“Shootin’ from ambush is a bad habit. You may not live long enough to outgrow it.” – Hopalong Cassidy, Hopalong Cassidy: Lawless Legacy

The kids were all back to school on Monday, so Toni and the dogs checked the cows. No new babies, but the fog was pretty thick and it was hard to see them. The new puppy, Coco, like checking cows, but Marley did not think she needed to help. Ben took the afternoon off to take 922 down to Hank to get semen and trich tested to send up to Jeff in Colville. Ben got home around 2 and let the Hereford cow and calf out and Doctored Cutie Pie. The twins came to tell everyone goodbye, since they went back to college Tuesday. We sure miss them when they are gone.

Tuesday was another rainy and foggy day. Anna got to go out and check the cows, she was concerned because her heifer calf Willa is limping. Hopefully she gets over it soon so we don’t have to get her in this weekend. A bull buyer showed up Tuesday afternoon, he called me and said he was at our house. So I called Toni and she ran down until Ben got home from work. Toni and the boys did chores, Anna had driving on Tuesday, dad took her in, and then class in the evening.

Tuesday night the wind howled. It was still blowing Wednesday morning. Luckily we did not have anything blow over. We finally had another calf on Wednesday, 403M had a heifer calf. Anna checked cows. Toni and the boys did chores, Anna had divers ed. Mom made date coconut bars, and they were awesome.

On Thursday dad and Steve hauled a bull to Jeff in Colville. Thanks Jeff for being a great repeat buyer. The weather Thursday morning was great for mid-January. My computer kept freezing up, so it took me forever to post on Thursday morning. Toni checked cows, this week has been very slow on the baby front. Ton and the kids did chores.

Friday Marlo came to house sit for the Meachams, they headed to Mexico for vacation. Friday morning Kaine and I went into see Tennelle for haircuts. I called the dump when I left to see if we could run some stuff in, but they were closed on Friday, but open on Saturday.  So we went home and worked about the house for few hours. Then Chad and Andrew came at 1 to trim horses, so Anna, Kaine and I were down there the rest of the day. We did the three studs at the corral, Tank, Leroy and Colonel, a few old horses and some babies. Marlo showed up for chores about the time Chad and Andrew left. Then we played phase 10.

Saturday we had people coming out first thing to get meat, then we went and checked cows. Took a load of stuff to the dump. Pat came and got meat then Lance came and bought a bull. So that all took up most of the day. The kids and I then went down to do chores.

Sunday we tagged the one calf in the corn field. When the fog was clear the weather was actually really nice, but then the fog would roll in and it would get cold. We discussed tying up the Spokane steers, but that was when there was fog. So instead, we moved Kaine into the office so we cold redo his room. One would think that would not take long, how much stuff could be in one bed room. I am telling you now, that kid is a hoarder. He has so much stuff. I do not know how he got so much stuff in that room. Mom made a coconut lemon cake for after chores, it was SO GOOD. Since Marlo is staying at Toni’s house she came down to help with chores again on Sunday and we watched Netflixs after.

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