We are marching into fall with purpose.

Monday morning at work was really hectic, everyone was out and we were scrambling to cover the offices. Toni’s video froze on her zoom mediation, so she could really do anything because she could hear but her pic did not change. I told her she needed to figure out how to do that all the time. Dad’s birthday was Monday, mom made him meatballs, she would not let us hang out and eat them with them. She also made a homemade apple pie, it was really good. We started working on halter breaking Howa and Firepower, they are not the easiest two we have done, and they are giants.

Tuesday the weather was beautiful. Toni had mediations and meetings most of the day, but her camera did not freeze up so she had to keep smiling. Rosie from TLC called and they could come and get Dale’s steer at 11, so Anna and Kaine ran out and got him in before school started. Mom made us apple crisp, it was really good, the apples are from Kameron and Christine Jenks, they are wonderful. Toni and I worked on Howa and Firepower some more, day 2 was not much better then day 1, just saying. I mentioned to Toni we should consider breeding Lura and CC to Sagebug and see if the babies are calmer. Really these two aren’t bad, it is just that they run out on the desert, don’t see as many people, and they are both huge. Lura generally has our biggest foals. Howa is the size of a small 2-year-old and she is a weanling.

Wednesday the weather was holding out. Toni’s day was packed with briefs she needed to get in and more meetings.  They walked down to get the mail and Jaxsen packed the puppy Marley, apparently, she cannot walk. I conversed with Brett Tonne, he is bring Kaine’s steer home from Montana, and we are planning on meeting him on Monday in Ritzville. I spoke with Buckly Cox about their heifers in their upcoming sale. Firepower and Howa were still a handful, so we separated them and they were already much better.  Howa went across the driveway in with Crossfire, and he was not sure he wanted a friend, especially one a lot bigger than him, Howa is huge. Crossfire being Crossfire took the initiative to put Howa in her place right away to show her who the boss horse is.  He may be half her size, but he is mighty. We all laugh because Crossfire is actually really a pretty big colt and he is ½ of Howa.

Thursday the kids started back at school in person. It will be a big adjustment for all of us, we are kind of used to them being there, especially the dogs. Anna asked Kendel to feed the bottle kittens. Anna and Kaine are only in person two days a week, and online the other three, but Kade and Jaxsen and back every day. The kids said school was school, nothing exciting to report. Mom made us apple blondies as an afterschool snack. They were GOOD. Toni and the boys did chores, Anna went home to feed the bottle kittens. The two foals were a lot better on Thursday I hear.  Because of covid, Mom is staying away from the kids, and us because we are exposed to the kids. So she brings out treats outside and stands back and watches us eat them. Dad keeps forgetting he is supposed to stay back. He may not be the best at social distancing.  We also have to remind Jax about 40 times- no you can’t go in the house. No you can’t hug grandma. No you can’t go get a snack she brought it outside. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we can get back to normal.

Friday the weather was still beautiful. Kade and Jaxsen went to school, Anna and Kaine had virtual school. Dr Wisse came out to vet check Firepower before he goes to Idaho, and look at Lizzy’s leg, her leg had gotten a lot worse, she reinjured it.  He recommended we put her down. It is sad but we had been expecting that was going to be the verdict. I got Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner, they have a new Hog Pizza that Toni and I have been dying to try.

Saturday morning Anna, Kaine and I ran into the Cow Path Pop Up Bakery at the Pizza Station and got dessert for us all. Hannah Lingo came and picked up Firepower, so we ran down to mom and dads when we got back and helped Toni and Kade load Firepower. Kade went home with us and we tied up the steers and heifers. Then we got the LT (Little Trojan Loader) and picked up panels and made a new pen for Sagebug. Last year he wintered with the bulls, but he is a year older now and wants to terrorize the bulls. Then we had left over pizza and bakery items for lunch. Toni and Jaxsen got down there after lunch and we got circle 5 in and weaned the last of the calves. Then we went down and did chores, lead the next group that we need to halter break and went home and let the steers and heifers go.  We tried to buy some show heifers at the Colyer sale, but they sold outside of our budget.

Sunday Ben and the kids went out and pulled weeds in the weaning pen in the morning. Next, we tied up the steers and heifers. At lunch I logged on and got ready to bid on heifers at the Traynham Ranches Production Sale. The kids are ecstatic, we got three show heifers and a cow and the cow is bred to Primo. Toni watched the sale from her house. After the sale Toni fixed some fence at her house. I went and checked all the livestock. We had moved the cows we weaned calves off of into the same pen as the other cows so my kids and I drove around and checked to make sure they were all getting along. Then we went down and worked the foals and weaned a few more. We allowed volunteer foals to come in and get weaned, so instead of weaning 2, we weaned 6. Once we shut the gate, those foals wanted out, but it was too late! We are halter breaking 6 foals right now. Three are just refresher foals, Splinter, Hero, and still working on Howa. The other three, Walt, Java, and New Bug are so easy. Anna and Kade took over Java and New Bug the very first day. We aren’t leaving any of them in, we just bring them in and catch them everyday because they are so easy.

We are marching into fall with purpose.  Calves are weaned. Foals are being weaned. We are getting the foals and show cattle halter broke and ready for the next part of their life. We got our last cutting of hay up this last week so we are officially done with 2020 hay. The days are growing short, but the work continues.

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