Last week we had some great fence building weather

                Monday we went to the annual BB Cattle Co bull sale. Toni and I always pick out a few bulls we want to get, but luckily for BB we do not get any, since we do not have a high budget. Our first picks we did not get, but we actually had a late one picked out that was a sleeper. So we have a new Hereford bull to replace our late and great Scrat. Rocky is still with us. Now dad is picking out names for the new bull. So far we have all said no. He will get a name, but it needs to be good since we keep these bulls for years.  He is not halter broke, so I told Toni he has to be halter broke and tame to replace Scrat and Rocky. The weather was awesome for the bull sale. It would have been grandma and grandpa’s 73rd wedding anniversary. We got to see and chat with lots of friends and family.  The kids got to skip school to help. Jaxsen and the little kids had a racket going where they served drinks and put out a tip jar, they each made $5.00. At the family bull sale you deliver drinks with a smile and tell people thanks for coming, not try to make money off of them! The adult that was in charge thought it was funny. The bull sale averages were really good, so congratulations to BB Cattle Co for another great sale.

Tuesday was another beautiful day. Toni, Kaine and Jaxsen worked on fence after school. Kade had basketball practice. Pistol Pete was playing and got himself tangled in a panel. He is such a smart boy he literally laid there until the kids got home and dad and Kaine went out and drug him free of the panels.  He stayed complete still until he was complete clear of the panel. Ben went and got Checos for us to celebrate a late Valentine’s Day.  We did not get any Valentine’s day calves.

                Wednesday was another bright and sunny day, perfect for building fence.  Toni got our and gave Kade’s calf out of Lily some pets on Wednesday morning.  Pistol Pete continues to just be an awesome colt. We are glad we have 2 just as awesome full sisters to him.  So far Strawberry’s foals have been really level headed and good to work with.  Toni and the boys continued to work on fence.  The ground is pretty junky with this fence line having a wood post every fifth post, the going is slow. We have to get the fence in and done before the alfalfa starts to grow, so time is of the essence.

Thursday dad went and got the T Posts so the fence building could continue. Up until Thursday we were repurposing t-posts we pulled out of the ground from the old fence if they were tall enough. So with the delivery of a pallet of t-posts, this project is about to get going.  Pistol Pete was still in getting worked on, but his one week of halter breaking was over, he just kept getting worked on anyway. Pistol Pete has to go to Sheena’s for coggins, health, and brand so Toni was leaving him in to try and get an appointment.  Thursday late afternoon Toni had court in Franklin County for witness interviews for a criminal case. Mom and Dad were confused as they didn’t think she did any criminal law. She does. She got back late, so not much fence building occurred on Thursday. 

Friday Anna, Kaine and I flew to Stillwater Oklahoma to visit the twins. Marlo came out and helped Toni, Kade and Jaxsen with chores. They videoed Pistol Pete then turned him out due to the fact that the appointment still hadn’t been made. They talked about getting a new foal in, but didn’t.  They three went down to build fence.  If you see the fence line, there is one wood post out of line, Toni says that is what happens if you don’t supervise well enough. Marlo and Kade put that one in. Toni wanted to get 1/3 of the fence line in over the weekend, so they made a good start on Friday.

Saturday we went with the twins to tour the Pioneer woman lodge and the Drummond ranch, and go to the Mercantile to eat lunch. In the afternoon we walked around the campus with the twins and cousin Payton and got a grand tour of the campus. 

At the ranch Toni and Kade went and caught the show stock. Kade’s heifer and 2 of his steers hadn’t been tied up since fall, so I hear the catching was a long process. Ben and Dad went and bought a new washer and dryer for our house, the engine in the dryer went boom on Thursday. Ben thought we needed one ASAP, since him and Kaine procrastinate washing their clothes. However, Anna and I had our washed, so we were fine waiting until one could be delivered. Dad went with Ben to make sure he got a matching set, since Ben just wanted to get a cheap dryer that did not match. I felt we are at a time in our life that we can afford a matching washer and dryer.  After that Toni and Ben got the bulls in and sorted for a bull buyer to look at the bulls. They bought one. Dad had the tractor out and started harrowing the pastures. Toni and Kade then went out and sorted heavy mares and hauled them home. They planned on getting 3-4 and 2 riding horses, and ended up bringing home 6 heavy mares. 2 of the heavy mares were maiden mares, so not necessarily super heavy as much as they need to be watched. Yo is the only mare we have confirmed in foal to Double so Mom and Dad really wanted her brought home. And Charlie is a super spoiled brat baby, so also needs to be home. After moving the mares, doing chores, Toni, Kade, and Jax went and built some more fence.

Sunday we went to Oklahoma City to the stockyards, it was windy but they were still pretty cool. The allies were made from red brick. We went on the cat walks, but it was so windy we did not go all the way around it. Then we ate at one of the Stockyard bars and went to the western stores by the stockyards. In the afternoon McCall had homework to do, so we rented electric scooters and McKenna took us for another campus tour on the scooters and then we rode them about the parking lot of their building.

At the ranch Toni, Ben, Kicker, Kade, and Jax moved cows, got the heifers in and sorted, caught the show cattle.  Catching Kade’s heifer and one steer went better the second day. Once all the livestock were sorted and moved, the crew went down and got Cash in to start halter breaking. Cash didn’t do so hot being hooked to Tulip. Some foals really don’t. So after a long drawn out ordeal, Toni finally got Cash to lead and got her over to Hottie’s pen.  Cash is amazing but she may also be spoiled. It isn’t her fault that we think she is beautiful, perfect, and a princess, but it does make life hard when you are asking a spoiled baby to suddenly get real and have to be a horse.  1/3 of the fence (minus the three wood posts that couldn’t be put in with hand digging due to rocks) got put up. Pooty and Charlie got to the ranch late with the three Dal Dagnon horses that we have acquired- 2 broodmares and a black yearling filly with a blazed face.  If anyone is looking for a nice yearling filly, we are going to get her halter broke and ready to go. She will NOT be papered, but she is a very pretty filly.

Monday McCall had school in the morning and McKenna in the afternoon. McKenna took us shopping to the school stores in the morning, they we dropped her off at school, we met McCall for lunch, and then she went to work. So we went to some more stores in Stillwater. Next we met McKenna back at school and we went through some of the ag buildings that had been closed over the weekend. I realize Monday is this week, but wanted to finish up the Oklahoma trip. We flew out early Tuesday morning, ahead of the storms that were rolling in.

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