It felt like this week just flew by.

Chad and I thought for sure Reba would foal Sunday night after being trimmed, no such luck. I brought Old Red to work on Monday to get the windshield fixed, it has a rock chip. Toni chopped some Russian Olive Trees Monday morning, and got a thorn threw her shoe. Then she heard a ruckus at the gate and ran down there, since we moved Queenie, CeeCee and Red Robin are in a herd by themselves. CeeCee does not like the rest of the horses in the pen, so she was down in the corner. Gunner felt she needed to be in his heard, since she normally is, so he was trying to break her out. He had the fence grounding out so Toni fixed it and he went back to his mares. Benelli is already in heat at Allie’s, so NZ Scotch Time semen is on its way to breed her.  We are so thankful for Allie and for Codi who owns NZ Scotch Time for everything they have done to get the mares bred.

Still no Reba foal on Tuesday. Toni cut down more Russian Olive Trees when she was checking. She wore her boots this time so no trees through the foot. Rob had some extra hours on the machines he rented, so the men and three older kids were out moving dirt after they finished chores. Kade on the Case, Kaine on the Kitten, Anna on the backhoe and the men on the big loader, I think Ben was mainly running gates. Toni and I checked, no new foals, we have Red Robin’s colt, Smokin, some scratches.

Guess what, still no Reba foal Wednesday morning, or Twiggy, Cammie, etc. We are in a foal drought!  Toni had court at 10 and 2, so she did not get a lot of trees cut when she was checking. The older 3 kids were still working with the equipment on Wednesday night. Kyle showed up and got his bull, M205. We had some rain showers, and they got in right as it started pouring.

Still nothing on Thursday. Kaine was home sick, I think he was overly tired from his late-night tractor driving. Toni cut down some more trees. Ben took 138 in to get semen tested so he could head to Montana the following week. Thursday we are still working on horses, feeding everything due to the lack of grass (cold weather), working on getting mares bred, and normal chores. We still go out and feed Gunner’s pen and the heavy horses in circle 5. Circle 5 went from 40 head of mares to 6 head, but they still want some hay.

The weekly theme of no foals continues on Friday. Dad and Kaine went to Soap Lake to get his steer’s feet trimmed before Spokane. I had a guy, Joseph, coming out to pick up his heifer, he was working in Olympia but headed back to Texas with her. We did a small tour before we got on his way. Dad and Kaine were back when we went on our tour, so dad and Kaine talked to him for a few minutes as well. Dad went home and Kaine and I went to Moses Lake to try to get his farmer’s permit, which I guess we were supposed to do the pre apply online and not bring in the printed forms, so that was a fail. So we went and picked up our pork at Block 40 Meats and then went and got pizza for dinner. We stopped at Basin Feed on our way home to get a smoker for Ben that would not fit in the Yukon, so an additional fail. However, I did specifically ask Ben if it would fit and he said yes. It was about a half inch too big. The  Kade left from school and headed to trap shooting state. His parents went separately so they could watch the competition on Friday night. It went very late. Jaxsen got to spend the weekend with his self-proclaimed favorite aunt. I doubt Stephanie reads this, his other aunt, to know I have announced I am his favorite. I am all my nieces and nephews favorite, since I am writing this I can definitely say that. Sometimes Candice reads this so she might have a response. Kaine and I got home and we went and did chores with Jaxsen and Marlo. Kaine and Jaxsen set up Kaine’s Gameboy in the camper, it might not be a Gameboy because I kept calling It the wrong thing??, they were going to sleep in the camper but Jaxsen came back in the house when Kaine fell asleep and tried to share the couch with Murtaugh. He said Murtaugh is not good at sharing.

Still no foals on Saturday, Toni thought for sure there would be one while she was gone. Mom and dad headed to Wenatchee to watch Kade and the Connell Team shoot. Dad has been going to a lot of his competitions, so has a lot of friends there. Ben, Anna, Kaine, Jaxsen and I got the cows in to work and sorted them. Then Kaine and Jaxsen washed their steers and heifers and Kaine finished slicking his heifers. Ben, Anna and I started working the cows. We got circle 4 done by the end of the day. Then Anna and Lane went on a date, and Lane picked up the smoker on the way down. Ben, Kaine, Jaxsen and I did chores.  Kade’s team got 5th at state, we are all very proud of him. They got home late and picked up Jaxsen and the dogs, 2 of their 3 dogs ended up at our house too. Mom made pies, as requested by the kids, so we had pie Saturday night as well.

Guess what, still no foals on Sunday. We got up to finish working cows. The boys went fishing in the morning with Keegan and then got back to help in the afternoon. The skidsteer was also used Sunday afternoon and destroy more Russian Olive Trees and piled them up. Toni, Jaxsen and I also caught Red Robin, we were going to put her in with Tank, but love little Smokin so much we wanted her by the house so she is in with Leroy. Leroy was happy to get another mare.

                It felt like this week just flew by. We are so busy, but aren’t we always? The kids are now done with “sports” for the rest of the school year and can focus on the main sport of showing cattle. With the weather being cold, it has been a slow start to spring, but things are starting to look and feel like spring has arrived. We are excited to show off the foals we have if anyone wants to come out and take the tour.

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