High wind warnings were in effect for Labor Day. The weather is definitely starting to feel like fall.

                Virtual school started Monday, Toni did not feel like the kids did enough on Day 1, so she added 2 hrs of IXL on (that is math for everyone that doesn’t know these new programs). The kids love when Toni is their teacher. Dad had a dr appointment Monday, so mom and dad went to town. In the afternoon Toni got two additional charges for her fence building school, Aram and Daisy, so she took all 6 kids down to work on fence. Mom made donut holes for the kids, but guess what? Sammy, the German Shepard, thought he needed donut holes, so he ate them all, except one. I got there, and saw only one donut hole, and I ate it and asked mom if the kids and just saved me one. Nope, Sammy did. We got a lot of fence done on Monday, we are to where the digging is bad and we ran out of lag bolts. So the kids stapled the mesh fence on the back side to the wood posts, to make the weaning fence that much stronger. Toni and I continued to dig post holes for a while. Then we went and worked on the three weaned colts, Uni, Dais and Ammo. Anna can lead Uni around, I worked on Ammo and Toni messed with Dais. Dais does not make us sad that we sold Bishop. He is a good colt, but just not as good as our others. Then 5 of the kids (all except Jaxsen) went to feed steers and Toni I and continued to work on the colts. Oh yea, did I mention I forgot my shoes and was wearing Jaxsen’s? So he was running around outside barefoot, which was his excuse of why he couldn’t help that day. No shoes, can’t do any work. 

Tuesday virtual school continued. Toni showed Angie from NRCS around in the morning. They had to go take field samples, so drove around and looked at stuff. Dad had an eye appt. In the afternoon, Pam and James came out to look at Coy. They come out once per month to see him. He seems to like her pretty well. Toni took them down to look at the “twins” too because everyone likes to see them and watch them run around synchronized. Toni and the kids worked on fence. Kaine and Anna had teacher conferences, it was one on one with the student, parent and teacher on what to expect at the virtual school, so dad met me in the school with the kids. Anna, Kaine and I ran out to see Grandma after and got pizza on our way home.

Wednesday morning Kayla came out to brand inspect some fat steers that we sold. Anna met her at the house. Toni had a meeting in the morning, or she would have met with her too.  The got three fat steers brand inspected for McCann Farms, they are leaving Saturday. We had a call on a bull and Jesus Jimenz came out and bought 915 Wednesday night. We had people out looking at horses Wednesday and Toni sold them May Lady, so she also left Wednesday. When I got home Toni and the kids were almost done on the fence for the day, they ran out of battery power on the tools and the generator has not running right. Toni and I worked on the weanlings while the kids did chores, Anna came over and helped after she doctored Hottie. Then the kids went and fed their steers.

Also, on Wednesday I went to enter the kids in Othello Fair, and found out I had to have that done by Tuesday, huge fail on my part. So, we have the Othello Steers for sale if anyone is looking. We have sold Anna’s and a quarter of Jaxsens.

Thursday Kade and Jaxsen had parent teacher conferences, so Toni took them in to that, then they went and had lunch with Grandma Norma. That made the boys pretty happy. No one cooks like Grandma! Toni had meetings until late into the day, so we didn’t get as much done as normal. We worked on the weaning pen Thursday night.

Friday was a beautiful day. Toni took Kade and Jaxsen to get their new puppy, they are really excited, her name is Marley. We have officially used all of our poles, so the weanling fence is made up of left-over poles from all our pole piles of leftover and not quite good enough poles. We are now out of those as well.  We have about 50 feet left to go, so we put panels on the last little bit. Uncle Skip came over from St John to see us.

                Saturday Ruby came down and her and Anna washed Freddy for the last time. Chris and Kristine Moe came out and bought M902, we are down to two 2019 Angus bulls left, 918 and M901. We put halters on the Spokane steers again. Toni worked most of the day. J Cruz Herrera showed up with Pecos and to get Pow, to haul to Rachel, and get his three colts, Dais, Ammo and Uni. They all loaded great and we sent him on his way. We checked the cows to see if there were any bad eyes, and the kids decided it was time to get their show heifers in.

Sunday we got the cows in and sorted off the show heifers and weaned the calves off of the two year olds. We had people come out to get some meat, they showed up a little after 11. In the afternoon we had people come to look at foals. They decided on Monday to take Cue Tee. The colts in circle 6, so Crossfire and Black Eye, went through the fence when Toni was down there showing horses, everyone is fine, no injuries. So the kids went down to fix the fence. Ben and I winterized and put the camper away. Lizzie had reinjured her back leg AGAIN, so we got her and Crossfire into the trailer. He is a great loader. We had the big trailer, so decided to take Dyna and Katie with their foals back to the house as well. That will allow us to get them back on their trimming schedule. Those two foals didn’t load as well, but they loaded fine considering we were out in a pasture with no panels and a human fence to drive them into a metal, loud trailer. Luckily Fast and Blue Bug are both really really tame, so we just gave them time and they got in. Nelly, one of the yearlings, also had a puncture on her front leg, so we had to get her in and get her doctored. She is now moved to the weanling pen for ease of care. Because we had nothing else to do, we also weaned some foals. Three to be exact! We were supposed to start the alley project, which is a continuous fence alley from mom and dad’s down to the corral, but after all of that, we decided that project could wait.

And here are the videos of the “twins.”

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