Wow, how do we have time for day jobs?

Monday Toni checked and nothing new, except a coyote out with the cows and 6 of the horses were hiding and took her an hr to find. Kicker took the suction pipe into Othello welding to get fixed, it was cracked and we were losing suction on our alfalfa circle. Kaine had football practice Monday night, he said is first game is on the 17th. Toni, Anna and Kade fixed a leaky pipe Monday night before water came on, it had made a big rut in our alley at the end of the water season, now we just need to fill it in and it is ready to go.  Monday was Kicker’s birthday so Toni made him steak fingers and did not invite the rest of us up for dinner. LOL.  She used chuck steak that she cut up and she said it melted in a person’s mouth.

Tuesday was an eventful day, on my way to work I saw Fancy had foaled so I stopped to see Smokey Joe, cute colt that looks like Fancy’s mini me. Anna texted that Ellie had also foaled, a cute filly by Leroy. Anna and mom took Kaine to football practice. Anna, Toni, Kade and Jaxsen did chores and then Toni, Anna and Kade went out to check the horses. After checking horses Toni took Kade up to basketball practice. Ben and Kicker did some spring prewater work around, then were late feeding cows. So Anna, the dogs and I went to check the cows with our spotlights. We found Pumpkin Spice with a new bull calf.   Kade switched to the other basketball group, so he now practices from 6:30-7:30, so Toni put dinner in the crock pot.

  No new babies, bovine or equine, on Wednesday. Anna took a break during homework to go out and get some pictures of the calves. Jaxsen “got” to help with chores on Wednesday, it was the highlight of his day. Kade and Anna went up to my house as soon as they were done feeding to help Ben and Kicker with cow chores, when Kaine and I got there, Toni, Kaine and I put a post in on the fence, so Toni was semi happy we were back to working on fence. But, we only got one post in, so she was only semi happy.

                Thursday was kind of a bear.  Clark the steer needed to go in to Sheena ‘s to become a steer. Ben took him to Sheena in the morning. Toni checked cows and horses on Thursday, no new babies, but she got lots of pictures.  She had a meeting that started at 9. Ben had a dental appointment later so brought the pickup and trailer back. Toni took her puppies in for shots and picked up Clark at 1:30, going and getting the pu and trailer from my house then headed to the vet.  When she got back, she dropped off Clark then took the trailer to Mom’s so they could practice loading Dual for him to be loaded into his new owner’s trailer on Sunday. I guess as they were trying to load Dual, they realized he had not been loaded since he was a newborn. But once Dual figured out what everyone was after, he was a good loader.  I got home just in time to go change, Toni took the pu and trailer back to my house to get her pu. The kids finished chores. Toni got back, I took her pu and went to the desert to feed the mares while Toni ran Kade to basketball practice. So Thursday night we did not have to put a post in. The kids were happy.

                Friday morning Anna and I went out and checked, nothing new. Then Anna, Kaine and I pulled CIDRs on the cows, then we tied up the Spokane steers and lead them around for a while. Then Kaine and I went and picked up Aram, and then mom and went and got our hair done. Chad and Andrew came out around 2 and Anna and Toni, and Kade after the bus dropped him off, trimmed horses. The rumor is that Toni was actually on time and had horses caught and ready for Chad. Mom and I dropped Kaine and Aram off at football practice and then came home to help. The activity bus dropped Kaine off, and then the three kids did chores and Toni and I took Chad and Andrew out to the desert to trim some horses out there.  I am glad that we can catch the mares out in the large acreage.

                Saturday Ben, Anna and I went out and checked and Mud had a red dun colt by Jackpot. Then we went home and Kaine, Ben, Anna and I gave the cows shots. Toni took Kade and our friends’ little boy in to basketball practice in the morning. Kicker went down and started harrowing the alfalfa field. Kaine, Anna, Ben and I caught the Spokane steers, then we got the cows in out of the pasture to sort off the ones that had not calved. Next, Anna and I ran to Othello so she could practice driving before her test on Tuesday. Ben and Kaine sorted cows some more to put bulls out. After lunch Kade and Jaxsen came down and we washed steers, used the show stick on them, and lead them around some until chore time.  Toni and Ben went out and pulled a patch of weeds that we needed to burn and don’t burn unless you pull them out of the ground. They spent 3 hours pulling and burning these weeds. Right when they got done Tall John rolled in for chores, so we did chores, went and checked the desert, and bickered with him about which foals were the best.  Baby Rog walked up to Toni and smelled her hand.

                Sunday morning Toni and Dad loaded Dual out and he left to his new home. We are excited to see Dual go to a young up and comer. Ben, Anna and I went and checked cows. Kade and Kicker went down and harrowed the alfalfa field. Anna, Kaine, Ben and I caught the Spokane steers and tied them up. Jaxsen and Toni started fixing fence to turn out studs after they got done loaded Dual. Anna, Kaine, Ben and I sorted the cows and heifers to AI. Ben made hamburgers for lunch so everyone came to our house for lunch. Mark Ellis showed up to AI, Kicker went back down to harrow and the rest of us stayed up to AI. After we got done AIing, we turned the cows out and went down to do chores.  We had to move mares around for Dr. Davies to come out on Monday to work on dental.

Wow, how do we have time for day jobs? With weather this great we start wanting to get mares out with studs. We have a few pieces of fence to fix to allow us to turn out, but we should be done getting things ready by this weekend. Toni is going to have to put her fence building projects on hold until we get the fence fixing projects done.  We are also seeing interest in the foals we have being born. If you want a foal this year, we are starting to schedule people to come look. Keep us in mind!

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