I am not going to jinx it by saying how well it is going, so I didn’t say it.

Monday was a beautiful October day. Toni loaded out Dual Again and Nevada first thing, and they headed to Olympia. Mom and dad went to Ellensburg in Toni’s Tahoe to get a recliner that Toni bought in a benefit auction for horse therapy. Marly was missing, Marly is Jaxsen’s dog, and Toni found her still in her pickup. Poor Marley. Toni got Quinn in and moved PBJ over with her, so Rog and Gen Again are together. Ryan Cotton found a ride for our Seldom Rest heifers to Montana. So Toni called and talked to the transporter. We had the grid kids BBQ Monday night, Toni, the three boys and I went. We donated the patties, and maybe they ran out?? They were almost out when we went through the line, but there were not that many people left.  They thought there would be 310 people, which is plenty! At least the coached didn’t talk about every single kid this year. Toni waited until the last minute to get the burgers so she had to run to Othello, then Connell, then into the school, then back home for chores, then back in with Jax to the BBQ.

Tuesday Toni called and talked to the destination place for our Seldom Rest heifers. We hopefully have it all set up. A big thank you to Sitz ranch for letting us ship the heifers to their ranch so Ben and Anna can pick them up there on their Montana tour. Also, Kaine and Kade had a football game in Benton City. Kade was injured during his game, ankle stepped on. Kaine’s team won and both boys played great.

Wednesday there was no practice, so everyone came home on the normal bus, and helped with chores, heifers and steers. Toni was still working on foals when I got home, so I just watched her.  We had some fence to fix, weaned some foals, started feeding hay to the big pasture. That means it is officially fall. So maybe not the best day of the week, but we knew it was coming.

Thursday Ben and Anna headed to Billings to participate in the Nile Show.  They did not take anything, but Anna won a Nile Merit Heifer that we will take next year, and she wanted to watch it. She is also helped Brett and Jill Tonne with the heifers they were taking. Kayla came out and brand inspected the steers that are going to get butchered this weekend, and two heifers that we sold. Kendel came down and helped since Toni needed to leave at 11:30 for hair appt. Ben and Anna made it to Montana, and went and checked out the show.  We weaned a few more foals, fixed some more fence, moved some horses, and did normal chores which includes halter breaking. We have 2 we are working on this week plus Rog and Gen that we are shipping out soon so we just continue to work on them.  It was also Jax’s 11th birthday, so mom made brownies and we drank rootbeer.

                Friday was dress up day at school, Kaine and his friends had a group costume and Kaine was the rodeo clown. Anna got to show Brett and Jill Tonne’s heifers at the Nile, she was pretty excited. Angela from NRSC came and Toni showed her around to check things out. Marlo came out and helped with chores. Brandy and Chase bought a bred heifer and came and picked her up. Chad came and we got Tulip, Quinn, and Rog trimmed up. They wanted to get more done but ran out of time. Some of the horses escaped into the alfalfa field, Toni, Marlo and I put them in with the turned out horses. It was dark by the time we got done. Marlo and I got back up to the house and a few of the heifers were out, so we ran them in and Kicker started checking why the fence was not hot. He found where the jump wire was down and got it hot.

                Saturday Kaine got up and did all of the morning chores. Kade and Kicker went hunting. Anna and Ben watched the Nile heifer show. Keven and Stefanie came out and got their 5 fat steers and looked at the bull calves. They want to pay the kids to halter break whatever bull they get. They are leaning toward Jack Frost but want to talk to their son first. Next, Kaine and I turned everything back out and took a lunch break. Dad called Toni Saturday morning and the fence along the alfalfa field was down again, so Dad and Toni worked on it until lunch time, and then Toni needed to work on a motion. Luke came out to spend the morning with Jax as his birthday party.  So Jax got out of fixing fence. Kade came down after lunch to work on his steers. I was catching the TX steers and Kaine had just gotten done washing his steer and heifer and was blowing them. Then Kaine, Kade and I got the cows in and sorted the 3 bulls calves out that had escaped and but them back in their pen. Next we met Toni down at the house to do chores. Saturday was the last day for Quinn and PBJ, time to move on to the next victims.

Sunday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen went to get Meacham family pics. Kaine got up and did chores early. Then we put wheat straw out with the cows, since the corn stalks have not been harvested yet. We put out mineral and protein blocks as well. It rained off and on Sunday, which we need the rain. We took a lunch break and then caught the TX steers again and cleaned up some stuff outside. We went to do chores, and Marlo met us down to help us. Kaine started feeding, Marlo and I got in Fortune and Smokey Joe and turned Quinn and PBJ out. Marlo went to help Kaine and I haltered the two. Then we went down and fed the cattle grain. Kicker, Toni, Kade and Jaxsen got back around then and Kicker finished up the cow chores feeding hay. Marlo, Kaine and I cleaned out the barn and put out more straw.  Ben and Anna picked up Anna’s NILE merit heifer at 3C Cattle. Thanks Lacey and Chad for your awesome donation to the NILE merit program. Anna is really excited to work through this program and get back to the NILE in 2022. Then Anna and Ben headed to Dillon Montana to get the Seldom Rest heifers which got delivered to Sitz late Sunday night.

Another super busy week. We are really working to get all of the foals weaned and moved to their new homes. So if you haven’t picked yours up, contact us so we can get that arranged. There are quite a few in the weaning pen, but they are all getting along pretty well and we are slowly getting them halter broke. I am not going to jinx it by saying how well it is going, so I didn’t say it. (The foals below are just some pictures of foal, if you see your foal below and have you date set up, we have you down).

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