Life marches on at a very fast pace

Monday was quite a day. I left early for work, I had a dr appt, no new foals. Dad went to get more pellets and decided the pickup needed new tires, so he stopped in Connell and got new tires on his way. So Monday was an expensive day (load of pellets and 4 new tires), but it could have been worse if he had a blow out or gotten stranded somewhere. Anna was going to have to stay after school and do some stuff for FFA, but she texted after she got to school that was canceled, so Toni called the Elementary School to let Jaxsen know he did not have to ride the bus home. At approximately 9:39 AM Toni texted that Abs had foaled, we finally had one of our AI babes. Abs was bred to My Skip Dun It, a homozygous dun champagne stallion. Toni went down to check it out and Abs had decided she did not want to stand and let it nurse. So Toni and mom brought Abs to the house and put her and the foal in Molly B playpen in the backyard, which is actually Sammy the German Shepard’s play pen. They gave the foal colostrum and were able to finally get it to nurse one side. Dad got stuck in road construction going and coming, he got there right at lunch, so he had to wait for the them to come back from lunch to get the pellets loaded. Kaine had a baseball game in Royal City, I asked one of his friends moms if she could bring him home due to the nature of the day. Connell beat Royal 12 to 2. We waited most of the day for a time when the shipper was going to be out, the communication was not the best. The pellets were unloaded when dad got home. He then took the flatbed trailer home and Kade and Anna unhooked it and he brought Butte back down. To go to Lewiston on Tuesday to get Cotton Seed Hulls for the show heifers. Sagebug crawled out a hole in the fence, so Toni, Anna, Kade and I fixed it. Dad went in and got Jaxsen from his baseball game in Connell.  The shipper showed up at midnight so we loaded Spunky out at midnight. Spunky loaded awesome considering it was dark, a new trailer, out in the middle of the driveway, with a strange person. We are really happy Spunky is going to such a great family. Monday was a crazy long day.

                Tuesday Dad went to Lewiston to pick up Cottenseed Hulls. Kaine had practice and Jaxsen had another game. Dad picked Kaine up from practice and took Jaxsen to his game. We finished the fence  we were working on which was a replacement fence along the northeast side of where the 2 year old stud colts are.  Toni joked the colts are going to get out now that they have the no crawl fence. Ben got done planting on Tuesday, yeah.

                Well Toni jinxed it. Dad texted Wednesday morning that Cappy was at the house.  Cappy had a jolly time getting to the house, fighting over the fence with Stetson, Double, and King before going to check out the yearling fillies. Dad and Mom put him in the corral. It was raining Wednesday morning so Toni thought maybe he just kind of slipped through the fence. Dad and Toni put a pole back up on King’s fence that they had knocked down, fixed Cappy’s fence, and took Cappy back. Cappy was still feeling his oats at the time, so needed some work, which he got. Dad and Anna took the heifers going to Salem to the Regional Angus Show into Sheena Wednesday after school to get their travel papers to go to Oregon.  Jaxsen had practice, Kaine did not, Kaine and Kade did chores since Anna and dad were at Sheenas.  Also on Wednesday we FINALLY got to meet baby Shea. Coco brought her up from CA for a visit. We all think she is the best baby. Its been a bit since we had a little baby to hold and cuddle. Shea is really good about letting us cuddle and love on her. Jaxsen has declared himself to be her favorite. Unclear if Shea agrees because at 3 months she can’t talk and tell Jaxsen to back off.

Thursday We had a FANCY FANCY colt out of Cammie and by DP GunnaOutShinYa. I wanted a bay, but I am pretty happy with this colt. Toni and Mom went down and really got to play with him. He is big. And you had to be quick if you wanted to buy him, he was for sale for less then 24 hours, then we decided to keep him and sell Cappy. Dad isn’t 100% committed to the idea. He thinks Joker (new colt) has too much white. So Cappy is now for sale, if you are looking for a two year old stallion. Cross is for sale to the right home. Cross was injured as a foal, so needs trimmed regularly. Toni and I finished the fence.  We just had to put clips on to keep it tight and up and unclimbable. The kids did chores. Jaxsen had a game, Coco and baby Shea went in and watched him.

                Friday we had another fancy colt, he is by King and out of Bunnie, aka Edie. He also looks grullo as a newborn, but he is a buckskin roan. Toni had to take pics of his nonexistent dorsal to prove to mom he was not a grullo. He is a tiny little guy. Toni got to babysit Shea, and ended up taking her for a drive around the ranch and got stuck out in the desert. Luckily Shea slept through it all because they were stuck out there for 40 minutes or so before someone came to get them out. Marlo helped with chores on Friday. Marlo, Toni and the boys hauled panels up the hill so the two year old stud colts had panels on the south side of their pen, instead of a wire fence. Kade and Kaine loaded the panels and brought the Titan down with the panels. The hill is incredibly steep, especially when you are packing powder river panels up it. Luckily they stayed strong and got it done.  The twins came and spent the night to go to the show the next day.

Saturday morning Ben, the twins, Anna, Kaine and Kade were all up early and headed out to the Wheatland Jackpot. They stopped and Connell, and convoyed with Traci, Leslie and Natalie. Coco and baby Shea met them up there. They all had a great time. Kaine and Natalie made it back into the final in Showmanship. Anna, Kaine and Kade all got third in their class, Natalie was in Kaines class and in the middle. They all did great.

                Toni showed AJ around on Saturday, AJ bought Walt a few years ago, Walt was by Sagebug and out of Cleo. This year AJ is buying Dually, Dually is out of Tessa and by Gunner. Both Walt and Dually are grulla. In the morning I fed all of the show cattle, since the kids were gone, and turned the fans on. We rolled up wire in Circle 4, moved the cows to circle 3, and misc other ranch work. While moving the cows Riggs got kicked in the leg and broke her leg. Luckily we have a phenomenal vet that is there for us, so a big thank you to Sheena, we don’t know what we would do without you!  Also, circle 8 got started, some weeds got sprayed, and misc other work. Saturday night we all went to Checos for dinner in Othello for Skip’s birthday, including baby Shea. Skip got birthday cheesecake and the works. He said it was his best birthday ever.

Sunday Toni showed some more people around they bought Stormn. Ben and I went and got a new generator Sunday morning, it is a 6500 and can run two blowers. Very exciting. Anna and Kaine washed their Angus heifers that are going to Salem. Anna dyed and clipped hers. We got back and Kaine and Ben tried the generator out while I ran down to mom and dads to meet people. Stinger was off so we got her in and gave her some immediate response. We broke for lunch. After,  I rolled up some more wire and brought the wire wheel in. Then Anna helped me get Sagebug’s pen in, and we loaded the mares and I hauled them back down to the house. Toni wormed and west niled the yearlings. I got down there with the mares. We unloaded the ones I had, loaded up Voodoo and Edie, and Ed, and Jaxsen and I hauled them back up to the house. We put Cammy and The Joker in with Leroy and turned Lona and Piper D out in the field. Jaxsen jumped out to help Anna. We unloaded Voodoo in with Bug and Eddie into the alley for now. Ed has a bit of the runs, so we want to watch him a little closer before we turned him out. Toni showed Smokey Joe while Jaxsen and I hauled the mares. I came back down and Toni and I moved Abs down by Stetson, then we went and fixed some fence and called it a day. 

It was a long long week. The kids are into the second week of four weeks of shows, luckily they are still pretty enthusiastic about it. It was great to be home this weekend and show people the horses. There is nothing better than having fun people out to look at the ranch and take the ranch tour.  Three potential buyers and three sales this weekend really helps to keep the spirits up. Toni will be here this weekend if anyone wants to come out. We have one person scheduled so far to look at the foals. Life marches on at a very fast pace towards summer and we are pretty excited to have the kids home and have some summer fun.

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