What a Great Week

Monday Toni went down and her and the kids caught the steers that we have not been showing, the kids already had the other steers washed, blown and back in the barn. There are three steers (2 of which are Jaxsen’s) that have only been tied up a few times. One of those steers is going to BF so it was time to start getting them caught and worked. Luckily both of Jax’s steers are really tame so it wasn’t a huge deal. Toni went out and got some videos of Benjaminia for someone that is looking, and had to fix one of the wire’s on Sagebug’s pen. Toni walked out there so the horses were really mauling her. She didn’t get very good video. Coco’s kids from CA showed up Monday, Ady and Brad. They went down and worked on steers too, then the kids went up to Cocos for dinner with Brad and Ady. Toni and I doctored Can Can and moved water. The kids had done the other chores.

Tuesday was an overcast and smokey all day. Anna and Ady rode for about an hour Tuesday morning, Big Kev and Katie. Then the kids worked on heifers and steers. Gunner’s pen was out with the cows, so Toni and the kids went out to get them in, and Kaine, Kade and Brad got stuck. He did not go full Bennett, or he would have made it over. Ady and Anna went and took pics of the cows, and the boys drove around in the Blazer after, doing something, but we are not quite sure what. Toni, Coco and I worked on Quinn, doctored Can Can and moved water.

Wednesday I went to Cow Path bakery in the morning and got some pastries for work. The kids worked on steers and rode. Jaxsen worked on Big Boy Brad and Dagger and felt he had twice the risk of getting maimed or injured, and that he was so amazed that he was so aware that he was unaware of how aware he was. Yes, we were all in utter amazement.  None of us can even understand what he is saying. The good news is our CA kids want to work and are ok working the steers over and over in an effort to get dialed in before we head to the show. Jax wanted to negotiate only having to set his steer up four times maximum.  By Wednesday Brad was really coming along in his showmanship and Ady was remembering all she had forgotten by not coming last year because of covid.

Thursday the kids clipped Clark for Brad to show at Summer Sizzle. Then Toni and Kendel took them down boating at the lake. I went to Mattawa for work. We had someone call wanting to come out and get grass fed beef, so that was good, Toni sold her all of the grass fed we have left.  The boys’s boat stopped working at the far end of the lake so Toni and Coco had to paddle the paddle boat out to tow them back. Then everyone went to do chores.

Friday Brad and Ady came down in the morning and washed the steers and heifers and helped the kids pack up to go to Sagebrush classic. Dad, Anna, Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I left around noon with the camper and cattle. Coco, Addy and Brad left around the same time but had to stop in Connell for fuel and propane. We got there and set up and then helped Jana, William, Lori, Andy and Jana’s daughters set up for Sagebrush, we really just moved some panels around, not a lot. Toni got there with Mom about the time we got done moving the panels. Dad and mom headed to Spokane for a concert. Leslie, Traci, Ady, Natalie, Julian, Savannah, Kayla and Deb got there, and we got everything else set up and fed. Whitney also came and helped getting everything ready. Then we went to Josslinns house for dinner and had smoked pork, mac and cheese and salads.  It was good to see Jossy-Poo. Now that she has moved to Ritzville we just don’t see her like we used to.

Saturday we had the steer show in the afternoon, so we did not have to get up too early, just around 6, and then got all 20 head washed. We had lunch and then got the steers ready to go. The steer show was good and Kicker got there in time to watch. Kade got first in his class and made it back to the championship round. Kade, Anna, Kaine, Ady, Natalie, Julian and Brad all made it back to the feeder steer class and Ady was 4th overall. Anna was 4th in the char class and Kade was 5th. So everyone had a pretty good day. Coco was in charge of taking pics of everyone on Saturday.  Brad took Clark and they had a really good first show together. The first-class Brad was pretty nervous, but by the second class he was really showing well. Brad and Addy both showed exceptionally well.

Sunday we were up early since we had showmanship and the heifer class. When we walked out of our campers at 4:45 it was like walking into a sauna with the heat and humidity. Luckily the rain came in and the temperature finally went down. Saturday was pretty miserable. Whitney was in charge of taking pictures of everyone. Peewees were first, so Kasen, Savannah and Kayla. Macey, Josslin’s daughter, showed Kayla’s heifer Rosey is the advanced PeeWee class. Then we had Juniors, Ady, Jaxsen and Julian all made it back to the championship round, Natalie also showed really well, her heifer was just being a pill. Ady was Reserve champion and Julian was in the top 5. Kade and Anna made it back to the championship round for intermediates, Kaine and Addy also showed really well but did not make it back. McCall made it back in the championship round, McKenna and Brad did a great job showing, and this was Brad first time showing a steer, so he did an exceptional job.

The heifer show was good too. McCall’s heifer that she took to Jr Nationals in Nebraska won her class and Kasen’s heifer Peanut Butter got second in hers, so they both made it back to the final drive. The rest of the heifers showed great and stood all right in their class. Everyone had a great time. Grandma, Joe, mom, dad, Mar and Ben even all made it down to watch.  Lots and lots of people showed up to support Alan and this show, to show their affection for Leslie Alexander. There were 133 entries and so many spectators it was amazing, especially in light of how hot it was.  Jana did a fantastic job keeping this show moving forward.

We packed up and got ready to come home. The funniest part was when Pete tried to dive his pick-up with a loaded trailer to jump the ditch and got high centered.  It took about three or four men to figure out how to get Pete unstuck. Very amusing. 

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