We hope everyone had a good Christmas, we sure did, and Happy New Year.

Monday we woke up to more snow, yea, I know it is December, it is too be expected. More snow babies, the heifer that calved was moved to the barn and her calf warmed up. Ben, Anna and Kaine ran Ben’s other work pickup into the mechanic to fix it and the kids school driving car into get studded tires. They said the roads in Othello were a sheet of ice. Ben and the kids worked on more fence around the corn fields, to move the cows to new stalks. The farmer that grows the corn where our cows are mows the stalks, so in the wind storm on Saturday we lost a lot of stalks in the pen they were in, it is a hill side and the stalks were just blowing away. Ben and Anna went back in to get the car and it was not done yet, so they had an hr to kill in Othello. Kaine and Kade went down and did chores.

Tuesday morning, we had a few more calves. Ben and the kids continued working on the new fence line. They pounded a lot of posts on Tuesday and laid a lot of wire. They finished the wire fence and turned the cows our on some non mowed stalks. The cows were all happy. They had to get 002, she is a heifer, and her calf into the barn and nurse it. Normal ranch work on Tuesday.

                Wednesday more snow and cow checking. Mike Chubbs came out and butchered our last three for 2021, we will have another steer in May. Ben and the kids worked on rebuilding some of the wood fence on Wednesday. Ben’s half ton was done getting fixed on Wednesday so they ran into Deweys in Othello and picked it up.

Thursday I was off of work, since Christmas Day is Saturday we got Thursday and Friday off for our holidays. We checked cow and then Ben went to the skin Dr. Anna and I checked circle 7 and made sure everyone was paired up. Then kids went to Connell to help clean and decorate the show barn for Christmas Eve. I ran into Othello and picked up two tires, one was a fix and one was a new tire. The dogs and I ran to NW Farm Supply and got some tags and went home to make a few.

Friday was Christmas Eve. I put clam chowder in the crock pot and Toni put stew in to take. Skip got here. We checked cows, tied Jack Frost and the orange and white steer up. We hauled calved heifers out again to the alfalfa field, since we had done it Sunday there were only 5. We tagged calves. Then went to Connell and had soups and stews and did the White Elephant Gift exchange.

Merry Christmas everyone. We opened our Santa stuff and then went and checked cows before heading to mom and dads to open presents. We all got way too much stuff. The Meachams headed to Clarkston for the Meacham Christmas. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went home to cook the ham, make potatoes and clean up Christmas presents. Terry, Erina, Grandma and Joe all came over, in addition to mom, dad and Skip. We had a great dinner, then mom, dad, grandma, Kaine, Erina and I played pinnacle, Erina and Kaine had never played, so Erina played with mom and Kaine played with me. Jewels paid by grandma and was her lucky charm. Grandma got 100 aces is almost every hand. Ben, Anna, Joe and Terry all went out and looked at steers and heifers and checked cows.  Then everyone went home, Anna and Ben did the cow chores and Kaine and I did the horse chores.

Sunday we woke up to be being cold and snowy. So we tried to get straw out to as much as possible. Anna and I took wheat straw out to the cows, Ben and Kaine used the tractor and hauled straw around the barn, and cleaned out pens. It was a long day of keeping everyone warm.   

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