climb to the top of the stack. So they got another safety talk, they get them frequently. Boys can be scary.  After chores the three boys and Channie practiced their roping, it sounded to me like the two boys practiced roping Jaxsen, and Channie spent her time getting the ropes coiled back up.  Toni is trying to organize the front saddle shed now that she has given up on the old saddle shed. Jaxsen spills lots of grain doing his one chore, which is to feed the old horses.         

Toni got to check on Thursday, but there were no new calves. And it was foggy. We ordered an outdoor walk in freezer for all of the beefs that are in at Bryans, the two from last week are getting cut up, so are available for out of the freezer price. But, there is still one grass and two grain fed for next week if you want to give your own cutting instructions. We sold another bull on Thursday to a great repeat customer. Channie and Toni made a bosal from the pieces they found in the shed for Anna to use on Jag, Jag was not thrilled. Toni tried it on Shady first and she was good with it for a little grain. Rocky broke part of the KT Ranch sign and the end of the driveway digging to fight with the bulls across the road. Toni is blaming the other bulls, LOL.  Rocky is never to blame. Scrat had also gotten the blue gate off the hinges, but we are wise to that game and also tie the gates, so the gates don’t go down if they get knocked off of their hinges.  The boys are continuing to practice roping. Jaxsen worked out a cease fire with them. Things were getting a bit rough. One boy would try to head the other to heal, so then Jax would arm himself with sticks, a crowbar, things of that nature. Luckily they are under constant supervision because of this type of behavior so no children were hurt in their shenanigans. Anna was there on Thursday for chores so got exposed to the boys’ roping. She was not amused.  The family also said goodbye to Chanie as she was heading home on Friday. It was nice to have her for this short visit.

Friday was nice in the morning and then rained. Toni was going to take the bull 922 and Slider, the colt, in for a semen check (on bull) and health and coggins on colt to go to Canada, but Sheena’s battery died in her semen checker, so only Slider went in. Slider had not been loaded in a while, and he did not think he should go by himself. So it took a while for dad, Toni and Kade to load him, but they got him. Luckily we still have Sonny, the old gelding, so he got to go to the vet too. Slider did really well at the vet’s office, especially since he hasn’t been anywhere. He is a really fun colt.  Toni practiced loading him when they came back and he did much better.  We had three calves on Friday, 717T had a Hereford bull, 533 had an Angus heifer and 639 had an Angus bull. Channie went back home to Pocatello on Friday.

                Saturday morning we checked cows and then Anna and I went to Grandmas, Anna drove, and took Grandma her calendars and Kaine and Ben went to Othello to get Kaine’s hunting license and some parts for Kaine’s bike. Ben and Kaine brought home Checos for lunch. 717T’s calf was not nursing very good, so after lunch Anna and I went and go them in and put them in the barn so we could watch them. Ben and Kaine worked on Kaine’s bike. Kicker went down to mom and dads and put out grass bales and cleaned up some more out back with the tractor. Kicker also cut off the poles we had used to fix some fence that were sticking out on the road side of the fence. It is much easier for those poles to be cut with a chain saw vs Toni’s reciprocating saw. Toni had some law work to do. Before chores Anna, Kaine, Kade and Toni rode  Jitter, Jag and Friday around for a while. The weather was really nice.  Muddy, but nice.; We also moved Whinney over to the old horse pen and put Payton back over in the pasture. She needed to gain a little weight back after raising the “Twins.” We also bought a mare at the Eugene sale on Friday night, and she showed up a Saturday night. Her registered name is Miss Hollowpont and dad renamed her barn name to “Shorty” from Missy. She is short but stout. She is also used to a herd setting because she came out of the corral ready to rumble and establish that she is not the lowhorse on the pecking order. 

                Sunday we had two groups of people come out to look at foals. Toni and Kicker took the boys to Richland to get their new puppy that Shannon got for them. It is a cute lab female. So she helped me sort out the sold foals before she left and then they headed out. Ben and Anna tagged calves and got in heavy heifers. Then Anna and Kaine went and checked the cows and Ben cleaned out the heavy heifer pen and the pen that Pocket and Tulip the donkey is in. John stopped by and he went with us to check cows and then to do chores and look at Shorty and the other horses. Marlo came down and helped with chores and brought brownies. Mom also made us Lemon Curd cheesecake. 

Another week in the books. Dare we say that the weather has been awesome for January? Or is that jinxing it? Good weather makes us want to show off those foals we have left for sale. Come out and take a look if you are still in the market for a foal.

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Last week in Pictures- We did not take a lot last week.

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The first few days of 2021 have been good to us. Really we were blessed with great buyers, good livestock, and a great family. We can’t ask for more.

Monday morning we woke up to Ben and my niece Chany coming to stay with us for a while. Chany’s mom and some friends brought her up and they got to our house around 5 am. The three rested for about an hour and then her mom and the friend turned about and headed back to SE Idaho. Ben, Anna, Kaine and Chany did morning chores, and Anna’s cow Taffy had a cute heifer calf. Then they dropped Kaine off with Toni and the three went to Anna’s eye dr appt. Kicker went down to check on the water in Circle 7 for the yearling heifers and calved 2 yr olds, and to check on the beaver dam, and found more bones of an eaten heifer or steer, so when Ben, Anna and Chany got back from the eye dr Toni and they boys came down and they all moved the weanlings up to the house. The house is starting to get really full. Carly and Stephen came out and looked at Dolly, the red roan mare we have for sale, and they put a deposit down on her. 401 had a fancy Hereford bull calf by B6018. Ben, Anna, Kaine and Chany laid the wire our up in the Old Valley to move the heifers, however, we are out of rebar posts, so they did not get any posts up. Toni and the kids did chores and then Ben, Anna and Kaine went and had dinner at Nists.  Our annual dinner with them was a bit sparse due to everything going on.

Tuesday Ben and Kaine built fence around the Old Valley to move the heifers up there. They ran out of rebar for posts. Anna and Chany cleaned out the office for Chany to use as her room. Toni is trying to get some law things done before the end of the year. Kade and Jaxsen played in the snow. Toni, Chany and the kids did chores. I stopped at mom and dads and Thunder (the male mastiff) and I had a leftover piece of Christmas pie. 806T and Cutie Pie both had Hereford bull calves by B6018.

Wednesday we woke up to snow. Ben and Anna went and checked and 108 had a snow baby, a cute heifer calf. Anna and Chany then continued to clean the office and to clean up the Christmas stuff, so we had more room.  They are getting rid of anything we had in the office that we don’t “need.” So Toni got a new Roomba out of the deal. Toni continued to work. Ben and Kaine continued working on the fence. Kade and Jaxsen played more in the snow. It snowed and rained pretty much all day. The Angus Association sent us the results of the Angus that we ultrasounded. They looked really good, like Holy Shit really good.  I guess we are doing a good job. It is good to have affirmation. 

Thursday Anna, Chany, Ben and I checked cows, two heifers calved. Then Anna, Ben and Kaine worked on the fence up in the Old Valley to move the heifers and Chany and I ran into Othello to get some supplies and some winter boots for her. We got back in time to help them finish the fence. Then we had lunch and hauled the heifers for the rest of the day. Toni messed with the yearling colts during chores.  We had to take pictures for Anna in Canada that is getting Slider. So we took pictures of Slider and Crossfire.

Happy New Year, we all stayed at our own houses for New Year’s  Eve. We played cards and watched moves. Ben went to mom and dads and welded one of the gates up that he was supposed to do over his break. It was the gate that we had identified as a necessity to be done before he went back to work. We did not do a lot, checked, tagged calves, checked water, the normal for this time of year.  We decided to start the year right and are taking pictures of some of the horses over the weekend while we are all around.

On Saturday we had bull buyers come out and get 020 and M910, they were from the West side. We worked on fence, Chany, Anna and I ran to Connell to grandmas for some medicine, we made Anna drive and she got gas for the first time. Then we got the Colorado really muddy when we checked. Toni took pics of Anna and Jojo.

Sunday we worked on continuous fence, Chany got a lot of fence building practice in. Anna, Kaine and Kade worked on their steers, the Spokane steers needed work, only Herfy was good. Life lesson number 42- if you are going to fix/build fence in a weanling pen, have something to distract them. Toni went to fix the fence that Scrat the bull broke and had all ofo the weanlings helping her. No matter how hard they try, weanling horses cannot use power tools and they are not helpful even if they think they are. After she got the two poles replaced, she turned Scrat into the big pasture so he can’t keep destroying fence while he faux fights with the bulls across the road.  We brought two more poles down during chores and fixed the last broken spot, so the fence is all fixed up. We still have 50 feet to build, but the ground is “frozen” or so we keep saying. Then Toni got pics of Kaine with Sally and Kade with Jitter. No new calves today. 

The first few days of 2021 have been good to us.  It is always a good time to think of the things that went wrong, went right, and any changes we need to make. Really we were blessed with great buyers, good livestock, and a great family. We can’t ask for more.

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Last Week in Pictures