Tulip is still employee of the month.

The fabulous weather continued. Lacey left for her new home, so we started the week out right, shipping foals. Anna and Toni took the heifers going to the Nile and Wild to the vet on Monday, Sheena was out so they saw the new vet. Anna got to drive, so more practice pulling the trailer. There was even a roundabout she had to pull the trailer around.  The heifers got their travel papers and Wild needed her lavage fixed, again. But the vet was happy with the progress on her eye.  Kaine had a football game on Monday in Connell, so I went to that. Kaine played a good game and even recovered the ball in the end zone and scored a touchdown, he is on the line so does not normally have the ball. Him and his friend Cyson went down town  before the game and played arcade games and had a sandwich with Cyson’s mom Jarra.  Kade and Jaxsen both had football practice.

Tuesday the new used Wilson trailer made it, or new to us. It is the same age as Anna, however, it has only been used 5 times, so 16 year old trailer like new.  It has 3 compartments, which is what we need. We love the red one, but 2 compartments can be tricky. Kade had a football game on Tuesday, so the Meachams, minus Jaxsen, went to that. Jaxsen and Kaine did the horse chores and moved the small guns. Dad moved the big gun. Toni did eye doctoring then worked on the 3 foals. I worked on the 3 foals again, fed the old horses, doctored eyes, etc. Jana brought over the char heifer that Anns is taking to the Nile. Then Anna went over to Connell to get the 4 steers that Joe brought back from Texas. McCall came over and Anna and McCall worked on heifers to get them ready for the Nile. Ben got home, so Ben and Kaine did most of the cattle chores and Anna and McCall did the show animals chores and cleaned out the barn. I helped for a bit and then went in to work on some book work.

Wednesday morning we received a call early that the oats were an hr out, that were supposed to come Friday or the beginning of next week. So dad and Toni went to show him where to dump it. There was a miscommunication between the guy I ordered them from and the shipper, so they are kind of a mess right now. However, we have 35 tons of oats. The hauler was great, so Toni and Dad made a new friend. We also got a goodie bag from Basin Feed in Moses Lake of items to put in with our buyers bags when foals leave. Maria of Basin Feed sent hats, feed samples, coupons, and all kids of good stuff for us to hand out. No games on Wednesday, just practice. Ben took the Wilson in for new tires before they take it to the Nile. The tires looked good, however, they are 16 years old. The kids did horse chores and then cattle chores. Toni and I worked on the foals, moved water, doctored eyes, etc. The men fed hay then worked at filling duck ponds, yes, I guess it is hunting season.

Thursday the three halter breaking babies were doing awesome. Usually by Thursday things are great, so maybe Thursday is the best day of the week during halter breaking? Wild is tired of being doctored and was being a pill. Absolute ‘s eye looks pretty good, we think. Rudy hasn’t been looking good, so we got her and her filly Tee in. Rudy had developed mastitis, so another horse in the doctoring pen.  Anna washed her Nile heifers and is continuing to get them ready for the show. Big boys went up and help clean out the barn, fed and turned things out when they got done with horse chores.

Friday was extreme purple day for homecoming, and Jaxsen and Anna were twins. Chad came out, and him and Toni trimmed horses all day.  They wanted to get 12 done and ended up getting 13 done. Mom did have to hold her horse Minnie while Toni ran up to meet some clients. They also got PBJ done for the first time, she was great. Marlo showed up in the afternoon to help.  We had Costco grocery delivery. Kaine had a varsity football game, they played Mattawa, it was the homecoming game. Anna’s friend Brandy came home with her and went into the game with us. Marlo also came. It was a really good game, Kaine played quite a bit. Leslie, Traci, Savannah and Natalie also ended up coming and mom and dad.  Connell won the game so that was great.

Saturday morning the three foals leaving left, everyone was loaded out by noon. We thought we might have a traffic jam, but they all went pretty well. We haltered the next four foals after that since Toni was leaving. Then Mechams went to Jaxsen’s game in Othello. Kaine had homecoming on Saturday, Ben ran him to his friend Maxx’s house, and they went to tri cities and went golfing, then to lunch. Anna and McCall washed, blew and clipped heifers all day. Ben went and weighed the new Wilson and then cleaned and washed Butte. They also started packing the trailer to go to the Nile. I did some computer work after lunch then went down to work on the 4 foals and do all of the chores and doctor eyes, so I could go down and take homecoming pictures for the kids. Anna, Ben and McCall did chores and then Ben and I went down to take pics. Well, I took pictures and Ben came along. After we got pics of all the kids Ben, Maria, Todd and I went to Buds Broiler for dinner. I waited up until Kaine texted me he was back at Maxxs. He was spending the night there. 

Sunday McCall came out, and her and Anna finished up the heifers, and McCall, Anna and Ben finished packing the trailer. Kaine and I cleaned out the little pickup bed trailer, then Ben loaded oats in it for us, and I took it down to mom and dads so we could start feeding oats. After lunch Toni and I weaned the rest of the big foals, we left the May and later ones on, then hauled 16 mares out the desert. The foals all weaned pretty well. We ended up putting Angel the TB with them to help them settle in. When we got Angel the TB, we were told that we could feed her 1 bale of hay per day and she would stay skinny. She will eat anything- the granola bar in your hand, your cell phone, anything you hand her. Angel has quite a bit of personality and is very kind to the foals. The men put out hay at mom and dads and then did cow chores. Kade did chores at mom and dads while Toni and I were hauling. Tulip, Toni and I worked on the 4 foals then and we were done for the week. 

Tulip is still employee of the month. I don’t know that she has any contenders since the rest of us get nothing for our efforts. Tulip gets paid in feed. Tulip is also out with the weanlings, but she doesn’t really mother them, however, once mom’s dog got out there and she will protect them. It is more so they can get used to her and it is easier to hook them to her when we go to halter break. She really didn’t have to do too much with this latest group, but she is still helpful. If nothing else she is amusing.

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