On top of everything else, we are still chopping trees, getting circles ready for water, checking calves and foals, trying to get mares bred and cows bred. So normal life.

Monday was a nice day out, we got some rain. The kids did not have school on Monday, so Toni and the kids caught up on the things we did not get done over the weekend since we were at shows. Our local FSA office wanted to come out to tour the ranch. Bruce and Megan were supposed to come Tuesday but they showed up on Monday. Luckily Toni was just on a call and could go show them around. After lunch Toni and the kids went to move the horses and Queenie had foaled in the hour between when everyone was out there. So when they went to move the horses they left her out. They put Running Sparkles and Lura with Gunner, Shasta with Sagebug, Shorty with Tank, Izzy with Leroy, and Zoie with Dude. It was a real clean-out of the foaling circle, leaving only 7 mares out there. Then the kids caught their steers and heifers, Anna and Kade slicked their heifers. Dad took two bulls to Sheena to get semen checked and then dad and the boys picked them up.  I brought the camper into work for the mobile RV dr to do some quick fixes before fair season starts.

Tuesday was a typical spring day I would say, bouts of sun, bouts of rain, bouts of wind. Dad took his car into get the windshield fixed and then hauled a bull to Moses Lake. The boys did most of the chores, since Toni was getting ready for her court cases on Thursday and Friday. However, on their way to get a pole they saw a bunch of geese in the alfalfa field and decided to scare them off with the goose gun and got stuck. So Toni had to go down and rescue them. They then put the pole up in Jackpot’s pen and let Cinder out. Jay came over and helped the men put the track back on the Skidsteer.

                Wednesday we woke up to a bit of frost. Anna texted after she got to school that she had FFA practice after school so dad is picking the kids up. Annie foaled during the day last year, so Toni is hoping for a Wednesday foal. We are out of grass straw, so ordered another load from Chad. No Wednesday foal.

                Thursday Toni took a couple of hours off to spend time with one of her favorite little people, Evy. Evy is 2. They went over to Grandma’s to see Leslie’s bottle calf, some chicks, the dogs, and Reese and Kayla. Then over to Mom’s to see all of our foals. Evy is really into horses at 2. Kendel and Scarlett came over too for a bit. Then Mom and Toni took Evy in to lunch at Pizza Station, saw cousin Jay, some other friends, had a great lunch then came home to get back to work. Thursday after work the men brought grass straw down and put it out with the horses. Toni is still asking the mares to foal. It is has been a slow foaling week. Anna and Ben are going to Davenport with the BB crew on Saturday to the jackpot, so Anna has been clipping her steers after school. I asked Kaine what his and Camas’ Sadie Hawkins plans were for Friday, since I had not heard anything and Camas had just texted me that it was the next day. Kaine had no info and did not realize it was the next day. So he was scrambling to figure out what was going on, or was he??

Friday Annie finally foaled, a mini me colt, so her second mini me colt. She has been bred to Dude and had a bay that looked just like her, now Leroy with a foal that looks just like her. Good thing she is cute. Kendel was down at Mom’s talking to Toni and named him Oakley so we are calling him “Oak.” He is a cute colt by Leroy. Marlo came out and helped do chores. She was really excited Annie foaled since we have been watching Annie for weeks. Annie is going to be Aied to A Shiner Named Sioux so we have wanted her to get with it. Annie is one of our special mares, living next to the house because she requires regumate to stay pregnant every day. Dad took Kaine down to meet Megan and Camas. I met them with him that night and picked him up. He said he had fun. Kade practiced his roping Friday night, his dad pulled his roping sled for him.  Kade’s mom is too cheap to get him a real sled so he keeps trying to make one. This one worked for a while, but then the straw bale fell apart.

Saturday Ben, Anna and the BB Crew (Leslie, Traci, Ady, Juju and Natalie) left Connell at 5, so our house at 4:30. They had a great time at the Davenport show and the weather was enjoyable. Forest and his wife came out and looked at bulls and bought 169. Kaine helped me with the bulls. Cheyanne brought Benelli out and Toni took them around, to see her colt, Capone, and to see the other foals. Callie also brought out her mare Lucy to have a repro exam on Sunday, so she got to see the yearlings and a couple of the foals.  Kade had shooting practice, they are headed to state next weekend, he is really excited about making it his first year. I worked on the fence in circle 6 for a while, hopefully we get it done soon so we can turn Tank’s pen out. The boys worked on their steers and heifers in the afternoon. Toni and I got Queenie in and moved her and Duke in with Tank. We also turned Blackie and Baby Blackie out with Leroy

                Sunday the Meachams went out to brunch for their anniversary, Happy anniversary. I worked on the fence in circle 6 in the AM. Then went to start catching horses for Allie to ultrasound and Chad to trim. We had a full day planned for Sunday. Chad had to trim a pig at Kendel’s house first, and I guess it takes a while to trim a pig, holding it down etc. By the time he got to mom and dads I was starting to wonder how many pigs he was trimming. Toni got back shortly before Chad, so she held Jackpot, I held Tank, with moving mares around the studs can be a harder to do in the spring, but they both did great. Then we started trimming mares. We had a little rain shower in the mix and it got a bit chilly. Allie showed up to ultrasound mares when we were almost done trimming, so Toni, Allie and Allie’s daughter Lanie did mares while Chad and I finished the last two mares. Allie took Annie back with her to breed to A Shiner Named Sioux and Benelli back to bred to NZ Scotch Time.  We got done pretty late then needed to do chores.

On top of everything else, we are still chopping trees, getting circles ready for water, checking calves and foals, trying to get mares bred and cows bred. So normal life.  We are also getting ready to open the books to a few outside mares to breed. So if you want to get one of your mares pasture bred, let us know. We only take a few per year. And if you do not have a mare to bred just come over and buy a foal, for colts click here and for fillies click here.

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