Sometimes I wonder what we do with all of our spare time.

Monday was a beautiful fall day. When Toni went down to doctor Absolute the tube was broken in the lavage. Toni texted Sheena and scheduled to take her in on Tuesday for repair. Mom and Toni doctored Absolute all day without the port. Toni also had court on Monday. Kade and Jaxsen had football practice. Kaine had a game in Connell, Marlo, Leslie, McCall and I all went to it. It was a good game. Ben and Anna went and looked at a couple of steers for Spokane after they got done with chores at the neighbors, he buys bulls from us so they are by our bulls. A guy also came by and bought Kaine’s mini bike on Monday.

Tuesday I had a meeting in Ephrata first thing, so I headed that way. Toni, Mom and Marty took Abs and Absolute in to get her lavage fixed.  Because Marty had never been, they made a side trip to Cow Path Bakery to introduce Marty to the sugar heaven. Then they loaded Stormin and Lacey in the trailer since it was at mom and dads and Marty wanted to work on her colt. On my way back to the office I drove by mom and dads and saw a faucet was broke in Annie’s pen, so I called the men and they had me shut off the pump. The circle was already off anyway. Kade had a game Tuesday night, they won 14-12 and Kade ran both touchdowns. Good job buddy!   Toni worked on Lacebug, Lilo, and Stormin before she left, and fed Annie. I worked on Lacebuy, Stormin and Lilo when I got home, so they got lots of work on Tuesday. All three tied and lead great. Of the three only Lilo was tied to Tulip, Lacey and Stormin were just born halter broke I guess. Lilo was really good too. Mom and I did the 4th doctoring on Absolute’s eye. Kaine did the horse chores, Anna did the cow chores. Ben worked on circles. Matres finished bailing our 4th cutting and got it up.

Happy Birthday dad. Mom made peach trifle for dad’s birthday, it was AWESOME, and I brought home  Magills for dinner since dad wanted chicken fried steak. Toni and mom continued to doctor Absolute. Toni had court, which was supposed to be at 2 and she was called at the last min that it was moved to 1, so she had to rush to town. Just football practice on Wednesday, no games. We were also continuing to shop for show animals. We do love shopping for show animals. The men worked on circle 8 and fixed a faucet for us at mom and dads. The three foals are all rockstars. I can’t imagine any other group being this good.

Thursday was a beautiful day. Circle 8 was turned on again, so we had water to move, which is good, water means grass and less hay to feed. The foals were awesome to work on. Mom made peach turnovers, that were AWESOME. Also, on Thursday night we found out Kaine was playing varsity on Friday in College Place. Since it has been a while since I got groceries, I had to rearrange the coolers into the Yukon and arrange with Marlo to bring Butte down on Friday and take the groceries home. Not a big deal since Marlo was able to get them.

Friday was another beautiful September day. Toni went down to Larrys and got the two extra Spokane steers. One looks good, we are hoping he will make a Spokane steer, the other is alright, just an extra Spokane steer. Anna decided she wanted to apply for the Youth Development Program, so her and Toni got her application in on Friday. Chad came out and trimmed up a bunch of horses and Tulip. Since Absolute gets handled 4 times per day, she also got her first trim. She is still in getting her eye worked on. Dad and I went and watched the varsity game in College Place. Marlo came down with dad to take my vehicle, and the groceries home, and I rode with dad. The GPS took us down a windy road through some houses, but it was scenic. Diane also came and watched. We got home around midnight, but it was a good game. Toni and Marlo worked on the foals and Kade and Anna did chores.  Marlo is great to have on Fridays because she exposes the foals to new people. Lacey knows no strangers so walked right up to Marlo and put her head on Marlo’s shoulder.

Saturday morning the men took the big boys and Coco duck hunting. It was Cocos first time out, she did good for her first time. Mom and I doctored Absolute’s eye. Anna went to Umapine to help Lane with his cows. Kaine and I got in our cows to sort the couple of calves off that had gotten out. While the cows were going down the alley, which we were not even sorting them just pushing them down, the 40-year-old alley gave a groan and fell over. So, that killed any weekend plans for us. The Meachams went to Jaxsen’s football game and then dropped the boys off and went on to Republic for Toni to speak at the WCA Annual District meeting up in that country that was held at the K Diamond K Dude Ranch. So Kade and Jaxsen came down to help with the fence repair. We did not have any posts big enough, so Kaine and Kade made some out of some logs we had, while Jaxsen and I dug holes, and Jaxsen cut the wire off of the old fence. We got some of the poles off and then tied the fence back up for the night, to our new posts that were planted in the ground and went to do chores. Kaine did the cow chores and Kade, Jaxsen and I went to do the horse chores. Kade and Jaxsen went back up to help Kaine when they got done. Mom and I doctored the eye. I worked on the babies. Kade helped me move the yearlings over with the old horses before he left and then we turned Stormin, Lacebug and Lilo out into the bigger weaning pen. They were happy to be in a bigger pen and ran around and around.

Sunday Anna, Leslie, Jolene and McCall went to the Dixon/Williams club calf sale. Ben did not have to work on Sunday so was out fixing circles early, since 4, 7 and 8 were all broke down. Dad went and picked up Camas from Todd and Kade came down and we continued fixing fence. I went down and mom and I doctored the eye. When Ben got done with circles and Toni got home they helped on the fence. We got the alley fence back up and had a couple of pole remnants so we used them for a section that is broke on Gunners pen. Anna was not home yet, so Kaine and Camas did the show animal chores and helped feed grain. Kade and Jaxsen did chores and then went up to help Kaine and Camas. Toni and I haltered Mug, Call and Blaze. We weaned Wild and Gucci and put Peppy and Ninja in the bigger weaning pen with the other 3. We had a great weekend overall and got a lot done.

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