And just when you thought it could not get any hotter.

It is HOT HOT HOT outside.  Anna rode Kadee and Kade rode Slick first thing Monday morning, after feeding the show animals and getting them tied up under the fans. They washed after. We got their Nile Heifer videos submitted, applications in the mail. The kids did chores and then went up to take care of their show animals. Toni and I moved water. After dinner Ben, Kaine and I went out and fixed the fence around circle 4, the calves were crawling through it and it was no longer hot.

Tuesday was even hotter. Toni and my internet were both down, for different reasons. Since Toni works out of her house, she got herself an AT&T hotspot for the days her internet is down. Toni’s ac also went out. Her and Jaxsen weren’t feeling very well. Anna rode Kadee early again. The kids went down and did chores early, and Toni moved water before I got home. Anna texted after they got home that Kade’s heifer had a swollen area, I texted the picture to Sheena at Sagehill Vet, we decided it was most likely a sting, put some topicals on it, and waiting to see what it looked like in the morning. Anna, Kaine and I went out to let the heifers and steers loose at round 9, when it got down to the 90s, and then played with the donkey and mini horses for a bit.

By Wednesday you are just thinking is it ever going to cool down?? Kendel took the kids down to Scootney to swim in the lake after they got down washing their steers and heifers. Toni was working in her attic, it is cooler up there since it is a smaller area, less windows, and has it’s own AC unit. None of the steers or heifers ate well, it has just been too hot and not cooling down.  Toni and Jaxsen were both still sick. Toni didn’t even move the water on Wednesday, just left it where it was. We had also put a sprinkler on a railroad tie at the corral to let the horses in the corral go under it and get some relief from the heat.

Thursday Anna got up early to ride Kadee, it was like 77 that early, woohoo. Since it cooled down a little at night the heifers and steers started eating again. Toni still has not AC and no internet. Jaxsen thinks he is close to death. The bull got out and it was a little dramatic for Jaxsen.  By the time he finished his hysterics Toni had the fence fixed. He said it was the worst thing ever and Toni said it would have been worse on Wednesday. 

                Friday, all three of the big kids washed their heifers and steers first thing. Anna and I went out and checked cows after she got done washing, and we fixed a little fence. Then Anna, Kaine and I went to the dentist, we tried to go to lunch first, but Double Dragon is still not open for dine in. So I guess we did not try to go out to lunch, we did, but just not where we wanted. We went to Panda Express since it was basically across the street. Then we went to the dentist, went and got some groceries, got dinner for everyone, and came home. Chad and Andrew were out, so Toni was already down with them trimming horses. Kade did not feel well, we think he had a little heat exhaustion, so he was home napping. Anna, Kaine and Jaxsen went up to do cow chores when they got done with chores.

Friday night/Saturday morning our hay was baled, Kick was up all night watching that. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I got up at 4 to get the cows in and doctor eyes.  Toni got up at a more reasonable time since Allie was coming to preg check horses and bring Queenie and Cammie back. We were done working the calves by around 11, left the calves the kids plan to show in 2022 in, we had an early lunch break and then Toni called to tell me Allie was a few hrs out, so I told her I was going to sleep. Ben, Anna and Kaine cleaned the yard for a little while, and then Anna and Kaine took a nap and Ben went to fix circles. We woke up and Toni and Allie had finished, and it was chore time. Six of the seven mares that were checked were in foal, so that is great news. The bad news is that one of them already shows signs of complications, so now Toni has to get three mares in to give Regumate to and one mare twice per day to try to keep the complications at bay. It is going to be a long 11-month gestation.

Sunday our cousins came over for our annual go to the lake on the 4th event, Anna, Kaine, Kade, Ben and I were not here last year, we were at New Plymouth at a steer show, but they all came anyway. LOL Marlo got there early to help us set up. Mar and Leslie brought over street tacos, Mom brought potato salad and apricot pie (apricots were fresh from Kameron and Christine Jenks), Erina and Terry brought finger foods, and Kendel brought Tres Leche cake. Then we all went down to the lake.  At about 5 pm Leroy brought his herd into the middle of the party so everyone could see them. The foals did really well around the floaties and loud children. Leroy got petted by all that wanted to pet him, then the horses left. Toni and I took a break at chore time to go and do chores, Ben and Anna also took a break for the cattle chores. McCall and Leslie ran home to do their chores, but basically everyone stayed until around 10:30. Happy 4th Everyone.

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