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Monday was cold, cold, cold.

Monday was cold, cold, cold. So of course chores took forever, breaking water, making sure everything had water, etc. Ben and Kicker were out late getting everything settled in, we have a couple of cows that are going to calve any day. Mike came out and started on our central air, Toby came down and locked the dogs in the living room for me, thanks Toby. Toni checked cows and stopped and talked to Mike for a while. Toni had a bunch of stuff that needed filed by Monday, so Anna, Kade and Jaxsen did chores. Kaine had a basketball game in Connell, dad went and watched him. Still no sign of the clothes bag or belt buckled. I posted it on Facebook and it was shared by all my friends, thanks everyone. Hopefully the belt buckle turns up. It started snowing Monday night.

Tuesday we had some snow, not like there was in Pasco. Ben got up early to go and check the calving cows since it was so cold, of course Jaxsen’s cow Cutie Pie calved in the cold, Jaxsen named his calf Spark. Ben gave him some colostrum, the calf was up and doing good when he left. Ben got the water broke and show animals fed. Kids had a two hour delay. When Toni checked 713T had calved, she gave her some straw and 604 was acting like she was going to calve. 604 had calved when Ben and Kicker went out to check later and 634 calved Tuesday night. Kaine had another basketball game on Tuesday, the boys played the best they have ever played. Mrs Booker got her boys subway on the way, she brings a handful of boys whose parents are all at work, and Kaine got a pizza pocket before. I think we decided they all needed a small meal before the game. Chores were a delight in the cold I hear.

No new calves on Wednesday, and it was COLD COLD COLD. We are getting central air put into our house, so Toni stopped and talked to Mike and Mike’s son on her way back by from checking. No basketball practice on Wednesday, so all of the kids got to help with chores. Toni said that chores were a lot of fun with the snow pelting he in the eyes. Anna huddles against Toni’s back as they drive the Polaris around to do chores, some of which are north bound, with wind and snow coming from the north. Not fun. Kaine and Kade both had goggles and thought the snow was a lot of fun. They wanted to hang off the bank of the 4 wheeler trailer and slide on the snow. Toni and Anna were not as impressed. Ben and Kicker were in a little earlier than the night before, so the water must have been working with them on Wednesday. While I was loading the dish washer Wednesday night, I got a fork shoved up under my thumb nail.

Thursday I have a lot of pain in my thumb. So I text my nurse cousins to ask them if it looked normal for a fork injury, and as long as I am up to date on my vaccinations I am good and just need to watch for infection. It was slightly warmer on Thursday, so that was an improvement. It was Toni’ day to go and stay with grandma, so she got everyone Chinese for lunch, so Jay would not criticize her cooking. Then it turned out that Jay was home sick, but the Chinese was still good. Kaine was supposed to have basketball practice Thursday after school, but it started snowing to practice was canceled. The boys went sledding after chores until it was too dark to see. Allegedly they “dumped” Jaxsen out of the sled. They say that they tripped and he fell out. No harm done other than a grudge match between the two older boys and the little boy.

Friday mom went over to sit with grandma, she took lasagna over. And yes it is sitting. Grandma thinks she is fine and doesn’t know why everyone is making such a fuss. Yeah, a fractured pelvis is nothing to fuss over! Toni checked the cows, no new calves. We had more snow on Thursday night and Friday. Toni and the kids did chores, the boys went sledding. Russy calved on Friday and decided she does not want a Hereford calf, she wants an Angus calf. So now Anna has a bottle calf again. Russy is not on the favorite list anymore. Friday I received a list of “to do” items from Toni that needed to be done over the weekend. But then I found out that Toni and the kids did most of them. The yearling colts had gotten some of their fence down, so they fixed it. Jackpot has been hitting his panels and needed one replaced, so they started on that. King has a bit of a limp, that was checked, and nothing to do there. So we just need to finish replacing the panel and check the mares over the weekend, and everything else that will need to get done.

Saturday We tagged the calves that were born during the week and went down and checked the cows and calves in the other corn field. Ben worked on his room and Anna and I got the heifers in off of the hill and got their calves tagged and the calved heifers turned out. Angus cow 926 calved, finally had a bull calf.

Sunday the sun was out and the snow was melting. We got the bulls in and got yearling weights and poured on them. Then we got all of the steers in and did the same. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I fed the cows and heifers, so when Kicker came down they could get all of the hay loaded, and then put out grass bales down at mom and dads. The boys were disappointed they could not sled, but most of the snow is now gone. The rest of us are happy about the lack of snow. Also, Kaine rode Pocket around and he is going to claim her as his next horse.

And last but not least, Whim is doing great over with Josh. He is planning on riding him on Thursday.


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If there are ice cream trucks in the summer then why aren’t there Starbucks trucks in the winter?

Monday the kids struggled back at school. Toni checked cows and then went over to Connell and sat with Grandma, Toni was told her cooking was not up to par. But since noone’s cooking compares to Grandma’s, it isn’t really an insult. We just all realize that she is the best cook around. Kaine had basketball practice afterschool so Toni stayed long enough to pick him up. Kade and Jaxsen did most of chores, yes, Jaxsen did complain a lot about them. Toni got there for her, Kade and Kaine to finish up in the back. Ben came down and got Anna and she went and helped him feed hay. Kicker is gone to meetings, so the team is missing a teammate. We all work together to get the chores done, but if one person is gone, it takes so strategy to get everything done. No new calves on Monday. Also, Sunday when we came home from Moses Lake Jewels had somehow hurt her back leg and could not really move. She was doing a little better by Monday, she can get up with help and then hobble around.

Tuesday was mom’s day to go to Connell, so dad took her over. The kids were still not adjusting well to going back to school, maybe a touch of sickness also going around. Kade stayed home sick. Toni checked cows, again no new calves in the morning, but there were two when Ben got home from work. An Angus calf out of 303 and an Angus/Hereford calf out of a Hereford heifer. Kaine had a basketball game Tuesday after school, so dad went and picked mom up from Connell and then they went and watched him and brought him home. Mom said grandma is doing pretty good, but is still in pain. Dad said he was the #1 rebounder, great job Kaine. Also, the twins and Marlo went and watched him play, so he was really excited. Toni went down and helped Ben feed the cows since Kicker is gone. Toni and the kids rushed chores for the horses to get over to help Ben. Anna, Kade and Jaxsen fed the bottle calf, Lewis (his twin brother is Clark), and fed Loud (Jaxsen’s cow that is in the barn because she had a mummified calf a few weeks ago and she is getting antibiotics so she does not get septic. Also, she wanted a calf so Cole is on her). Update on Jewels, she is able to get up on her own and is still hobbling around.

Wednesday was cousin Kendel’s day with Grandma. Kaine did not have basketball, so he was home to help with chores. Have I ever said that I think the kids play sports to get out of doing chores? Dad and Toni took Whim to Ami’s house, so he could make a trip to Josh’s on Thursday to start his training. He is ready to move onto the next step of his life. Whim loves attention and people, so was easy to catch, loaded great, was a bit skeptical at Ami’s but didn’t do anything bad. Toni and Dad got to take a look at a couple of Ami’s high powered import horses. It is always really fun to see horses that are both outside the comfort zone and the price range to ever own. Toni and Dad made it home and Toni helped with back chores.

Thursday Jax stayed home sick. There was a mention from Jax that it wasn’t “fair” that the other kids got to stay home sick and he had not, but he really was sick, how sick is the question. Dad and Doug Buss went to the farm fair. They saw the twins, Marlo and grandma Morter at Cousins. Then, dad and mom went to Kaine’s basketball game and brought him home. On the way home Kaine realized he had forgotten his clothes bag at school, which had his belt buckle in it. Kade and Anna help Toni with chores and then they went and helped Ben feed cows. Kicker got home from his business trip Thursday night.

I did not work Friday, so I got to check cows. No new calves. Toni had an early morning meeting, so she was gone to that. She said the trip to Ritzville in the snowy blizzard was not ideal, but she made it there and back. After checking everything I started cleaning the office, we had to move everything around because we are getting central air and the furnace is going in there. So I spent all day cleaning and moving furniture. Toni was excited because she got some new camera batteries and shoes that I had found in the office. Toni is into free stuff. Mostly because she is cheap. Kaine checked around all over the school and his clothes bag was missing. We turned Shiner and Jojo out, halter breaking is officially done, except Runner who is not weaned.

Saturday we got the cows in and sorted off most of the pairs and moved them to a different corn field. We left three of the smaller calves because I did not want to trail them that far, yes, I left them, big drama. LOL. Sorting went well and the cows moved pretty good, all of the horses did great, that was the first time Friday and been ridden out in cornstalks, and sometimes horses don’t like stalks. Friday also has a new thing when she doesn’t want to do something, she shakes her head no. It is really funny. Kaine didn’t want to ride Riley, so he drove the pick-up. Toni has to get a new horse in for him. The good news is that when you have as many horses as we have, if you don’t like the one you are riding, you just go pick a new one. Toni is leaning towards Pocket for him. Toni went home and worked in the afternoon and the kids and I continued to work on the office.

Sunday Toni, Kicker and the boys went to town to get some parts Kicker needed. Ben and Jay hauled hay, we were almost out, and Kaine, Anna and I finished the office. Whitney came over and got some stuff, a desk and some stuff for Kasen, Natalie and Savannah. Ben and Kicker hauled grass hay down to the horses at the house in the afternoon and we did chores. Another week in the books. Luckily so far the weather has been pretty decent. Lets just hope it stays that way!

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As the clock strikes twelve, may you have the stamina to wish all of your in-numerous Facebook Friends a Happy New Year.

December has been relatively warm, we had a light brushing of snow Monday morning, but not too bad, and it melted off fairly quickly. It has been a touch windy, but it always is. Dad had physical therapy on his shoulder Monday, and then he stopped by and got Kaine and took Kaine home with him. Mom and Kaine played cards and board games most of the day. Anna and Ben went to town and got supplies for Ben’s remodeling project. Toni was busy most of the day with some big cases she is working on. She has a couple of big Federal cases, some big bankruptcy and lots of other stuff. Toni, Kaine, Kade and Jaxsen did chores, I think Jaxsen just fed Kool and Double, but it was hard work. The three older kids are getting kind of irritated that Jax only has one small job, yet he complains like he does the most work of anyone. Nellie and Shiner are in to get haltered and both already act like this is old news. Anna has completely taken over Nellie. Toni really wants me to take Shiner off the for sale page and lets just see how he does. Shiner is priced pretty high, so I am not as worried about it as she is.

Tuesday was even warmer then Monday, we woke up to rain and not snow. We also woke up to 11 year old 808 having twin bulls by Eathington Sub-Zero, and a Hereford heifer having a black ballie heifer calf. I had work, so Toni and the kids did chores at the normal time. The foals were already ready to tie. Tuesday night we went to our cousins’ house for a game night in the show barn. We had a lot of fun playing Codename, the card game Golf, and Memes. We left at 12:01.

We had a couple of heifers born on the 1st, Toni’s heifer, 543, 843 and 337 all calved. Ben’s last day home on his winter break, he was hard at work on his remodel project, that he thought he would be done with by now (not even close). We took down our Christmas decorations, we normally leave them up longer, I don’t know why we decided to do it. Then we went down to do chores and take new pictures of some of the yearlings. The weather was absolutely perfect. This is such a great group of foals. The weather is so nice it feels like spring in Jan. It was the perfect first day of 2020.

Ben went back to work. Worst day ever. Katie calved on the 2nd, a nice bull calf for Kade, so far all that guy has are bulls. Anna and Kaine went and checked the cows, Toni and Dad were on standby if something went wrong. On Kaine and Anna’s second check 633 had had a nice bull calf. The kids all went down and helped Toni with chores and worked on the foals. Nellie and Shiner are ready to get turned back out, they are doing awesome. We found out late in the afternoon on Thursday that our Grandma fell down and fractured her pelvis.

Friday 341 had a nice heifer calf. Chad came out and Toni, Chad and Kade trimmed horses and Bunny’s feet. Toni found out that Bunny likes wheat thins. Pow and Sally love Bunny, so they were really upset that Bunny was locked away from them, so they stood at the fence next to her trying to untie her and get her halter off. Toni told me I owed her a pizza for holding Bunny, so I told her I would get her the cheapest cheese pizza they had at Winco.

Saturday was a big calving day, when Ben went out and checked heifers, Kaine’s bottle calf, she is now a two year old and not a calf, had a cute heifer calf by Black Onyx. 530 had a heifer calf by Raindance and 452 had a heifer calf by our herd bulls. Later when we went out to check, 522T had a bull calf by Eric, our 10Y son. We were busy all day Saturday, but I could not tell you exactly what with. We tagged calves, I updated our cattle records, Ben worked on his remodel, Toni worked on cases, she had billing she needed to do, and had not gotten done yet. Just lots of stuff going on. Toni let Nellie out and got Jojo in, then Toni and I got a halter on her, and we worked on Jojo and Shiner. We wanted to keep the biggest for last.

Sunday Jaxsen’s cow, Noisey, calved and he named her Alicia Keys, and he is planning on showing her. He really named her Music, but I told him that wasn’t acceptable. It took some hard negotiating to get him off of Music. Multiple discussions about their theme this year for naming. He finally decided Alicia Keys was acceptable. After we got done tagging calves Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to Moses Lake, to get more supplies to for Ben’s remodeling project and get Toni a cheese pizza, and a Papa Murphy’s pizza which she already figured I was going to do. Mom and Dad had lunch with cousin John and his wife Cindy in Moses Lake. Toni and Kicker showed a couple of guys the beef heifers we have left. Then Toni worked on clients and billing. Toni has been under the weather for about a week with coughing, sore throat, etc, so she may have rested a tiny bit over the weekend too. Then, I worked on Jojo and Anna worked on Shiner, I had Anna let Shiner go and go and feed Double, since Jax had not quite made it down yet. Then, Toni got there, so Jaxsen finished his chore, Kade and Kaine did front chores and Toni worked on Jojo for a while. Both foals are doing great. King and Louie had gotten out with the mares, but they don’t realize they are stud colts, so they came running back in when we shook the grain bucket. We need to rebuild that fence too, so another thing on the to do list! We are hoping that this weather continues to be perfect for calving as we continue getting lots of calves in January.

Also, we still have a few 2019 foals left for sale if anyone is looking for a one.

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“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.” -Andy Rooney

The day before Christmas Eve, the weather has been nice for calving, the calves are all frisky, running around bucking. Toni had a big meeting in the afternoon, so the 3 big kids did chores, and Jaxsen fed Double and Kool. However, he is having trouble getting the buckets all the way full, so the kids told him they were going to start checking all of his buckets. It may be that he doesn’t care. Toni brought the kids hot drinks from Othello as a thank you for getting chores done again.

No new calves on Christmas Eve, however, a few cows looked like they were going to have Christmas calves. Anna and I worked on Lightening Bug and Stormy, both foals are doing great. We had the four kids go stand out with the foals and we got our annual Christmas picture with them. Then we went down to cousin Jennys for Christmas Eve. We all had a great time, we have a white elephant gift exchange and have soups. The kids had their own white elephant gift exchange this year, they had a lot of fun. Then we played a saran wrap ball game, which is fun if you haven’t played it.

Christmas Day we get up and go down to mom and dads and open stockings and presents, then Kicker, Toni, Kade and Jaxsen head to Clarkston for Christmas with the Meachams. They said the roads were great and it was smooth sailing up there. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went home and checked cows, one Christmas calf so far. A Hereford heifer calf by KT Small Town Kid. Then we finished up the ham and mashed potatoes and went back down to mom and dads. After dinner we all played the card game golf, except Skip, he did not want to play. Then Ben, then kids and I went home and fed the cows, and we had another Christmas calf, an Angus heifer by Raindance. Anna and I went back down to do chores and Ben and Kaine fed the heifers and steers. Then we went back out and checked and the cows and Kaine’s heifer had calved has he has a heifer calf by Black Onyx. We all had a great Christmas and could not have asked for more.

Thursday was back to work for me. Toni, Kicker and the boys were in Clarkston for a few more days. Kaine and Anna are in charge of chores at the house. It sounds like they did a good job. Anna said that Stormy wasn’t acting respectful towards her. Stormy loves Anna, but she sees her more as an equal than the boss. Stormy is great towards Toni and I. Anna has decided that Stormy is not her favorite foal anymore, now she loves Peanut. Peanut is a Dude filly and looks like Anna’s old horse Midget. There is talk that we may just have to keep Peanut. Dad and Kaine took uncle Skip to the Adams County Pet Rescue to look at dogs, but Skip did not find the one he was looking for. We don’t really know what the right dog is, I don’t think he knows yet either, but will know when he sees it. Ben has been hard at work working on the remodel he is doing to our laundry room. However, we are going on a week without a washer and dryer, things are getting scary.
Friday Toni, Kicker and the boys made it back from Clarkston. Toni’s heifer calved first thing in the morning, had a cute Angus calf by Black Onyx. Then, in the afternoon, Toni’s braford cow also calved. Toni and Anna worked on Lightening bug and Stormy, both fillies are doing awesome. Stormy is a typical Double, just wants to get along and be good. Lightening Bug is also very friendly, but has more go to her.

Saturday we checked cows and tagged the angus calves that needed tagged, I forgot to grab the Hereford and commercial tags. 337 had a Raindance calf that morning, and she got tagged too. Anna and I ran to Othello to get some parts for Ben’s remodel, a few groceries and some cattle supplies, a float, an end for the faucet to hook the float too, etc. Anna went and got a picture by her picture at NW Farm Supply, they bought her Benton Franklin Steer. Ben and Kaine moved the bulls back up to the house, it is cold enough the lake is freezing and Ben is worried a bull will go out on the ice and break through. When we got back from town Ben, Anna and I put out some big grass hay bales and put another feed bunk it at mom and dads. Then, Toni and I worked on Lightening bug and Stormy and then we turned them out. Kaine and Kade did front chores, Anna helped us with the fillies. That evening we went up to the Nists house and had our annual Bl 11 Christmas Party. We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone.

Anna got up early on Sunday and took Erika and Kenzie riding, they had to go early because Erika was leaving to fly out at 9:30. Toni and Ben went out and helped saddle the horses and get the girls off. Kensie needed a refresher on what to do, but it all came back to her quickly, so the girls were off. Toni and Ben went out in the bull pen and took pictures of the bulls we have for sale. After that Ben, Anna and I went out and checked the cows, Anna and Ben had went through them really fast beforehand and Kicker’s heifer had a nice bull calf by Black Onyx. We noticed that Jaxsen’s cow was acting funny so we got her in so Ben could see what was going on. The poor girl’s calf died a few months ago and she was trying to abort the fetus. It has both legs back and was stuck and swollen. We worked on her for 2.5 hours. We got the legs going the right way and we gave her some pain medicine and antibiotics. Then we had lunch and watched the end of the Seahawks game. After that we went out and finished tagging the calves. Toni texted she was down at mom and dads so Kaine and I went down to help. Anna thought she needed a nap since she was up early so we left her at home. Toni had already gotten Shinner and Nellie in, our next victims, and she had already haltered Nellie in the pen. So we kind of cornered Shinner and got his halter on and both are already about ¾ halter broke. The boys did the front chores and we did the back chores. We had a nice, busy weekend.

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Dear Santa, Before I explain, how much do you know already? ~ Anon

Monday was not too cold of a morning. Toni had 4 hearings, so she had told the kids on Sunday night she did not know if she would be home for chores. So we had knocked a couple of hay bales down for them and put the old mare feed on the trailer. Anna and Kaine had Dr appts Monday afternoon so Ben took them to those. Kade’s cow, Bayley, had a clubby bull calf that had a leg back caught, so Ben and Kicker pulled it. We also had an Angus heifer, which is Anna’s, had a bull. Also on Monday, the kids had a great surprise in the mail, Keshia and Anna from Fantasy Stables sent them new cards for the Fantasy Ranch game.

Tuesday Kaine woke up sick, so he stayed home from school. Jaxsen said he was sick too, but he was trying to get out of a dentist appointment. It is always great when you come back to your desk from the lunch room and have 4 texts from your neighbor. So I just called him as I was looking and said, nope, not our cows Doug, did you try so and so? Yes, I tracked down the owner for him. For some reason when any livestock is out, we seem to be the people to ask who said animal belongs to. Maybe because we are nosey? At least it has come in handy! Salbia and Magic Freckles were doing awesome. Toni hasn’t touched Salbia since the halter went on, the kids just took her over completely. 311 had a heifer calf by Stunner Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning there were two new calves when Ben went out to check, a bull clubby calf by Loaded for Bear and a Hereford heifer by KT Small Town Kid 5051. Toni, Ben and Dr. King bangs vaccinated heifers on Wednesday, so Ben and Kicker got them in Tuesday night when they fed hay. Kaine was still home sick. Toni and Ben also tagged Kade’s clubby calf and got him turned out of the barn. Dad went and got lunch for everyone from Subway. While Dr King was out, they put Big Mama down, she had started to have significant rotation in her club foot, and fixed a hernia on Leslie colt. Ben went out and checked the cows after Dr King left and Kicker’s cow, 403M had calved. She had a bull calf.

Thursday we woke up to a skiff of snow and a Winter Weather Advisory. Then the afternoon turned to rain, which froze on the snow and on the windshields. Kaine was home sick again. Dad and Mom had to run to the tri-cities for more doctors’ appointments. Luckily Dad was cleared to drive so Toni had a reprieve and stayed home to work.

The weather warmed up over the night and was warm the next morning, so all snow and ice had melted. Meghan, Patrick, Lily and Henry braved the pass and picked up Spotty and Salbia and took them home. Spotty loaded like a champ, but Ben had to push Salbia in the trailer. Of course she hadn’t been loaded before, so that is more our fault than hers. Both of these two foals are two of our favorites. Neither knows any strangers and we are excited to see them go to this family. Lily and Henry wanted to go see the “cow” but Henry was not a fan of Rocky when they got up close. Lily was game to go ahead and “ride the bull.” Rocky is a pretty good sport about tolerating children. Kaine was finally feeling better and went to school. Kade and Jaxsen had a Christmas program in the afternoon, so Toni picked up all of the kids and took them and got them milkshakes after school. Kade got to play his trombone in the concert, so that was fun.

Saturday was a warm and beautiful day. We got up and tagged calves. The last two clubbies were born on Saturday. Then we went down and got more pictures of the bulls. Ben and Kaine worked on the remodel in our house. Toni came done and we got the little trailer and hauled Lightening bug and Stormy to the house to halter break. We also put Kools in with Double so she had a barn and put Lady bug and Smoke in with Katie and Ivy. Kaine and Kade did all of chores because Anna, Toni and I were moving stuff around. Jaxsen DID feed Double. Roger from Colfax came out and looked at Angus bull #826. Also on Saturday the kids got to open their presents from Grandma Sherri and Linda and Patricia, they loved them.

Sunday we tagged the two clubbies born the day before. Also, Anna has been wanting to put an ugly sweater on Libby the cow to see if she makes on it KEPR ugly sweater pet contest. So we tied a sweater around her neck and took pictures of her and send them in. We are probably too late to make it on. Then Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to town and got more supplies for the remodel. We also got groceries. Helen and Terry came out and Toni sold them some meat. When we got back, Toni and Kicker fed the cows, then Ben and Kicker put out grass straw to the horses and Anna and Toni worked on the foals and Coco, Kade, Kaine and I did most of chores. Jaxsen fed Double AND Kool, and he is NOT happy that his chores doubled. He is so unhappy he went in the house and told grandma on us. He might be annoyed with us enough to tell Grandma Sherri when he sees her on Wednesday. It did him no good.

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“Nothing burns like the cold.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

By Monday, we are what, 5 days in to the NFR? Guess who headed to Las Vegas, Yes, Toni and Kicker, which is why she was unavailable to read my post last Monday. Grandma Sherri is now retired, so she came down to stay with Kade and Jaxsen. Kaine had basketball practice Monday and the three older kids did chores, Jaxsen fed Double. Anna worked on Double Shot and Ty, Kaine fed down the driveway and Kade worked on the water. King was in with the older mares, so the kids had Ben come down and help them get him out. Ben also worked on the Polaris, since it is still not running, and put a battery charger on it. Chores took so long Sherri came down before they got done.

Tuesday we had a heifer calf by KR Direct Deposit and out of 405 and a Entice bull calf. There was no power at the school in the morning, but it came back on before the kids got sent home for the day. Chores went better for the kids on Tuesday, Anna said both of the colts did great, Kaine and Kade did front chores and water while she worked on the colts. Jaxsen fed Double and then went in to the house. All three bigger kids did back chores. Grandma Sherri came down and got Kade and Jaxsen and they went home and made ornaments that turned out pretty cool. I am disappointed I was not invited. Caleb and Kelten from Farmers Electric stopped by to assist Ben on a little remodel he is working on. I think that Ben learned it is not as little as he was hoping.

Wednesday I took dad down to his post op from this shoulder surgery, it is healing really well, he is cleared to drive and he is starting physical therapy in a week. Then we took mom to get her blood drawn and I took dad to get a coffee while mom was in giving blood. After I took them home, I went back to work. Toni and Kicker boarded their plan at 1 and headed back to WA. The kids had high hopes that Toni would make it back for chores, but you know how flying goes, she did not.

Thursday was our board meeting at work. Ben is at weed school so Toni checked cows. Our club calf experiment continues into this year and we had our first one of this calving season. A black Dakota Gold heifer with a dash of white on her face, Whitney says her name should be Dasher. Anna says she was born on Kaine’s birthday so he should have first dibs showing her. Toni said that checking was really junky in the fog, and took lots of excessive driving around the field to hopefully find all the cows. Toni was supposed to have court in the morning but it was pushed back to the afternoon, and then it was continued. Ben brought pizza home for Kaine’s birthday and we had lemon pie for dessert that mom made. We had two more calves on the ground when Ben got home. Kaine turned 12 on 12-12. That is pretty cool.

3 more Angus calves when Ben checked Friday morning, 2 heifers and a bull. I cannot think of what happened on Friday, other than I had to go to work. I know Toni had a bunch of work to catch up on too. Well, Friday must have been work, work, and more work. Chores got done, everyone lived through it, so it was a good day. We celebrated Kaine’s birthday at Mom and Dad’s on Friday night. Ben made meatballs for dinner. Ben is really good at cooking things that are mostly made with meat. Mom cooked up some noodles so we had a kind of balanced meal. Uncle Skip wasn’t able to make it Friday night in time for dinner, but the rest of the family was there.

Saturday Kaine had a basketball tournament all day in Connell, so I was in there. Toni was working on preparing documents for her hearings on Monday (4 of them). Anna and Ben got the cows in and sorted off the 4 late calvers that we were selling. Then, after they turned them out 7 cows decided to calve. Toni and Kade did chores and when Kaine and I got home it was time to go over to Grandma’s for the Nov – Jan birthday party.

We had a lot of fun at the birthday party, we celebrated all of the people turning 40, Toni, Leslie, Nick, Kendel and Bree, we celebrated Uncle Tom turning 70, and we celebrated everyone else too. We had a baked potato and chili bar, lots of drinks, lots of presents, and a piñata. Then it started snowing and we went home in the snow. Anna’s cow, Taffy, was calving when we left. So Anna and I went out to check on her. Of course she was in the last place we looked, so checking took many hours. We finally found her, with a live healthy calf, around midnight.

Sunday the couple that came out and looked at the 4 cows bought them. Ruthless’ owners came out and got him, he loaded and got caught like a champ. They also wanted to look at Cue, so he got brought in and caught. We tagged all 17 calves that needed tagged. We let Ty and Double Shot out and put Salbia and Magic Freckles in to halter break, which was just put the halter on Salbia and BAM she was halter broke. No joke. Magic Freckles isn’t quite as good, but she is pretty good too. Neither one of them had to drag their lead ropes, they come right up to whomever is around. They are not shy. Then Kaine opened up his presents from Uncle Skip, so Kaine got to celebrate his birthday Thursday through Sunday, but again, he was 12 on 12-12, that is a special birthday. After that we all headed home to rest up before another week begins.

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“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” –Abraham Lincoln

Monday started out as a pretty good day. It was a little chilly, but let’s face it, it is December. It is the first of the month so I am working on financial statements at work. Toni and Anna go the halters on Ty and Double Shot, they said they were pretty good, they both did better than Ruthless I. But, he is a little hotter type of colt then they are. But then it all went to hell in a hand basket after that. I had weaned the three babies off of the older mares the day before, and apparently I had not double and triple checked the panels, I had not checked them all since I had checked them a few days before when I had put Jackpot in the pen for a few hours. Anyway, they got out and Kool Kat was fatally injured. Also, Sunday when we were checking bulls I noticed T826 was missing. We looked all over the pen, in with the cow, in with the heifers, no sign of him. Ben, Kicker and Jay found him, he had died and was in a hole and 90% eaten by coyotes. So no way of knowing how he died. So, Monday ended terribly, but, sometimes that is how things go in life, you have to learn to take the bad days with the good. Hopefully this is not how December goes.

Tuesday dad had shoulder surgery so Toni was up early to take him in. The surgery went great and dad was home Tuesday night when I got home. The kids were supposed to have chores done when Toni and dad got there but the 4 wheeler would not start. So Toni had to help them switch 4 wheelers and they did chores.

Wednesday through Friday I was in Spokane at a WSWRA conference. I learned lots of new things and had a lot of fun. Wednesday at home, Kade had math team after school. So Anna, Kaine and Jaxsen did chores. Then Toni took Anna and Kaine home after she got there. Dad is doing better, but still in a lot of pain. Thursday Toni was in meetings for court on Friday, so Kade and Kaine did chores, Anna was sick, and Jaxsen might have been there, Kade di d not say when he was giving me the report. I was home Friday at around 2. Anna was till sick, Jaxsen fed Double and Kaine, Kade and I did chores. The two bigger boys have been doing a great job making sure everything gets watered and draining the hose while dad has been out. Toni got down there in time to get Jaxsen and take him to his last cub scout meeting.

Saturday was a typical busy December day. We tagged the calves that have been born, 1 Angus bull and 1 Hereford heifer. Ben and Kaine went to Moses Lake to get farm diesel for the White tractor. Anna and I cleaned up outside around the house. John H. texted and had some great deal on a buckskin Doc Bar granddaughter, so he brought her out. Toni ran Jaxsen in to a birthday party. Ben and I put out grass bales. John got there with the mare, we did chores and then Toni went to get Jaxsen. While feeding at the corral John, Anna and I could not find Smoke, the pony from when Toni and I were little. We looked all over until it got dark. There was a bad spot in the fence so we thought she got out with the rest of the horses, we drove around looking out there until dark, no Smoke. Toni and Kicker had a Simplot party, so Kade and Jaxsen went home with me.

Sunday was another productive day. Leslie took Kaine, Kade, Anna and cousins Christmas shopping for their parents. It has been an annual tradition since they were little, and they had a great time. Dark Knights, Kade’s cow that was a show heifer, was calving and looked like she was having issues, so we got her in. Ben and I pulled the calves and she had twin bulls by Basin Yuma. Nicole texted and wanted them named after her, so Kade named them Nic and Cole. Then, Ben and I ran to Lowes to get supplies for a home remodel that Ben is doing. We went to Basin Feed to get milk to one of the twins and they had the cutest little puppies, toy size, so they fit in your pocket. We got back, then Toni and I got the mares in and took the last 7 out to winter pasture. Leslie came and got Luna, the last outside mare to leave, or she took her after she dropped off the kids. And guess what, Smoke was back in her pen, just fine from wherever she had gone. I am assuming out in the winter pasture with the horses. They are out on buckwheat with a lake and a lot of Russian Olive trees at the bottom. Also on Sunday night, 108 was calving and we had another Angus bull calf.

Normally I send this to Toni and she proof reads it and corrects my grammar, but is not available, so you will just have to read the rough draft. Also, Toni adds everything I forgot, so the forgotten stuff is still forgotten.

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“I can say the willingness to get dirty has always defined us as an nation, and it’s a hallmark of hard work and a hallmark of fun, and dirt is not the enemy.” –Mike Rowe

Monday was another beautiful sunny day, but a little on the cold side. Toni and the kids worked on the foals and they all did great. Toni had a meeting at 6:30 in Othello, so she took off to it afterwards. I took the kids home and the boys played hide and seek while I made dinner, and Anna did whatever teenagers do in their room.

Tuesday was another sunny cold morning, however, my phone says we had a high wind warning for the afternoon. Ben is off for the winter, so he has lots of projects around the ranch to work on. Toni and Anna have been working hard on Lala, Peanut and Ruthless I, they are all doing great. Peanut is a favorite. Since she is out of Dude, maybe we should keep her? At least that is what Toni and Anna keep telling me.

Wednesday I did not have not go to work and the kids only had a half day. Toni and Kicker went in to watch Sonny’s play where he was a narrator. Later I went and picked up the kids from school and we went and had lunch with grandma. She made the kids’ favorite, spaghetti, and they cleaned it up. Then we went home and the kids played and I went out and look pictures of the bulls that we have for sale. Then we went down and did chores.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving at Toni and Kicker’s house. Erina and Terry came up and had Thanksgiving with us. It has been the tradition lately that mom and dad show up late, Toni likes to eat at noon, if you have been around her at noon and she has not eaten, you know this to be true. So when dinner is not until 12:30-1 due to tardiness she is getting quite hangry. But, dinner was great and we are all thankful. We had prime rib, turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, green beans, stuffing, pies and more. Then we all did chores on a full stomach.

Friday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Sonny went to Clarkston to spend the weekend with the Meachams, getting their Christmas tree, shopping, bowling and more.

Anna, Kaine, Ben and I got the cows in and we worked the cows on Friday. It all went along pretty well until Kaine got kicked, then he was down to writing down numbers, Anna moved to shots and I started bringing the cows up. It all went pretty good. It was a little cold getting them in that morning, none of us wanted to admit it was winter and none of us wore insulated coveralls, we all just had on long johns. So we were all freezing by the time we got them in. Technically it is still fall!

Saturday morning we continued to move animals around so we had enough room for the bred heifers, Spokane steers, show heifers, fall show steers, steers that need more feed, steers that need less feed, two stallions and two heifers that are getting fed out. I think we need more pens. We tied up the steers and heifers since we had them in anyway moving everything around. Then John came and we got the 4 yearling colts in, his 2 and our 2. We wormed our two and got a few of the cockle burrs out and John took his two home. Then the kids and I did chores and went home to warm up.

Toni, Kicker, Kade and Sonny got home Sunday with their tree and got it up and their Christmas decorations out. Anna, Ben and I checked all of the bulls and cows and got some more pics of them. We then got our Christmas decorations out and decorated some. Then Toni took the 4 kids over to a 4H Christmas party and I did chores. I turned out Lala and Peanut, and brought Ty and Double Shot in so they can get halter broke. I also weaned three of the tiny girls as it is time for that too. The three tiny girls got weaned at the corral next to their old mothers. They weaned great as they have been on feed since birth. All three are in the keeper pen. One is out of Ladybug and grulla, so mom won’t sell her. One is out of Blackie so Anna won’t sell her. And one is out of an old mare that we like, so Toni and I don’t want to sell her. This is how people get too many horses, refusing to sell them!


Also, Toni was cleaning her office Sunday night and found some old pictures. And in those old pictures were some of Kicker riding Double.


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“Go through life like a duck: Majestic on top, kicking like hell underneath. “ -Anonymous

Monday and the start of a new week and it was Anna’s 14th birthday. On her next birthday she can get her driver’s permit I hear, NO, I am not ready, but really, whoever is? Toni went down early to show Patricia “her” foal, Nellie. On her way she saw a cow was out and got her in. Also, we planned to send a mare out on Monday, so Toni got her in, and one of the outside mares, but neither ended up going anywhere. Toni had her Dr apt Monday as well, to see what had been ailing her. Turns out she has to have her gall bladder taken out, she is a chronic colicker. The kids and Coco did chores, Coco was here for a day. Then we had a birthday for Anna at my house with tuna casserole, left over bacon wrapped shrimp and salmon, left over hotdogs and German dogs for Kaine and Kade, salad and pumpkin pie.

Tuesday was Toni’s 40th Birthday, a big day. She took Kade to the Dr and then Kicker met them in town and they went to Chinese for lunch and got Desserts by Kelly for dessert. Then she got to do chores with the kids and the kids and I made her tacos for dinner. Kendel made her an awesome cake that told her she was old, but Toni reminded Kendel that she is not far behind.

Wednesday was a beautiful day, above average temps, the sun is shining. Dad took our grass fed heifer into McCarys to get butchered, we still have a half left if anyone needs some grass fed beef. We had a couple come from Seattle and decide to take Posie home. They were a great fit all the way around. Posie hadn’t been trailered before, but everyone took their time and she loaded calmly, but slowly. Tennelle picked up Anna and Kaine from school to get their hair cut, they were looking pretty scraggily Leslie went and picked them up after school so they could see grandma. We stopped at mom and dads on our way home so they could approve. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen did chores and lead the foals. Doc Hollywood is the pen favorite. He is a typical Leroy foal, so born halter broke and friendly.

Thursday was another sunny beautiful day with above average temperatures. The foals that are in are dong awesome. Toni and the kids have been doing a great job on them.
We woke up to fog and cold on Friday, but not terrible. Toni and Kicker went to Spokane to celebrate Toni’s birthday for the weekend and go to a restaurant she had wanted to go to. Double Down left to his new home, and it has been reported back from his hauler that he made it to his destination safely.

It was foggy and cold again on Saturday, the kids, Ben and I worked the calves. The four kids were all great help. At ten Darryl came and got Doc Hollywood, he loaded great and left to his new home in Yakima. Then, after we worked all of the calves the three older kids decided they needed to work on steers. So they caught their three clubby steers by the house and took them for a walk. They also had them tied in the barn all day. Dad and the three boys ran into Connell and got us pizza for dinner from the pizza station, it was great.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. Alvina was coming out to look at show steers, so we got the calves in again and she picked her steer out. Then we went down to trim horses, Chad trimmed the riding horses first, so the kids rode them back up to the house bareback and Alvina rode Friday. Toni texted she was home and had caught horses for Chad to trim at mom and dads. So Katie and I dropped Chad off down there with Toni and then Katie and I went back so Katie could get their truck and Alvina then they headed down there. The kids and I ate lunch.

The three older kids and Ben worked the steers and Jaxsen and I went and opened some gates up for the horses to go into different pastures. Then we went and looked at some more steers and then went and got the other kids to look. Kaine bought one more clubby steer and Kade has to try to convince his dad he needs another one. Toni was half done with chores when I got done there. So we got some pictures and a video of Lala and Whim. Then haltered Ruthless and Peanut. Overall a very productive weekend.

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