We are currently in what they call the “dog days of summer.” I get it. It is doggone hot to be working like a dog. 

Monday was another scorcher. Toni had a busy Monday with cases.  Geral came Monday afternoon to look at yearling colts, since I was at work and Toni was interviewing witnesses on a case, Anna got to show Geral the colts, but only because we know Geral and have known him for years. When they got down to look at the colts the fence was down around the haystack, so Anna propped it back up enough for us to fix when we did chores. Toni and the kids had it back up when I got home to do chores.  It was really hot out, Toni tried to motivate us to go and do more fencing after chores but none of us went along with it. Mom had made some pies, because she had 12 egg yolks she had to use, so we had pie. Kade went home with Toni, so Anna and Kaine fed the steers and heifers, Mud the bottle calf had a bad eye, so we doctored his eye too.

And Tuesday it is still hot, hot, hot, but Thursday is supposed to be the hottest day. Then the weekend should not feel too bad after we get used to the triple digits. Toni finally got in to get her hair done, we were starting to think that Tennelle must not like her anymore since the rest of us got in weeks ago. We all told Toni is was too hot to build fence, she is getting used to the heat, and likes the heat, so she did not agree, so we boycotted and had more pie. Toni had more witness interviews Tuesday afternoon, so she really didn’t push too hard on the fence building.

Wednesday morning Eddie left, the latest outside mare to leave.  We are down to just a few left. The kids are still working on their steers, getting them ready for the few fairs that are having virtual shows and sales. The three purchased clubbies get to come in the barn during the day since it is so hot outside, so the kids still have to clean the barn at night. Beebee is still getting doctored, she is in part of the barn, but she still thinks it is too hot. Toni and I hooked up the trailer Wednesday night so dad could take a load of beef cows to Toppenish on Thursday.

Thursday morning Ben got the cows in and then went to pull the gooseneck around, but  the wires had shorted out, the brakes were locked up, and the battery was dead on the pickup. He was still working on that when Toni got down to load the cows. Toni and Anna had to put the bull calf that we pulled off of one of the cows in a pen, and even though Ben thought it was stupid, they put him in with Beebee.  That way he gets part of the barn and gets grain without having to compete with a bunch of other calves that have already all been together.  Ben got the breaks and wires fixed and dad headed out. Dad made it down and back and everything was great. Toni and mom took the kids swimming at Aunt Peggy and Uncle Toms, Traci met her there with Natalie, Savannah, Kayla, Ady and Julian. All of the kids had a great time.  Toni took them to Dairy Queen after and Dairy Queen no longer has shakes (FYI Kaine is very vanilla, he does not like blizzards, he wants a vanilla shake), they no longer have orange Julious, no smoothies,  and their mini blizzards seem to have shrunk, so next week they are planning on going somewhere else. We convinced Toni it was still too hot to build fence after chores, however, with so many over 100 degree days, she is getting antsy to get back to fence building.  In case anyone was wondering, no fence fairies have shown up to build the fence for us.

Friday morning Ruby came down and worked on the steers again with the big kids, afterwards Lori came and got them and took them all up to her house to swim. This was all minus Jaxsen.  Toni had been working on a federal appeal brief with another attorney, which they got filed late afternoon on Friday, so that was a relief. While the kids did chores Toni and I marked our fence line where we will continue the continuous fence.  We had a strategy session about how we want to get it done, but we have a good plan.

Saturday morning Toni was meeting Donna and Lorenzo again, so he could compare his top picks.

She dropped Kade and Jaxsen off with me. We got the cows in again and looked for bad eyes, we had a lot of retreats, but not too many new bad eyes.  Toni came down when she got done and helped get them in and sort.  We have been riding bareback because of the heat. Really not sure that makes it any better, but it does make the kids better horsemen (horsepeople?). Ben showed up shortly after lunch and helped Dr. Then we got the bull calves in and did the same thing.  Next we went around and patched some fence,  hung some gates, etc.  We were done pretty early. Toni wanted to put some poles up, but I gave her the eye and said no. So we were done with all of that around 7, which is early for us. Kevin came after chores to look and bulls and bought 909, and he possibly wants some of the show steers that don’t go to any shows.  We still have hope that the majority of the steers will sell in virtual sales, but we need a backup plan.

Sunday Kicker took the boys boating, Anna did not want to go. Ben, Anna and I built a rock garden by our patio. Toni worked on her billing, then went out and checked studs and took 404 pictures. Toni also fixed some fence and texted me that she didn’t know why she was fixing fence.  Toni and I worked on the continuous fence while the kids did chores, and then the twins showed up to see everyone.  While the twins were visiting with the kids and looking at steers, Toni and I ran a big bale down to circle 3 in the LT (little Trojan).  Feed is getting low in the non-irrigated pastures.  With the heat and lack of rain, without the irrigation water, things would be bad!

We are currently in what they call the “dog days of summer.” I get it. It is doggone hot to be working like a dog.  But, work must go on. We are excited that we are still getting buyers out to look at our livestock in this heat.  We have some pretty fancy foals left for sale, a couple of yearlings, and Louie. We also have four bulls left and some steers.  None of the bulls left are low birth weight, but we will have low birth weight bulls available in the spring.  If anyone would like to come look at the ranch, please let us know!

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