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All in a weeks work.

We had some light rain on Monday morning. Lura had a fancy buckskin colt. Toni went and checked before going into the school to teach a horse genetics lesson to two science classes. She thought she was talking to an Ag class, which it was an FFA class, the problem is that it has been approved as a general science credit.  So it was not as rewarding as she thought it would be. Toni, the boys and I worked on some more fence. Anna did the show cattle chores. Then the boys went up to help when we got done with the fence. Toni, Jaxsen and I got Jeannie’s gelding in and then went and hooked up the gooseneck.

Ellie foaled on Tuesday. Dad and Toni went to Jordans to get King and Tank. They took Jeannie’s gelding and dropped him off. King and Tank look really good, Toni took lots of pics and videos.  They had to be back by noon because we had our first person out to look at foals. She selected Lilo to purchase. Or Lilo chose her, either way.  When Toni got back she saw that Twist was in heat, so I messaged Holly and Toni ran Twist over to Holly’s house to breed her to Whitty. Whitty is Friday’s full brother, he is by Colonel and out of Peppy. We are so happy to have him close by. If you want to breed to him give us a shout and we will get Holly’s info for you. Toni also put Sally in with King, she was in heat. When I got home Toni, the boys and I moved Mud down by Stetson, so we have BB and Mud down to tease.  We have every pen full all over the place at this point. No room anywhere, but we think we can make this work.

Wednesday started off pretty exciting. When Toni went to check, Annie had foaled but Stinger had stolen the foal. Mom, Dad, and Toni were all out getting him back. Stinger was pretty serious about keeping him, so it took all three of them. Luckily she really is a great mare and once Toni got a string around her neck, she was able to lead her to the corral where Stinger continued to pace the fence and act like an idiot the entire rest of the day. Annie had a colt, who was pre-named Ninja no matter if it was a colt or filly. Because of the morning debacle, Ninja got a tube of colostrum just to make sure. Annie and Ninja got moved over with Tulip so they could just be together with no other horses.   The kids had a half day of school and then parent teacher conferences. Anna went to serve the teacher’s dinner, since she is an FFA officer.  Jaxsen convinced his teacher that he did not need a conference, it was a bad time of day for his mom, blah blah blah. Kade’s conference was great.  Toni took the boys to see Grandma after and they had a good visit. Then back for chores. Right now chores include all the normal feeding, with more pens because studs need to be spread out, and teasing mares as the extra chore bonus.  King seems really happy to be home and mom is very happy to have him home.  Tank is up at Toni’s house with Charlie and Fancy, but he also seems very happy. They both look great.

On Thursday the kids were off for parent teacher conferences, so they went with Toni to Farm Fair and taught inner city 5th graders about beef. I feel like it was an experience for everyone. I can say pretty confidently that our kids are not going to be teachers, and they have the utmost respect for the patience that teachers have. Jaxsen started to lose his patience, which are limited to begin with, by the end of the day. Toni had to tell him to be kind a couple of times. Please keep in mind that the “kids” he was teaching are the same age as he is, so he probably shouldn’t be as……. himself as he was starting to be. Toni had to pay the kids with slushies. Everyone got home and went straight to chores.

On Friday Anna and Kaine went back to farm fair with FFA and got to teach for a second day. Kade, Jaxsen, Toni and dad went to JC Grocery in Mesa and handed out beef for the WCA/2nd Harvest partnership. Jaxsen had a blast because he got to yell out how much to bring to each car. Mom and I ran around and did errands. After I went down to circle 6 and worked on Tank’s fence while the kids worked on their steers. Marlo was out for chores. Chores went fine. We had some fence to fix and put in some more posts on the project fence.  Stetson is getting decent about going through a specific gate and getting into the swing of things.

Saturday dad, Ben, Kaine and Kade went to Ady to get panels we bought from Ruth and Gary. There are a lot of heavy powder River Panels. Toni, Jaxsen, Anna and I got cows in, fixed fence, chased cows, moved cows, hunted cows, paired up cows. We had planned to work on more fence, but we really needed to get the cows moved. Toni rode Pistol and Anna rode Kady. We also had people out to look at the cow we have for sale. And a bull buyer came and got his bull. We also had some acquaintances come look at the grulla filly out of Bayley, they bought her as soon as they saw her. She is a pretty cool little filly. Then we got an outside mare in and the kids from that family also mauled Bayley’s filly. Tall John showed up so we went to do chores and talk about horses.

Sunday we did more of the same, chased cows, fixed fence, hauled horses, the kids worked on their steers. I decided to west nile and deworm all of the mares in Circle 5, 2 of which we needed to get out with studs. So I did that while Toni showed a buyer around and looked at horses. She had a hard decision to make, but picked Honey Bug as the one she wanted. We moved Tank and his mares down to circle 6. Poor Tank accidentally ran through the fence then couldn’t figure out how to get back in the pen. He was not hurt and we got him back in and fixed the fence. We moved Ellie out with Tank and Lura out with Gunner. Now all of the studs have at least one mare with them. Anna started clipping her steers to get ready for the Pomeroy show. Kade moved Slick up to Toni’s house so he could practice roping in his spare time.

We were really excited this week to get Tank and King back. Both are stallions we raised that we think very highly of. We do have King for sale, but that is just because of the number of studs we have right now. And King and Tank are both related to quite a few of our mares, so selling one of them makes sense, but it isn’t something we are in any rush to accomplish.

It has been very rewarding to see the high amount of interest in the foal crop. Every day we are getting calls and emails. Many people are buying without coming out. We do have the foal contract online if anyone is interested in a foal and wants to see the contract. We love having people out to take the tour. Showing off our breeding program and ranch is one of the more fun things we get to do. Clearly as breeders we always think there is room for improvement, but we are pretty proud of the program we have put together. If you want to come out and see what KT Ranch is about, please let us know so we can get you scheduled. 

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As always, we are excited to see this crop of foals. They have been worth the wait. We are hitting the half way mark.

We got some much needed rain Monday morning, not a lot but every little bit helped. Anna was told Monday morning that she needed to be at school early, as an FFA officer, for the drive your tractor to school day. So her and Kaine went early and Toni took Kade and Jaxsen. Kaine got to ride in a tractor to school with his friend Maxx. Toni was behind them and Kaine thought it was some random person waving at them in a Tahoe that looks like Toni’s. Mom and Dad went to Spokane and took Francis Faye out for a drive and to lunch. Francis Faye is one of dad’s cousins. Toni and the boys put the last of the poles on the fence after chores, Toni has told them they can have the rest of the week break now, she is really swell. Anna had a Zoom Nile Heifer meeting after chores.

Tuesday we had a lot of foals, Mud had a cute colt by Jackpot. BB had a fancy dun filly, possibly roan, by Sagebug and Rosie B had a stunning dun filly, looks like a possibly dunalino, by Jackpot. All foals are doing great. After chores Toni, Jaxsen and I reset a rail road tie that has a heavy gate on it. It is still pulling it so we are going to cement it. The men are still feeding some cattle, most are out, and the mares. They are also getting the circles ready to run.  

Wednesday Toni and the boys cemented the rail road tie in after chores and school. Then the boys topped some of the taller posts, of course they made it a race. Kade had Toni’s reciprocating saw and Kaine had the mini chainsaw. They both kept having difficulties, Kaine may have won.  They didn’t do the best job because they were in a hurry. After that they went to help Anna with chores. Toni and I went out to put some more clips on the mesh fence until we ran out of them. On Wednesday we only had one foal, Lona had a palomino colt by Leroy and mom was so mad she had not named him yet. She has been wanting a filly to keep for years. I have put in a random name until she decides to name him.  Her and dad also price this colt. The price reflects lots of over-discussion about how great Lona is, how great Lona’s dam was, etc.

Thursday we decided to let the cement settle for another day, so after school, chores and work, Toni, Jaxsen and I went out to finish putting the clips on the mesh fence. We are also still working on Spunky who everyone thinks is a pet. She also thinks she is a pet.  She isn’t getting out of pet mode very well. The kids all went up to do cow chores because Ben had to work late. Lots of babies on Thursday Bailey had a fancy grullo filly by Sagebug and Charlie had a chromy filly by Dude. 

Friday dad took the big Hereford bull to Connell to get his horn cut, and after Toni loaded him she went out to check. Piper D had a chromy long anticipated red dun colt, yes, I am disappointed it is a colt. Tessa had a stunning grullo colt. Dad then took the bull up to his new home, so one less bull at the house. We are excited to get these bulls out to their new homes.  The boys got the steers in to take the weigh in on Saturday. Toni, Marlo, and I put the gate up at the corral. We couldn’t get it to go in very well, so we had to get serious with it and bring out the sledge hammer. It is up now. We also spent some time Friday trying to organize a big weekend with way too much to do.

Saturday we had steer weigh-in in the morning , we had a full load with 12 steers.  The halter broke 4 had their own compartment and barely fit. The trailer pulled like a lead sled. It was good to see people at steer weigh-in and see everyone else’s prospects. There are going to be some really tough classes at the fairs this year. Anna drove home and Kaine, Kade and I went down and got everyone coffees, chai teas or smoothies. We went home and sorted off the 8 heifers that are being sold and turned the rest out with the bulls. We went down and got circle 5 in and sorted mares and turned Gunner and Sagebug out.  We got done pretty late. By the time we got done with circle 5, we went from having 37 mares in that field to 13. So lots of movement. We also had to west nile and work the mares before they got turned out. We also cleared out a couple of the open mares from mom and dads and got them out with studs.

One of our Apache Blue Boy mares, Crystal, went up to Allie’s to get Aied to NZ Scotch Time. We asked Codi (NZ Scotch Time aka Rip) to only send sexed semen since we want another filly! She didn’t make us any promises. Sunday we weaned the fall heifer and tied up the fall heifer and Jaxsen’s two Angus steers. The other three kids washed their steers and Angus heifers. Jeanie and Sonny brought out some horses and Ben’s long horn calf.   He is tiny. Ben is happy. We continued to move mares and got studs out. Leroy has now been moved to mom and dad’s in Double’s old pen. We need an old stud that isn’t related to the majority of the mares, so he was it. We had to move Crossfire and Cappy over to the other side of the corral, except Crossfire, as a coming 2 year old stud, felt he should also breed mares. He went through two fences to get back where he wanted to be. Somehow he was being watched over because he got some minor surface cuts and that was it. So we got to fix some fence and talk about how we are going to make it stronger and more resistant to young studs, if that is possible.

We needed to get some videos for some people, so here some of them are.

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We have an appreciation for anticipation

Since we are on spring forward time, pretty much every day is a beautiful day from here on out. No new babies Monday, Toni had to do a quick check since she had a call. Anna had a running start meeting after school, so I met her there and Toni, Ben, Kaine and Jaxsen did chores. Old Mill delivered a couple pallets of feed. Ben injured his knee during semen testing, then instead of resting it he helped build fence, unloading all of the Old Mill feed didn’t help his knee.  His knee was pretty sore Monday night. Dad loaned him his knee braces, so Ben has been switching back and forth between the two. Ben and Toni like to self-diagnose themselves, and not go to the Dr, so he had decided he pulled his MCL. I was not aware that either one of them had gone to medical school.

We got some much needed rain Tuesday morning. But it made it pretty dark on my drive to work, so I could not see if anyone had foaled. No one had. No new foals.  This week we are working on Fabby, which is short for Fabulous. And yes she is a fabulous filly. She has super long thick hair so she loves to be scratched all over. She is also a touch lazy, so really hasn’t been much of a challenge to halter break so far. Just pet on her and love her and she will follow. Toni and the boys put in another post in the fence line, then the boys went up to help Anna finish up the barn chores.

Still no new foals on Wednesday. Kayla came out to do a few brand inspections. Keven came out and picked up his bull and two heifers he bought. Josslinn came and picked up her yearling horse. Lots of visitors on Wednesday. The boys brought down some more poles and wire and hauled it out to the fence line after chores. Then they head up to help Anna. Oh yea, and Kade pushed on the little window too hard in Kaine’s pick up, broke it, cut his hand. Kaine asked him if he was OK, Kade said yea, and Kaine said we need to stop and get band aids. So when they got to us Kade was all bandaged up. Toni and I hooked up the wire on the end and got the poles moved over to put up on Thursday. Mom made us rolls and banana bread.  We are all pretty fatigued with the fence building. The no climb horse fence rolls are heavy and a pain in the butt to move around and deal with.  However, we keep telling ourselves that once this fence is up it is going to be great.

Still no foals on Thursday, maybe they are all waiting to foal on Friday, Reece’s birthday. We are still working on the fence, trying to get it done by this weekend and get the horses off of the alfalfa field. Really what we are doing is laying out wire, hooking it on one end so that this weekend we can stretch it tight. That doesn’t sound hard, but it is very time consuming. The rolls are only 100 feet long so we have to connect the rolls, each square.  The boys went up to help Anna with the show cattle chores after we got done.

Friday I took the BMW to Othello to get the studs taken off, dad went and picked me up. We ran to NW Farm Supply and got 3 more rolls of fence, some clips to connect the rolls together and dad got Sammy a toy, Sammy is mom’s dog. I took dad home and dad and I unloaded the wire. Then I went and checked the cows and horses. Commercial Tire called and said it was done, so Toni took me in to pick it up, it was lunch time, so we went to the Brunswick and I bought her lunch for taking me in. I went to get the polled cow in once I got her out of the circle she would run around the irrigation pond. So finally I called Toni and said you have to come and help me, we are going in circles. So Toni came and we got her in. Then Toni went back to work. I doctored the cow and turned her out with the show steers.  Of course one of the yearling steers started trying to nurse the cow that hasn’t calved yet, so I had to move her.  Put a halter on Jax’s steer. Then we went down to continue working on the fence. We have Marlo to help us on Fridays. Marlo brought cinnamon rolls and lemon blueberry muffins. They were very good.  Marlo also got to lead Fabby around and get her used to strangers.

                Saturday was a busy day. The biggest news was that Ro gave us our first Leroy foal of the year with a super strong sorrel filly with a big blaze.  Ben, Kaine and Kade went and pulled out the cross fences in the corn field so they could start farming. The Tonis and dad went and worked on the mesh fence at mom and dads, Jaxsen and I put halters on some steers. Anna went down to Kennewick for the 509 Show Circuit Ambassador conference put on by RDO. At 11:30 Mom, the boys and I went to Connell for the Feb-May birthday party and lunch. Everyone else continued building fence in the weird spring weather. Anna got home and went out to help them build fence. Then we got home to help and went out to build fence. They had made tons of progress and had most of it up. The boys grabbed clips and started attaching the fence to the posts.  And we got done with getting all the wire up and stretched. We got most of the brace posts in, and got the horses off of the alfalfa field on Saturday. Tall John and his girlfriend Maddie stopped by Saturday night. So the boys went up to do the cattle chores, Anna hit herself in the eye with pliers, and we had Tall John and Maddie to help.  Then we drove around and showed Maddie the foals. We kept quizzing her on which one she liked the best. John said we weren’t being very fair. There are no good answers to questions like- which bay do you think is the prettiest? Which horse is the prettiest one? Which colt do you like the best? Out of this field, I ride one of these horses and mine is the prettiest, which one is it? Haha. Fun questions to ask someone. 

                Sunday Toni did law work in the morning. Ben and the kids went out and finished pulling cross fences out of the corn field. I went down and got the fence around circle 5 hot, so we can turn Gunner out in the desert next weekend. The alfalfa field got harrowed on Sunday as well, it looks really good. After Ben and the kids got the fence pulled out they caught all of the steers and heifers. After lunch Anna washed all of hers and Kaine, Kade and Camas helped Ben with the stuff and then they weighed their steers. Then we went down and finished putting some poles up on the fence. We ran out of battery on Toni’s dewalts after 3 poles, but that only left 3 to get the fence done. The men brought the 3 remaining ones down and notched them so we can pop them up on Monday hopefully. We put Cleo out with Gunner, Revel with Stetson, Blackie with Jackpot and the Dagnon Buckskin mare with Double.  We turned Fabby back out and got Sam in and pulled hair to color test her, then got Spunky in for some much needed work. Spunky is a pet and likes the pet life. It isn’t going to be easy to get her to accept that she is a horse and has to be a horse.  As an example, Toni leading her across the driveway to the halter breaking pen it is really unclear who was in charge and who was being led. Was it Toni? Or was Spunky leading?

A good quote “we have an appreciation for anticipation.” Meaning we are really anticipating these foals that are not being born! Charlie and Mud have been in the heavy pen now for over a month. Clearly they aren’t understanding the meaning of the word heavy. The mares take their time, but it is all worth it when we finally get these little beauties. 

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Last Week in Pictures

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Spring is in the Air

Monday was a nice day, a little breezy, but according to Toni that is just AC for when you are building fence. Jaxsen, who was our only fence building helper Monday, said it was AC for running. I guess running away from the fencing?? Let’s rewind to Monday morning, no foals, huge disappointment. Toni got out and scratched the newest Hereford calf when she checked, he is a cute little guy. Anna and Kade had a FFA competition after school (hence why we only had Jaxsen to build fence). Interesting side story, when Toni asked Kade and Kaine Sunday night if we should skip building fence Sunday because we were all so tired, and double our fence building Monday, Kade was like yeah we should. When they got home, then he was like, hey I have an FFA competition tomorrow so I won’t be there to  help you build fence. Hmmmmmm. Anna was going to bring Kaine and Jaxsen home before they left, however, there was road construction on the way to Connell, so she did not think she would make it. So Toni gathered Anna’s and Kade’s items, and took them in. During chores dad needed Kaine to help with work on the old AC tractor, so it was mainly Toni and Jaxsen doing chores. Toni worked on Sam, who is our newest halter breaking victim. Kaine went up to do the cattle chores, I got home, and Toni, Jaxsen and I went out to plant a few posts. Fast-forward to the AC comment, I said to Jaxsen, I am glad you finally made it out here to help, he said HEY. I said, what is this your 4th time? Toni said he has been out lots, and Jaxsen said YEA, like FIVE times. Yes, I had to pick myself up off the ground from laughing. Anna and Kade did great at the FFA competition. Kade’s CDE team placed 6th, because they ran out of time. Anna placed 1st in overall presentation in Ag Sales, and 6th individually overall, and her team placed 1st in Ag Sales. Both made it to State. Good job Anna and Kade, we are proud of you.

Tuesday we woke up to a little rain, we really need the rain so I am not complaining. However, no new foals. Toni gave the bull calf some more pets. She thinks Noisy, one of Jaxsen’s cows, might be calving. Noisy did calve on Tuesday, she had a cute heifer calf by 811. Toni and the boys built fence and then Kaine and Kade went and helped Anna finish up the show cattle chores. Work continued on Sam who is pretty hot for a Mocha foal. She will be fine for someone that has lots of time to devote to her, but she may go on the for sale page.

Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day. Toni, Ben and Marlo semen checked bulls with Hank. Hank got out of the pick-up with a limp, he had hurt his knee. During the semen checking process, Ben turned around, his knee made a popping sound, and he also hurt his knee. He says it was not out of sympathy for Hank. The bulls all acted pretty good except for the black braford bull. After he tried to run over Toni six times he got banded and is no longer a bull. She is calling him Wreck It Ralph because he was a butthead.  When semen checking was done, Toni went to head to Mom and Dad’s and saw that Mocha had foaled. A huge bay with three white socks. That was our first Sagebug colt. We just love Mocha and this colt came out friendly, correct, just right.  Ben, Toni, and Anna all went down and saw him and petted on him. Then off to chores, same as everyday.

Thursday Toni had a big hearing to get ready for, so after checking and finding no new babies, she dealt with her real job. Thursday the fencing continued. The digging wasn’t going so well, so they made some decisions on how deep some of the posts were going in based upon how much arm strength they had to get through the Caliche. Sam continues to improve, but is still pretty hot. She is a really stunning filly, so it is disappointing that she isn’t a typical Mocha foal.

Friday Shasta had an awesome dun colt. I was sad he was a colt. He is the color that I love, a black pointed dun. Also a Sagebug foal. So Sagebug is winning on getting his mares bred back the quickest so far. We were 2 people short for chores so Toni had Marlo and Jaxsen, Ben had Anna and Kaine. Marlo got to pet Sam and ride while Jaxsen drove the Polaris to allow her to throw hay off the back. There was lots of yelling. Marlo and Jaxsen bicker, a lot. Toni, Jaxsen, and Marlo got 5 wood posts put in. That left only 2 to go. Wood posts that is. Jaxsen had to pack the wood posts and was really proud of himself.

                Saturday was really busy. We shipped out Pistol Pete to his new home. Thanks Ella and Joseph for selecting such a wonderful colt. Next we went and got the cows in, sorted the 2 off that haven’t calved and put them in circle 4. Got some bulls moved around. Got some cows moved around. Tagged a calf. Pulled a calf off of an old cow, so now Anna has a project. Anna and Dad took Apache down to one very happy little girl who needed a pony, Kayla is pretty stoked. The rest of us built fence in the corn field so we could move the big bunch of cows. Then we went and put the last 2 wood posts in. A long day of doing ranch stuff.

                Sunday we got our first, and maybe only, Double foal. And our first foal out of Yo. She had a super cute sorrel filly. Dad said it was a keeper as soon as he heard it was a filly. Sunday was crazy busy. We have been working on the fence between 7 and 8 for quite a while, through snow, bad weather, etc. Sunday we got the first two sections of wire up. Putting up the no-climb horse fence is pretty labor intense. We also put up four wood posts per brace section.  While we were working, Mom and Dad were heating lunch and their power went out, so we had lukewarm food. Uncle Skip was there so we could have a big family lunch, which included four types of pies. Yes four. All Mom made. Lunch was good then back to work. We got the second section almost done but the post was about a foot too far, so we had to move the one post. Once the second section was up, we all called the fence building done for the weekend.  The 2 older kids went with Ben, Jax helped us with horse chores. He was very tired so wasn’t much help. He meandered back in the house. We got some good pictures of Sam, turned her out, then got in the next victim in. Our last raised foal to be halter broke is Fabby. We got her hooked to Tulip and they made it across the driveway great. I was actually able to lead Fabby on day one. She is a pretty cool filly.

With the great weather I am anxious to start breeding. Toni isn’t quite as ready. We are hoping to maybe get a mare or two out this next weekend, but not too many right now.

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We are excited for another great foaling season and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

The weather was nice in the morning, we had a little rain and some much-needed moisture. The Sand hill cranes are around, which to us means it is spring. Toni checked the cows in the morning, no new calves when she checked. Mom made the kids chocolate bread pudding for their after-school snack, I am saying she made it for the kids because Toni and I basically got a mouth full. They said they were helping us with our diets by eating it all. Anna went home to start the show cow chores and check the cows our last heifer calved, 025, Toni’s heifer. The boys and Toni did the horse chores and then everyone except Jaxsen went out to build fence, I got there in time to put one T post in the ground, my timing was impeccable. The men fed the cows, we have more pens to feed right now, with an AI pen, the Angus pen and the Hereford pen. We have three bulls out with the Angus cows and Bullwinkle out with the Hereford cows.  Bullwinkle has been a bit wilder than we expected, so no one should plan to walk out and pet him in the field. He isn’t mean, but he will run off. Luckily we still have Rocky for anyone that needs to pet a bull.

A little more rain Tuesday morning. I went to the Cowpath Bakery on my way to work to get dessert for a retirement lunch party. We had a great lunch. Chores got done, fence got built. We have Glo, our NZ Scotch Time filly out of Mil in to get halter broke right now. We LOVE her. She is calm, but shows some cattiness. She chases the donkey, so we can see the cow in her. She is pretty much what we like. Calm, smart, but the spark is there.  And we really liked working with Codi when we went to breed to NZ Scotch Time (Rip). They have been great to work with and have remained in contact. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen had a YQCOA class Tuesday night. Anna and Kaine wend and took care of the show animals. The men fed the cows.

Wednesday we were a little shorthanded so it was divide and conquer. Toni, Kade and Jaxsen worked on the fence a little after chores, and then went up and helped do cow chores. Anna and Kaine worked on the show cattle chores until Kade got there to help. We still have Glo in, and just keep working on her everyday. She was already ready for outside walks to see stuff by her second day with a halter on. Mom made orange rolls, and they were really good. And when I say she made them, she makes everything, the orange curd, the dough, the whole deal.  They are great.