And of course, our motto is, if you can’t decide, buy them all! 

                Monday we were all still exhausted from getting home the day before from Spokane, however, still happy we got to go to a show and that the prices were good, especially for Spokane. Everyone got themselves to work and/or school. The kids have lots of homework to catch up on. We have the heifers in now, where the Spokane steers were, that are going to the Angus show in a few weeks. So they are catching them every morning now, and the three steers they are jackpotting. The three boys had baseball practice after school. Anna went home after chores to work on the heifers and clean out the barn. She was still working on the barn when Kaine and I got here so he helped her finish up. Anna’s show heifer, Tilly, had a heifer calf.

Tuesday the last Angus heifer calved, Kade’s show heifer, she had a bull calf. So now we can be done calving. Kaine, Kade and Jaxsen were all supposed to have baseball games on Tuesday, but Kaine’s was canceled, but he still had practice. Dad and Coco went to Jaxsen’s game, and Toni took Kade to his. Anna and the boys did chores, and Kaine and I let Double out and then went home. Anna was done with the heifers and show animal chores when we got home. Ben and Kicker were still out fixing circles. Scrat got out of the Hereford pen and bred an Angus heifer, so Scrat got locked in the alley. I finished both the market and showmanship pictures Tuesday night, I just have the few from sale day left to do.

Rudy foaled on Wednesday, a fancy buckskin filly by Gunner.  We had decided to keep a filly out of Rudy since she is an older mare. This made our friend Tina happy as she had given Rudy to us. Kaine had baseball practice, so Anna, Kade and Jaxsen did chores and then Toni let Anna and Kade leave and go and work on their heifers, and catch up on some more homework. Toni and Coco then continued to move water and do stuff around the house. Ben and Kicker worked on circles and fixed Scrat’s pen, where Sagebug also is. But, Scrat stayed the night in the corral with Derringer, the mini stud.

Thursday Kaine had a baseball game in Connell and Kade and Jaxsen had practice. Dad and Coco took Kaine too his game and Toni took the other boys in, then went over to see our Grandma and some cousins. Anna and Toni did chores and moved the water. Then Anna went home to feed the heifers and clean out the barn. Kaine and I got there when Ben and Kicker were helping her finish up, so Kaine went down and helped too. Kicker ran in and got Kade and Toti from practice.  Toni had already picked up Jax as his practice ended 30 minutes earlier.

Friday morning no new babies, but Shorty was waxed. Dad and Toni went to look at a trailer in Pasco, we are looking for a little shorter gooseneck so we don’t have to take the big Titian everywhere. It was a little smaller than what we wanted, but, if anyone is looking for a 4 horse Ponderosa gooseneck, we know where there is one, and it is a pretty good buy at $4,000. When Toni got home she had a metal flamingo in her yard. She didn’t get flocked, it was actually a really nice gesture from a friend that saw an older guy selling metal art, so got one for her.  Kade had a baseball game, dad and Coco took him. Anna went to the end of year tennis party, that ended at 10, and Grace brought her home.

Saturday was a busy day. The kids dyed and clipped their heifers for the upcoming Angus shows. There were 7 to do, so that took them all day.  Jax was down there helping, and allegedly he actually did help. Shorty foaled Saturday morning, she had a cute colt that looks like he might have gotten stepped on. So Anna and I got him in and Toni met us down with the trailer. While the kids went to do their clipping and dying, Toni and I hauled him, Shorty and the 4 mares that were left to foal in circle 5 to the house. We got him some straw and talked to both Sheena and Hank about what to do for him. He is going in to see Sheena on Tuesday once the swelling has gone down. He does not know he is injured, he is running around and having a good time. Toni and the boys went home for lunch. Then, after lunch Ben and Kicker worked on the new pump going in by my house. Toni and I haltered up Pistol and Cad and moved the cows around and sorted off a few. The cows with bull calves are not happy to be in circle 4, where the rest of the cows ate it off. The rest of the cows are now in circle 5.  The kids were still clipping when Toni and I got done so we went and did chores. After we celebrated Mother’s Day and Uncle Skip’s 80th bday. Ben made bacon wrapped shrimp, brisket, tri tip, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and salad.

On Sunday the kids washed their heifers and steers so we could record a virtual show. So as they washed and what not, Toni went down to the lake to work on fence. Kicker hauled bales down to mom and dads to put big grass bales out with the horses that are not out on grass. Jaxsen and I built the mini horse fence.  Ben worked on circles. It is a good thing there are so many of us to get work done!  We took a lunch break, and Ben went to town to get parts for the pump. I videoed he kids, and then Jaxsen and I finished the mini horse fence and turned them out. Ben got back and him and Kicker worked on the pump. Toni worked on the lake fence all day. She is now building two wood sections down there. We all went down and did chores, and then the 4 kids fed their steers and heifers. 

It is always amazing when the horse auctions go sky high on prices how many calls we get. The last Central Washington sale for May was sky high. Afterwards we had approximately 16 calls, texts, and emails on horses we have for sale. This is great news for us because it looks like we might have all of the yearling colts sold. We have someone coming Sunday to look at Star Soldier who is the last one for sale. We do have two yearling fillies, but they are going to take a special person as they are a bit hotter. Our foal sales have also been going really well, so if you have your eye on one, or think we might have something that works for you, don’t hesitate to call or email us to discuss what your needs are. We will be brutally honest with you about our opinion if we think the horse will work for you or not. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have enough experience we can usually do a decent job of matching foals to people. As always, there are so many nice foals in the pasture it is hard to pick a favorite. And of course, our motto is, if you can’t decide, buy them all! 

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